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CBD Oil and Psoriasis

CBD Oil and Psoriasis: What’s the Connection?

CBD oil is associated with many abilities. Some of which already have a few scientific studies to support them and others that rely solely on anecdotal evidence. The potential of CBD for treating psoriasis is one of the areas in which this cannabinoid has already had some promising research. However, it is not enough to […]

Is CBD Oil Good for Your Hair

Is CBD Oil Good for Your Hair?

With the growth in popularity of CBD, people are finding more and more uses for this natural compound. Among the many benefits that people claim to experience from using CBD oil include healthier hair. Some people say that using this cannabinoid helps promote hair growth, while others say that it encourages overall hair health or […]

11 Populární CBD kmeny, aby zvážila v lékárně

11 Popular CBD Flower strains to consider in a pharmacy

There are hundreds of strains of cannabis to choose from, with most dispensaries having several dozen options or so. From different strains, CBD flower strains are particularly popular because they provide the benefits of medical marijuana through their high CBD content, but allow psychoactive effects to be avoided due to their low THC content. Your dispensary will […]

CBD Flower extractions

From cannabis to oil: How is CBD extracted?

Cbd , or cannabidiol, is a substance that individuals use for various applications. Some people believe that it can help relieve anxiety or pain and other conditions. One of the reasons so many people like CBD is that it does not have THC. THC is what makes people get high. This means that CBD is a good product for both […]

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Is CBD Addictive?

With the increasing popularity of CBD, many consumers are asking if it is possible to be addicted to CBD.  Most people don’t usually think about marijuana when they think of addiction, most likely due to the misconception that cannabis is non-addictive. But marijuana is a psychoactive substance which produces a euphoric kind of high and […]

11 Popular CBD Strains to Consider at the Dispensary

11 Popular CBD Strains to Consider at the Dispensary

There are hundreds of cannabis strains to choose from, with most dispensaries having a few dozen options or so. Of the various strains, CBD strains are particularly popular, as they provide the medical marijuana advantages via their high CBD content but let you avoid psychoactive effects thanks to their low THC content.  Your dispensary will […]