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CBD Coffee

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Treat yourself to an exceptional cup of CBD coffee and feel alert, calm & focused. Antioquia’s coffee-growing tradition goes back over 180 years. Its significant geographical diversity produces an exquisitely mild coffee with a hint of sweetness. The beans come from our sourcing partners in Antioquia, Colombia and are selected for their quality characteristics. They’re slow-roasted to bring out a weighty body and round sweetness with a kick of bitterness on the finish for those who like a good jolt in their morning cup. Our CBD Coffee is strong enough to hold up to a splash or two of milk, yet balanced enough to be taken by itself if that’s your style. Compliment your natural wellness routine by treating yourself today!

Each bag of CBD coffee contains 100mg of CBD

Specialty Grade, Hand-Roasted Colombian Coffee
Tasting Notes: Cocoa nibs, Black Cherry, Balanced
Origin: Colombia
Region: Antioqua
Process: Washed
Ingredients: 100% Colombian-Grown Arabica Coffee, Organically-Grown Hemp Extract 

72 reviews for CBD Coffee

  1. Everly

    I like the coffee it helps me start my day! Definitely recommend.

  2. Hudson

    I like the coffee it helps me start my day! Definitely recommend.

  3. Benjamin

    This coffee is definitely the best ever I tried by far. This one is the best beverage I tried.

  4. William

    This one is good and perfect drink in the morning! definitely recommend!

  5. Andrea

    This CBD Cofee is perfect! I feel so energized and calm. Definitely recommend it!

  6. Michael

    your CBD Coffee is super effective, It definitely always on the go! Will introduce this to my friends

  7. Mia

    Your CBD Coffee are the best of the best. i did not regret ordering it! Perfect product!

  8. Andrew

    Your CBD coffee did helped me to reduce anxiety and chronic pain. It also helps me starts my day!

  9. Evelyn

    These coffee are so great! It helps me reduces the anxiety and stress and I love the idea that it includes the CBD

  10. Jack

    My favourite drink is coffee and I needed CBD for me to remove those chronic pain. And now I have your product 2 in 1 that I need. I’m so happy!

  11. Joseph

    This coffee taste good! definitely will buy some more!

  12. Michael

    Your CBD coffee is so good! I love the aroma of the CBD comes out from the coffee. I feel so relaxed. definitely will order again with your site!

  13. Liam

    This CBD coffee is super good! I like the taste of it. I can smell the CBD mixed to the coffee that gives me the relaxation. Definitely recommend!

  14. Mason

    Perfect CBD coffee to start my day! I definitely recommend this to my friends

  15. Ximena

    Your CBD coffee is surely the best product that I have tasted. It reduces stress and chronic pain. I will order some more

  16. Bryson

    The coffee is superb! I felt so energize everytime I drink before starting my day! i feel so relaxed. This is definitely recommended!

  17. Jameson

    I love the thought of the coffee with CBD, not just really helps you start your day but also to let you calm yourself. Its the best combination ever!

  18. Jared

    Your CBD coffee is super effective! It gives me more energy to start my day! Definitely recommended

  19. Destiny

    This CBD coffee is so good! I feel like I’m ready to start my day!

  20. Oliver

    This CBD Coffee is terrific idea! I get so energize everytime I drink this to start my day! Definitely will recommend to my family and friends

  21. Willow

    I love your CBD coffee. They are perfect for my routine everyday!

  22. Hazel

    I just admire how coffee kicks in after I drink it. Great to start your day with a cup of coffee

  23. Webber

    Perfect for morning beverage to start my day before working anythign else! It really gives me relaxation

  24. Eugene

    Its amazing how swiftly great the taste of the CBD Coffee is. IT definitely helps reduces stress and anxiety. will buy again soon!

  25. Justine

    I did not regret using your CBD Coffee. it did helped me to start my day. Definitely recommend to all people who are super burnt out!

  26. Richard

    Perfect CBD Coffee! Always best for afternoon coffee or before starting your day! I will introduce this product to my family.

  27. Addison

    Your CBD Coffee is very effective! It definitely removes all those anxiety when you wake up and I don’t feel tired in the morning too!

  28. Carl

    Your CBD Coffee is super good and tasty! I did not regret on buying this product! I will buy some more of these!

