CBD Oil Pills

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33.71 or 26.97 / month

CBD Oil Pills

  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Softgel
  • Unflavored
  • Organic & Vegan
  • Contains 25mg of CBD per pill / capsule
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

Out of stock

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If you don’t enjoy the taste (or aftertaste) of hemp, and still want the benefits, the CBD sofgel capsules are ideal. They are easy to consume, simply add them to your regular medication time-table and take one or two tablets each day with a glass of water. Try to take them at the same time every day so your body can reap the full benefits.

In this bottle, you will receive 20 capsules. They are gluten-free, vegan and kosher friendly. There is no magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide; they are non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and non-addictive. There are no artificial colors or flavors and no additives.

This lower dose of 25mg is ideal if you have never used CBD before.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD and Coconut Oil. Vegan Capsules: Hypromellose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)




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218 reviews for CBD Oil Pills

  1. Danna

    Nerves that was shaking on its own for no reason is now all gone. Calmness is all around now. Thanks canna union for giving all your best for your consumers good!

  2. Logan

    CBD oil pill is always with me since body pain aren’t predictable, so it’s important to have something for relief.

  3. Lillian

    Helps me with my depression not to get worse, cause sometimes I have trouble breathing when depressed.

  4. Raymond

    Uncomplicated to take. I treat it like how I treat my vitamins. And because it contributes calmness on my body, I never missed taking it everyday.

  5. Miller

    I like it since it is unflavored coz I have this feeling or sensation in me that I don’t feel safe with flavored oils. Just me 🙂

  6. Patrick

    No need to overdose yourself to find relief. I don’t have to abuse myself for its benefits.

  7. Lillian

    Helps me with my depression not to get worse, because sometimes I have trouble breathing when I’m depressed.

  8. Gary

    As beneficial as the benefits I get from eating fruits and vegetables. It is nature. And it’s truly safe.

  9. Rick

    Reliable for body pain because it doesn’t take too much time to effect.

  10. Brook

    I had no more issues with my bowel movement since I take cbd oil pills. It’s truly amazing!

  11. Sean

    Humble product with a big impact of the effects. Love it so much. Stress free days are coming.

  12. Joan

    Thi is a great relaxation for me. I just take it before I start my day just like a daily dose of multivitamins, and I will surely have a great day!

  13. Shane

    I normally take this product around after my lunch! And it really helps me think more logical and precise!

  14. Angel

    I only got this product last week and am already impressed with the results!

  15. Arley

    I was extremely satisfied with the immediate result! Helped with my anxiety!

  16. Jestoni

    I really hope I found these wonderful things when my anxiety got so bad. This product is great!

  17. Simon

    I had frequent seizures due to stress. I’m so glad I found CBD oil and was able to deal with my emotions now!

  18. Simon O.

    It was really convincing! I suffered from neck, back and hip pain for years and couldn’t believe it was the cure I was looking for!

  19. Shanon

    My father has severe pain in his knee and the surgery still hasn’t helped. We are very happy to have found this amazing product!

  20. Dough

    I just need something to make me sleep. I love the oil pills. Thank you!

  21. Brix

    The service is different and the billing and billing quality is far from other brands that I’ve used.

  22. James

    Cbd oil really helped me to get to sleep at night and made it easier for me to gain appetite. Definitely recommend this product to everyone

  23. Ryan

    This is my third time to order cbd pills. It really helped me removed back pains and knee sore! It works. As mentioned this is my third time. Buy yours now!

  24. Leo

    Suffering lowerback pain and taken a lot of medicine is way too much of expenses and effort and time. But when I tried your cbd pills. I was impressed. Its all gone! Wow

  25. Roland

    I was needing something that helps me falls to sleep and I ordered pills. and it actually works!

  26. Peter

    Your pills are very helpful. I’ve been taking since last Monday and now I don’t feel any pain or sore. I can sleep better now too

  27. Mike

    Quite impressive product. Very easy to take and very organic and healthy. I like this very much!!

