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CBD Oil 3000mg

CBD Oil 3000mg
247 customer reviews
(247 customer reviews)

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  • For oral use only
  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Unflavored
  • Organic
  • Contains 3000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher

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Our 30% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is the strongest hemp-based CBD Oil in our range of products. Made from premium quality phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, the 30% CBD Oil is suitable for vegans and kosher.

This CBD Oil provides maximum benefits to users. It  is organic, and has terpenes and cannibinoid flavor. With no trace of pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides.  At 30% / 3000mg, presenting in a 10ml bottle, this CBD Oil is 100% THC Free. That means you can enjoy the benefits of CBD, without experiencing any psychoactive effects. Our oils are easy to use thanks to the attached dropper. Place a drop under your tongue and hold it there without swallowing for 30 to 90 seconds, allowing the oil to enter your bloodstream faster.

If you are new to CBD, 30% CBD is potent, so we recommend you start by placing a single drop under the tongue, morning or night. Test the effects before you increase dosage.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 droppers under the tongue in the morning initially and every 4 hours depending on your tolerance. You can also enjoy a dose at night before bed. If the 30% is too strong, you can try one of our lower doses, including the 5%, 10% or 20%.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Full Spectrum, Cold Pressed Hemp Oil. Contains Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Natural Terpenes. (THC Free)

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247 reviews for CBD Oil 3000mg

  1. 247 customer reviews


    Maintaining a daily dose of CBD oil energizes me. I can do activities now that are healthy for my body and mood!

  2. 247 customer reviews


    This CBD oil’s strength makes me face daily issues with insomnia. Because no matter how exhausted I am, I can rest very well at night 🙂

  3. 247 customer reviews


    Backaches attacks me every night. And even I am drowsy, I couldn’t sleep, the pain feels like stitching. Thanks to Canna Union for this oil that kicks in right away!

  4. 247 customer reviews


    Its strength has never been harmful. Instead, very beneficial. I prefer taking it at night so I’ll be sure I wont’t get sleepy at work. lol

  5. 247 customer reviews


    After changing my pain reliever to this product, I feel much better. It really improved my anxiety!

  6. 247 customer reviews


    After changing my pain reliever to this product, I feel much better. It really improved my anxiety!

  7. 247 customer reviews


    I use this product for leg soreness and the results are amazing. Will buy more for sure

  8. 247 customer reviews


    A friend told me that it works for people with heart problems, and that he uses it himself. So I bought one last month and now I see relief and improvement in my symptoms!

  9. 247 customer reviews

    Rowan L.

    I have lived with anxiety for years and no pill worked. I tried this and my life changed! Really amazing!

  10. 247 customer reviews


    This will make your life better! Got so many people now that I should have shares in Canna Union!

  11. 247 customer reviews


    Make a real impression that you walked and walked.

  12. 247 customer reviews


    I suffer from anxiety and have trouble falling asleep. This oil has helped me tremendously, it calmed me down during a panic attack and helps me fall asleep quickly and easily.

  13. 247 customer reviews


    Very easy to consume, and kicked in right away! Good for on-the-spot events when anxious 🙂

  14. 247 customer reviews


    CBD oil is one of the most easy to use CBD products. I’m glad that I’ve choosen Canna Union to be my companion for having the proper rest I need.

  15. 247 customer reviews


    We’re not getting any younger. And this is my bestfriend to take everything easy.

  16. 247 customer reviews


    Veldig sikkert! For veganere, og 100 prosent ORGANISK! WOW! Du må gi det et skudd gutta!

  17. 247 customer reviews


    The muscle and back pain I used to have is like built-in to me. So glad Canna Union have something that suits the strength I need.

  18. 247 customer reviews


    Perfekt for innendørs og utendørs veldig fornøyd med dette produktet. Takk Canna Union!

  19. 247 customer reviews


    I’m lucky just to have a way for me to relieve all my stress aside. Thanks Canna Union!

  20. 247 customer reviews


    Este es lo suficientemente fuerte como para que lo tome todo lento. Puedo estar tranquilo ahora.

  21. 247 customer reviews


    Great and super easy to use! Very satisfying result and environmental friendly. Thanks Canna Union!

  22. 247 customer reviews


    Jeg var ganske petite for å være ærlig. Og jeg er en engstelig person. Med CBD Oil slo jeg to fugler i en stein. Jeg gikk opp i vekt, jeg ser ikke underernært ut i det hele tatt. Pluss at det endret meg fra den engstelige personen jeg var! Jeg føler meg bedre nå. Sjekker andre CBD-produkter snart!

