CBD Balm 250mg

(182 customer reviews)

21.71 or 17.37 / month

CBD Balm 250mg

  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Vanilla Scented Balm
  • Organic
  • Contains 250mg of CBD per container
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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CBD oil balm includes cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals that are designed to provide your skin with the best nutrients. These nutrients can assist with pain relief, skin conditions, and general skin health. CBD oil balms are non-psychoactive and easy to use.

Simply apply the balm (externally only) to the palm of your hands, hold it until it is warm, then rub it into the affected skin. If you are new to the use of CBD, the 250mg is ideal. If you want something stronger, try our 500mg.

Canna Union CBD balm is made from high-grade industrial hemp; ISO certified, and organic. There is no trace of pesticides, herbicides or other contaminants. It is suitable for vegans and kosher.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin-E, Vitamin D, Vanilla, Omega 3, Cannabinoids and Natural Terpenes.

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Dimensions 5.2 × 5.2 × 2.04 cm

182 reviews for CBD Balm 250mg

  1. Harris

    My constant partner to relieve any kinds of pain in the body. Body pains make me restless, that is why I am so thankful of this balm, and thankful I found cannaunion.

  2. Albert

    Serves as vitamin to my skin. Very protective and skin friendly 🙂

  3. Catherine

    Balm is one of CBD’s promising topical. The soothing effect is instant, and my skin feels so relax!

  4. Frances

    I like to use CBD balm on my face! It’s very relaxing! I love how it calms down my body’s tension by applying it on my face

  5. Daralis

    Didn’t know CBD balm is also nice to relieve the stinging feeling when you got bruise.

  6. April

    I tried it on my skin allergies and woah! I was stunned how it acts like an anti-histamine reducing the itchy feeling to non itchy at all!

  7. Valentina

    Este Balm es excelente! calma los dolores musculares de verdad, aunque sean muy fuertes. La cantidad es muy pequeña pero rinde mucho, la usé varias veces y todavía queda más de la mitad. Su aroma es rico pero tiene un poco de olor fuerte a planta, igualmente no deja de ser agradable.

  8. Greyson

    Simple and inexpensive way to treat skin problems like eczema… CBD balm 🙂

  9. Jeanne

    Je ne savais pas que le baume au CBD ne combat pas seulement la douleur ou la tension du corps, mais il rend également la peau souple.

  10. Gladys

    Super perfect for physical pain. It doesn’t just heal the pain, but leaves no mark or visibility.

  11. Alvina

    Yes! this is one of the most recommended product from me. Try it and experience for yourself why. Thank me later!

  12. Reca

    I used to have dry feet. I tried this balm since someone said it moisturizes skin. My feet now is soft and smooth, and I am now confident to wear slippers 😀

  13. Wes

    My pores really got better with CBD cream! I will buy more for sure!

  14. Mark

    I really thought that the only solution to my depression is to take a variety of pills. I have this product for a couple of months now and I feel great!

  15. Ramon

    Couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, will no doubt use it again. , Thank you.

  16. Anthony

    Canna Union really renders the CBD content of their balm, but didn’t let it fend for itself.

  17. Simon

    This is effective for mild skin rashes and inflammation. It definitely worked!

  18. Elena

    Thanks Canna Union! My skin has never been this protected! you’re THE BEST!!!

  19. Sophia

    Canna Union’s Balm not just beautify my skin, it also protects it! And it is important to me:)

  20. Giselle

    Organic and very effective two essential combination that needs to be part of my life and Canna Union made it happened. Kudos

  21. Clement

    Jeg elsker hvor organisk det er. Og jeg er takknemlig for at det er hudvennlig.

  22. Leandro

    Canna Union’s Balms don’t just moisturized and protect my skin. It also heals any type of pain on the affected areas.

  23. Enzo

    I never liked balms. But balm from Canna Union is different and effective! Will check out some skincares soonest!

  24. Frescura

    There’s a lot Organic Balm out in the market. But this one stands out since it also relaxes me. Thanks a lot!

