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CBD Oil Softgel Pills

Full Spectrum CBD
145 customer reviews
(145 customer reviews)


  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Softgel
  • Unflavored
  • Organic & Vegan
  • Contains 25mg of CBD per pill / capsule
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free

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If you don’t enjoy the taste (or aftertaste) of hemp, and still want the benefits, the CBD sofgel capsules are ideal. They are easy to consume, simply add them to your regular medication time-table and take one or two tablets each day with a glass of water. Try to take them at the same time every day so your body can reap the full benefits.

In this bottle, you will receive 20 capsules. They are gluten-free, vegan and kosher friendly. There is no magnesium stearate or silicon dioxide; they are non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and non-addictive. There are no artificial colors or flavors and no additives. test

This lower dose of 25mg is ideal if you have never used CBD before. test

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD and Coconut Oil. Vegan Capsules: Hypromellose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) 




145 reviews for CBD Oil Softgel Pills

  1. 145 customer reviews

    Marlon S

    ¡Siento que los días han pasado tanto tiempo por estar aislados! ¡Es oportuno tener este increíble producto!

  2. 145 customer reviews


    Hadde migrene for alltid. Fant dette og livet mitt snudde! Takk

  3. 145 customer reviews


    My fellow worker urged me to try this product for my migraines. I say nothing defeat Canna Union!

  4. 145 customer reviews


    Je pensais qu’un tel produit n’existait que dans mes rêves! Ce truc m’a sauvé de nombreuses visites à l’hôpital en raison de l’insomnie Je pensais qu’un tel produit n’existait que dans mes rêves! Ce truc m’a sauvé de nombreuses visites à l’hôpital en raison de l’insomnie

  5. 145 customer reviews


    My mom has been suffering from various illnesses and after trying this, it surely improved! Job well done

  6. 145 customer reviews


    Jeg er sikker på at dette er svaret på min smerte! Resultatene har vært gode så langt

  7. 145 customer reviews

    Leon ere

    My sib told me that your products are awesome and CBD oil is one of the stuff I tried for my anxiety and it has been fantastic so far.

  8. 145 customer reviews


    I was pretty nervous to try these pills at first, but when I did, it was the most phenomenal experience!

  9. 145 customer reviews


    I suffered from stroke and at first I didn’t believe CBD oil would be helpful. I’ve been using it for a some weeks now and I just feel great!

  10. 145 customer reviews


    My teenage son has down syndrome and we bought this product for him and it really helps him relax

  11. 145 customer reviews


    My spine feels fine after taking these and it helps me doze off! This thing is exceptional!

  12. 145 customer reviews


    Se lo recomendaré a mi hermano que ha tenido fatiga desde que era muy joven. Estoy seguro de que se sorprenderá

  13. 145 customer reviews


    Je me sens toujours calme à chaque fois que je prends ça, et j’ai amélioré mon sommeil aussi!

  14. 145 customer reviews


    I use CBD oil for my acne. I rarely have breakouts and the existing ones are almost gone.

  15. 145 customer reviews


    Never in my wildest dream did I thought such product exist! This stuff saved me from numerous visits to the hospital!

  16. 145 customer reviews


    Meine Stimmung hat sich im Allgemeinen verbessert und ich bin kaum gestresst! Vielen Dank!

  17. 145 customer reviews


    Spenningen i skulderen min forsvant siden jeg begynte å bruke cbd vape olje forrige uke!

  18. 145 customer reviews


    Ich leide an Multipler Sklerose und dachte zunächst nicht, dass CBD-Öl bei der Linderung der Symptome von MS hilfreich ist. Ich benutze es seit einem Monat und ich fühle mich einfach unglaublich!

  19. 145 customer reviews


    My sleeps gets interrupted every night due to my sore joints. Glad I have this cbd oil now, I sleep like a baby!

  20. 145 customer reviews


    Bought a few of these last month and gave some to my parents. Watch out for their orders!

  21. 145 customer reviews

    Jonas V

    Jeg er så glad for at vi lever i denne tiden fordi medisinene har blitt virkelig utviklet og cbd olje er den beste av alle medisinene.

  22. 145 customer reviews


    Pretty impressed with how quickly my insomnia improved! Really awesome products!

