CBD Massage Oil 300mg - Orange & Vanilla

(204 customer reviews)

29.96 or 23.97 / month

CBD Massage Oil 300mg - Orange & Vanilla

  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Vanilla and Orange Scented
  • Essential oils
  • Organic
  • Contains 300mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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Canna Union CBD massage oil is relaxing and beneficial! CBD massage oil interacts with the body’s skin receptors to assist with inflammation, muscle pain and spasms, joint and nerve pain. It is also ideal to use as a simple relaxant (who doesn’t relax with a good massage!?) and has been known to strengthen the immune system.

Made with CBD that has been extracted from hemp, CBD massage oil is fully legal across Europe and is blended with other oils for maximum benefits. Thanks to the full spectrum CBD, it has an earthy aroma that assists with the relaxation process.

Important note: avoid contact with your eyes and do not apply to open wounds. This oil is for external use only.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, Pure Almond Oil, Vanilla and Orange Essential Oils, Cannabinoids and Natural Terpenes. (THC Free)


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Dimensions 4.77 × 4.77 × 11.7 cm

204 reviews for CBD Massage Oil 300mg – Orange & Vanilla

  1. Vance

    I prefer massaging my chest area with this because I feel I can breath really well when I’m stress. So relaxing and so restful to always have.

  2. Jordan

    I promise, CBD massage oil boosts the mood. Why? because it instantly calm chronic pain!

  3. Maddy

    Massage oil CBD is unbelieveably soothing! I thought essential oils aren’t really effective. Well, it’s true at some perhaps, but CBD is different!

  4. Austin

    Fast headache relief. I used CBD massage oil on my head area to calm the tension in my head when it hurts.

  5. Terry

    My antidote of physical sensation of stress! And it never fail me.

  6. Betty

    This really helps with my back pain

  7. Bethany

    You can absolutely deal with a certain muscle pain when you apply an amount of CBD massage oil on it!

  8. Digby

    The way it reduces the tension and pain on the muscle, joints and elsewhere on the body is calming, and good mood enhancer.

  9. Elijah

    This one’s is so helpful with inflammation. It soothes really deep and the calming sensation stays quite long.

  10. Hannah

    This CBD massage oil soothes the muscle, which makes it more effective and calming

  11. John

    This massage oil never fail us. It soothes on the appplied tightness on the body that gives calming sensation.

  12. Queena

    Helps the body fight inflammation not to get worse! I also love how it calms my mind.

  13. Bryan

    Applying Cbd massage oil to my body especially when I have joint pain, not just relaxes the tension but leaving my skin boosts its elasticity as well!

  14. Blake

    It doesn’t sting! It gives a lot of scent and I love how it help my husband with my massages!

  15. Agrona

    I love how CBD massage oil touches my body. It feels like it knows what to do without telling it what to do 🙂 Plus it’s easy to pump!

  16. Sean

    It’s amazing how a little oil like this can work wonders for my well-being and reduce my sleep apnea!

  17. Mark

    A good massage with good cbd oil makes me feel so relaxed and calm.

  18. Marlon

    This massage oil has the best scent I had. It really helped me relax and feel calm. The oil itself absorbs to my skin

  19. Mark

    I’m really happy with my cbd massage oil. It takes away my ache and pain

  20. Mitch

    We’ve been using cbd massage on our massage and spa salon. All of our clients really loved and always request your product to use it. We will be ordering some more

  21. Roxane

    Though I sometimes have time to go to Spa, I don’t grab it, because CBD Massage Oil Orange and Vanilla is more effective to me. Plus no need to travel to Spa that far 🙂

  22. Aubree

    This Massage Oil from Canna Union has been helping me with all my nerve, muscle and joint pain. It’s perfectly making me calm and rest well.

  23. Lucy

    Organic has always been the best and effective to fight body pains. Thankful to Canna Union for this!

  24. Nora

    This is the most effective Massage Oil I ever applied to my muscle pain areas! Now I’m always on the go! thanks Canna Union!

  25. Caroline

    It is always a good feeling with CBD Massage Oil with me whenever, wherever!

  26. Arne

    Jeg elsker lukten. Duften alene er nok til å ha en god dag og en god natts søvn.

