CBD Oil 500mg

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(246 customer reviews)

25.46 or 20.37 / month

CBD Oil 500mg

  • For oral use only
  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Unflavored
  • Organic
  • Contains 500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher

Out of stock

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If you are new to CBD and looking to start at a lower dose, our 5% Full Spectrum CBD Oil is ideal. At Canna Union, we use only quality ingredients that are organic and THC Free. High quality hemp with flavor.

The 5%, 500mg, 10ml is easy to use as it comes complete with a dropper. Simply add a drop under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds before you swallow. Placing drops under your tongue is one of the fastest ways to allow the oil to enter your bloodstream.

Our 5% CBD Oil is organic, 100% THC free, and contains a range of cannabinoids. Suitable for vegans and kosher, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the highest quality hemp, with cannabinoids and terpene flavor.

Recommended dosage: 1-2 droppers under the tongue in the morning initially and every 4 hours depending on your tolerance. You can also enjoy a dose at night before bed. We also offer higher doses, including 10%, 20%, and 30%.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Full Spectrum, Cold Pressed Hemp Oil. Contains Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Natural Terpenes. (THC Free)

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246 reviews for CBD Oil 500mg

  1. Clover

    Since I can rest now coz of cbd oil’s relaxing effect, my acnes are gone too! And I believe these are just a few of its benefits:)

  2. Louis

    Very relaxing but unlike my previous experience, CBD oil has no side effects.

  3. Jennifer

    The taste of the oil is fantastic. As far as the effects, I have noticed a slight relief to my back pain but I have only been taking this for about a week. So far, I am impressed with the product and am looking forward to some long term relief.

  4. Tracy

    Great way to relax my worn out self all day! A convenient way to maintain good mood.

  5. Andrea

    Improves sleeping quality! Zombie-feeling no more! I improve my skin by the way since I can sleep well already.

  6. Martha

    Very MILD. The effect is just enough for me to get some relaxation and would make me able to sleep.

  7. Beverly

    CBD oil is a great antidepressant for me. If I take some, it would definitely save me from anxiety.

  8. Alyssa02

    Suitable for starter. It’s mild so it’s preferable for body not to get shock.

  9. Elle

    C’est bien car c’est doux mais apaisant. Je suis vraiment détendu quand je suis si fatigué qu’après avoir pris une ou quelques gouttes d’huile de CBD.

  10. Miles

    A satisfying relaxation I ever got was when I started consuming CBD oil.

  11. Chelsea

    The easiest way to consume CBD for me is CBD oil, and it won’t take long to kick in.

  12. Celeste

    M’aide avec mon problème commun, MUSCLE SPASM. Très apaisant aussi.

  13. Mark

    I always carry this Gummies with me wherever I go, because I felt reassuring. I just feel like a child, easy in life, without stress! 🙂

  14. Rico

    I always bring these gummies with me wherever I go as I felt like I was reassuring them. It just feels like a kid, easy in life, with no stress! 🙂 🙂

  15. Angelo

    The best candy in the conference room! Why? gives a relaxing atmosphere. Am I happy for this product or should I say gummies?

  16. Simon

    Hello, are you still there? Is there anything else I can help you with today?

  17. Roxanne

    I have had panic attacks for months and I am in awe that it cured me. No attacks since I started

  18. Rico

    I bought a few of these last month and noticed my look has improved dramatically!

  19. Leo

    I have been suffering from migraines since my colleague. A friend recommended it and it works like magic!

  20. Tyler

    This is the first thing I tried from Canna Union and it’s going really well. I will try the others soon!

  21. Vanessa

    I love this oil. I suffer from nerve pain and every day I only take pills to cope with my day, but since I got this oil it has changed my life …

  22. Rico

    Great product, great service, easy to use oil, but also bought the dropper that helps measure accurately. This product is recommended

  23. Ricky

    You have the best customer service and great product indeed! I will order again

  24. Shem

    This is awesome and relaxing. Just what I’m longing for in my whole life!

