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CBD Hash 2g

Up to 12% CBD
44 customer reviews
(44 customer reviews)

£31.45 £26.95

  • Contains 2g per container
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic
  • Up to 40% CBD see individual batch lab results below
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

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This premium CBD Hash is testing up to 40% CBD content. These premium CBD trichome resin glands have been collected by hand after a bountiful harvest and separated from the plant matter. From there it has been carefully worked with a very low heat and pressure to form these beautiful masses of potent CBD Hash.

When comparing the price against competitors remember that most hash on the market is half as potent or less. The percentage is very important to look at.

Benefits of CBD Hash

Hash has been used for centuries and is a concentrated form of the cannabis plant. It offers a way to absorb high amounts of CBD without having to combust plant leaf and other material. The main benefits include potency, ease of dosage and and alternative way to consume and absorb your CBD.

How to use CBD Hash

Hash can be consumed in many ways. Some popular forms of consuming CBD Hash are in pipes, bongs, hookahs, joints, specialized vape pens or rolled into a cone.

Ingredients: Contains a proprietary mixture of cannabis resin glands, trichomes and cannabinoids

44 reviews for CBD Hash 2g

  1. 44 customer reviews


    A high quality smoke without paranoia. I just love this product! Thank you!

  2. 44 customer reviews

    LuckyIris 👌🏻

    this is 100% legit! I love their hash product!

  3. 44 customer reviews



  4. 44 customer reviews

    G Harrien

    5 stars for taste

  5. 44 customer reviews

    Benjamin S

    I might be weird but I love that bitter taste! Service was spot on too, as was delivery. Can’t fault these guys at all tbh.

  6. 44 customer reviews


    Speedy delivery. I use this for my anxiety and it works well. I use it in tea. I will be buying more from this CBD company.

  7. 44 customer reviews


    This is my first time trying CBD oil. I’ve been dropping some under my tongue for the last few days and can already feel the difference. I’ll definitely be ordering some more.

  8. 44 customer reviews


    I have chronic pain and this CBD oil helps me to relax and sleep better.

  9. 44 customer reviews

    H Gale

    A friend let me try some Hash oil he’d bought from this company and it blew me away! I have chronic back pain and using this oil is a dream. So glad that i found it!

  10. 44 customer reviews


    Sleeping much better now after taking this CBD oil

  11. 44 customer reviews


    Dios mío. Este aceite es asombroso. Aunque ese sabor…

  12. 44 customer reviews

    Paula H

    The taste is better than most i’ve tried, but still rather putting a few drops on a sugar cube then putting under my tongue. If i’m out and about, i just carry this bottle and put some under my tongue. It;s easy and discreet. best thing is that it hits so fast! Great for my anxiety. I’ve already ordered my next bottle too.

  13. 44 customer reviews

    Tracie L

    LOVE cooking with this

  14. 44 customer reviews


    A little pricey, but so are all the other places i’ve found. Other than that, website is easy to use, relatively fast delivery, and the CBD oil works when reducing my symptoms.

  15. 44 customer reviews


    Gotta admin, I was very skeptical as this was my first time using any CBD products ever. I genuinely thought it was all a scam. But in the end, my lower back pain got too much for me and thought i’d see if i could find a company who seemed legit. Canna Union answered all my initial queries, explained why taking this sublingual oil would work the fastest for my condition, the check out process was easy, no issues at all with the super fast delivery, and amazingly the CBD oil worked just like they said it would! I am so glad i found this company! If you feel like i did, just give it a go. you won’t be disappointed! Wish i could give more stars in my review!

  16. 44 customer reviews


    happy customer

  17. 44 customer reviews

    Ana L

    Can’t really give an honest review on this oil yet cause I’ve only been using the vape oil for a few days. But delivery was quick, and i enjoy the taste.

  18. 44 customer reviews

    Rash Ryder

    kickass oil! vape life brah!

  19. 44 customer reviews

    N Huberty

    tastes horrible, but seems to be working

  20. 44 customer reviews


    everything as it should be. good service, great product, trustwhorthy company

  21. 44 customer reviews

    Loane Lee

    I like it. Arrived fast. Tastes great and feeling more relaxed as each day passes.

  22. 44 customer reviews

    Jaimie F

    Still working out correct dosage cause this is all new to me lol. But i’m sleeping better than and ive had day’s with noticeably less pain.

  23. 44 customer reviews

    Kenny Miller

    Excellent product. Had a minor issue with delivery and customer service was great as well. Very pleased overall.

  24. 44 customer reviews


    great for anxiety and stress. add a bit to my cigarettes and although its a bit bitter in taste, i feel relaxed right away

  25. 44 customer reviews

    Beck Smith

    Bought this 2g Hash about a month ago and really wanted to come on here to leave a review. Website made it really easy to decide what i wanted. even though i have almost zer experience with CBD. Delivery was relaitively fast and product as advertised. I haven’t felt this good in years.

  26. 44 customer reviews


    bought some a week ago & delivery was faster than i expected. Hash works great too. Really wish I had tried this ages ago.

  27. 44 customer reviews

    Edwin Salma

    I picked myself up some of this. delivery was fast, plenty of padding, and the product itself is really great. So glad i finally took the plunge into life with CBD.

  28. 44 customer reviews


    makes me feel good when i smoke it

  29. 44 customer reviews

    Muhammad Aliano

    Good service and arrived fast but flavour was a bit strong for me. Think I’ll try oil instead and see how that goes.

  30. 44 customer reviews

    Mikael G

    CBD. OMG you can believe the hype. Life changing!

  31. 44 customer reviews


    great for sleep but wish it tasted better

  32. 44 customer reviews


    Took a while to arrive. Customer service was helpful tho and product itself works ok.

  33. 44 customer reviews

    William Roberts

    I stuffed up my order so got in touch with the team on chat. They were great and sorted it out right away. The hash arrived really fast, and smells awesome. Can’t wait to test it out.

  34. 44 customer reviews


    Fonctionne à merveille pour les maux de dos.

  35. 44 customer reviews


    tastes awesome in chocolate cookies!

  36. 44 customer reviews


    good way to get a light hit of CBD

  37. 44 customer reviews


    best hash i’ve ever tasted

  38. 44 customer reviews


    I love this hash. I’ve tried other types and wasn’t a huge fan, but I do enjoy using it in my smoothies. I found that most have a bitter after-taste, but this one doesn’t. I really like it.

  39. 44 customer reviews


    Did you know you can use this in anything you cook? I actually put some in my lasagne the other night and not only was my tummy full, but I was super relaxed as well! I am going to try some more recipes for sure.

  40. 44 customer reviews


    I vape this and although its hard to cut it into such small pieces, the hit is worth it. Just make sure if you’re vaping that you have de-gummed hemp pads or you could kill your vaporiser.

  41. 44 customer reviews


    this stuff is potent. a little goes a loooooong way guys

  42. 44 customer reviews


    start slow and go slow! don’t push yourself into this too quick or you could get dizzy

  43. 44 customer reviews


    I didn’t know you could get CBD only hash so was pretty happy when i tried this. its really strong actually and i think i’ll keep buying it rather than oils

  44. 44 customer reviews

    b hatley

    tried vaping it and wrecked my vape. woops. smoking it is good though

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