  25. Avent

    Estaba buscando un bálsamo orgánico. ¡Este es el producto para mí! ¡Comprará más!

  26. Magi

    My skincare routine will never be complete without CBD Balm for its enhancing quality!

  27. Bob

    CBD Balm gjør meg hud sunn og trygg i enhver skade. Takk Canna Union for verdens beste balsam! : D

  28. Ada

    My skin loves this so much! It’s not too strong to protect my skin from damaging. This is perfect for me!

  29. Ingrid

    So easy to apply. This is so far the best way of relaxation for me. Will surely try other CBD products!

  30. Ronald

    I had been living with my skin problems, I easily got bruises and rashes. But this one took it all away! It feels like I’m living a normal life now like a typical individual. Thank you CBD Balm.

  31. Karin

    It’s my first time trying this CBD products. And my expereince is I wish I knew this earlier. Thanks

  32. Magnus

    My money’s worth. I’m extremely happy with the result. Thanks

  33. Ana

    Al principio tengo dudas y miedo de probar varios de los productos para la piel, ¡pero estoy muy contento de haber encontrado este increíble bálsamo!

  34. Mike R

    My legs used to swell so much I couldn’t walk. I’m so thrilled at what this little balm can do for me.

  35. Kathy

    Je préfère utiliser cela que de prendre des analgésiques pour mes maux de dos! Fonctionne deux fois plus vite aussi!

  36. Matts

    CBD balm helped me with my back pain. Been feeling really lighter now.

  37. Renate

    Din ut av denne kundeservicen gjør alltid dagen min. De svarer selv de dummeste spørsmålene mine.

  38. Adam X

    I always bring this anywhere so my joints wouldn’t be a problem! And it has helped me manage it good.

  39. Pierre

    I use this balm for my legs cramps. I see a good improvement, considering that I’ve only been using this for almost two weeks!

  40. Mirna

    Sometimes I would have this relentless migraine that would like for a couple of days! So having this is such a game-changer!

  41. Bard

    Cela me fait du bien sur ma peau et me détend vraiment et mon sommeil s’est considérablement amélioré!

  42. Kyle

    Got hip surgery couple of months ago but the pain still persists so I looked for something that can help. This balm has done some great work so far!

  43. Stina

    El dolor en mis hombros desapareció de inmediato. ¡Ordenaré uno más hoy!

  44. Anna

    I had to quit basketball after I injured my elbow. So I tried anything but this stood out from others.

  45. Dannie

    This balm certainly reduced my allergies. I hope you get to help more people!

  46. Lena

    I’m glad with the development on my symptoms. This has been really great so my painful joints.

  47. Alvaro

    Haven’t had any panic attacks recently. I’m really impressed with this product.

  48. Matts

    I like the feeling of being able to manage my pains. Also helps me relax after a long day at work!

  49. Sophie

    Astounded at how swiftly this gives comfort to my aching legs! I feel carefree!

  50. Fifer

    Die Belastung in meinen Hüften nimmt zu, seit ich vor ein paar Wochen angefangen habe, diesen Balsam zu verwenden. Ich mag es bis jetzt.

  51. Glen

    Helt ærefrykt over hvordan dette hjalp med søvnløsheten min! Skal kjøpe en til mamma.

  52. Marie

    Depuis que j’ai trouvé ce baume, j’ai pu me détendre. Soulage ma douleur très rapidement!

  53. Kristine

    The unrelenting pain in my hips has reduced! Thanks to this balm.

  54. Paula

    This arrived a few days ago and it’s early days but the results have been great. Very good!

  55. Janis

    This helps my skin feel more alive, and I can tell that I look much younger! Appreciate it!

  56. Anne

    This product was the best I have ever bought to lighten my back pain! Thanks a ton!

  57. Joan

    My skin looks good every time I use this. Really eases my sensitive skin!

  58. Anna

    Det lindrer virkelig den alvorlige skjellete huden min, og den kjennes ikke lett opp. Virkelig takknemlig.