  25. Genard

    I just need something that has low cbd. I’m happy you have available. I will definitely recommend you guys!

  26. Caroline

    It has always been moderate. And that’s what I love about it. A relaxation that doesn’t torture what you can handle.

  27. Mia

    I love this. Since it’s oral, it feels like you can have it anywhere you like and whenever!

  28. Dasha

    No puedo negar los sorprendentes efectos de los productos de CBD. ¡Esto funciona como mágico! Adiós Estresante mundo mío. Gracias Canna Union.

  29. David

    Veldig fint for å bekjempe stress og angst for meg. Vil kjøpe mer av dette.

  30. Camille

    Looking for a way to take your relaxation to the next level? CBD OIL 500 will make the search over! Safe and mild.

  31. Sophia

    I am new to using Canna Union best products! So I can say this one’s perfect to me! And it’s cool! Very relaxing.

  32. Pete

    I’m an artist and this really helps me alot for me to calm and think! Thanks Canna Union!

  33. Aksel

    This was a gift from my bestfriend. And I couldn’t be more pleased of the effects. Thanks Canna Union!

  34. Levot

    Couldn’t ask for more. I’m so happy I can do whatever I want now because muscle pain has never been a hindrance since!

  35. Leon

    Thi one’s the best to start with for first timers. Expect the calming sensation it has! Thank me later 🙂

  36. Clement

    Bought this 500mg for easy to use while traveling. Still it helps me release stress and gives me relaxation effects that long lasting.

  37. Emil

    J’ai essayé ce produit pour la première fois et cela ne m’a pas déçu. J’essaierai bientôt les autres produits. 10 étoiles de moi!

  38. Kaye

    A little goes a long way of relaxation with this product! This is absolutely worth it!

  39. Joey

    Really did help me with my anxiety. Thanks Canna Union!

  40. Maria

    Being able to sound a sleep is a dream come true for me. Thanks for having this product.

  41. Denise

    Greatness in a bottle. I just hope I found this cbd oil earlier.

  42. Jethro U

    I was able to recover from chronic muscle pain because of this. I feel better each day.

  43. Marco

    Diese Creme half mir, meine Schmerzen unter Kontrolle zu bekommen und nichts war besser, als mich entspannen zu können!

  44. Maria

    Das ist alles was ich für alle Muskelschmerzen brauche. Sie müssen nicht mehrere Pillen kaufen!

  45. Elena

    Other brands don’t even come close to this CBD oil. I found the best cure for my throbbing joints.

  46. Kirsty P

    Muskelzittern hat in letzter Zeit gewütet. Das hilft auch bei meiner Stimmung.

  47. Carl

    It soothes my anxiety and was able to handle it better now. Excellent products!

  48. Gunny

    Es lindert meine geschwollenen Gelenke und ich war in letzter Zeit entspannt. Ziemlich tolles Zeug meiner Meinung nach!

  49. Leo

    Meine Schwester sagte, dass dies meiner Angst helfen würde. Und das tat es eindeutig!

  50. Alice

    Esto me ayuda a lidiar con el dolor en la espalda y el cuello. He estado usando esto durante un par de semanas y ha sido genial.

  51. Steven

    I feel wonderful each morning when I take this a night. Wish to see more upturn!!

  52. Lady

    I now have the stamina to do my daily errands without worrying about my back pain. I feel amazing all day!

  53. James

    I have achieve the best results I need for my anxiety with this product. Remarkable work, Canna Union!

  54. Alec

    Got depressed when I went broke. But I was able to move past it and I got better after finding this cbd product.

  55. Matts

    A relative told me about CBD oil and so I tried one from Canna Union. My anxiety has been manageable and it has been great so far.

  56. Tom

    Solía estresarme fácilmente y el aceite de CBD lo mejoraba. También mi temperamento ha sido bueno últimamente.

  57. Fleur

    Time in quarantine made me really down. Glad I have this to relieve my symptoms.

