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CBD Eye Cream

Full Spectrum CBD
128 customer reviews
(128 customer reviews)


  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Essential oils
  • Organic
  • Contains 100mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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Our anti-inflammatory CBD Eye Cream both soothes and rehydrates the areas around the eyes to reduce both inflammation and puffiness.

CBD Eye Cream is made from the highest quality hemp, which is 100% organic, so it is free from metallics and pesticides. Plus it safe to use, because there is no content of psychoactive THC, making it completely legal in Europe.

The nourishing and all natural ingredients of our CBD Eye Cream include Aloe Vera, Cocoa & Shea Butter, Extracts of Arnica & Birch, Bees Wax, Avocado Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil

Directions: Apply a small amount to the skin around each eye; wait a couple of minutes before applying makeup or sunscreen.

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe barbadensis, Caprylic / Capric triglyceride (Light Coconut Oil ), Prunus armeniaca (Apricot Kernel Oil), Glyceryl stearate, Stearic acid, glycerin, Cetearth-20, Cetyl alcohol, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexyglycerin, Carbomer, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Tocoherol, Sodium Hydroxide, Benzyl alcohol. Full Spectrum CBD (100mg)


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128 reviews for CBD Eye Cream

  1. 128 customer reviews

    -hashim O

    My eyes look radiant and I believe in this product’s effectiveness now more than ever. Good work!

  2. 128 customer reviews


    The huge bags under my eyes has faded and now my eyes glow! Really excellent stuff!

  3. 128 customer reviews


    Livraison rapide! Je ne m’y attendais pas puisque la plupart des commerces sont fermés à cause de la pandémie!

  4. 128 customer reviews


    J’utilise cette crème tous les soirs avant d’aller me coucher. Et je me réveillais en me sentant incroyable le matin!

  5. 128 customer reviews


    Ma sœur a commencé à utiliser ce baume et je peux certainement voir sa peau améliorée. Achètera pour moi

  6. 128 customer reviews


    First class product and great customer service! My hesitation is gone and now I totally can’t live without it!

  7. 128 customer reviews


    Aiming for more improvements. Early days but my skin feels so gentle

  8. 128 customer reviews


    The off skin on my eyes has gotten better. I feel really great after every use

  9. 128 customer reviews


    The experience has truly been easy starting from placing the order. Great company and kind customer service personnel

  10. 128 customer reviews


    My eyes used to look very stressed and does not have that glow. But since I began using this, it enhanced!

  11. 128 customer reviews


    Ich schätze die Tatsache, dass mein Geld für etwas Großartiges verwendet wurde! Meine Haut fühlt sich nach jedem Gebrauch erfrischt an

  12. 128 customer reviews


    ¡El excelente servicio al cliente y la entrega fueron bastante rápidos! El sitio web también es fácil de usar

  13. 128 customer reviews


    My eyes look brighter and I feel confident now more than ever. Impressive products!

  14. 128 customer reviews


    ¡Ha mejorado notablemente mi bienestar en general y me he sentido realmente a gusto!

  15. 128 customer reviews


    I’ve tried most of Canna Union’s products and I’m never disappointed with the results!

  16. 128 customer reviews


    Ma peau paraît plus jeune des années. J’aime ça! Merci à l’union de Canna

  17. 128 customer reviews

    Jose Santos

    ¡Ustedes son incomparables! ¡Este es el único producto que me ha ayudado con mi dolor muscular!

  18. 128 customer reviews

    Joshua V

    Very very happy with the result! Excellent work, Canna Union!

  19. 128 customer reviews


    Website is awesome and answers most of my questions without having to contact sales

  20. 128 customer reviews


    My eyes used to look very stressed and does not have that shine. But since I started using this, it improved!

  21. 128 customer reviews


    ¡Esto ayuda a hidratar mi piel y mi familia puede decir que me veo mucho más joven! ¡Gracias!

  22. 128 customer reviews

    Hailey T

    Quand j’ai commencé à m’intéresser aux produits CBD, Canna Union a été le premier que j’ai essayé et j’avais raison! Vous ne pouvez pas vous tromper avec les produits Canna Union!

  23. 128 customer reviews


    The uneven skin on my face has improved. I feel really great after every use

  24. 128 customer reviews


    Espero ver más mejoras. ¡Mi piel se siente tan suave y solo la he estado usando durante días!

  25. 128 customer reviews


    ¡He sufrido una variedad de enfermedades y esto realmente ayudó a aliviar algunos de los síntomas! ¡Muy impresionante!

