CBD Gummies 300mg

(190 customer reviews)

40.45 or 32.36 / month

CBD Gummies 300mg

  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains 300mg of CBD per container
  • Organic
  • 12 pieces per container
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

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Our CBD Gummy Bears come in various flavors, so enjoying your daily dosage of CBD has never been simpler or tastier. Each CBD Gummy contains 25mg of CBD.

Canna Union CBD Gummies can be purchased all over Europe, because they have zero levels of THC, which means no psychoactive effects. We extract all of our CBD from the highest quality, 100% organic hemp so they are free from pesticides, metallics.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Cannabidiol, Sugar, Corn Syrup, White Grape Juice from Concentrate, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Flavours, Carnauba Wax, Artificial Colours (Including Yellow #6, Yellow #5 and Blue #1)

WARNING: Please ship at your own risk during the hot summer months. These gummy bears can melt when exposed to heat during transit.

190 reviews for CBD Gummies 300mg

  1. Michael

    Loved it!

  2. Valentina

    Me sirvieron para dolores de cabeza y malestares de días previos a la regla, como cambio de humor y sensibilidad. Son muy ricas, pero la próxima compra la haré con la versión sin azúcar y de más cantidad.

  3. Alva

    I really like these Gummies! I hope Canna Union will make another more exciting and fun way of relieving 🙂

  4. Acton

    I can say it’s just worth it! 12 gummies in a container, I can have an easy relaxation in an entire week with one bottle.

  5. Buffy

    Just by eating this gummies it helps soothes my headache and stress.!

  6. Birch

    I am so sure I get all the benefits from consuming CBD Gummies because I feel it! I feel so good all the time! Better than before.

  7. Joy

    I enjoy gummies everyday! Very flavorful and tasty… It makes me wear a smile no matter what life throws me. Lol! I remember being a kid, no issues, just GV!

  8. Eli

    When I am stress I feel dizzy and nausea. With the help of CBD gummies, it stops all the tension and bad feeling inside and everything goes back to normal!

  9. Aaren

    No one can ever beat your products and extraordinary customer service! Really spectacular!

  10. Aaby

    These gummies taste great and are very beneficial for my sore muscles

  11. Dean

    CBD gummies are amazing! It really helped me with my 100 year old back pain!

  12. Joe

    Decent price, fast postage and quality product. I’m going to CBD.

  13. Brent

    Fantastic products and super fast shipping. Definitely recommend

  14. Paolo

    Since CBD gummies’ main purpose is relaxation, it doesn’t make me bloated even if I consume quite a few.

  15. Vivian

    I’s important that you just don’t relax, but you as well enjoy:) And that’s CBD Gummies from Canna Union.

  16. Willow

    CBD Gummies don’t just promotes relaxation, it also reminds me that I have to enjoy life like a child and not an adult:D

  17. Eike

    Looks like any other gummies. But the effects really helps me relieve my muscle pain and stress at work. Thank you Canna Union.

  18. Kennedy

    CBD Gummies aren’t just gummies. Canna Union made it extra especial. You can now enjoy your gummies while enduring your relax time!

  19. Dough

    Jeg liker så godt disse Gummiene! Jeg håper Canna Union vil gjøre en annen mer spennende og morsom måte avlastere 🙂

  20. Alejandro

    Jeg koser meg! Det er min favoritt avslapningsrutine nå! Jeg er takknemlig for Canna Union.

  21. Dune

    I love to be happy while relax – Reason I have to try the CBD Gummies. Thanks Canna Union!

  22. Floria

    The kid in me is smiling everytime I take this CBD Gummies

  23. Paul

    Looking for a fun way to relieve those muscle pain? CBD Gummies is for you!

  24. David

    Hvem hadde trodd at gummier også kan lindre stress og hjelpe angst? Dette er FANTASTISK!

  25. Kevin

    Jeg nyter min daglige dose av Canna Unions CBD Gummies siden det kommer med forskjellige smaker, avslappende ville være så gøy!

