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CBD Oil 1000mg

CBD Oil 1000mg
256 customer reviews
(256 customer reviews)

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  • For oral use only
  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Unflavored
  • Organic
  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher

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The Canna Union 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is our mid-range CBD Oil  and is made from premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. The 10%, 1000mg, 10ml is easy to use and beneficial to your health.

It comes complete with a dropper, so you can simply place a drop under the tongue. Hold it there for at least 30 seconds (the longer, the better) for maximum effect. The longer you can hold it under your tongue, the more chance it has to enter your bloodstream.

Our 10% CBD Oil is 100% THC free and contains a range of cannabinoids. It is organic, which means there are no pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides present. Suitable for vegans and kosher, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the highest quality hemp, with cannabinoids and terpene flavor.

Recommended dosage:1-2 droppers under the tongue in the morning initially and every 4 hours depending on your tolerance. You can also enjoy a dose at night before bed. If you find the 10% is too strong, we also offer 5% oil; and if you’re looking for a stronger effect, 20% or 30% may be more suitable.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Full Spectrum, Cold Pressed Hemp Oil. Contains Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Natural Terpenes. (THC Free)

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256 reviews for CBD Oil 1000mg

  1. 256 customer reviews


    This is so convenient! That’s the most amazing thing! No need to go elsewhere nor make medication table, whatever! Get relaxing benefits by just a drop away!

  2. 256 customer reviews


    I hate the anxiety’s effect, Sweating increases, heart beats so fast… I am happy this CBD oil is a good relaxation.

  3. 256 customer reviews


    Very simple to use! I never had an issue with it! All I experienced is that I am relax, I can rest well, I feel good!

  4. 256 customer reviews


    Stress? Well this is the product for you! Not just it lights up the mood it also helps you to become a better person!

  5. 256 customer reviews


    My depression was pretty manageable thanks to Canna Union! What a great company!

  6. 256 customer reviews


    This helps me relax and it has been really wonderful to find this product since then. Thank you Canna Union

  7. 256 customer reviews


    Explains how and why this oil is effective in pain relief, takže and why it is legal to use it.

  8. 256 customer reviews


    works wonderful to me. It helps me asleep at night and relieves stress

  9. 256 customer reviews


    I just love the cbd oil. It helped me reduced my insomnia and eventually will be long gone! recommended!!

  10. 256 customer reviews


    you are fast! impressive! Definitely recommend your company to my relatives

  11. 256 customer reviews


    Really made a difference in the way I felt. Top quality product!

  12. 256 customer reviews


    Great value with cbd oil. Definitely recommend this to my family

  13. 256 customer reviews


    After using this cbd oil. No more back pain! This is super awesome!

  14. 256 customer reviews


    I want to gain weight. So my friend recommend this CBD oil to try. And Just as my goal hit because of the oil I’m taking! I’m so happy!

  15. 256 customer reviews


    I always take cbd oil before sleep and had the best sleep ever. I’m so happy and satisfied

  16. 256 customer reviews


    Cbd oil is super great! I was able to get a good night sleep at night. After suffering insomnia since in grade school.

  17. 256 customer reviews


    Since it has no taste, like water, it is good to use because it does not cause irritation. Because sometimes I get irritable with aftertaste.

  18. 256 customer reviews


    Its completeness is so desirable and attractive. And you’d totally get what you’re looking for! 😀

  19. 256 customer reviews


    Very simple, just drop it under your tongue using the ready-to-use dropper it provides, and time to relax!!!

  20. 256 customer reviews


    This is one of a kind. In just a few drops, I can do more work, I can have lots of pay! LOL

  21. 256 customer reviews


    Very beneficial and safe. Definitely worry-less for those who are just starting but anxious.

  22. 256 customer reviews


    Muy fácil. ¡Solo deja caer el aceite debajo de la lengua y listo!

  23. 256 customer reviews


    This is so different and more convinient than those I used externally. It did help me a lot with my anxiety. Now I can rest well:)

  24. 256 customer reviews


    CBD Oil is something safe and trustworthy. I trust my muscle pain as well as my anxiety to it. Now it’s magically GONE! Thank you so much Canna Union!

  25. 256 customer reviews


    Én dråpe og det er alt det trenger for meg å sørge for at alt er i orden og veldig avslappende. Jeg skal kjøpe mer for dette produktet!

  26. 256 customer reviews


    Empecé a tener ataques de pánico. Entonces este producto llegó a mi vida. ¡Me salvó de todos esos ataques de pánico que experimento! Gracias, Canna Union

  27. 256 customer reviews


    En fantastisk god søvn i bare et skudd av dette! Takk Canna Union.

