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CBD Balm 500mg

500mg CBD
169 customer reviews
(169 customer reviews)


  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Unflavored
  • Organic
  • Contains 500mg of CBD per container
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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Canna Union CBD balm is made from high-grade industrial hemp; ISO certified, and organic. It is suitable for vegans and kosher; and contains no trace of pesticides, herbicides or other contaminants.

CBD oil balm is suitable to soothe and relieve muscle aches and pain, joints, and nerves. It can also provide relief from skin conditions, such as eczema. Canna Union CBD balm includes cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals that are designed to provide your skin with the best nutrients.

Our CBD oil balm is non-psychoactive and easy to use. Apply the balm to the palm of your hands, hold it until it is warm, then rub it into the affected skin.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin-E, Vitamin D, Vanilla, Omega 3, Cannabinoids and Natural Terpenes.


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169 reviews for CBD Balm 500mg

  1. 169 customer reviews


    This is the only Eye Cream my eye area absorbs! I always sense my eyes, the eye area, gets healthier and prettier while lasting!

  2. 169 customer reviews


    My eczema is treated! And my skin looks and feels healthy! Thank you so much Canna Union!!

  3. 169 customer reviews


    CBD Balm was very helpful to me. There was once I had bruise from fixing our wall, and a friend told me to try it out. I did. And few moments later, the bruise was invisible! I also tried it to my lower back ache, now it’s relieved! So thankful to this product.

  4. 169 customer reviews


    How pleasant this product is and how easy to use.. It’s the best so far that I’ve been exploring about CBD products!

  5. 169 customer reviews


    This balm beats all the famous and very expensive! Thank you very much!

  6. 169 customer reviews


    High Quality! it’s not just for beauty care but also for muscle aches!

  7. 169 customer reviews


    High Quality! it’s not just for beauty care but also for muscle aches!

  8. 169 customer reviews


    So this Balm is not just for beautification, but a PROTECTION as well. Good Job Canna Union!

  9. 169 customer reviews


    Agradecido de todos esos amigos que me animan con este producto orgánico. Definitivamente compraré más.

  10. 169 customer reviews


    To be honest, this is the only product that helped me in my skin problems being so sensitive and rash-prone! I love Canna Union now!

  11. 169 customer reviews


    CBD Balm is protecting my skin and provides the nutrients my skin needs to avoid it from damaging! It’s the best vitamins for skin. 🙂

  12. 169 customer reviews


    Jeg prøvde aldri en mild, beroligende balsam. Akkurat dette! Og huden min liker det!

  13. 169 customer reviews


    I’m very careful with any kind of Balm. After I tried this. This is the one for me. Thanks Canna Union!

  14. 169 customer reviews


    ¡Relájese y sin estrés es la forma en que podemos ser felices! ¡Este es el producto que amo con todos esos rasgos!

  15. 169 customer reviews


    I love CBD Balm because it calms my nerves when I’m not okay. Planning to try everything from Canna Union 🙂

  16. 169 customer reviews


    This suits me since it’s just not making my skin good-looking, it also relaxes my muscles! Nice!

  17. 169 customer reviews


    I love how this Balm is protecting my skin while relieving all the pain away. Worth it!

  18. 169 customer reviews


    Me estoy emocionando más con este bálsamo de CBD. Me da mucha voluntad y confianza cada vez que lo uso. Muy recomendable para una persona adicta al trabajo que necesita tiempo para relajarse.

  19. 169 customer reviews


    i believe being beautiful is not only to take care of your physical apperance! You should be happy and stress free inside. And this product makes it possible.

  20. 169 customer reviews


    Beauty sometimes comes with extra stress and pain. This is the product for me. Being beautiful and stress free.

  21. 169 customer reviews


    Finally I found what’s best for me.

  22. 169 customer reviews


    Very convenient and effective. It helps with my anxiety and stress.

