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CBD Age Refresh

Full spectrum CBD
170 customer reviews
(170 customer reviews)


  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Essential oils
  • Organic
  • Contains 100mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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CBD Age Refresh Moisturizing & Nourishing Cream is made with the highest quality hemp, which includes cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals designed to help reverse the aging process by delivering the best nutrients to your skin. These organic nutrients will generally improve the look, feel, and overall health of your epidermis, almost making it seem younger.

Canna Union’s CBD Age Refresh Cream is non-psychoactive as it contains no THC, so it is completely legal across Europe. Plus the cream is easy to use. Simply put a small amount in the palm of your hands, hold until warm, then rub it into your skin once a day.

Our CBD Age Refresh Cream has all-natural ingredients which are well known to soothe aches and pains naturally with an Ayurvedic blend of black pepper, cloves, and turmeric. It is allergy-friendly, plant-based, and contains traces of beeswax for it’s skin enhancing and moisturizing elements.

Ingredients: Aqua, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Crypthecodinium Cohnii Extract, Benzyl Alcohol, Sucrose Stearate, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan Gum, Coco-Glucoside, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Coconut Alcohol, Tocopherol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Parfum (Fragrance),Full Spectrum CBD (100MG)


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170 reviews for CBD Age Refresh

  1. 170 customer reviews


    Look young and stay young! I’ve been using this product for a long time and I’m so happy and young!

  2. 170 customer reviews


    Age refresh is always keeps me young and beautiful. I’ll buy some more though. Definitely recommend this product

  3. 170 customer reviews


    It contains nutrients the skin needs to achieve youthful glowing skin. I love it so much!

  4. 170 customer reviews


    CBD Age Refresh indeed refresh my look. I look younger than my real age now:D

  5. 170 customer reviews


    The most effective product for youthful look! Can’t get over with Canna Union! 😀

  6. 170 customer reviews


    Personalmente cuido mi piel con mucho cuidado. Después de saber que este producto existe, no dudé en comprarlo. Y tenía razón sobre el dinero. Gracias Canna Union !!

  7. 170 customer reviews


    This Age Refresh From Canna Union is unbelievable! Since this, I’ve never been afraid looking myself in the mirror 😀

  8. 170 customer reviews


    Jeg visste aldri at Canna Union kan lage denne fantastiske kreasjonen. Det frisker meg virkelig som et filter i en mobiltelefon-app! Tommel opp!

  9. 170 customer reviews


    Since this is Organic, my skin never had a bad reactions to it not to mention its soothing effect after. NIce one Canna Union!

  10. 170 customer reviews


    I’m a face model who tried a lot of different products. After I stumble with this product I wish I knew it earlier! Thanks Canna Union.

  11. 170 customer reviews


    Beauty comes from within that’s why I highly recommend this CBD Age Refresh product from Canna Union!

  12. 170 customer reviews


    I never look so fantastic. Not ’til I used Age Refresh from Canna Union!

  13. 170 customer reviews


    An ideal way to refresh and nourish your skin. Perfect to include in your daily skincare routine!

  14. 170 customer reviews


    Thanks Canna Union for having this kind of product! CBD Age Refresh indeed refresh my skin through its moisturizing effect. Now I am dryness away!

  15. 170 customer reviews


    Nunca podemos dejar de envejecer. Es parte de la vida. Pero hay algunos instrumentos por ahí que al menos disminuyen la visibilidad y la ralentizan. ¡Qué bueno que hay CBD Age Referesh!

  16. 170 customer reviews


    I am so glad this one’s invented 🙂 At first I didn’t really give a shot to believe there is such something that really makes someone young! But this one made it real! Will always be my favorite beauty care!

  17. 170 customer reviews


    Not a fan of Guess your age jokes. LOL, but this one helps me look younger and healthier!

  18. 170 customer reviews


    1 Pack for all. For me feeling younger than your age and stress free is the best deal for me! Thank you!

  19. 170 customer reviews


    Å være vegansk, det er veldig HARDT å finne en ansikts- / øyekrem. Jeg er glad denne kremen ikke bare fungerer perfekt på huden min, den er også vegansk!