  28. 256 customer reviews


    I totally got a lot of health beneficial from CBD Oil, thanks Canna Union I feel better than ever now!

  29. 256 customer reviews


    Having oil orally taken to remove my muscle pain has been convinient for me. Good thing Canna Union has it. 🙂

  30. 256 customer reviews


    I am a sickly person, I easily got sick. Pain reliever is my partner. But this one’s unbelievable! This is so far the best pain reliever I ever tried! The pain quickly goes away and I rest really well! This is truly unbelievable!

  31. 256 customer reviews


    I love oils because it help me ease the body pain I typically get from work. But this one’s excellent than any other products I was using!

  32. 256 customer reviews


    Great for my back pain and stress! Will get more of these!

  33. 256 customer reviews


    Give it a try! Thats my collegue told me. And I was happy that i did it. It helps me with my stress and gives me positive feeling everytime!

  34. 256 customer reviews


    ¡Recomiendo altamente este producto por su efectividad! Definitivamente pediré más!

  35. 256 customer reviews


    CBD oil comforts my allergies right away. Didn’t even have to wait too long for it to take effect.

  36. 256 customer reviews


    CBD products helped with my self-esteem. So good for my anxiety!

  37. 256 customer reviews


    Jeg prøvde dette, og jeg tror det har gjort en stor forbedring av symptomene mine. Ikke flere OTC smertestillende medisiner!

  38. 256 customer reviews


    I just got this two weeks ago and it gave me what I never got from tons of medicines in the past! The relief it gives me is priceless!

  39. 256 customer reviews

    Rica K

    I take this for muscle inflammation. And I haven’t taken any analgesic since!

  40. 256 customer reviews


    Sehr stolz auf die Fortschritte bei meiner Schlaflosigkeit. Ich bin sicher, dass dies vielen Menschen helfen wird.

  41. 256 customer reviews


    ¡Tenía el peor sistema inmunitario antes de tener esto! ¡Ahora soy más fuerte que nunca!

  42. 256 customer reviews


    Walking is my hips worst nightmare! I’ve been using this product for quite some time and it has helped me a big deal!

  43. 256 customer reviews


    I’ve dealt with muscle pain for years but CBD has set me free! I’ve been able to do the things I couldn’t do before!

  44. 256 customer reviews


    I bought this with hopes that this would be the answer to years of back pain. And to my surprise, it didn’t disappoint me!

  45. 256 customer reviews


    ¡Canna Union tiene los mejores productos de todos los tiempos! Realmente la mejor calidad entre otras compañías de CBD que he probado.

  46. 256 customer reviews


    J’étais incertain au début, mais maintenant je vais commander plus pour tout type de problème musculaire!

  47. 256 customer reviews


    Mine såre ledd har vært håndterbare, og det gir meg en slags avslapning! Jeg er så takknemlig!

  48. 256 customer reviews


    I have recovered from anxiety that I had for years! My mood has been great recently.

  49. 256 customer reviews


    ¡Feliz de encontrar un producto que no tiene efectos secundarios y estoy contento con Canna Union!

  50. 256 customer reviews


    Amazing results so far and customer service has been helpful. This lightened my anxiety.

  51. 256 customer reviews


    The discomfort in my knees brought inconvenience. But cbd oil reduced the pain.

  52. 256 customer reviews


    One other brand I tried was very expensive but I didn’t like the effects to be honest. This has been quite impressive so far.

  53. 256 customer reviews


    Tomo esto para la inflamación de mis músculos. No he estado tan tranquilo en mucho tiempo.

  54. 256 customer reviews


    I’m stressed all the time and lived off of antidepressants. This product helped me recover and I’ve wean off pills.

  55. 256 customer reviews


    Since I started taking this, I have been able carefree and my allergies don’t bother me much.

  56. 256 customer reviews


    Dies baut meinen Stress ab und hilft mir, viel besser zu schlafen. Und ich habe jahrelang nach einem solchen Produkt gesucht. Vielen Dank, Canna Union

  57. 256 customer reviews


    No more soreness in my thighs, thanks to this exquisite CBD oil! Can’t believe how fast it improved my condition

  58. 256 customer reviews


    I think our generation is fortunate to be living in this day and age. We have some innovative types of medications, and CBD oil is the best of all.

  59. 256 customer reviews


    Ich war letztes Jahr in einen Unfall verwickelt und nehme seit einigen Monaten CBD-Öl. Ich kann nicht glauben, wie schnell sich meine Entwicklung entwickelt!

