CBD Vanilla Kush 5g

(117 customer reviews)

32.96 or 26.37 / month

CBD Vanilla Kush 5g

  • Contains 5g per bag
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic
  • Up to 6% CBD see individual batch lab results below
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

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This Vanilla Kush strain smells of fruit-laden baked-goods with a similar but sweeter taste. Not surprisingly, it tastes and smells of vanilla, with sweet lavender notes. This particular strain of Vanilla Kush has been bred to reduce the THC content substantially so as to keep it within the legal limits of the EU and to instead increase the level of CBD content. 

This makes for a relaxed body high that can be too powerful for some new users. Euphoria and happiness are also common with Vanilla Kush. This strain is good for mental conditions and arthritis pain. The bud has a light green appearance that is also reminiscent of the vanilla plant. Dry mouth is likely, though other adverse effects are mild. Vanilla Kush descends from a Kashmiri Hash Plant and an Afghani Kush. Vanilla Kush is easy to cultivate, making it an ideal choice for patients who grow at home, and it produces a high yield. Due to its powerful effects, it’s perfect for anyone in search of a nice, soothing body high.

Benefits of Vanilla Kush CBD Flowers

Vanilla Kush CBD flowers offer numerous health benefits. Because these flowers are non-psychoactive, research has found that they may assist with an abundance of mental health-related ailments.

If you’re seeking a relaxing strain that can help brighten your mood and help you fall asleep at night and overcome insomnia, this strain could be worth trying. It may also assist with the symptoms of pain, nausea.

With this strain of CBD flower, you’ll feel uplifted and calm, without feeling drowsy.

How To Use Vanilla Kush CBD Flowers

Vanilla Kush hemp flowers can be enjoyed numerous ways. Many of our purchasers have reported that vaping and smoking are most beneficial, however if you prefer not to inhale; you might add some flowers to a snack or cup of tea.

Regardless of how you consume this strain, you’re going to enjoy a range of benefits.

It is important to note that even though Vanilla Kush hemp flowers look like your typical cannabis plants that contain psychoactive elements these particular strains have been grown to make sure that they are legal across Europe and the UK. Order yours today!

Ingredients: 100% pure cannabis

Research source:

117 reviews for CBD Vanilla Kush 5g

  1. Lake

    The yummiest smoking experience ever! CBD makes relaxation a relaxation. No trouble.

  2. Andrew

    It’s amazing that it’s delicious and very beneficial, yet it’s not addictive! It gives you the control over things.

  3. Jeremy

    Fun to smoke! Also delicious because it possess the actual vanilla taste!

  4. Gregory13

    Very delicious and provides an uplifting feeling which makes me feel really good at everything!

  5. Michelle

    CBD Vanilla Kush is subtle, that’s what I loved about it. It’s perfect for cookies or any snack you prefer!

  6. Charlie

    Different smells, different taste… But this one is what I love to use the most! It’s both working really good mixed with food or smoke inhaling.

  7. Amy

    just the smell of it is relaxing already! There’s this sort of feeling fulfilment after taking this regardless of how I use it.

  8. Storm

    I love how Vanilla Kush eases my migraine and the tension on the shoulder and neck.

  9. Willie

    Smells and tastes delicious! It’s nice include this in your snacks to make it more enjoyable!

  10. Jayda

    Smells and tastes fruity, fits my taste bud!

  11. Bently

    To get the best quality of relaxation, it should be both the mind and body in a good condition. CBD Vanilla Kush is such a beneficial strain.

  12. Angelina

    TBH, you can totally prioritize your mental health by using CBD kush Vanilla.

  13. Fern

    CBD helped me get well from having a chronic anxiety. I can now control my thinking and emotions and everything, making me better. I’m thankful though

  14. Tim

    100% CBD, I know that coz I know my body’s reaction to nicotine. Very far from each other!

  15. Brent

    We can literally taste the strong vanilla while smoking CBD vanilla kush.

