CBD Oil 2000mg

(325 customer reviews)

67.46 or 53.97 / month

CBD Oil 2000mg

  • For oral use only
  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Unflavored
  • Organic
  • 2000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher

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Organic, and with no trace of pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides, our 20% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is a higher strength hemp-based CBD Oil in our range of products. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this superior quality hemp.

Using the 20%, 2000mg, 10ml oil is easy. Use the attached dropper to place a drop under your tongue. Keep in mind this is quite strong, so the effects might surprise you if you are new to CBD Oil. Hold the oil under your tongue without swallowing for at least 30 to 90 seconds. This allows the oil to enter your bloodstream much faster.

It has with cannabinoids and terpene flavor, is suitable for vegans and kosher, and it is made from premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and is 100% THC free.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 droppers under the tongue in the morning initially and every 4 hours depending on your tolerance. You can also enjoy a dose at night before bed. If you find the 20% is too strong, we also offer a 5% and 10% oil. If you want something stronger, try our 30% CBD Oil Tincture. Consult your physician for personalised dosage recommendations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Full Spectrum, Cold Pressed Hemp Oil. Contains Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Natural Terpenes. (THC Free)

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325 reviews for CBD Oil 2000mg

  1. Stanley

    Always to the rescue when backache attacks me while I’m not home yet to relax it. So thankful to cannaunion for this.

  2. Vincent

    Very helpful to me. It reduces and calms the sharp pain I feel whenever I have migraine.

  3. Kimberly

    CBD oil tincture is one of the easiest way to relieve stress because I just have to drop a few under my tongue and wait… 🙂

  4. Carter

    I always thought of food when I’m so stress! But that was before…. It’s nice how taking CBD oil makes me control that habit!

  5. Erica

    This is a big help to me right now since it’s pandemic and it’s dangerous to go out and go to massage spas. Less hassle, less exposure.

  6. Michelle

    No Anxiety at all! it’s like every bedtime, is like “OK I gotta sleep” and I would! As simple as that now 😀

  7. Natalie

    Canna Union’s CBD oil is soothing. Very easy to take, and for a few minutes you’ll reap the benefits. It really saved me from anxiety. Now I can sleep safe and sound.

  8. Lucy

    Gently calms my mind making me think of relaxing scenarios of my life 😀

  9. Bucky

    Just add this to your daily hobbit and you’ll feel the difference instead of getting mad of small things you tend to appreciate it. Kudos to y’all.

  10. Jason

    Amazing job for who ever invented this! No more anxiety for me. 10/10 stars

  11. Joshua

    How cute relaxation can be. CBD Oil has been so easy to me. I just drop it under my tongue and calming sensation comes after!

  12. Martin

    Taking CBD oil has been good to my sleeping routine. I used to suffer from insomnia before which resulted me from being furious all the time. It doesn’t just help me rest, but keep the good state of mind as well.

  13. Blain

    This is what we have when we feel intense pain from something like joint pain and the like. Because this is a trusted pain reliever. It is so fast! It doesn’t take much of my time!

  14. Dwayne

    Couldn’t have asked for better service ordered one day, got delivery the next day.

  15. Brix

    This is their best selling product and they never failed me with my expectation. I don’t feel any back pan or insomnia for almost a month now! This is the best!

  16. Blake

    I suffered from migraine and tried your best selling product. I did not expect that my pain will go away. But here I am, doing well and kickin! Thank you Canna Union

  17. Bernard

    Since it is organic, I do not worry taking it. This product is just being focus on the relaxing effect it can give 🙂

  18. James

    Its cute, it even has a dropper included. Just proof that Canna union does everything possible for the convenience of the consumer.

  19. Delilah

    With its organic quality, you know you’re safe. And indeed the effects are undeniable!

  20. Brooklyn

    Thanks Canna Union! this CBD Oil of yours is making me so energetic but never restless:)

  21. Michael

    Canna Union ustedes son los mejores. Gracias por este gran producto que me ayuda con mis ataques de ansiedad.

  22. Sean

    Mye helthet fordeler på bare en dråpe! Takk Canna Union! Dette er kult! : D

  23. Tobias

    This one’s a little strong but I can tolerate it anyway! And I couldn’t even believe until not how it fixed my muscle pain as well as those stress and anxiety that makes me sleepless before! This is one of a KIND!

  24. Stefan

    Veldig trygt og enkelt å konsumere! Absolutt verdt å ha.