  59. Laura

    Esto es justo lo que necesitaba para mi insomnio. Ahora soy un gran admirador de los productos de Canna Union

  60. Ariel

    Feels wonderful each time I use this balm. It really helps with my hurting legs!

  61. Julia

    Hip and back pain get a lot better after just a few days of using this! Thanks Canna Union!

  62. Nick

    Je peux dire que le baume au CBD m’a vraiment aidé avec mes muscles endoloris. Je suis tellement impressionné

  63. Livy

    Was really stressed out in the last couple of weeks due to the pandemic. But using this improves my mood.

  64. Abby

    Ich benutze das erst seit einer Woche und kann den Aufschwung schon jetzt sehen! Keine Nervenschmerzen mehr !!

  65. Sandra

    My skin has always been vulnerable to sweat and dust, and it’s hard to find a product that’s not too costly but effective. Got this and is doing great on my skin.

  66. Dimple

    It’s astonishing that this was the answer to my vertigo. It also helps me with the migraines.

  67. Kelly

    Mis síntomas han progresado y ahora duermo mucho mejor. Gracias a Canna Union.

  68. Cristina

    My hips often give up after running for a while. But this product really aided with my pain!

  69. Hugo

    Used this for my very painful knees. I’d say it’s been really good so far.

  70. Emmy

    Dies ist das einzige Zeug, das meine Schmerzen linderte. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass meine Rückenschmerzen nie aufgetreten sind! Gute Arbeit

  71. Rhea Mae

    Ich konnte seit einiger Zeit keine Pause mehr machen. Ich benutze dies jedes Mal, wenn meine Gelenke anfangen zu schmerzen.

  72. Rica U

    Have been looking for products to relieve my extreme back pain, and CBD balm did the magic! I wish I found this sooner!

  73. Meagan

    Tenía alergias muy graves e iba a hincharse con bastante facilidad. ¡Pero desde que usé el bálsamo cbd, he podido disfrutar de mi vida cotidiana sin tener que preocuparme por dejarme llevar!

  74. Mari

    I’ve lived with depression for years and no pills worked. Tried this and my life changed! Really awesome!

  75. Rosana

    J’ai une peau très grasse et il m’a été très difficile de trouver un produit qui pourrait aider. Mais grâce à cette crème, ma peau est incroyable!

  76. Morris S

    Been using this for my muscle sores for a few weeks and the results have been amazing. I got some for my sister too!

  77. Morgan

    Je me sens fraîche et ma peau est éclatante! Apaise vraiment ma peau qui démange et aucun effet secondaire!

  78. Ross

    ¡Acabo de recibir este producto la semana pasada y ya estoy impresionado con los resultados!

  79. Lena

    J’apprécie le fait que mon argent ait été dépensé pour quelque chose de génial! Ma peau est douce!

  80. Sheena

    Meine Poren wurden mit CBD-Creme wirklich besser! Ich werde sicher mehr kaufen!

  81. Laura

    Service client impressionnant et livraison rapide! Le site est vraiment cool à utiliser!

  82. Arland

    I feel better every time I use this balm and I will buy more! Appreciate the quick responses to my questions!

  83. Jemuel

    J’ai acheté ça pour mon mari et il adore ça! Depuis l’utilisation de ce baume, les jambes agitées douloureuses ont diminué!

  84. Anias

    Tengo eccema y tengo mucho miedo de probar la mayoría de los productos para la piel, ¡pero estoy muy contento de haber encontrado este increíble bálsamo!

  85. Javier

    Me encanta vivir un estilo de vida activo, pero últimamente he estado corriendo en mi cinta de correr porque afuera daba mucho miedo. Esto es lo que uso para mis articulaciones y dolores musculares.

  86. Marcel

    Realmente pensé que la única solución para mi depresión es tomar una variedad de píldoras. ¡Tengo este producto hace un par de meses y me siento genial!

