CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Heisenberg

(172 customer reviews)

37.46 or 29.97 / month

CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Heisenberg

  • No THC
  • Flavour: Heisenberg
  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

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If you’re looking for a natural option to relieve pain, inflammation, mood disorders, skin conditions, and more; our 1000mg Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil could be the answer. Our 1000mg Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil is ISO Certified and ready to use. It is 100% THC free and provides immediate effects to a range of ailments.

At Canna Union, our CBD products have no pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides present. These products are suitable for vegans and kosher. The 1000mg Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil provides you with the benefits of the highest quality hemp and present cannabinoids.

Vaping CBD Oil is an extremely effective method of consumption as inhaling CBD Vapors provides greater bio-availability. That means you will able to absorb more of the active ingredient quicker. Vaping has also been endorsed by health experts as far safer than smoking.

Flavour: The Heinsenberg flavour has become quite a famous mixture in the vaping world. The flavour is a combination of fruit and menthol, providing the perfect balance of mint fresh with a sweet aftertaste.

Recommended Dosage: We recommend if you are first starting out, that you start with a low dose concentration, and work your way up. Increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Heinsenberg is also available in 250mg and 500mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin Mixed Berry and Aniseed Flavouring.

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Dimensions 2.11 × 2.11 × 7.3 cm

172 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Heisenberg

  1. Maxwell

    I can prolong myself to radiation, which I should be coz that’s my job’s nature, my eyes used to moist-like. But it’s better now since I vape CBD:)

  2. Douglas

    I stay active when vaping cbd. I can do exercise routine without exhaustion. I can balance man self.

  3. Hailey

    Excellent product compared to other brands and companies. I am going to buy again ince it runs out

  4. Lee

    I am very much well in handling stress since vaping CBD. This is a huge contribution to my mental health.

  5. Brian

    Great! I can now manage stress, CBD vape is such a great source of relaxation that gives me a peace of mind.

  6. William

    Relaxation to me is essential and CBD vape helped me with that.

  7. Ivy

    Vaping CBD helps me ease when I’m anxious and eventually I’m calm.

  8. Elijah

    Vaping CBD oil feels like meditation in a beautiful place during vacation.

  9. Christian01

    Vaping CBD makes me maintain my healthy food diet. I don’t crave much food anymore.

  10. Jacob

    Its minty characteristic makes my mind relax from all the thoughts that doesn’t makes me rest.

  11. Michael

    Vaping Canna Union’s Vape, like all of it, is not addictive. And that’s what I love ’bout it.

  12. Mila

    Greatness overload! Happy with the content and how its very comforting!

  13. Mila

    The order arrived quickly, well packaged and the product itself is great. Very happy.

  14. Drake

    This Heisenberg flavor is brilliant! I never felt such amaze in my entire life. I will definitely order again!

  15. Grace

    Heisenberg has an impressive flavor that kicks in when you vape it. Definitely buy again.

  16. Sam

    Great product at great price indeed! I’m very impressed with your heisenberg! i will definitely recommend to my friends

  17. Blake

    Using Heisenberg is awesome! I feel so relaxed and calm. I will order some more with your website

  18. Savannah

    With the help of CBD Vape from Canna Union, I have never been (anymore) stress in handling my job. Facing different kinds of behavior:) I’m a CSR anyway:D

  19. Adel

    Among all the health benefits we can actually get from Canna Union’s Vape, its protection against inflammation is what I love the most! Worth it:)

  20. Aya

    Nunca más fui atacado por mi ansiedad desde el Vape de Canna Union. Definitivamente me apegaría a eso.

  21. George

    This is so far the best pain reliever I ever encountered! Now I can properly do all the works!

  22. Perla

    CBD Vape Oil ha sido mi socio por tener un día que valió la pena desde que lo probé. Gracias a Canna Union!

  23. Dulcia

    El efecto de Heisenberg está ahí con seguridad. ¡Además de la suavidad del producto!

  24. Agdta

    For en lettelse for meg å slappe av muskelen og få fritiden også!

  25. Abelard

    Thanks to Canna Union for giving the best quality! Looking forward for more!

  26. Enzo

    I used to tell myself to quit smoking, but I couldn’t. Now I am, since I tried this. Good Job Canna Union!

  27. Alice

    I love this one’s taste. It has its aftertaste that makes me even more calm.

  28. Gabriel

    Ever since this product has been introduced to me, I can’t get enough of it! It excites me everyday!

  29. Russel

    I kind a love it much! It soothes away all the bad thoughts inside and give a whole lot of great ideas!

  30. Jason

    Cool and very satisfying effect. It helps me with my anxiety attacks. Thanks Canna Union!.

  31. Eymur

    Canna Union you never fail to amazed me. I will definitely buy more!

  32. Glenn

    Thanks to CBD Vape Oil, I quit smoking and it’s a less odor to use!

  33. Angela

    I’ve been on CBD for years and I just recently switched to Canna Union and it’s been great.

  34. Randolph

    I feel at ease because I got this product. Never have to worry about my sore muscles after running!

  35. Raymond

    This gives me comfort and I’ve been sleeping so good! I also value the fact that shipping this was so easy.

  36. Laura

    Früher hatte ich Schwierigkeiten zu fallen oder einzuschlafen und fühlte mich nicht ausgeruht und das geht immer wieder. Ich bin so dankbar, das zu haben.

