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CBD Oil Spray 1000mg

CBD Oil 1000mg
192 customer reviews
(192 customer reviews)


  • For oral use only
  • Full Spectrum
  • Contains a wide range of Cannabinoids
  • Peppermint flavour
  • Organic
  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher

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Stay fresh with peppermint CBD oil spray. The peppermint flavor is designed to give you more energy, and peppermint has been known to assist with headaches, migraines and allergies. Combined with CBD oil, you’ll be feeling fresher than ever.

Peppermint CBD Oil Spray is derived from premium quality CBD oil, with no harsh chemicals, no pesticides and no heavy metals.

The oil has 1000mg CBD and comes in a 30 ml bottle. Before use, shake well. Spray one or two times under the tongue, hold there for a minute, then swallow. Use twice a day, or as needed.

This oil can be stored in the cupboard. Keep out of the fridge, and away from excessive heat or light.

Recommended dosage:

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Full Spectrum, Cold Pressed Hemp Oil. Contains Full Spectrum Cannabinoids & Natural Terpenes. (THC Free)

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192 reviews for CBD Oil Spray 1000mg

  1. 192 customer reviews


    Perfect Spray. I can use it anywhere and no more panic attacks too!

  2. 192 customer reviews


    CBD Spray is definitely convenient for me to use it everytime I go out

  3. 192 customer reviews


    Spray is refreshing. I will order again for the 3rd order

  4. 192 customer reviews


    Everytime I use this, I just don’t feel the calmness it gives, I also feel fresh and stay that way for one whole day! Very much WORTH IT!

  5. 192 customer reviews


    Canna Union has the smartest way of providing their consumers the best and easy relaxation session! And mine is the CBD Oil Spray:)

  6. 192 customer reviews


    A single spary could last for a long time. I’m proud to be using this CBD products it makes me a better person everyday.

  7. 192 customer reviews


    So far my favorite way to relax my muscle and relieve my back pains. Very convenient really.

  8. 192 customer reviews


    With CBD Oil Spray, I am now always fresh and energetic! Thanks to Canna Union! Will always be your fan!

  9. 192 customer reviews


    Honestly, I am enjoying its spray method. It’s like I’m having a good muscle relaxation by just spraying perfume. HAHA. Perfect!

  10. 192 customer reviews


    Jeg reiser alltid for min virksomhet. Dette CBD-produktet er veldig praktisk og avslappende for effektene.

  11. 192 customer reviews


    ¡Me ayuda a relajarme cuando necesitaba relajarme! ¡Buen producto! ¡Compraré más seguro!

  12. 192 customer reviews


    For those who wants a super easy way to enjoy your day, have it a spray away with CBD Oil Spray.

  13. 192 customer reviews


    It’s an ENERGY BOOSTER. It’s perfect to start your day with CBD Oil Spray! Kudos Canna Union!

  14. 192 customer reviews


    Disfruto de mi dosis diaria de CBD Gummies de Canna Union ya que viene con varios sabores, ¡relajarme sería muy divertido!

  15. 192 customer reviews


    It’s absolutely cool!!! Imagine having Oil which commonly known to ease pain, now in spraying method?! COOL! So perfect for on the go like me.

  16. 192 customer reviews


    This one calms me so much! I will never worry of anything. Thanks to this!

  17. 192 customer reviews


    A single spray is enough to have a soothing effect. Will order more. Happy Customer

  18. 192 customer reviews


    A simple request and it was Granted with a Huge effect. Absolutely AMAZING.

  19. 192 customer reviews


    Easy to use and very effective. Highly recommended!

  20. 192 customer reviews

    Jojie Tren

    CBD-olje reddet meg fra en depressiv lidelse. Jeg føler meg sunnere nå, og jeg er lykkeligere.

  21. 192 customer reviews


    This cured my migraines in an instant! So impressive and I’ll be happy to purchase again. This cured my migraines in an instant! So impressive and I’ll be happy to purchase again.