  16. Mike

    I like the aroma it gives when I’m smoking Vanilla Kush.

  17. Daniel

    So fragrant and the smoothness as it runs through the throat is so relaxing!

  18. Rex

    I appreciate the combination of Vanilla. I also like the feeling relaxed while smoking!

  19. Nikki

    I tend to be paranoid from time to time. LOL. All changed with CBD kush. I’m more relax than ever.

  20. Jayson

    I like the after taste when I smoke this product. Keep it up!

  21. Shawn

    It doesn’t get you high! It gives you peace of mind and relax your senses. Good job Canna Union!

  22. Vince

    I can literally taste the kush and I can also feel the chill & calm moments when I inhale it.

  23. Justine

    It feels tight and amazing and most importantly it feels relaxing.

  24. Aspen

    Hmm good good. Yep the packaging is classy and I like how I feel calm and relax whenever I smoke it.

  25. Eugene

    I chose to smoke CBD Vanilla because it’s tasty, it reduces stress and anxiety sypmtoms and other conditions both physically and mentally.

  26. Eugene

    Soft to break, and very much tasty! The tastiest version of vanilla to be exact!

  27. GLenda

    Most fragrant CBD I have ever smoke. Not only that, it is also nice to blend with some foods coz it’s edible. Most fragrant CBD I have ever smoke. Not only that, it is also nice to blend with some foods coz it’s edible.

  28. Locke

    The taste, the smell?? OMG surreal! That’s why it’s the tastiest smoke ever!

  29. Demelza

    Smells good! Tastes like real vanilla. No wonder its effect is awesome!

  30. Jay

    Buying this is one of my greatest decision I made. I love smoking kush with CBD. Relaxation overloads.

  31. Jonas

    CBD Kush + Vanilla is a whole lot better. I love the tastefulness of the product and the Chill + Cool Effects it follows.

  32. Blaine

    A smoke of CBD, particularly the Vanilla kush, always targets my head, donating an amount of good vibes it possess to brighten up my mood.

  33. Philip

    SO DELICIOUS! During dayoffs, I smoke throughout the day to gain back energy and a brighten-up mood to go back to work!

  34. Rico

    Smoking it makes me absord and feel the Vanilla flavor 🙂

  35. Abram

    So delicious I can blend it with some of my recipes to make it aromatic and tastier 🙂

  36. Ryan

    I never thought it would taste so delicious and sweet! I was expecting it bitter 🙂

  37. Allen

    Curious at first on how CBD Kush works but now I can tell the people that it’s more like a medicine than anything else. I like it so much!

  38. Beacher

    Canna Union is the best among other CBD distributer. I like it how they combined the flavor from vanilla to this. It gives the best effect while enjoying the taste of it. Amazing!

  39. Jessa

    The relaxing effect it gives is energizing! I never felt weak and lethargy like helpless just because I am calm:)

  40. Simon

    The taste of this is 10/10 I highly recommend it if you try it. I felt a reduction of my chest pain and I feel so calm!

  41. Brent

    The kush is there that’s for sure but adding Vanilla to it is way to fantastic. I’m glad I got a hold of this. Feeling stress free is a JOY.

  42. George

    Since I taste CBD Vanilla, it has been one of the major ingredients of my cookie recipe!

  43. Shaw

    Having my snacks like simple juice, makes very special because it is so much beneficial mixed with CBD vanilla kush!

  44. Blake

    You can definitely taste the vanilla flavor and how it mix up with the CBD kush. Good job Canna Union. 100 stars..

  45. Jordan

    A bad day? No more! Relax and chill while getting everything together. That’s how I describe a perfect day.

  46. Fern

    Meal are always satisfying with the calming and delicious taste of CBD vanilla! Never thought it could also be great as dessert!

  47. Jake

    People are like batteries sometimes we need to recharge. And folks this is the best way to recharge those exhausted mind and body. Give it a Shot. It’s worth it.!

  48. Josh

    I feel so energized. CBD vanilla is not just yummy. It is also good taking as mutivitamins!