  20. 170 customer reviews

    Shen J

    Qualité supérieure et j’aime l’amélioration de ma peau. Merci beaucoup, Canna Union!

  21. 170 customer reviews


    My skin became very soft and my pimples have decreased. What an amazing turn of events!

  22. 170 customer reviews


    Jeg går tapt for ord om effekten av dette produktet. Jeg vil anbefale det!

  23. 170 customer reviews


    This made me more confident and carefree! I really felt total satisfaction!

  24. 170 customer reviews


    Jeg har en alvorlig allergisk reaksjon på noen urteprodukter. Men dette har vært veldig effektivt, og det fungerer bra med allergiene mine.

  25. 170 customer reviews


    Slutt å se andre steder etter et flott CBD-selskap med utmerket kundeservice! Canna Union er svaret!

  26. 170 customer reviews


    J’admire la qualité du produit et les effets étaient sacrément rapides! Je l’apprécie totalement!

  27. 170 customer reviews


    This came today and what’s impressive is that it got delivered with just a slight delay which is understandable because of the current situation.

  28. 170 customer reviews


    Meine Haut fühlt sich viel glatter an! Ausgezeichnetes Zeug!

  29. 170 customer reviews


    My acne has been diminished! I have never felt this confident my entire life!

  30. 170 customer reviews


    I’m so used to buying famous and super expensive facial products. But now that I have this, I’m not switching!

  31. 170 customer reviews


    Ich benutze dies immer nach den Badebomben und ich habe das Gefühl, dass es mir hilft, schneller eine großartige Haut zu erreichen!

  32. 170 customer reviews


    Hat bei meiner trockenen Haut geholfen. Aber ich hoffe auf weitere Fortschritte!

  33. 170 customer reviews


    Les résultats sont déjà visibles, même après une semaine d’utilisation. Je suis impressionné!

  34. 170 customer reviews


    I feel that my skin has been revived! I can see a great improvement!

  35. 170 customer reviews


    Je me sens plus détendu maintenant que j’ai ça. Ma peau a été très douce récemment.

  36. 170 customer reviews


    I feel that it’s been coming along nicely. No skin irritations so far.

  37. 170 customer reviews


    I have tried various anti aging creams and most of them did very little effect. These gave good results that are very promising.

  38. 170 customer reviews


    I’m feeling pretty good about my self lately. I use this along with the massage oil.

  39. 170 customer reviews


    Use this every night and I always wake up feeling revitalized! I’ve endorsed Canna Union to my friends

  40. 170 customer reviews


    I feel vibrant and I no longer stress about my skin. Hit two birds with one stone I guess.

  41. 170 customer reviews


    After applying this balm, I feel like my skin has been revived and my face appear more blooming each morning!

  42. 170 customer reviews


    Slight enhancement in my complexion is noticeable after a couple of days. Also got delivered pretty quickly

  43. 170 customer reviews


    Disse tingene hjalp definitivt hodepine og angst. Flott jobb, Canna Union!

  44. 170 customer reviews


    I don’t think there are some products that can match the potency of this stuff! Appreciate this a lot

  45. 170 customer reviews


    Dieses Zeug verbessert wirklich meinen ungleichmäßigen Hautton. Wird weiter verwendet und hofft auf weitere Erholung!

  46. 170 customer reviews


    Dies beruhigt meine Haut und ich werde nach jedem Bad wieder mit Energie versorgt. Es steigert auch mein Temperament und ich fühle mich weniger angespannt!

  47. 170 customer reviews


    Ich habe lange versucht, ein Produkt zu finden, das keine Nebenwirkungen hat, und ich bin glücklich, Canna Union zu finden!

  48. 170 customer reviews


    I don’t think you get more appreciation than you’re worthy of! Your products are incredible!

  49. 170 customer reviews


    Der seltsame Hautton auf meinem Gesicht wurde besser, nachdem ich dieses Zeug fast zwei Wochen lang benutzt hatte!

