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CBD Night Cream

Full Spectrum CBD
178 customer reviews
(178 customer reviews)


  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Essential oils
  • Organic
  • Contains 100mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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CBD Night Cream from Canna Union is fully tested by dermatologists and is made from 100% hemp of only the highest quality, with zero traces of THC which means there are no psychoactive effects. The hemp we use is also completely organic, which means there are no pesticides, additives, or metallics.

Rejuvenate and nurture your complexion with our Night Cream which combines CBD oil with all natural ingredients, including chamomile, lavender, and verbena extracts.

Ingredients: Aqua, Isopropyl Myristate, Stearic Acid, Prunus amygdalus dulcis Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Cera alba, Cetearyl Alcohol, Parfum, Chamomilla recutita Flower Extract, Lavandula angustifolia Flower Extract, Panax ginseng Root Extract, Symphytum ocinale Leaf Extract, Sodium PCA, Alcohol Denat., Tocopheryl Acetate, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Decylene Glycol , Parfum (Fragrance) , Full Spectrum CBD (100MG)


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178 reviews for CBD Night Cream

  1. 178 customer reviews


    My night time buddy. Every morning is a smooth skin. Thanks for the quality Canna Union!

  2. 178 customer reviews


    Applying this at night makes me close my eyes instantly ready for sweet dreams because it soothes to my face so deep, causes me to be really really calm!

  3. 178 customer reviews


    I never had wrinkles since I maintain the use of this CBD Night Cream. It has been my skin’s night vitamins now:)

  4. 178 customer reviews


    Time is our best friend and worst enemy. Reason why I recommend this CBD Night Cream. While you’re resting this product is working for you to have a perfect day tomorrow.

  5. 178 customer reviews


    My skin no longer experience dryness ever! Applying CBD night cream overnight helps skin hydrated and moisturized as it deeply cleanses.

  6. 178 customer reviews


    CBD night cream is one of my essentials now. Maintaining this every night before bed, makes my skin pretty and naturally presentable even without make-up!

  7. 178 customer reviews


    I always have a good sleep with a CBD night cream on my face. The feeling is so cool, feels like it’s calming my entire body ’til the nexrt morning.

  8. 178 customer reviews


    Delivery time is really impressive! I’m excited to buy more!

  9. 178 customer reviews


    Great for anxiety and for getting a good night’s sleep

  10. 178 customer reviews


    I was desperate to find something helped me get some sleep and my mom had this from her room and hand it over to me. I was suprised that I was able to sleep. This is worth to buy

  11. 178 customer reviews


    Calmed my mood at night before going to bed (I’m usually reizbar at night)

  12. 178 customer reviews


    Having insomnia is the worst than watching A Night on Elm Street movie. Discovered your night cream. I had the best sleep ever !! Thank you Canna Union!

  13. 178 customer reviews


    I did not expect that night cream can also be use for anxiety and keep me calm. And here I am, I’m happy that my anxiety really slowly goes away.

  14. 178 customer reviews


    Since I include CBD Night Cream in my bedtime skincare routine, I feel like my skin got lighter and healthy.

  15. 178 customer reviews


    Applying CBD Night Cream generously, is making your skin healthy as it face the next day!

  16. 178 customer reviews


    My night will never be a GOODNIGHT without a single touch of CBD night cream for it has this lullaby effect 😀

  17. 178 customer reviews


    Too sleep properly and having a peaceful mind before going to bed is needed in my everyday life. And Canna Union made it possible for me. Thanks a lot for everything.

  18. 178 customer reviews


    Hver natt føles som en spesiell natt når jeg akkompagnerte den med CBD Night Cream. Takk Canna Union!

  19. 178 customer reviews


    Huden min har aldri vært så sunn til jeg brukte CBD Night Cream fra Canna Union! Kudos til Canna Union !!!

  20. 178 customer reviews


    My night skincare routine had never been this relaxing ’til CBD Night Cream came along. I’m sure every CBD skincare is all worth it!

  21. 178 customer reviews


    I’m a single mom with 2 jobs and 1 day off. This CBD Night Cream helps me look stressfree and stress free feeling aswell. Thanks Canna Union!

  22. 178 customer reviews


    Yo mismo soy muy fanático de CBD Night Cream. ¡Es una forma de lograr el sueño más placentero con CBD Night Cream!