  28. Maya

    In just a super low dose of CBD Oil Pills, you can now endure the climax beneficial it promotes! It’s worth it:)

  29. Dasha

    Not having too much sleep can cause severe problems. This is the reason why I have these with me. Thanks Canna Union

  30. Adam

    CBD Oil Pills is the best for those who don’t like any aftertaste like me, but still wants to experience its health and over-all mood beneficial:)

  31. Emilia

    I love its unflavored plus soft characteristics. And I will definitely purchase Canna Union’s other stress-reliever variants!!!

  32. Signe

    In taking care of my body, like relaxation and calming time, I always prefer something that doesn’y taste anything. Thanks I found CBD Oil Pills from Canna Union!

  33. Buzz

    Jeg smaker ikke noe som er flott, og effektene er veldig avslappende og praktisk!

  34. Gerald

    Smaksfritt akkurat som jeg vil ha det. Det hjelper med angsten min! Takk Canna Union!

  35. Acacia

    Me encantan las píldoras de aceite de CBD porque no tiene sabor y es fácil de consumir.

  36. Jonas

    Easy to consume! Ideal for soft way of relaxation.

  37. Antoine

    I love its aftertaste, and it’s easy to swallow so I have nothing to worry if I ever procrastinate to get some water. LOL

  38. Ralph

    Since I discovered CBD Oil Pills, I never ever had a problem with my sleep again. No more sleepless night because of it’s calming effect. I salute Canna Union! It helped me to keep going.

  39. Brando

    I had been dealing with a lot of health issues in my system. But never again since this was introduced to me. Good thing I tried, and didn’t doubt. I had a feeling I wouldn’t go wrong.

  40. Patrick

    This product is not any other products you can compare. And i can live to tell you that.

  41. Angel

    It helps me fight my anxiety. I want to share these to who is in need for relaxation and peace of mind.

  42. Brando

    Results are promising. Will continue using.

  43. Louisse

    Jeg har det så bra hver gang jeg tar dette, og jeg vil kjøpe det igjen! En lojal kunde her!

  44. Belle

    CBD oil is the best and most fantastic product I’ve had the chance to try. I’m so thankful for it!

  45. Marta

    This helped me get over insomnia! I must buy one for my mother too!

  46. Emma

    I have lost all hope and desire for any kind of relief from depression until I found this. This gave me will to live.

  47. Derek V

    I found this product online when I was doing some research on CBD. It was the best decision to purchase this.

  48. Lea

    I thought I had to live with depression forever and I never thought it would be cured until I tried this CBD oil. I’m hopeful for more progress.

  49. Crysta

    ¡Me lastimé la rótula el mes pasado y este es el único producto que me ha dado la confianza de que mejoraré pronto!

  50. Athdar

    I can relax more now and my muscle pains are recovering, thanks to this CBD oil!

  51. Karla

    My order has been shipped! This is the second time I ordered from you guys!

  52. Mira

    I’m all better now comparing to the last few months. Depression has been a nightmare and this helped me get over it.

  53. Lukas

    I’ve fallen into depression countless times. But now that I have this, the future’s looking good.

  54. Verana

    Had anxiety for years and when I found this, I felt the peace that I haven’t felt in forever!

  55. Elias

    It’s to have this after a long day outside. Pretty good progress so far.

  56. Ava

    Begynte først å bruke CBD i to uker mer eller mindre, og jeg er ganske fornøyd med resultatene! Jeg kommer snart igjen!

  57. Manuel

    I’ve been in a pretty good mood recently. I’m sure other will benefit from this too!

  58. Ana

    Fell depressed after declaring bankruptcy but Canna Union helped me get back on my feet. Much happier now.

  59. Claris

    Obtuve el mío hace unas semanas y haré un pedido adicional ahora. ¡Simplemente maravilloso!

  60. Leo

    Takes effect faster than analgesics! Thank goodness I found this.

  61. Marcus

    I got this a few days ago. I take it so I can sleep and it really helps me deal with insomnia.