  27. Vega

    I used to hate any external application oil. But CBD Massage Oil is different. It doesn’t have the usual greasy effect. So I get so calm when I apply it.

  28. Raymond

    I worked as a consultant and this product helps me alot to get everything done with my daily task. Thanks Canna Union!

  29. Olivia

    I’m very please to have this product in my life right now. Thanks Canna union!

  30. Goda

    CBD Massage Oil has a lot of health beneficial and I can really tell it’s a FACT. Thanks to its relaxing calming effect that suits me.

  31. Fredrik

    Så glad denne typen massasjeolje finnes! Det hjelper meg så mye å fortsette fordi det beskytter muskelen min nå mot alle slags smerter!

  32. Marta

    Det har vært min hjelp til betennelse så vel som muskelsmerter! Det fullfører mine daglige aktiviteter! Takk til Canna Union.

  33. Biatriz

    Seit ich CBD-Massageöl verwendet habe, war es für mich nie notwendig, ins Spa zu gehen.

  34. Irish

    I am so happy these types of products have invented! It gives chances and hope to the hard working, busy ones to have a peaceful sleep after a long day for its soothing effect!

  35. Angela

    Sometimes you just have to have both. LOL, Great decision ever!

  36. Maris

    Before I also dream of a best massage oil. And it was granted. Thanks canna Union!

  37. Jay

    Both flavors pf CBD Massage Oil are great! I love both and either of it works really fine with me!

  38. Steven S

    Das wunderbare Heilmittel gegen meine Schmerzen. Ich werde wieder bestellen!

  39. Marry

    Probé CBD porque la mayoría de los productos que probé me hicieron sentir peor. ¡Estoy al tanto de lo que este producto puede hacer!

  40. Elena

    J’ai pris beaucoup de pilules pour mes douleurs aux hanches. Je l’ai eu le mois dernier et je n’ai pris aucun comprimé.

  41. Shane

    Erstaunliche Produkte und ich werde nie wieder bestellen! Das ist das beste!

  42. Zoey

    Me innecesariamente gastado una fortuna en otras medicinas! ¡Esto es lo que necesito para mi dolor en las articulaciones!

  43. Carlos

    Had a great time using this and I’ve told my family about it. They will also order soon!

  44. Gertrud

    Some days I don’t even try to get out of bed because of the endless joint pains. But now that I have this, I do whatever I want!

  45. Kate

    Je me sens vive et ne sens plus la tension sur mes hanches. Je peux mieux faire mon travail maintenant!

  46. Lovely

    I got over my muscles aches. It was really holding me down and now I’m all better!

  47. Mia

    My friend inspired me to try CBD for my extreme arthritis. Needless to say that I was healed!

  48. Ben

    This oil is beyond compare. I used this for my migraines and I have greatly benefited from this.

  49. Divine

    Jeg la noe av dette om natten for å hjelpe meg med å sove, og jeg vil alltid få god søvn!

  50. Kaja

    In this difficult time, this has been my stress reliever. I appreciate all the efforts that have been put into making this product!

  51. Jorge

    Pleased to have such an amazing product for my nausea I’ve also been able to deal with my headaches!

  52. Marina

    Siento que mi espalda se romperá después de cargar cosas. ¡Y esto me da una solución rápida!

  53. Sophia

    CBD massage oil helped me with my body pain. Been feeling really calm now.

  54. Dahl

    Uforlignelig med alle cbd-selskaper. Jeg fant definitivt det beste for ankelsmerter!

  55. Kent

    Got mine a few days ago and have been using it since! I feel a lot calmer I guess.

  56. Kenny

    I used to have an active way of life and so I always bring this for my joint problems.

  57. Julia

    ¡Me alegro de que mi insomnio haya mejorado de inmediato! Excelente producto y servicio!

  58. Sandra

    I was in a really bad place in my life and this made me feel like there’s hope. Been able to manage my depression.

  59. Juliette

    J’étais dans le doute alors j’ai pensé pourquoi ne pas l’essayer. Avance rapide jusqu’à maintenant, je ne chercherai jamais un autre produit!