  22. 192 customer reviews


    I have 3 jobs and it made me look hideous! This oil has done a good progress on my skin and health.

  23. 192 customer reviews


    Je suis tellement stressé depuis que mon entreprise a coulé. Mais au moins j’ai ça pour m’aider à ressentir une sorte de soulagement.

  24. 192 customer reviews

    Mrs. Grumpy

    My temper has improved because of this. No more grumpy wife!

  25. 192 customer reviews


    Dette hjelper meg med å håndtere de smertefulle leddene mine ganske bra. Jeg ble en stor fan på bare noen uker med å bruke dette!

  26. 192 customer reviews

    Jonas L

    Insomnia has really made such a huge effect on my daily life. So now that it’s gone, I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off of my life!

  27. 192 customer reviews


    Fue muy difícil para mí encontrar un producto para mi ansiedad. ¡Entonces puedes decir que estoy tan feliz de haber encontrado esto!

  28. 192 customer reviews


    I think this goes without saying but I’m so happy with the benefits this gives me! Really thankful!

  29. 192 customer reviews


    J’ai une très longue liste de trucs que j’ai essayés contre l’insomnie! Mais c’est celui I love!

  30. 192 customer reviews


    Mi náusea ha sido bastante ligera recientemente. ¡Esperaré y espero ver más mejoras!

  31. 192 customer reviews


    The results have been awesome and I feel more calmer now. I feel that my anxiety has reduced.

  32. 192 customer reviews


    Hüftschmerzen sind in nur wenigen Tagen besser geworden! Danke Canna Union!

  33. 192 customer reviews


    CBD oil saved me from depression. I feel a lot better now!

  34. 192 customer reviews


    Having this product made me feel at ease. Never have to worry about my sore limbs!

  35. 192 customer reviews


    J’en ai reçu quelques-unes le mois dernier. Je vois que mon look s’est grandement amélioré!

  36. 192 customer reviews


    Cela m’aide à mieux dormir et restaure mes membres endoloris! J’apprécie également que vous me l’ayez fait si rapidement.

  37. 192 customer reviews


    J’ai traversé des décennies de dépression et c’est la seule chose qui a fonctionné pour moi!

  38. 192 customer reviews


    Dette var svaret på svimmelheten min, og det er bare kjempebra. Det hjelper meg også med migrene.

  39. 192 customer reviews


    I would not have guessed how fast the results are going to show. This is the best product for my hurting back.

  40. 192 customer reviews


    Ich beglückwünsche Canna Union zur Entwicklung eines guten Produkts gegen meine Schlaflosigkeit. Wurde in wenigen Wochen ein großer Fan!

  41. 192 customer reviews


    Cela m’a aidé à gérer ma colère! J’espère juste avoir retrouvé cette huile de CBD quand j’étais à mon pire

  42. 192 customer reviews


    ¡Duermo mucho mejor, gracias a este asombroso producto! Realmente me siento frío y genial

  43. 192 customer reviews


    Schnell und sehr vorteilhaft bei Muskelkater! Ihr seid ausgezeichnet!

  44. 192 customer reviews


    I bought this for my wife and she loves it! Really helped alleviate her anxiety

  45. 192 customer reviews


    Have only been taking cbd oil for almost 2 weeks and I am happy with the results! Will certainly buy more! Have only been taking cbd oil for almost 2 weeks and I am happy with the results! Will certainly buy more!

  46. 192 customer reviews


    This is magnificent and it’s money saved on several pills! I am a big fan of your products, Canna Union!

  47. 192 customer reviews


    L’huile de CBD atténue instantanément ma réaction allergique. Ce truc sent tous les produits chers et célèbres

  48. 192 customer reviews


    My aunt and cousin just placed their order after I recommended this to them! Hooray!

  49. 192 customer reviews


    I’ve never been so impressed with any product. You are special!