  58. Elsie

    I couldn’t believe that CBD oil would be helpful for my migraines that would last hours! I’ve been using it for a few weeks and no attacks since then.

  59. Miguel

    Can’t believe I wasted thousand of dollars on other meds! This is what I just need for my muscle pain!

  60. Rolan

    ¡Me sentí diferente acerca de los productos de CBD hasta que probé Canna Union’s! Ahora soy un gran fan!

  61. James

    It relieves my depression and was able to handle it more better now. Awesome products!

  62. Tom

    Cambié a este producto de analgésicos y me siento mucho mejor. Realmente me ayuda a dormir mejor.

  63. Jamie

    I really can’t help but get uneasy with what’s going on in the world, and this product has been my answer to stress.

  64. Stacy

    I was hopeless that I would find a product that would decrease my panic attacks. I tried this because it is becoming popular, and now I see why. I love it!

  65. Andrea

    Really happy to have found this product. Surely gave relief to my depression. I’m in your debt Canna Union!

  66. Ralph

    I wish I discovered this cbd oil many years ago! I would have enjoyed my days more

  67. Sam

    Slutt å røyke på grunn av dette produktet! Aldri har et produkt vært så bra

  68. Mark

    ¡Me alegro de haber encontrado este producto! ¡Después de años de agonía, puedo decir que he vencido el insomnio!

  69. Trina

    Ich habe seit Monaten Panikattacken und ich bin voller Ehrfurcht, dass mich das geheilt hat. Keine Angriffe, seit ich damit angefangen habe

  70. Trina

    This is very effective and has no side effects! No other products can match Canna Union.

  71. Fabian

    J’en ai acheté quelques-uns le mois dernier et j’ai remarqué que mon look s’était considérablement amélioré!

  72. Paul

    I really change my thoughts about CBD products. My stress has gotten a lot better!

  73. Flora

    Ich schätze die Qualität des Produkts und die schnellen Ergebnisse sehr. Du bist der beste!

  74. Carlos

    He leído que ha ayudado a personas con afecciones cardíacas, así que compré uno el mes pasado y ahora siento tranquilidad y mejoría en mis síntomas.

  75. Grant

    Jeg brakk ankelen for et år siden, og eventuelle smertestillende midler forbedret det ikke! Jeg er veldig glad for å ha oppdaget produktene dine!

  76. Reah

    C’est le seul produit qui a amélioré mes muscles douloureux. Sera certainement commander plus!

  77. Marcus

    ¡Duermo mejor por la noche gracias a este extraordinario producto! ¡Realmente me siento descansado cuando me despierto!

  78. Kate

    My legs especially hurt during night time and this cream really helps comfort them! Great job, Canna Union!

  79. Andrea T

    Made a big difference and improved with my panic attacks. Also appreciate the wonderful customer service!

  80. Alex D

    Nachdem ich in meinem Garten gearbeitet habe, ist diese CBD-Ölpille genau das, was ich brauche, um mich zu entspannen und die Verspannungen in meinen Hüften und Knien zu lindern! Du bist unglaublich!

  81. Ferdinand

    Das beste Zeug gibt es! Ich werde auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen!

  82. Al win

    Je suis écrivain depuis quelques années et ce produit m’a vraiment inspiré à écrire sur le CBD car je suis une preuve vivante de son efficacité.

  83. Jimboy

    I’ve been taking this for barely a month and the results have been really great. Helped with my insomnia

  84. brenda88

    This makes my life better each day and I really couldn’t ask for anything more. This stuff cures my anxiety.

  85. Ronel

    Je souffre de migraines depuis mon collègue. Un ami l’a recommandé et cela fonctionne comme par magie!

  86. Jassel

    J’avais un peu peur d’essayer au début, mais quand je l’ai fait, c’était l’expérience la plus extraordinaire!

  87. Charlie

    I feel wonderful every time I use it and it makes me feel calm! The best of its kind!