  62. Lea

    Found it really hard to obtain a product that’s effective for my allergies that doesn’t make me really sleepy. Got this and is doing well.

  63. Karla

    Ich hoffe, ich habe dieses erstaunliche Öl gefunden, als meine Angst außer Kontrolle geriet. Dieses Produkt ist wirklich hilfreich!

  64. Ian

    I’ve had depression for years and have yearned for the feeling of being at ease. And this CBD oil does just that!

  65. Rashid Y

    I feel fabulous each time I use this and I feel serene! The best oil pill ever!

  66. Dolly

    My knees would always throb even after the operation. Very pleased I found this product!

  67. Carol

    I take this at night and I feel wonderful each morning. Hoping to see more improvement!

  68. Noel

    Ble interessert i CBD-produkter, så jeg prøvde å bestille, og jeg er glad jeg gjorde det. Dette er det beste!

  69. Fabian

    I fell depressed after going bankrupt. But thanks to Canna Union, I was able to get out of it and feel relief

  70. Josh

    I used to be very edgy and gets stressed easily, but since I started using cbd oil, my temper has gotten better

  71. Rita

    Jeg kan ikke tro hvor ekstraordinært dette produktet er! Bare en pille før sengetid og jeg legger meg

  72. Marylou

    Ich habe dieses Produkt erst letzte Woche bekommen und bin schon jetzt von den Ergebnissen beeindruckt!

  73. Leonine

    ¡Estaba extremadamente satisfecho con el resultado inmediato! Ayudado con mi ansiedad!

  74. Anita

    Jeg har hatt panikkanfall i flere måneder, og jeg kunne ikke tro at utrolige ting eksisterte og ville helbrede meg.

  75. Blanch

    Jeg håper virkelig at jeg fant disse fantastiske greiene da angsten min ble så dårlig. Dette produktet er kjempebra!

  76. Remark

    My sister has this and I tried and the painful parts of my body felt a lot better and will order for myself!

  77. JD

    Healed my muscle contusion in a week. I admire these products and will definitely recommend it!

  78. Merry

    Using this massage oil really helped with the muscle sores after training for a couple of hours! Been able to manage my discomfort

  79. Jollan

    Ingenting slår din kundeservice og rask levering under krisen! Flott selskap!

  80. Marlon

    I take a pill before bed and I feel amazing each morning. Hoping to see more relief!

  81. Cedric A

    Got another chance to go back to sports. Suffered from sore muscles for several years and now I feel a lot better after I found cbd oil

  82. ghezzdud88

    I had very serious allergies and was going to puff up quite easily. But since I started taking cbd oil, I have been able to enjoy my everyday life.

  83. Daniel

    I used to be very active and my life was surrounded with beautiful people but this time in isolation made me depressed. But thanks to this product, it relieves my symptoms

  84. Jason

    Jeg har eksperimentert med medisiner mot min hyppige kvalme. Jeg fant dette produktet på nettet, og anmeldelsene er kjempebra, så jeg prøvde det. Jeg har brukt dette i en uke, og resultatene er lovende!

  85. Carlos

    Je me suis cassé la cheville en jouant au football et cela n’a fonctionné aucun analgésique ou pilule! Je suis très heureux d’avoir trouvé vos produits! Je le recommanderai certainement!

  86. Marco

    J’avais l’habitude d’avoir des crises fréquentes à cause du stress. Je suis vraiment content d’avoir trouvé de l’huile de CBD et j’ai pu gérer mes émotions maintenant!

  87. Jack

    Ein guter Freund hat mich auf die Website von Canna Union verwiesen und nach dem Durchsuchen Ihrer Produkte habe ich sofort meine Bestellung aufgegeben! Habe es letzte Woche erhalten und nehme es seitdem! Ich fühle mich viel besser!

  88. Reymond

    I noticed a significantimprovement on my leg cramps! Thanks, Canna Union!

  89. Raquel

    Thank you for this product! No more sore muscles!

  90. Chet

    ¡El aceite de CBD es uno de los primeros productos que he probado como reemplazo de mis pastillas para el dolor y nunca volveré a tomar esas pastillas!

