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CBD Massage Oil 300mg – Peppermint

300mg CBD
196 customer reviews
(196 customer reviews)


  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Vanilla and Orange Scented
  • Essential oils
  • Organic
  • Contains 300mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

In stock

Canna Union CBD massage oil is relaxing and beneficial! CBD massage oil interacts with the body’s skin receptors to assist with inflammation, muscle pain and spasms, joint and nerve pain. It is also ideal to use as a simple relaxant (who doesn’t relax with a good massage!?) and has been known to strengthen the immune system.

Made with CBD that has been extracted from hemp, CBD massage oil is fully legal across Europe and is blended with other oils for maximum benefits. Thanks to the full spectrum CBD, it has an earthy aroma that assists with the relaxation process.

Important note: avoid contact with your eyes and do not apply to open wounds. This oil is for external use only.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Pure Almond Oil, Essential Oils, Cannabinoids and Natural Terpenes. (THC Free)


196 reviews for CBD Massage Oil 300mg – Peppermint

  1. 196 customer reviews

    Ara Jane

    Even though I massage my head with it, it is not affecting my mind, my mood, all of the head’s activity. Truly THC-free.

  2. 196 customer reviews


    A massage of CBD massage oil when body’s wornout, is giving joint mobility!

  3. 196 customer reviews


    I love using it whenever I have headache. It is non-greasy though it’s oil, and it is very cool-feeling I instantly feel light from feeling the pain.

  4. 196 customer reviews


    I was initially torn between which flavors to buy for CBD massage oil so ended up buying both and it was amazing!

  5. 196 customer reviews


    I have lived with my back pain and it became normal for me. Since I started using cbd massage oil, my back feels great!

  6. 196 customer reviews


    Massage oil really helps me reduces anxiety and also muscle pain. The flavor is super great!

  7. 196 customer reviews


    My skin was soo dry before I tried your cbd massage, it smells heavenly too!

  8. 196 customer reviews


    Cooling scent that I need. This is simply the best massage oil I ordered!!

  9. 196 customer reviews


    I’m so happy I was able to purchase massage peppermint. I’ve been looking this product all over the places Thank you though

  10. 196 customer reviews


    The peppermint flavor is cooling to your nose and back. I like using it a lot. It removes all the sore on your body. Thanks a lot Canna Union

  11. 196 customer reviews


    The peppermint is really cooling to my skin and really helped me relax. Thank you so much

  12. 196 customer reviews


    I never had a problem with inflammations! Thank You Canna Union!

  13. 196 customer reviews


    Thanks Canna Union for constantly ensuring that we will always have the best relaxation from your products! And I love your Peppermint Massage Oil:D

  14. 196 customer reviews


    Selve aromaen er nok til å ha et godt søvn flott produkt. Takk

  15. 196 customer reviews


    Still stunned with the moisturization characteristic it has for dryness. I think it suits to all skin types. I am sensitive and I never really experienced any bad reactions or irritations with CBD Muscle Cream. Good Job Canna Union! 🙂

  16. 196 customer reviews


    Thankful to how beneficial this is to me. Say bye to all the body pains you have and throw it away with CBD Massage Oil from Canna Union!

  17. 196 customer reviews


    For et fantastisk produkt !. Du svikter meg aldri Canna Union. Jubel!

  18. 196 customer reviews


    Siempre tengo calambres musculares cada vez que juego al tenis. ¡Después de aplicar estos productos de CBD, alivia el dolor!

  19. 196 customer reviews


    It has always been my assistant since I easily get inflammations and prone to any type of muscle pain that disturbs me in my errands!

  20. 196 customer reviews


    This is the only product that worked for me and after using it for weeks now, I feel as though my back pain never happened! Great work, Canna Union!

  21. 196 customer reviews


    Very ideal for sefl relaxation time. Plus the scent! This is a must-try!

  22. 196 customer reviews


    Having CBD Massage Oil, is like also having a spa at home! For sure this will always be my partner at work.

  23. 196 customer reviews


    Easy to apply and non-greasy effect. The only thing you’ll find out is that you’ll feel better! Will surely try some other scent.

  24. 196 customer reviews


    This massage scent gives me a happy and relax feeling. I’ll definitely get more.

  25. 196 customer reviews


    A little twist of spice. I like it. Will buy more!

  26. 196 customer reviews


    I used to easily body pain even in just a simple daily activities. Thanks to CBD Massage Oil, my body feels so calm when I apply this! It feels like I just came out from a Spa.