  49. Harry

    The smell alone brings euphoria! I love vanilla. And I am everyday and always that inlove and excited when I about to take it! 🙂 🙂

  50. Gilbert

    I’ll give it 5/5 since it helps me with my morning routine and kicks back bad mood for me. Thanks!!!!

  51. George

    I love how tasty CBD vanilla is! It makes me stress-free and makes my meal time tastier than ever!

  52. Jake

    The smell of CBD Vanilla Kush alone is just so relaxing already. It has been heavenly to take.

  53. Mike

    This strain is sooo versatile! I can take it when I want calmness to rest, and also when I need to be awake and focused to do something.

  54. Samuel

    Relaxation is always tasty because CBD vanilla is so yummy like real vanilla! I will never get tired having it in my relaxation time 🙂

  55. Ivan

    Very tasty as always! I never suffer enduring its taste just to enjoy the benefits 🙂

  56. Molly

    I love CBD vanilla kush consuming with a cake! It tastes like real vanilla and I enjoy not just the cake, but its benefits in a full blast as well!

  57. Rusty

    Vanilla is very delicious. So I don’t hesitate taking it with my solid foods. Plus the fact that it helps me with my digestion!

  58. Alden

    What I do to enjoy my relaxation with CBD vanilla kush is I put it on top of my juice just waiting for it to atleast melt a little of its flavor in my juice. And it has never been a disappointment to me!

  59. Felix

    This is delicious! The only way I found it so helpful, is when I make it my tea’s flavor. A very good way to enjoy the day. This is delicious! The only way I found it so helpful, is when I make it my tea’s flavor. A very good way to enjoy the day.

  60. Aida

    Oh! I love the combination of CBD vanilla kush to my baked cookies. They taste perfect together. I love having it for snack!

  61. Adam

    A nature way of healling people. Great discovery Thank you Canna Union.

  62. Brent

    I’m curious on how it can consume in a lot of way but still give out the best result. I’m amazed

  63. Pete

    I like how I can choose on how to consume my Kush and it has this vanilla type flava~ I love it!

  64. Andrew

    I ordered 2 sets of Kush and after a month I feel so relax and less stress

  65. Roy

    Couldn’t get more happier on solving my problem with my anxiety. I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks now and I feel that my anxiety reduces. This is brilliant!

  66. Rico

    I did not regret buying this Kush. It is the best of the best product! I love it!!

  67. Miguel

    I feel so satisfied using your product. this has been the best product I have ordered by far. DEfinitely recommended!

  68. Canny

    I feel so relax and no more stress! This is the best product by far!

  69. Mercy

    I’m so happy with your service and your product! Top quality product. Definitey order again

  70. Dave

    I love the flavor! Definitely my thing! I will order again soon

  71. Cady

    I appreciate the effects of the bud I smoke. It really helps me sleep at night which just what I need the most at this moment. Thanks Canna Union!

  72. Leon

    Awesome Bud. I will definitely order again on your website!

  73. Brea

    I feel so relax and calm. My anxiety lessen and stress is reduce! This is the best!

  74. Josh

    I just love the flavor and it helped me lessen my anxiety and insomnia. I just love it. I can sleep well at night. Definitely recommend to my friends

  75. Coleen

    Thank you Canna Union for this top quality product! It definitely helped a lot!

  76. Jayson

    Smoking bud is always helping me lessen stress and anxiety. I’ll order soon

  77. Robert

    This Vanilla flavor Kush is taking me to the next level. It helped me all through out my hardship on getting to sleep. Definitely buy some more

  78. Carlo

    Canna Union has the best ever product in all across Europe! Price is just and worth it! Definitely recommend!!!!

  79. Albert

    I just need something that helps me get to sleep. This Vanilla Kush is the best of the best!!

  80. Rex

    My anxiety really comes in consistently. When I smoked this Kush. I was so amazed when afterwards I feel so calm and relax. The next thing I know its all gone!

