CBD Vanilka Kush 5g


32.96 or 26.37 / month

CBD Vanilka Kush 5g

  • Contains 5 g per bag
  • The whole spectrum
  • Organic
  • Up to 6 CBDs, see individual batch laboratory results below
  • GMO free
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (less than 0.02 THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and efficacy

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This strain of Vanilla Kush smells of fruit-loaded pastries with a similar but sweeter taste. No wonder it tastes and smells like vanilla, with sweet lavender tones. This particular strain of Vanilla Kush was bred to substantially reduce the THC content to be within the EU and instead increase the level of CBD.

This is high for a relaxed body, which may be too strong for some new users. Euphoria and happiness are also common with Vanilla Kush. This strain is good for mental conditions and arthritis pain. The bud has a light green appearance, which also resembles a vanilla plant. Dry mouth is likely, although other side effects are mild. Vanilla Kush comes from a Kashmiri hash plant and Afghani Kush. Vanilla Kush is easy to grow, making it an ideal choice for patients who grow at home and produces a high yield. Thanks to its strong effects, it is ideal for anyone looking for a nice, soothing high body.

Benefits Of Vanilla Kush CBD Flowers

Vanilla Kush CBD flowers offer a number of health benefits. Since these flowers are non-psychoactive, research has found that they can help with a number of mental health-related illnesses.

If you are looking for a relaxing strain that can help brighten your mood and help you fall asleep at night and overcome insomnia, this strain might be worth a try. It can also help with the symptoms of pain, nausea.

With this stem of CBD flowers you will feel upliftment and calm without feeling sleepy.

How to Use Vanilla Kush CBD Flowers

Vanilla Kush cannabis flowers can be enjoyed in many ways. Many of our buyers have reported that vaping and smoking are most beneficial, but if you do not want to inhale; You can add some flowers for a snack or a cup of tea.

No matter how you consume this strain, you will have a number of benefits.

It is important to note that although Vanilla Kush cannabis flowers look like your typical cannabis plants that contain psychoactive elements, these particular strains have been grown to make sure they are legal throughout Europe and the UK. Order yours today!

Ingredients: 100 pure hemp

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