  23. 247 customer reviews


    Ever since I used this, it has been a part of my daily life anyway. It’s like a beauty routiine, you won’t miss!

  24. 247 customer reviews


    This product never seizes to amazed me. Will try more!

  25. 247 customer reviews


    I always have my muscle pain. But ever since I tried this. It helps a lot. Highly recommend it.

  26. 247 customer reviews


    Det er veldig nyttig, det lindret ryggsmerter! Tusen takk!

  27. 247 customer reviews

    Therese R

    Jeg føler at ryggen vil knekke etter å ha jobbet på kjøkkenet. Og dette gir meg en rask løsning!

  28. 247 customer reviews


    Insomnia is gone and I’m super happy. I’m so impressed, I think I gonna buy some for my friend!

  29. 247 customer reviews


    I take this so I can sleep better and it really helps me deal with insomnia. My mood has also been great!

  30. 247 customer reviews


    I take this so I can sleep better and it really helps me deal with insomnia. My mood has also been great!

  31. 247 customer reviews


    ¡Mi hermana acaba de hacer su pedido después de ver cómo cambió mi vida! Estoy seguro de que obtendrá una experiencia increíble.

  32. 247 customer reviews


    ¡Mi hermana acaba de hacer su pedido después de ver cómo cambió mi vida! Estoy seguro de que obtendrá una experiencia increíble.

  33. 247 customer reviews


    I feel that I have made a good decision when I bought this. Helped me greatly with stress.

  34. 247 customer reviews


    ¡Su producto siempre trasciende mis expectativas! ¡No pensé que fuera posible sentirse tan bien!

  35. 247 customer reviews


    This product has gained a really special place in my life! Much respect to Canna Union!

  36. 247 customer reviews


    No pill has ever been this helpful for the anxiety that I’ve had for years! This made my life better!

  37. 247 customer reviews


    I was searching for something that was less harmful than synthetic meds for my anxiety. So I was really happy when I found this!

  38. 247 customer reviews


    Artificial medicines have hugely impacted my liver. Tried CBD and I’m confident that this can do wonders to my health.

  39. 247 customer reviews


    Genau das brauche ich für meine unerbittlichen Muskelkrämpfe. Ich liebe es!

  40. 247 customer reviews


    ¡Esto me ha salvado de tomar innumerables pastillas para dormir! ¡Solo una por la noche e inmediatamente me quedo dormida!

  41. 247 customer reviews


    Suffered years of excruciating migraines and I’m glad that I’m over that now. This helped me big time!

  42. 247 customer reviews


    Generally speaking, my temper has improved and I am hardly ever stressed! I appreciate this a lot!

  43. 247 customer reviews


    J’ai commencé à utiliser l’huile de CBD il y a quelques semaines. Reconnaissant pour le service client vraiment aimable.

  44. 247 customer reviews


    Tuve depresión durante meses. ¡Ordené uno de estos y ha sido bastante bueno últimamente para mi sorpresa!

  45. 247 customer reviews


    This product has showed very encouraging results. Really gave me hope for my muscle sores.

  46. 247 customer reviews


    I told my parents how superb these products are. Mum said she’ll be ordering soon!

  47. 247 customer reviews


    This CBD oil is perfect to take the edge of after a long day! Really helpful for my pains.

  48. 247 customer reviews


    This CBD oil is perfect to take the edge of after a long day! Really helpful for my pains.

  49. 247 customer reviews


    Je l’ai eu il y a quelques mois et je les ai donnés à mes sœurs. Ils commanderont aussi.

  50. 247 customer reviews


    I am so glad I found this to reduce my joint soreness without having to take any pills!

  51. 247 customer reviews

    Ronald F

    ¡No he sentido esta relajación en años! ¡Estoy feliz de haber comprado uno de estos!

  52. 247 customer reviews


    Dette er det eneste produktet som har forbedret mine såre ledd. Vil tydeligvis bestille mer!

  53. 247 customer reviews


    I sleep better now and wake up feeling relaxed and confident all day. No more insomnia

  54. 247 customer reviews


    Jeg spilte sport, men etter en ulykke måtte jeg slutte. Etter å ha prøvd dette i noen uker, er krampene nesten borte.

  55. 247 customer reviews


    Die Erfahrung ist einfach unglaublich! Ich bin beruhigt, dass dies die Lösung für meine Migräne ist

  56. 247 customer reviews


    Great class and really effective. This stuff is undeniably worth the price!