  26. Sofia

    Who would have thought Gummies can be relaxing as well? WOW CBD Gummies you made it possible.

  27. Louie

    Call me weird but this one’s already part of my daily routine. It’s so good and relaxing and enjoyable!

  28. Marlon

    Was trying to get various flavor and this gives me a big smile that I need.

  29. Mercy

    Can’t get enough of my CBD Gummies. It helps me with my anxiety. I will continue using this!.

  30. Susan

    Gummies? More like AWESOME Gummies!

  31. Shelby T

    Esto me da un alivio rápido. Me alegro de poder llevarlos fácilmente a donde quiera que vaya.

  32. Simon

    Dies hat sich bei Kopfschmerzen sehr gut bewährt. Ich verehre es schon.

  33. Alba

    I didn’t like the effects of the previous brand I bought. This has been outstanding.

  34. Lucas

    Jeg skylder disse gummiene god natts søvn. Planlegger å kjøpe oljepillene snart!

  35. Josef A

    Celles-ci ont bon goût et sont très utiles pour mes entorses musculaires. Jusqu’ici tout va bien.

  36. Ana

    Celles-ci ont bon goût et sont très utiles pour mes entorses musculaires. Jusqu’ici tout va bien.

  37. Megan

    Good tasting stuff! My new fave and it gives relief to my knees.

  38. Bryan

    I’ve noticed the results showing on the 8th day of taking this. It’s pretty impressive in my opinion!

  39. Lutos

    Meine Finger tun sehr weh, nachdem ich den ganzen Tag in meinem Garten gearbeitet habe. Diese sind nicht nur lecker, sie sind auch sehr effektiv!

  40. Rio

    ¡Realmente me sorprendió que esto rápidamente surta efecto! ¡No podría estar más feliz!

  41. Mark

    The delivery was so efficient! I’m sure others will be amazed too!

  42. Rica

    This is very delicious and I can have it when I want it. I carry some of it all the time!

  43. Denise

    The effects has been beneficial to my overall health. Just amazed at how this change my life!

  44. Sandro

    I can discreetly take CBD gummies any time, anywhere. Very convenient!

  45. Magnus

    This gives me instant relief. I’m glad I can just carry them with me.

  46. Mathias

    Ich benutze dies für Schulterschmerzen und das Ergebnis war ziemlich gut. Werde diese Woche wieder kaufen!

  47. Brigit

    Jeg har taklet en annen type sykdommer, og dette hjalp virkelig med symptomene! Jeg skylder deg mye!

  48. Frida

    Realmente convencer ahora sobre los productos de CBD. Mi estrés ha sido bastante factible.

  49. Emly

    These gummies taste good and are very helpful for my muscles. So far so good.

  50. Pablo

    J’adore les avantages que cbd me donne. Apaise vraiment mes muscles endoloris et aucun effet secondaire! Grande qualité!

  51. Miles

    CBD verbessert mein tägliches Leben und ich bin sehr zufrieden. Diese Dinge lindern meine Angst.

  52. Andie

    This really is worth every single cent! It relieves me and helps me handle my depression.

  53. Martha

    ¡Las gomitas de CBD son geniales! Realmente me ayudó con el dolor de espalda y las molestias en mis caderas.

  54. Irish

    Fikk broren min til å prøve dette for søvnløshet. Og effektene er kjempefine. Jeg ser at han er mer avslappet

  55. Rico

    I use this for my fatigue. I’m completely hooked! Will order the massage oil soon!

  56. Tom

    Je n’en ai jamais assez! Vraiment alléger mon humeur et très savoureux

  57. James

    This is the first cbd I tried and it’s been great! I love all the result!

  58. Bryan

    I am a great supporter for Canna Union! These has given me another chance to be active again

  59. Sweetie

    These gummies are delicious and I always carry them with me when I work

  60. Clyde

    Ingen kan noensinne slå dine produkter og ekstraordinær kundeservice! Virkelig spektakulær!

