Can CBD Help Boost My Energy and Focus?

Can CBD Help Boost My Energy and Focus?

CBD is said to have a great relaxing effect, but can it help with daytime energy and focus? 

This quick read goes over CBD’s effects on concentration and energy

You’ll learn about the benefits that CBD oil has on your overall wellness and how it might help you be more productive and focused during the day.

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What Are The Main Possible Benefits of Taking CBD?

CBD works by supporting the healthy functioning of the endocannabinoid system, which is intimately connected to balancing nearly every aspect of your health and wellness. 

Research shows that it has many properties, which make it potentially beneficial for aspects related to cognition and concentration.

CBD increases anandamide in the bloodstream, which is connected with feeling relaxed and calm. It also activates the release of serotonin in the brain, an effect associated with balancing mood and feelings of connectedness. 

Studies on CBD further indicate that it has a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effect. It’s thought that this is connected with CBD’s ability to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone), and calm overactive signalling within the nervous system. 

But if it encourages sleep,

how could CBD help you with daytime alertness and improved focus?

CBD Increasing Your Energy

Can CBD Increase Your Energy?

Your energy level throughout the day depends on many variables.

How well did you sleep the previous night?

What did you eat today?

How stressed are you feeling? 

All of these things and more play into your energy level at any point during the day. 

CBD’s nerve-relaxing and sleep-promoting properties may help improve sleep, which may directly improve daytime energy and alertness. 

But there is more involved in the process of how CBD influences daytime energy than just sleeping better. 

Each person responds uniquely to CBD, however, research suggests that the dose may make a big difference when it comes to feeling relaxed or feeling alert. 

Your CBD’s Dose-Dependent Effects Play A Role

In larger doses (more than 20mg), CBD exerts a more sedative-like effect that promotes a relaxed sensation. Paradoxically, in smaller doses (less than 20mg) studies suggest that CBD may increase alertness.

Again, every person is different and how they respond to CBD will vary depending on factors such as dose, age, tolerance, health, environment, age, and more.

CBD’s stimulating effect in smaller doses may be attributed to its mood-boosting properties, but its hypotensive and vasodilator effects on the cardiovascular system are also thought to be involved. 

Research in both humans and animals shows that CBD can lower blood pressure and relax blood vessels, helping oxygen-rich blood to circulate more freely throughout the body. 

The increased blood flow, oxygenation, and boost in anandamide and serotonin may all come together to make you “feel good”, which (along with sleeping better at night) can have a positive impact on daytime energy levels.  

How Does CBD Help With Concentration?

What is it that distracts you during your work or creative time?

Does something stressful keep your mind wandering, continuously breaking your concentration? 

Is chronic pain inciting brain fog, leaving you feeling unfocused? Does your body feel tight, fidgety, or uncomfortable?

Sometimes it can be easy to identify what keeps us distracted from concentrating on the task in front of us, and other times not so much. 

Using CBD For Chronic Pain

Having Chronic Pain Is Bad For Concentration

Often, chronic pain in the lower back, joints, and uncomfortable tightness in the muscles can leave us feeling tension and stress that distracts us from focusing at work or on the project at hand. 

CBD’s analgesic and muscle-relaxing properties help you to feel more relaxed in your body and to reduce inflammation related to pain, which may help you to focus more easily. 

If chronic stress and anxiety plague your mind and keep you unfocused, CBD oil may offer a way to combat the distraction. 

Its mood-boosting properties increase anandamide and serotonin while reducing stress-inducing cortisol and pro-inflammatory cytokine compounds.

Being Stressed Is Bad For Concentration

These beneficial properties help to lower stress-related compounds which may benefit anxiety levels, which could help you to stay focused for longer during the day. 

Things like brain fog and hangovers often negatively impact our ability to focus and feel energized in the daytime. Studies show that its properties on brain function may improve impairments to cognition. 

While researchers are still studying the full effects of CBD, it’s thought that the increased oxygen, reduced stress, and a calm nervous system brought on by CBD might be helpful when it comes to staying alert and focused during the day. 

Remember though, there’s no one-size-fits-all CBD dose for everyone.

A dose that has a stimulating effect for one person may be enough to induce a catnap in another. 

For optimal results with CBD, always start in small doses slowly increasing the size over time until the desired effect is reached. 

You can learn more about taking CBD and the benefits in our other articles linked below.

Thanks for reading! Now that you know more about CBD’s benefits for concentration and energy, join the growing community of people finding relief with CBD. 

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