CBD Oily Skin Soap

(78 customer reviews)

11.95 or 9.56 / month

CBD Oily Skin Soap

  • For face and body care
  • CBD acne soap is formulated to moisturize, reduce redness and cleanse your skin.
  • For oily skin, this soap contains essential oils, hemp oil & activated charcoal
  • Contains 100mg of natural full spectrum ultra-premium CBD
  • THC Free
  • Non-psychoactive

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Combining two of the best things for oily skin (CBD and activated charcoal) this product has been formulated to remove any unwanted oil and skin impurities from your face and body giving you an oil-free look while working great as a detox.

The anti-inflammatory properties of this product will help reduce redness and at the same time moisturize the skin and calm your sebaceous skin glands.

Achieve clean skin naturally. The activated CBD charcoal soap bar can be used as a face soap, body wash or even a shaving soap. It is suitable for men, women and teens with oily skin. Works great as a natural treatment for troubled sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD with Cannabis Sativa (Hemp Oil), Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Glycerine, Shea Butter, Sucrose, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Xylene Sulphonate, Titanium Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA: Tetrasodium Etidronate, Essential Oils & Activated Charcoal Powder.

Lather soap and apply to the affected area. Leave on skin for 1 minute, rinse off with warm water. For best results use twice daily. 

78 reviews for CBD Oily Skin Soap

  1. Jillian

    Goodbye to oily skin! My skin is in it’s smoother and radiant updated version now! 😀

  2. Rachel

    Now I feel all-over protected (face and body) I would definitely order more!

  3. Nancy

    Regulates the oil production which I believe is the main contributor of why I have acnes before!

  4. Whitney

    Excellent effect! It’s way to get off oil on the skin is also to cleanse it and make skin smooth!

  5. Anna

    Acne and pimples are the common problems of oily skin. And I never thought CBD is a good type of Oily skin soap. It controls excessive oils making the skin healthy.

  6. Faith

    No more lots of concealer since I used CBD oily skin soap, because I am no longer prone to pimples and acnes!

  7. Evelyn

    Really nice to include this to your beauty routine guys especially if you have oily skin. It indeed removes the excess oil from the skin and most of the dirt on it.

  8. Olive

    I don’t feel the sticky feeling on my skin anymore! I am confident to show off my skin now! Thanks Canna Union for your CBD Oily Skin Soap!

  9. Angela

    I don’t feel my skin being so sensitive anymore since I use CBD oily skin soap. Canna Union helped me boosts my confidence!

  10. William

    This oily skin soap is super helpful and I feel so relaxed.

  11. Carter

    This oily skin soap is definitely taking me to the next level! I surely gonna recommend this to all my colleague

  12. Thomas

    I just love using the oily skin soap. It smooths and silky my skin. Indeed, definitely recommended

  13. Scarlett

    Your oily skin soap did helped me with my skin care. I definitely recommend it!

  14. Agata

    I’m so happy with the product I order. I will surely introduce this to my family and friends

  15. Riley

    No more excess oil on my body. Hello silky smooth and soft skin.

  16. Christine

    A perfect soap for my skin that helps my skin glow, silky smooth and healthy. I felt so relaxed when taking a shower!

  17. Nicholas

    this soap is definitely the best! I feel so calm and relaxed after shower. No more anxiety. thanks Canna Union!

  18. Hanna

    Your oily skin soap is the best! I will recommend this to my family!

  19. Leo

    This is so relaxing. I feel so calm and anxiety isreduced as well. I will definitely recommend it.

  20. Jayce

    This Oily skin is taking me to the next level! I definitely will recommend your products!

  21. Kean

    This soap is kinda different and legitimately removes excess oil! I love it! Thanks a lot!

  22. Owen

    I feel so relax everytime I take a hot shower and use with my CBD soap. This really helps me a lot! Thank you Canna Union!

  23. Ethan

    After a tiring and stressful day, Hot shower with the CBD soap is the key to get you relax and calm. Definitely legit!

  24. Julian

    I feel so relax after bathing and using this soap. Definitely recommended!

  25. Carol

    Impressive product! This one is so good! It calms your mood, feels so relax and also more silkier skin! 5 stars for this product!

  26. Eloise

    My skin is softer, smoother and silkier because of your cbd oily skin soap. I’m so happy with my skin. Thanks Canna Union!

  27. Peyton

    I feel so healthy and alive after using this oily skin soap. It definitely removes all those negative things away from you. Superb!

  28. Marie

    This is one of the soap my mom was looking for her whole life. Now we foudn it! hopefully it wont disappoint us.

  29. Leo

    No more oily faces for me! Thanks Canna Union!

  30. Marcus

    I love your oily skin soap! It definitely helps me remove those excess oils from my face and body. Definitely recommend it!

  31. London

    A perfect soap to get you relax not all that, it also removes excessive oil on your skin. Thanks Canna Union

  32. Aubrey

    No more shiny excessive oil! I use this CBD oily skin soap regularly. Now my skin is super smooth and I feel so relax everytime I use it

  33. Julian

    I love the oily skin. It removes dirt, excess oil and chronic pain too! Perfect for all chronic problem

  34. Christine

    Perfect oily skin soap! now it removes excessive oils from your body and also smooths your skin like no other.