  50. 192 customer reviews


    Cela soulage vraiment l’irritation de ma peau et ma peau ne me démange pas tout le temps. Vraiment reconnaissant!

  51. 192 customer reviews


    I have serious hypersensitivity to some products so I was terrified to attempt new ones for my anxiety. But it’s been considerably effective

  52. 192 customer reviews


    I have been searching with medication for my recurring nausea. Found this online and I’ve been using it for a week and the results are promising!

  53. 192 customer reviews


    My parents love this. They said they felt very vibrant and got a sound sleep!

  54. 192 customer reviews


    I have severe allergies and would puff up rather easily. But since I started taking this, I have been able to enjoy my day

  55. 192 customer reviews


    Been using this for my joint pains for a few weeks and the results have been remarkable. Bought some for my husband too!

  56. 192 customer reviews


    Tried to buy to ensure that this would lessen my nervousness and it did! Will surely recommend!

  57. 192 customer reviews

    Deither F

    Ikke bare hjelper det med utmattelsen min, dette er det eneste middelet for alt!

  58. 192 customer reviews

    Lexi V

    I use this spray every night before I sleep. It improves my sleep and I feel amazing in the morning!

  59. 192 customer reviews


    I’m stuck at home and I feel stressed. Glad I got this awesome product to lessen it.

  60. 192 customer reviews


    This stuff is so awesome! Received my order a few weeks ago and I’m already planning to place another order!

  61. 192 customer reviews


    This stuff was recommended by my cousin and so I decided to try to see if it would work for my anxiety. And it definitely did!

  62. 192 customer reviews


    Je me sens prêt et mes pilules anti-dépressives ne sont pas non plus d’une aide. C’est la seule chose qui a amélioré mes symptômes.

  63. 192 customer reviews


    This is just what I need for my stress. It also helped me with my fatigue

  64. 192 customer reviews


    This was absolutely the best alternative to taking painkillers! Thanks a lot

  65. 192 customer reviews


    Ihr seid die Besten! Tolles Produkt und toller Kundenservice!

  66. 192 customer reviews


    I suffered from a stroke last year and have been taking CBD oil for a few months and I can’t believe how fast the progress I am making!

  67. 192 customer reviews


    Nothing beats your customer service! I super this stuff too!

  68. 192 customer reviews


    Not only does it help with my fatigue, this is the only medicine I use for everything!

  69. 192 customer reviews


    Necesitaba algo para disminuir mi ansiedad y mis ataques de pánico. Probé este producto porque se está haciendo famoso y ahora entiendo por qué. Me alegro de haber escuchado!

  70. 192 customer reviews


    The pain in my hip and back disappeared immediately. You will certainly buy more.

  71. 192 customer reviews


    Me cambié a este producto el mes pasado. Lo uso para inducir el sueño y realmente me ayuda con eso.

  72. 192 customer reviews


    Jeg får alltid en følelse av ro hver gang jeg bruker dette, og jeg forbedret søvnmønsteret mitt!

  73. 192 customer reviews


    Je suis satisfait de la façon dont ce produit spectaculaire a aidé à réduire mon anxiété. Je me sens vraiment heureuse ces derniers temps.

  74. 192 customer reviews


    Fra bestilling, til levering, har opplevelsen virkelig vært strømløs. Fantastisk selskap!

  75. 192 customer reviews


    There no other product that can even match half of Canna Union’s. This stuff is really potent and has no side effects!

  76. 192 customer reviews


    Gjenopprettet alle de betente leddene mine og hjelper meg å sove bedre om natten! Takk, Canna Union!

  77. 192 customer reviews


    Un ami proche de la famille m’a dit que cela fonctionne pour les personnes souffrant de problèmes cardiaques et qu’elle l’utilise elle-même. J’en ai donc acheté un le mois dernier et maintenant je constate un soulagement et une amélioration de mes symptômes!