  27. 196 customer reviews

    Pyro J

    The only product I tried so far that has no side effects. You really get all the benefits in just one product.

  28. 196 customer reviews


    These products are magnificent! Hopeful for more improvement in my symptoms!

  29. 196 customer reviews


    Dies lindert die ständigen Schmerzen auf meinen Knien. Ich bin so glücklich!

  30. 196 customer reviews


    Ich dachte, ich sollte dieses Produkt für meine Muskelkater versuchen. Mir geht es jetzt viel besser.

  31. 196 customer reviews


    I put some of this on my legs after running in the morning. And I would always feel relief!

  32. 196 customer reviews


    ¡Esto alivia mis piernas doloridas muy rápidamente! ¡También me encanta el olor!

  33. 196 customer reviews


    Søvnløsheten min har vært ute av bildet de siste par nettene! Jeg er trygg på at andre også vil like dette!

  34. 196 customer reviews


    Gracias a esto, he podido hacer frente a la ansiedad. No puedo imaginar no tener esto.

  35. 196 customer reviews


    I’m thankful that my painful neck has slowly been recovering. This product has an amazing quality!

  36. 196 customer reviews


    Meine Tochter hatte einen Knöchelunfall und das habe ich bei ihr angewendet. Und es heilte in einer Woche!

  37. 196 customer reviews


    Tightness around my hips have been kinda less now compared to when I don’t have this.

  38. 196 customer reviews


    Best one I’ve ever bought online! What you see is what you get!

  39. 196 customer reviews


    Most of the products I’ve tried had adverse effects on my skin allergies. But this is a game-changer!

  40. 196 customer reviews


    Dieses Massageöl linderte meine Gelenkschmerzen, ohne Pillen einnehmen zu müssen! Meine Haut reagiert ebenfalls nicht allergisch.

  41. 196 customer reviews


    Gave very promising results in just a couple of days use. What more in a month!

  42. 196 customer reviews


    Really afraid to try this! But when I did, I had the best experience!

  43. 196 customer reviews


    Ich konnte nicht glauben, dass dieses unglaubliche Öl mich behandeln würde. Seit Jahren unter Angst gelitten!

  44. 196 customer reviews


    Dieses schöne Massageöl lindert meine schmerzenden Beine sehr schnell! Ich habe es geliebt!

  45. 196 customer reviews


    I really admire the quality of the product and the rapid relief it give me. Really the best.

  46. 196 customer reviews


    Muskelverletzungen heilten in einer Woche und ich würde diese Produkte mit 5 Sternen bewerten. Vielen Dank!

  47. 196 customer reviews


    Huge respect to Canna Union for developing such an amazing product. I use this daily to relieve stress.

  48. 196 customer reviews


    It’s the only thing that helps me deal with the pain in my back. After using this for a couple of weeks, I feel renewed!

  49. 196 customer reviews


    J’achèterai plus bientôt! J’ai arrêté de prendre des pilules pour mes muscles douloureux à cause de cela.

  50. 196 customer reviews


    ¡Estos aceites de masaje son insuperables! 100% recomendado

  51. 196 customer reviews


    Dieses Zeug ist definitiv das Geld wert! Du bist der beste!

  52. 196 customer reviews


    Il apaise vraiment mon très mauvais état de peau et ma peau ne me démange pas tout le temps. Suis reconnaissant.

  53. 196 customer reviews


    I am really lucky for discovering this stuff! This really alleviates my anxiety

  54. 196 customer reviews


    Sikkert dette er min nye favoritt! Vil holde meg til dette fantastiske produktet!

  55. 196 customer reviews


    I used to be very occupied but this time in quarantine made me miserable. But thanks to this product, it relieves my symptoms

  56. 196 customer reviews


    Es ist ziemlich erstaunlich, wie sofort diese Creme wirkt und meine schmerzenden Muskeln besänftigt. Vielen Dank, dass Sie Canna Union!

  57. 196 customer reviews


    My limbs feel like they have been chopped off after doing my daily chores! Not since I found this wonderful balm! Alleviate my legs very quickly!

  58. 196 customer reviews


    Mon articulation de la hanche était très douloureuse et il est très difficile de marcher. Ce ne sont que des trucs que j’utilise pour ça qui a fonctionné!