  23. 145 customer reviews


    Con todo lo que está sucediendo con el mundo, no puedo evitar preocuparme y este producto ha sido mi solución al estrés

  24. 145 customer reviews


    Siempre estaba inseguro de mi personalidad y un miembro de mi familia me dijo que esto ayudaría. Entonces lo pedí y me hizo sentir tranquilo y relajado.

  25. 145 customer reviews


    Mein Vater hätte nie gedacht, dass seine Schlaflosigkeit geheilt werden würde, bis er dieses CBD-Öl probierte, das ich seit Monaten benutze. Sehr unglaublich!

  26. 145 customer reviews


    I am going through a series of chemotherapy for my cancer and a friend recommended CBD oil pills to me, and to my surprise I don’t feel burned out after every chemo session.

  27. 145 customer reviews


    Ihr Kundenservice ist wirklich nicht von dieser Welt! Ich hoffe, dass mehr Unternehmen von Ihnen lernen!

  28. 145 customer reviews


    ¡Desde que comencé a usar el aceite de CBD, pude dormir como un bebé!

  29. 145 customer reviews


    After working in my garden, this cbd oil pill is what I need to relax and relieve the tightness in my hips and knees! You are incredible!

  30. 145 customer reviews


    I suggested this to my dad and he’s going to order soon! Watch out!

  31. 145 customer reviews


    I feel safe knowing that I got this product and I am confident that it will ease my painful muscle sores! Really great quality.

  32. 145 customer reviews


    A friend told me about his product and I thought I should try it for my insomnia and it’s been a great couple of nights. It feels good to be able to get a good night’s sleep at last!

  33. 145 customer reviews


    Je dors mieux la nuit grâce à ce produit extraordinaire! Je me sens vraiment reposé quand je me réveille!

  34. 145 customer reviews


    I will recommend this to my mom who’s been sufferiing with anxiety since I was little. I’m sure she’ll be amazed too!

  35. 145 customer reviews


    Je ne pouvais pas croire que les crises de mon fils ont été vraiment gérables récemment et une amélioration notable de son humeur!

  36. 145 customer reviews


    These wonderful pills have reduced my anxiety and really improved my mood overall!

  37. 145 customer reviews


    Mis rodillas siempre se rendían después de una caminata de una milla. ¡Pero este producto realmente me ayudó a manejar el dolor!

  38. 145 customer reviews


    Ich habe seit meinem College an Migräne gelitten. Ein Freund hat dies empfohlen und es funktioniert wie Magie!

  39. 145 customer reviews


    With all that’s happening with the world, I can’t help but worry and this product has been my rock!

  40. 145 customer reviews


    I was kinda scared to try these pills at first but when I did, it was the most extraordinary experience!

  41. 145 customer reviews


    Absolument amoindri mon anxiété et été heureux depuis que je commencé à prendre ces pilules cbd.

  42. 145 customer reviews


    I used to be very frantic and I couldn’t relax but after trying these pills, I must say that I feel more at ease.

  43. 145 customer reviews


    Solía ser muy tímido y tengo muy poca confianza en mí mismo. Pero desde que comencé a usar este producto, ¡me volví más feliz y definitivamente seguro!

  44. 145 customer reviews


    I have known panic attacks all my life and kind of lost all hope that any medicine would be able to cure it until I found this gem! You guys are awesome!

  45. 145 customer reviews

    Linda T

    Been taking these softgels for barely a week and I can already see the improvement! No more arthritis!

  46. 145 customer reviews


    I bought the softgel capsules because I’d read they might help with joint pain and chronic fatigue syndrome. I’ve been taking them for a week. During the first two days, my hip pain disappeared completely. I’m so happy and hopefully still continue to subside the pain

  47. 145 customer reviews


    Utmerket utvalg av produkt. Jeg har spiselige ting, de er veldig veldig gode. Jeg kunne ikke finne leveransen så mailet kundeservice som var så høflige og hjelpsomme. Virkelig god opplevelse

  48. 145 customer reviews


    CBD soft gel is brilliant! It so happen that it actually helped my anxiety to reduces to zero and I was able to sleep better at night already Thank you!

  49. 145 customer reviews


    Your softgel really works! I love it! I don’t need pain killer pills or sleeping pills for me to reduce my back pain and joint pain and as well sleeping pills for me to get to sleep at night. Softgel helps me!