  25. Garaitz

    This is the fastest way for me to experience the effects of this CBD product. Very relaxing and convenient!

  26. Russel

    Great product! I highly recommend to all those who have anxiety becuase it helps everything!

  27. Maiot

    Before CBD Oil, I got a few symptoms of being Emotionally Unstable already because of so much stress. Now I’m good. Marvelous!

  28. Sondre

    It doesn’t get me high! Cool isn’t it? Will check out some variations Canna Union has, for sure!

  29. Emil

    I’m always impressed with the effects of this product. Will buy more!

  30. Clara

    I feel blessed! I used to have anxiety really hard! But when I used this, I feel normal, easy and calm. couldn’t believe I can be a normal person again. 😀

  31. Shane

    This oil just gave me the idea that I shouldn’t get anxious about future body pains!

  32. Florence

    I’m kinda somewhat happy for the first day. But it’s a promising effect.

  33. Joe

    I just can’t believe that after all these years. This is the first time I experienced Quality speaks for itself!. Thank You!

  34. Nico

    What a great product. I will have my friends to try this!

  35. Kylien Andrews

    Before I know it, my anxiety is gone. I am more unstrain now!

  36. Samantha

    Å bytte til dette var den eneste avgjørelsen jeg ikke angrer på. Og det forbløffer meg fremdeles hver dag!

  37. Julian

    My stress has been easy to deal with lately. I’m sure this will give me more benefits.

  38. Javier

    CBD oil has reduced the pain in my back and I’m generally calm, cool, and collected. Also, work well on anxiety.

  39. Léa W

    J’ai eu le mien il y a une semaine et je l’utilise depuis! Je me sens maintenant beaucoup plus calme!

  40. Ursula

    It’s just awesome that this helped with my insomnia. It also helps me with headaches.

  41. Rex

    Je n’étais pas sûr de ce que j’avais entendu parler de Canna Union, mais j’ai trouvé que c’était vraiment efficace pour l’insomnie!

  42. Dave

    L’insomnie a été assez grave ces derniers temps, puis des maux de tête ont suivi. C’est un tel soulagement d’avoir cela à portée de main.

  43. Pablo

    El CBD ha mejorado muchos aspectos en mi vida. Estoy encantado de los resultados!

  44. Josh

    Ich habe seit Jahren Migräne. Habe das letzte Woche und es funktioniert super!

  45. Marlene

    CBD oil made me a lot healthier and helped me quit smoking. I’m not even craving for it anymore.

  46. Elaine

    My dad has had different kinds of disease and most of his meds has an effect on him. Got him this last month and I see that he’s been doing a lot better now.

  47. Damon

    ¡Estoy tranquilo de haber encontrado la respuesta a mi insomnio! ¡Fue todo un viaje!

  48. Betty

    ¡Ahora creo lo maravilloso que es este producto! ¡Tomo uno cada noche y siempre me despierto sintiéndome recargado!

  49. Max

    Thank you for this! Can’t thank you enough for helping me with my frequent muscle sprain!

  50. Noa

    Boost my well-being and also been able to sleep better now. I feel renewed!

  51. Charles

    ¡Fue la mejor opción para cambiar de Xanax a este producto! No veo efectos secundarios importantes.

  52. Harald

    I was in a really bad state of mind in the last couple of months and I’m more that happy I found this and saved me from myself!

  53. Rex

    I haven’t been able to control my anxiety recently. I found this priceless product and it’s been really good ever since!

  54. Blanch

    Never in my wildest dreams that my depression would be cured until I tried this CBD oil. Very hopeful for more progress.

  55. Alen

    Es ist so ein fantastisches Produkt gegen Angstzustände und ich bin in letzter Zeit ziemlich lebhaft. Großartige Arbeit, Canna Union!

  56. Adam

    My weak legs really keep me from doing recreational activities. I began using this a month ago and I notice an impressive improvement!

  57. Lisa

    El dolor en mis hombros desapareció de inmediato. Ordenaré otro pronto

  58. Marge

    Versuchte dies mit der Hoffnung zu kaufen, dass dies meine Unruhe verringern würde und es tat! Wird auf jeden Fall empfehlen!