  88. Verona

    J’adore ça et ça m’aide à me détendre. Je suis content des résultats! Le meilleur produit qui soit!

  89. Marco

    Très très content du résultat! Excellent travail, Canna Union!

  90. Claudio

    Mon frère m’a dit que vos produits étaient géniaux et l’huile de CBD est l’une des choses que j’ai essayées pour ma fatigue et ça a été génial jusqu’à présent.

  91. Chad

    This is exactly what I needed for my chronic muscle pain. I love it!

  92. Nerea

    Really helped with my extreme mood swings! I just hope I found this cbd oil earlier.

  93. Jasmin

    This is the only product that has worked for my sore muscles. Will surely buy more!

  94. Jonas

    Als ich anfing, mich für cbd-Produkte zu interessieren, war Canna Union die erste, die ich ausprobierte, und ich hatte Recht! Mit Canna Union-Produkten können Sie nichts falsch machen!

  95. kim

    I’ve had the most amazing experience with your custome service. They’re very knowledgable and kind!

  96. Bruno

    I’m using couple of products from Canna Union for a few different purposes. I’m really hooked!

  97. Sander

    Mon dos se sent bien après les avoir pris et cela m’aide à dormir! Ce truc est extraordinaire!

  98. Janine

    My mood swings and frequest headaches improved and I’ve only been using it for a few weeks!

  99. Keith

    I appreciate all the customer service personnel for the swift responses to my questions! What an amazing team and company!

  100. Amund

    Ich bin zuversichtlich, dass dies die Lösung für meine Schmerzen sein wird! Die Ergebnisse waren bisher vielversprechend!

  101. Martin

    C’est le premier truc que j’ai essayé de Canna Union et ça se passe très bien. J’essaierai bientôt les autres!

  102. Dwayne

    I can surely say that cbd oil has really helped me with my depression. Definitely recommend you guys

  103. Bjorn

    Jeg er forelsket i Canna Union sine produkter !!

  104. Bertel

    Sufría de un derrame cerebral el año pasado y estado tomando aceite de CDB durante unos meses y no puedo creer lo rápido que los progresos que estoy haciendo!

  105. Clara

    This is undoubtedly the most awesome product I have ever tried! Canna Union is the best!!

  106. Taya

    Des années d’anxiété et de pilules à éclater, et c’est le seul truc qui m’a aidé!

  107. Ximena

    Seit Monaten habe ich Panikattacken erlitten und ich konnte einfach nicht glauben, dass so ein erstaunliches Zeug existiert und mich geheilt hat.

  108. Luka

    ¡Todo el dolor de cuello, cadera y espalda desapareció después de solo unos días de usar estas cosas! ¡Gracias Canna Union!

  109. Hakon

    Kann es sehr empfehlen für Patienten mit rheumatoider Arthritis

  110. Hanna

    Entrega rápida, excelente aceite de CBD, buena calidad y funciona bien. Comprará de nuevo

  111. Dominic

    “A more pleasant taste. Delivery was smooth and bang on time. I will buy again

  112. Jason

    goût très agréable et ils aident à mon anxiété. Les produits sont arrivés très rapidement aussi, merci beaucoup!

  113. queen_45

    Denne oljen fungerer for meg og hjelper meg å sove bedre og smerter er borte. Jeg er så glad for å ta cbd olje !! Det hjalp mye!

  114. Ariel

    Je dois dire que je ne m’attendais pas à la qualité de l’huile lors de sa première administration. J’avais déjà utilisé une autre marque et cela ne semblait pas avoir d’effet. J’étais sorti en 30 minutes à plat et c’est quelque chose.

  115. Lexie

    I purchased the oil for my husband because he was having a problem of pains in his hip, when walking and doing lawn work. Been taking this and the pain has ceased. I definitely recommend Canna Union!!

  116. Iker Jonas

    Produktet jeg kjøpte, selv om det var billigere, ble produsert ved hjelp av de samme metodene, så jeg trodde jeg ville gi det en gang. Så langt er jeg fornøyd med kjøpet, og selskapet leverte raskt og varen var pakket i forsvarlig bruk igjen.