  61. Leon

    ¡Este sabor es el mejor y la calidad y efectividad son incomparables! ¡Seguid así!

  62. Lewis

    Diese Gummis schmecken mundvoll und sind sehr wohltuend bei meinen schmerzenden Muskeln

  63. Meagan

    Ganske imponert over hvordan søvnløsheten min forbedret meg med en gang! Utmerket selskap

  64. Dolly

    This is just what I need for my stress and fatigue. Amazing product

  65. Karen

    I commend Canna Union for doing a good job. I am an avid buyer!

  66. Jose

    These taste incredible and just what I need for my sore muscles. Awesome people behind the company

  67. Marlen

    CBD-gummier er fantastiske! Det hjalp meg virkelig med ryggsmerter!

  68. Tracey A

    I’ve observed that when I consume some of this, it would enhance my wakefulness and remedy my tenseness.

  69. Lino T

    I have serious allergic reaction to some food so I was scared to try this. But it’s been going great so far

  70. Kathleen

    J’adore ce goût et la qualité était vraiment incomparable! Merci beaucoup, Canna Union!

  71. Shanon

    I cannot express how lucky I feel in finding this gem! This really helped me with my anxiety

  72. Corason

    Je vis avec anxiété depuis des années et aucune pilule n’a fonctionné. J’ai essayé ça et ma vie a changé! Vraiment incroyable!

  73. corky89

    Excellent service. noticed a slight improvement in symptoms after a couple of days. Product arrived with very little delay

  74. Arnold

    Kaufte dieses erstaunliche Produkt vor 2 Wochen für Schlaflosigkeit. Nachts schlafe ich jetzt besser und wache erfrischt auf!

  75. Santiago

    Les journées n’ont jamais été aussi longues car isolées! Heureux d’avoir ce produit incontournable!

  76. Donna

    It is the only remedy that has no side effects and it also helps my sore muscles. Thank you, Canna Union!

  77. Shannon

    These little gummies taste great and are very effective with my pain!

  78. Graven

    These gummies are delicious and I always have them in my car.

  79. Adolfina

    This is just what I needed for my migraines. I am a big fan of your products, Canna Union!

  80. Richard

    I used to be very shy and I have very little self confidence. But since I started using this product, I have become happier and definitely more relaxed.

  81. Mortiz

    CBD gummies are amazing! It really helped me with my 100 year old back pain!

  82. Christy

    Aucune autre marque ne pouvait égaler l’efficacité des produits de Canna Union! Vraiment le meilleur de tous les temps!

  83. Lars

    Jeg er virkelig sikker på at dette er svaret på min hyppige kvalme. Jeg har brukt det i en uke. Så langt så bra!

  84. Hendrik

    A friend told me about his product and I thought I should try it for my insomnia and it’s been a great couple of nights. It feels good to be able to get a good night’s sleep at last!

  85. Mael

    My fatigue has really improved and I’ve only been taking these for a fews weeks. Really amazing!

  86. Finley

    Kinda disappointed that I tried a different brand first. It was really pricey and didn’t like the effects. This one is the best so far!

  87. Elliot

    This is the most extraordinary stuff I have ever had. Not only did it help with my acne, it also leaves me feeling relaxed.

  88. Fabian

    Bortsett fra deres gode smak, beroliger disse gummiene min depresjon og fremmer ro og avslapning.

  89. Herman

    C’est l’un des premiers que j’ai essayés et ça se passe très bien! J’adore tous les effets que cela me donne.

  90. Ava

    My sister is autistic and would scream her lungs out and would hurt herselft. I tried this on her and her tantrums were gone in just a few days. She also likes the taste!

  91. Joan

    En general, he sido feliz y últimamente puedo controlar mis cambios de humor.