  23. 178 customer reviews


    Night is commonly the time to peacefully rest. And it has been the best since I include CBD Night Cream in my night time self time:)

  24. 178 customer reviews


    Before I started using CBD cream, I had very dull skin due to stress and would break out very often. But this changed all that! I am very pleased with the result and will continue to use it!

  25. 178 customer reviews


    Dette er helt trygt. Jeg har alltid en kjemisk reaksjon, og denne er helt organisk.

  26. 178 customer reviews


    Solía ​​estar cansado todo el tiempo, incluso si dormía lo suficiente. Pero ya no, ya que usé CBD Night Cream. Soy una delicia!

  27. 178 customer reviews


    I am a fan of beauty products, skin care and routines. But it makes me feel heavy. This one’s different. It gives a lighter feeling, which is a good thing before I go to bed and not only that, it also gives a holistic glow every morning.

  28. 178 customer reviews


    It’s not just a good night sleep its also a happy dream. Thank you!

  29. 178 customer reviews


    It helps me sleep properly right away! Thank you Canna Union!

  30. 178 customer reviews


    My skin has always been ready to face tomorrow for a natural “woke up like this” since I used this product. It made my skin looking natural even without face wash in the morning like a baby.

  31. 178 customer reviews


    Ich habe das Gefühl, dass meine Haut wiederbelebt wurde! Sehen Sie eine gute Verbesserung.

  32. 178 customer reviews


    Been using it for a month and the effects were great. I will buy it again in the next few days.

  33. 178 customer reviews


    After trying numerous anti-aging creams, these finally gave good results I’ve been looking for! Gorgeous!

  34. 178 customer reviews


    I used to have allergy flare-ups before I started using this. My skin loves this!

  35. 178 customer reviews


    I’ve been able to relax coz this relieves the tension on my muscles pretty fast! So amazing!

  36. 178 customer reviews


    I’m getting a night of better sleep now and I’m sure it’s only going to get better!! Thanks so much.

  37. 178 customer reviews


    Meine Haut sieht so stumpf aus und ich sehe alt aus! Aber seit ich damit angefangen habe, habe ich eine gute Verbesserung festgestellt.

  38. 178 customer reviews


    I can tell that I look a lot younger and I feel full of life! This is something new to me!

  39. 178 customer reviews


    My life changed for the better and I feel that I’m healthier now! It also shows on my skin!

  40. 178 customer reviews


    My skin looks healthier now that I’m using this. I’ve used a different brand for years but I’m glad this helped me quicker!

  41. 178 customer reviews


    My face appear a lot youthful after every use! Extremely happy that I changed brands.

  42. 178 customer reviews


    Excellent product and I wouldn’t change any aspect of it! I’m thrilled by the results!

  43. 178 customer reviews

    Alex a

    Gave me confidence that my face looks healthy. I also feel more radiant now!

  44. 178 customer reviews


    Superior quality and I love the effectiveness on my skin. Thanks a lot, Canna Union!

  45. 178 customer reviews


    My twisted arm has gotten a lot better with this. Really brought comfort!

  46. 178 customer reviews


    This made me look years younger! Really felt true happiness.

  47. 178 customer reviews


    Huden min føles veldig avslappet etter hver bruk. Trøster virkelig stresset mitt og får meg til å se frisk ut!

  48. 178 customer reviews


    Really hard to walk after an issue with my muscles. This helps me manage it though.

  49. 178 customer reviews

    Ci ti

    Comforts my skin and is really reinvigorating after each use. It also perk up my mood and I feel relaxed!

  50. 178 customer reviews


    ¡Ojalá lo encontrara hace años! Canna Union realmente me ayudó a manejar mi estrés.

  51. 178 customer reviews


    J’ai un visage très gras et il m’a été très difficile de trouver un produit pour cela. Mais ma peau s’est sûrement améliorée avec ce produit

  52. 178 customer reviews


    I used to have really dry skin due to stress. But CBD cream changed all that! Will continue to use it!

  53. 178 customer reviews


    Jeg bruker CBD-krem til kvisene mine. Jeg har knapt noen nye, og jeg har følt meg mer trygg den siste tiden

  54. 178 customer reviews


    Dette var helt det jeg trengte for min vedvarende muskelsmerter. Jeg elsker det!