  117. Lincoln J

    I feel a lot better and more relaxed with the Iain not so intense. I am satisfied that the product is exactly as described and contains significant CBD

  118. Tilly

    My partner has used this for only one week and is very happy with the help it gives. This provides sone relief and is used with a prescribed pain killer

  119. Mikaela H

    seems like a very good cbd oil and the shipping was very fast. Recommends this site strongly. You guys are the best!

  120. Laura

    Have bought two lots of CBD oil and really noticed a difference. Great experience with customer service too! Brilliant job!

  121. JJ34

    Well presented and good quality. Oil is smooth to taste. Will definitely shop again.

  122. Javier

    Great product with very quick delivery. Highly recommended. I’m so happy and the product is effective! Thank you!

  123. Quincy

    I have just started taking this for help with sleep and Arthritis. The Taste is not nice But they say what tastes horrid does you good. Am sleeping better, will prob find it helps with pain after a few weeks.

  124. valentin

    Excellent service and great product… better than the one I bought from the US which was rated as one of the best. I prefer this one. No need to hesitate or worry about these guys

  125. Lara T

    The CBD oil i ordered is already having a huge positive impact on my fibromyalgia. It’s easing the symptoms of pain, also making me feel a lot calmer & less anxious. Highly recommended.

  126. Synnove

    Would wholeheartedly recommend for anyone suffering with daily pain, anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders and people looking for something to promote homeostasis and overall well-being. Your cbd is really awesome!!

  127. Bacque77

    Super helpful, great service and the quality of the oil was superb. I would highly recommend the site to anyone new to the cbd scene or even people who use it frequently!

  128. Leon Y

    I bought CBD oils from Canna Union for my mum who was feeling a bit under the weather. I can honestly say that the oils have made a significant improvement to her overall health. I’m

  129. Jessie

    Quality product. Quick delivery. Oil helps with regulating body systems. Will re-order too.

  130. Gustav

    Absolutely love CBD oils. CBD oil is definitely the beat price around!! Can’t wait to try the other products

  131. Ryker

    Ich benutze Love CBD seit über 6 Monaten, angefangen bei mittlerer Stärke bis hin zu Entourage. Hilft wirklich bei meiner rheumatoiden Arthritis und Schmerzen, würde definitiv empfehlen, nachdem ich 4 oder 5 andere Marken ausprobiert habe, ohne Wirkung.

  132. Maximiliano

    Love this oil made such a difference to me, would highly recommended

  133. Erika G

    * Ich habe gerade angefangen, dies als Hilfe bei Schlaf und Arthritis zu nehmen. Der Geschmack ist nicht gut Aber sie sagen, was schrecklich schmeckt, tut dir gut. Ich schlafe besser, werde wahrscheinlich feststellen, dass es nach ein paar Wochen bei Schmerzen hilft.

  134. U.A

    Very helpful lady on the phone who took my order as I couldn’t finish it online.

  135. D Bauer

    I will be purchasing more products and recommend to anyone

  136. Empress

    The best customer service I talked to. Excellent product plus excellent service! Impressive!!

  137. Eve James

    This oil works for me and helps me to sleep better. I will recommend your product to anyone! Thank you!

  138. Paris

    not too strong and not too bitter. I like it. It makes me relax.

  139. Carel451

    Highly reliable service and quality…

  140. Tremblay W

    I’m happy with the product! it has great quality. It’s been a long time that I’ve experienced a good night sleep at night. Thank you Canna Union

  141. Angus

    Absolutely impressive and quality product!

  142. Sleeplessnight36

    I can sleep. This product is great!

  143. Markel Young

    La orden llegó puntualmente

  144. Morton

    Definitely worth the price!

  145. Mr Jones

    Can’t sleep? Canna Union can help you!

  146. T Hussain

    I’m really impressed with your product! Can’t thank you enough with your help!