  57. 247 customer reviews


    I couldn’t believe this cbd oil is the answer to my vertigo. It also helps me with my insomnia!

  58. 247 customer reviews


    Jeg bruker dette produktet for sårhet på beina, og resultatene er fantastiske. Vil kjøpe mer for sikkert

  59. 247 customer reviews


    I have endured a variety of illnesses and this really helped lessen some of the symptoms! I totally appreciate it!

  60. 247 customer reviews


    Après avoir changé mon analgésique en ce produit, je me sens beaucoup mieux. Cela a vraiment amélioré mon anxiété!

  61. 247 customer reviews


    I love the effectiveness of cbd oil. Really calms my achy muscles and no side effects! Great quality!

  62. 247 customer reviews


    This is really worth every dime! It ease my depression and was able to handle it

  63. 247 customer reviews


    Well pleased with the progress in my painful joints. I couldn’t walk properly for weeks. I was floored that this helped me get better.

  64. 247 customer reviews


    The pain in my hip joint immediately disappeared. I will buy more for sure

  65. 247 customer reviews


    I’ve endured insomnia since I was young and I’ve been looking for a substitute to pills. Found this product and it’s been amazing since!

  66. 247 customer reviews


    Venninnen min prøvde dette med vondt i ankelen etter at jeg anbefalte det, og hun sa at det var lettet!

  67. 247 customer reviews

    Stephen J

    My legs used to feel like it’s immersed in a pot full of boiling water but since I found this cbd oil, I find relief pretty fast

  68. 247 customer reviews

    Anthony G

    Very satisfied with the improvement on my mood. Also helps with my headaches

  69. 247 customer reviews


    It helped reduce my joint pains without having to take any pain pills! I also feel fresh and my skin looks vibrant!

  70. 247 customer reviews


    I would never trade this to another product. I’ve been really comfortable with the effect so far

  71. 247 customer reviews


    En venn fortalte meg at det fungerer for mennesker med hjerteproblemer, og at han bruker det selv. Så jeg kjøpte en forrige måned, og nå ser jeg lettelse og bedring i symptomene mine!

  72. 247 customer reviews


    Moren min elsker dette. Hun sa at hun føler seg veldig livlig og fått en god søvn!

  73. 247 customer reviews


    I hope I found this cbd vape oil many years ago! I have endured many years of depression and this is the only thing that worked for me!

  74. 247 customer reviews


    I am pretty impressed with this incredible product. Helped improve my anxiety.

  75. 247 customer reviews


    I rate this product highly because it helped with my painful joints! I am so happy!

  76. 247 customer reviews


    Absolutely lessened my anxiety and been happy since I started taking these cbd oil.

  77. 247 customer reviews


    It was the best decision to switch from synthetic depression medication to this product!

  78. 247 customer reviews


    It’s amazing how a little thing like this can do wonders for my health and improve my sleep!

  79. 247 customer reviews


    My father has severe knee pain and the surgery still did not help. We are very happy we found this incredible product!

  80. 247 customer reviews


    Dieses Produkt war das Beste, wofür ich jemals mein Geld ausgegeben habe, um meine Rückenschmerzen zu lindern! Ich danke dir sehr!

  81. 247 customer reviews


    He vivido con ansiedad durante años y ninguna píldora funcionó. Intenté esto y mi vida cambió! ¡Realmente asombroso!

  82. 247 customer reviews


    I suffer from multiple sclerosis and at first I did not think CBD oil was helpful in relieving the symptoms of MS. I have been using it for a month and I just feel amazing!

  83. 247 customer reviews


    It’s done a remarkable improvement on my overall well-being and I’ve been feeling really relaxed!

  84. 247 customer reviews


    I’m so happy that we live in this day and age because the medicines have been really developed and cbd oil is the best off all the medicines.

  85. 247 customer reviews


    You guys are the best there is! This is the only product that has helped me with my body pain!

  86. 247 customer reviews


    Bytte ut piller for dette fantastiske produktet er den beste avgjørelsen jeg noensinne har tatt. Dette har utført mirakler for helsen min!

  87. 247 customer reviews


    I was taking several pills for different kinds of illnesses. But when I switched to cbd oil, I feel relieved that I won’t have to take those pills and spend a fortune for them!

  88. 247 customer reviews


    I was really depressed when my company went bankrupt due to the pandemic. This thing helps me get through the day!

