CBD Swiss Kiss 5g

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32.96 or 26.37 / month

CBD Swiss Kiss 5g

  • Contains 5g per bag
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic
  • Up to 12% CBD see individual batch lab results below
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

Out of stock

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Swiss Kiss is one of our stronger strains with up to 12% CBD.

If you enjoy an earthy aroma, Swiss Kiss will delight. It has an earthy musk smell, with a hint of citrus. When it comes to taste, your palette will dance with the mix of sweet, earthy and woody flavors. There are no added terpenes.

Swiss Kiss CBD hemp flowers are chemical and pesticide-free. They have deep orange pistils and dark trichomes.

Benefits of Swiss Kiss Kush CBD Flowers

You’ll find Swiss Kiss CBD flowers have a number of health benefits, both physical and mental. With very little, or no THC, Swiss Kiss is non-psychoactive. As such, many people who are living with various mental or physical ailments are trying this strain to find relief of their symptoms.

Because this strain is so relaxing, it can help you rest easier at night – which makes it ideal if you’re suffering from insomnia.

If you’re seeking a relaxing strain that can help you fall asleep at night and overcome insomnia, this strain could be worth trying. You might also find relief with this strain, if you experience pain, nausea, and skin conditions.

With Swiss Kiss CBD flowers, you’ll feel relaxed, happy, focused, and calm.

How To Use Swiss Kiss CBD Flowers

One of the best ways to consume Swiss Kiss CBD flowers is with a dry herb vaporizer. This vaping device heats the flower to a low temperature, providing you with a clean and smooth vapor. It allows you to enjoy the flavor of Swiss Kiss, without smoke.

If you prefer traditional methods, smoking is a popular method with Swiss Kiss, or you might try adding the herbs to your favorite cookie dough or cup of tea.

It is important to note that even though Swiss Kiss hemp flowers look like your typical cannabis plants that contain psychoactive elements these particular strains have been grown to make sure that they are legal across Europe and the UK. Order yours today!

Ingredients: 100% pure cannabis

38 reviews for CBD Swiss Kiss 5g

  1. Bea

    Swiss Kiss flavor is astonishing! It’s my favorite it’s just very soft to consume no harsh!

  2. Parker

    It’s a strong but not really causing being high. This is nice to consume when there are things that needs to be done, regardless of the preferrence

  3. Douglas

    relieves chronic pain without making me high and without side effects!

  4. Mark

    It doesn’t just make the physical pain go away… It’s also at its best when it comes to some mental problems. You’ll feel the reduce of anxiety symptoms and eventually calms you down. Like there’s no one to look after in the world but yourself.

  5. Barry

    A kissed goodbye to insomnia! Thanks to Canna Union’s CBD Swiss Kiss!

  6. Scarlett

    If you want to be productive, CBD swiss kiss is gonna be a huge assistant! It makes you active and focus but not high.

  7. Nash

    Though it’s a strong one, it’s cool how it still won’t make a consumer high.

  8. Morgan

    Earthy but sweet. This has always been the best when mixed with your favorite snacks!

  9. Lennon

    I can really vouch it’s a great strain. It helps me a lot with posttraumatic stress disorder.

  10. Gerald

    Prior consuming CBD, I always feel tired and dull even at the start of the day! Now I feel alive, all good and cheerful 😀

  11. Landon

    I’m so relaxed with CBD swiss kiss that I no longer have time to intertain worries!

  12. Barrett 🙍🏽‍♂

    Tout simplement génial, excellente qualité et livraison rapide,

  13. Allison V

    You guys are the top quality and I mean it! It helps lot. Thanks

  14. Alexander White

    Although it’s not something I readily admit, I do suffer from depression and anxiety. Its hard to find natural alternatives to medications, so I did some reading up on CBD (because it’s the talk of the town at the moment) and found some really great information online. After reading for a while, I thought my best bet was to just get in there and try it – and so I found Canna Union. I like the website and I find it really easy to navigate, so I could find what I wanted very easily. I read the descriptions, which are great with the details, and thought I’d try this strain. Swiss Kiss. It arrived pretty fast, which I was pleased about, and I tried some on the first night. Sure, I felt more relaxed, but it wasn’t a WOW moment. After a few more days of smoking – usually just before bed, I was starting to feel a lot happier in general. It’s still early days, but if this stuff continues to help give my moods a lift, I’m going to stick with it. My wife is much happier as well.