  59. 196 customer reviews


    Estaba pensando en cambiar de tomar pastillas a otra cosa debido a los efectos secundarios. ¡Estoy muy contento de que mi compañero de trabajo me haya recomendado esto!

  60. 196 customer reviews


    My sore joints really keep me from doing the activities I love. I started using this a few weeks ago and it has done an impressive job

  61. 196 customer reviews


    I couldn’t believe how fast the results showed. I thought that this is the best product I’ve ever used for my throbbing back

  62. 196 customer reviews


    I used to have frequent muscle spasms because of stress. I’m really glad I found this massage oil and my muscles are more relaxed

  63. 196 customer reviews


    I purchased this for my partner and he loves it! Since he started using this oil, the painful muscles have reduced!

  64. 196 customer reviews

    Rosalinda Ramos

    ¡Estoy realmente sorprendido con lo rápido que funciona esto! Estado usando durante un mes y no podía pedir más!

  65. 196 customer reviews

    Ronnie D

    My sister started using this balm and I can certainly see her skin improved. Will buy for myself

  66. 196 customer reviews


    Der Schmerz in meiner Hüfte und meinem Rücken verschwand sofort. Ich werde sicherlich mehr kaufen.

  67. 196 customer reviews


    Mon insomnie a été la chose la plus difficile à vivre depuis que j’étais au collège. Mon manager me l’a recommandé et je me sens bien!

  68. 196 customer reviews


    This is the only product that has worked for my painful muscles. Will surely buy more!

  69. 196 customer reviews


    Kneene mine ga seg alltid etter en kilometer til fots. Men dette produktet hjalp meg virkelig med å takle smerter!

  70. 196 customer reviews


    I have an active lifestyle, but lately it was so scary outside to exercise. This is what I use for my joints and muscle aches.

  71. 196 customer reviews


    ¡Soy un gran defensor de Canna Union! El aceite de vape Cbd me ha dado una segunda oportunidad para volver a estar activo después de la cirugía de cadera.

  72. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg var ganske redd for å prøve disse pillene med det første, men da jeg gjorde det, var det den mest ekstraordinære opplevelsen!

  73. 196 customer reviews


    My knees tire easily after walking for a few minutes and using this CBD massage oil really helps me manage my knee pain.

  74. 196 customer reviews


    ¡Mis piernas siempre están extremadamente cansadas después de hacer tareas todo el día y esta crema realmente ayuda a calmar mis doloridas piernas! ¡Buen trabajo, Canna Union!

  75. 196 customer reviews


    I love the cbd massage oil’s scent and it soothes my body. Also helps with my sore muscles!

  76. 196 customer reviews


    Ces huiles de massage sont tout simplement parfaites! Je recommanderai sûrement.

  77. 196 customer reviews


    This is the only product that worked for me and after using it for weeks now, I feel as though my back pain never happened! Great work, Canna Union!

  78. 196 customer reviews


    Restored all my inflamed joints and help me sleep better at night! Thanks, Canna Union!

  79. 196 customer reviews


    I have been using this for almost a month and it provides relief for sore muscles and inflamed joints! Great job, Canna Union!

  80. 196 customer reviews


    Esto realmente ayudó con mis dolores de espalda. Realmente alivia mis músculos doloridos!

  81. 196 customer reviews


    I’ve suffered from a variety of illnesses and this really helped alleviate some of the symptoms! Very impressive!

  82. 196 customer reviews


    I’ve suffered from a variety of illnesses and this really helped alleviate some of the symptoms! Very impressive!

  83. 196 customer reviews


    I greatly appreciate the quality of the product and the rapid results. You are the best!

  84. 196 customer reviews


    Meine Nichte hat das und ich habe versucht, es zu benutzen und etwas auf meine Schultern zu legen. Es fühlt sich wirklich toll an und wird mir eins kaufen!

  85. 196 customer reviews


    I have lived with my back pain and it became normal for me. Since I started using cbd massage oil, my back feels great!

  86. 196 customer reviews


    J’aime vraiment faire des gâteaux et du pain mais après plusieurs heures dans la cuisine, je me sentirais épuisé et cette petite huile de massage est la bonne solution pour mes jambes épuisées!

  87. 196 customer reviews


    Excelente calidad y los rápidos efectos son muy impresionantes. ¡Espero que sigan con el buen trabajo!

  88. 196 customer reviews


    I honestly cannot compare your products to any thing! This really soothes my legs after spending all days doing chores!

  89. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg la merke til en veldig god forbedring på mine leggkramper! Takk, Canna Union!