  26. 128 customer reviews


    Ekstremt overraskelse med hvor raske effektene er! Dere fortjener mer enn 5 stjerner!

  27. 128 customer reviews


    Smile lines and wrinkles almost disappear in a few days of use. Thank you!

  28. 128 customer reviews

    Ara Jane

    This stuff is definitely worth the price! You are the best!

  29. 128 customer reviews


    My huge eyebags are gone and now my eyes shine! Really brilliant stuff!

  30. 128 customer reviews


    My skin looks only 10 times younger. I love it! Thanks, Canna Union!

  31. 128 customer reviews


    I know that the situation in EU countries has been hard lately but I’m really impressed that the product was delivered earlier than the schedule date.

  32. 128 customer reviews


    Ich werde sicherlich weiterhin Canna Union Produkte bestellen! Ich kann nicht genug bekommen!

  33. 128 customer reviews


    Your products are second to none! Incomparable to any brands!

  34. 128 customer reviews


    I bought this along with the night cream. Been really good and the delivery was quick!

  35. 128 customer reviews


    La piel irregular alrededor de mi piel ha mejorado. Seguirá usando. ¡Espero ver más mejoras!

  36. 128 customer reviews


    ¡He leído que esta crema viene con propiedades antiinflamatorias, por lo que ayuda a calmar mi piel y reduce la hinchazón alrededor de mis ojos!

  37. 128 customer reviews


    The fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes due to sun damage are thinning. I see noticeable improvement around the pigmented areas.

  38. 128 customer reviews


    My skin looks radiant! My family thought I’m using some very expensive stuff!

  39. 128 customer reviews


    Der ungleichmäßige Hautton um meine Augen ist verschwunden. Ich fühle mich wirklich großartig nach jedem Gebrauch

  40. 128 customer reviews


    C’est mon préféré jusqu’à présent. J’essaierai bientôt les autres trucs! S’il vous plaît continuer à être génial, Union Canna!

  41. 128 customer reviews


    The uneven skin tone around my eyes has improved after using this stuff for almost two weeks!

  42. 128 customer reviews


    Ich koche gerne und jedes Mal, wenn ich mir die Hände schneide, benutze ich CBD-Balsam und er heilt doppelt so schnell!

  43. 128 customer reviews


    This eye cream beats all the famous and very expensive ones! def recommend!!

  44. 128 customer reviews


    I used to have really dark circles around my eyes since high school and after using this cream for almost a week, dark circles are almost gone!

  45. 128 customer reviews


    I used to have really dark circles around my eyes since high school and after using this cream for almost a week, dark circles are almost gone!

  46. 128 customer reviews


    ¡Se acabaron las bolsas enormes y ahora mis ojos brillan! ¡Sólo brillante!

  47. 128 customer reviews

    Jon T

    Being a vegan, I have struggled to find a face/eye cream. I’m glad that this cream not only works perfectly on my skin, it’s also vegan-approved! Thanks so much!

  48. 128 customer reviews


    mi pedido llegó rápidamente, bien embalado y funcionó bien, buena calidad y buenos precios

  49. 128 customer reviews


    Bestillingen kom raskt, begynte bare å bruke i dag, så jeg kunne ikke gi mening om at den fungerer ennå. Takk skal du ha

  50. 128 customer reviews


    Quick delivery seems to be helping my husband, only been using for a week and I can see the difference of it. It’s excellent!!

  51. 128 customer reviews


    I love your product! your eyecream is super helpful. It removes the dark circles around my eyes and insomnia is all long gone! I will definitely recommend Canna Union

  52. 128 customer reviews


    It really helps my anxiety to reduces and insomnia too! I can sleep at night soundly! Definitely buying your stuff again!!

  53. 128 customer reviews


    Les résultats ont été rapides et cela me permet également d’avoir un très bon sommeil car je ne me réveille pas au milieu de la nuit à cause de la douleur.

  54. 128 customer reviews


    I have difficulty sleeping so I have been trying sleepaids. This product did not work for me. I just don’t think this product really promotes a reastful sleep.

  55. 128 customer reviews


    Rask levering, fantastisk produkt som har gitt meg livet tilbake! Jeg anbefaler dette selskapet og deres produkter

  56. 128 customer reviews

    Piper Dawson

    Fantastic product and exceptional service! I’m so impressed. Thank you Charlie for your exceptional customer service!!

  57. 128 customer reviews


    Excellent service, product arrived with no delay. Early days but have noticed a slight improvement in symptoms already.