  60. 256 customer reviews


    Mi migraña habitual desaparece en solo unos días de usar esto. Que producto tan asombroso

  61. 256 customer reviews


    This phenomenal oil has rescued me from my depression ! I cannot believe how immediate it gives relief

  62. 256 customer reviews


    Had anxiety for ages and nothing worked. Tested this and my life enhanced! Really awesome!

  63. 256 customer reviews


    Este es el primero que probé y me está yendo muy bien. ¡Probaré los otros pronto!

  64. 256 customer reviews


    Meine Depression war dank Canna Union ziemlich beherrschbar! Was für eine großartige Gesellschaft!

  65. 256 customer reviews


    I had this really distressed look after working. This CBD oil worked wonders for me!

  66. 256 customer reviews


    My insomnia has been the most challenging thing to manage since I was in college. My colleague advised this and I’ve been able to sleep better

  67. 256 customer reviews


    My sleep gets disrupted every night due to my sudden leg cramps. But since I found this cbd oil, I sleep like a baby!

  68. 256 customer reviews


    It’s mind-blowing how CBD oil can do wonders for my physical and mental state! Amazing company

  69. 256 customer reviews


    ¡Ninguna otra marca podría igualar la efectividad de este aceite de cbd! Verdaderamente el mejor entre otros.

  70. 256 customer reviews


    L’huile de CBD est le premier produit que j’ai testé en remplacement de mes analgésiques et je ne reviendrai plus jamais prendre des comprimés

  71. 256 customer reviews


    This is just what I needed for my depression. I am a huge fan of Canna Union’s products.

  72. 256 customer reviews

    Yure E

    Jeg takker alle kundeservicemedarbeiderne for å svare raskt på spørsmålene mine! For et fantastisk team og selskap!

  73. 256 customer reviews


    Ich hatte seit Monaten Panikattacken und konnte einfach nicht glauben, dass es erstaunliche Dinge gab, die mich heilten.

  74. 256 customer reviews


    I am happy with the results and have only been taking cbd oil for almost 2 weeks! Will definitely ask for more!

  75. 256 customer reviews


    Mon dos se sent bien après les avoir pris et cela m’aide à dormir! Ce truc est extraordinaire!

  76. 256 customer reviews


    ¡Ninguna otra marca podría igualar la efectividad de los productos Canna Union! Realmente el mejor de todos los tiempos!

  77. 256 customer reviews


    Dies hilft mir, mich zu entspannen und die Suche nach diesem Produkt war seitdem wirklich wunderbar. Danke Canna Union

  78. 256 customer reviews


    My frequent migraine has really affected my life. This stuff was delivered last week and I was happy with the quick improvement.

  79. 256 customer reviews


    I will surely recommend this to my friends! Very promising results and only been using this stuff for a few days!

  80. 256 customer reviews


    J’apprécie énormément la qualité du produit et les résultats rapides. Tu es le meilleur!

  81. 256 customer reviews


    J’avais utilisé un d’huile CBD et une crème de nuit pour mon acné. J’ai rarement des éruptions et les existantes guérissent.

  82. 256 customer reviews


    I was able to take care of my garden in isolation because of all the time and cbd oil relieves the pain in my back and legs!

  83. 256 customer reviews


    Esto es justo lo que necesitaba para mis migrañas. Soy un gran admirador de sus productos, Canna Union!

  84. 256 customer reviews


    Years of anxiety and popping pills, and that’s the only thing that helped me! Awesome products!

  85. 256 customer reviews


    ¡Estoy contento con los resultados y solo he estado usando este producto durante casi 2 semanas! ¡Definitivamente pedirá más!

  86. 256 customer reviews


    A good friend referred me to visit Canna Union’s website and after browsing your products, I placed my order right away! Received it last week and been taking it since then! I feel a lot better!

  87. 256 customer reviews


    This is certainly the best thing I’ve tried with my ankle pain and all other aches. It was really great and I love it!

  88. 256 customer reviews


    Ich habe mein ganzes Leben mit Depressionen gelebt, aber es wurde erst vor 5 Jahren diagnostiziert. Ein Kollege hat mir davon erzählt, also habe ich weiter gekauft und es war unglaublich!

  89. 256 customer reviews


    My dad likes this. He said he feels very lively and been getting a great sleep!

  90. 256 customer reviews


    Ever since I was young, I’ve been in and out of the hospital due to not being to get any sleep! Started taking these last month and the results are really prompt.

  91. 256 customer reviews


    I’ve lived with anxiety for years and no pills worked. Tried this and my life changed! Really awesome!