  50. 170 customer reviews


    I feel and look a lot younger after using this. I haven’t felt this good in years!

  51. 170 customer reviews


    Dette beroliger huden min, og jeg får nytt liv etter hver bruk. Det løfter også opp humøret mitt, og jeg føler meg avslappet!

  52. 170 customer reviews


    Pedí un puñado de estos hace un par de meses y se los di a mis hermanas. ¡Deberías recibir sus pedidos pronto!

  53. 170 customer reviews


    Les rides du sourire et les rides ont disparu en quelques jours d’utilisation. Je vous remercie!

  54. 170 customer reviews


    Dette hjelper med å hydratere huden min, og familien min kan fortelle at jeg ser mye yngre ut! Takk skal du ha!

  55. 170 customer reviews


    Ich habe dieses Zeug vor Tagen erhalten und die Effekte waren ziemlich beeindruckend in der Hoffnung, in ein paar Tagen mehr zu sehen

  56. 170 customer reviews


    Je l’ai eu le mois dernier et j’achèterai plus quand il sera épuisé! C’est mon nouveau favori!

  57. 170 customer reviews

    Odyssey C

    This stuff really enhance my uneven skin tone. Will continue using and hope to see more recovery!

  58. 170 customer reviews

    Neida T

    I feel amazing everytime I use this stuff. Really helped with my patchy skin caused by acne

  59. 170 customer reviews


    It’s done a significant improvement on my overall well-being and I’ve been feeling really relaxed!

  60. 170 customer reviews


    La piel irregular en mi cara ha mejorado. Seguirá usando. ¡Espero ver más mejoras!

  61. 170 customer reviews


    My skin feels dull and looks stressed, felt like I’m 10 years older. But now I look and feel younger!

  62. 170 customer reviews

    Juana F

    ¡Seguiré pidiendo productos Canna Union! ¡No puedo tener suficiente!

  63. 170 customer reviews


    Je suis vraiment étonné de la rapidité avec laquelle cela fonctionne! J’utilise depuis un mois et je ne pouvais pas demander plus!

  64. 170 customer reviews


    Ich kann mit Sicherheit sagen, dass CBD-Öl mir bei meiner Depression wirklich geholfen hat. Und ich sehe aus und fühle mich frisch!

  65. 170 customer reviews


    ¡No pensé que existe un producto tan notable! ¡Buen trabajo, Canna Union!

  66. 170 customer reviews


    Le teint irrégulier autour de mes yeux s’est amélioré après avoir utilisé ce truc pendant près de deux semaines!Le teint inégal de mon visage s’est amélioré après avoir utilisé ce truc pendant près de deux semaines!

  67. 170 customer reviews


    I feel refreshed after putting on CBD cream and my face looks younger every morning!

  68. 170 customer reviews


    I use this cream every night before I go to bed. It improves my sleep and I feel amazing in the morning!

  69. 170 customer reviews


    I decided to buy CBD products last month and it was the best decision ever. Good quality products!

  70. 170 customer reviews


    Å være veganer, har jeg kjempet for å finne en ansikts- / øyekrem. Jeg er glad for at denne kremen ikke bare fungerer perfekt på huden min, den er også vegansk!

  71. 170 customer reviews


    This helps moisturize my skin and my family can tell that I look a lot younger! Thank you!

  72. 170 customer reviews


    Esta es la cosa más extraordinaria que he tenido. No solo ayudó con mi acné, sino que también me deja relajado.

  73. 170 customer reviews


    My skin feels amazing after using it for only a week. Hopeful to see more improvement soon!

  74. 170 customer reviews


    I’ve tried a few anti-aging creams in the past and most of them smells bad and had very bad side effects. This one is the best out of all the sutffs I tried!

  75. 170 customer reviews


    I use this every night before going to bed and I sleep great and wake up feeling really relaxed!

  76. 170 customer reviews


    I’m amazed at how this cream works! Not only that it has an anti-aging property, it’s also moisturizes my skin!

  77. 170 customer reviews


    Usar estas cosas realmente se siente estimulante. ¡Me deja sintiéndome hermosa!

