CBD Gorilla 5g

(22 customer reviews)

27.95 or 22.36 / month

CBD Gorilla 5g

  • Contains 5g per bag
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic
  • Up to 7% CBD see individual batch lab results below
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

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Gorilla CBD is a strain is characterized by an unbeatable resin yield, and delicious Kush taste of Gorilla but reduces the narcotic effects with it’s CBD ratio. Gorilla was warmly welcomed when she hit the shelves in 2018.

This strain is characterized by a high CBD ratio and doesn’t compromise on yields. Gorilla has an influx of resin for its terpene profile containing gassy scents, typically Indica effects, and an exquisite Kush taste. A perfect balance of CBD-dominated cannabinoids for cannabis enthusiasts with a special liking for gassy scents and typically Indica effects who want to enjoy all the properties of CBD.

Benefits of Gorilla CBD

Gorilla provides a mellow high that we like to describe as one of calm energy. While you won’t feel overly stimulated, you’ll feel an increase in your body’s ability to relax. This is an excellent strain for nighttime use as it helps users approach bedtime with a sense of peace and mindfulness.

Gorilla hemp flowers can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Many of our purchasers have reported that vaping and smoking are most beneficial, however, if you prefer not to inhale; you might add some flowers to a snack or cup of tea.

Regardless of how you consume this strain, you’re going to enjoy a range of benefits.

It is important to note that even though Gorilla hemp flowers look like your typical cannabis plants that contain psychoactive elements these particular strains have been grown to make sure that they are legal across Europe and the UK. Order yours today!

Ingredients: 100% pure hemp cannabis

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22 reviews for CBD Gorilla 5g

  1. Willow

    The effect is a soft type of energy. I prefer this type for the reason that getting drowsy isn’t really my type.

  2. Apple

    Consuming CBD Gorilla strain makes me active and focus, so I take it when I need to reach deadlines.

  3. Cherry

    I like to smoke CBD Gorilla specially when I’m tired and needs to be energetic. That’s the effect it does to me.

  4. Gregory

    The effects aren’t narcotic. It’s benefit is balanced. Calm but you know when to be alert.

  5. Dorothy

    For tranquility before bed, this one’s the best! Plus this strain is beautiful!

  6. Landon

    Th strain like this is the best before doing some activity to keep active and concentrate.

  7. jayson

    I do cardio like almost everyday, and it’s exhausting after. That’s how CBD Gorilla is helping me, keeps me energetic but calm.

  8. Jacob

    This strain did help me give a relaxation and sometimes feeling euphoric. this is really good!

  9. Daniel

    Whenever I smoke one out I feel so alive and relax.

  10. Grayson

    The best strain I ever tried. I will order some more of these!

  11. Jacob

    I love this CBD gorilla. It has an earthy flavor and super relaxing! Deffinitely recommended!

  12. Aiden

    This Strain is so strong that I can be able to reduce my chronic pain. I just love it! Thanks Canna Union!

  13. James

    Thiis strain is super good! I loved it! It definitely giving me a calm and relaxing moment!

  14. Dave

    I love this bud! It has the great smell and good taste of the flavor. I feel so relaxed and calm. Definitely recommend!

  15. Baines

    Your strain are the best recommended ever! I tried a lot of strain. but this one is legit! I will order again soon.

  16. Arran

    This Bud is superb! I sometimes use it for tea and its perfect for an empty stomach. Definitely recommend it!

  17. Nathaniel

    It’s a nice strain, it isn’t psychoactive but it’s really great in mending chronic pain anywhere on the body.

  18. Douglas

    To be energetic but simple and easy type of energy, CBD gorilla is the best one to have!

  19. Winter

    The effective way for me to be energized, to be active and able to focus.

  20. Jerry

    When I really need not to get drowsy for some reasons, I trust it to CBD Gorilla!

  21. Fritz

    Gorilla has this nice feeling of not making me drowsy even if it’s making me relax.

  22. Paige

    I like the effect it gives me which is not to make me sooo relax that I’ll get drowsy or very much wanting the bed. 😀

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