  55. 178 customer reviews


    My face looks a lot younger after every use! Glad I switched to this product

  56. 178 customer reviews


    I feel incredible everytime I use this. Really helped with my scars caused by acne

  57. 178 customer reviews


    Been using this for a few days tops and the results are already visible. What an amazing product

  58. 178 customer reviews


    Meine Haut sieht Jahre jünger aus. Ich mag das! Vielen Dank an Cana Union

  59. 178 customer reviews


    I can confidently say that CBD cream really helped me with my stress. And I look and feel alive!

  60. 178 customer reviews


    Helps with my fatigue and the only medicine I need for any aches! Fantastic company

  61. 178 customer reviews


    Solía tener una piel irregular, y después de usar esta crema durante casi 2 semanas, ¡puedo ver una mejora notable!

  62. 178 customer reviews


    I have tested some anti aging creams in the past and most of them had a funny scent and did very little improvement. These were great and results are very encouraging.

  63. 178 customer reviews


    Nach dem Auftragen dieser Creme fühle ich mich wieder belebt und mein Gesicht sieht beim Aufwachen gesünder aus

  64. 178 customer reviews


    My skin feels weary and looks distressed, feel like I’m years older than I actually am. But now I observed I look youthful!

  65. 178 customer reviews


    This feels amazing on my skin and really relaxes me and I sleep better! Thanks!

  66. 178 customer reviews


    Se observó un ligero aumento en los síntomas después de una semana. También llegó rápidamente

  67. 178 customer reviews

    Eryberto Santiago

    ¡Sentí que encontré la olla de oro al final del arcoíris cuando encontré este producto! Me alegro de que ya no tengo que tomar analgésicos.

  68. 178 customer reviews

    Kelly Y

    I’m a vegan and I have struggled to find a face cream. I’m glad this cream works perfectly on my skin.

  69. 178 customer reviews


    I love the scent and effectiveness of cbd cream Really soothes my itchy skin and no side effects!

  70. 178 customer reviews


    Ihre Produkte sind unübertroffen! Ich habe jahrelang unter Rückenschmerzen gelitten und es ist weg, nachdem ich es einen Monat lang benutzt habe! Ich schätze es total!

  71. 178 customer reviews


    Ich habe das meiner Mutter vorgeschlagen und er wird bald bestellen! Achtung!

  72. 178 customer reviews

    Stephen Taylor

    Ich habe in der Vergangenheit einige Anti-Aging-Cremes ausprobiert und die meisten riechen schlecht und haben meine Haut nicht verbessert. Das waren großartige und vielversprechende Ergebnisse.

  73. 178 customer reviews


    I use this product for my back pain and the results are quite impressive. Will buy more when this runs out.

  74. 178 customer reviews


    Dette beroliger huden min, og jeg blir uthvilt etter hvert bad. Det løfter også opp humøret mitt, og jeg føler meg avslappet!

  75. 178 customer reviews

    Merry Ann

    Not most of the highly advertised product but Canna Union is the best! Really soothes my skin.

  76. 178 customer reviews


    Leveringstro er virkelig imponerende! Jeg er spent på å kjøpe mer!

  77. 178 customer reviews


    My face looks and feels ten times younger after each use! I will never switch products!

  78. 178 customer reviews


    Jeg pleide å ha skikkelig mørk pigmentering rundt øynene, og etter å ha brukt denne kremen i nesten en uke, er mørke sirkler nesten borte!

  79. 178 customer reviews


    Fast delivery! I did not expect that since most of the establishments are closed!

  80. 178 customer reviews


    Before I started using CBD cream, I had very dull skin due to stress and would break out very often. But this changed all that! I am very pleased with the result and will continue to use it!

  81. 178 customer reviews


    I have a very oily skin and it was really hard for me to find a product that would help with it. But thanks to this cream, my face feels amazing!

  82. 178 customer reviews


    I appreciate the fact that my money has been spent on something great! My skin feels soft!

  83. 178 customer reviews


    This has done magic to my skin. Really soothes and relaxes me.

  84. 178 customer reviews


    Excellent service. Used for a couple of days but have noticed a slight improvement in symptoms already. Product arrived with no delay

  85. 178 customer reviews


    I would never exchange this to another product. I’ve been really comfortable with this.

  86. 178 customer reviews


    ¡Utilizo esto todas las noches y me ayuda con mi piel grasa y me despertaba sintiéndome muy bien!