  78. 170 customer reviews


    I will never change brands! This is the best for my skin and it leaves me feeling posh!

  79. 170 customer reviews


    Hoffnung, weitere Verbesserungen zu sehen. Meine Haut fühlt sich so weich an und ich benutze sie erst seit Tagen!

  80. 170 customer reviews


    I can confidently say that I look and feel fresh! I will order again and again

  81. 170 customer reviews


    Dieses Zeug ist definitiv den Preis wert! Ihr seid die Besten!

  82. 170 customer reviews


    The chronic pain in my hips has alleviated! Thank, Canna Union!

  83. 170 customer reviews


    Las líneas de sonrisa y las arrugas casi desaparecen en unos pocos días de uso.

  84. 170 customer reviews


    Purchased this stuff last month and will buy more when it runs out!

  85. 170 customer reviews


    Je me sens fraîche et jeune après avoir utilisé age refresh en quelques jours seulement! Excellent travail, Canna Union!

  86. 170 customer reviews


    Før jeg begynte å bruke CBD Age Refresh krem, hadde jeg en veldig kjedelig hud på grunn av stress og ville bryte ut veldig ofte. Men denne kremen endret alt det! Jeg er veldig fornøyd med resultatet og vil fortsette å bruke det!

  87. 170 customer reviews


    Web site was easy to use, smooth transaction and fast delivery. Great product too. Will definitely buy from here again.

  88. 170 customer reviews


    Toller Service, tolle Produkte, toller Geschmack Ich habe keine Beschwerden, die sie nie enttäuscht haben

  89. 170 customer reviews


    Really good product. Bought to help with my anxiety and after two weeks it I feel a huge difference. I definitely recommend your company!

  90. 170 customer reviews


    I never felt younger and beautiful all thanks to your Age refresh! It has a lot of benefit. Its great for anxiety. Def recommend

  91. 170 customer reviews


    I love your Age refresh! It really looks me younger and stress free! Just what I want! Thank you. I will definitely recommend my friends!

  92. 170 customer reviews


    I started off using this product when I would feel like I’m getting anxious. I noticed that it would help so then I started using it every day even before I would feel anything and it has helped me feel better and less anxious.

  93. 170 customer reviews

    Duke Emerson

    En 2 semaines, cela a amélioré ma peau et je commence à mieux dormir. Le produit est vraiment bon. J’ai commandé et reçu deux crèmes Age CBD supplémentaires depuis que j’ai acheté l’original.

  94. 170 customer reviews


    Excellent service et excellent produit … mieux que celui que j’ai acheté aux États-Unis, qui a été classé parmi les meilleurs. Je préfère celui-ci. Pas besoin d’hésiter ou de s’inquiéter pour ces gars

  95. 170 customer reviews


    Website is easy to use and products are excellent. The product is brilliant! It makes me look younger. I would definitely recommend you guys

  96. 170 customer reviews


    I really recommend your company and your products. I am going to be placing regular orders. I hope this review helps others seeking a reliable supplier

  97. 170 customer reviews


    I love it, & it is of the highest quality – for conditions like mine it’s therapeutic effects, & results, are unrivaled. I definitely recommend Canna Union as the best product

  98. 170 customer reviews


    Very good product, and nice customer service. worth recommending.

  99. 170 customer reviews


    Good fast delivery and very happy with the product Will be buying from here again. Thank you so much!

  100. 170 customer reviews


    Age refresh is very useful for me. Especially in a stressful day, I apply it to my face after applying, I felt so relax already. I’m like.. WOW!! This is amazing!!

  101. 170 customer reviews


    Freundliche Website einfach zu bedienen und Lieferung war schnell. Überhaupt keine Probleme. Ich werde sie wieder benutzen

  102. 170 customer reviews


    Age refresh is really making me young and beautiful. It helps me relieved from stress! Thank you so much Canna Union!!

  103. 170 customer reviews

    Jake G

    I love your service! Its super great! The quality of your product is perfect. I would definitely recommend Canna Union!!