  60. Diana

    Mes mollets me font beaucoup mal pendant la nuit et cette crème aide vraiment à soulager l’inconfort! Excellent travail, Canna Union!

  61. Donna

    Couldn’t get good sleep due to my aching joints. Extremely pleased when I found this oil!

  62. Sandra

    I’ve been using this oil for weeks and I would say it’s been perfect for my sore muscles

  63. Rose

    This oil soothes my body and I love the fragrance. Also helps with my agonizing muscle pains!

  64. Ava

    Meine Knie können keine langen Spaziergänge ertragen. Aber dieses Produkt hat mir wirklich geholfen, meine Schmerzen in den Griff zu bekommen

  65. Kate

    La mejor medicina para mis dolores y molestias. ¡Definitivamente voy a ordenar de nuevo!

  66. Janna

    I love the experience and the quality was truly supreme! Thank you very much, Canna Union!

  67. Charity

    Det er forbløffende hvordan litt olje som dette kan gjøre underverker for mitt velvære og reduserer søvnapnéen min!

  68. Grace

    Jeg er en fargetilhenger selv, og jeg har oppfordret faren min til å bestille dette for hans smerter i kneet, og han kommer til å kjøpe snart!

  69. Mae

    This product has proven to be very effective and it has been shown to reduce stress. highly suggest it!

  70. Maris

    Felt different about CBD products until I tried Canna Union’s! Now I’m obsessed!

  71. Sheena

    Dies ist zweifellos das Beste, was ich mit dem stechenden Schmerz in meinen Hüften getestet habe. Es ist großartig und ich liebe es!

  72. Rico

    Es half, meine Gelenkschmerzen zu reduzieren, ohne irgendwelche Pillen nehmen zu müssen! Ich bin so glücklich, dass ich das gefunden habe.

  73. Vincent

    ¡Es realmente tranquilizador! ¡Sufrí de dolor en las articulaciones durante varios años y no podía creer que fuera el remedio que estaba buscando!

  74. Roxanne

    No more sprains and discomfort after exercising! Thanks so much for a job well done

  75. Monet Y

    I consistently get a feeling of tranquility everytime I put this on and improved my sleep pattern as well!

  76. Candice

    Jeg har eksem og er veldig redd for å prøve de fleste hudprodukter, men jeg er så glad for at jeg fant denne fantastiske oljen!

  77. Julie

    I train a lot and using this massage oil really helped with the muscle sores! Been able to manage my soreness

  78. Marjorie

    Søsteren min har dette, og jeg prøvde å bruke det og la noen på skuldrene. Det føles veldig bra og vil kjøpe en for meg selv!

  79. Ruffa

    My knees always gave up after walking around for a few minutes. But this product really helped me deal with pain!

  80. Mika L

    My brother has had insomnia since he was young and I bought him this. He has been on it for a few days and the results are impressive.

  81. Roxanne

    Compré algunos de estos el mes pasado y se los di a mi hermana y mi tía. ¡Acaban de hacer sus pedidos hoy!

  82. Claudia

    During these very stressful times, this is a blessing for me. Relieves my stress.

  83. Vanessa

    I’m in love with Canna Union’s products !! The best cbd company.

  84. Nina

    Jeg skulle ønske jeg fant denne oljen for mange år siden! Jeg hadde hatt glede av å reise mer!

  85. Marimba

    ¡Compré estas cosas el mes pasado y compraré más cuando se agote!

  86. Meriam

    ¡La tensión en mi hombro desapareció desde que comencé a usar el aceite de vape de cbd la semana pasada!

  87. Lena

    ¡La tensión en mi hombro desapareció desde que comencé a usar el aceite de vape de cbd la semana pasada!

  88. Angela

    No more aches and pains thanks to your superb CBD massage oil! Can’t believe how fast it takes effect!

  89. Cassie

    At first, I was torn between the flavors to buy for CBD massage oil, so I ended up buying both and it was amazing!

  90. Jasmine

    Al principio tenía mis dudas, así que tuve que probarlo para ver si era mejor. Y diría que nunca iré a buscar otro medicamento para mis dolores en las articulaciones.