  23. 169 customer reviews

    Sophia V

    Me alegro por el desarrollo de mis síntomas. Esto ha sido realmente genial, así que mis articulaciones doloridas.

  24. 169 customer reviews


    I feel terrific after I use this on my aching muscles! Joint inflammation has been healed!

  25. 169 customer reviews


    I placed another order today and I’m sure it will come just in time. Amazing work by Canna Union. I placed another order today and I’m sure it will come just in time. Amazing work by Canna Union.

  26. 169 customer reviews


    Det hjelper meg å sove og komme meg gjennom de svære humørsvingningene. Jeg vil kjøpe den igjen!

  27. 169 customer reviews


    Muy eficaz con el estrés y alivia los dolores de mis articulaciones. Insto a mi familia a comprar esto.

  28. 169 customer reviews


    Vielen Dank an alle Mitarbeiter für die schnelle Beantwortung meiner Fragen. Sprechen Sie über guten Kundenservice!

  29. 169 customer reviews


    Acute muscle pains have been really tough to manage recently. Had I known that this product is the answer to it, I’d have bought years ago!

  30. 169 customer reviews


    The results from other brands that I’ve tried in the past seem ridiculous now that I have this. Just incomparable!

  31. 169 customer reviews


    Used this for a couple of days for my thighs. I’ve been feeling great more than ever.

  32. 169 customer reviews


    I’m more self-assured now because of this. My headaches have been pretty light.

  33. 169 customer reviews


    Mein Schnitt erholt sich dadurch schneller! Tatsächlich habe ich einen in der Küche!

  34. 169 customer reviews


    Le baume le meilleur et le plus extraordinaire de l’histoire! Mes douleurs articulaires ont disparu en un instant!

  35. 169 customer reviews


    I feel relieved after every bath and the scent makes me relax. My back pain has also lessened.

  36. 169 customer reviews


    J’ai remarqué que mes blessures guérissaient deux fois plus vite avec ça. Grande qualité par rapport aux plus chères.

  37. 169 customer reviews


    Genau das, was ich für meine wunden Beine brauche. Ich bin wirklich froh, dass ich das habe.

  38. 169 customer reviews


    I prefer using this than taking pain relievers! Works two times faster than pills do.

  39. 169 customer reviews


    CBD-balsam hjalp meg virkelig til å kontrollere muskelsmerter. Jeg er så imponert!

  40. 169 customer reviews


    Ich kann sehen, warum dies in letzter Zeit ziemlich berühmt war! Canna Union war großartig!

  41. 169 customer reviews


    I feel relaxed after applying this on affected area. I haven’t felt this fine forever.

  42. 169 customer reviews


    It’s leg day and they hurt so bad. I use this for it all the time.

  43. 169 customer reviews


    Immer wieder Krämpfe an meinen Beinen und seit ich diesen Balsam benutze, sehe ich eine gute Verbesserung.

  44. 169 customer reviews


    I’ve been able to deal with stress all thanks to this product. I can’t imagine not having this.

  45. 169 customer reviews


    Jeg føler meg alltid tilfreds hver gang jeg bruker dette, og det har forbedret søvnen min også!

  46. 169 customer reviews


    Ich habe das für meine pochenden Knie benutzt. Bisher war es wirklich gut und ich hoffe, ich sehe weitere Fortschritte

  47. 169 customer reviews


    Mi hermana intentó esto con un dolor en el tobillo después de que la insté a intentarlo, y ella dijo que seguramente alivió sus síntomas

  48. 169 customer reviews


    I use CBD balm to my wounds and they heal twice as fast! Really great quality

  49. 169 customer reviews


    ¡Me siento mejor cuando uso este bálsamo y compraré más! Agradezco la pronta respuesta a mis preguntas!

  50. 169 customer reviews


    Súper contento con el resultado! Excelente trabajo, Canna Union!

  51. 169 customer reviews


    Hjalp meg med å slappe av og søvnen min ble bedre. Jeg elsker det, og jeg vil anbefale det helt sikkert

  52. 169 customer reviews


    My legs cramp each night when I’m sleeping and they always disrupt my sleep. Not until I discovered this!