  91. Marlen

    I have social anxiety disorder, and after my cousin recommended this product to me, I became really safe and no longer afraid to talk to people!

  92. Nicole

    Started using this 2 weeks ago. I was surprised at how fast the results showed!

  93. Brando

    Etter mange års lidelse av muskelsmerter og alvorlig migrene, trodde jeg bare ikke når venninnen min fortalte meg om produktene dine. Og nå lever jeg et utrolig liv!

  94. Lorna

    I have tried several other products but did not get the results I need! It is the only product I will need to relax.

  95. Davion

    Anfangs war ich sehr zögerlich, also musste ich es versuchen, um zu sehen, ob es besser ist. Und ich würde sagen, ich werde niemals nach einem anderen Medikament gegen meine Gelenkschmerzen suchen.

  96. Angel

    Es war wirklich überzeugend! Ich litt jahrelang unter Nacken-, Rücken- und Hüftschmerzen und konnte nicht glauben, dass es das Heilmittel war, nach dem ich suchte!

  97. Morgan

    Mi madre ha tenido insomnio desde que era joven y le compré esto. Ella ha estado en él durante unos días y los resultados son notables.

  98. Dexter

    These oil pills are the greatest cure for my anxiety. I’m not going to go back to any other medicines!

  99. Isaac

    I’ve lived with anxiety for years and no pills worked. Tried this and my life changed! Really awesome!

  100. Harvy

    I’ve been taking these as an anti-depressant and I must say that I the effects of CBD oil pills has been pretty light and no side effects!

  101. Delbert

    Ich nehme diese und benutze die cbd Nachtcreme für meine Aknen. Es hat wirklich geholfen, meine Ausbrüche zu verringern und ich habe keine Probleme mit dem Selbstwertgefühl mehr!

  102. Gonzales

    I am fortunate to have found this spectacular product! After years of suffering, I can confidently say I am insomnia-free!

  103. Kevin

    J’utilise ce produit pour mes maux de dos et les résultats sont assez impressionnants. Continuera à acheter plus si mon stock est épuisé.

  104. Mark Bryan

    Have been able to manage my pains since I started taking cbd oil pills! I definitely recommend Canna Union

  105. Bendik

    Det var den beste beslutningen om å bytte fra syntetiske medisiner for depresjon på dette produktet!

  106. Danica

    I used to play the piano but because of arthitis, I was forced to stop. But since I tried cbd oil pills, I was able to go back to playing the piano!

  107. Marius

    Canna Union er det beste selskapet etter min mening.

  108. Kylie

    I needed something to lessen my anxiety and panic attacks. I tried this product since it’s becoming famous and now I understand why. Glad I listened!

  109. Isla

    Mon père a de fortes douleurs au genou et la chirurgie n’a toujours pas aidé. Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir trouvé ce produit incroyable!

  110. Euricho

    Rask og veldig effektiv for muskelsmerter!

  111. Levi

    Excellent product excellent price & fast efficient delivery. Have tried other companies but this one has been the best service of them all

  112. Steve

    Jeg har nettopp begynt å ta dette for hjelp med søvn og leddgikt. Smaken er ikke fin Men de sier at det som smaker vemmelig gjør deg bra.

  113. Reggie

    Been taking for a couple of days and have noticed an improvement in my lower back pain. Definitely recommend

  114. Manon

    Your capsule is very helpful. I was able to get to sleep at night and chronic pain are no longer there after a week of taking the capsule. Its brilliant!!

  115. muse00

    Excellent product and confident it has helped with some arthritis discomfort. Definitely recommend you to everybody!

  116. Charice

    My experience has been positive. I have had some relief from my joint pain and find I’m sleeping much better and feel refreshed when I wake up. Your pill really helped me a lot! Definitely recommend to everybody!

  117. Dane Robbins

    My experience has been positive. I have had some relief from my joint pain and find I’m sleeping much better and feel refreshed when I wake up. I am so happy with my capsule and teh result. I will order again.