  50. 145 customer reviews


    I love your softgel..I suffer from nerve pain and everyday I just take pills to deal with my day but since I got Canna Union’s soft gel, it changed my life…

  51. 145 customer reviews

    Cassandra Morris

    I wanted a soothing supplement to help me in a stressful period, but I hate anything that makes me feel sleepy or “out of it.” This has been perfect in helping me feel focused and relaxed, and I fall asleep easier without feeling that I am being put to sleep! Thanks to Canna Union! I really love your soft gel!

  52. 145 customer reviews


    The CBD softgel i ordered is already having a huge positive impact on my fibromyalgia. It’s easing the symptoms of pain, also making me feel a lot calmer & less anxious. Highly recommended.

  53. 145 customer reviews


    Been using for a week, very happy with the results! I had trouble sleeping but now my normal sleeping patterns are back and I feel a lot more rested and relaxed!

  54. 145 customer reviews

    Joshua Jiménez

    Great product, good prices as it was on offer. Would use again if they kept up with offers.

  55. 145 customer reviews


    Quick, efficient and cost-competitive. The product is fantastic too. You guys are highly recommended!!

  56. 145 customer reviews


    My muscle pain are long gone, all thanks to your softgel. I would definitely recommend Canna Union for having the best quality product1

  57. 145 customer reviews


    Good quality product I ever had! Its super perfect. After taking it for a week. I feel so much better. Back pain is gone. I can sleep at night already. Amazing softgel it is

  58. 145 customer reviews


    Gode ​​råd og info på dette nettstedet. Rask levering veldig fornøyd med produktet vil absolutt anbefale til venner

  59. 145 customer reviews

    Ben D

    Been taking for a couple of days and have noticed an improvement in my lower back pain. Definitely recommend

  60. 145 customer reviews


    I like your softgels! very pleasant taste and they help with my anxiety. The products arrived very quickly too, thanks a lot!

  61. 145 customer reviews

    Geric B

    Great product at a competitive price. Very well packaged and arrived quickly. I love your softgel, it helps me reduce my muscle pain and I can sleep better than before.Would definitely buy from again.

  62. 145 customer reviews


    Great service. I tried them several times. The product always arrives quickly and they offer very good quality.

  63. 145 customer reviews


    I received delivery of my first purchase promptly – love the packaging by the way, and now looking forward to the benefits of using Canna Union Softgels to improve my overall health.

  64. 145 customer reviews


    I bought this for my mum who suffers from arthritis. In her opinion it has helped relieve her symptoms and she feels less discomfort, especially in the morning when she gets out of bed.

  65. 145 customer reviews


    Very helpful, fast service, have been using this company for some time now. Products are of a good quality.

  66. 145 customer reviews


    I’ve been taking CBD softgels when muscles are feeling achey the morning after a heavy workout, within an hour any pain or stiffness is gone.

  67. 145 customer reviews


    Great CBD soft gels, quick dispatch, about to make my 10th order, the whole family is using these soft gels now. Ya gotta choose Canna Union

  68. 145 customer reviews

    Sabine U

    Meine Schmerzen haben sich um ca. 75% verringert, ich fühle mich sehr entspannt, also ist mein Mann auch entspannt und er nimmt es auch !!!! Würde empfehlen.

  69. 145 customer reviews

    Jega Maine

    Liebte es! Wenn Wunder wirken, bin ich entspannter, habe mehr Geduld mit meinen Kindern und mein Mann schläft besser. 5 Sterne für Canna Union !!

  70. 145 customer reviews

    Sandra T

    Ich habe die Kapseln gekauft, weil ich gelesen hatte, dass sie bei Gelenkschmerzen und chronischem Müdigkeitssyndrom helfen könnten. Ich habe sie für eine Woche genommen. Während der ersten zwei Tage verschwanden meine Hüftschmerzen vollständig.

  71. 145 customer reviews

    Milne C

    I’m using it everyday. I should order more. It is really beneficial for me

  72. 145 customer reviews


    Excellent product and I can sleep better and pain reduces

  73. 145 customer reviews

    Savannah Lopez

    So far so good. Product delivered swiftly and well packaged. I’m so happy!

  74. 145 customer reviews


    My anxiety went down. Thank you ♥♥♥

  75. 145 customer reviews


    Great choice of product

  76. 145 customer reviews

    Life Saver

    Hi there Softgel. Thanks for saving my life!

  77. 145 customer reviews

    Kyle M

    Best quality product ever

  78. 145 customer reviews


    Quick delivery. Check! Good quality! check! Its perfect!