  147. Irati

    They have fantastic product! I just love it!

  148. Guie

    ¡Son efectivos! simplemente me encanta

  149. Vidar

    Its my first time and it works great!

  150. M Beasant

    CBD oil is not bad after all as a matter of fact my neck pain is gone!!

  151. SSalome

    Excellent produit.Fonctionne bien pour les maux de dos de ma femme

  152. Mark H

    Cette huile est super !!

  153. Covey J

    I purchased this product for my wife who suffers from arthritis. She Loves this product! Since using her pain and joint swelling has lessened without ant side effects

  154. K.K

    Bisher erstaunlich

  155. Nadia Gonzalez

    Funcionó muy bien, me ayudó con mi ansiedad y mi dolor de espalda.

  156. Shakespeareme4268

    all I can say is “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

  157. Edd87

    The price is modest. not too cheap not too expensive

  158. Carroll R.

    Wow what great service, I love it! I just can’t get enough of CBD Oil 500mg.

  159. Iamalright

    I highly rate this product. It works immediately

  160. Guy Killoon

    Fantastic service from these guys. really went out of their way.
    Delivery arrived on the 2nd day as promised.
    So far i’ve been dropping under my tongue for 3 days and cant feel anything. I think i need the 20%

  161. Cariotta V.

    CBD Oil 500mg is great. Keep up the excellent work. Keep up the excellent work.

  162. Barios

    Los medicamentos no funcionan para mí, así que no los uso. Esto funciona.

  163. Eliana Dimitrov

    Високо качество. Бърза доставка. Обслужването на клиентите е от полза. Ще купя отново.

  164. backpainer

    I just hit the nail on the head for choosing Canna Union. No more back pain

  165. Olav Z

    Jeg ville prøve dette for min angst og problemer med å sove. Jeg sover nå bedre, og angsten min er mye bedre.

  166. Milena S.

    It’s all good. CBD Oil 500mg was the best investment I ever made. CBD Oil 500mg has got everything I need.

  167. Lynne F

    not sure why everyone says it tastes bad. i really like it. did two drops under my tongue and held it there right before bed. i slept so well.

  168. Zachy M

    The quality of the CBD oil is fantastic!

  169. Big Shaq

    I decided to be smart and get the Full Spectrum lower dosage 5% CBD Oil, That way if it isn’t effective, i’ll just add more drops. That should help me work out which percent i really need. Right? That makes sense yeah? QUICK MATHS! Man’s not hot… Anyway, watch this space I will come back and report on my success (hopefully)

  170. Shorttempered

    Great for irritability and stress

  171. Danika D.

    You guys rock!

  172. Isaac

    As right as rain

  173. Kirbie

    It’s really wonderful. I love CBD Oil 500mg.

  174. Ute

    Good quality and the price is just

  175. Deborah Beck

    5 stars. Highly recommended. This is the good stuff.

  176. Dorit

    Easy peasy website. I jus love it. its easy to order

  177. Adnon

    I used this product to calm down my anxiety. It works like a charm!

  178. Berri A

    It’s incredible. I was amazed at the quality of Canna Union’s CBD Oil.

  179. Mathéo B

    Nachdem ich es ein paar Wochen gegeben habe, habe ich beschlossen, dass es für mich großartig funktioniert. Im Vergleich zu den Medikamenten, die ich zuvor ausprobiert habe.

  180. Thankyou


  181. Mr. Benjamin Jackson #44

    I’ve suffered this pain on my leg for a long long time. I tried a lot of medication, the pain goes away but comes back again. and I can’t stand it anymore!!! I lost my only sport becaus of this leg pain and I get frustrated. One time my buddy came to visit me and told me to try your product because its good and its effective. Well, I was a bit skeptical but he’s my best bud so i order 1 of your product and your service was fast! it was amazing! then, I tried your product. I just cant believe it! it been a few days since I bought cbd oil and my leg seems to ease the pain and I was so happy now I can run and play back my sport! Thanks lad. You’re the best!