  78. 192 customer reviews


    Estoy realmente seguro de que esta es la respuesta a mis frecuentes náuseas. Lo he estado usando por una semana. ¡Hasta ahora tan bueno!

  79. 192 customer reviews


    My dad has been having body pains and his knees are killing him. He tried using this cbd oils spray and feels better instantly!

  80. 192 customer reviews


    Das war absolut die beste Alternative zu nehmen Schmerztabletten!

  81. 192 customer reviews


    My son who’s 25 now is on the austism spectrum and would constantly hit himself. We have tried this product on him and really helped him relax.

  82. 192 customer reviews


    I’d been using cbd oil spray and night cream for my acne. I rarely have breakouts and the exisisting ones are healing.

  83. 192 customer reviews


    Your products are out of this world! I highly recommend!

  84. 192 customer reviews


    Entrega rápida! ¡No esperaba eso!

  85. 192 customer reviews


    Ever since I started using cbd oil spray, I was able to sleep like a baby!

  86. 192 customer reviews


    I had a very severe allergies and would swell up pretty easy. But since using the CBD Oil Spray, I was able to enjoy my day to day life without having to worry about flaring up!

  87. 192 customer reviews


    Preise angemessen und Artikel wie beschrieben. Sehr guter Service, Kommunikation ausgezeichnet Lieferung schnell und nachverfolgt. Ich werde mich wieder mit diesem Unternehmen befassen und würde empfehlen

  88. 192 customer reviews


    Excellent product, peppermint cbd oil spray also has pleasant taste. definitely recommend your oil spray!

  89. 192 customer reviews


    Products are really high quality. The peppermint oil spray has a nice taste. I have started using CBD oil to help with my Psoriasis which has significantly calmed down since I started taking the oil everyday.

  90. 192 customer reviews


    A great product that I have used before. Switched to the peppermint CBD oil spray this time. A more pleasant taste.

  91. 192 customer reviews


    This is proper staff I’m very happy with this cbd oil spray. It has great flavor too. I recommend this product.

  92. 192 customer reviews

    Mario G

    I used this product to calm down my anxiety. It works like a charm! It was delivered promptly and it tastes like mint, so it doubles as a breath freshener! I recommended it to my best friend and she loves it, too.

  93. 192 customer reviews

    [email protected]

    Es hat einen großartigen Geschmack … es hat mir auch geholfen, mich von meiner Angst zu trennen und einen Moment zu dauern, bevor ich auf Dinge reagiere, die mir Sorgen machen.

  94. 192 customer reviews


    Excellent service speedy delivery ordered peppermint flavour for the first time and it is much easy. Will definitely be ordering again

  95. 192 customer reviews


    Et flott produkt som jeg har brukt før. Byttet til peppermynte CBD oljespray denne gangen. En mer behagelig smak. Leveringen var jevn og på tide

  96. 192 customer reviews

    Eden Mae

    Products are really high quality. The peppermint oil spray has a nice taste. I have started using CBD oil to help with my Psoriasis which has significantly calmed down since I started taking the oil everyday.

  97. 192 customer reviews


    Gute Produktpalette, Bestellung war schnell und einfach und sehr schnelle Lieferung von sehr freundlichen und professionellen Fahrer.

  98. 192 customer reviews


    Grande entreprise et produit. Site Web très utile pour choisir un produit. Bien emballé et livré rapidement.

  99. 192 customer reviews

    Pierre P

    Service et livraison rapides et rapides! Le temps de réponse aux demandes est superbe! La saveur du produit est incroyable! Tellement heureux! Recommande fortement!

  100. 192 customer reviews


    Un excellent produit que j’ai utilisé auparavant. Passé cette fois au spray CBD à la menthe poivrée. Un goût plus agréable. La livraison s’est déroulée sans heurts et à temps

  101. 192 customer reviews


    I love the peppermint flavor of the CBD spray. Minty and refreshing. I would definitely order again next time

  102. 192 customer reviews


    Ausgezeichnetes Produkt, Pfefferminz 10% cbd Öl hat auch einen angenehmen Geschmack.