  53. 169 customer reviews


    The tension in my hips improved since I began using cbd balm couple of weeks ago

  54. 169 customer reviews


    I couldn’t relax even when I was really tired, but after trying this balm, I feel more restful.

  55. 169 customer reviews


    Ich habe einen aktiven Lebensstil und dies ist, was ich für meine Gelenke und Muskelbeschwerden benutze.

  56. 169 customer reviews


    Ce baume domine tous les produits populaires et très coûteux! Je vous remercie!

  57. 169 customer reviews


    I noted a significant improvement on my limb spasm! Appreciate it, Canna Union!

  58. 169 customer reviews


    J’ai commencé à faire ça il y a 2 semaines. J’ai été surpris de la rapidité avec laquelle les résultats ont montré!

  59. 169 customer reviews


    ¡Es sin duda el producto más increíble que he probado! Es la respuesta a mis años de dolor.

  60. 169 customer reviews


    It really alleviate my dermatitis and my skin doesn’t feel itchy all the time. Really grateful for it!

  61. 169 customer reviews

    Maree J

    Jeg bruker dette før sengetid og jeg sover godt og våkner og føler at de trange musklene har løsnet!

  62. 169 customer reviews


    Jeg kjøpte denne til mannen min, og han elsker det! Siden bruken av denne balsam har de smertefulle urolige bena redusert!

  63. 169 customer reviews


    Me siento increíble cada vez que uso esta balma. Realmente ayuda con mis piernas dolorosas!

  64. 169 customer reviews


    Meine Beine fühlen sich an, als wären sie in einen Topf mit kochendem Wasser getaucht, nachdem ich meine täglichen Aufgaben im Haus erledigt habe! Nicht seit ich diesen magischen Balsam gefunden habe! Entlastet meine Beine sehr schnell!

  65. 169 customer reviews


    Jeg føler meg trygg på å vite at jeg fikk dette produktet, og jeg er sikker på at det vil lette de smertefulle muskelsårene mine! Virkelig flott kvalitet.

  66. 169 customer reviews

    Janet U

    This is the most extraordinary thing I have ever had. Not only did it help me relax but cured my acne too

  67. 169 customer reviews


    Meine Freundin ist während dieser Zeit isoliert bei mir geblieben und vor kurzem war ihr wirklich übel und ich habe sie dazu gebracht, es zu versuchen. Sie ist jetzt eine Anwältin und wird einige für sich selbst kaufen!

  68. 169 customer reviews


    Use this stuff for a few days and the results are already showing. So far, so good!

  69. 169 customer reviews


    My legs ached every night while I slept and they always kept me awake until morning. Not until I discovered this!

  70. 169 customer reviews


    I like to cook and every time I cut my hands I use CBD balm and it heals twice as fast!

  71. 169 customer reviews


    ¡Este bálsamo supera a todos los famosos y muy caros! ¡Muchas gracias!

  72. 169 customer reviews


    Meine Mutter versuchte dies bei ihren Knöchelschmerzen und sie sagte, es habe definitiv geholfen!

  73. 169 customer reviews


    Søsteren min begynte å bruke denne balsam, og jeg kan sikkert se at huden hennes gløder!

  74. 169 customer reviews


    I have had panic attacks for months and I just couldn’t believe that amazing stuff existed and healed me.

  75. 169 customer reviews


    My neck used to be very stiff and the muscles around it feels really sore. This is only balm I use for it that worked!

  76. 169 customer reviews


    I feel awesome each time I use this balm. Really helps with my painful legs!

  77. 169 customer reviews


    The webiste is full of very useful information and the process of ordering is really seamless.

  78. 169 customer reviews


    Made a huge deal of difference and improved my anxiety. Greatly appreciate the customer service too!

