France CBD is recognized as a non-psychoactive substance is currently legal.

France is characteristic of hypocritical policies regarding cannabis found throughout Western Europe.

Even though France consumes more cannabis and producing more hemp than the majority of countries on earth, the government maintains its conservative stance so have not legalized medical or recreational cannabis use. But France’s Health Minister has recently expressed support for medical cannabis, as it currently remains inaccessible for those who desperately need it.

Even though pharmaceutical cannabis was legalized in 2013 in France, there are still no cannabis-based products for sale in the country, and it remains out of financial reach of most patients.

The increasingly large and successful cannabis industry Germany and Spain will likely ignite further debate on French legislation, as France has a potentially massive market for legal cannabis with an estimated 300,000 growers and 5 million consumers.

In 2015, only 1,283 drug convictions with prison sentences were handed down from around 140,000 charges for drug possession. A recent legislation change from prison sentences to fines for minor possession was the first revision of France’s cannabis laws since they were first introduced in 1970.

France CBD Legislation

Cha Hemp / CBD Oil – CBD oil is legal with THC levels below 0.2%.

Pharmaceutical Cannabis – Sativex is legal in France for medical purposes.

Medical Cannabis – Medical cannabis in France is illegal.

Recreational Cannabis – Illegal and penalized with an on the spot fine.

France CBD Legal Status Overview

Medical cannabis in France is presently illegal unless provided with a special permit for compassionate use allowing unlicensed cannabis prescription. Without no cannabis-based medication currently available legally from pharmacies, the only choice available for patients is to buy medication abroad, although they still have the issue of cannabis still being illegal when they get back to France.

CBD/THC oral spray Sativex was approved for licensing in 2014 for treatment of patients with spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis. Almost 6 years later, the sublingual cannabis-based spray is still unavailable due to a pricing dispute between the producers and French authorities.

There also 2 other drugs containing cannabinoids which are legal in the country. Marinol is a medicine with synthetic THC used for treating nausea in chemotherapy patients or appetite loss caused by AIDS, while CBD-based Epidiolex is a drug used to treat epilepsy.

Cannabis consumption is so widespread that French police have changed how they approach the enforcement of the laws. Anyone caught with cannabis in smaller quantities rarely get arrested anymore, and only a fraction of criminal drug-related proceedings result in any jail time.

Provided the THC content does not exceed 0.2%, the sale and consumption of medical CBD is legal, as is the cultivation, import, export, industrial, and commercial use of industrial hemp.

France CBD Law Reform

A world leader in production of hemp seeds, France currently produces 59% of hemp seeds, while also dominating the market in industrial hemp cultivation with more than 50% of Europe’s hemp-based paper and pulp production. The country has more than 17,000 hectares used for cultivation of hemp, a significant portion of the 33000 hectares being used for farming hemp in Europe.

A special committee has been tasked by the National Agency of Drug Safety (ANSM) to work on making available medical cannabis.

After clarification of a national law allowing for the sale of high-CBD & low-THC, strains of cannabis, some Paris “coffeeshops” were selling products containing small amounts of THC.

The French Health Minister said she would ensure this legal loophole was closed effectively closing these business in weeks, saying they were encouraging drug use and a threat to public health.

Public opinion on the issue of cannabis seems to be changing in France, with 51% of the French favor the supervision and regulation of cannabis, whereas 82% support the medical use of cannabis. Unfortunately at present, the country’s strict laws prevail.

Even though the hypocritical laws in France seem to contradict themselves at every turn, Canna Union products with less than 0.2% THC can certainly be legally purchased and consumed. Vive la France! Search for France CBD shipping on our site.



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