  87. 178 customer reviews


    Chaque fois que j’utilise la crème de nuit CBD, je me réveille avec une peau vraiment douce et charmante! Prévoyez de commander également des bombes de bain CBD pour une relaxation intense!

  88. 178 customer reviews


    I wanted to thank Canna Union for the extraordinary products! I will surely put in a good word for you!

  89. 178 customer reviews


    Jeg tar på dette hver natt før jeg sover og våkner og føler meg uthvilt! Anbefaler absolutt Canna Union til mine venner og familie!

  90. 178 customer reviews


    Ich habe mich ziemlich mit dieser beeindruckenden Nachtcreme!

  91. 178 customer reviews


    I feel fresh and my skin looks vibrant!

  92. 178 customer reviews


    My pores really got better with cbd night cream! I will buy more, for sure!

  93. 178 customer reviews


    Mein Gesicht sieht nach jedem Gebrauch zehnmal jünger aus und fühlt sich auch so an!

  94. 178 customer reviews


    ¡Me siento renovado después de poner la crema de noche CBD y mi cara se ve más joven cada mañana!

  95. 178 customer reviews


    I have tried most of Canna Union’s product and I should say no other products can beat you!

  96. 178 customer reviews


    Nach der Geburt hatte ich dieses wirklich gestresste Aussehen und die Haut. Diese cbd Nachtcreme hat Wunder für mich gewirkt! Ich bin so glücklich! Danke!

  97. 178 customer reviews


    Großartig für Angstzustände und um gut zu schlafen

  98. 178 customer reviews


    I’m so impressed with your Night cream it help me a lot of things! I highlight my sleeping problem. your night cream really helped me a lot!! I will order again and again

  99. 178 customer reviews


    Night cream is really best for anxiety people like me. Much recommend your product! I love it!

  100. 178 customer reviews


    Night cream helped me with my sleeping problem.I was so happy with the changes happened after a week of applying it. Thank you so much Canna Union for your splendid product!!

  101. 178 customer reviews


    Really good product. Bought to help with my anxiety and after two weeks it I feel a huge difference. I love your product!!

  102. 178 customer reviews


    Ce fut une expérience agréable. En 20 minutes, je me suis senti détendu et en quelques jours, l’enflure de mes articulations a diminué.

  103. 178 customer reviews

    Raven Bayntun

    This is the first CBD Night cream i’ve ever tried and i’m really happy with it. I’m buying again when it runs out!!

  104. 178 customer reviews


    Var ikke sikker på først, men får nå bedre nattesøvn. Så det hjelper å holde smertene borte jeg får om natten 👍🏼

  105. 178 customer reviews


    To be honest, I wasn’t sure that CBD would work for me, but it absolutely does and I am amazed. I feel calmer and after using cbd night cream for 3 days, I have slept through the night – something I haven’t managed for years! Overall I’m really happy and will recommend to all my friends and family.

  106. 178 customer reviews


    Great service from the team , delivered on time, just after couple days of use,first of all i sleep like a baby and much more relaxed!

  107. 178 customer reviews


    Great product. your customer services team were excellent and fixed my problem.

  108. 178 customer reviews


    Great service from the team , delivered on time, just after couple days of use,first of all i sleep like a baby and much more relaxed!

  109. 178 customer reviews


    No hay problema fácil de ordenar y mantenerse informado sobre el estado del pedido. Informado todo el camino de entrega. Definitivamente voy a ordenar nuevamente ya que el producto es maravilloso. Realmente creo que esta compañía es genial y gracias.

  110. 178 customer reviews


    I’ve been suffering from insomnia and when my girlfriend bought me this night cream. It really chnaged my life. I felt even better and sleep well at night. I’m so happy and relieved. Thanks to my girlfriend and thank you Canna Union!!

  111. 178 customer reviews

    Werner T

    The first time in months that i sleep well and deeply. I also train a lot and it helps with the recovery of my body. Highly recommend the products.

  112. 178 customer reviews


    Stort utvalg av produkter til fornuftige priser. Kundeservicen deres er uten sidestykke og veldig rask levering. Veldig anerkjente produkter av høy kvalitet også! Anbefaler sterkt.

  113. 178 customer reviews


    Wasn’t sure at first but now getting better night sleeps. So it’s helping to keep the pain away I get at night and I get to sleep better at night too 👍🏼

  114. 178 customer reviews


    Canna Union is awesome!! Very informative and helpful over the telephone in helping me make a decision in which products to choose. Really recommend you guys!!