  91. Bella

    I was thinking of switching from taking pills to something else because of the side effects. I’m really glad my colleague recommended this to me!

  92. Nora

    Suffered from back pains for years and it’s gone after using this for a month! I totally appreciate it!

  93. Taylor

    My legs feels like they’re submerged in a pot full of boiling water after doing my daily chores around the house! Not since I found this magical massage oil! Relieves my legs really fast!

  94. Anecit

    Da jeg begynte å være interessert i cbd-produkter, var Canna Union den første jeg prøvde, og jeg hadde rett! Du kan aldri gå galt med Canna Union-produkter!

  95. Munro

    Feeling very nonchalant each time I put on some of these. It calms my nerves and I sleep like a log!

  96. Carter

    This stuff is really worth every penny! This has helped me cope with my depression.

  97. Irene

    Je ne pensais pas que ma fatigue aurait disparu après avoir utilisé cette huile de massage pendant une semaine! Vous êtes les meilleurs les gars!

  98. Clemens

    Canna Unión, usted es mi héroe! ¡Muchas gracias!

  99. Melissa

    It helped reduce my joint pains without having to take any pain pills!

  100. Athena

    I’ve been using this massage oil for almost two weeks and I’d say it’s been the best.

  101. Asdis

    Jeg elsker cbd massasjeoljedukten og det beroliger kroppen min.

  102. Faith

    No more sprains and aches after playing volleyball! Thanks a lot!

  103. Antonio

    Plus de maux et de douleurs grâce à votre superbe huile de massage CBD!

  104. Myrna

    The experience is just amazing! From ordering, shipping and now using it, and so far so good!

  105. Paula

    La entrega es rápida y los productos están bien embalados. Definitivamente recomendaría esta empresa

  106. Jane

    I’ve been ordering from here for a while, really good service and great products at good prices,

  107. Shara

    Excellent product and confident it has helped with some arthritis discomfort

  108. Sebastian

    Orange and vanilla is the perfect combination not too strong and not to acidic. Its just right and It really helps me reduces my anxiety! I love your massage oil

  109. mrs.white

    The process of buying was great. Easy to choose because all important info were given on the website. Shipping was incredibly fast and safe too. I’m happy and satisfied.

  110. Alison

    Ce produit aide à soulager la douleur dans le bas de mon dos. Cela m’aide à me détendre, ce qui aide à détendre les muscles tendus de mon dos.

  111. Audrey J

    Ich habe bemerkt, dass es meine Nacken- und Rückenschmerzen entlastet, so dass ich normaler funktionieren kann. Ich kann auch schneller einschlafen und besser schlafen.

  112. [email protected]

    It was the first time that i’ve Used it and I have to say, after a few days, I felt very relaxed. So far, so good!

  113. Jonathan

    The first time in months that i sleep well and deeply. I also train a lot and it helps with the recovery of my body. I highly recommend your product!

  114. rounin88

    Super fast delivery and I just love the massage oil. Your cbd oil massage is brilliant no matter what flavour you choose you won’t be disappointed

  115. Alan

    Very impressed with the product brought, delivery and service was just as described when purchase was made

  116. Lorenz760

    Trusted and quality product. Timely delivery. Very user-friendly website.

  117. Simone

    Ich bin so froh, dass ich endlich dein Massageöl kaufen durfte. Es ist reich an CBD-Öl und basiert auf anderen ätherischen Ölen. Der Duft ist unglaublich. Unverzügliche Lieferung. Ich werde wieder von dieser Firma kaufen.

  118. Gustl

    Rask service, fikk oransje smaksatt olje lukter godt. Smerter på skulderen min er alle borte etter å ha brukt massasjeoljen din!

  119. Willie Walker

    I love your CBD massage oil. It takes off all your pain away. What I love is the orange scent from the oil. It’s so relaxing. I would definitely recommend your product!

  120. Jutta Y

    Jeg har akkurat mottatt det, alt var pent pakket og ankom tidligere enn forventet. Gleder meg til å bruke den

  121. Sergio F

    Genialer Service und schnelle Lieferung. Perfektes Qualitätsprodukt. Ich kann sie jedem empfehlen.

