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  • CBD CannabisPain Relief

    CBD Hash 2g

    44 customer reviews
    This premium CBD Hash is testing up to 40% CBD content. These premium CBD trichome resin glands have been collected by hand after a bountiful harvest and separated from the plant matter. From there it has been carefully worked with a very low heat and pressure to form these beautiful masses of po...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 1000mg

    256 customer reviews
    The Canna Union 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is our mid-range CBD Oil  and is made from premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. The 10%, 1000mg, 10ml is easy to use and beneficial to your health. It comes complete with a dropper, so you can simply place a drop under the tongue. Hold it th...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 2000mg

    317 customer reviews
    Organic, and with no trace of pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides, our 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a higher strength hemp-based CBD Oil in our range of products. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this superior quality hemp. Using the 20%, 2000mg, 10ml oil is easy. Use the attached dro...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 3000mg

    247 customer reviews
    Our 30% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the strongest hemp-based CBD Oil in our range of products. Made from premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, the 30% CBD Oil is suitable for vegans and kosher. This CBD Oil provides maximum benefits to users. It  is organic, and has terpenes and cannibi...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 500mg

    231 customer reviews
    If you are new to CBD and looking to start at a lower dose, our 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is ideal. At Canna Union, we use only quality ingredients that are organic and THC Free. High quality hemp with flavor. The 5%, 500mg, 10ml is easy to use as it comes complete with a dropper. Simply add a ...
  • CBD Oil Spray 1000mg

    196 customer reviews
    Stay fresh with peppermint CBD oil spray. The peppermint flavor is designed to give you more energy, and peppermint has been known to assist with headaches, migraines and allergies. Combined with CBD oil, you’ll be feeling fresher than ever. Buy Now
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What are CBD Oils?

Oils are primarily used to help relieve the symptoms of issues such as anxiety or chronic pain. The main ingredients are usually strains of hemp cannabis, which contain very high levels of CBD and an alcohol solution.

Creating oils can be quite time-consuming, but the process itself is relatively easy. CBD-rich hemp flowers are soaked in high-proof grain alcohol, then cooked over low heat for a few hours. Vinegar or glycerin can also be used instead of alcohol, but alcohol always seems to produce a better oil.

The resulting liquid can be quite bitter, so it is usually mixed with a flavored carrier oil to help with the taste, like mint or orange. The resulting CBD Oil from Canna Union is quite potent, with very high levels of CBD and always under 0.3% THC content.

How do CBD Oils work?

CBD Oils are concentrated for use in small doses. Most come with a liquid dropper built-in to the lid; otherwise an eyedropper can be used. Large doses are generally unnecessary for most patients. It is easy to have a few more drops when needed, as over-consumption does not cause major side effects and any CBD that isn’t absorbed into your bloodstream will be eliminated as a waste from your body.

Oils are often taken sublingually, which means the liquid is dropped underneath the tongue. This is because the CBD is absorbed into the body much quicker than with other oral methods, with the effects being felt with around 15 minutes.

Sublingual dosing allows for rapid absorption by the membrane and blood vessels in the sublingual artery before the CBD is dispersed into the bloodstream. From there it travels through the external carotid artery then the internal carotid artery until it reaches the brain.

Many patients also choose to mix their oils with foods like soup and beverages like tea.

This is because, even with the addition of flavored oil, the taste can be overwhelmingly bitter for some. This method of ingestion will mean the effects of the CBD will take longer because the cannabinoids need time to be digested before reaching the bloodstream.

Why are CBD Oils so popular?

CBD Oils are popular because the dose can easily be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of drops. It has a long shelf-life, and is quickly administered and absorbed under the tongue.

CBD Oils are also the first choice for many patients because of the major practical advantages compared to other methods of consumption.

For example, they can be easily consumed discreetly at almost any time throughout the day as they require no extra preparation and do not need to be smoked or vaporized. They come packaged in dropper bottles which are generally very small, which makes them easily concealed in a handbag, a purse, or pockets.

The high concentration is a major convenience of Canna Union CBD Oils because only tiny amounts are needed. Adjustment of your daily dose with absolute precision is extremely basic, which is another reason for their popularity.

Often used as a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic compound, CBD Oils may support the management of various medical symptoms. It’s an excellent supplement in a healthy lifestyle.

CBD Oils have a wide range of possible application and they can be used as an additive to pretty much anything you can supplement with regular CBD oil.

If you have any questions, ask our Canna Union experts today to find out if our CBD Oils are the right method of application for you.