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CBD Muscle Relax Cream

Full Spectrum CBD
181 customer reviews
(181 customer reviews)


  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Organic
  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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This rich, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory CBD Muscle Relax Cream both soothes and relaxes the muscles to reduce inflammation and create an immediate soothing sensation. It’s an enhancement of your well-being and post workout activity that you will truly feel.

CBD Muscle Relax Cream is packed with the highest quality hemp, which is 100% organic, so it is free from metallics and pesticides. Plus it safe to use, because there is no content of psychoactive THC.

Directions: Apply a pea-sized amount of CBD Musle Relax Cream to the skin directly onto problematic skin areas. Massage into your skin in a small circular motion 3-5 times daily or as needed.

Ingredients: Aqua, Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Polysorbate 20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum (Fragrance) and Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (1000mg CBD)

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes


181 reviews for CBD Muscle Relax Cream

  1. 181 customer reviews


    The soothing sensation is not just immediate, but lasts longer!

  2. 181 customer reviews


    I feel so rich in hydaration and moistured skin! This one is soothing always leaves calming sensation to my body I always love!

  3. 181 customer reviews


    The best moisturizing ever! I have never experienced dryness since I maintained it! I always feel smooth!

  4. 181 customer reviews


    I always apply this on my head during sleeping time. I feel like it’s massaging my head to put me to sleep 🙂

  5. 181 customer reviews


    It’s pretty amazing how instantly this cream works and soothes my sore muscles. Thank you Canna Union!

  6. 181 customer reviews


    It’s pretty amazing how instantly this cream works and soothes my sore muscles. Thank you Canna Union!

  7. 181 customer reviews


    I’ve been a huge fan of your products for the month now and it’s only getting better! You are amazing!

  8. 181 customer reviews


    I like to cook and every time I cut my hands I use CBD cream and it heals twice as fast!

  9. 181 customer reviews


    I love this cream.It is exactly correct for my dry skin. Moisturizing overnight. It feels good on your skin at first, but actually absorbs very quickly.

  10. 181 customer reviews


    Just right for my muscle pain. It really reduces pain and sore. Definitely this cream is effective!

  11. 181 customer reviews


    This cream is really good to any of sore muscle of our body. Definitely recommend this cream

  12. 181 customer reviews


    I always get muscle pain every morning. So when I tried your muscle relax. I was super impressed!! I will definitely order again with you Canna Union!

  13. 181 customer reviews


    After doing my routine work out. I always use this muscle cream to avoid cramps and bruises

  14. 181 customer reviews


    I have a chronic pain condition and these and this cream took out all the pain

  15. 181 customer reviews


    I was having sore muscles and tried thi muscle relax.. I was like, Wow! I will order some more!

  16. 181 customer reviews


    After going to the gym and work out. I always have my muscle relax cream with me to make sure those pain will all go away.

  17. 181 customer reviews


    Using CBD Night Cream makes my skin soft. Probably because the cream penetrates skin and since it’s left on skin overnight, it gives incredible result 🙂

  18. 181 customer reviews


    I never felt a soothing sensation, just with CBD Muscle Relax Cream from Canna Union! This one’s is genuine:)

  19. 181 customer reviews


    It indeed relax my muscle, all the pain is gone and everytime I sense another one is coming, I just apply a little from it and again, it’s completely gone! 🙂

  20. 181 customer reviews


    Tightness in my muscles and exhauted body will dissappear right after I applied this CBD Muscle Relax Cream!. Excellent product Canna Union!

  21. 181 customer reviews


    I am enjoying it’s application method. It feels like I’m in a Spa but a very convenient Spa. Which is only possible at home with Canna Union’s Muscle Relax Cream.

  22. 181 customer reviews


    Kan ikke få nok av den massasjeaktige effekten. En så dyr følelse, helt sikkert!

  23. 181 customer reviews


    I have 3 job that requires a lot of heavy liftting. This product really helps me complete my day.

  24. 181 customer reviews


    I coudn’t ask for more about this CBD Muscle Relax Cream. After a long day this helps me keep muscle relax and rest. Thanks Canna Union!