  59. Marcus

    This has saved me many times from depression. I firmly believe in its potency

  60. Alvaro

    I became depressed when the lockdown began and I rely on this product for relief

  61. Anna

    Veldig fornøyd med forbedringen av humøret mitt. Hjelper også med hodepinen min

  62. Andy

    Mes jambes étaient très chaudes et lourdes mais depuis que j’ai trouvé cette huile de CBD, je trouve le confort assez rapidement

  63. Bryan

    Incomparable to any product of its kind. I feel that I’ve found the best for my anxiety

  64. Emanuel a

    It works like magic for my anxiety and I will always put in a good work for your company

  65. Danny

    Disse tingene gir lindring av hoftesmerter. Virkelig bra kvalitetsprodukt

  66. Iker

    Mon père n’aurait jamais pensé que sa dépression serait guérie jusqu’à ce qu’il essaie cette huile de CBD que j’utilise depuis des mois. Très génial!

  67. Shawn

    I haven’t been this unbent in a while. I take this once a day for my muscles sores

  68. Tom

    Esto mejora mi vida cada día y realmente no podría pedir nada más. Estas cosas alivian mi ansiedad.

  69. Miguel

    Min depressive lidelse har vært utenfor kontroll, og humøret mitt er gjennom taket! Men det hele ble bedre etter å ha brukt dette i 2 uker

  70. Julien

    Je me sens bien en sachant que j’ai un produit sur lequel je peux compter pour ma dépression! C’est bien!

  71. Margaret

    The finest product ever! At first I was hesitant to try this, but now I absolutely can’t live without it!

  72. Alexis X

    I am a big fan of your products, Canna Union! This is great and it’s money well spent!

  73. Maurice O

    This stuff is definitely worth the price! Great quality and really effective.

  74. Regina

    Jeg skiftet virkelig mening om alternative medisiner. Stresset mitt har blitt bedre! Jeg er en stor fan!

  75. Alvin

    Ich war schon eine Weile nicht mehr so ausgeruht. Ich nehme das jedes Mal, wenn meine Muskeln anfangen zu schmerzen.

  76. Marlon

    This is certainly the best thing I’ve tried with my hip pain and all other aches. It was really great and I love it!

  77. Luis M

    I’ve been a supporter of your products for a few months and it just keeps getting better and better! Awesome company!

  78. Joaquin

    My mood has been out of control lately and I thought I was going crazy. And then I found this gem and it’s been really great ever since!

  79. Luca

    J’ai du mal à croire que la livraison soit rapide à cause de la pandémie. Mais ma commande est arrivée aujourd’hui!

  80. Tom

    Jeg fortalte familien min om hvor fantastiske produktene dine er. De kommer også til å bestille snart!

  81. Kaye

    Jeg har lidd med eksem siden jeg var liten, og ingenting ser ut til å fungere. Virkelig overrasket over hvor raskt resultatene er med cbd-produkter

  82. Patrick

    Mon fils qui a maintenant 25 ans est sur le spectre de l’autisme et se frappait constamment. Nous avons essayé ce produit sur lui et l’aidons vraiment à se détendre.

  83. Anselmo

    I have felt a sense of calm every time I take this cbd oil. Really lucky to find this product!

  84. Simon

    Years of anxiety and popping pills, and that’s the only thing that helped me! Awesome products!

  85. Dannie

    Never has a product been so good! Definitely worth buying!

  86. Hanna

    It works like magic and I will never stop talking about how great you are! Really appreciate it!

  87. Dani

    Meine Knie gaben immer nach einer Meile zu Fuß auf. Aber dieses Produkt hat mir wirklich geholfen, mit Schmerzen umzugehen!

  88. Mario

    Customer service is the best in the history. And delivery was really fast!

  89. Robin

    Me dolían las piernas todas las noches mientras dormía y siempre me mantenían despierto hasta que brilla el sol. ¡No hasta que descubrí esto!

  90. Logan

    I didn’t care much about cbd products in the past until a good friend recommended this. I haven’t felt this good for ages!

  91. Amable

    Ich hasse es im Allgemeinen, Schmerzmittel nehmen zu müssen. Aber als ich die Kritiken über CBD-Öl las, beschloss ich, es auszuprobieren, und es linderte definitiv meine Gelenkschmerzen!

  92. Stella

    Compré este producto el mes pasado y lo uso todos los días desde entonces. ¡Me siento seguro sabiendo que tengo esto para cuando tengo migrañas y articulaciones dolorosas!

  93. Harris

    I’ve tried almost all of Canna Union’s products and I just can’t get enough! You guys are brilliant!

  94. Austin

    I am very satisfied with the outcome and will surely purchase more! Thank you so much, Canna Union!

