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  • CBD SkincarePrevention

    CBD Age Refresh

    129 customer reviews
    CBD Age Refresh Moisturizing & Nourishing Cream is made with the highest quality hemp, which includes cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals designed to help reverse the aging process by delivering the best nutrients to your skin. These organic nutrients will generally improve the look, feel, a...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Gummies

    138 customer reviews
    Our CBD Gummy Bears come in various flavors, so enjoying your daily dosage of CBD has never been simpler or tastier. Each CBD Gummy contains 25mg of CBD. Canna Union CBD Gummies can be purchased all over Europe, because they have zero levels of THC, which means no psychoactive effects. We extr...
  • CBD CannabisOther

    CBD Hash 2g

    44 customer reviews
    This premium CBD Hash is testing up to 40% CBD content. These premium CBD trichome resin glands have been collected by hand after a bountiful harvest and separated from the plant matter. From there it has been carefully worked with a very low heat and pressure to form these beautiful masses of po...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 1000mg

    200 customer reviews
    The Canna Union 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is our mid-range CBD Oil  and is made from premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. The 10%, 1000mg, 10ml is easy to use and beneficial to your health. It comes complete with a dropper, so you can simply place a drop under the tongue. Hold it th...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 2000mg

    267 customer reviews
    Organic, and with no trace of pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides, our 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a higher strength hemp-based CBD Oil in our range of products. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this superior quality hemp. Using the 20%, 2000mg, 10ml oil is easy. Use the attached dro...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 3000mg

    193 customer reviews
    Our 30% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the strongest hemp-based CBD Oil in our range of products. Made from premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, the 30% CBD Oil is suitable for vegans and kosher. This CBD Oil provides maximum benefits to users. It  is organic, and has terpenes and cannibi...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil 500mg

    183 customer reviews
    If you are new to CBD and looking to start at a lower dose, our 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is ideal. At Canna Union, we use only quality ingredients that are organic and THC Free. High quality hemp with flavor. The 5%, 500mg, 10ml is easy to use as it comes complete with a dropper. Simply add a ...
  • CBD EdiblesOther

    CBD Oil Pills

    154 customer reviews
    If you don’t enjoy the taste (or aftertaste) of hemp, and still want the benefits, the CBD sofgel capsules are ideal. They are easy to consume, simply add them to your regular medication time-table and take one or two tablets each day with a glass of water. Try to take them at the same time every...
  • CBD CannabisOther

    CBD Silver Haze 5g

    25 customer reviews
    Silver Haze CBD is a cross between Haze and Northern Lights, producing a delicious tasting CBD Flower with high CBD and zero THC. The strain was first introduced by Sensi Seeds, with the “silver” part of the name coming from the shiny crystals that cover the buds. Silver Haze CBD Flowers are s...
  • CBD CannabisOther

    CBD Strawberry Kush 5g

    26 customer reviews
    If you are new to CBD flowers, Strawberry Kush is the perfect strain. With low-level CBD and very minimal THC, this sativa plant is a cross between Strawberry Cough and the very popular OG Kush strains. The flavor is strong, but won’t take over your senses. You’ll find that this strain has a m...
  • CBD CannabisOther

    CBD Swiss Kiss 5g

    27 customer reviews
    Swiss Kiss is one of our stronger strains with up to 12% CBD. If you enjoy an earthy aroma, Swiss Kiss will delight. It has an earthy musk smell, with a hint of citrus. When it comes to taste, your palette will dance with the mix of sweet, earthy and woody flavors. There are no added terpenes....
  • CBD VapingPain Relief

    CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Heisenberg

    156 customer reviews
    If you're looking for a natural option to relieve pain, inflammation, mood disorders, skin conditions, and more; our 1000mg Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil could be the answer. Our 1000mg Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil is ISO Certified and ready to use. It is 100% THC free and provides immediate effects to a ra...