  103. 192 customer reviews

    Jim M

    Proper CBD oil spray items delivered literally the next day happy customer keep up the great work guys. Thank you so much!

  104. 192 customer reviews


    I’m really happy with my cbs spray, it helps with my aches and pains and I love the flavor! Peppermint are the best!!❤️

  105. 192 customer reviews


    I purchased the CBD Peppermint flavoured spray, and it’s great. Has definitely helped with my anxiety and made me feel happier.

  106. 192 customer reviews


    Not a miracle cure but amazing benefits and better quality of life ( lots of arthritis is my problem ) also depression has reduced.

  107. 192 customer reviews


    Flott produkt, rask levering og strålende informasjon på nettstedet. Denne stufen gjør som den sier. Liker virkelig at de har uavhengige tester av produktene sine, så vi vet hva vi får. Veldig fornøyd.

  108. 192 customer reviews


    The spray tasted pretty good. The delivery was fast, would use again and will recommend it with anyone too!!

  109. 192 customer reviews


    I would say that the ordering and delivery was very good. Having tried oil sprays from other companies, I must say that this one tastes the best and is easier to swallow with no after taste.

  110. 192 customer reviews


    ¡Perfección absoluta, entrega rápida, encabeza la lista!

  111. 192 customer reviews

    Wenche R

    Amazing stuff. I have been in constant pain for almost 30 years and unable to tolerate anything stronger than paracetamol which do next to nothing. I heard about CBD oil but was so worried that it wouldn’t work. Well, I purchased my first spray and was told it could take up to 2 weeks to work. I woke on day 2 and was so shocked to find my pain levels have dropped by about 80% . I am able to move freely again and feel do fearful.

  112. 192 customer reviews

    Corrine W

    Un excellent produit que j’ai utilisé auparavant. Passé à l’huile de CBD à la menthe poivrée cette fois. Un goût plus agréable. La livraison s’est déroulée sans heurts et à temps

  113. 192 customer reviews

    Mrs. Imogen

    Couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, will be using you again with out a doubt. ,Thank you.

  114. 192 customer reviews


    It really makes me relax and less anxious. Thanks for helping me Canna Union

  115. 192 customer reviews


    I am very satisfied with the product I love the idea about the spray.

  116. 192 customer reviews

    Bonnel B

    Canna Union was quick to respond to a query I had regarding this product. Overall a great product and service, and will be using again.

  117. 192 customer reviews


    The spray is unique and edible. If its a handy remedy for me. Its always in my bag so I can grab it when I need it

  118. 192 customer reviews


    No more doubts! Canna Union is brilliant and legit. Your product have the best quality indeed!!

  119. 192 customer reviews

    Kari W

    The way I see it and use it, its perfect for me!

  120. 192 customer reviews


    This spray is perfect! I will order again and again

  121. 192 customer reviews


    This spray is awesome!

  122. 192 customer reviews

    Stig H

    You have an excellent service! Great job!

  123. 192 customer reviews


    Funciona mejor que la mayoría de los aceites de CBD para mí

  124. 192 customer reviews


    The Spray is perfect!!

  125. 192 customer reviews

    Regular Customer 101

    This spray is perfect for me! I will order again and again

  126. 192 customer reviews


    Sweet idea! i love your spray!

  127. 192 customer reviews


    This Spray is brilliant!

  128. 192 customer reviews


    Ein tolles Produkt.

  129. 192 customer reviews


    J’ai pris 2 sprays et ça m’aide à mieux dormir la nuit

  130. 192 customer reviews

    H. G.

    Easy to use and I like the taste

  131. 192 customer reviews

    Rose Mckean

    Easy to order! Fast delivery! This is amazing stuff! I’m finally getting quality night’s sleep! Honestly very highly recommended!