  25. 181 customer reviews


    Det er flott å ha en krem ​​som ikke bare fukter huden din, men som slapper av hver eneste detalj i muskelen! Glad jeg fikk meg!

  26. 181 customer reviews


    Opplevelsen er bare fantastisk! Fra bestilling, frakt og nå bruk av det, og så langt så bra!

  27. 181 customer reviews


    A great way to relax your muscle plus skin protector. What an invention! Thanks Canna Union!

  28. 181 customer reviews


    I was never a fan of relaxation stuff because I’m not comfortable with its application. But that point of view changed when I gave myself a chance to try this one, since I heard a lot of good reviews about it! And it is indeed good. Now I bring it with me wherever I go.

  29. 181 customer reviews


    Muscle pain is not my favorite. I’m glad i have this product!

  30. 181 customer reviews


    After a long day! This is the one that helps me with my muscle pain!

  31. 181 customer reviews


    Fast and very effective. As soon as it touches my skin all the pain goes away.

  32. 181 customer reviews


    I can’t thank you enough for healing my frequent joint pains! I’m all better now!

  33. 181 customer reviews


    L’insomnie me rend misérable depuis des années. Et je suis heureux que cela aide à l’apaiser!

  34. 181 customer reviews


    My legs feel so relaxed after using this. I haven’t felt this good in years!

  35. 181 customer reviews


    My sore thighs have been quite easy. This helps with the swelling.

  36. 181 customer reviews


    Ich sagte meiner Schwägerin, wie brillant diese Produkte sind. Sie wird zu jeder Zeit bald bestellen!

  37. 181 customer reviews


    Impressive customer service! And the delivery was quick! The best company overall!

  38. 181 customer reviews


    It’s really rewarding to find a product that suits my needs. The pain in my ankle has healed completely!

  39. 181 customer reviews


    I’ve been looking for this kind of relief for years. Not sure when CBD was developed but it’s the best thing ever!

  40. 181 customer reviews


    Mes genoux lancinants vont bien jusqu’à présent et j’espère voir plus de progrès!

  41. 181 customer reviews


    Je ne peux pas croire que cela ait guéri mon coude qui me fait mal depuis des mois. Je me sens incroyable maintenant!

  42. 181 customer reviews


    I’ve been enjoying my day more now because of this product. No more painful legs!

  43. 181 customer reviews


    Trer i kraft raskt og veldig nyttig for såre føtter! Utmerket produkt!

  44. 181 customer reviews


    Gjenopprettet fra ubehag i muskler på grunn av dette! Jeg har ikke følt dette avslappet på flere tiår.

  45. 181 customer reviews

    Runar Andre

    Jobb godt gjort, Canna Union! Ingen flere forstuinger og muskelsår etter løping!

  46. 181 customer reviews


    Meine Knöchel können nicht länger stehen. Diese Creme half mir, meine Schmerzen unter Kontrolle zu bekommen.

  47. 181 customer reviews


    Ich habe eine Menge Pillen gegen meine Knieschmerzen genommen. Habe das letzte Woche bekommen und bin seitdem pillenfrei!

  48. 181 customer reviews


    Das hat meine Erwartungen übertroffen! Nachdem ich dieses Zeug fast zwei Wochen lang für meine Muskelschmerzen verwendet hatte, bemerkte ich viel Entwicklung!

  49. 181 customer reviews


    Been using CBD muscle cream for 2 weeks. And my skin did not have any allergic reaction compared to others.

  50. 181 customer reviews


    Je remercie tout le personnel du service client d’avoir répondu assez rapidement à mes questions. Un service formidable!

  51. 181 customer reviews


    Diese Creme dominiert alle beliebten und sehr teuren Produkte! Vielen Dank!

  52. 181 customer reviews


    I was uncertain of the things I heard about Canna Union but I found that it is true. This was really useful for my insomnia!

  53. 181 customer reviews


    Dette føles bra på huden min og virkelig slapper meg av og søvnen min forbedret seg veldig! Høyt verdsatt!

  54. 181 customer reviews


    Cette crème a vraiment aidé avec les plaies musculaires après avoir fait de l’exercice pendant des heures! J’ai pu gérer ma douleur

  55. 181 customer reviews


    Haven’t felt this relaxed in so long. I use this each time my knees start to hurt.