  95. Christel

    Jeg vil anbefale Canna Union til mine venner og familie!

  96. Edgar

    Ich mache gerade eine Reihe von Chemotherapie gegen meinen Krebs durch, und ein Freund hat mir CBD-Ölpillen empfohlen, und zu meiner Überraschung fühle ich mich nicht nach jeder Chemositzung ausgebrannt.

  97. John

    I have been taking cbd oil instead of pain pills and not only helped with my pains and aches, it has also uplifted my mood.

  98. Audrey

    Never been this satisfied with any product. You guys are awesome! I will recommend you to everyone!!

  99. Kristoffer

    Mon mari et moi avons décidé d’acheter de l’huile de CBD le mois dernier et c’était la meilleure décision jamais prise.

  100. Leonardo

    El dolor en mi cadera y espalda desapareció de inmediato. Ciertamente comprará más.

  101. Brenda

    Trouver ce produit, c’est comme trouver le pot d’or au bout de l’arc-en-ciel! Je suis content de ne plus avoir à prendre de pilules analgésiques.

  102. Hans

    Dies hilft mir in vielerlei Hinsicht, aber es ist ein langer Weg für mich. Vielen Dank für das Produkt

  103. Ella

    Flott produkt, utmerket service, brukervennlig olje, men kjøpte også dropperen som hjelper til med å måle nøyaktig.

  104. Jasper

    I really appreciate how splending your product is Canna Union! It helped me with my insomnia. after taking it everyday, I noticed I get to sleep early as expected. Definitely recommned

  105. Bessette

    I am very happy with this product, I recommend for everyone of us to consume a CBD oil !!

  106. grimzy65

    Se volverá a ordenar un servicio confiable y súper rápido, aceite de gran calidad y un sabor fantástico. Gracias Canna Union

  107. Anita

    We heard about YOUR product for chronic pain. My husband has just started using it and so far so good. Will know more the longer he uses it. Tastes fine and he puts it under his tongue daily.

  108. Angel Jules

    I was getting tired of using pain pills on a daily basis. Some friends of mine suggested that I try CBD oil, they were having good results with Canna Union products. After doing some research, I decided to try and am so glad I did. It helps ease the pain level to a tolerable level without having to stay on pain pills.

  109. Lars

    I suffer from a lot of nerve pain and since taking the oil i have definately had an improvement. I will surely order again soon!!

  110. Tanguy

    Great value cbd oil that is excellent quality and was delivered promptly. It helps me with my sleeping problem. No issue at all. Everything work smoothly

  111. Guttormsen

    Quick delivery, great CBD oil, good quality and works well. Will buy again

  112. Hauke

    Since using the oil I am sleeping a lot better and I have found my aches and pains have eased. I highly recommend Canna Union

  113. Iglesias

    I’m so pleased with my product and Cbd oils from Canna Union were very helpful I will definitely reorder with them again

  114. Doisneau

    Zum ersten Mal mit CBD-Öl bei chronischen Schmerzen. Hat mir geholfen, mich zu entspannen und besser zu schlafen. Danke, es hat mein Leben wirklich verändert

  115. Charles

    Proper CBD oil items delivered literally the next day happy customer keep up the great work guys

  116. Jena

    The oil gave me calmness and serenity. It taste bitter but it really helped me a lot. Best product!

  117. Juris H

    First time using CBD oil for chronic pain. Helped me to relax and had a better sleep. I highly recommend Canna Union so much!

  118. K.Koch

    Great variety of CBD oil. It really take off all my pain away, emotionally and physically. Thank you so much!

  119. wonderboy14

    Prompt service, got the orange flavoured oil so taste ok. Too early to say what effect it will have on my shoulder pain. 5 stars for a brilliant product you guys have!!

  120. Méndez

    Your cbd oil help with pain and nerve damage while coming off of medication as i was suffering too many side effects. It has really helped me and helps me to get to sleep at night as well. I will continue to buy this product it has been a big helpand i am not eating string pain killers all day now

  121. ToddT

    CBD Oils really work for me with joint and muscle pain. Particularly in recovery from my brutal personal trainer at the gym.

  122. Nicolas24

    Good prompt service. Oil arrived beautifully presented. Have found the oil helps my anxiety. I would definitely recommend you guys!!!

  123. John

    Your product is brilliant!! I have recommended it to other people. Hasn’t got a bitter taste. Easy to take.. The ordering and delivery of the product was excellent.. I will be ordering some more pretty soon.