  182. Martyna

    Just finished my first bottle. Buying more.

  183. Shadow

    Early days but so far we’re loving it.

  184. Paul Dennis

    coupla drops under me tonge and sleepin like a babe

  185. Natalia

    The relief that I’ve felt today is the relief that I’ve been longing for. Graciaz Canna Union

  186. AnxietyShare

    It seems to ease my anxiety attacj

  187. Dibbs

    Getting some 5% CBD was the PERFECT CALL. PERFECT.
    Easy order and checkout procedure
    Quick delivery turnaround time
    Works for my nausea
    I will be buying from CU again.

  188. Nancie K

    Thanks for the great service.

  189. Susanetta

    Thank You! We can’t understand how we’ve been living without CBD Oil.

  190. Blanche

    Ich mag das allgemeine Wohlgefühl in meinem Körper. Es lindert den täglichen Stress und kann nachts mehr entspannen.

  191. Dion Cunnera

    This 5% CBD oil is a great product which has pretty much cured my insomnia while leveling my moods. 10 out of 10. Top of the class. Numero Uno. Thanks guys!

  192. Malia

    CU’s CBD Oil 500mg was the best investment for my health that I have ever made.

  193. Cathryn P.

    I like CBD Oil more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier.

  194. TY ☺

    I am now super relaxed and no more anxiety! Thank you so much

  195. Kimberley N.

    Dude, this oil is the bomb!

  196. J Wolinder

    This oil gave migraine relief almost instantly. Good strength and was fast delivery.

  197. Brandt

    Hilft bei Gelenkschmerzen

  198. Sunny V.

    Canna Union is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. I love this CBD Oil 500mg.”

  199. Clarinda

    CBD Oil has completely surpassed my expectations. Can’t tell you how happy I am. The CBD Oil 500mg is worth much more than I paid.

  200. produitutile2457

    cela fonctionne et aide beaucoup.

  201. Intolerable Guy

    great customer service and delivery seemed pretty average. This 5% CBD oil may as well just be called “oil” cause I felt nothing from this. nada. zip. Maybe i have a high tolerance? I’m gonna go to the other extreme and try the 30% CBD oil.

  202. Lorena Ce

    I STRONGLY recommend Canna Union’s CBD Oil to EVERYONE. If the 500mg isn’t enough, go for something stronger.

  203. P.P

    This product is highly recommended

  204. N. Hattle

    Best I’ve ever tried.

  205. Alfie

    Absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for your help.

  206. Adolfo

    Has worked well to relieve nagging joint pain.

  207. P Brevvik

    Great service. Delivery only took 2 days. I take 3 drops of the 5% CBD oil first thing in the morning and mid evening. This ensures reduced anxiety during each day and a much better quality of sleep each night. Happy with it all. thanks so much

  208. Thadeus

    I love Canna Union. The best CBD Oil on the net!

  209. Janice

    Best thing I ever bought for pain management

  210. Leon G

    My 5% CBD oil was ordered on Monday lunch and arrived at my door Wednesday AM. Gotta be happy with that. I might need to move up to the 10% cause i’m taking 4 drops 3 times a day. With a higher % i’ll use less oil so it should last longer. Other than that, the pain in my joints and muscles is definitely reduced by way more than half. Once I work out the right dose, I’m gonna be sweet. Thanks so much to customer support for helping me work through this.

  211. Adena

    Thanks guys, I will definitely be ordering again!

  212. Noah

    product is incredible!! I love it and i will order again

  213. Leesa Lancer

    5% works great for me. Thanks!

  214. Dita K

    I’ve seen amazing results already and would also like to say thank you to Canna Union!

  215. K. M.

    Helped with pain and I was happier. Two benefits in one hit.

  216. Tybi

    You guys rock! Definitely buy this now.

  217. Sheryl Sanders

    Nice layout on the website with a wide selection of CBD available. Customer service was prompt and helpful. Should arrive tomorrow, i hope! Thanks for all your help!