  56. 181 customer reviews


    My arms feel really heavy after I working in the kitchen. Glad I have this go-to cream for it.

  57. 181 customer reviews


    Can’t deny that this is the most extraordinary muscle cream ever! Great company!

  58. 181 customer reviews


    Ihr Kundenservice ist wirklich außergewöhnlich! Dies lindert meine Gelenkschmerzen

  59. 181 customer reviews


    Cela m’a aidé à réduire mes douleurs articulaires sans avoir à prendre de médicaments contre la douleur! Je me sens aussi fraîche et ma peau est éclatante!

  60. 181 customer reviews


    Really hesitant to try cbd before. I got mine last week and it’s been pretty impressive for my muscle discomfort.

  61. 181 customer reviews


    My sprain muscles easily get better when I use this. Great product and company

  62. 181 customer reviews


    After doing some cleaning in my yard, this CBD oil pill is perfect to alleviate the tightness in my hips! You’re incredible!

  63. 181 customer reviews


    The persistent pain in my pelvis has reduced! Thanks to Canna Union!

  64. 181 customer reviews


    I put this on every night and wake up feeling energized! Surely propose Canna Union to my friends and family!

  65. 181 customer reviews


    This arrived this week and has been using it since then. I know it’s early days but the results have been great

  66. 181 customer reviews


    Ich fühle mich jedes Mal wunderbar, wenn ich es benutze und ich fühle mich ruhig! Das Beste seiner Art!

  67. 181 customer reviews


    ¡Todo el dolor de cuello, cadera y espalda desapareció después de solo unos días de usar esto! Gracias Canna Union!

  68. 181 customer reviews

    Shaina G

    My nap gets disturbed every time due to my aching arthritis. Super relieved when I found this cream

  69. 181 customer reviews

    Shawn J

    Undeniably the most extraordinary muscle cream in the universe! Great company!

  70. 181 customer reviews


    I didn’t believe it a first but now I thought that this is the best product I’ve ever used for my back pains!

  71. 181 customer reviews


    Ma peau se sent bien après chaque bain. Apaise vraiment mes allergies!

  72. 181 customer reviews


    Restauré toutes mes articulations enflammées et m’aide à mieux dormir la nuit! Merci, Canna Union!

  73. 181 customer reviews

    Earl Jade

    I always get a sense of calm every time I use this, and improved my sleep too!

  74. 181 customer reviews


    Dies beruhigt meine Haut und ich werde nach jedem Gebrauch erfrischt. Es hebt auch meine Stimmung und ich fühle mich entspannt!

  75. 181 customer reviews


    ¡Soy un gran defensor de Canna Union! El aceite de vape Cbd me ha dado una segunda oportunidad para volver a estar activo después de la cirugía de cadera.

  76. 181 customer reviews


    C’est assez incroyable à quelle vitesse cette crème prend effet et soulage mes articulations douloureuses. Merci Canna Union!

  77. 181 customer reviews


    Jeg har brukt denne kremen i nesten to uker, og jeg vil si at den har vært den beste. Glad jeg kjøpte en.

  78. 181 customer reviews


    De kroniske smertene i hoftene mine har lindret! Takk, Canna Union!

  79. 181 customer reviews


    My depression has been quite manageable thanks to Canna Union! What an awesome company!

  80. 181 customer reviews


    The tightness in my shoulders is gone in just a few days after using this incredible cream.

  81. 181 customer reviews


    Opplevelsen er bare fantastisk! Fra bestilling, frakt og nå bruk av det, og så langt så bra!

  82. 181 customer reviews


    I’ve been a huge fan of your products for months now and it’s only getting better and better! You are awesome!

  83. 181 customer reviews


    It’s quite amazing how fast this cream takes effect and provides relief for my painful joints. Thanks Canna Union!

  84. 181 customer reviews


    J’ai été vraiment surpris qu’un produit aussi génial que cela existe. Vraiment satisfait des résultats rapides.

  85. 181 customer reviews


    Vielen Dank für dieses Produkt! Keine Muskelkater mehr!

  86. 181 customer reviews


    I’ve been a fan of your products since my sister recommended you to me. My back pain has been really manageable and I’ve been loving it!