  58. 128 customer reviews


    Gran producto que lo usa para la ansiedad y no me di cuenta de cuánto me estaba frenando mi ansiedad hasta que probé este producto. Me siento mucho más bajo control. Muchas gracias Canna Union me salvaste la vida.

  59. 128 customer reviews


    Amazing product! I’ve been off my feet for nearly 4 months! Just one week using your eye cream and it really helped me a lot!! I love it. I will share my experience to my relatives

  60. 128 customer reviews


    Muy buen producto! ¡sabe bien! ¡Nunca he dormido tan profundamente y no más dolor de ansiedad! altamente recomendado

  61. 128 customer reviews


    Brilliant service and quality product!! It works for me. Especially for people who suffers anxiety and insomnia. Eye cream actually helps!!

  62. 128 customer reviews


    Einfach zu bestellen und schnell zu liefern. Ich kann Canna Union wirklich sehr empfehlen als das beste CBD-Unternehmen, das ich habe !!

  63. 128 customer reviews


    Eye cream really helped me with my sleeping problem. The best part is it actually work! I get the good night sleep at night that I’m longing for! I will order Eye cream again

  64. 128 customer reviews

    Joseph K

    securely wrapped, nice packaging and an excellent product. Not much more to say 🙂 And Highly recommended Canna Union!

  65. 128 customer reviews


    The first time I use CBD Eye Cream and it was super good! Its not too strong and I noticed my eyes after 3 days the black circle slowly lightens. Your product is brilliant!!!

  66. 128 customer reviews


    Jedes Produkt ist nicht immer gut für alle, aber dieses Produkt ist sicherlich gut für mich. Probieren Sie es einfach aus, Sie werden begeistert sein!

  67. 128 customer reviews


    Your eyecream is very impressive. I love the product. It really works a lot. Especially to people who has trouble of sleeping. This product is highly recommended!!

  68. 128 customer reviews


    It really helps for a nocturnal person like me! It super duper helpful!! I can manage to sleep at night

  69. 128 customer reviews

    Janah J.

    I don’t know about you but your cream really helps me sleep!! This feeling is what I’ve been looking for so so long! Thank you Canna union you’re a life saver to me!!

  70. 128 customer reviews


    Your eye cream is brilliant! I can see myself that there is no any dark circles around my eyes anymore. and no more anxiety

  71. 128 customer reviews


    Excellent service. This is my second order and I’m not disappointed. 5 star!!! Thank you

  72. 128 customer reviews

    Estaban Z

    The result after using eye cream.. peace of mind, improved outlook in everything I’m able to do, I can sleep perfectly at night. highly recommend purchasing from this company

  73. 128 customer reviews


    The important thing I need is to get me to sleep at night and your eye cream is super helpful!!!!!

  74. 128 customer reviews

    Meler M

    I admire your product. Especially eye cream. It reduces insomnia on top of that no more dark circles around my eyes. I feel beautiful and fresh again

  75. 128 customer reviews

    Diego M

    No issues, placed order and arrived on time

  76. 128 customer reviews


    Amazingly the best!!

  77. 128 customer reviews

    Katie Green

    You have an excellent product and I would definitely recommend your product to my relatives and friends

  78. 128 customer reviews

    Nanette Evergran

    Good communication. No problems with delivery.

  79. 128 customer reviews


    This eye cream are perfect. Not only it helps me get to sleep at night. There were a lot of benefit I got from this product! I def recommend Canna Union!

  80. 128 customer reviews


    this eye cream is helpful for me. its a way for me to get a good sleep every night!

  81. 128 customer reviews


    black circles long gone

  82. 128 customer reviews


    Eye creams are benefit for insomnia. I, myself is one who suffers insomnia from high school

  83. 128 customer reviews


    OHHH. Never felt better! Most def recommended

  84. 128 customer reviews


    After using this eyecream. No more puffiness around my eyes

  85. 128 customer reviews

    Craig D

    this eye cream really helped me reduces my insomnia

  86. 128 customer reviews


    this eye cream really helps me get to sleep at night

  87. 128 customer reviews

    Linda Ego

    they helped a lot and it makes me glow and stunning too!!

  88. 128 customer reviews


    no more black circles around my eyes!!

  89. 128 customer reviews


    they are so effective!!

  90. 128 customer reviews


    love it

  91. 128 customer reviews


    This is a little pot of gold. I really like it. It reduces the puffiness around my eyes, the dark circles are gone and I can already see a reduction in wrinkles. I’ll definitely keep using this.