  92. 256 customer reviews


    Ce truc a été un grand soulagement pour mon anxiété et je me sens détendu. Bon travail!

  93. 256 customer reviews

    Mac Nicol

    My skin showed how unhealthy I was and I would have acne breakouts, and I found out that hormonal imbalance was the culprit. Tried cbd oil and saw noticeable improvement after using for almost 2 weeks!

  94. 256 customer reviews


    I used to be very nauseated and sickly. Been using this product for almost a month and I feel terrific and lively now.

  95. 256 customer reviews


    Kjøpte dette fantastiske produktet for 2 uker siden for søvnløshet. Jeg sover bedre om natten nå og våkne opp uthvilt!

  96. 256 customer reviews


    I used to feel differently towards CBD products until I tried one! Now I’m hooked!

  97. 256 customer reviews


    No sólo ayuda con mi fatiga, esta es la única medicina que utilizo para todo!

  98. 256 customer reviews


    This has helped with my seizures. I have epilepsy and this is a life-saver!

  99. 256 customer reviews


    Very very glad with the outcome! Great job, Canna Union!

  100. 256 customer reviews


    Your customer service is really out of this world! I hope more companies learn from you!

  101. 256 customer reviews


    I really thought I would never find a cure for my fatigue. But when I found cbd oil, I was instantly healed! Thank you, Canna Union!

  102. 256 customer reviews


    I cannot believe how incredible this stuff is! Just a few drops before bed and I’m off to a very good night’s sleep.

  103. 256 customer reviews


    the 1000mg is perfect for me. Not too strong and not too low. It works as well. No more anxiety to me lad

  104. 256 customer reviews


    I suffer from a lot of nerve pain and since taking the oil i have definately had an improvement. Definitely recommend Canna Union!!

  105. 256 customer reviews


    Schneller Service, tolles CBD-Öl. Klare, leicht verständliche Dosierungsanweisungen auf dem Produkt.

  106. 256 customer reviews


    Le service est excellent et l’emballage et la qualité du produit sont bien supérieurs aux autres marques que j’ai utilisées. Je souffre de beaucoup de douleurs nerveuses et depuis que je prends de l’huile, j’ai certainement eu une amélioration

  107. 256 customer reviews


    Erklärt, wie und warum dieses Öl bei der Schmerzlinderung so wirksam ist und warum es legal ist, es zu verwenden.

  108. 256 customer reviews

    Royce M

    I struggle with anxiety and have trouble going to sleep. This oil has helped tremendously, it calmed me during a panic attack and helps me fall asleep fast and easy. Thank Canna Union

  109. 256 customer reviews

    Hudson James

    My fiance and I both took this for a few days and the first time we took up we noticed a difference. We were more relaxed and calm. I will continue to take this but when I reorder I want something with a higher milligram. Overall this is a great buy.

  110. 256 customer reviews


    This is proper staff I’m very happy with this cbd oil I recommend this product

  111. 256 customer reviews


    Great product, excellent service easy to use oil but also bought the dropper which helps to measure accurately.

  112. 256 customer reviews


    Dieses Öl wirkt bei mir und hilft mir, besser zu schlafen. Meine Angst reduziert sich auf Null

  113. 256 customer reviews


    Fantastisk produkt! Jeg har prøvd massevis av forskjellige CBD-oljer, og denne er min favoritt.

  114. 256 customer reviews


    I am able to buy CBD oils with confidence in this company who offer a very caring trustworthy knowledgeable and above all a human kind experience.

  115. 256 customer reviews


    Dies ist das erste CBD-Öl, das ich je probiert habe, und ich bin sehr zufrieden damit. Ich bin eigentlich ein Fan des “erdigen / natürlichen” Geschmacks und werde ihn wieder kaufen, wenn er aufgebraucht ist!

  116. 256 customer reviews


    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Produkt, ich empfehle jedem von uns, ein CBD-Öl zu konsumieren !!

  117. 256 customer reviews


    Since using the oil I am sleeping a lot better and I have found my aches and pains have eased.

  118. 256 customer reviews


    I am able to buy CBD oils with confidence in this company who offer a very caring trustworthy knowledgeable and above all a human kind experience.

  119. 256 customer reviews

    Meyer K

    Cbd oil it really helps a lot! Does what it is supposed to do for your mood and nerves! Definitely recommend your product!

  120. 256 customer reviews

    Natalie U

    Loved it! If works wonders, I’m more relaxed I have more patience with my kids and my husband sleeps better. 10-10 would buy again!!