  124. Kaiser

    Als ich dieses Produkt zum ersten Mal bestellte, hatte ich nicht viel Vertrauen, dass es meiner Arthritis helfen würde, aber es hat. Ich habe es mehreren Leuten empfohlen und auch sie finden, dass es wirklich bei den Schmerzen hilft.

  125. Cyrilo

    I have had Polio for over 78 years – now 80 – and find that CBD oil helps with muscle pains and eases stiffness in elbows and shoulders. I feel much more relaxed due to lack of pains. A friend says that I have become less irritable; Highly recommended.

  126. Nicole G

    Ich habe diese Firma über ein Jahr lang benutzt und sie machen es immer großartig. Tolle Produkte und schnelle Lieferung. Wird sie weiterhin verwenden, da sie großartige Preise für hervorragende Qualität bieten.

  127. JJung999

    Excellent, very effective. Makes the world of difference to my sleep. Your product is brilliant!!

  128. Mia G

    Rask levering, flott CBD-olje, god kvalitet og fungerer bra. Vil kjøpe igjen

  129. Patricia W

    CBD oil has changed me. I can sleep everynight and no more pain every morning

  130. Star

    Tolles Produkt, exzellenter Service, einfach zu verwendendes Öl, aber auch die Pipette gekauft, die hilft, genau zu messen.

  131. Moritz J

    Tolles CBD-Öl. Benutzte zwei andere Marken und dies ist die bisher beste! Würde jederzeit wieder kaufen.

  132. Michelle Delfin

    I badly needed help about my anxiety. so while I was searching through web crying and begging in frustration how will I get over with my anxiety. Then, I saw your page. But before I ordered it. I also did a deep research what will happen if I’ll try it. After I was satisfied with my research then decided to buy it. Then the mail arrived. Its been 3 days and I can see the progress. I’m so happy! tbh, its still there but it reduces. I was so thankful about it!

  133. Jesper

    CBD oil is 100% legit!!

  134. Odila

    Canna Union has an excellent customer service!! You also have an impressive quality product!

  135. Leif

    you guys are awesome!!!!

  136. GD

    customer service is great! Quality product!

  137. Happy 😃

    Highly recommended!

  138. Kimmy

    Je vais commander encore et encore!

  139. Idate B

    Customer service told me this is one of the best sellers. She’s right! Its the best of the best!

  140. Better23

    the bitterness of the oil is perfect. I like it

  141. Ingeborg

    I can sleep at night!! Thank you as always!

  142. Fantastic Faye ♥

    Canna Union is HEAVEN!!

  143. Thankful22

    Canna Union is giving me best result! Thank youuu

  144. Megan G


  145. Anton C

    Tolles Qualitätsprodukt

  146. J.Johnson

    They have a good product. It works for me

  147. Bethany Julia

    customer service is 10/10

  148. Chapman

    I bought this product for my anxiety and I can’t even believe it! My anxiety had long gone after using it for days.

  149. Andrey S

    perfect strength

  150. Shelly Mei

    CBD oil is pretty darn good!

  151. Lieselotte

    Splendid product!

  152. Frauke Robert

    I will buy another one with your product. Its perfect for me! Thank you

  153. Goldilocks

    What’s do she say about the middle bear’s porridge? Not to hot, not cold, but just right… right? We’ll that’s how i feel about this 20% CBD oil. I tried the 10% first and found it only slightly dulled my body aches and pains a little. So I got back on here and ordered the 30%, which had me completely pain-free, but also made me nauseous. Came back again the 3rd time, ordered the 20% and BOOM… no pain, no nausea, and no more restless nights in a bed that’s also just right.

  154. Gaillard

    Impressive! Arrived on time! Thanks

  155. Max

    Too strong. Makes me tired.

  156. Carol

    a couple of drops on the tongue in the morning is all i need to get through the day anxiety-free. this has changed my life.

  157. Allison B

    Its great for anxiety and you can sleep way better than before

  158. Divine L

    its a 5 star company!

  159. Toprated

    Top quality product!!

  160. Toby D

    very fast delivery and this oil help with my Parkinson’s symptoms. Unfortunately it tastes like a** but I’m a big boy and can take my medicine. Especially when it works so well. Thanks guys!

  161. Mrs. Fabre

    others say impossible. But i say POSSIBLE! it works!

  162. Barry

    Top notch.

  163. Mazo9987

    Happy and satisfied. Thank you Canna Union

  164. Emy_2487

    Wow! This is effective!