  89. 247 customer reviews


    Mi amiga se ha quedado conmigo durante este tiempo de forma aislada y recientemente ha estado realmente nauseabunda y conseguí que intentara esto. ¡Ahora es una defensora y comprará algunos para ella!

  90. 247 customer reviews


    Mon bien-être émotionnel et physique a considérablement amélioré avec ce produit.

  91. 247 customer reviews


    This is the one thing I am very thankful of finding! Thanks, Canna Union!

  92. 247 customer reviews


    CBD oil has helped me manage my stress and been sleeping good too!

  93. 247 customer reviews


    Personne ne pourra jamais vous battre! Vraiment spectaculaire!

  94. 247 customer reviews


    My cousin told me your products were awesome and cbd oil is one of the stuff I tried for my fatigue and it’s just been awesome so far.

  95. 247 customer reviews


    My mom never believed her insomnia would be healed until she tried this cbd oil I have been using for months. Very incredible!

  96. 247 customer reviews

    Krysta G

    I’m happy with the results and I have only been using this product for almost 2 weeks! Will definitely order more!

  97. 247 customer reviews


    god pris, ser ut til å være en olje av høy kvalitet, selv om jeg ikke har mye erfaring, og leveransen var rask og smertefri. Anbefale!

  98. 247 customer reviews


    I love your cbd oil. It helped me with my anxiety. you nailed it! Excellent product indeed!

  99. 247 customer reviews


    Huile CBD de grande valeur d’excellente qualité et livrée rapidement

  100. 247 customer reviews


    Huile CBD de grande valeur d’excellente qualité et livrée rapidement

  101. 247 customer reviews

    David Green

    Site Web convivial facile à utiliser et la livraison a été rapide. Aucun problème. Je les utiliserai à nouveau

  102. 247 customer reviews


    CBD oil has changed my life, sleeping every night and no pain. Anxiety went down and no more problem. Thank you!

  103. 247 customer reviews

    Corazon G

    Votre produit a considérablement réduit le stress et l’étanchéité dans mon cou et ma hanche. C’est un excellent complément qui procure le soulagement de la douleur dont j’ai besoin sans effet narcotique.

  104. 247 customer reviews


    J’ai pris la dose recommandée pendant la journée pour ma première dose et je suis devenu très somnolent et je me suis vite endormi. Ça ne peut pas avoir ça. J’ai donc réduit la dose à environ la moitié et maintenant je la prends avant de me coucher et cela a très bien fonctionné.

  105. 247 customer reviews


    CBD Oils made ordering easy and delivery withing 2 days was a plus. I will definitely be ordering more!

  106. 247 customer reviews


    Jeg er veldig fornøyd med dette produktet, jeg anbefaler alle oss å konsumere en CBD olje !!

  107. 247 customer reviews


    After using CBD oil for 2 recommended dosages both morning and night, I have noticed a significant change in my mood, my mind set and my enthusiasm as a whole. Being as I suffer with anxiety, which often triggers in the evenings when I finally sit down and begin to usually ‘over think’ things, the CBD oil have completely stop this happening in its tracks. I’m so happy using Canna Union CBD oil!!!!

  108. 247 customer reviews


    Website und Bestellung waren schnell und einfach, genauso wie die Lieferung! Verpackungsdesign ist erstklassig! Habe allen meinen Freunden empfohlen! Nächste Woche meine nächste Bestellung aufgeben!

  109. 247 customer reviews


    Zum ersten Mal mit CBD-Öl bei chronischen Schmerzen. Hat mir geholfen, mich zu entspannen und besser zu schlafen.

  110. 247 customer reviews


    Have bought two lots of CBD oil and really noticed a difference.Back pain, anxiety reduces already. I’m so happy! Great customer service and product quality.

  111. 247 customer reviews


    Brilliant quick delivery and they seem to taste ok for my son so really happy will purchase more.

  112. 247 customer reviews


    Well presented and good quality. Oil is smooth to taste. Will definitely shop again. I really love your product!

  113. 247 customer reviews


    Habe zwei Lose CBD-Öl gekauft und wirklich einen Unterschied bemerkt. Toller Kundenservice und Produktqualität. Das beste!!!

  114. 247 customer reviews


    Your CBD oil is helping me bringing my anxiety down. It also helps reliefs my stress. I definitely recommend Canna Union through all of these! It is helping me a lot

  115. 247 customer reviews


    Gute Qualität, Kräutergeschmack, den ich mag und am nächsten Tag versandkostenfrei geliefert! Ich benutze es seit einer Woche und bin sehr zufrieden mit den Ergebnissen! Ich hatte Schlafstörungen, aber jetzt sind meine normalen Schlafmuster wieder da und ich fühle mich viel ausgeruhter und entspannter!