  81. Mae

    I just wanted to make me relax myself and here it is!! I’m so happy and satisfied with this product!

  82. Blake

    I did not regret even a bit! I just love it. I will buy again

  83. Sean

    Awesome product! I love it super helpful when it comes to my anxiety

  84. Morgan

    This Vanilla Kush flavor is super good! I just love it. Definitely recommend it

  85. Lenard

    Canna Union’s product is brilliant! I must say this one is effective. It helped me relaxed.

  86. Albert

    Thank you Canna Union for helping me reduce my anxiety. I will share my experience to my friends.

  87. Earl

    I just love products in Canna Union! Definitely recommend.

  88. Steve

    Smoking bud reduces myself from stress. I will recommend this to my friends. Thanks Canna Union

  89. Simon

    I give it a 10 out of 10! Supre impressive! definitely recommend

  90. Joan

    I need something relaxing and poof! Here is the Kush! I feel so relax!

  91. Ricky

    Perfect! No more anxiety lad. This stuff is perfect!

  92. Erick

    Brilliant product indeed! I just love how relaxing is after smoking bud

  93. Ralph

    I love smoking this bud. It helps me increase my appetite. It helped a lot. Thanks Canna Union!

  94. Rico

    I need to gain weight then I tried smoking this bud. I was like so impressed that I have my appetite to eat a lot!! This is the best item I purchased

  95. David

    The best product I have ever ordered online. I will buy again!

  96. Jessa

    I’m so happy using this Kush. It really helped us relax and lessen anxiety. It worked just you huys would know

  97. Simon

    Good stuff and price is just right. I will definitely recommend

  98. Erick

    I was needing for relaxation and This kush introduced to me and I’m so happy using it

  99. Erick

    Best ever bud I tried by far. I would definitely recommend this to my brothers

  100. Kate

    Vanilla is my favorite flavor. Smoking Kush is taking me to the next level! Good stuff lad.

  101. Harold

    Delivery was prompt and the product is satisfying. I really love it!

  102. Adam

    Surreal effect! I would definitely recommend your product and your company! Keep it up.

  103. Albert

    This is perfect for me. I had mine and it helped me relax. I will order again.

  104. Rex

    It helped me relax after a long tiring day. Deifinitely recommend Canna Union

  105. Michael

    This Vanilla flavor is awesome! I surely will be ordering later after my class. Thanks Canna Union

  106. Rolly

    With just including CBD Vanilla Kush to my food, I can already enjoy its calming effects. And I am always satisfied.

  107. Mark

    It is so mild, I love having it before bedtime. And this is also the tastiest I ever had!

  108. Kaye

    The smell alone is so much enough to prove to myself it’s good! The moment I taste it, it’s even excellent!

  109. Brent

    Very useful and has never been a waste. All of the benefit I am looking for, I foud here at Canna Union, particularly the CBD Vanilla Kush!

  110. Bernard

    Using CBD kush makes me more creative and helps me calm my mind! Thanks

  111. Rey

    “The smell itself is so relaxing already! I love it so much! It tastes good in tea!

  112. Carl

    Since I tried taking CBD Vanilla Kush, it has never been harsh to me. I really admire the taste because it is just so friendly that all it did is to help you relax, calm and rest!

  113. Stephen

    The yummiest relaxation I’ve ever been:) So much benefits that I can either rest well when I take an adequate, and active when I add a little more!

  114. Marco

    I love inhaling CBD Vanilla Kush! It tastes and feels sweet and so aromatic! Enough to make me so relax!

  115. Simon

    It’s ridiculous because the name itself is what it gives me when I take it:D But of course in a good way. I forget what I am stress about and that I shouldn’t be stress to it! 😀

  116. Mark

    I love inhaling CBD Vanilla Kush! It tastes and feels sweet and so aromatic! Enough to make me so relax!

  117. Kerry T

    This Vanilla kush is perfect! Its super good! I just love it. Def recommend you guys

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