  132. 192 customer reviews

    Montana H

    Gives me great energy during the day. Good sleep at night.

  133. 192 customer reviews

    Warwick D

    No more headaches with a twist of peppermint CBD oil spray!

  134. 192 customer reviews

    Michele F

    fast delivery

  135. 192 customer reviews

    Michelle Walker

    Love this CBD peppermint oil spray. Works for my allergic reactions, so I have no concerns about it’s authenticity. Def Recommend

  136. 192 customer reviews

    Lourdes Zemsky

    I like it. Thanks.

  137. 192 customer reviews

    H Jasone

    Helps me sleep. Fast delivery.

  138. 192 customer reviews

    Ivania M

    This spray definately improves my quality of life.

  139. 192 customer reviews


    Bit pricey.

  140. 192 customer reviews

    Colin Carpy

    first time using CBD, and so far i’m really impressed. Love the peppermint spray. So easy to use.

  141. 192 customer reviews


    Tried the oil but I find the spray much more convenient

  142. 192 customer reviews

    Connie Bixton

    product quality with this company is very high because they are all independently lab tested. Love this tasty CBD spray. I sleep so well now all night long.

  143. 192 customer reviews

    H M

    Nozzle stopped working after 3 days. Basically using it like a dropper now. Other than that, works fine.

  144. 192 customer reviews

    Kimberley K

    I have celiac disease and this CBD spray helps me feel better all day. Wouldn’t say no to a cheaper price though!

  145. 192 customer reviews


    Was a little skeptical at first as I have suffered from headaches for a long time and have tried everything! This actually worked! I will be ordering more so I don’t run out 🙂

  146. 192 customer reviews

    Lola McLaughlin

    After reading the description, I thought I’d try this for my migraines. They usually floor me, but I found that I was able to get rid of my latest migraine much faster than panadol ever did. I’m glad I bought this and would certainly recommend it to anyone who suffers from migraines like me.

  147. 192 customer reviews

    Roberto J

    Dosage is good. I like it a lot.

  148. 192 customer reviews

    Michelle Tick

    fast delivery and the CBD spray is soooo easy to use, and I get much needed relief from my nausea.

  149. 192 customer reviews

    Marcin G

    Really impressed with this brand. The quality of CBD is superior.

  150. 192 customer reviews

    Dilbert G

    good service. love this peppermint flavor CBD spray. I sleep soundly all night long. I have no problems, so of course I recommend the product and the company

  151. 192 customer reviews

    Poppy McGee

    Pretty good value for money with this CBD spray. Helps with y mild anxiety, so will definitely recommend to anyone

  152. 192 customer reviews

    Barbora Danil

    Tastes good and helps a lot with my shoulder pain

  153. 192 customer reviews

    Luke McGrath

    Good quality CBD oil peppermint spray

  154. 192 customer reviews

    H Tate

    Need to have morning and night as one spray doesnt work well enough and my back hurts after a few hours. might try a stronger oil.

  155. 192 customer reviews

    Donna Pauline

    Easy ordering process, fast delivery. tasty peppermint. CBD spray oil reduces my mild hand tremors.

  156. 192 customer reviews

    Alex dyso

    excellent peppermint CBD spray that really works. I will definitely be ordering more.

  157. 192 customer reviews

    Josh Tree

    good oil and arrived fast

  158. 192 customer reviews

    Mike D

    Very good experience so far. Tastes great and works for my symptoms. I will definitely buy more

  159. 192 customer reviews

    Sadie (not the cleaning lady)

    Works for me!!!!!!!!

  160. 192 customer reviews

    Alexis Von Nettle

    quick delivery time and the CBD spray is really effective.

  161. 192 customer reviews

    R Nigeta

    A good addition to my morning routine. Tastes good and works well.

  162. 192 customer reviews

    Ms Reeves

    website is really user friendly, and i love the taste of this CBD spray.