  79. 145 customer reviews

    Connor Robertson

    Good quality! This is good. Thank you

  80. 145 customer reviews

    Neele W

    Jeder sollte das ausprobieren !! Mit dem Ergebnis sicher sehr zufrieden!

  81. 145 customer reviews


    I wanna say goodbye to anxiety and thank you Canna Union!

  82. 145 customer reviews


    A good night sleep is the best because of this pills!!

  83. 145 customer reviews


    it helps my anxiety attack, thank you so much!

  84. 145 customer reviews


    It really helps a lot. I finally sleep at night

  85. 145 customer reviews

    Willy S

    Will definitely buy some gelcaps from them again

  86. 145 customer reviews


    Helpful service, no hassles with ordering at all. Oh and the gelcaps reduce the symptoms of my condition so i have no reservation about recommending this website to everyone

  87. 145 customer reviews


    I’ve been taking these cbd gelcaps for my fibromyalgia symptoms and they work for me. Wish they were cheaper though.

  88. 145 customer reviews

    Archie Baker

    Thank you canna union! Say goodbye to chronic pain

  89. 145 customer reviews

    Steph H

    CBD Softgels are amazing

  90. 145 customer reviews


    These gelcaps reduce the severity and duration of my seizures. Postage was fast too. I’ve already ordered more.

  91. 145 customer reviews


    Ja recomend

  92. 145 customer reviews


    Customer service was awesome. Fast delivery!

  93. 145 customer reviews

    Sally Dreams

    After 3 days of taking 2 gelcaps a day I feel really good in general. I;m no longer in pain, I can think clearly, and while I don’t feel drowsy, I sleep better at night.

  94. 145 customer reviews

    Theo Watson

    Livraison rapide en France, excellent produit

  95. 145 customer reviews

    Erika Olsen

    quality and delivery were were both excellent.

  96. 145 customer reviews


    Friendly, helpful staff. Kicka** cbd pills. Sleep like the dead every night now.

  97. 145 customer reviews

    Muhammad Ali

    I take 2 gels per day. I can now sleep at night. what a relief.. def recommend canna union!!!!

  98. 145 customer reviews

    Rory M

    I bought the cbd gelcaps to help relax my muscles and it works for me. Plus i have also been sleeping well. Reliable company with excellent communication.

  99. 145 customer reviews

    Dave Wright

    Good service and product arrived on time. Very effective softgels

  100. 145 customer reviews

    Ali Wing

    Yes I love

  101. 145 customer reviews


    professional and well-laid out website with plenty of important info, packaging is efficient, as was delivery. Love how the gelcaps work to boost my moods all day. I’m always smiling these days and my husband is happy to see it.

  102. 145 customer reviews

    Arthur Morgan

    They have the best quality product! I would recommend Canna union!

  103. 145 customer reviews

    Drury W

    Recommend this websiite

  104. 145 customer reviews

    Fred Lee

    This is my 5th order. will order and order again. Thanks Canna union!

  105. 145 customer reviews

    Oscar G

    After only a few days of taking these cbd softgels, I’m already feeling much better. No longer am I dealing with my IBS sympoms or nausea

  106. 145 customer reviews


    my arthritis has been much less painful since taking these pills

  107. 145 customer reviews

    Curly V

    I originally bought some cbd gelcaps from another company and they did nothing for me at all. Still had almost constant migraines and occasional nausea. I did some research and found that the company I was buying them from weren’t getting their products independently lab tested. I saw that Canna Union did to the testing, so got these caps… and boom! After 2 days of twice a day caps all my symptoms were gone!

  108. 145 customer reviews

    Samuel King

    They are reliable! def recommend you guys

  109. 145 customer reviews


    CBD gelcaps hav been working so far for me. They were easy to order and the delivery was decent.

  110. 145 customer reviews

    Daniel Hill

    Meilleur produit, excellent service! Splendide!

  111. 145 customer reviews

    Lucille G

    Only been taking one cbd softgel each day for the last 3 days but already I’ve noticed a difference in my moods.

  112. 145 customer reviews


    great product

  113. 145 customer reviews

    Elijah Parker

    excelente serviço e produto

  114. 145 customer reviews

    Harriet H

    These cbd caps are expensive for me, but apperently averagely priced for cbd. But they def help with my anxiety issues, so i guess they’re wort it

  115. 145 customer reviews

    Max Allen

    been longing to find the right product for my chronic pain and finally found canna union!