  87. 181 customer reviews


    Ich ziehe das gerade an, während ich mich nach einem langen Tag im Garten entspanne! Gute Arbeit!

  88. 181 customer reviews


    I didn’t expect to see the improvement this fast! My back pains are gone in just using this cream for 3 days.

  89. 181 customer reviews


    Je ne pense pas que vous receviez plus de reconnaissance et vous méritez certainement plus! Vos produits sont phénoménaux!

  90. 181 customer reviews


    I have spent years trying several kinds of products for my body pain without having to take pills. I am very happy that this cream helped me!

  91. 181 customer reviews


    This product beats them expensive and over advertised ones! 2 thumbs up for you guys!!

  92. 181 customer reviews


    Ich konnte mich aufgrund der ganzen Zeit isoliert um meinen Garten kümmern und cbd Muskelcreme lindert die Schmerzen in meinem Rücken und meinen Beinen!

  93. 181 customer reviews


    I wish I found this muscle cream years ago! I would have enjoyed traveling more!

  94. 181 customer reviews


    ¡Me siento mejor cada vez que uso esta crema y compraré más!

  95. 181 customer reviews


    My legs are always extremely tired after doing chores all day and this cream really helps sooth my aching legs! Great job, Canna Union!

  96. 181 customer reviews


    Tettheten i skuldrene mine var borte på bare noen få dager etter å ha brukt denne utrolige kremen.

  97. 181 customer reviews


    I train a lot and using this cream really helped with the muscle sores!

  98. 181 customer reviews


    I was having a hard time easing the pain from my foot. I had a strain before when I was still playing football. I don’t know what to do about it. Then, my team mate lend me Canna Union CBD Muscle Relax Cream, I never felt better. I can run fast. Excellent product!! I will buy mine as well! Thank you!

  99. 181 customer reviews


    I usually apply muscle cream before and after gym it helped me reduces the muscle pai all over my body. and everytime I wake up. I don’t feel any pain around my body! I usually apply muscle cream before and after gym it helped me reduces the muscle pai all over my body. and everytime I wake up. I don’t feel any pain around my body!

  100. 181 customer reviews


    I love your product! It helps reduces my sore from my joint and it also helped me relaxed too! Perfect cream for me

  101. 181 customer reviews


    Muscle Cream works incredibly!! I apply it to my joint and also I apply it after gym so when I woke up every morning. no more sores or pain. Brilliant!!

  102. 181 customer reviews


    I bought the CBD Muscle cream because I’d read they might help with joint pain and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve been using it for a week. During the first two days, my hip pain disappeared completely. Its a great difference already for me. I definitely continue using your product!

  103. 181 customer reviews


    I purchased your cbd muscle cream product for my mother she has severe Knee pain/arthritis to the point some days she can barely walk! She said that the product really helps her! Brilliant Company!!

  104. 181 customer reviews


    I found that it greatly minimized my foot pain that I deal with every day from plantar fasciitis. I am very happy that I tried your product.

  105. 181 customer reviews


    Great range of products at reasonable prices. Your customer service is second to none and very quick delivery. Very reputable high quality products too! Highly recommend.

  106. 181 customer reviews

    Jake Eakins

    Jeg gned kremen på kneet mitt tre ganger om dagen den tredje dagen jeg fant at smertene hadde falt, så jeg har prøvd det på fingrene og på håndleddet, det hjelper definitivt å anbefale det.

  107. 181 customer reviews

    Zainab H

    Prompt service and a great product. Your muscle cream helped with recovery from hard training. Thanks and I will be making further orders.

  108. 181 customer reviews


    Can’t speak highly enough of both this product and the company. Has really helped me recover post gym training and definitely has helped me get better sleep and calm my anxiety. Your muscle cream is the best!!

  109. 181 customer reviews


    Very satisfied with the product works very quickly delivered on time. Also smells wonderful.

  110. 181 customer reviews


    Quality product, excellent service. the cream really beneficial for the aches and pains of training with an ageing body! Will definitely be purchasing more.

  111. 181 customer reviews


    Utmerket service, produktet kom uten forsinkelse. Tidlige dager, men har allerede lagt merke til en liten forbedring av symptomene.