  92. Marvin

    I have always been very sickly and would visit the doctor’s office often but this stuff really strengthen my immune system!

  93. Miriam

    Disse små gummies smaker godt og er veldig effektiv med mine smerter!

  94. Tallak

    Ces gummies sont délicieux et j’en ai toujours dans ma voiture.

  95. Wesley

    Irresistibly Delicious! Definitely recommended Canna Union

  96. Jose

    Smaker fantastisk og hjalp til med min rastløshet. Bare kjempebra!

  97. Kaiser

    ¡Las gomitas de CBD son increíbles! ¡Realmente me ayudó con mi dolor de espalda de 100 años!

  98. Eve

    Your gummies taste great and it reduces chronic pain too. I would definitely recommend Canna union for being the best!

  99. Lola

    The product arrived in good condition very quickly. Taste is good, and it removed my fatigue! awesome product!

  100. Seth

    I ordered your gummies Find that it helps with relaxation to aid sleep if taken late at night and did help as muscle relaxant but wouldn’t use as replacement for muscle relaxants .

  101. George

    Legitimately your gummies really helped my anxiety to reduce way way down. I can sleep better now every night. Thank you Canna Union for everything!

  102. Jimmy

    Like it very much, helps ease my aches and pains. I would definitely recommend Canna Union

  103. Dice J

    aide à soulager l’anxiété et la douleur, a des maux de dos depuis des années et ça aide à ça … Ça marche vraiment beaucoup

  104. Bailey Hunt

    I’ve been having back problems lately and it’s been giving me a hard time to get some sleep. But this oil actually helped me since it relaxes your body. Also helped ease the pain away, making it easier for me to relax and get some good nights sleep! I recommended it to my family memebers that suffer from arthritis!

  105. Marina

    Hervorragende Produktauswahl. Ich habe Esswaren bekommen, sie sind sehr sehr gut. Ich konnte die Lieferung nicht so per E-Mail an den Kundenservice finden, der so höflich und hilfsbereit war. Wirklich gute Erfahrung

  106. Clara M

    I genuinely feel the gummies are helping relieve anxiety and so easy to take , really taste just like fruit gummies. I would recommend your gummies to everyone!!

  107. Elena

    Zum ersten Mal bestellte CBD infundierte Gummibärchen. Noch nie zuvor verwendete CBD-Produkte. Leiden unter MS und Muskelspastik.

  108. Ludovic

    Excellent CBD products, I would highly recommend CBD Gummies to anyone. The online order process was very efficient with support from the team, thank you very much.

  109. Benedict884

    Delivery was very good n quick. Its exactly what I wanted, brilliant. Thank you.

  110. Andreea

    Sehr zufrieden mit dem Service und der Qualität der CBD-Gummis. Sie sind wirklich lecker!

  111. Adelie

    Gummies really helped me reduces my anxiety and sleeping problem. I’m so happy and thankful that I saw your website. I will definitely introduce you to my friends

  112. Arnulf

    Very pleased with the service and quality of the CBD gummies. They’re really tasty! I love it!

  113. TagJ

    Sehr zufrieden mit dem Service und der Qualität der CBD-Gummis. Sie sind wirklich lecker!

  114. Gummy yummy

    Jar of CBD gummies are really great!! It taste good and service is super awesome!

  115. Svante33

    I really adore your gummies. It taste good and its brilliant. I odered it for the 3rd time and it never fails my expectation. Thank you so much!!

  116. BetsyCharice

    Bought the gummy bears for my son , an absolute life changer . Thank you. I would definitely order again and again!

  117. JWatson

    The gummies are amazing and have definitely made a difference to my opiate consumption. My fibromyalgia is just as bad as ever but sucking on a gummy instead of taking a pill is doing wonders for not only my liver but my mental health too.

  118. Leon

    Great service. I tried them several times. The product always arrives quickly and they offer very good quality.

  119. Victor

    Very good service, quick delivery and the quality of the product better than expected! I really love it!! Your product is perfect for me!!