  104. 170 customer reviews


    The staff are extremely helpful and friendly and understanding. Canna Union has the best quality product. I love your balm it is absorbent and all the pain goes away! I definitely recommend Canna Union

  105. 170 customer reviews


    Fantastic product and exceptional service! I’m so impressed. Thank you Charlie for going the extra mile. You’e helped me a lot!

  106. 170 customer reviews


    Your Age refresh is super brilliant! It smells good and it really helps stress reduced. I love cbd. I love Canna Union!!

  107. 170 customer reviews


    I’m impressed with your Age refresh. Its super awesome and brilliant! I look more beautiful than before. Thank you Canna Union!!!

  108. 170 customer reviews


    Age refresh is what I really need. It’s refreshing. It makes me look younger!

  109. 170 customer reviews

    Andrea A.

    Your product is making me relax. When anxiety attacks, I got my age refresh and makes me look young too! I would definitely recommend your products to my friends

  110. 170 customer reviews


    How I love your Age refresh CBD. Its perfec for me. I look beautiful and pretty and younger

  111. 170 customer reviews


    Been using cbd cream for 3 years due to having fibromyalgia and it’s a life saver.

  112. 170 customer reviews

    Acosta G

    I apply it everyday. Your cbd age refresh is surely effective!

  113. 170 customer reviews


    Age refresh.. its refreshing and will look me younger. Impressive 😍

  114. 170 customer reviews

    Dina Morgan

    Age refresh has it smooth and pleasant scent. I love how it actually effects to my skin. I look younger and beutiful!

  115. 170 customer reviews


    Your cream is really effective. I use it everyday after shower to make me look youg and stressfree!

  116. 170 customer reviews


    Envío súper rápido incluso aunque lo haya comprado solo unos días antes de Navidad 🙂 ¡gracias!

  117. 170 customer reviews


    The refresher! I look young with this baby!!

  118. 170 customer reviews

    Ove W

    age refresh is refreshing!!! I’ve been using your product and its perfect!

  119. 170 customer reviews


    worth to buy

  120. 170 customer reviews

    Davidson George

    the quality of the product is on point!

  121. 170 customer reviews


    Can’t thank you enough with your help!!

  122. 170 customer reviews


    After using it. I look so young!!

  123. 170 customer reviews


    I love your cream they are effective!

  124. 170 customer reviews


    This product is refreshing!

  125. 170 customer reviews


    Great product, No. best product ever!

  126. 170 customer reviews


    Never been so satisfied!

  127. 170 customer reviews


    I look younger when I use them.

  128. 170 customer reviews


    Thank you

  129. 170 customer reviews



  130. 170 customer reviews

    Luisia J

    i use this cream every day and my skin is amazing. i love how smooth it makes it and that it seems to have taken all my spots away. my friends have asked what my secret is to looking younger. i’m so pleased i bought this. i dont thin k i’ll ever use another aging cream again.

  131. 170 customer reviews

    Lara L

    not yet convinced it works to make me look younger, but it certainly feels nice…

  132. 170 customer reviews

    Madelyn Martin

    OMG I love this cream! I’ve been telling all my friends about it. My skin feels amazing and looks so smooth! Best thing I ever bought from a skincare range!

  133. 170 customer reviews


    i like it

  134. 170 customer reviews

    Laura Liams

    I have sensitive skin and find it hard to find a cream that I can use, without having any reactions. When i first heard about CBD cream, I thought it was a bit strange. And I certainly never thought it would be something I’d buy myself. But a friend of mine told me she’d bought some from Canna Union, and her skin was looking amazing. I thought – why not? I decided to purchase some of this and have been using it for a week. So far, I’ve had no reactions and my skin is seriously looking and feeling better than ever. I’m so pleased i took the step and made this purchase. Thanks.

  135. 170 customer reviews


    Took a while to arrive so i chased it up with customer service. They were pretty good about it. seems it was lost in the system, but they fixed it up and I got it 2 days later. Good customer service, but not sure what the problem was to start with.

  136. 170 customer reviews


    I really love this cream. Do yourself a favor and buy some!