  87. Nadja

    I definitely recommend Canna Union to anybody who’s in pain. I feel very lucky I found this!

  88. Charlene

    Been using this for my muscle pains for a few weeks and the results have been amazing. I got some for my husband too!

  89. Albert

    I haven’t been this rested in a while. I use this each time my muscle starts to ache.

  90. Marguerite

    Dies ist sicherlich die stärkste Sache, die ich bei meinen Knöchelschmerzen versucht habe. Es war wirklich toll und ich liebe es!

  91. Skene

    This magical elixir is really effective. I’m sure it doesn’t jus mask the pain like over-the-counter topical pain relief creams do.

  92. Walker

    I broke my ankle when I was playing soccer and no pain liniment or pills worked! I am very blessed to have found your products! I will certainly recommend!

  93. Edgar

    Je continuerai sûrement à commander des produits Canna Union! Je ne peux pas en avoir assez!

  94. Bambi

    I ordered a dozen of cbd balm and will be giving some to my mom. It’s money well spent!

  95. Anicet

    ¡No pasa un día en que no me sienta agradecido de haber encontrado Canna Union!

  96. Jenny

    Really soothes my itchy skin and no side effects!

  97. Victor

    J’ai une peau très sèche et depuis que je commence à utiliser le baume au CBD, ma peau est plus lisse et d’apparence saine!

  98. Naomi

    This stuff really helps with my should pain.

  99. Olav

    ¡Comprará más pronto! ¡Ustedes son geniales!

  100. Mila

    My mom started using this balm and I can surely see that her skin glows!

  101. Kjetil

    I have atopic dermatitis and very scared to try most skin products but I’m really glad that I found this amazing balm!

  102. Frank

    Meine Bestellung kam pünktlich an und das Produkt hat einen Reiz. Würde empfehlen!

  103. Vázquez

    Hätte nicht zufriedener mit dem Service sein können, werde Sie ohne Zweifel wieder benutzen. ,Danke.

  104. Dylan

    Die Rückenschmerzen verbesserten sich und das Schlafmuster viel besser. Hoffe es geht weiter.

  105. Rena

    J’utilise le produit bbd bbd depuis quelques semaines et j’ai réduit mes analgésiques, c’est incroyable et aucun effet secondaire

  106. Rollie

    I purchased your product for my wife who suffers from arthritis. She Loves your product! Since using her pain and joint swelling has lessened without any side effects. Its a great product!

  107. Jérôme

    Love this product. Gave almost immediate relief from pain in feet. So many benefits from this product. Helps me sleep better, eases pain in so many areas. Price is right!

  108. Montadar H

    My product arrived in speedy time very well packed so there was no chance it would get damaged

  109. sabrina_77

    I’ve been using cbd balm and one week ago I can honestly state that the upper limb pain has eased to such an extent I feel 100% better. this cbd is marvellous for pain relief. highly recommend you give it a go and I hope that you will find the pleasant relief from constant pain.

  110. Mara Beaux

    Having a busy lifestyle of being a teacher in a special needs school, father to 2 girls and going to the gym 5 days a week, I need something to calm my CNS and reduce the speed of the cogs turning in my head. I tried CBD balm and It really helped all what I need. Especially calming myself! Your product is definitely recommended!!

  111. Schumacher

    Stor vennlig service fra start til slutt, hadde noen få bestillinger og aldri noen problemer, Great Cbd som alltid.

  112. miguel

    Excellent service, livraison rapide et bon emballage. J’adore ton baume, il est également absorbant. Je voudrais à nouveau commander

  113. Francis

    Ausgezeichnete CBD-Produkte, ich kann Canna Union jedem empfehlen. Der Online-Bestellvorgang war mit Unterstützung des Teams sehr effizient. Vielen Dank.

  114. Adlaug

    j’ai commandé du baume cbd et cela a déjà un énorme impact positif sur ma fibromyalgie. Cela soulage les symptômes de la douleur, me faisant également me sentir beaucoup plus calme et moins anxieux. Hautement recommandé.