  79. 169 customer reviews


    My sleeps gets interrupted every night due to my painful joints. Glad I have this balm now, I sleep like a baby!

  80. 169 customer reviews


    I live an active lifestyle and would find myself having bad hips and joint pains. I just apply this to the painful spot and would feel great after a few minutes!

  81. 169 customer reviews


    Ich liebe es, einen aktiven Lebensstil zu führen, aber in letzter Zeit bin ich gerade auf meinem Laufband gelaufen, weil es draußen wirklich beängstigend war. Dies ist, was ich für meine Gelenke und Muskelschmerzen benutze.

  82. 169 customer reviews


    Certes, ce genre de choses sera mon nouveau favori! Collera à ce produit génial!

  83. 169 customer reviews


    Days have never been so long due to being in isolation! Glad I have this go-to product!

  84. 169 customer reviews


    Canna Unión es el mejor!

  85. 169 customer reviews


    Ich koche gerne und jedes Mal, wenn ich mir die Hände schneide, benutze ich CBD-Balsam und er heilt doppelt so schnell!

  86. 169 customer reviews


    ¡Nada supera a su servicio al cliente! ¡Me encanta!

  87. 169 customer reviews


    Will recommend your products to my friends!

  88. 169 customer reviews


    Bought this for my husband and he loves it! Since using this balm, painful restless legs lessened!

  89. 169 customer reviews


    I have tried several, if not thousands, of pain products. From pills, to essential oils, to creams. But this is the only product that works for me and after using it for weeks now, I feel as though my back pain never happened! Great work, Canna Union!

  90. 169 customer reviews


    It really improved the pain reliever. It reduces my ankle pain and joints. Really felt relief!!

  91. 169 customer reviews


    Veldig pålitelig og pålitelig nettsted, produkter jeg kjøpte var fantastiske, føl fordelene nær nok med en gang og utrolig rask levering.

  92. 169 customer reviews


    tried the CBD body balm which is such a wonderful product, the smell is really good and really helped with itching and inflammation of my skin. My products arrived the day after I ordered – would highly recommended ordering with these guys.

  93. 169 customer reviews


    I have just started taking this for help with sleep and Arthritis. CBD balm has been very helpful for me! It reduces the pain and gives me better sleep at night. Your product is worth recommended

  94. 169 customer reviews


    I had serious back pain due to my own stupidity and impatience! So, my friend recommend me with your cbd balm. I did not expect that after using it everyday, It reduces the pain. I’m super happy and satisfied. I definitely recommend your CBD Balm!!!

  95. 169 customer reviews

    David G

    I purchased your cbd balm for my 90-year-old mother who has scoliosis, terrible back pain. This product helps her , she is more able to get out of bed and walk for a longer period of time without pain. Thank you so kindly canna union!!

  96. 169 customer reviews

    Maia M

    Jeg liker virkelig dette produktet! Jeg hadde masse hoftesmerter og det gjorde vondt bare å sitte i sofaen og nå er den borte! Jeg vil anbefale det til alle og det har jeg

  97. 169 customer reviews

    Lou Alméras

    Gran producto a un precio competitivo. Muy bien embalado y llegó rápidamente. Compraría otra vez allí.

  98. 169 customer reviews

    Ayaan Villalona

    Brilliant quick delivery and they seem help my son to his knee pain. so really happy will purchase more.

  99. 169 customer reviews

    Neri Jean

    Vi kjøpte cbd balsam da mannen min lider av leddgikt i hånden som svulmer dårlig og er veldig smertefull. Han har sett en markant forbedring i å redusere hevelse og smerter, så vi kan anbefale dette produktet!

  100. 169 customer reviews


    This CBD has good quality. The balm was absorbent, great scent and has really helped me, I would recommend to everyone.

  101. 169 customer reviews


    El servicio y el producto de entrega extremadamente rápida están empaquetados de forma segura y hasta ahora muy bien.

  102. 169 customer reviews


    Your balm is still effective. After a few weeks of use i can say that i have seen an improvement in the pain i suffer from sever non healing leg ulcers.