  121. 256 customer reviews

    Iarra J

    Super fast delivery and I just love the taste of this cbd gummies no matter what flavour you choose you won’t be disappointed. Its the best!!

  122. 256 customer reviews


    Excellent quality of oil. I’ve tried a few and this seems to be the most effective. Customer service and delivery is also first class.

  123. 256 customer reviews


    First of all the website was easy to order from and the delivery was prompt. Bottle well packaged and presented. After reading about CBD oil and it’s use for anxiety I decided to give it a try. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have been using roughly 8 drops twice a day. No more anxiety.

  124. 256 customer reviews

    Reina Turner

    We are trying CBD oil to see if it helps a husband recovering from a brain tumour. I can see that it really helps him. Thank you so much!

  125. 256 customer reviews

    Raymond D.

    your cbd oil is fantastic. It really helps me sleep better. Super fast delivery. Couldn’t ask for more.

  126. 256 customer reviews


    Dieses Produkt ist erstaunlich, ich kaufe es für meine Mutter mit Alzheimer und es hilft wirklich, Angstzustände und viele andere Dinge zu beseitigen. Ich kann Ihnen nicht sagen, wie hilfreich dieses Produkt für meine Mutter war.

  127. 256 customer reviews


    Bit expensive, but great quality CBD and really helps me sleep at night

  128. 256 customer reviews

    Arlo Jade

    Compré mi primer aceite de CBD de amor en una tienda de salud de confianza hace 3 años, desafortunadamente me estoy mudando mucho y este sitio es el mejor para mí, puedo hacer que me lo entreguen donde estoy, muy rápido y rápido.

  129. 256 customer reviews

    Anja F

    Hervorragende Produktauswahl. Ich habe Esswaren, sie sind sehr sehr gut. Ich konnte die Lieferung nicht so per E-Mail an den Kundenservice finden, der so höflich und hilfsbereit war. Wirklich gute Erfahrung

  130. 256 customer reviews

    Pepe Santiago

    Este es el personal adecuado. Estoy muy contento con este aceite de cbd. Recomiendo este producto.

  131. 256 customer reviews


    Wirklich zufrieden mit diesem Produkt. Fühlte mich in kurzer Zeit besser. Werde wieder kaufen.

  132. 256 customer reviews


    Gran producto, excelente servicio, aceite fácil de usar, pero también compró el cuentagotas que ayuda a medir con precisión.

  133. 256 customer reviews

    J Singh

    Quick service, great CBD oil. Clear, easily understandable dosing instructions on the product.

  134. 256 customer reviews


    My sister is suffering from anxiety. I ordered your produt to see if it works and to my surprise, I see the changes. She has been sleeping early at night for straight 7 days. I’m so happy with the result!

  135. 256 customer reviews

    Ane Fernandez

    Ich hatte CBD-Öl von verschiedenen Firmen, aber dieses ist das beste, das ich Nackenschmerzen habe, und seit ich es einnehme, bin ich viel besser BRILLIANT.

  136. 256 customer reviews


    5 stars to all around!! You guys are perfect!

  137. 256 customer reviews


    livraison rapide

  138. 256 customer reviews


    It taste bitter but it actually works

  139. 256 customer reviews

    Ollie Dean

    Lad, you have the best product ever

  140. 256 customer reviews

    Janis Ian

    back pain long gone! Thank you so kindly Canna Union!

  141. 256 customer reviews


    This is perfect. It definitely reduces my painn

  142. 256 customer reviews


    ihr seid schnell! beeindruckend!

  143. 256 customer reviews


    This oil is effective!!

  144. 256 customer reviews


    Virkelig gjorde en forskjell i måten jeg følte meg på

  145. 256 customer reviews

    Jada Castillo

    Gran selección y calidad a lo mejor.

  146. 256 customer reviews


    Allways great!!

  147. 256 customer reviews

    G. Martin

    Croyez le battage médiatique. Incroyable!

  148. 256 customer reviews


    Never felt better. 10/10

  149. 256 customer reviews


    Fantastisches Produkt und außergewöhnlicher Service! Ich bin so beeindruckt.

  150. 256 customer reviews

    Aud V

    Good quality product.

  151. 256 customer reviews

    Daisy Cooper

    Kudos to Canna Union!!

  152. 256 customer reviews

    Ellie Lewis

    I shared my experience to my friends. you should be getting orders from them too! Thank you!

  153. 256 customer reviews

    Louise ♥

    my boyfriend and I took days to look for natural remedy that would help me on restless nights. Finally found the right one for me. I’m the one who suffers sleeping issue. I used 2 drops of cbd oil under my tongue for 45 seconds. Works great!

