The Health Minister of Luxembourg has explained that cannabis and cannabinoid research had shown both CBD and THC has a positive effect when treating certain conditions such as neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, or chronic pain.

Luxembourg is following in the footsteps of Germany and Belgium when it comes to cannabis legislation. According to the Narcotics Bill in Luxembourg, medical cannabis treatments are now legal, while personal possession of decriminalized and transportation or consumption is still illegal.

Legislation of recreational use of cannabis is expected to pass within the next 5 years, and the legal market will operate with restrictions which as yet have not been detailed.

Luxembourg CBD Legislation

Hemp / CBD Oil – Legal.

Pharmaceutical Cannabis – Legal.

Medical Cannabis – Medical cannabis is legal and being prescribed under a pilot scheme.

Recreational Cannabis – Expected to be legalized by 2023.

Luxembourg CBD Legal Status Overview

The Prime Minister announced in November 2017 that having approved Sativex for use five years earlier, the Health Minister would now formalize medical cannabis access. A year later, three parties of the coalition announced an intention to legalize recreational cannabis, and now the law is complete.

The government in Luxembourg has estimated around 80-100 patients may benefit from this pilot scheme, receiving approximately one gram per day of cannabis strains with very low THC levels. Herbal cannabis, sprays, oils, and tinctures are all made available and legally allowed for neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis, severe muscle spasms, pain, or epilepsy, and for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

The Council of State played an essential role by recommending a major change to the initial text, whereby the ability to prescribe medical cannabis should not be reserved for only. specialized physicians. All physicians and general practitioners will be able to prescribe cannabis to patients where conventional treatments have failed, only after completion of a special training course and are then subsequently approved.

Luxembourg CBD Law Reform

Both the Green Party and the Left Party proactively supported the medical cannabis bill, and they both also fully support a regulated cannabis market. The Liberal Party also advocates for a fully regulated market but oppose the broadening of existing medical cannabis laws. The Conservative Party supports the medical bill and oppose a regulated market; however they do remain open to discussions.

Luxembourg is famous for recognizing niche markets in the financial sector, so these new laws will most likely inspire many citizens to contribute to cannabis business development in Luxembourg, whether in scientific, regulatory, or political directions.

The worldwide momentum of the international pro-legalization of cannabis movement, the national demand of patients, and public pressure for medical cannabis have all played a part in influencing the authorities in Luxembourg. When doctors all over the country begin prescribing medical cannabis, it will foster the development of a progressive patient-friendly landscape that helps to open up new regulatory pathways.

If the current government maintains its majority in the upcoming election, it is highly likely to amend medical cannabis laws in preparation for future challenges, possibly legalizing recreational cannabis by the end of their term of office.

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