  92. 128 customer reviews


    Size fits in my handbag and it isn’t too expensive compared to other eye creams. Best of all, it works.

  93. 128 customer reviews


    Consistency is nice. It isnt sticky like some eye creams and its a good size to take anywhere with me

  94. 128 customer reviews


    I was so excited to receive this and try it. I’ve heard some good things about CBD cream and was keen to see if it worked for me too. A week in and i can already feel a difference.

  95. 128 customer reviews


    Highly recommend for dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness

  96. 128 customer reviews


    I use the eye cream under my eyes and on my eyelids. Use it morning and night and I’m noticing a big difference.

  97. 128 customer reviews


    I was so excited when this arrived as my sister has been using it for a while now. I dont know if its because we have a different skin tone, but i’ve been using it for a week now and I’m not really seeing any results. I’ll keep trying and hope it works.

  98. 128 customer reviews


    worked well to reduce lines but still have dark circles

  99. 128 customer reviews


    Use this in the morning and the night cream overnight and am noticing huge changes in my skin

  100. 128 customer reviews


    fast delivery, looks good thanks

  101. 128 customer reviews


    I didn’t really think it was anything special. will keep using it, but at this stage I won’t get more

  102. 128 customer reviews


    bit expensive. can get cheaper eye creams that probably work better.

  103. 128 customer reviews



  104. 128 customer reviews

    Germaine Llister

    My husband bought me this, the night cream and some massage oil as a gift for my birthday and I’m so glad he did. Opening the lid, there’s no off-smell about it, which I had expected for buying CBD. The tub is big enough that it lasts a while, which is great as well and in the few weeks I’ve been using this, I’ve really noticed a huge difference in my skin around my eyes. It feels tighter, it’s smoother and the circles around my eyes are less dark. Best present ever.

  105. 128 customer reviews


    arrives fast looks okay

  106. 128 customer reviews


    Best eye cream Ive ever tried!

  107. 128 customer reviews


    you only need to use a little bit and it lasts for ages. i really like this

  108. 128 customer reviews



  109. 128 customer reviews


    is okay

  110. 128 customer reviews


    Bought this on a whim because I have puffy eyes and get dark circles a lot of the time. It’s fantastic stuff. my skin is softer and the dark circles are barely noticeable anymore.

  111. 128 customer reviews

    S Bradley

    Actually got it for my wife. She says its great. I can’t really see a difference…

  112. 128 customer reviews


    keeps eyes nice and soft

  113. 128 customer reviews

    Michelle Burrows

    i really love this eye cream. i bought it because i wanted to see if i could get rid of the crows feet i have and voila. they are practically gone. i recommned this to all my friends and family. some have even commented on how much younger i look at the moment. wheeee

  114. 128 customer reviews


    early days but so far so good

  115. 128 customer reviews

    Katherine Mikaelson

    My eyes get really puffy, especially when I’m tired. This definitely helps. I’d recommend it.

  116. 128 customer reviews


    highly recommend

  117. 128 customer reviews


    new mum = newborn = no sleep … yet all my friends are telling me how fresh i look! haha. this cream is the best new mum present ever.

  118. 128 customer reviews

    Cassandra L

    I’ve had so many people tell me how much they love Canna Union products so I thought I’d best get on here and try some out. I got the cream, some pills and some massage oil to start with. they all arrived in the same package, which was great and they arrived fast. I have tried the pills and started using the cream and have noticed a difference in how i feel and look. which is pretty exciting.

    I can’t wait to use the massage oil as well, but will wait for hubby to get home from his month away.

    Thanks CU.

  119. 128 customer reviews


    early days, can’t rate it yet

  120. 128 customer reviews

    Jan Tisle

    I swear I look 50 years younger!!

  121. 128 customer reviews

    S Kyle

    This #cbdcream is #awesome. #cannaunion all the way

  122. 128 customer reviews


    Yet to see results and have been using this for a week

  123. 128 customer reviews

    Sue D

    it seems a little overpriced, but it lasts ages. delivery was fast and i like how easy the website is to use

  124. 128 customer reviews

    P Trace

    no more dark circles. will buy again

  125. 128 customer reviews



  126. 128 customer reviews

    Zephyrine Welsh

    Took while to come in mail but works good. I will buy more.

  127. 128 customer reviews


    love it

  128. 128 customer reviews


    The description says – Our anti-inflammatory CBD Eye Cream both soothes and rehydrates the areas around the eyes to reduce both inflammation and puffiness.

    and honestly I can’t fault it. It does exactly this. So happy I bought this.

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