  165. Ursula

    the effect is relaxing..

  166. Joe Quinlan

    Wow this oil is probably a little strong for me. Might save it for when i get really bad back pain and order some 10% oil for everyday use.

  167. Pavel

    super fast arrival!

  168. Karola

    Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder Canna Union CBD-Öle verwenden!

  169. Terje M

    Good deal and effective produvt

  170. Murray M

    This oil is goooood. Treats my IBS symptoms and boosts my moods too. Started to really notice the changes after about a week, so make sure you give it a change before assuming it doesn’t work.

  171. Debbie

    the 2000mg CBD Oil has everything I need!

  172. Cosette

    magnificent product! m stress freeeeeee!!!!

  173. glücklich


  174. Michael Andrew

    Bit strong to start with and made me feel a bit sleeping, but had smaller drops and now getting more used to it. Can’t taste much. Easy to use. I like it.

  175. Giotto Hasani

    #1 Customer Service! #1 Delivery. #1 Flavor.

  176. Martin S

    Defs reccomend

  177. Clement Darwin

    I just love how it was well packed the product. pretty neat!

  178. How I met Canna Union

    Canna Union is LEGEND-wait for it.. DARY!!

  179. Rod Stainer

    Fast delivery and efficient oil that works for my muscle spasms. Already recommended this company to friends.

  180. Fan

    How did I live without this?????!!!!!!!

  181. Scarlett Greyson

    I can’t stop talking about Canna Union to my friends. Highly recommended

  182. Marte

    Excellent Service! Good quality product. Just what I needed

  183. Benny_ME

    Los grandes productos y el proceso de entrega se utilizarán regularmente.

  184. Bernice

    I’ve been ordering here for a while. The service is brilliant and the quality of the product is outstanding!! I love it!

  185. Myrtle K

    quick shipping to the UK, and average value for money. If it was slightly cheaper, i’d be a happy lady with no arthritis pain and a little more money in my purse.

  186. F Selest

    tastes gross, but works

  187. #HappyCustomer101

    you’re the best CU

  188. Ida T

    This 20% oil absolutely helps me control both my anxiety and my seizures. Added bonus? I sleep so much better.

  189. Gisela

    Wirklich gute Auswahl an Produkten

  190. Cley5421

    You guys are so helpful! I’m so grateful !!

  191. Igor

    so goood!

  192. Daniel Dayse

    I’ve used the 1000mg and the 2000mg oil for my arthritis. The 1000mg worked for ages but i think I became a bit accustomed to it so switched up a level. This one is working wonders. I’ll stick with this for a while and see how it goes. thanks

  193. Jorge P


  194. Gustave Ruiz

    Le meilleur liquide CBD que j’ai essayé. Je le recommanderais certainement et reviendrai pour plus

  195. HollyGollyHappy!

    It really helps with my joint pain!

  196. Gerardo Lopez

    Todo bien. Gracias

  197. Tessa Newman

    Lady in customer service was really helpful and knowledgeable. Made me feel very confident placing my first order with them, which arrived less than 48 hours after placing it. The oil itself? I’ll be damned but it works. No more anxiety with a little boosted mood too. Recommend the CBD oil and this great company. Price including shipping it totally worth it to feel like a normal person.

  198. Liam0007

    Extremely brilliant I must say. You must order one too!

  199. Jeff

    My daughter introduced me to this for my sciatica. works well

  200. Piper Monette

    it taste good!!

  201. M.Malin

    Totally recommended Canna Union!!

  202. Michal


  203. Nathanial

    I was paying twice the price on another site and it had a terrible taste. This one is much better.

  204. Gianna Roberts

    Excellent customer service with fast delivery. And I honestly can’t recommend this cbd oil more than i am. My life is pain free again and really worth living. Thanks so much!

  205. Mrs. Schwarz

    I feel so relax..

  206. Noelle Gundersen

    I really wanna thank Canna Union with their wicked product and a badass customer service!! Pardon my language lad. Can’t express enough with my satisfaction with your service lad

  207. Cromwell Roman III

    Cette huile fonctionne pour moi et m’aide à mieux dormir

  208. Adam Singh

    Fantastisk produkt og rask levering …

  209. Tom D

    Cheaper than [competitor brand name removed by admin] but works just as well.

  210. Carol Anne

    20% CBD oil ha helped stave off any symptoms of my epilepsy. I’m no longer stressed or worried about when my next fit will happen. Def rec.

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