  116. 247 customer reviews


    Helped with my depression, subtle mood change and increase in appetite. Improvement in energy levels and proper restful sleep.

  117. 247 customer reviews


    Ich war sehr vorsichtig und skeptisch, aber – das CBD-Öl hilft definitiv meinem Nervenproblem. Es nimmt den Schmerz nicht vollständig weg, aber irgendwie verarbeitet es ihn anders. Ich schlafe auch besser und mein Bauch ist in einer viel besseren Verfassung. Sehr empfehlenswert. Ich habe die Minze gekauft und es gefällt mir sehr gut!

  118. 247 customer reviews


    The Oil is absolutely brilliant, it started to work on my ill almost immediately. It is of exceptional quality and oh, so beautifully packaged.

  119. 247 customer reviews


    Came to my rescue when I broke and lost a whole bottle of cbd. Thanks so much. You’re a life saver!!!!

  120. 247 customer reviews


    Mein Mann hat immer chronische Schmerzen, für die er ein Kontrollmedikament nimmt. Ich bin sprachlos über die positiven Auswirkungen, die dies in nur 2 Wochen hatte. Ehrlich gesagt hat er diese Medikamente bereits reduziert! Dies ist ein lebensveränderndes Produkt für ihn, wenn es so weitergeht, wie es ist. Kaufen Sie einfach die Flasche mit der Nummer 2-3. Danke x

  121. 247 customer reviews


    He probado algunos aceites diferentes de CBD + y he encontrado que el amor CBD es el mejor. Su servicio es excelente al igual que sus aceites. Los recomiendo

  122. 247 customer reviews


    CBD oil has been brilliant, found great relief from arthritis pain within one week of use, 3times a day. Have been using it for approx a year now, love it.

  123. 247 customer reviews

    Powell G

    I’ve only just started using the Canna Union oil drops I bought, but I’ve already noticed them helping me with anxiety and concentration. Highly recommended!

  124. 247 customer reviews

    Isberg MacLeod

    Your service is excellent,, as for the cbd oil all looks good to me Thank you very much ..

  125. 247 customer reviews

    Sebastian Jugger

    Dieses Öl wirkt bei mir und hilft mir, besser zu schlafen

  126. 247 customer reviews


    Jeder sollte das ausprobieren !! Mit dem Ergebnis sicher sehr zufrieden!

  127. 247 customer reviews

    Jack O

    Great for anxiety and for getting a great nights sleep. It really helps a lot to me!

  128. 247 customer reviews


    Muscle pain reliever! Its effective. I love it so much. I will order again

  129. 247 customer reviews

    Will N

    I totally appreciate you guys for helping everything! My anxiety dropped. I can sleep at night and no more muscle pain!

  130. 247 customer reviews


    I bought one for my dad and he loves it! Will order again

  131. 247 customer reviews

    Fave ♥

    You guys are killing it!! very impressive product!!

  132. 247 customer reviews

    happy CBD

    I like it. Will order again

  133. 247 customer reviews

    Paula V

    Servizio eccellente e consegna rapida

  134. 247 customer reviews


    This oil is amazing and you guys are super amazing too!!!

  135. 247 customer reviews

    Xose X

    Beeindruckend! Schnelle Lieferung!

  136. 247 customer reviews

    Faxon V

    bestes CBD-Öl, das ich gekauft habe

  137. 247 customer reviews

    Peyton Q

    Good selection

  138. 247 customer reviews


    God kundeservice og kjempebra produkt

  139. 247 customer reviews

    Roger H

    Well, works for me! I will order again

  140. 247 customer reviews


    They are excellent for me!

  141. 247 customer reviews

    Thankful ♥

    Would recommend to anyone that is uncomfortable using synthetic alternatives. Thanks Canna Union

  142. 247 customer reviews

    Canna Union fan

    I just admre how efficient this company is. I love you Canna Union

  143. 247 customer reviews

    Leroux MD

    Produit fantastique

  144. 247 customer reviews


    Your staff is very helpful and responsive

  145. 247 customer reviews


    Ich liebe dieses Öl. Ich hatte Probleme mit Nervenschmerzen und jeden Tag nehme ich nur Tabletten, um den Tag zu beenden, aber seit ich dieses Öl habe, hat es mein Leben verändert …

  146. 247 customer reviews


    Sehr gutes Produkt lecker

  147. 247 customer reviews


    Blown away! This is the bomb.