  154. 256 customer reviews


    really don’t like the taste, seems to work tho

  155. 256 customer reviews

    Mrs Schreiber

    Vertrauenswürdiger Verkäufer und großartige Produkte

  156. 256 customer reviews

    Theodore Khan

    “It’s helping both my digestive issue and sleep, it took a couple days to feel full affect it had on the pain in my feet, but I slept sound the first night”

  157. 256 customer reviews

    Luka H

    Remarkable product! will be ordering more!

  158. 256 customer reviews

    Tones Peaker

    I am so happy with the 100% THC free 10% CBD oil. I followed the directions they suggest on here, and it works a treat. No more pain or moody outbursts. I’m cool, calm, and sleeping like i’m on Alladin’s carpet in the clouds. Great product.

  159. 256 customer reviews


    probably just a personal thing but i don’t like the effect it has

  160. 256 customer reviews

    Xander Mathisen

    I’ve been using CBD nearly a week and I’m experiencing stress relief and reduced of back pain. Thank you so much!

  161. 256 customer reviews


    101% satisfied

  162. 256 customer reviews

    Marlène C

    Better night. Sleeps well. Thanks cbd

  163. 256 customer reviews

    T Ward

    Only one day in so will see how it goes.

  164. 256 customer reviews

    Gaz Davidson

    100% recommend this company and this CBD oil. Subliminal means under your tongue, and the taste is a little raw, but once you’ve had it for a few weeks you know that the taste always means no pain anymore so you actually look forward to it.

  165. 256 customer reviews


    Loved it!

  166. 256 customer reviews


    So my friends and I decided to buy one of your products. we were so amazed that it really works plus bonus with the fast delivery!

  167. 256 customer reviews


    I’m looking forward to receiving my order! Last ones I had were amazing.

  168. 256 customer reviews

    Natalie D’Arcie

    It’s worth trying ladies. I found it reduced my menstrual cramps so i barely felt them at all. The taste isn’t great but I chew gum right after.

  169. 256 customer reviews

    S Wilkes

    bit expensive but it seems to be helping with my hip pain

  170. 256 customer reviews


    I don’t know but i love the smell. its relaxing

  171. 256 customer reviews

    Lina Duval

    Cela a augmenté mon bien-être général. Dormir plus de son

  172. 256 customer reviews

    Brian Neeskin

    This oil is a life saver! Subteranian tongue drops! Who woulda thought it could reduce my arthritis pain? 5 gold stars thank you very much. Brian

  173. 256 customer reviews



  174. 256 customer reviews

    D Piven

    delivered fast, excellent quality product, works well when reducing my muscle spasms exactly as I hoped. Only gripe is slightly expensive. Looking forward to any specials or deals they have in the future.

  175. 256 customer reviews


    started with just one drop in the mornings and have already increased to two drops. if it keeps going up it will get expensive but at least it works

  176. 256 customer reviews


    You guys have been the best of the best!!

  177. 256 customer reviews


    Ausgezeichnete Erfahrung von Anfang bis Ende!

  178. 256 customer reviews

    Harry Williams

    This works great, but after a while Im finding the effects arent as strong. Will try a stronger one next.

  179. 256 customer reviews

    Karl S

    Vor allem habe ich mich bei der Verwendung dieses Produkts etwas wohler gefühlt.

  180. 256 customer reviews


    Das Personal und der Service sind ausgezeichnet

  181. 256 customer reviews

    Goodnight ☻

    oh Canna Union, goodnight! Thank you, i can sleep now

  182. 256 customer reviews



  183. 256 customer reviews


    only have it few days too soon to see if works

  184. 256 customer reviews


    quick to arrive

  185. 256 customer reviews

    Darcie W

    I was getting tired of using pain pills on a daily basis. Some friends of mine suggested that I try CBD oil, they were having good results with Canna Union products. After doing some research, I decided to try and am so glad I did. It helps ease the pain level to a tolerable level without having to stay on pain pills.

  186. 256 customer reviews


    problem SOLVED!!!!

  187. 256 customer reviews


    good quality product and fast delivery

  188. 256 customer reviews

    Phil Mc

    4 star for good customer service

  189. 256 customer reviews

    Günter König

    Dieses Produkt hat mein Leben verändert. Ich kaufte es für meine Angst. Dafür war es phänomenal. Es ist jetzt nicht mehr vorhanden. Aber ich stellte auch fest, dass es meine Fußschmerzen, mit denen ich jeden Tag aufgrund einer Plantarfasziitis zu tun habe, stark minimierte. Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich dieses Produkt ausprobiert habe.