  90. 196 customer reviews


    I love the scent and effectiveness of cbd massage oil!

  91. 196 customer reviews


    Mes genoux se fatiguent facilement après avoir marché quelques minutes et l’utilisation de cette huile de massage CBD m’aide vraiment à gérer ma douleur au genou.

  92. 196 customer reviews


    My mom tried this on her ankle pain and she said it definitely helped!

  93. 196 customer reviews


    Je vais sûrement en avoir encore plus!

  94. 196 customer reviews


    This massage oils is just perfect! I will surely recommend.

  95. 196 customer reviews


    Au départ, j’étais déchiré entre les saveurs à acheter pour l’huile de massage CBD, donc j’ai fini par acheter les deux et c’était incroyable!

  96. 196 customer reviews


    Rask levering, tydelig informasjon tilgjengelig online. Vil absolutt anbefale til venner og kjøpe igjen.

  97. 196 customer reviews


    Great massage oil. It helped me relax and reduces the back pain. I definitely recommend your product

  98. 196 customer reviews


    Back pain is long gone because of CBD maasage oil! I just love it! Add bonus for the peppermint. Its perfect!!

  99. 196 customer reviews


    Your peppermint flavor is brilliant! I love the scent and how it applies to my body or any affected area. It absorbs and also helps me reduces anxiety. Thank you Canna Union! you have the best product I have!!!

  100. 196 customer reviews


    Canna Union a un très bon service et d’excellents produits à de bons prix, la livraison est rapide et les produits sont bien emballés. Je recommanderais certainement cette entreprise

  101. 196 customer reviews


    My mom has arthritis and had been having a miserable life, bec the pain it causes, so we give a try with massage oil and it is working really well.

  102. 196 customer reviews


    helps with anxiety and pain, have had back pain for years and it does help with that… I would definitely buy again and again

  103. 196 customer reviews


    Very happy with my purchase of peppermint flavoured cbd oil. I feel so relaxed and my knee pain is long gone! Thanks a bunch!

  104. 196 customer reviews


    Great products and a pleasant and professional experience. 5 stars for Canna union! I definitely recommend you guys!!👍👍👍

  105. 196 customer reviews

    Savannah B

    Fast delivery and great products would recommend using it. It removes chronic pain and may also helped you relaxed!

  106. 196 customer reviews


    I’m using the massage oil every night to apply on the affected area. When I woke up in the morning. the pain is gone!! Awesome product! Def recommend you to everyone

  107. 196 customer reviews


    Utmerket service, rask og effektiv levering. Rundt godt selskap å forholde seg til. 5/5

  108. 196 customer reviews


    Excellent service and a good product and packaging , much better than the company I previously ordered from. I love the scent as well with the massage oil. Peppermint smells good!!

  109. 196 customer reviews


    Bought for my wife who has back problems i asked her to rate from 1-10 she rates it at 10. Great quality!!

  110. 196 customer reviews


    The best massage oil I have! It really works. back pain are long gone. Thank you Canna Union!!

  111. 196 customer reviews


    A trustworthy Company! I just love your product so much and I kept ordering your peppermint massage oil. I love the minty aroma coming out while applying to my skin. It really removes all those muscle pain

  112. 196 customer reviews

    Braun E

    Fast delivery, fantastic product that has given me my life back! I highly recommend this company and their products

  113. 196 customer reviews


    Very happy with my purchase of peppermint flavoured cbd massage oil. It took a while to get the knack ofapplying it to my whole body but it was worth the effort as I now enjoy a really good night’s sleep, which I have lacked for many years! Thank you so much!!

  114. 196 customer reviews


    Quality service and fabulous products!!! Not using or going to use any others! I love your product so much!!

  115. 196 customer reviews


    Very quick delivery. I got the peppermint flavour which is pleasant to use. I put a few to the affected area. Only been using for a few days so bit early to say if it’s working but felt slight improvement , I purchased it to help with my back pain.

  116. 196 customer reviews


    Satisfactory service.The purchase was a gift for a friend.I ordered her peppermint which she was very pleased about.Early days yet to comment on healing benefit.

  117. 196 customer reviews


    Transaction is smooth! Effortless transaction, competitively prices, arrived promptly.

  118. 196 customer reviews


    A friend recommended CBD oils and their benefits after reading up I decided to try them. speedy delivery and good prices

  119. 196 customer reviews


    i adore this product. my fingers and toes are totally pain free since i started using it.