  148. 247 customer reviews

    Marisol R

    Fantástico producto y pronta entrega …

  149. 247 customer reviews

    Emm Will

    Wenn Sie es jeden Tag benutzen, werden Sie mehr bestellen

  150. 247 customer reviews

    N. Hathaway

    works great but tastes gross

  151. 247 customer reviews

    Melody A.

    I would gladly pay more for this oil.

  152. 247 customer reviews


    I really loooove the product!!

  153. 247 customer reviews

    Yan M

    So easy to administer these 30 percent CBD drops under the tongue, and then soak for a minute before swallowing. It has a strong hemp flavor, but i don’t mind it. It is useful for leveling out my anxiety and reducing my body aches, which makes my life more manageable. 1 star off for the price. everything else is amazing.

  154. 247 customer reviews

    Milo D Moreau

    Ceci est du personnel approprié, je suis très heureux…

  155. 247 customer reviews


    Thanks CU. The best on the net! I am so happy I bought this.

  156. 247 customer reviews


    CBD-Öl hat mein Leben verändert

  157. 247 customer reviews


    I have the best experience with their service! its the bomb!!

  158. 247 customer reviews

    Mary Jones

    record shipping time and i appreciate that it was free to deliver too

  159. 247 customer reviews

    Mariam V

    Impressive product

  160. 247 customer reviews

    Silvana R

    Honestly, I was more hesitant due to the cost than if the CBD would work, but ultimately it really is well worth it. delivery was overnight, and the 30% CBD oil literally kills my indigestion and muscle tremors, while helps me sleep so well every night. You can’t put a price on 8 hours of solid REM sleep. Thanks Canna Union! I will be back every month or so for more!

  161. 247 customer reviews

    N. Halody

    My mother has the full CBD Oil 3000mg for her RA joint pain. She says it works perfect.

  162. 247 customer reviews


    What’s impacting about my experience is that I can stretch my body than before. Oh God! Thank you Canna Union. I feel better now

  163. 247 customer reviews

    Adelheid A

    it is effecient and perfect!

  164. 247 customer reviews


    Too strong. Makes me tired.

  165. 247 customer reviews

    E Dumas

    This is great for anxiety. Highly recommended!

  166. 247 customer reviews

    Dally B

    excellent customer service and delivery arrived under 48 hours later. This CBD is super strong though, which reduced my arthritic symptoms down to zero, but caused me to feel extremely nauseous. Gonna order the 20% oil today and give it a try.

  167. 247 customer reviews


    my sleeping has improved!! Finally a good night sleep

  168. 247 customer reviews

    T. Y.

    This oil saved my sanity!

  169. 247 customer reviews


    Canna Union CBD Oil saves the day!!

  170. 247 customer reviews


    sublingual 30% CBD drops are simply a revelation. Anxiety levels are non existent most of the time with onky 2 drops twice a day. Definatey worth the price!

  171. 247 customer reviews


    All I can say is “WOW” #Satisfied

  172. 247 customer reviews

    Jack F

    Best. Oil. Ever! Just wish it had arrived quicker.

  173. 247 customer reviews


    Produkt von ausgezeichneter Qualität und hervorragende…

  174. 247 customer reviews


    10/10 exceptional customer service!! It was great talking with your customer service.

  175. 247 customer reviews

    Macca Michelsean

    Delivery arrived in less than 48 hours and my chronic back and after 4 days taking 3 drops with meals, my chronic back and ankle pain have both been reduced to barely even noticeable. If you are in pain, try this ASAP

  176. 247 customer reviews


    Thank you for making the process of buying this oil so easy. The website is great! And I can’t wait for the oil to arrive. EXCITED!

  177. 247 customer reviews


    the best cbd product ever!!

  178. 247 customer reviews


    CBD really helps me alot. Legitmately a lot

  179. 247 customer reviews

    Danielle H

    I have anxiety, ptsd and neck pain from a car accident a number of years ago. I have tried everything medical but never moved to CBD before now. My son actually recommended I start with this (even though its a higher strain) and straight away, I’ve started to fell calmer and less pain.

  180. 247 customer reviews

    Astrid Luna

    Fast delivery. I’m happy

  181. 247 customer reviews


    This stuff should come with a disclaimer… it’s got some KICK. Too much for my fragile body, unfortunately. I will purchase the 10% instead. Do you guys have tester samples available? I couldn’t find any, but that might be a good idea?

