Hemp and CBD products that do not contain any psychoactive properties can be openly purchased and consumed in the Czech Republic.

The government implemented a revolutionary set of progressive drug laws when the Czech Republic was founded in 1993. They outlawed production and sales, but legalized possession and consumption, but it ultimately became too difficult to police. The law was then changed in 1999 so any amount smaller than 15 grams or 5 plants would be treated as a misdemeanor. Commercial cultivation and sale of cannabis is also still treated as illegal.

Medical cannabis became legally regulated in 2013, but since the foundation of the medical cannabis market, it has suffered through many supply shortages and a lack of competitive suppliers. It is also illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to receive a prescription for medical cannabis.

Hemp is currently regulated as an industrial commodity with relaxed limits on cultivation and processing than surrounding countries. That is the main reason that the Czech Republic is currently a world-leader in products infused with cannabis, such as dietary supplements and cosmetics. In fact, the cannabis industry in the Czech Republic has a bright future ahead, as hemp-based cosmetics continue to increase in popularity.

Czech Republic CBD Legislation

Hemp / CBD Oil – CBD and Hemp oil is legal and can be purchased openly.

Pharmaceutical Cannabis – Sativex and Dronabinol are available by medical prescription.

Medical Cannabis – Legal as a prescribed medication since 2013.

Recreational Cannabis – Cannabis consumption and cultivation are illegal. However, possession of under 15 grams or cultivation of less than 5 plants is treated as a misdemeanor.

Czech Republic CBD Legal Status Overview

Czech Republic has been a hub for cannabis research and business activity for many years. However, there is only a limited availability of pharmaceutical products containing cannabis that are very rarely prescribed.

Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said he expected access to medical cannabis would significantly increase in 2018 and they may consider legalizing home cultivation for patients.

Medical cannabis was legalized in August 2013 and limited to 180 grams of dried flowers with a maximum of 21% THC and up to 19% CBD per month. Unfortunately very few doctors are willing to endure the long bureaucratic process required, making it extremely difficult for patients to gain access to medical cannabis. Which explains why only 155 Czech patients have collected medical cannabis from their pharmacies, compared to study revealing that at least 800,000 individuals reportedly using cannabis for medical purposes at least once.

Czech Republic CBD Law Reform

The Czech Pirate Party have proposed for the legalization of recreational cannabis this year. A regulated recreational market is realistic, given the experience of several US states, Canada, the Netherlands, and Uruguay. The social and economic success of Canada’s regulated market has certainly not gone unnoticed in the Czech Republic and should impact legalization debates.

Close to 200,000 Czechs could potentially become medical cannabis patients by 2028, requiring an estimated 76 million grams of cannabis. Plus, the exportation of domestic cannabis is expected to be permitted by 2024, which would in turn decrease cannabis prices for Czech patients.

In order for the cannabis industry to develop in the Czech Republic, there needs to be appropriate dosage forms, prescribing of cannabis needs to be like any other prescription drug, and patients need insurance that will cover some of the cost.

There are no legal loopholes to worry about when purchasing or consuming CBD in the Czech Republic. With the wide range of Canna Union CBD products, it might not be long until CBD replaces beer as most consumed per capita than any other country.



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