CBD BZ1 5g

(21 customer reviews)

27.95 or 22.36 / month

CBD BZ1 5g

  • Contains 5g per bag
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic
  • Up to 5% CBD see individual batch lab results below
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

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CBD BZ1 is an Indica dominant variety, with a strong aroma of pineapple and caramel. You’ll find sweet, buttery notes and a light mint aftertaste that will delight even the most refined taste buds. Being a fine Indica, the effects are relaxing and bodily, very powerful and prolonged. BZ1 is balanced with a high content of CBD and, at the same time, very powerful and prolonged effects. It’s highly recommended for “evening consumption” when you want to leave behind the worries of the day.

Benefits of BZ1

BZ1 is a relaxing Indica-dominant strain. BZ1 opens up the mind and calms users, allowing them to drift off with a sense of mindfulness. Can be helpful for managing everything from anxiety to pain, nausea to migraines, and insomnia to fatigue.

BZ1 hemp flowers can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Many of our purchasers have reported that vaping and smoking are most beneficial, however, if you prefer not to inhale; you might add some flowers to a snack or cup of tea.

Regardless of how you consume this strain, you’re going to enjoy a range of benefits.

It is important to note that even though BZ1 hemp flowers look like your typical cannabis plants that contain psychoactive elements these particular strains have been grown to make sure that they are legal across Europe and the UK. Order yours today!

Ingredients: 100% pure hemp cannabis

Research source:


21 reviews for CBD BZ1 5g

  1. Charlie Cabrera

    Strong yet very soothing. I love it.

  2. Hunter09

    Very relaxing that it actually beats the relaxing feeling of a massage!

  3. Brandon

    The effect is delightful. I am so happy how it activates my body and mind when fatigued.

  4. Bobby

    This one is great when there’s something you want to finish on time but your body says no anymore. It makes you active but not to the full extent.

  5. David

    Great for calming me down whenever my Temper goes on.

  6. Wilfred

    I believe it’s strong but it’s strength isn’t to harm or to ger high but to intensify the relaxation effect.

  7. Grayson

    With all honesty, it’s a strong strain but a beneficial type. The strength makes me active and alert but not to the point that I’m high.

  8. Juan

    It’s preferable to take when feeling drowsy but needs to keep awake for some deadlines for example. It’ll provide some active sensation and concentration.

  9. Alexander

    The Bz1 did help me with my anxiety. and it also helped me improve my sleep. Definitely recomemnded!

  10. Frank

    I have never felt an unpleasant after-taste consuming CBD BZ1, and it a great energizer!

  11. Ethan

    This strain really good! I can feel so relax and no more anxiety. This is perfect!

  12. Julian

    I use this strain it feels so relaxing. my headache and anxiety decreases. I felt better than before

  13. Elias

    This bud is so perfect! I can feel that the chronic pain is all gone. Definitely the best!

  14. Michael

    I just the strain. I can feel the relaxation when smoking it

  15. Carter

    I love this strain it taste good and I feel so relaxed1

  16. Barclay

    This new strain you have is so good!! This one gives me relaxation and be able for me to sleep at night. Definitely recommended!

  17. Asbjorn

    Wow! This strain is good! I just love smoking it. I feel so relax and reduces my anxiety.

  18. Kenley

    It’s almost similar to a relaxation technique wherein it focuses on relaxing each muscle on the body but now to make me drowsy.

  19. Harold

    This is nice for those who have a procrastinating attitutude Lol. This will make you awake but not because you’re high since it’s a calming sense of being awake.

  20. Adam

    Keeps me energetic when I really need to be. I always prefer this one because it has the effect that I am looking for,

  21. Bradley

    The feeling I get is a soothing feeling that releases stress as well as muscle pain!

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