    • Canna Union

      Thanks Fazza. We don’t offer testers at this stage but will keep it in mind for the future.


  182. 247 customer reviews


    schnell und zuverlässig

  183. 247 customer reviews

    Jerry A

    Everyone is talking about CBD oil and I can see why. This is awesome!

  184. 247 customer reviews

    Jackson Williams

    my mother suffers from chronic arthritis as well as MS which makes her life quite difficult. After taking this 30% CBD for only a few days, she says she feels no pain and sleeps soundly with plenty of dreams. I’ll keep paying for this as long as she stays pain free. I love her so much and can’t stand to see her in any pain at all. Thanks Canna U

  185. 247 customer reviews


    no more sleepless night for me lad

  186. 247 customer reviews

    Gertrude O

    Brillant, aux prises avec l’anxiété et cela a vraiment pris le dessus sur toute situation que je cuisinerais habituellement depuis des siècles … j’aurais aimé la trouver plus tôt !!

  187. 247 customer reviews


    I must say this company is really is reliable and i love their products!

  188. 247 customer reviews


    I suffer from severe anxiety and so I thought it best to just start with the strongest one you have. Probably should have bought the lower grade. I feel like this one knocks me around a bit too much and makes me too sleepy. Great for night time use, but I can’t have any in the morning, which is when my anxiety kicks in the most.

  189. 247 customer reviews

    N. James

    Its pretty pricey but I am pleased I bought it. I can feel a difference already.

  190. 247 customer reviews

    Dizzy P

    Just like Wu Tang Clan, 30% CBD oil ain’t nothin to **** with! Damn this is the sh*t. No more nausea for me yo!

  191. 247 customer reviews

    Naya L

    Excelente alivio del dolor.

  192. 247 customer reviews

    F Jackson


  193. 247 customer reviews

    Bettina W

    your customer service is very informative

  194. 247 customer reviews

    Janna G.

    Really good.

  195. 247 customer reviews

    Max Allen

    5 stars for service and shipping. Tastes good too.

  196. 247 customer reviews

    Jack Jones

    Great stuff! Feeling super relaxed and sleeping like a baby.

  197. 247 customer reviews


    You’re incredible!

  198. 247 customer reviews

    Carol Ann Wood

    Finally! something worth it to buy. Thank you!

  199. 247 customer reviews

    Lillian Johansen

    Please don’t hesitate to order it actually works!

  200. 247 customer reviews

    So Grateful

    Thank you. Really. Thank you so much.

  201. 247 customer reviews


    Good quality. Recommended.

  202. 247 customer reviews


    super impressed with the quality of this oil

  203. 247 customer reviews

    Elia Montecillo

    Soporte muy útil y profesional …

  204. 247 customer reviews

    Sharyl Carlton

    Been using CBD oil for a while now and this is definitely the best brand yet

  205. 247 customer reviews

    MJ Sondre

    It helps me sleep better.

  206. 247 customer reviews


    Delivered quickly and arriving today after ordering 2 days ago. 30% CBD tastes really string, so hopefully it reduces my chronic pains. I’ll update in a few weeks.

  207. 247 customer reviews

    F Rodriguez

    You guys have an amazing product! Def recommen

  208. 247 customer reviews


    It’s wonderful

  209. 247 customer reviews


    They have a great service!!

  210. 247 customer reviews

    Youssef Ali

    Genau das, was ich wollte. Gut verpackt und pünktlich angekommen

  211. 247 customer reviews

    Melodie F

    I have started using this for my dog Molly, who has cancer. She seems to be in less pain, which of course, was my ultimate goal. Thank you.

  212. 247 customer reviews

    F Rockson

    Took a few days to arrive but so far it was worth the wait. Time will tell.

  213. 247 customer reviews

    Stefan Neumann

    Jeder sollte das ausprobieren !! Mit dem Ergebnis sicher sehr zufrieden!

  214. 247 customer reviews


    Best CBD company in Europe!

  215. 247 customer reviews

    Kristian S

    I purchased it for my wife because she was having a problem with her hip when walking and doing her gardening. Been taking this and pain has ceased so I’m ordering today for her.

  216. 247 customer reviews

    Roger Darius

    I really love how you guys pack your product. Sealed!

  217. 247 customer reviews

    Juan Carilla

    Muy bien aceite. precio es caro

  218. 247 customer reviews

    Mrs. Ezperanza Martinez

    Muy buen servicio a un precio razonable.