  35. Mae

    Definitely recommend this oily skin, my skin is now super smooth and silky. Thanks Canna Union!

  36. Anne

    I love your oily skin soap. It removes all the excess oils from your body. Its just so perfect!

  37. Arlo

    Awesome effect on the skin with this soap. Aside from it gives relaxation, it also removes excess oils

  38. Bea

    Your oily skin is super effective! I did not expect that it will remove that instant! Well, here it is, no more shiny oily skin and hello smooth soft skin!

  39. Vina

    I will buy more of your soap! It helped my skin remove excess oils. Thanks canna Union!

  40. Anna

    No more frustration because of excess oil. Definitely will order again soon!

  41. Luna

    I’m so happy with the product I order. I will surely introduce this to my family and friends

  42. Steve

    No more excess oil on my body. Hello silky smooth and soft skin.

  43. Jonesy

    Having an oily skin is irritating it makes me feel my temperature is rising up and I can fry myself 🙁 All thanks to Canna Union’s CBD soap for oily skin. I feel good about myself now, literally.

  44. Michael

    Super awesome! i love the result. My skin is softer smoother and fairer skin!

  45. Dean

    Your oily skin soap is super effective! No more excess oil indeed!

  46. Miles

    I’m so happy with the product. Surely will order again soon on your site!

  47. Iris

    I feel so clean and fresh everytime I wash my face and body with this soap. Not to mention that it’s also relaxing 🙂

  48. Angela

    I love your oily skin soap. It removes all those excess oil from my body. Super effective!

  49. Roxane

    Wow! I’ve never seen anyone like it! This one is super perfect! I just loving it! Definitely recommend to my friends and family.

  50. Sabrina

    No more excess oil for me! This one’s for me! definitely will buy some more!

  51. Sarah

    Your oily skin soap is the best and awesome ever! I will surely add some more the next time!

  52. Jennica

    I’m so happy with the result using this CBD soap. No more slimy skin because of the oil. Thank you Canna Union!

  53. Denise

    No more oils! I just love it! Definitely recommend it to my friends!

  54. Fiona

    Thank you Canna Union for creating this kind of soap. I felt so frustratied I thought there is no resolution for excess oils. Well, you have your product! So now I know where to buy!

  55. Summer

    Your oily skin soap really helped me a lot! Especially the oily skin excess, it definitely removed! This is recommended!

  56. Tim

    Amazing it is to have this oily skin soap. no more excess oil!

  57. Julie

    I am so satisfied with your oils skin soap. It naturally helps my skin removes all the excess oil. I will order some more of these!

  58. Dove

    I’m so happy with the product I ordered to you guys! It surely is effective! No more excess oils on my body!

  59. Philip

    I’m so happy and satisfied using your product! Aside from giving me relaxation but also removes negative and oily excess through my body

  60. Janna

    The CBD oily skin is definitely taking me to the next level! I love it!

  61. Bryan

    No more sweety slimy skin. thanks to your oily skin soap!

  62. Melody

    Your soap is the best! Finally something to resolve my life problem with excess oil! Thanks Canna Union!

  63. Mark

    I always use this soap when washing my face everyday and no more oily skin. smooth and silky! Definitely recommend!

  64. Freddie

    Your soap is is really effective! I just love it using while taking my shower. It removes dry skin.

  65. Morgan

    Your soap is super amazing! Oily skin removes finally and no more break out! I definitely recommend it to my friends

  66. Lyla

    I just love your soap that helps me remove those excess too much oily lying to my skin. No more frustration! Will buy some more!

  67. Leah

    I was having problem having an oil face and skin. When first time I tried your product! I’m like, wow! This is amazing! Excess oils were out!

  68. Venus

    I didn’t know that there is a CBD OIlu skin soap, until I saw your ad! Then I tried your product! And I was super amaze! It softens skin!

  69. Mae

    This soap really helps my skin smoother. Definitely recommend it!

  70. Roy

    Your oily skin soap helps reduces all the excess oil from all over my body! Especially from my face. I no longer have oily skin after using your soap. Will buy again~

  71. Harold

    Perfect soap! Just what I’m looking for! And its now with CBD even more better! Thank you Canna Union!

  72. Dean

    Over the years of dealing my dry skin! finally found the resolution! Danke Canna Union!

  73. Deane

    The oily skin soap really takes me to the next level! definitely recommend it!

  74. Rita

    I just love the the soap! no more excess oily skin!!

  75. Summer

    I’ve been dealing with my excess oil. Good thing this soap helps me remoe those excess oily on my skin

  76. Blaise

    Your oil skin soap is very effective! I just love it. I will buy some more!

  77. Luke

    Those unwanted oily skin has removed! Thanks to your CBD Oily skin soap! Definitely recommend this product!

  78. Melissa

    Having an oily skin feels dirty because you’ll get really prone to pimples and acnes. It’s a good thing to me that there’s CBD soap for oily skin. My skin’s protected!

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