  190. 256 customer reviews

    Eddie Leddier

    Liquid gold savior.

  191. 256 customer reviews

    W Green

    Anxiety? body pain? well CU can take care of you. Swear to God!

  192. 256 customer reviews


    Hochwertiges Zeug !!

  193. 256 customer reviews


    work well with knee pain

  194. 256 customer reviews

    Ernie Hatson

    Been dropping this CBD oil under my tongue for a month now. It’s is the best I’ve had. Ordering more today.

  195. 256 customer reviews

    F Renard

    I was very skeptical when I bought this to try. I was very happy with the outcome though!

  196. 256 customer reviews


    consistent good quality with everything i’ve bought from canna union. highly recommend this company.

  197. 256 customer reviews


    Wow! That was fast thanks!

  198. 256 customer reviews

    Juárez IV

    Más que contenta con el producto

  199. 256 customer reviews


    Produkt ist wirklich gut

  200. 256 customer reviews

    Rosie parkes

    Wow this is great stuff, really helps with my IBS and nausea. That being said, I think it may be a little strong? Think i’ll order some 5% oil.

    • Canna Union

      Yes great idea. We have a range of strengths available.


  201. 256 customer reviews

    Mr. Clarke

    Arrived as expected, packaigning looked like the photo and effective as what they say

  202. 256 customer reviews


    like it

  203. 256 customer reviews


    Great product! I will recommend you guys!

  204. 256 customer reviews


    customer service was professional and friendly. product is good quality

  205. 256 customer reviews


    En 2 semanas ha mejorado mi piel y estoy empezando a dormir mucho mejor.

  206. 256 customer reviews

    Brendan Douglass

    Excellent effects, great service, fast delivery, and helpful staff. A loyalty discount or a paid membership for reduced rates would make this company the best around. A little exclusivity and priority orders. What do you think Canna Union?

    • Canna Union

      Great idea! We’ll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.


  207. 256 customer reviews

    Richard D

    this oil is great. i had bought the spray previously but i found the nozzle kept getting stuck. it was so annoying. figured i’d see how the oil went instead to save me the hassle. its fine. both of them work but i want something that doesnt’ break

  208. 256 customer reviews


    received my order very fast. I don’t really like the taste but it works

  209. 256 customer reviews


    If you want to relax, grab one of Canna Unions product. You wont regret it

  210. 256 customer reviews

    Mary Ann Blake

    Phenomenal product!!

  211. 256 customer reviews

    great website

    I did a lot of shopping around online before i made a purchase. the thing i loved most about this website is that it seems to include all the information and ingredients on the web pages – so there are no surprises when the product arrives. i like that.

  212. 256 customer reviews


    Perfect thanks.

  213. 256 customer reviews

    Robert N

    great product and good results. i’ll buy this again.

  214. 256 customer reviews

    Mr. Segal

    I am pleased with your service, Truly i am.

  215. 256 customer reviews


    Hou la la! Je ne savais pas trop à quoi m’attendre, mais je n’ai jamais été aussi heureux / mieux dormi!

  216. 256 customer reviews

    M Ballock

    have used this oil for a while now for my fibromyalgia pain. really happy with the results. its nice waking up pain free every now and then.

  217. 256 customer reviews

    Patricia W

    You made my day, Canna Union ♥♥♥♥

  218. 256 customer reviews


    great for night time sleep but makes me a bit tired if i take it in the day

  219. 256 customer reviews

    Survey Lad

    i would recommend this to any one looking for a natural non narcotic solution, it has help me sleep and has lowered my stress level significantly . from a scale of 1 to 5 – i rate it a 5 i will continue using this cbd oil . works great for me!!!!!!!!!!!! “

  220. 256 customer reviews


    I made a great decision in life and thats ordering this product. So great!

  221. 256 customer reviews


    Je souffre d’anxiété et j’ai du mal à m’endormir. Cette huile m’a énormément aidé, elle m’a calmé lors d’une crise de panique et m’aide à m’endormir rapidement et facilement.

  222. 256 customer reviews

    Paul G

    great buying experience thanks canna union

  223. 256 customer reviews

    Mr J L Burn

    speedy delivery and it works great

  224. 256 customer reviews


    I felt easier to fall asleep. thank you!

  225. 256 customer reviews

    Jacaranda T

    This CBD drops of oil really helped my anxiety.

  226. 256 customer reviews

    Kit Laringson

    very good customer service.

