How To Relieve Back Pain with CBD

CBD and Back Pain Guide

Recent reports suggest that nearly 65 million American adults had a recent episode of back pain. About eight percent—or some sixteen million people—report experiencing chronic back pain that persists every day.

Costing Americans approximately $12 billion in health care and indirect costs each year, lower back pain is among the most frequent complaints doctors hear. 

With millions suffering from opioid addiction, could there be a better option to treat back pain? Can CBD help? 

A growing amount of scientific data suggests that CBD could hold therapeutic potential for people suffering chronic back pain. 

Many people taking CBD for chronic back pain also say it helps relax muscles, improves pain symptoms, and allows them to sleep better. 

Can CBD Help With Back Pain?

Everyone experiences pain differently and for different reasons. Furthermore, each person responds uniquely to the effects of taking CBD according to various factors. 

That said, CBD has scientifically validated anti-inflammatory and analgesic or pain-relieving properties that may hold therapeutic potential for back pain-related symptoms. 

CBD works by supporting the healthy functioning of the endocannabinoid system, a complex signalling network responsible for regulating activity within the nervous system and other critical biological functions. 

Wondering how CBD can help with your back pain? Here’s a list of the best products to get you started.

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CBD Massage Oil

CBD Massage Oil 

Stop putting off that massage you’ve been craving! It will help relax the tight muscles in your back and relieve the pain from pinched nerves, spasms, and inflammation. 

What’s even more powerful than a massage for back pain? Using CBD Massage oil! CBD interacts directly with particular receptors in the skin responsible for pain perception and inflammatory responses. 

CBD oil specially formulated for massage will be the best way to work the full benefits of CBD into your massage therapy. 

For example, a full spectrum CBD massage oil formulated with peppermint provides a powerful cooling effect that helps relieve muscle tension. 

CBD Balms for Back Pain

For the worst chronic back pain, even the best massage can only provide temporary relief. In between sessions, keep your muscles feeling loose by using a CBD muscle balm

Designed to reach deep into muscle tissues, a full-spectrum CBD balm is a great way to get fast relief from chronic back pain. 

High-quality CBD balm typically contains beeswax and coconut oil that helps it go on smooth, providing additional benefits to the skin. 

CBD balms are a great way to get fast relief any time of day, as well as when you just don’t have time for that luxurious back massage you so desperately need. 

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

CBD oil is a fast-acting way to relieve muscle-related pains.

When it is held under the tongue sublingually, CBD’s effects begin to onset almost immediately but may take up to 15 minutes. 

The effects of ingesting CBD oil directly with food or drink will take a bit longer to onset—up to an hour. However, consuming it this way may provide a longer-lasting effect. 

CBD oil comes with an easy-to-use measured dropper that allows you to monitor exactly how much CBD you’re taking and easily increase or decrease the dose as needed. 

CBD Oils for Chronic Pain

CBD Gummies and CBD Soft Gels

CBD edibles such as gummies and soft gel capsules provide a convenient way to consume CBD. 

Gummies with CBD come in different flavors with a measured amount of full-spectrum hemp extract in each. 

CBD soft gels are a familiar method of taking medicine for back pain relief. Soft gels are made with high-quality CBD-rich hemp extract and are taken with food or beverage. 

After passing through the digestive system and liver, CBD’s properties enter the bloodstream and take effect by naturally boosting pain-relieving endocannabinoids and reducing pro-inflammatory compounds. 

With soft gels, gummies, and other edibles, it may take up to an hour for CBD’s benefits to take effect. For faster relief, you can try CBD Flower. 

CBD Flower for Muscle Tension

A commonly overlooked option for back pain relief is smoking or vaping CBD. CBD-rich hemp flower not only has a pleasing aroma but also provides immediate tension relief.

CBD flower is smoked or vaped and comes in many different strain varieties. The benefit of CBD hemp flower for back pain is that it contains all of the naturally occurring hemp phytocannabinoids and terpenes needed to activate the entourage effect—a synergistic phenomenon in which CBD’s beneficial effects are exponentially amplified. 

CBD vape oil is also a great way to achieve immediate relief through inhaling hemp extract. Rather than combusting harsh plant materials, vape oil sublimates only the beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenes, giving you a smoother experience than smoking hemp flower. 

So, What’s The Best CBD Oil for Lower Back Pain?

Did you find the best type of CBD product for your back pain? 

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