  116. 145 customer reviews

    Jonny D

    No problems at all with the caps or the company

  117. 145 customer reviews

    Illona Kazlauskas

    Ačiū. Labai džiaugiuosi šiuo produktu.

  118. 145 customer reviews

    J Nagel

    Ordering was easy and delivery was fast. Caps haven’t worked for my chronic joint pain after a week. Maybe i need something stronger?

    • Canna Union

      Give it a little more time and see how you go. You can also increase the dosage to 2 a day if you like and see if that works. You might like to try the oil if this doesn’t help.


  119. 145 customer reviews

    Marina G

    good feeling and so relaxing. CBD Softgels help me to sleep through the night.

  120. 145 customer reviews

    Luca Price

    CBD de calidad, precio justo, excelente servicio. ¿Qué más puedo pedir? son excelentes!

  121. 145 customer reviews

    Luca Price

    How did I ever live without softgels? So easy to take and no aftertaste. I’m feeling more energetic, my skin is clear and I’m pretty happy in general (and with this buy).

  122. 145 customer reviews

    Ingrid Gruber

    There was an issue with me trying to order through their website. Goodthing their customer service called to help me out with my order.

  123. 145 customer reviews

    Zach D

    Softgels are great, but I did order the pills. Doesn’t really matter i guess as the results are the same. Delivery was really fast tho.

  124. 145 customer reviews

    Penelope Murphy

    I’m so happy with my soft gel pills. fast delivery and easy website

  125. 145 customer reviews

    J Recard

    Easy order process, quick delivery, and they actually work for my symptoms of

  126. 145 customer reviews

    Madelyn Martin

    Since I started using softgel. It really changed the mood of my appetite and its great! I don’t feel nauseous anymore.

  127. 145 customer reviews

    Alzbeta Novak

    5 stars for the product! I will order again!

  128. 145 customer reviews

    Katherine Mikaelson

    1I was suffering with lost of appetite, vomiting and dizziness. When I tried cbd soft gel. it changed my life. Can’t thank you enough with your product!

  129. 145 customer reviews



  130. 145 customer reviews

    Mia Schmid

    1 bottle is not enough. I should’ve bought 2 bottles instead!

  131. 145 customer reviews

    Glenda G

    Softgel CBD pills are like other softgel pills except better because they’re filled with sweet CBD that takes away all my pain and puts me to sleep at night.

  132. 145 customer reviews

    Wendy H

    quick postage and was relieved to have good quality sleep from the second night.

  133. 145 customer reviews


    I’m a CBD user. And this product by far is the best!

  134. 145 customer reviews


    I highly recommend CBD gelcaps because there’s no taste and discreet compared to vaping. Pretty delighted with CBD and this company.

  135. 145 customer reviews

    Asher T

    Until a few days ago, i hadn’t experienced a pain free day in over a decade. Taking these CBD gelcaps over the past week has been so good. CBD works for me! Delivery took 4 days though.

  136. 145 customer reviews

    Violet Maddison

    First timer here. I bought these gelcaps for my chronic muscle spasms and pain. A week later and i feel like i could run to Germany!

  137. 145 customer reviews

    Lola Mclaughlin

    Excellent service et aucun problème de livraison.

  138. 145 customer reviews


    Excelente servicio rápido

  139. 145 customer reviews


    First time with CBD so went for the pills. Only just arrived so can’t comment of how effective they are yet. Website is informative, staff helpful, and delivery to the UK was quick enough.

  140. 145 customer reviews

    Zee W

    Den desidert beste cbd-oljen jeg har prøvd

  141. 145 customer reviews


    Delivery was fast. excellent service. So i will buy more CBD pills from here

  142. 145 customer reviews

    Gio H

    Servizio sempre eccellente, dall’ordine alla consegna

  143. 145 customer reviews

    Andy M

    Prix ​​décent, frais de port rapide et produit de qualité. Je vais chez CBD.

  144. 145 customer reviews

    Lou F

    CBD Softgels help to ease all my my body aches and pains

  145. 145 customer reviews

    Jen F

    Hands down the best cbd I’ve found online. Prob cause its independently lab tested? Don’t know. But these gelcaps are super effective for my body aches.

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