  115. 178 customer reviews


    Has really helped me to control my anxiety over this last week. Would highly recommend. Thank you!

  116. 178 customer reviews


    Night cream is awesome! It benefits for people who suffers insomnia like me. I’ve been using this cream for almost 6 months in a row. and over my 15 years of insomnia. I never had this feeling of a good night sleep at night. Thank God!!!! This is a life saver!! Thank you so much Canna Union!!

  117. 178 customer reviews


    After being scammed I ordered from your company and you guys are brilliant got this cbd night cream to me quickly and the customer service was really helpful

  118. 178 customer reviews


    Night cream is super helpful with my insomnia. I use it every night for me to get to sleep and it work!! I would definitely recommend Canna Union for the best CBD product ever!!

  119. 178 customer reviews


    I got this for anxiety and it definitely works would definitely recommend it

  120. 178 customer reviews


    I have noticed a major difference in my sleeping patterns and my anxiety levels. In the first week it was quite strong for me to the extent next day my energy level is low. In my 2nd week it got way better, I think my body got used to it. I’m not using it everyday atm as I don’t feel the need to do so. But I’m keeping it for emergencies!

  121. 178 customer reviews


    To be honest, I wasn’t sure that CBD would work for me, but it absolutely does and I am amazed. I feel calmer and after using for 3 days, I have slept through the night – something I haven’t managed for years! Overall I’m really happy and will recommend to all my friends and family.

  122. 178 customer reviews

    W Chevalier

    Great service, great products, great taste I’ve got no complaints you guys never disappointed

  123. 178 customer reviews

    Kristian P

    No need to be anxious. Here’s a tip. Get yours one! It works.

  124. 178 customer reviews

    Braun Q

    I have problem sleeping. so the first time I tried i could not believe it, I feel a lot better in the morning. I don’t feel tired. your product is effective!!

  125. 178 customer reviews

    Jessica J

    I always having trouble sleeping at night. One time I was searching through web and saw your website and have this available night cream. Then, I placed an order and it arrived promptly. So, I immediately use the product. I didn’t expect that it will effect right away. The important there is I was able to sleep at night without having trouble or doing something else!

  126. 178 customer reviews


    Effective, especially for aiding restful sleep. I would recommend Canna Union as good service and best product!

  127. 178 customer reviews

    Sofia G

    Sehr effizient und professionell

  128. 178 customer reviews


    good for sleep at night

  129. 178 customer reviews


    Anxiety no more..

  130. 178 customer reviews


    Oh golly! I finally get to sleep at night. Wanna order some more to these!

  131. 178 customer reviews


    I was having a hard time sleeping before, when I tried this nightcream. This is the feeling that I’ve been looking for so long! Finally, a solution to my problem! Def recommend night cream fellas!

  132. 178 customer reviews

    Siegmund Smith

    highly recommend folks!

  133. 178 customer reviews


    night cream, I can sleep! thank you

  134. 178 customer reviews


    This is brilliant and quick! Will order again!

  135. 178 customer reviews


    I will def order this one again!!

  136. 178 customer reviews


    The night cream is very helpful for insomnia. I for one suffers insomnia and when I tried it. It was brilliant!! I get to sleep at night.

  137. 178 customer reviews


    expensive and doesn’t work

  138. 178 customer reviews


    The best part about this is that its all natural ingredients. and you can really smell the chamomile and lavender!

  139. 178 customer reviews


    so far so good. circles under my eyes are fading and my skin is feeling less dry in the mornings. fingers crossed it keeps working.

  140. 178 customer reviews


    great product great price great service

  141. 178 customer reviews


    fast delivery

  142. 178 customer reviews


    works great on dry skin

  143. 178 customer reviews


    I use this every night on my face and it works wonders. Its non greazy and is fast to absorb into the skin. I try to use a toner first so that i get rid of any makeup, then put this on. I really like it.

  144. 178 customer reviews


    Absorbs fast and I thought it was very good pricing for the quality. I’ll definitely be buying more when this runs out.

  145. 178 customer reviews

    K Hartler

    My skin feels so soft and supple. I just wish it was a bit cheaper.

  146. 178 customer reviews

    T. L.

    I love that it has no animal testing and no pesticides.