  115. Lisa Dorris

    Clear website, easy ordering process and good communications. It’s so perfect! I just love how easy it is with Canna Union.

  116. Gil25

    cbd balm is effective. Back pain improved and sleep pattern much better. I love you product!

  117. Winona

    CBD balm really helped me a lot. especially with some part of my body was super itchy. I apply it and boom. its no longer itchy. I love it! Its not too strong. Its brilliant!

  118. JJürgen

    Sehr schnelle Lieferung und sehr zufrieden mit dem Balsam, den ich bestellt habe, war offen, aber glücklich, meine Worte zu essen und zuzugeben, dass es tatsächlich funktioniert. Ich freue mich darauf, bald ein paar Vapes zu bestellen und erwarte gute Ergebnisse

  119. Milo55

    Excellent advice before purchasing and prompt delivery after has made It very easy for me to recommend this company without hesitation

  120. AAnderson4400

    I have a spinal injury as of a motorcycle accident. I have had muscle spasms for 12 years but few days of Canna Union and gone, no more spasms. Will definitely buy again.

  121. Juanita

    Excelente producto y servicio prestado. Con mucho gusto recomendaría este producto y compañía.

  122. Ferdinand

    Very fast delivery and very happy with the balm i ordered, had an open mind but happy to eat my words and admit it does actually work.

  123. Alice

    Was kann ich sagen, ich liebe Canna Union? Meine Arthritis-Schmerzen sind fast verschwunden. Ich muss noch etwas bestellen. Ich gebe 10 von 10 Punkten

  124. Hansel Train

    Easy to order, free delivery, lots of information on he website and helpful people.

  125. Leo Jacobs

    Back pain improved and sleep pattern much better. Hope it continues. I really love your product!

  126. Jane Ferry

    easy to purchase and great product!

  127. Balmer88

    It surprisingly get me relaxed. Thank you so much!

  128. Richardson

    I really admire your product, its effective and easy access website!

  129. Favre N

    Your cbd balm are awesome! I was so happy that it arrived early and and get excited to use. I love how it was absorbent and the scent is perfect! I def recommend Canna Union!

  130. Davos Jon

    The balm has its unique aroma that makes you relax and can sleep at night with no disturb

  131. Sverre

    CBD balm is perfect! That Lavender and chamomile scent all together it really makes me relax.

  132. Alec

    I never thought this balm is amazing! its pretty absorbemt too

  133. Linda Told

    i like the balm. it is absorbent

  134. Kim L

    i am satisfied with your product!

  135. Sakura C

    I love the scent. Its pleasant.

  136. Aoi Jul

    Perfect and absorbent!

  137. Sascha Noack

    Incroyable le meilleur

  138. Benedictus

    This balm really is the best!!

  139. Fleur

    OOOHH the lavender and chamomile is the perfect combination!! I love it

  140. P Dahll

    I love the scent of this balm.

  141. Terje

    It absorbs and smells so good!

  142. Harrold D

    this is the only thing that works for my pain! impressive

  143. Janey

    This actually works great on my arthritic hands. I’ll be buying more.

  144. Bree Langer

    Great product. Superb service.

  145. Holland

    effective pain relief for the pain in my knees and lower back

  146. kane leeto

    results are yet to be seen. smells nice though

  147. Emma Dl

    cannot recommend this enough!!!!!!!!!

  148. Lita

    s tímto nákupem velmi spokojený

  149. Bec

    My 3yr old decided she was going to eat snow … and of course, this led her lips to blow up completely and blister. ouch! I had just bought some of this balm for myself, but gave her some for her lips and they were back to normal in days! would have taken so much longer otherwise.

  150. Callie

    nice and gentle, smells good. just a bit sticky for a minute or two… seems to work though.

  151. Barb

    took this on a walking holiday i recently went on. it was so worth the price. everyone on the tour wanted some. you’ll have more customers now

  152. Crystal

    OMG my lips have never been more kissable …… 😉

  153. Mary G

    I use it at night for the pain in my shoulders and wake up feeling so much better.