  15. Rob

    My knees are in constant pain, well they used to be. This strain has high level of CBD which means I can walk without pain. In fact, ever since I started using this strain, I have been going bushwalks each weekend with some friends. If you have pain, give this strain a go!

  16. Judd

    With this strain, I found my sleep pattern has improved immensely and my arthritis pain is negligible. Product was delivered fast, and in discreet packaging too. I’ll use this company again when i run out.

  17. Mikke

    I’m more relaxed after I’ve had my Swiss Kiss. Plus I sleeps better too. 10 out of 10 I will be buying again.

  18. Archie Baker

    great flavors. i really like this hash.

  19. Marc_C

    After using this company a few times now, it’s unlikely I’ll buy CBD anywhere else. Not too expensive, easy ordering process, delivery time was average but i live in the middle of the countryside.

  20. Samuel King

    Fast delivery. Seems okay so far.

  21. Eleanor

    There is no problem with this CBD company. The website was very easy to use and delivery was quick. I will definitely use them again.

  22. Maria

    easy process for choosing and ordering. Had an issue which was quickly sorted thanks to their good communications. Oh and Swiss Kiss strain works wonders for my insomnia. I have a joint about an hour before bed, and then i sleep solidly for 8 hours every night. I’ve had to learn how to set my alarm on my phone because i’m no longer awake in the mornings! Definitely recommended.

    • Canna Union

      I’m pleased we were able to assist!

  23. Olivier

    I was initially nervous about buying CBD because I am involved in competitive sport and I have heard horror stories about some strains having THC in them. I spoke with the team here and they assured me that their products definitely only have trace levels of THC at most. So i took he chance and ordered some of this high CBD flower and found it was exactly what i needed for my arthritic pain. I even ordered a couple of THC test kits just for my peace of mind. Both came back negative for THC so I am extremely happy! I’m pain free, and i can continue playing sport without worry. Thanks CU.

    • Canna Union

      Amazing news. Thanks for sharing with us.


  24. Ruth Neddy

    Fast deliverey. Excellent strain that really helps relieve my anxiety. I would recommended this strain and this company to anyone who asks.

  25. Harv Y

    I am very pleased with the company and my purchase of Swiss Kiss. The delivery was packaged securely and came pretty quick. I will use them again.

  26. Leesa

    I have been using CBD for a few years now, and had some success, i just felt i wanted something stronger so I ordered this strain as it has up to 12% CBD. I’ve now ordered this strain twice now, and I’ve found it to be much more effective that the weaker alternatives. This strain is perfect for me. It really helps me deal with my symptoms. Highly recommend both the strain and the company.

  27. Billy T

    I tried this using a dry herb vaporizer as suggested and wow… so right. I also smoked some as a joint. Love that sweet earthy flavor. Oh and the ordering process was pretty painless too. Came fast.

  28. Alain Q

    Great strain. Really impressed the effects of this CBD too and it has a lovely musky and earthy smell. Easy to order and received in a couple of days.

  29. Neerdie

    Excellent strain. Love this CBD.

  30. Victoria H

    Nausea no more with this strain! I’ve been using it daily now for a month and i can’t even remember the last time that i felt sick. I no longer feel anxious too. In fact, I’ve even started rock climbing!

    • Canna Union

      Wow! That’s fantastic news. Thanks for the feedback.


  31. Stefan Dos Santo

    I’m smoking this strain for my arthritis pain and sleeping issues. Because it has such as high level of CBD, i have found it works wonders for both. Only issue was it did take a day longer than expected. Not sure if that was the delivery services fault or not. We’ll see how the next order goes. Otherwise, no problems.

  32. Tasmin

    Love the Swiss Kiss strain. Oh and the delivery was quick.

  33. Cristina

    Easy to order, arrived quickly, tastes great, and works a charm. So far, nothing to complain about!

  34. Angelina

    Swiss Kiss is simply bliss!!!!

  35. David

    Great site and product. Will definitely recommend.

  36. George

    Happy with the strain, the service, and the delivery. Glad i took the leap and gave it a try!

  37. Mel

    Good service and delivery time. Just had a smoke, and already feel less nauseous.

  38. Eloise Caston

    I was recommended to order this strain from a friend because it’s a high strength 12% CBD flower with negligible THC levels for my joint pain. Glad i did too because it works a treat! Thanks to the team here.

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