  118. Gaarder

    I have just received it, everything was nicely packaged and arrived earlier than expected. Looking forward to using it

  119. Mandy H

    Best CBD capsule I’ve tried. Would definitely recommend it, and will be coming back for more

  120. Brewill

    Took capsules for 2 months to help with problems sleeping after relationship breakdown. Thank you, Canna Union I was able to get over it. It really helped a lot

  121. Charlène K

    Ahoy! You got the great oil pills! I was able to sleep at night and no longer muscle pain. Thank you you’re such a great help!

  122. Winter U

    I love your pills It helps me ease the pain. It also helps me sleep at night. I will order again soon

  123. Omar v

    Been taking for a couple of days and have noticed an improvement in my lower back pain. Definitely recommend for a quality product that I purchased.

  124. Wanderer55

    Great product and really impressed with the speed of the order and delivery. It was quick and the package is well neat. I love everything about Canna Union.

  125. Carlos

    Just for the capsule, it really helped me a lot. After taking it, the next morning muscle pain is no longer there. I can sleep better at night.

  126. UV

    I love your CBD pills. Back pain improved and sleep pattern much better. Hope it continues.

  127. Carlos Young

    I had a stroke 5yrs ago. I have suffered nerve pain in my upper limbs for 5yrs. constantly taking prescribed painkillers with little effect. since purchasing cbd caps. one week ago I can honestly state that the upper limb pain has eased to such an extent I feel 100%better. Your product is marvelous! Its brilliant!!

  128. StephanO

    J’ai pris des capsules de CBD lorsque les muscles me font mal le matin après une séance d’entraînement intense, en moins d’une heure toute douleur ou raideur a disparu.

  129. Philippe

    WOW! virtually stopped. I gave some to my Step mother who has Parkinson’s and a vast improvement has happened. FANTASTIC!!!

  130. Michy89

    Dadurch wurde Arthritis in den Händen eines Familienmitglieds in einer Woche beseitigt – es ist wirklich magisches Zeug. Versuchen ist glauben.

  131. Mia

    My husband has not taken any painkillers for more than 6 months. CBD is the reason it works for him

  132. Grabriel03

    I have ordered twice now and am very happy with the service. The capsules are easy to swallow and I believe that I feel a small improvement in pain relief.

  133. Xander

    Excellent product. The capsules really help with my anxiety.

  134. Dea G

    Ausgezeichnet!! Tochter verwendet cbd Kapseln für Angstzustände, tolles Produkt

  135. Canna ♥

    Your awesome pills are awesome! I can sleep at night. My stress are long gone. Anxiety is slowly reducing. Def recommend Canna Union!!

  136. Martin R

    I’m so happy that I finally found that helps me reduce my anxiety. Thank you Canna Union! Youre the best!!!

  137. P.A.

    Your pills are great your agent is also perfect for providing me excellent service I would definitely recommend Canna Union to my friends

  138. HappyPill

    The pills I’m getting are effective!

  139. Etta U

    Site très fiable et digne de confiance, les produits que j’ai achetés étaient incroyables, ressentez les avantages assez rapidement et une livraison rapide incroyable.

  140. Sleepyhead

    Thank you for letting me sleep at night

  141. Malak F

    I can’t get enough with this pills. I will order some more. It really helps me with my neck problem and sleeping problem

  142. Roy James

    ugh. pills are brilliant!! Its way better than sleeping pills

  143. SleepyGal

    I just cant get over with your pills. I can sleep every night

  144. Pill in me

    These pills are great!!

  145. Pål

    Legit! the product and the service!

  146. Idaira

    This is very helpful. I can sleep at night.

  147. Naira G

    Pills are really effective! Just what I need

  148. Toddles10

    These pills are bidding goodbye to my anxiety. I’m happy!

  149. T Baumé


  150. Pill123

    These pills are effective!!

  151. EspenO

    Finally my anxiety reduced !

  152. Aronne P

    Pills are truly effective!