  112. 181 customer reviews


    Ich rieb die Creme ungefähr dreimal am Tag auf meinem Knie, bis ich am dritten Tag feststellte, dass die Schmerzen abgeklungen waren, also habe ich es an meinen Fingern und am Handgelenk versucht. Es hilft definitiv, würde es empfehlen.

  113. 181 customer reviews

    Theodore G

    Wir haben diese Muskelcreme gekauft, da mein Mann an Arthritis in der Hand leidet, die stark anschwillt und sehr schmerzhaft ist. Er hat eine deutliche Verbesserung bei der Verringerung von Schwellungen und Schmerzen festgestellt, sodass wir dieses Produkt empfehlen können

  114. 181 customer reviews

    Kelly T

    I just loooooooove your muscle cream! Its SUPERB!!!! High quality product! I will introduce your muscle cream to my family ♥

  115. 181 customer reviews


    I rubbed the cream on my knee about three times a day by the third day I found the pain had subsided so I have tried it on my fingers and wrist it definitely helps would recommend it.

  116. 181 customer reviews


    My life has been easier since I use cbd muscle cream. Especially muscle pain. I have that every morning. So when I started using muscle cream. I never felt better. I woke every morning, no more pain! I love it!!

  117. 181 customer reviews


    Quick response to questions, fast delivery and the best range of quality CBD products in Canna union!

  118. 181 customer reviews


    Delivered in good time and within a few days I was feeling the benefit. Having suffered with chronic headaches for about 20 years, I can genuinely say, they have stopped. I hate to think of the prescription drugs and painkillers I’ve used over that time

  119. 181 customer reviews


    Trustworthy cbd source, and reliable delivery. Received my order within a few days. Recommended to friends and family. First rate!

  120. 181 customer reviews


    First time i have ordered and impressed with how quick it was delivered. the muscle cream is brilliant! I just love it so much!

  121. 181 customer reviews


    Fantastic service.Excellent delivery time.Believe the product is helping ,I would say my pain has been turned down.

  122. 181 customer reviews

    Reynolds M

    Have noticed a huge improvement in my rheumatoid arthritis since taking cbd muscle cream regularly.Part of my daily routine now.

  123. 181 customer reviews

    Murray H

    The first time in months that i sleep well and deeply. I also train a lot and it helps with the recovery of my body. Highly recommend the products.

  124. 181 customer reviews

    Theodore San Juan

    Very very good product and I highly recommend CAnna Union products to anyone, like I have been to my fellow teachers and friends at the gym.

  125. 181 customer reviews


    Muy útil y profesional de apoyo y asesoramiento.

  126. 181 customer reviews


    I usually go to the gym. when I woke up every morning I feel pain all over my body. I tried your product and to my surprise, no more muscle pain!! thank you!

  127. 181 customer reviews


    I have suffered joint pain and stopped playing baseball. When I tried your muscle relax cream, everyday it reduces the pain slowly until such then I can now run faster

  128. 181 customer reviews

    Martina Mendoza

    Ich arbeite länger mit Canna Union zusammen und trotzdem ist alles in Ordnung und professionell.

  129. 181 customer reviews

    Jon N

    Bestes CBD-Öl, das ich versucht habe.

  130. 181 customer reviews


    muscle relax. i love it. imma add again soon

  131. 181 customer reviews


    It really made me relax.

  132. 181 customer reviews

    Cream Hero

    I used to jog everyday and I get these muscle paid when I wake up in the morning. So, I tried this Muscle relax and its been 3 days and its wow! Brilliant! no more muscle pain

  133. 181 customer reviews


    Not just the other oils are effective. If you like cream, you can def try this one. Its relaxing!

  134. 181 customer reviews


    After my workout I apply this muscle relax cream to avoid any post workout pain

  135. 181 customer reviews


    from the name itself, it really is relaxing

  136. 181 customer reviews


    athlete like me, this cream is the best!!

