How To Find Out If CBD Is Legal In Your Country

Is CBD legal in your country? Read this article if you’re wondering whether or not CBD is legal where you live.

CBD oil is taking over the world in 2021! But the laws on CBD are strange. In some parts of the world, everyone has safe and legal access to high-quality CBD oil, while others still have no legal options.

Different countries are also making specific rules and regulations that complicate understanding how you can order CBD online legally.

We have the countries with the biggest CBD markets in the world on our list! Figure out what the rules are in your country and learn about CBD laws around the world.

North America | CBD Info

CBD Laws in North America

In North American countries, the CBD market is growing exponentially. This is largely thanks to progressive laws recently loosening up restrictions around hemp and cannabis.

Canada and the USA are the primary movers in the hemp and CBD world, but Mexico and the Caribbean are also beginning to connect with the powerful potential of CBD from hemp.

Overall, you can order CBD across North America as long as it contains less THC content than the restrictive limit in each country.

CBD in the United States

The United States has the most open policies on CBD. Out of 50 states and Puerto Rico, there are only three where CBD is still illegal.

CBD oil in the US is legally available at retail shops online or in-person from both domestic and international vendors.

CBD in Canada

Canadian residents can buy CBD online or in-person legally and without a prescription.

Canada completely legalized adult-use cannabis recently, making them one of the few countries on our list without a THC limit.

Residents in Canada cannot, however, order CBD from other countries outside of Canada, such as the United States. Only brands with a Health Canada license can provide CBD in Canada.

CBD in Mexico

CBD oil is legal in Mexico without the need for a prescription. However, there is the need to make sure that the CBD contains less than 1% THC content by volume.

With Mexico recently decriminalizing cannabis, this makes ordering and possessing CBD oil a lot easier. Mexican residents can order CBD online or from local retailers.

UK and EU | CBD Info

CBD Laws in the EU and UK

CBD is available legally in the EU and UK, but different countries have implemented a wide range of rules and restrictions.

The largest markets for CBD in Europe are currently Germany and the UK, closely being followed by Austria and Switzerland. Let’s take a look.

CBD in the UK

The United Kingdom has opened its doors to CBD, but it still holds a tight grip on rules surrounding the substance. UK residents can legally buy CBD products only if they contain no THC or CBN.

When buying CBD manufactured within the UK, there is a 1mg. of THC per container limit that applies regardless of the container size.

Of course, the laws on CBD in the UK apply across the board to its member countries including Northern Ireland, Whales, Scotland, and England.

CBD in the Republic of Ireland

While cultivators are permitted to grow CBD hemp plants in the Republic of Ireland as long as they contain less than .2% THC, CBD oil cannot contain any amount of THC whatsoever.

Southern Ireland further complicates its CBD regulations by imposing a rule that restricts any CBD products manufactured using solvents or CO2 for extraction.

This type of extraction requires a novel food permit from the European Commission, a rule to which Southern Ireland abides.

Therefore, only THC-free CBD products made from cold-pressed extraction are legal to be shipped or sold within the borders of The Republic of Ireland.

While you can technically buy local and imported CBD isolate-based products in Southern Ireland, unless it’s cold-pressed oil it could be considered illegal.

CBD In Europe

Germany and the United Kingdom comprise the majority of Europe’s CBD market in 2021. CBD products are legal in most European countries as long as they contain .2% or less THC.

However, some countries such as France, Sweden, Norway, and the UK have placed a zero-tolerance rule on THC allowing only CBD products with 0% THC.

CBD In Germany

Germany allows CBD to contain up to 0.2% THC. For anything more potent than that you’ll need to obtain a prescription for cannabis from a doctor. German residents can order from online retailers or buy CBD oil in local health shops.

CBD in France

French residents are allowed to buy CBD without a prescription as long as it contains 0% THC content.

CBD products such as tinctures and balms that contain zero THC content are typically made using pure cannabidiol from hemp.

CBD is also available to order online in France from vendors abroad, pending that they comply with THC rules.

CBD in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has openly tolerant policies about hemp and cannabis. CBD is widely available and not policed, however, there are some strange policies regarding CBD.

Producing CBD-rich hemp for the production of CBD oil is illegal in The Netherlands. However, you can grow hemp in the Netherlands, process it legally abroad, and then return it to The Netherlands market for sale.

Although retailers are marketing CBD oil with 0.2% THC in The Netherlands, they’ve capped the legal THC limit for CBD at 0.5%, which gives you a little more room.

South America | CBD Info

CBD in South Africa

South Africa recently permitted legal access to CBD oil without a prescription, making them among the first countries in Africa to legalize CBD.

Previously, residents needed a prescription for CBD oil. Now, CBD products are available without a prescription and South Africans have access to up to 600mg packs of CBD or 20mg/day.

South Africans that require more CBD than legally allowed without a prescription will need to consult with a doctor for a permit.

Legal CBD in South Africa must contain less than .2% to be available to buy online. Other African countries such as Malawi have set their THC cap up to 1%.

CBD in Australia

Medical cannabis in Australia has been available for a long time, however, only recently have Australians been allowed access to CBD without a prescription.

In early 2021, the Australian regulatory authority, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, down-scheduled CBD oil from a prescription-only medicine to a “pharmacist-only” medicine.

Although Australians now have access to CBD without a prescription, the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) has hardly approved any CBD products, which is required for manufacturers.

CBD in South and Central America

Many countries in Central and South America have recently allowed residents to import CBD oil and foreigners to bring it with them into the country.

Brazil, perhaps South America’s largest CBD market, lets tourists enter with CBD oil. Residents can also purchase CBD online and in-person from reputable retailers as long as it contains no more than 0.2% THC.

Costa Rica is similar to Brazil, allowing people to bring CBD oil into the country and purchase it. However, they have set the THC cap at 0.3% THC. Similarly, Columbia is a bit bolder with a 1% THC cap on all CBD products in the country.

Argentina recently made new policies allowing CBD oil for domestic production and import from abroad. Argentinians will require a prescription for CBD oil taken internally, however, it’s unclear whether or not they’ll need a prescription for CBD health and beauty products such as topicals.

Legal CBD Oil in the EU and UK

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