  218. Nina De Bernadi

    ordered this 5% oil and it arrived PM the next day. Been using it for a week and my nausea is almost non existent. This stuff just works.

  219. Blessedforever

    Canna Union is the blessing in disguise! no more body pain

  220. Luca Breezy

    Zero problems with ordering. Received 48 hours later. Very happy customer and camper. the 5% CBD stops my hands from shaking.

  221. Winner

    Cannaunion is on the ball! #SatisfiedCustomer

  222. Kristof Hague

    CBD je dobrý produkt. funguje dobře.

  223. Jerry Jean

    I’m using it everyday and I will be ordering more!

  224. dragon_slayer

    delivery took longer than i thought but its a top notch oil

  225. Fanny Jay

    Just arrived after buying 2 days ago. I suffer from Parkinson’s, and I am really hoping this 5% is strong enough to make joint movements less painful and much easier as well as reduced back pain. Fingers crossed!

  226. Sam Womack

    no problems or dramas at all. Works reducing the pain in my hands.

  227. Fifi Marius

    Very happy with the 5% CD oil. Works a treat on my insomnia. Will definitely make more purchases in the very near future. Delivery took 4 days though. 🙁

  228. Raul P

    Recomiendo a la compañía porque este 5% de CBD parece más efectivo que el aceite más barato que compré en otro lugar. Creo que definitivamente vale la pena intentarlo si funciona tan bien como para mi dolor ocular crónico

  229. Miele Monterrey

    I have chronic back pain and traditional painkillers don’t work. After a week of using this 5% CBD is definitely helping, though it is only mild improvement. Might have to order some of the 10% or 20%.

  230. Enyana Beetrus

    This 5% CBD works really well reducing my wife’s pain caused by multiple sclerosis. It works for her, so it might work for you.

  231. KG

    quick and easy service

  232. Frankie H

    5& CBD oil helps me with my chronic insomnia and general malaise. This stuff is great. Try it for yourself, this isn’t snake oil.

  233. Maet Pearsen

    After suffering from bipolar and ptsd for many years, ever since I started taking this 5% cbd oil twice a day 2 weeks ago, I have found that it has already started to give me back my life. I was so happy when i started feeling normal I literally broke down and cried happy tears. Take the chance. Change your life.

  234. CBD lover

    compared to other similar products online, this is definitely the best value for money.

  235. Jerry Holden

    best sleep ive had in years

  236. Demetria Slinn

    I bought the 500mg straight up. I haven’t tried the oil before but I didn’t think this was too strong for me. I found it helped with a lot of things including my general mood. I have dry skin but this wasn’t as bad anymore. Im definitely glad I tried this.

  237. Mr Dean


  238. Pam D

    cheap enough and works for pain management

  239. Karl Granzeine

    Products like the 5% CBD and all the others from Canna Union are genuine. They are all independently lab tested, which is why they may seem expensive to some. But do your research about this, because I found that this testing ensures you get oil hat has CBD in it. There are some dodgy companies out there, so that’s why I use CU. They are trustworthy and just so helpful. Plus, this oil really help my mental condition. Karl

  240. H.M. Davis


  241. Scotty Moerlandia

    5% CBD oil works with my psoriasis, mood adjustments, and joint pain. So it is definitely worth a try for whatever your ailments are too.

  242. Rob Garnett

    Almost finished my first bottle of 5% CBD oil, so I am going to get my second order as soon as i finish this review. I had no problem with the first order, as it arrived within 2 days, and the oil helped me with my insomnia and nausea. That’s why I have no issue recommending these guys to anyone in pain.

  243. Mark

    Didn’t actually realise it was making such a huge different – until I ran out! Hurry up bottle #2!

  244. Neville Bodine

    amazing stuff

  245. Clumsy

    Almost no complaints except the dropper – dropped it and it broke super easy.

  246. Marta E

    amazing results ♥

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