  120. Paolo

    This is the 3rd time I have bought entourage cbd gummies and found them beneficial with my copd, I have recommended them to a number of friends.

  121. Gummy28

    I love gummies even when I was a kid. So, when I knew that there is also gummies for cbd . I immediately order one! I love the flavor and the effect of the cbd, omg, i feel relaxed and anxiety had long gone! Thank you Canna Union for helping me ♥

  122. Ibanez

    Schnelle Lieferung. Ich habe wirklich das Gefühl, dass die Gummis helfen, Angstzustände zu lindern, und so einfach einzunehmen sind, dass sie wirklich wie Fruchtgummis schmecken.

  123. S Herrmann

    Meget god service til fornuftig pris.

  124. Henjum H

    Fantastisk produkt! Gummy bjørnene smaker nydelig, en flott måte å ta CBD på.

  125. GummyBear

    Your gummies really meet my expectation. I will order again soon!

  126. An Gomez

    Fantástico producto! Los ositos de goma saben deliciosos, una excelente manera de tomar CBD.

  127. Benny Holt

    Your gummies is surely helpful at time like this

  128. GEmma11

    Meget gode kvalitetsprodukter og god service. Ingen problemer i det hele tatt med levering til tross for at den ligger utenfor EU. Normalt ankom den på forhånd.

  129. Teddy25

    Gummies are great! it taste good! I will definitely recommend Canna Union

  130. Karlin

    The gummies are bittersweet which I like the most

  131. Magna

    These gummies are great and tastey

  132. Bryce H

    This stuff really is relaxing. I wanna order again

  133. GummyBears

    Gummies are amazing! I will order again

  134. Otaku14

    I love the gummies!! def recommend Canna Union

  135. WigglyWonka

    trust me these gummies are the best! you should try one

  136. Gummies87

    I have been using gummies for anxiety and muscle relief for a while, and these are my favorite

  137. Abelle

    Produits fantastiques et expédition très rapide

  138. Tanner

    These gummies are tasty!! I just love it!!

  139. Leev

    They taste good! I love it

  140. Leena

    Yummy gummies with zero levels of THC. Yes!

  141. T.N

    very effective in helping me relax

  142. Penelope Murphy

    Delicious! And the shipping was so fast. I just wish they came with more in the pack.

  143. Alzbeta Novák

    The gummies are so great. The taste yummy – its like Im eating actual candy. everyone should try these.

  144. Jakka

    Fast dlivery and great customer service. Gummys taste amazing and reduces both my depression and anxiety. Wish they had more in a jar though…

  145. mal


  146. Lydia Gonzales

    yo recomendaria

  147. Nelly Haim

    quick delivery. Tried other brands and strengths of gummies but these taste the best and they help me with my painful joints. I highly recommend.

  148. Wesley

    Just try them. You won’t regret it. I was skepticle too. but i was sooo wrong to be.

  149. N.T.

    fast delivery quality product

  150. Grant kelly

    I’ve had pain in my lower spine as well as PTSD after a major incident, and my quality of life has been dismal for years. Thee gummies work wonders, they taste great, and you should definately give them a shot too.

  151. Janie

    I like them. My kids saw them and tried to get their hands on them. Thankfully the bottle is secure!

  152. Howie D

    thank you for you help.

  153. Morgs Cavanaugh

    Yummy CBD gummies!!! really helped me with my anxiety, and i’m sleeping better as an added bonus!

  154. JoEllen

    helps me sleep

  155. Svetlana

    Gummies arrived today which was 3 days after ordering. taste amazing cause i just had one, but can’t assess the full benefit just yet.

  156. Andie

    great product thanks

  157. Dana Scott

    Easy to navigate website full of information and Great product selection. Love everything about these gummies… except for the price. But this site is on par with them all, so i guess there’s not much to do about that. Besides, their products are independently tested, which i checked their certificate and it’s legit. so… going cheaper you’re likely to get a whole lot of nothing from.