  147. 178 customer reviews

    Rita S

    I’ve been using this cream for a while now and the difference in my skin is really noticeable. My family and friends have all commented. Makes me feel more confident.

  148. 178 customer reviews


    Have bought it before and will be buying it again. Thanks CU

  149. 178 customer reviews

    Mish Lister

    Really good overnight cream. Not oily and it dries fast. Perfect for bed.

  150. 178 customer reviews


    make my skin soft

  151. 178 customer reviews


    J’adore vraiment cette crème de nuit. ça rend ma peau si douce

  152. 178 customer reviews

    Lady Luck

    I got online about a week ago to buy this and it actually arrived really fast. I’ve been using it for a few days already and have noticed a huge change in my skin condition. So much softer than it was last week and the bags under my eyes are finally taming down a bit. I can’t wait to see how it feels in another week’s time.

  153. 178 customer reviews

    Karen Baker

    This cream is perfect for my skin. No blemishes and it stays nice and soft. If you had a photo upload option I’d be happy to share before and after pics!

  154. 178 customer reviews


    Great product.

  155. 178 customer reviews


    Feels godo on the skin but bit expensive

  156. 178 customer reviews

    J Peters

    doesn’t do anything

  157. 178 customer reviews

    Didi Bonjo

    i have very sensitive skin but this seems to work perfectly for me. so pleased i bought it and i’ll certainly buy more. i’ve even told all my friends about it too.

  158. 178 customer reviews

    kristine hogan

    made my skin too tight so ididn’t like it

  159. 178 customer reviews


    good value, feels nice on my sensitive skin

  160. 178 customer reviews



  161. 178 customer reviews

    Noele Gilman

    they never had anything like this when i was young and now i’m in my 80s … i never thought i’d ever buy CBD oil or anything like it, but my grandson told me about it. he says he uses the pills all the time for his sore back that he hurt in a car crash a few years ago. was a terrible time. so i thought id have a look at your website. i’m not very good with technology but i thought the website was very easy to read and i had a fun time looking at all the things you sell on here. this was the product that most caught my eye as i’ve always had problems with dry skin. particularly in the mornings. it arrived a couple of days after i bought it which i thought was really fast so i tried it that night. the next morning my face didn’t feel dry for the first time in my life. i thought i must be dreaming. have used this every night now and i have been telling all my friends at the village about it.

  162. 178 customer reviews



  163. 178 customer reviews


    wife loves it

  164. 178 customer reviews

    Travis B

    quality product. shipping was fast.

  165. 178 customer reviews

    Dylan Young

    Bought some for my wife. Hope she likes it.

  166. 178 customer reviews


    Smells delightful. Does it work? Still early days.

  167. 178 customer reviews


    The weather makes my skin really dry so I thought I’d try this cream. It works great. I use just a little bit at night and then by morning, my face is still feeling super soft.

  168. 178 customer reviews

    Liza Laine

    soft and hydrating. highly recommended!

  169. 178 customer reviews

    K L

    The circles under my eyes are definitely getting lighter, but its still early days. Time will tell…

  170. 178 customer reviews


    yes happy with it

  171. 178 customer reviews

    waiting ….

    Ordered ages ago. Still waiting.

  172. 178 customer reviews

    Mary Bollton

    best face cream on the market. so pleased i took the plunge into the world of cbd. if you haven’t yet tried this cream, do it today!

  173. 178 customer reviews

    London Hansen

    I love the smells of chamomile and lavender in this. I also love that I wake up feeling fresh. I’ll keep buying this product for sure.

  174. 178 customer reviews


    Very Reliable Company! If I Could, I’d Give 10/10

  175. 178 customer reviews


    Been using it every night and can’t see any difference. Save your money!

  176. 178 customer reviews


    Smells nice and doesn’t clog my pores like a lot of moisturisers do.

  177. 178 customer reviews

    Amanda J

    I work in aircon all day in an office building and I found that the air has dried out my skin immensely. I’ve tried so many store-bought moisturisers but had never considered CBD until a friend told me about it. I thought, why not, so bought some of this cream. I have to admit, I was skeptical. But I’m definitely happy I bought this. I can already see a visible difference in my skin, and it feels so soft as well. It might not work the same for everyone, but it definitely works for me. Thanks.

  178. 178 customer reviews

    Linda D

    My skin has a natural glow, no clogged pores, and its so soft. Not sure if it will work the same for everyone, but it definitely works for me.

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