  154. Crazy Kell

    It doesnt’ say you can use it on your face, but it doesn’t say you can’t … so it thought I’d try it on my acne … the bad news is that it didn’t get rid of my acne, but the good news is the pimples are certainly a lot smaller and don’t last as long. hooray.

  155. Sami

    arrived fast

  156. Delia

    Good value for money

  157. Tony Bulgres

    I have terrible rhizarthrosis and found this really does make my hand feel better. I use it twice a day.

  158. Joey J

    Using this for my ankylosing spondylitis and it makes a huge difference. i thought i’d have to live with the pain forever.

  159. Damien_L

    lasts ages. you only need a little bit and so far so good … seems to be helping my muscle pain

  160. Daniel Doller

    Hands down this is the winner. Best natural pain relief I’ve used.

  161. Charlie_Boy_75

    I suffer from psoriatic arthritis (and psoriasis). That’s where the joints become inflamed. I’ve got the CBD pills which I have found are really making a difference on my overall health and pain levels, but decided to try something that hits the spot completely. The balm works wonders hey. I would definitely reccomend it if you have a lot of pain (and need a good nights sleep)

  162. Edvard

    expesnive but seems to work oke

  163. TLD

    doesn’t work.

  164. Tracey Loko

    My eczema is almost gone. This was the best thing I have ever purchased. I don’t need to use too much and the difference is almost immediate. So pleased.

  165. Liam

    This balm has changed my life. I used this on my acne and it’s cleared it up!

  166. Tony

    I work at a computer all day and my neck has been killing me lately. A friend suggested i try this and honestly, best thing I ever did. Thanks

  167. Kaite

    Canna Union – you’ve turned me around. I was completely non-CBD and said I would never try it. But a friend put some of this balm on my leg when I was in pain and the pain went away. When she told me what it was I couldn’t believe it. Now i have some oil daily as well and i’ve never felt better.

  168. Lucille

    Got some for my nan who has bad legs… I didnt’ tell her what it was at first, just told her to try it. she was stoked. She couldn’t believe it when I told her it was CBD, but asked me to get her more!

  169. Anonymous

    best salve on the market

  170. Michael Lotussa

    Have tried a bunch of different CBD products, but this is definitely the best yet for my lower back pain. I just get a bit on my hands, mix it around, rub it into my back – and the pain just goes. it works better than those other pain creams!

  171. Ruth

    works but could be stronger

  172. Nilan

    thank you. very happy customer.

  173. M.J

    As a cyclist I need something strong … this worked for a while but I’m going to start getting the 500mg next.

  174. ang_lodosu

    still waiting for results …

  175. Anonymous

    fast delivery thanks

  176. 789_djdi

    great for my wrist injury and gives almost immediate relief

  177. natalie.hogan

    doesn’t burn like some balms when you put them on and smells nice

  178. Nancy Luca

    Hi, I’m so pleased i found this website. i bought the 250mg CBD balm a few weeks ago and have been using it almost every day. I suffer from sciatica and i have found that by rubbing this onto my sore spots, the pain has decreased significantly. i will definitely be recommending this to my friends. we’re all getting on a bit now, so its nice to know that we can still look after ourselves – and feel younger again.

  179. beryl

    i was hesitant to try CBD in the first place, i’ve seen all the bad stories. but my son told me he’s been using it so i thought I would try it too. glad i did. thanks

  180. Mareike Johansson

    I have eczema and find it very hard to get relief – until now! Wow! The difference is amazing. Finally I can wear something that’s not cotton, and I’m not going to be a big red itchy rash for days. Best buy ever.

  181. Autumn Popa

    I’m an athlete and my muscles ache so much after a big race. I tried this and I was impressed. I felt better almost immediately. I think I’ll try the stronger one as well and see which one works better, but I would certainly recommend this to anyone with muscle pain.

  182. J Sovak

    rád, že jsem to koupil

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