What is CBD Tincture and how is it used?

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Have you been curious about CBD? More specifically CBD Tinctures in the UK? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Where can I get CBD Tinctures?

Right here! At Canna Union we believe that we can change lives through the use of CBD. Our goal is to always provide the best of the best in regards to quality. We are EU based and ship to the UK and surrounding areas. We are leading the CBD movement in the EU with each and every amazing product we put forth.

How are CBD Tinctures made?

CBD Tinctures are an easily accessible and a highly effective way to utilize the benefits of CBD. To break down CBD Tinctures let’s first take a look at the way that this product is made. In order to create CBD Tinctures, you have to start by steeping cannabis or hemp flower in alcohol and allow for it to cook down over a low heat (Populum, 2018). By doing this the CBD has time to amalgamate with the alcohol (L Coles, Jr, 2011). The alcohol will eventually be boiled off and you will be left with a solution containing a high bioavailability CBD (Populum, 2018).

How do CBD Tinctures work?

CBD Tinctures are absorbed into the bloodstream (Iffland and Grotenhermen, 2017). This is when the benefits begin to take place and become apparent to the user. More specifically CBD Tincture is absorbed by capillaries in areas within the mouth such as, the cheeks, gums, and under the tongue (Iffland and Grotenhermen, 2017). By directing ingesting CBD Tincture in the mouth you are able to again, have a higher bioavailability and enjoy a more thorough effect.

Why are CBD Tinctures in a dropper?

As mentioned, CBD Tinctures are a highly potent form of CBD as it has been boiled down to be extremely concentrated. Having any substance with a high bioavailability comes the need for control and moderation (Iffland and Grotenhermen, 2017). This is why CBD tinctures are made to be put into a small dropper that allows for that very specific and controlled dosages that is discussed above (Cornwell, 2020).

How can I use a CBD Tincture?

The list of ways in which you are able to use CBD Tinctures are nearly endless— here are some of the more popular ways, and even some you may not have thought of!

• Put it in your morning coffee
• Enjoy it in a soup or a pasta
• Stir it into your tea and honey before bed

You are also able to ingest CBD tincture by placing the desired dosage directly under the tongue (Cornwell, 2020). The way in which you use CBD Tinctures varies person to person and is based on preference.

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