Gomitas de CBD sin azúcar

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Gomitas de CBD sin azúcar

  • Libre de THC
  • Contiene 500mg de CBD por envase
  • Orgánica
  • Vegano
  • 20 piezas por contenedor
  • No OMG
  • Sin pesticidas, herbicidas, disolventes ni fertilizantes químicos
  • No psicoactivo (Menos de .02 THC)
  • Pruebas de laboratorio para garantizar la seguridad y la potencia

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Esta botella de ositos de goma de CBD sin azúcar viene en un paquete de 20 de varios sabores por un total de 500 mg de CBD, por lo que disfrutar de su dosis diaria de CBD nunca ha sido más simple ni más sabroso. Cada gomita de CBD sin azúcar contiene 25 mg de CBD.

Las gomitas de CBD sin azúcar de Canna Union se pueden comprar en toda Europa, ya que tienen cero niveles de THC, lo que significa que no tienen efectos psicoactivos. Extraemos todo nuestro CBD de la más alta calidad, 100 cáñamo orgánico por lo que están libres de pesticidas, metales.

Aislado de cannabidiol (500 mg de CBD), jarabe de maltitol, glucósidos de esteviol: agua, gelatina de cerdo, ácido: E330; aromas naturales, concentrados vegetales y vegetales: espirulina, cártamo, zanahoria negra, uva; colores: E100, E160; aceite vegetal: coco; agentes de glaseado: cera de abejas, cera de carnauba.

ADVERTENCIA: Envíe por su cuenta y riesgo durante los calurosos meses de verano. Estos ositos de goma pueden derretirse cuando se exponen al calor durante el tránsito.

121 valoraciones en Gomitas de CBD sin azúcar

  1. Ruth

    At first I thought it was unbelievable! Hey keto friends! Let’s welcome CBD gummies “sugar free” in the family! 😀

  2. Eleta

    Je l’ai pris car il est sans sucre. Je me sens en sécurité avec insipide, je veux juste le bénéfice 🙂

  3. Tyler

    For someone like me who tries to cut on sugar, this is so perfect for me!

  4. Kenneth

    This is great for children with anxieties. It tastes great

  5. Callum

    I’m still new to CBD products and decided to try this one first, excited for the results

  6. George

    Canna Union’s products are of great quality. This company is top tier level

  7. Martin

    A simple way to manage pain and also a simple way if seeking for relief when wanting to avoid stress and anxiety.

  8. Justine

    This is reliable when hungry and can’t immediately get a food. Will help prolong your tummy’s ability to wait a little and won’t get it upset.

  9. Sam

    Tasty with a relaxing twist! I’ll be buying more of these! Thank you!

  10. Oliver

    Really amazing for having a thought of gummies adding CBD on it. Perfect!

  11. Mason

    These gummies are super perfect for me! I definitely use them. because its less sugar. I will order again soon.

  12. Boncroft

    These gummies are really safe and good. Aside from the effects of the CBD that gives you relaxation, it is also safe for diabetic people. A lot of beneficial. Thanks Canna Union!

  13. Mason

    an advantage to diabetic people and surely helps some other matter like nausea, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety

  14. Olivia

    I am so amaze with the result of the gummies sugar free very helpful to diabetic too

  15. Mateo

    I just love the sugar free gummies its safe for diabetic people. Definitely recommended!

  16. Harper

    I just love the CBD sugar free. Its safe to all diabetic! Definitely a recommend!

  17. Jade

    I’m so happy with the gummies ordered. THey are definitely worth the price

  18. Jayden

    I really admire with your gummies sugar free. It less the stress and no more anxiety!

  19. Samuel

    I’m so happy with the sugar free. I don’t have to worry about too much sugar

  20. Henry

    I love it! I love the sugar free gummies. It’s safe and it taste good!

  21. Oliver

    I just love how the sugar free was made. Its like your just eating an gummy that is not too sweet but it helps you relieve your stress, back pain and can help you relax.

  22. Tom

    The CBD sugarfree is super good. I feel like I’m just tasting an ordinary gummy and less sugar. This is definitely recommended

  23. Aubrey

    Your sugarfree is definitely taste good! I feel so relaxed and reduced stress. Definitely recommend it to my friends

  24. Parker

    This is the perfect gummies that I need. A cool relaxing and reduces chronic pain and not so much sweet.

  25. Miles

    I really love your sugar free gummies! Its super safe and healthy and also helps me reduces those chronic pain and my knee pain. Definitely recommend

  26. Justine

    I perfectly admire the idea of your gummies sugar free. Its super safe for diabetic person same like me. I will definitely order some more of these!

  27. Simon

    I’m so impressed with the your sugar free gummies! I don’t need to worry about sweet! It is totally perfect!