  137. 181 customer reviews


    Its effective! You should try though

  138. 181 customer reviews


    Finally joint pain long gone lad

  139. 181 customer reviews

    Gaby ♠

    My joint pain blew off! Thanks with this cream

  140. 181 customer reviews


    gr8 4 sore muscles

  141. 181 customer reviews


    works well

  142. 181 customer reviews


    I would recommend

  143. 181 customer reviews

    Andrew O

    great for joint pain

  144. 181 customer reviews


    costs a lot but seems to work

  145. 181 customer reviews


    I suffer from severe osteoarthritis pain in my knees and shoulders and this cream is the only one I’ve found that actually works. I wouldn’t say it takes away ALL the pain, but certainly helps with much of the pain.

  146. 181 customer reviews



  147. 181 customer reviews



  148. 181 customer reviews


    Finally got some relief from joint pain. Thanks Canna Union

  149. 181 customer reviews

    Kevin Lacey

    yes yes yes! that’s the best i can say. if you suffer from muscle pain, this is the cream for you. highly recommended

  150. 181 customer reviews


    arrived fast seems to work

  151. 181 customer reviews


    have tried a few creams and so far this is the best

  152. 181 customer reviews


    works for me

  153. 181 customer reviews


    been using it for a month. happy with the results

  154. 181 customer reviews


    Bit expensive.

  155. 181 customer reviews


    relieves muscle pain fast and it doesn’t come back.

  156. 181 customer reviews

    Jason J

    For athletes, this is a must-have.

  157. 181 customer reviews


    I’m very satisfied with this cream.

  158. 181 customer reviews

    Jase Leeroy

    pain meds be gone. I’ve been using this cream for a few weeks and its a miracle worker on sore muscles. Thanks.

  159. 181 customer reviews


    Fast delivery. Only just arrived but will see how it goes.

  160. 181 customer reviews


    Only use a little bit each day and its amazing. Very pleased i bought this.

  161. 181 customer reviews

    Joseph Todd

    Took a few days to actually work but its kicked in now and Im feeling better than ever. Will buy again for sure.

  162. 181 customer reviews


    Really good for my back pain, just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  163. 181 customer reviews

    Gary T

    great buy

  164. 181 customer reviews

    Anna J

    I have chronic inflammation as a result of lupus and i thought i’d try this to see if it works. I’m pleased to say that it does. i’ve actually been able to walk around pain-free for a few days now and its been years sicne i have had that. thanks so much canna union. what a great prodcut!

  165. 181 customer reviews


    we bought this cream to try because we’re both runners and its hard to get rid of those sore muscles after a race. this works for sure.

  166. 181 customer reviews


    Combined this with the softgels and I’ve never felt better!

  167. 181 customer reviews

    Catherine L

    bought it for my mum. yet to see results.

  168. 181 customer reviews

    Nancy Zimmerhale

    has helped with my arthritis. thanks

  169. 181 customer reviews

    F Jones

    I was actually very skeptical in buying this cream and for the price, i thought it best work wonders to make it good value. Pleased to say it has worked wonders. I really feel fantastic. I’ve already bought some more products on here as well.

  170. 181 customer reviews


    got it today thanks

  171. 181 customer reviews

    Edward Collins

    I work at a gym and often get sore leg muscles, so thought I’d try this out. Impressive. I’ll be packing it in my bag every day.

  172. 181 customer reviews


    arrives yesterday i wait to use

  173. 181 customer reviews


    great for my sciatica. finally less pain!

  174. 181 customer reviews

    Not Happy

    Emailed three times before someone finally responded. Poor customer service. Let’s hope the cream redeems the CU reputation!

  175. 181 customer reviews

    Serenity Korhonen

    I love its organic and vegan friendly. Thats very important to me. It works well.

  176. 181 customer reviews


    my granddaughter bought me some of this to help with my sore legs and I’ve been using it for a month. i like it but its a bit above my budget to get more so I’m going to make this last as long as I can.

  177. 181 customer reviews


    It actually works. Just wish it wasn’t so pricey, but I guess that’s what you pay for quality.

  178. 181 customer reviews

    Kyle Jennar

    Arrived fast but doesnt do anything for me.

  179. 181 customer reviews


    it works!

  180. 181 customer reviews


    works for minor aches and pains. fast delivery too

  181. 181 customer reviews


    i take it everywhere with me and I tell everyone at gym about it

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