  137. 170 customer reviews


    glad i bought it

  138. 170 customer reviews


    FINALLY found an aging cream that works! Early days, but so far it’s 4/5 … heading towards a big 5 stars!

  139. 170 customer reviews

    Laini Tyson

    I’ve tried so many different aging creams but this one is certainly the best yet! I can feel my skin changing every day! So smooth and tight.

  140. 170 customer reviews

    James O

    Been using this for a month and can really see a difference already. Thanks

  141. 170 customer reviews


    5 stars.

  142. 170 customer reviews

    Brian Laster

    My wife actually bought this first. I saw a huge difference in her skin so thought I’d try it myself. Age makes skin dry out, apparently. It’s actually really good. I know men don’t usually worry too much about moisturising, but honestly, they should try this.

  143. 170 customer reviews


    I’ve been using this cream for a while now, and even got some for my daughters. We’re all big fans now. It really works.

  144. 170 customer reviews

    L O

    Arrived a few days ago. Yet to see results.

  145. 170 customer reviews


    I would definitley reccomend this anyone

  146. 170 customer reviews


    No more wrinkles!!!!!!!!!

  147. 170 customer reviews


    I tried another anti-aging CBD cream a while ago and it stunk! It was horrible. I was hesitant to try another, but thought I’d have a go and i’m glad i did. This one is lovely!

  148. 170 customer reviews

    M Bijak

    Just started using. Delivery was fast though.

  149. 170 customer reviews


    I bought this and the balm and am happy with both.

  150. 170 customer reviews


    pleasantly surprised at how well this works

  151. 170 customer reviews

    Sophronia Fridlin

    i have nothing bad to say about this cream. So pleased i bought it and it arrived faster than I thought it would

  152. 170 customer reviews


    best face cream i’ve ever used

  153. 170 customer reviews

    Cheryl G

    took too long to arrive but looks okay

  154. 170 customer reviews


    seems expensive but you only need to use a little bit for it to work which means it lasts a while.

  155. 170 customer reviews

    Lilou Boyko

    My order never arrived. When I contacted customer service, they were great about it and I ended up getting the product in record time. I’m glad I contacted them as I really like this cream and pleased I had the chance to try it. Will definitely buy on here again.

  156. 170 customer reviews


    delivery was fast

  157. 170 customer reviews


    je suis tellement contente d’avoir acheté cette crème. mes rides ont disparu et je me sens mieux que jamais.

  158. 170 customer reviews


    mum loves it

  159. 170 customer reviews


    I’ve tried so many different creams and this one has made the biggest difference. My wrinkles have decreased dramatically and the blemishes on my skin are fading. Thank you thank you thank you

  160. 170 customer reviews


    early days but so far so good

  161. 170 customer reviews

    Elsie G

    vegan and organic. winning!

  162. 170 customer reviews


    I’ve been looking for a good anti-aging cream for a long time now and they always seem to have a reaction to my skin. I’m not sure if its one of the ingredients that are in it, or maybe its just not natural. I tried this cream though and no reaction. Its very suitable for sensitive skin and feels lovely on my skin. Happy I bought it.

  163. 170 customer reviews


    use it on my face everyday and i love it. thanks

  164. 170 customer reviews


    interesting smell, not sure i like it. time will tell if it works.

  165. 170 customer reviews


    CBD is so good for anti-aging.

  166. 170 customer reviews

    Larna D

    I use this as a night cream (it was cheaper than the CBD night cream) and it is so good. my skin is so soft and the zits have fully cleared up.

  167. 170 customer reviews

    Caroline D

    My skin has improved so much thanks to this CBD cream. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. Can’t wait to see what its like in a year!

  168. 170 customer reviews


    great website. easy to use and buy from.

  169. 170 customer reviews


    big fan of Canna Union products

  170. 170 customer reviews

    Marilyn D

    As someone with sensitive skin, I find it hard to find something that works for me. But this was a sure winner. It has no impact at all on my skin – negatively anyway. But my face feels tighter and my friends have been commenting on how clear my skin looks.

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