  153. Mimi M

    Amazing life-changing little pills

  154. Molina

    Product was delivered within 2 days. Suffer from muscle spasticity and MS. Works good for me

  155. Cherie

    I was sceptical honestly. I thought it was all psychological but it really works and is amazing

  156. Francis

    Great customer service after I had a few questions and then the delivery arrived in 2 days. I don’t vape and i don’t enjoy the taste of the hemp oil, so the staff suggested these. So good. After only a few days and i’m already feeling the effects. Definitely recommend this website and their CBD.

  157. Cordelia

    CBD pills work for me, removing my pain, and helping me to fall sleep at night

  158. Ingrid Gruber

    This makes CBD so easy. I’m not a fan of the oils, but the pills work great – and no bad aftertaste. I’m really glad I bought these.

  159. Ezra

    Delivery was faster than I expected. Pills are so effectiv on my joints and nausea

  160. Mandi

    Pills received as expected, excellent service, very effective

  161. Mr Davis

    I have had chronic anxiety and depression for many years, and more recently I’ve added insomnia to that list for some reason. After 5 days I’m feeling more balanced out and sleeping great. These CBD pills simply WORK! Thanks!

  162. Araceli Tant

    Thanks for the fast delivery. Can’t wait to test them out.

  163. Oliva J

    These CBD pills have worked wonders for my IBS. Great service and pretty quick delivery.

  164. Daniel M

    Very very good stuff

  165. Pete D

    Definitely the best quality CBD pills I have tried

  166. Marko

    use it to help me sleep and relax my spacticity. I am able to move much more naturally, with far less effort

  167. Neumann J

    These pills are amazing. Simply effective and tasteless. Exactly what i needed for my neck pain. My only issue is the price, but these ones are lab tested so i guess it’s worth it for that. Other than that, this company are one of the best which is why i’m sticking with them.

  168. Kristine

    reliable, trustworthy website. No issues with payment or delivery. The pills started working for my joint pain after 2 days.

  169. Mr F

    The customer service was second to none! Thank you Canna Union for improving the quality of my life!!

  170. Marion Souter

    Delivery was fairly quick, arriving in 2 days. Then within a few more days I was already feeling the effects of these CBD pills. Worth it. Love that I can take these pills out with me and take one discreetly as i need.

  171. Devlin M

    Hands down these are awesome pills and a trustworthy company.

  172. Alan Mac

    I’ve been getting chronic headaches for many years now and i can pop painkillers like they’re skittles and there’s never any relief. Out of frustration I ordered these CBD pills, even though I was still skeptical of the whole craze. Turns out i should have tried it years ago, because its been over a week now with no pain in my head whatsoever. Definitely recommend this to everyone.

  173. Helena

    So far so good! This is exciting to feel my body changing to have no pain.

  174. Yousef

    Very user-friendly website. Timely delivery. Trusted and quality pills.

  175. Fredrick Michaelson

    fast turnaround time answering questions, delivery to the UK only took 2 days, and their CBD is lab tested so i know whats in it. The pills themselves i bought for my arthritic hands and insomnia. Pleased to report that it’s worked wonders! Feel so good

  176. Vedruka

    I feel so ALIVE!

  177. Audrey Garcia

    I bought the CBD pills to try them out. I don’t like vaping or smoking, and I’ve heard the pills can do the same thing, but without the adverse effects on my health. I was happy that I made this decision. Within 2-3 days of taking them, I already started to notice that I was feeling calmer and more relaxed. A week into them and I felt like a whole new person. My anxiety had started to melt away. Not to mention my skin had never been clearer! I’m so pleased I made this purchase. Thank you Canna Union.

  178. maurice H

    OMG. Really very useful with my pain full legs

  179. Liz D

    unlike the fake CBD oil companies with ridiculously low prices, this is a 100% trustworthy CBD brand.

  180. Beverly Y

    I love these CBD pills to reduce the intra-ocular pressure caused by my glaucoma.