  122. PJH

    Great range of products at reasonable prices. Your customer service is second to none and very quick delivery. Very reputable high quality products too! Highly recommend Canna Union

  123. SSSébastien032

    Good prompt service. Oil arrived beautifully presented. Have found the oil helps my anxiety and reduces chronic pain. Thank you kindly!

  124. RupertX

    Brilliant Oil for pain relief and anxiety relief. I will definitely buy again!!! Thank you so much!

  125. Ebbesen

    Easy to order and fast delivery. A hassle free transaction and pleased with the purchase. I would definitely recommend the brilliant Canna Union!!!!

  126. Christine

    Excellent customer service. An error occurred with an online transaction and the company sorted this out within 15mins, with email support to confirm remedy. Very helpful staff.

  127. Diane19

    Excellent quality of oil. I’ve tried a few and this seems to be the most effective. Customer service and delivery is also first class.

  128. Henry

    Toller Service, Öl kam sehr schnell an. Sehr gutes Öl, das wirklich bei RA-Schmerzen, aber auch bei Schlaf und Angst hilft.

  129. R Nowak

    Absolutt ingen problemer med dette selskapet. De er super raske med levering. Flott produkt også. Jeg har nesten slått av alle smertestillende mine etter å ha tatt dem i over 20 år.

  130. Jane Andres

    Prompt service, got the orange flavoured oil it smells so good. its not too strong with the scent. Thank you!

  131. Aunt Vicky

    Nothing beats with a relaxing massage oil and reduces joint pains and muscle pains because of your product! Definitely recommend!!

  132. Ainoa

    Web site was easy to use, smooth transaction and fast delivery. Great product too. Will definitely buy from here again.

  133. Nash

    Your massage oil is brilliant! No more muscle pain for me lad!

  134. Mrs. Medina

    Your massage oil is really soothing to my skin. I just love how it absorbs my muscle pain and feel relaxed!

  135. Connor O’Kelly

    Dies ist das zuverlässigste und effektivste CBD-Öl, das ich gefunden habe. Toller Kundenservice und perfektes Qualitätsprodukt

  136. Yassi Buenas

    Buen servicio al cliente

  137. Iva

    massage for relaxing and the benefit really achieved! impressive

  138. masaje!

    great massage oil!

  139. Rachelle and Jason

    This massage oil is one of the best. it is absorbent and relaxing

  140. Warren

    I can use it to any muscle pain too! Super helpful!

  141. LEal

    Its not only the massage is good. but the oil is really reduces my body pains

  142. VanillaFL

    The vanilla flavor is perfect. its not too strong.

  143. Reflexes

    a great massage for this cbd oil is the best!!

  144. Margarethe Jonas

    great product! I i like it so much!!

  145. VanillaLover28

    It has great flavor! Orange and vanilla. I love it!

  146. goodbodymassage

    I feel so relax with this massage oil

  147. Geo12

    Service rapide et efficace. Merci

  148. Sanda J

    my massage clients love this oil!

  149. Maëlys

    I enjoy this product. All the pain from my feet to my lef to my hip all were reduces the pain. THANK YOU!

  150. L.Teede

    hubby got me this for christmas … little did he realise, he’d be the one using it (on me) haha … we both love it. smells sooooo good

  151. Ambre ♥

    Cela a très bien fonctionné, cela m’a aidé avec mon anxiété et mes maux de dos.

  152. Paquito Morales Jr.

    Producto de excelente calidad y excelente

  153. Guillot E

    I highly rate this prodduct! It helped me a lot with my pain

  154. Savvy

    Ihr Service ist ausgezeichnet,

  155. Anonymous

    helps with my sore shoulder. would recommend.

  156. Thankyou.com

    I’m so happy with my order. Thank you!

  157. Daniel

    like it

  158. Martina Hartmann

    angemessener Preis

  159. Kate

    I have chronic pain and have found this massage oil actually works so well. It helps me sleep, relieving my pain all night long. I’m happy I bought it.

  160. Magnus J

    Tolles Produkt. Funktioniert gut bei Rückenschmerzen meiner Frau

  161. Charles

    Smells good, but didn’t get much relief from it to be honest.