  103. 169 customer reviews


    Delivery was prompt and easy access with the website. I love your company and your product. I will definitely order again and again

  104. 169 customer reviews


    Your balm is so perfect that I don’t feel any pain on my muscle. I can sleep well at night. Thanks so much!

  105. 169 customer reviews


    Excellent premium product and reassurance that is certified THC free, which is great for those who take part in a competitive sport.

  106. 169 customer reviews


    Tolles Produkt zu einem wettbewerbsfähigen Preis. Sehr gut verpackt und schnell angekommen. Würde auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

  107. 169 customer reviews


    Brilliant service and fast delivery, I recommend them to everyone. Especially your balm, its the best of the best!!

  108. 169 customer reviews

    Walter Jensen

    Nothing went wrong. Have ordered twice now. Very good service, with fast, informative delivery. Most definitely recommend Canna Union!

  109. 169 customer reviews


    Really helpful (as much as possible within legal limits) and good fast service. Fingers x it helps the pain. I’m impressed with your service!

  110. 169 customer reviews


    I was a sceptic, however I quickly discovered I was not in the same terrible pain throughout the morning. I now take it morning and late evening, it is never going to cure what is wrong but it helps me live life without being in as much pain. Very good product and in my experience a good company.

  111. 169 customer reviews

    Jessica S.

    Great service, I was kept advised, every step of the way. Delivery on time, product is excellent, I would recommend to all.

  112. 169 customer reviews


    Nothing went wrong. Have ordered twice now. Very good service, with fast, informative delivery.

  113. 169 customer reviews


    Thanks to the CBD balm while I’ve been waiting I have been able to function and get some sleep.

  114. 169 customer reviews

    Arthur Crespo

    I can’t praise this CBD product enough. Before I started using it I couldn’t even hold cutlery or use the kitchen taps. My sleep was disturbed and I couldn’t walk very far without pain. It has completely given me my life back before arthritis took hold. Service is fast and free plus I get discounts for each purchase.

  115. 169 customer reviews


    Great product, Trustworthy company. You have the best quality product I have ever tried. I should definitely buy more!

  116. 169 customer reviews

    F Lefevre

    Vil anbefale dette sterkt for revmatoid artrittpasienter

  117. 169 customer reviews


    feel the benefits near enough straight away and amazing quick delivery.

  118. 169 customer reviews


    I love it. Its absorbent and relaxing.

  119. 169 customer reviews

    Charie D

    I had suffer with nerve pain so I tried your cbd balm and to my surprise it reduces the pain! I felt better right after a week!

  120. 169 customer reviews

    Charie D

    I had suffer with nerve pain so I tried your cbd balm and to my surprise it reduces the pain! I felt better right after a week!

  121. 169 customer reviews

    Pål Octavio

    Un excelente producto que le permite a mi hijo menor tener problemas con el dolor articular.

  122. 169 customer reviews

    Evgenia Fraiz

    Fácil de ordenar: entrega al Reino Unido sin demoras

  123. 169 customer reviews


    The balm has that pleasant scent that I love the most~ Lavender

  124. 169 customer reviews


    I just love the scent of your balm

  125. 169 customer reviews


    This is really effective

  126. 169 customer reviews


    it works! no more back pain!

  127. 169 customer reviews


    back pain went out because of this balm. Its effective!

  128. 169 customer reviews

    Den Tremblay

    This balm also reduces muscle pain. its worth it to my budget

  129. 169 customer reviews


    Finally, a good night sleep!

  130. 169 customer reviews

    Señora Diaz

    The balm is absorbent it is relaxing

  131. 169 customer reviews


    I feel relief and sleep at night

  132. 169 customer reviews


    No more anxiety lad

  133. 169 customer reviews


    no more pain on the back. it really feels good!!