  28. Charlie

    This sugar free is super amazing! I feel so cured from my chronic pain and also reduces all my stress! definitely recommend it!

  29. Grayson

    This gummies are the best! I’m so happy that I was able to order with you guys! Your service are the best!

  30. Eleanor

    I’m super happy with the sugar free gummies! Definitely recommend it!

  31. Ella

    I just love the sugar free gummies. No sugar and my anxiety reduced too

  32. Cleo

    Your gummies are perfect for me! No sugar and I’m super safe!

  33. Angelo

    This gummies are the best that I ever tasted. Although I know its not the typical sweet gummies. But I know I’m safe with too much sugar!

  34. Abbas

    I got super happy with the result after using this CBD Gummies plus sugar free! definitely recommend it to my family too!

  35. Adney

    This sugarfree is super amazing! it helps me reduce anxiety and insomnia. Definitely recommended

  36. Julie

    This gummies really surprised me! It really did reduced my anxiety and insomnia. I love the taste as well because its not that sweet too. Definitely recommend!

  37. Edward

    This is super worth it to buy your gummies. it definitely help me with my chronic pain

  38. Tes

    Definitely the best gummies I ever tasted. As sugar free, I don’t have to worry with too much sugar. Thanks Canna Union

  39. Jonas

    an advantage to diabetic people and surely helps some other matter like nausea, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety

  40. Nikko

    I am so amaze with the result of the gummies sugar free very helpful to diabetic too

  41. Albert

    I’m so satisfied with your product! It definitely helped me to sleep well at night.

  42. Rocco

    This is the best gummies that I ever tasted! So far, it helped me sleep at night. Minimizes chronic pain. Definitely helps me a lot!

  43. Joe

    This one is perfect! I just love how this is made as sugar free! Definitely will buy again

  44. Marlon

    This is great for diabetic CBD user. definitely an advantage!

  45. Leo

    Definitely recommended to everyone! Its super safe and its sugar free!

  46. Tommy

    I just love your sugarfree gummies! Its not too sweet and not too bitter! I will recommend this to my friends and family

  47. Jayson

    This is totally best for diabetic people who needs CBD in their life! Surely I will recommend this product!

  48. Abby

    Definitely the finest gummies I ever tried! No more chronic pain and no more insomnia!

  49. Jonas

    Definitely the best ever gummies I tried so far! no more chronic pain and suffering!

  50. Fred

    Sugar free is the best. I just realized that the sugar free is better than the ordinary. REcommended gummies!

  51. Earl

    Your gummies are super legit! It did help me with my anxiety!

  52. Carol

    Sugar free and diabetic free! Recommended site ever!

  53. Martin

    I love your CBD Gummies sugar free. Its super safe for all diabetic people!

  54. Rio

    This is super recommended to people who wants less sugar! I myself is one of it.

  55. Cindy

    This sugar free is deinitely the safetiest food supplement ever! I will buy some more!

  56. Lex

    You gummies sugar free is super amazing! No more sugar and I feel so happy because my appetite is back!

  57. James

    Gummies really taste good and satisfying. Not too sweet not too bitter

  58. William

    I was able to sleep well because of your gummies. Simply the best!

  59. Fiona

    Your gummies are legit! I felt so good using it. Anxiety is long gone!

  60. Daniel

    This gummies are totally amazing! I was so amaze how it helped me with my anxiety

  61. Magnus

    I sure love your gummies sugar free! I will recommend it to my friends!

  62. Michael

    No more sweets overload! and could help me relax and calm myself from anxiety. This is recommended

  63. Rex

    Legitimately sugar free! I love it! Since I don’t like too much sugar! This one best for me. Will order again soon!

  64. Agent

    I love how this gummies was not really sweet but also helps me sleep at night. Definitely recommend it!

  65. Tanner

    Stress isn’t totally makes me feel good! It’s the worst! I’m happy CBD gummies assist me reducing irritability as well as agitation.

  66. Rex

    I feel so relax and no more anxiety with this gummies! Recommended Site!

  67. Marcus

    I feel so calm and relax after eating Gummies. Its even more tastier that it was sugar free. Its safe for me

  68. George

    This is great for me. I just love this gummies that helps me sleep at night

  69. Jayson

    The best sugar frree gummies! I will buy some more of this!

  70. Frank

    I just love how the sugar free helps me. I’m a diabetic person that suffers insomnia. It definitely helps a lot!

  71. John

    A sugar free gummies is the best for all. Especially for diabetic people! definitely recommend!

  72. Jean

    I feel so relaxed and sleep well. I love how it taste with the gummies as well. Definitely recommend this products

  73. Mark

    Recommend to ppl who doesn’t like too much sweet! Same as me!

  74. Hebert

    Finally! No to sugar!! Just what I’m looking for!