  219. 247 customer reviews

    Rocky L

    Strength is perfect. Buy this and you won’t regret it.

  220. 247 customer reviews

    T. Andreas

    arrived well packaged and fast. great for getting a good night’s sleep.

  221. 247 customer reviews

    Lange Jr.

    Sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt!

  222. 247 customer reviews

    N. L

    Expensive, but well worth the price.

  223. 247 customer reviews

    David Uribe

    Been buying my CBD here for the last 6 months. Prices are reasonable, really wide variety of options, and advice is always available. That’s because CU has some truly amazing customer service that’s second to none. And this 30% CBD is life changing. My Nanna suffers with Parkinson’s, but with this oil she feels no symptoms at all. Just gotta get the dosage right.

  224. 247 customer reviews

    Noémie P

    Hello Canna Union! I just love your service and your product. I’m gonna add some more with you!

  225. 247 customer reviews

    Donovan Bradley

    Too strong.

  226. 247 customer reviews

    Susanne Walter

    The lady on the phone was sweet and helpful

  227. 247 customer reviews

    Baxter H

    So easy to use. Just drop under the tongue for 1 minute. Then after a few days, effects are almost immediate.

  228. 247 customer reviews


    Pretty good oil, but tastes HORRIBLE

  229. 247 customer reviews

    Darla H

    This is seriously best I ever bought. My life will never be the same, misery again. I feel so much happy with this.

  230. 247 customer reviews

    Zanthia Johnson

    Good, not great tho.

  231. 247 customer reviews


    My hubby uses for restless legs. He say it works great.

  232. 247 customer reviews

    Bob Meade

    Order was processed immediately and dispatched so fast that it arrived the next day. 30% CBD removes all symtoms of pain, nausea, shaking, mood swings, and tiredness. No issues at all.

  233. 247 customer reviews


    Масло CBD 3000 мг – идеальная сила

  234. 247 customer reviews

    G Rothmain

    I did my research and looked around, and for 30% CBD oil that’s certified as individually lab tested, the price of thes drops are very competitive. Great for my arthritic pain and insomnia,

  235. 247 customer reviews

    P Lena

    Took a week to arrive. No idea what happened there. But at least its here now. Look forward to seeing results in the next few days.

  236. 247 customer reviews


    Really informative and well laid out website, and I got pretty fast overnight delivery. Used 30% CBD for a while, but my old company ripped me off with a bottle with zero CBD. Since I’ve been using the Canna Union oils, they’ve always arrived as ordered. These guys are so trustworthy.

  237. 247 customer reviews

    S Szymon

    The smell makes me nauseous, but the taste is better.

  238. 247 customer reviews

    Unhappy In Pain

    Ordered Monday, it’s now Thurday. Any chance it’ll arrive by the weekend?


  239. 247 customer reviews

    Anne Howie

    international shipping was fast arriving within 2 days. Strong CBD and really works as advertised. Thanks Canna Union, will be buying more again soon.

  240. 247 customer reviews

    Patrick Swayze of course!

    Just started using this powerful 30% CBD oil a week ago and dayummmm… this is strong as all hell. Exactly what i need for my chronic joint pain. Normally I’m bed-ridden for most of the day and night because even slight movement of my limbs cause pain, but after a few days putting 2 drop of this kick ass CBD oil under my tongue 2 times a day, and i’m almost ready to take baby from the corner and lift her above my head Patrick Swayze Dirty Dancing style! If you suffer with chronic anything experiences, try this bomb ass oil and you’ll feel superhuman too. Thanks so much CU!

  241. 247 customer reviews

    T Paul

    whoa. super strong but works a treat. shipping was fast. quality impeccable.

  242. 247 customer reviews

    Herman L

    Great service. V Strong CBD Oil. Will keep using it from this helpful comapny.

  243. 247 customer reviews

    Kristina H

    It Works

  244. 247 customer reviews

    Luke Neucomb

    I’m quite anxious a lot of the time, and learned quite a bit about cbd on this website so i thought i’d give it a try. After only 3 days of dosing with this 30% CBD oil, I feel an almost immediate effect of reduced anxiety and increased calmness. Thanks so much for all the info on this site guys! definately recomend

  245. 247 customer reviews

    Matty J

    So happy to finally find a quality CBD company in the UK!

  246. 247 customer reviews

    J Hill

    it’s not the cheapest oil in the world but hell its worth it

  247. 247 customer reviews


    Have seen few people say tastes bad. I like it. And works good.

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