  120. 196 customer reviews

    Sarah Jane

    Speedy delivery, which is sometimes the only thing that matters! Great quality product too

  121. 196 customer reviews


    I am very happy with your product, I recommend for everyone of us to consume your product!!

  122. 196 customer reviews

    Melanie Carrington

    Excellent experience ordering CBD oil with Canna Union. Products are really high quality. The peppermint oil has a sense of scent

  123. 196 customer reviews

    Elke L

    Ich hatte eine andere Marke verwendet, die mich wegen fehlender Lieferungen im Stich ließ. Ihr Pfefferminzmassageöl funktioniert bisher gut

  124. 196 customer reviews


    Peppermint is perfect for me! I love peppermint

  125. 196 customer reviews


    Exzellentes Produkt, exzellenter Preis und schnelle, effiziente Lieferung. Habe andere Unternehmen ausprobiert, aber dieses war der beste Service von allen

  126. 196 customer reviews


    I’m sticking with Canna Union. You have the best customer service . Fast delivery and even the product is effective!!

  127. 196 customer reviews


    Utrolig rask service.

  128. 196 customer reviews


    it really effect of what I’m expecting. i will order again and again

  129. 196 customer reviews


    thank you, Canna Union

  130. 196 customer reviews

    Peppermint Fave ♥

    The peppermint smells so good!

  131. 196 customer reviews


    After using the orange and vanilla massage oil. I tried this peppermint and its cooling everytime I apply it to the affected area, it works. the pain reduces.

  132. 196 customer reviews


    Virkelig godt valg av produkter

  133. 196 customer reviews


    So relaxing. The best!!

  134. 196 customer reviews


    This is effective! it really makes me relax.

  135. 196 customer reviews


    the peppermint is perfect! i love it!

  136. 196 customer reviews


    Your products are brilliant!!

  137. 196 customer reviews

    Angela Le Gall

    I had trouble sleeping so a friend of mine introduce Canna Union to me and she lend me her extra bottle and I didn’t expect that it really works. not only that, I ordered on my own the delivery and service was quick!! I’m super satisfied! Thank you so much

  138. 196 customer reviews


    I’ve never been slept better han before. Thank you Canna Union! I feel a lot better

  139. 196 customer reviews


    Facile à acheter et excellent produit!

  140. 196 customer reviews


    I suffered with anxiety attacks and having troubled sleeping and CBD oil have helped me tremendously! And I’m so happy!! Def recommend Canna UNION!!!!

  141. 196 customer reviews


    CBD oil has helped me with my back pain made me relaxed and it felt so good! This thing actually works!!!

  142. 196 customer reviews


    smells so good

  143. 196 customer reviews

    Tommy G

    I would recommend CBD oil for saving my life. No more anxiety attacks and no more sleepless night!!

  144. 196 customer reviews


    Use this regularly in my massage parlor. Clients love it.

  145. 196 customer reviews


    have ordered this before and will order again.

  146. 196 customer reviews

    Ms. Tangen

    I purchased this product for my grandmom she has knee pain. Then tried the product and it went well! thank you so muhch

  147. 196 customer reviews


    relaxing to use before bed

  148. 196 customer reviews

    Candice Jones

    This product is wonderful and my clients are so happy with it. I work from home and run my own massage business. The smell of this oil is so calming I don’t even need to use essential oil. Will certainly purchase this again.

  149. 196 customer reviews


    Nous avons acheté le produit pour nous aider à mieux dormir. Nous avons eu de très bons résultats avec le produit nous aidant à dormir toute la nuit

  150. 196 customer reviews


    5 stars

  151. 196 customer reviews


    amazing releif for sore muscles. smells delicious

  152. 196 customer reviews

    MJ Riviere

    I’m satisfied with the product. It works! Thank you so much!

  153. 196 customer reviews

    Lila Jayse

    Only took a few minutes to feel results! Wish there was more in the bottle though.

  154. 196 customer reviews


    Heard about this from a friend who said her masseuse used it on her and it made a huge difference to her muscle pain. Thought I’d buy some and try it myself. My legs feel so good. No pain and soft.

  155. 196 customer reviews


    CBD oil works! Highly recommend you guys!! thanks a lot

  156. 196 customer reviews


    Happy I bought this. Works wonders for my plantar fasciitis!

  157. 196 customer reviews

    Rita Bonita

    I was not anxious/nervous/on edge. Thank you for an amazing product!