  181. Kelly V

    fast delivery and effective CBD oil pills

  182. Ross F

    good company and great pills. 5/5

  183. Beck G

    CBD! How amazing is it? Just so happy with these pills, tasteless, and effective for my joint pain. If you’re not on the CBD train, it’s time to jump aboard!

  184. Lonnie

    Just bought my second bottle of these pills. it gives me a very calm, clear, and focused feeling

  185. Anonymous

    These pills are so effective. Great product and the delivery was pretty quick. Recommend these for anyone with joint pain

  186. Betty Sue

    Simply the best pain solution for my arthritic hands

  187. Marius

    Been using these CBD pills for a while now for my back pain and sleeping issues. Trustworthy company. Never had an issue.

  188. Linny

    Barely any pain from with my IBS or my sprained ankle from yesterday either.

  189. Wendy Mathews

    These CBD pills certainly are the real thing

  190. Evie Madden

    Pills work great. No more nausea. For some reason the pills too 5 days to get here. Hopefully this is a one off. Will find out next time I order.

  191. Geoff Embry

    No problems at all with customs. Legit CBD too.

  192. Bugs

    Perfect! Just what the doc didn’t order at all!

  193. Julie B

    Easy to purchase, delivery arrived in 2 days. Pills work as expected. Def recommend

  194. Alexia

    Good service, fast delivery in 2 days, and CBD pill work well for my Fibro.

  195. Bernie Wallace

    Excellent customer service and no hassles with ordering or delivery. Only took my first pill about 5 minutes ago, so can’t comment yet on how effective they are. Judging by all the other comments, I’ll be sleeping well in a few days!

  196. Nick Drewfus

    Delvery fast. CBD pills were my only option to control my anxiety as i don’t enjoy vaping nor the taste of hemp. These really help me feel great. Worth the money for sure.

  197. Evna

    Excellent service, fast delivery. CBD pills efficiently deal with my body aches and pains

  198. Marty H

    My dreams are so vivid now these CBD pill help me to sleep better

  199. Joanne Miller

    So much useful information on each type of product and super quick delivery. Started taking 2 tablets a day a week ago and im enjoying no pain and lots of quality sleep.

  200. Danetta

    Seriously amazing little pills

  201. Blaine Mono

    These CBD pills really take the edge from my aching joint pain.

  202. Sufjan

    Love these pills, they were so easy to order, and the delivery was fast. They arrived last week and i have been taking one pill each night to help me relax before bed and to reduce my tremors. Definately recomend

  203. Emily G

    Took about a week for the pills to work

  204. Jack G

    Helps with the severe pain in my mother’s back

  205. Cecillia Morag

    First time CBD. Pills work. No more pain. Company Good.

  206. Nickolas

    Really effective product!

  207. Mathius

    Customer service was good and the pills are amazing. Thank you so much.

  208. Steve M

    CBD works. Customer services team were excellent help when i has a small problem.

  209. Pete Metcalf

    I use these pills daily for my pain and inflammation, but there are also other benefits such as calmness and clarity of the mind as well as top quality sleep. I suggest everyone try these pills!

  210. Ricardo

    La consegna è stata buona. servizio eccellente. Comprerà più pillole di CBD qui

  211. Glynnis Peterson

    Quality pills, well packaged, fast delivery to the UK. I am so happy with the reduced anxiety and calmness these pills provide, and will definitely be getting more from this site. thanks.

  212. Jeb H

    Amazeballs 😀

  213. Nicole

    staff and service were both excellent. Pills work for my pain relief.

  214. Ali Yammah

    These CBD pill are legendary. They really give me some relief from my IBS symptoms. Took 3 days to arrive tho

  215. Jennifer

    I’ve been taking 2 of these CBD pills for just over a week and wow… what a difference! I am sleeping so much better every single night and the pain relief is just amazing.

  216. Augustus

    These CBD pills have worked wonders with my levels of anxiety.

  217. Mathias

    Very satisfied with these cbd pills! I take them twice a day and carry them with me everywhere.

  218. Anders T

    Really great customer service, especially for a newbie to CBD like me. Quick delivery too, and they work. they really work. My nausea is completely gone.

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