  134. 169 customer reviews


    this is not your average balm. you can use it on your lips if you want, but it works on sore muscles and everything. its better than pawpaw which is what i noramlly use

  135. 169 customer reviews


    good for anything and everything

  136. 169 customer reviews

    Laina Feedle

    No smell = happy me.

  137. 169 customer reviews


    i love the vanilla scent and when i use it, it feels so good on my eczema

  138. 169 customer reviews

    Madeline vanderKolt

    omg dit is het beste

  139. 169 customer reviews


    I always carry this in my bag when I go out of the house. So good.

  140. 169 customer reviews

    Lola J

    Great website. Easy to navigate. Excellent Service.

  141. 169 customer reviews


    My husband has psoriasis and we’ve found this helps him a lot. He’s happier than he’s been in years.

  142. 169 customer reviews

    Sandy Jones

    i keep this in my desk at work and use it all the time

  143. 169 customer reviews


    I get really bad eczema in my elbow creases. I think its something i eat. When i use this cream the rash goes away before i even get the chance to scratch it.

  144. 169 customer reviews


    delivered fast

  145. 169 customer reviews

    T Dinolus

    im sure thsi will sell fast. very good

  146. 169 customer reviews

    kayla f

    Delivery was fast but not finding it helping me a lot

  147. 169 customer reviews

    Michael Johnson

    I’m on my second jar of balm and its been a huge help for my sciatica.

  148. 169 customer reviews

    T Morono

    okay, so i actually used this on my dog… he has really bad pain in his legs as hes getting a bit old so we thought we’d try this on him and just massage it in. and it actually seems to have helped. he’s yelping a lot less when he walks and i swear i even saw him run a little bit the other day.

  149. 169 customer reviews


    First time using any type of CBD product and I’m definitely going shopping for more

  150. 169 customer reviews


    Finally getting decent sleep. Bit expensive tho

  151. 169 customer reviews


    this is the best company for CBD that i’ve found in all of Europe. the taste of the flowers is awesome, the oil works great and this balm is the best thing since sliced bread. seriously

  152. 169 customer reviews


    help me when pain. i love it using this

  153. 169 customer reviews

    James OLeary

    my wife actually used this on her cracked lips and they were soft as a baby’s bottom next day

  154. 169 customer reviews


    the vanilla smell is delicious

  155. 169 customer reviews



  156. 169 customer reviews

    alexandria tyrel

    very happy with this buy

  157. 169 customer reviews


    top stars

  158. 169 customer reviews


    best cbd on the market

  159. 169 customer reviews

    Wendy D

    works so well for my osteoarthritis. so much relief.

  160. 169 customer reviews

    Ivy Hatton

    got this for my nan who has bad pain in her feet and she said it works well

  161. 169 customer reviews


    i recently purchased this balm as i’ve been having trouble with the muscles in my legs and my son thought this might help. i admit, i was not keen on buying anything that comes from marijuana but i thought, what have i got to lose. i have been using this for a few weeks now and i have noticed such a big difference. i can walk now without pain and i’ve even stopped having so much panadol.

  162. 169 customer reviews


    I tried the 250mg first and while i found it worked, after a while the effects of it started to wear off and i was feeling pain again in my legs. i thought that maybe Id just become accustomed to it and needed to go stronger? so i bought the 500mg this time. I’ll see how it goes but i used it yesterday and it seemed to work well. hopefully it doesnt wear off again because i dont think they make this any stronger…

  163. 169 customer reviews


    very good for back pain

  164. 169 customer reviews


    i have fibromyalgia and pain killers aren’t working. this seems to help. thanks

  165. 169 customer reviews


    j’aime vraiment ça et je suis content de l’avoir acheté

  166. 169 customer reviews


    Love this stuff. worth the price

  167. 169 customer reviews

    Maxim T

    it really works!

  168. 169 customer reviews

    Dianna S

    reduced my shoulder pain immediately. bursitis be gone!

  169. 169 customer reviews


    delivery took longer than i thought it would but it was worth the wait.

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