  158. 196 customer reviews


    I am currently going through chemotherapy after breast cancer and I have a lot of pain. A friend suggested I try this massage oil, more just to help me relax. It actually works and I’m so glad I listened to her. I’m even considering taking a bigger step and trying the pills!

  159. 196 customer reviews


    effective and fragrant

  160. 196 customer reviews


    Pros: the smell, not too sticky, the cbd helps with my pain
    Cons: bottle too small, bit expensive

  161. 196 customer reviews


    I was worried the smell would be overpowering but its pretty perfect.

  162. 196 customer reviews

    Daniel C

    Seit wir das Produkt verwenden, kann ich feststellen, dass ich besser geschlafen habe und weniger Schmerzen habe

  163. 196 customer reviews


    my massage clients LOVE this!! I’ve never been so busy. Will definitely buy more.

  164. 196 customer reviews


    I think I’m your #1 fan!

  165. 196 customer reviews


    de geur van pepermunt is echt goed. ik ben zo blij dat ik dit product van Canna Union heb gekocht

  166. 196 customer reviews

    Susie N

    Es half bei meinen chronischen Rückenschmerzen – ich hatte während der Anwendung keine Schmerzen.

  167. 196 customer reviews


    work good

  168. 196 customer reviews

    Roberta Z

    This product really makes me calm and less stressed.

  169. 196 customer reviews


    great customer service and fast delivery

  170. 196 customer reviews


    I have polymyalgia rheumatica and have been looking for something to provide relief. I purcahsed some of this and have found it helps a lot to curb the pain.

  171. 196 customer reviews

    Jimmy V

    This product is amazing. It has helped me calm down when my anxiety reaches out of hand.

  172. 196 customer reviews

    Lisa Jantel

    Canna Union is such a great company. I’ve actually bought a lot from them already and this was one of the newest ones I thought I’d try. I love the smell. Its like an after dinner mint. And my partner really likes the massage oil – she says its not too “oily” which is a bonus. Will keep buying CU products.

  173. 196 customer reviews


    CBD oil reduces with my headache! I feel calm and relaxed!

  174. 196 customer reviews

    Johnno T

    I got this with the softgels and got free shipping! win!

  175. 196 customer reviews


    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  176. 196 customer reviews

    Mimi F

    it works so well on sore neck and shoulders, but its a bit expensive

  177. 196 customer reviews


    blerës i lumtur

  178. 196 customer reviews


    Bit pricey but smells nice

  179. 196 customer reviews


    I use this on my legs, arms and lower back (mostly because i can’t reach anywhere else). So far i have noticed a lot less pain and it seems to be working pretty fast. i’ll keep using it for sure

  180. 196 customer reviews

    Bellina S

    provided some relief from muscle aches and has a nice warming effect. smells good too

  181. 196 customer reviews


    use this in our crossfit gym. everyone loves it.

  182. 196 customer reviews

    happy customer

    fast delivery thanks

  183. 196 customer reviews


    1st time buyer. will buy again

  184. 196 customer reviews


    my skin elasticity is better than ever. will recommend.

  185. 196 customer reviews


    smells great

  186. 196 customer reviews


    This oil is amazing. Has a wonderful texture. I wish it was available in a bigger bottle.

  187. 196 customer reviews


    I have used magnesium oil in the past and found that it makes me itchy, and sometimes it even burns. I like using natural products though so thought i’d try this. I’m glad I did. No burn, no itch. And it really does work on helping the muscles. Will buy more.

  188. 196 customer reviews

    Mia Schmid

    My husband bought me this for my birthday. One massage later and I’m impressed. It smells delicious and I felt more relaxed than ever before. Thanks hubby. And thanks Canna Union.

  189. 196 customer reviews


    3 stars

  190. 196 customer reviews


    fast delivery, great product.

  191. 196 customer reviews

    Theon F

    A bien fonctionné pour soulager les douleurs articulaires tenaces.

  192. 196 customer reviews

    Frank M

    I am extremely happy and satisfied with the product! it been a relief having this product. Thanks Canna union!

  193. 196 customer reviews


    Absorbs fast. Relaxing. Not sticky. My clients love it.

  194. 196 customer reviews

    Nerea Torres

    My experience with Canna Union is AWESOME!!

  195. 196 customer reviews

    Linda Lo

    Got sent the wrong order.

  196. 196 customer reviews


    Très content. Avec ce produit

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