  163. 192 customer reviews

    Betty McGill

    very pleased with the spray. I can sleep so deeply and all night long!

  164. 192 customer reviews


    Works great and tastes great

  165. 192 customer reviews


    5 stars

  166. 192 customer reviews

    Michel Jase

    use it before i go on a date and it has two benefits – minty breath and feeling relaxed. perfecto

  167. 192 customer reviews

    Davis Marshall

    No hassle at all, really great service, and my order arrived next day. CBD peppermint spray is easy to administer, relatively fast acting, and reduces my nausea

  168. 192 customer reviews

    Andrew Brad

    one of my fave oils. the spray is easy to use too

  169. 192 customer reviews



  170. 192 customer reviews

    Jakson M

    Ordered this peppermint CBD spray and it just tastes so good. And I’m really pleased with the calming effects I feel.

  171. 192 customer reviews


    great product guys, thanks

  172. 192 customer reviews



  173. 192 customer reviews

    Esmay Watson

    Great service. Really great service and effective product.

  174. 192 customer reviews


    Had the flu when it arrived so thought I’d see if it helped with the symptoms of that as well as all the other things it promises to do … it actually did. was really cool. using it daily now and feeling so good.

  175. 192 customer reviews

    Tabitha D

    i have terrible anxiety, particularly when i’m around crowds. have found that this really calms me down. a must have

  176. 192 customer reviews


    This CBD spray tastes very minty and is working already after 3 days to help with my nausea & my muscle spasms.

  177. 192 customer reviews


    works for me

  178. 192 customer reviews

    Amanda Ulner

    use it in the mornings and feel great for a little while, but it wears off quick

  179. 192 customer reviews


    have tried other CBD sprays and this is definitely the best tasting. but it takes a while to kick in.

  180. 192 customer reviews

    Callie B

    This spray really helps with my anxiety, Thanks Canna Union!

  181. 192 customer reviews

    Heather C

    a lifesaver

  182. 192 customer reviews


    First time I’ve ever bought CBD products and a friend suggested I try this. The first time I used it, I felt a bit lightheaded and thought maybe it was a bit too strong to start off with. But as I continued to use it every day, I became more accustomed. I guess the best part is that it works.

  183. 192 customer reviews

    Stacey M

    Love the taste of this CBD spray. Tastes like peppermint. But in all honesty, I don’t feel any difference. I still feel nausea. maybe I am using the wrong product?

    • Canna Union

      You might try taking it twice a day and see if that helps.


  184. 192 customer reviews


    Good for headaches but didn’t help my joint pain.

  185. 192 customer reviews


    top CBD company

  186. 192 customer reviews

    Ashley D

    makes the pain go away and is relaxing,i like it, reccomnend to anyone

  187. 192 customer reviews

    James Fargo

    All natural. no side effects. win-win.

  188. 192 customer reviews


    delivery fast and quality product

  189. 192 customer reviews

    Toby RP

    too expensive but its worth it

  190. 192 customer reviews

    Natalia D.

    Six months ago I was diagnosed with lupus and I can’t actually remember the last time I felt good enough to go out with my friends. I’ve done my research. I heard a lot about the “wonder drug” CBD and of course, I didn’t believe it. I had succumbed to my illness and set myself up for a life of pain. But guess what? I got this spray and my life changed within 3 days. The first time I didn’t have much change, but within a few days I was in so much less pain! It might seem expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

  191. 192 customer reviews


    I love Canna Union. I have the bath bombs, massage oil and the gummies as well. Why do I have so much, you ask? Because I love it. I keep the spray in my purse and take it anywhere with me – helps with my anxiety. I have the gummies because I have terrible back pain and these help combat that. The bath bombs are so relaxing, and the massage oil was a present from my bf. Deciding what to try next.

  192. 192 customer reviews

    Adriana Murray

    Shipping was fast. I bought this one because I get terrible headaches. This helped a bit, but I might try a stronger oil instead.

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