  158. Angela D

    really good for my insominia! I have tried oils in the past, but the taste was a bit much so thought Id try gummies. they are so yummy.

  159. Juanita

    I suffer from a skin condition that causes red swelling and soreness, especially at my extremities. After a week of these gummies, my skin has cleared up. I am literally on the website for 2 things… leave this review and buy more gummies!

  160. Nicola Dicastella

    very pleased with cust service, product, and price… just delivery was 4 days. hopefully my next oreder will be quicker.

  161. Kan Kan

    Have been taking for a week and am noticing a lot of differences already! Sleeping better, more energy in the day. Skin is clearer. Winning.

  162. Teddy N

    definitely recommend Canna unions site for their premium cbd products. So far i’ve bought the vape starter kit, the sublingual drops, and these delish gummies. All of them reduced my joint pain and helped me sleep

  163. Lonnie Cariji

    Excellent product. Well packaged.

  164. Mr Rhee

    Super quick delivery. Amazing for reducing anxiety. Thank you so much C. U.

  165. Charlie G

    Muchos gracias por esto!

  166. L.T.

    Exellent products. Its well packaged and arrived fast

  167. Carlotta

    Fast delivery and really great tasting sweets.

  168. Nahla

    Just bought. Bit expensive. Hope they work.

  169. Alysha

    Highly recommend this company, especially for anyone new to CBD because there is so much info!

  170. Great service

    I had a problem with the billing. Not sure what happened but I got straight into customer service and they were really helpful. Everything was sorted in a few minutes which is good because I’d actually bought a few things! Now I can just look forward to my products arriving.

  171. Tawnee S

    My son struggles with chronic anxiety and restlessness. Thankfully these gummies are easy to get him to take (he’s such a fussy eater!)

  172. Chiara Horvat

    Veliki proizvoda. Brza dostava. Volim okus.

  173. Travis Rayne

    Got these to try reduce my fibro symptoms a week ago. Now I feel like a new man. CBD gummies work great.

  174. RedAllTheWay

    I know you’re not supposed to have favourites… but red is definitely mine.

  175. TK Smythe

    Had an issue with making purchase, but staff were helpful and it was resolved quickly. Other than that it was quick shipping and the gummies taste and work great

  176. Keisha Wallon

    professional company, with informative and helpful staff. These guys know their CBD from their snake oil, that’s for sure. Can you say “independently tested’? That’s the only way i can be sure there is A: actually CBD and B: no THC in these gummies!

  177. Sal Porcena

    0% THC in these totally yummy CBD gummys which means without a doubt they made a difference to my pain levels and sleep quality.

  178. Kristin K

    Easy to use website. Products can be expensive, but I guess you pay for quality…?

  179. Arthur Hill

    excellent product and service? absofrikkenloutley

  180. TRENT


  181. Nastya

    yummy gummys

  182. Mike Aleman

    efficient service and tasty little cbd bears.

  183. Alexandra

    is oke but cost much

  184. Suze C

    Really pleased with these gummies. tasty, and they really help my migraines

  185. Irina

    recommended for arthritis. it has really helped manage my pain, better than meds ever did.

  186. Ed Bradon

    I waited for ages for my order to arrive. only after i chased did it come a few days later. and it was like the gummies had been in the hot sun for a month. they were all mushy.

    EDIT: after customer service saw this they contacted me. sent replacements. can’t change the stars but the first lot was definitely 1 star. the second lot, and customer service, is at least 3.

  187. Brooklyn

    I am actually excited about this version as it reminds me of taking gummy vitamins as a kid! So far so good!

  188. Judith L

    Helped me get rid my pain and nausea, plus i have my appetite again. Legendary!

  189. Anna

    repeat buyer here! love these gummies. great for the whole family if they need it. even my nan loves them.

  190. Dasha


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