  227. 256 customer reviews


    fits easily into my purse which is useful. i’m on my feet all day at work and have excruciating back pain some days. I take this with me, have a drop every few hours and the pain is nowhere near as bad. doesn’t get rid of it completely but it certainly makes my days much easier.

  228. 256 customer reviews

    Noelia Santiago

    Calmó mi estado de ánimo por la noche antes de irme a la cama (normalmente estoy irritable por la noche)

  229. 256 customer reviews

    Alzbeta Novák

    not a fan of the natural flavor but it worked

  230. 256 customer reviews


    good product great customer service

  231. 256 customer reviews

    Lizzie Amazing

    My experience with this product has been amazing.

  232. 256 customer reviews

    Daniel Stainer

    reputable company. made in the uk. it works. fast delivery. 4 stars… and a bonus

  233. 256 customer reviews

    Muse :)

    Started using CBD oil for arthritic pain last week and i’m feeeeling goooood.

  234. 256 customer reviews


    i didnt really like the natoral flavor with this but it defintely helps with pain

  235. 256 customer reviews

    Penny Williams

    Very helpful staff who are really helpful and nice to deal with. I highly recommend this CBD oil, I just wish Id discovered it years ago.

  236. 256 customer reviews

    Amelie V

    Ich habe noch nicht angefangen, hoffe aber, gute Ergebnisse bei Arthritis-Schmerzen zu erzielen.

  237. 256 customer reviews


    perfect strength

  238. 256 customer reviews


    fast and discrete delivery

  239. 256 customer reviews


    helps with anxiety and pain, have had back pain for years and it does help with that…

  240. 256 customer reviews


    Canna Union!! Keep up the great customer support. Cause seriously it’s a refreshing change from all the other CBD companies out there, who are only interested in making the sale. Shoppers, if you’re not sure, just ask these guys. So very helpful.

  241. 256 customer reviews


    Fast delivery good oil

  242. 256 customer reviews

    Dean Hopper

    Bit of a new CBD user, so thankfully customer support was very quick with their replies. They suggested this oil for me and they were spot on! I reckon 20% or 30% would be way too strong, and 5% wouldn’t be strong enough. No idea how they did that, but many thanks for not wasting my time or money!

  243. 256 customer reviews


    Free shipping and arrive fast is good

  244. 256 customer reviews


    good packaging. delirvey was fast. yet to determine if it works as only two days using

  245. 256 customer reviews

    Reuben L

    My experience was very good. This product help me with the feeling of stress, and pain. I love what it has done for me.

  246. 256 customer reviews

    Skeptical No More

    There’s been so much hype with CBD oils lately and i was not confident at all about it. Thought there was a chance i’d waste my money. But wow am I super happy to eat my hat and my words. This sublingual oil is amazingggggggg!

  247. 256 customer reviews

    Nick T

    I meant to order the 500mg but got this one instead. My mistake. I contacted customer service to ask about the dose because i am not used to CBD. They were very helpful and provided me with good advice.

  248. 256 customer reviews

    Mr Hancock

    Excellent quality CD oil product. Only been using it for a week, but I am already feeling much less joint pain, body aches, and nausea. And I’m sleeping through the night. Still might try the 30% next anyway. Thanks Canna Crew!

  249. 256 customer reviews


    I’m a migraine sufferer for almost 15 years and have tried every medication doctor prescribes available with no much success. Finally, I found Canna union that alleviates my migraine. I could not be happier! Thank you for all your help!

  250. 256 customer reviews

    H Maclane

    highly recommend this CBD oil. No more arthritic pain. Thank you so much

  251. 256 customer reviews

    Danny B

    highly recommend, but too strong for me. Ordering the 5% oil today.

  252. 256 customer reviews

    Lucas G

    The company replied straight away when i emailed them with a question. So helpful. Order is on its way and expect to get it tomorrow.

  253. 256 customer reviews

    Maxwell B

    No idea why, but I’ve been feeling nauseous over the past few months. Heard CBD might help, so got these drops. Its only been 48 hours and i’m feeling a huge difference. If it was slightly cheaper it would be a perfect experience.

  254. 256 customer reviews

    David Monty

    Excellent product. I actually don’y mind the hempy taste…

  255. 256 customer reviews

    Roy Etna

    Fantastic service easy to use site and delivered the following day. Unfortunately i’m either immune to the magic of cbd or i need the 20 or 30 percent?

    • Canna Union

      The 1000mg is the strongest available, but you could always increase your dosage to twice a day and see if that helps. CBD does take time to work, so give it a chance. You’ll be amazed.


  256. 256 customer reviews


    Fast delivery and quick acting results. Thanks again CU

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