  162. Aya M

    Top quality product! Well done! I love it !

  163. Schulze

    You have an excellent customer service! Thank you!

  164. Alicia Medina

    Quería probar esto por mi ansiedad y mis problemas para dormir. Ahora duermo mejor y mi ansiedad es mucho mejor.

  165. Joanna

    Slightly bitter but the product really is effective.

  166. Mrs. Ortega

    Usé este producto para calmar mi ansiedad. ¡Funciona a las mil maravillas!

  167. Laura Brekke

    Parece aliviar mi dolor de artritis.

  168. Sam Chuck

    I have become so relaxed and my anxiety is all gone

  169. K.I

    smells like orange cake cooking on the oven

  170. Massage Mania

    have bought both this and the peppermint one for my shop. everyone loves it. i’ll definitely be buying more.

  171. Kay


  172. Katherine McDonald

    There’s so much to love about this oil. Fast delivery, Quality product.

  173. Summer

    don’t like it

  174. Lucid

    Great price! A little goes a long way with this oil.

  175. Caterina

    Smells amazing. Glides well. Helps with sore muscles. Just a bit exe.

  176. Lotte

    This is going on my “must have” list for sure.

  177. An Angel


  178. Orlando

    I’m obsessed with this and tell everyone about it. It works like magic on back pain and is great for sore muscles after a workout.

  179. Kristy Lee

    Smells nice but I’m still not convinced it’s doing anything.

  180. Sienna Loinda

    Smell is so intoxicating I fell asleep!

  181. Luca Price

    Took a while to arrive, but I really like it.

  182. ..

    fast shipping thanks

  183. Ivy L

    I bought this a while ago and have found that its really lasted a long time. I don’t use too much of it and usually it’s just to massage into my calves after i’ve been for a run. that’s when i feel the most pain on my muscles. anyway, it doesn’t take away 100% of the pain but definitely provides a lot of relief. every now and then i even add a bit to my bath – it makes my skin feel so smooth after and the smell is really relaxing.

  184. hannah

    Super fast shipping!

  185. Agnès

    l’orange et la vanille sent délicieux. ça marche aussi.

  186. IndieJo

    the smell is great and the consistency of the oil is so much better than most. is very calming and helps with my shoulder pain. overall very happy with this

  187. Джонатан

    Мені подобається це масажне масло, я вважаю, що воно дуже добре діє на болі ноги після тривалого бігу.

  188. L.H

    arrived fast

  189. anonymous

    My bf and me love this. TU

  190. CBD Fan

    great oil. i usually use this or magnesium when i have sore muscles. not sure which is best yet, but I’m leaning towards CBD

  191. fan.atic

    I was using this on my legs when i noticed that one of the bruises I got recently was fading really fast. It was crazy. You should market this as a bruise-cure as well.

  192. Mary

    BEST MASSAGE OIL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Sarah


  194. Sam

    works great but have to use a LOT which makes it expensive

  195. Joanne

    beautiful consistency and smells so nice. my clients love it.

  196. Leila

    GET THIS for your massage parlour. You won’t regret it.

  197. andy_lee_here

    smells delightful

  198. Antour

    I do a lot of running and because of the uneven ground, I find that my calves can actually be sore for days after. I thought I’d try this cream after someone at my gym recommended it. On the weekend I went for a 10km run and when i got back I used this oil to see if it worked. it did. I didn’t have any calf pain at all and could walk as though I hadn’t run 10km. Happy days

  199. Katherine Mikaelson

    Bought a few products on here now. This is definitely my fave. Smells amazing and my massage clients love it.

  200. Ellen J

    I’m a massage oil addict and have about 20 different bottles at home. But I have to say that this is one of my faves. You can really feel the results.

  201. I.O.

    great relief for bursitis

  202. Gemma

    I use this post workout and it takes away all my muscle pain.

  203. Janine

    My massage therapist actually uses this. I went to see her on a Wednesday and on the Thursday I wasn’t feeling any pain! I was so happy that I asked her where she got it. She gave me your site and here I am! I can’t wait to see how well it works when I use it more often.

  204. A fan

    My 2 fave smells! It almost makes me want to eat it. Works okay too.

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