  75. Rex

    I love the sugarfree gummies! No need for me to use some other food to avoid super sweetness of the gummies! Thanks Canna Union!

  76. Jason

    Gummies!! Now on sugar free!! I love Canna Union!!

  77. Bjorn

    Just in time for me who doesn’t like sweets! This can really help me get to sleep and no need for sweet and I’m curious about the gummies. Definitely try this!

  78. James

    I just love the sugar free gummies! Just what I’m looking for. I’m not allowed to eat too much sweets. This is the best!

  79. Ralph R.

    I really like gummies, but with CBD gummies? It’s a lot more amazing!

  80. Frank

    Taste like real gummies with a mixture of freshness from start to finish.

  81. Dave

    Taste like real gummies with a mixture of freshness from start to finish.

  82. Jason

    Relaxing with CBD Gummies is so much fun because 1 bottle seems to contain all the flavor inside! Every day is a different taste, the same effect, the same result: D!

  83. Jay

    We have this in my office to prevent erratic customers and seemingly transacting. And it works 100% all the time.

  84. Elizabeth

    I always wear cbd gummies at work. Thanks to the soothing feeling he gives, I enjoy working!

  85. Marlon

    Really delicious, I loved it so much. Really help me calm down all the time.

  86. Marco

    Really delicious, I loved it so much. Really help me calm down all the time.

  87. Carlo

    We don’t really have a lot of time in our life just to feel stress and in trouble all the time. But with these Gummies, it really pushes me to my limits and gives that positive vibe that I feel.

  88. Jonas

    Delicious and good for the heart. I have never tried this feeling before. I love it.

  89. Dior

    I have no regrets that I quit smoking and drinking also just for CBD GUMMIES! Yes, just for gummies! I really benefited, mind and physique, I feel great!

  90. Jean

    different colors are fun and the most fun is the different taste in one bottle! Also looks like different types of relaxation.

  91. Rhett

    CBD gummies quiets the mind makes it peaceful and calm. When mind is relaxed… Body follows.

  92. Mark

    I always love to bring my CBD Gummies with me. This way, I can constantly be sure that the stress will not attack me no matter what! 🙂

  93. Simon

    I always love to bring my CBD Gummies with me. This way, I can constantly be sure that the stress will not attack me no matter what! 🙂

  94. Bryan

    The look alone is delicious! Brightens the mood and relaxes the tension caused by stress 🙂

  95. Lucas

    I’m so in love with how it was made! It’s so portable that I can take these Gummies anywhere with me without causing clutter!

  96. Alex

    Pouhé konzumace těchto gummies pomáhá uklidnit mé bolesti hlavy a stres.!

  97. Luke

    Attractive way to leave the stress behind. Just put this in a bowl and start eating it whenever you run down. It helps all the time.

  98. Luke

    I always bring these gummies with me wherever I go as I felt like I was reassuring them. It just feels like a kid, easy in life, no stress! 🙂 🙂

  99. Fleta

    Sugar-free gummies are the best CBD for me because I instanly feel relief and no throat irritations!

  100. Lucas

    I can’t believe it’s an organic rubber! And I think that’s also why his taste is not exaggerated. I used to have a sore throat with the usual gummies. This is unusual. And who says rubber bands can’t be relaxing ?!

  101. Jacob

    My colleagues and I are enjoying this Gummies so much! This gives us enthusiasm and enjoy our break!

  102. Sam

    I am enjoying my relaxation now, having discovered that I can have it through these delicious gums! Thank you Canna Union!

  103. Jean

    Very easy to consume and, in addition, it gives the right effect that I need to complete my day. Thanks Canna Union !!!!

  104. Ricco

    These gummies taste great and are very beneficial for my sore muscles.

  105. Cruz

    Good fast and cheap delivery of high quality products.

  106. Jacob

    No one can ever beat your products and extraordinary customer service! Really spectacular!

  107. Mona

    I am a big supporter of Canna Union! It gave me another chance to be active again

  108. Godfrey

    This CBD Gummies is very out of this world. It is my first time trying this and yes this product is good. Friendly mouth and calm my nerves!

  109. Melek

    I am enjoying my relaxation now, having discovered that I can have it through these delicious gums! Thank you Canna Union!

  110. Geric

    The best candy in the conference room! Why? gives a relaxing vibe. Am I happy for this product or should I say Gummies ??

  111. Lovelle

    The very nice thing the CBD gummies have done and are doing to me is the dizziness I feel when commuting. I just left it in my mouth on my tongue like candy until I got home. I even feel relaxed and I enjoy the trip 🙂

  112. Juliet

    I’m delightful to know I can take CBD gummy because it’s now comes with a sugar free version 🙂 Suits to my diet and lifestyle!

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