  29. Jaye

    your CBD Coffee is super helpful. I don’t feel any anxiety anymore! Thank you Canna Union

  30. Willa

    CBD coffee is super helpful to me! I definitely don’t have to worry on starting my day! It sure is keeping me awake and relaxed

  31. Perry

    your CBD Coffee is super effective, It definitely always on the go! Will introduce this to my friends

  32. Jesse

    Your CBD Coffee are the best of the best. i did not regret ordering it! Perfect product!

  33. Sam

    Your CBD coffee gives me energy everyday and every time I drink it. Best recommended for people who wants to get it going every morning!

  34. John

    This CBD coffee is super perfect! I did not expect to have such good benefit. It enhanced my appetite! I was surprised!

  35. Jean

    Definitely not an ordinary coffee. But really did helped me to keep it going everyday!!

  36. Queenie

    Certainly the best cbd coffee I have tried. There are some are selling but its not a good quality. Yours was truly the best!

  37. Xander

    I just love how the CBD mixed to the coffee, its not too bitter. It taste just right. Definitely recommend it!

  38. Danny

    The best coffee I ever tasted! The bittersweet that I was looking for finally found it! I will definitely order some more!

  39. Adam

    I ;LOVE IT!! I was super amaze with your CBD Coffee and how it really affect me when I drank it. This is definitely recommend to other CBD user at the same time coffee addict!

  40. Que

    Your coffee is surely helped me start my day! I just definitely loved it! Will order again

  41. Bryan

    Your coffee is simply the best that I have! It gives me energy! Definitely recommend

  42. Arnold

    You CBD coffee are the best. It helps me start my day with full of energy and no worries!

  43. Jordan

    I’m super amaze with your CBD Coffee. It definitely help me start my day!

  44. Leo

    Your coffee is simply the best! Its always taking me to the next level!

  45. Christian

    I love drinking your CBD Coffee. I feel so happy and enthusiast! It sure feels great to start your day with a cup of CBD Cofee

  46. Jacob

    I just can’t resist with coffee. Now this one is taking me to the next level!

  47. Live

    Coffee can always makes me alive. This one, make me alive and relax! REady to start my day!

  48. Aries

    This coffee is terrific! I’m so glad that I was able to find this kind of product! Definitely recommend !

  49. Carl

    I love your CBd Coffee it surely is relaxing! Definitely recommend

  50. Joe

    Your coffee gives me energy and life! Thanks Canna Union

  51. Zach

    your coffee is the best medicine for me. Definitely recommended!

  52. Jordan

    My friend introduced me with the CBD coffee and it was awesome! I feel so calm and energize! I will buy coffee with you guys!

  53. Roland

    This coffee is best recommended to people who are working and starting their day! I will recommend it to my family!

  54. Santino

    Definitely recommend your CBD Coffee. It helps me start my day with good vibes!

  55. Joan

    I just love the bitterness of same with the CBD and the Coffee. It really kicks in the energy to start my day! I will recommend this to my co workers!

  56. wily

    I love how the coffee that effects my mood for the whole day. The best anxiety reliever I have

  57. Diel

    Your CBD coffee is simply the best! I always drink it every morning for me to relax and calm the whole day. Def recommended

  58. Bryan

    The CBD coffee really helps me relax and calm. Its great to sip a cup of coffee before starting your busy day!

  59. Carl

    Your CBD Coffee is way better than the energy drink. Definitely will buy again

  60. Liza

    I really thank my cousin for recommending me your CBD Coffee. It really helps me everyday

  61. Bryan

    The best beverage before going to work! I love it. Thanks Canna Union

  62. Shane

    I could thought of starting my day by this CBD Coffee. It gives me energy and live more! Recommended!

  63. James

    Its so nice to start your day with a cup of coffee with CBD. I will definitely order again with your company

  64. James

    Coffee is the best I ever have in my entire life! Now on a different level with CBD!!

  65. Mark

    A drink that makes me feel relax, warm, solemn and good appetite. The best benefit!

  66. Shane

    Definitely the best of the best of this CBD Coffee its even more relaxing! I can taste the bitterness of the CBD that kicked in. I will recommend this to my friends!

  67. Mathew

    Its great to start your day with coffee its even more relaxing that its not just an ordinary coffee, there’s CBD! It feels so good!

  68. Helga

    This coffee really makes me relax and helped me remove all the anxiety! Definitely recommend!

  69. Jay

    I’m so happy that there is CBD coffee. I’m a coffee addict, I’d rather drink coffee than smoking. It’s the best!

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