  37. Barbara F

    I have been able to sleep well for a few consecutive nights! I hope this continues!

  38. Meagan

    I know different medicines have a different effect on each person. So I wish that many people feel what I feel when they use CBD products!

  39. Maundy

    I know it might be too early to comment coz I just got this a few days ago but it’s been really wonderful.

  40. Colleen

    Had trouble sleeping and it’s affecting my career. But now that I’ve got this, I’ve been sleeping all right and can function well!

  41. James

    I’ve decided to switch to Canna Union back in December of last year. And it’s been the best!

  42. Kenny

    Took pills for years for my anxiety. But since I started using this, I immediately stopped!

  43. Jay

    I was really stressed when coronavirus began. Glad I have this to rely on and helps me get over it.

  44. Wagner

    This vape oil is worth the price in my opinion. I can’t imagine not having this now!

  45. Michael

    I got mine two weeks ago and it’s done a pretty good job for my muscle aches. Can’t believe I used to doubt CBD products!

  46. Nathan

    Suffered from insomnia for years. And I’m glad that this helps alleviate it! What a wondrous company.

  47. Lea

    Jeg har vært veldig stolt over resultatet så langt. Jeg tror dette er den eneste avgjørelsen jeg ikke angrer på.

  48. Pamela

    ¡Mi amigo acaba de hacer su pedido después de que les dije cómo mejoró mi vida! Realmente feliz de ayudar!

  49. Johann

    I noticed that this improves my alertness and I’d have the stamina to do my daily house chores.

  50. Mike

    Este producto ha demostrado ser muy efectivo y se ha demostrado que reduce la tensión. En serio te insto a comprar.

  51. Alex

    Your product outperforms other CBD companies and always exceeds my expectations! Fantastic company!

  52. Marlon

    My emotional health has greatly improved, especially my temper, with this product. Thanks a ton

  53. Kenneth

    Unektelig det mest fenomenale produktet jeg noen gang har prøvd for muskelhevelsen!

  54. Craig

    The cramps in my legs recuperated in just a few days of using this cream. I’ve gained my strength back!

  55. Dwight

    Really fortunate that I discovered this. I’m glad I no longer have to take pain killers.

  56. Justine

    Began using this just weeks ago. I’m really astounded at how fast the outcome showed!

  57. Brent

    I use this before I sleep. It improved my sleep and I feel wonderful in the morning!

  58. Santiago

    was really unhealthy due to insomnia! Started using this last month and the results are promising

  59. Alex

    I am truly happy to have discovered such a remarkable product for my depression!

  60. Cynthia

    Je souffre d’anxiété depuis que je suis au lycée. J’ai commencé à utiliser ce produit il y a quelques semaines et je me suis beaucoup amélioré!

  61. Alex

    You are unbeatable! Great product, customer service and company. Really eased my anxiety

  62. Isak

    I’ve observed that it takes effect quick and effective compared to taking analgesic! Superb work, Canna Union!

  63. Dawn

    Jeg tror ikke det er så fantastisk produkt for angst enn dette! Bra jobb, Canna Union!

  64. Jason

    I have been able to control the painful sensation in my legs since I started using this vape oil

  65. Chad

    This product is the best out there! This is the only product that has helped alleviate my inflamed muscles.

  66. Ryan

    Kudos to Canna Union for makung such an incredible product. I use this everyday for my stress.

  67. Alex

    Mon bien-être émotionnel et physique s’est considérablement amélioré avec ce produit.

  68. Ivan M

    I have tried several other products but did not get the results I want! But this one is the only product I will need to relax.

  69. Derek J

    I don’t think other companies could match the power of Canna Union’s products! Really the finest of all time!

  70. Jared T

    Begann vor 2 Wochen damit. Ich war überrascht, wie schnell sich die Ergebnisse zeigten!

  71. Max

    It is one of the first I tried and it’s going very well! I love all the effects it gives me.

  72. Yshrel

    Ever since I was in high school, I’ve been in and out of the hospital due to not being to get any sleep! Started using this last month and the results are really swift.

  73. Christoph

    I don’t think you get more recognition than you deserve! Your products are out of this world!

  74. Jackie

    CBD-Öl lindert meine Allergien sofort. Dieses Produkt schlägt alle teuren und überbeworbenen!

  75. Robert

    Surely this stuff will be my new favorite! Will stick to this awesome product!

  76. Laura

    This product has proven to be very effective and it has been shown to reduce my stress and anxiety. I highly recommend it!

  77. Millan

    Früher war ich sehr hektisch und konnte mich nicht entspannen, aber nachdem ich Vape Oil probiert habe, muss ich sagen, dass ich mich wohler fühle.

  78. Adie

    My anxiety has been manageable and overall, I would recommend Canna Union. Great company.

  79. Jordan

    Thanks to Canna Union, my muscle aches are gone. Top quality!

  80. Belard

    I was scared to try this at first but now, I will surely order more! Great job done, Canna Union!

  81. Emilly

    Kan ikke tro at jeg fikk faren min til å bruke dette produktet. Og nå vil han bestille for seg selv.

  82. Nick

    Stopped smoking because of this product! Will definitely buy more!

  83. Loic

    J’ai remarqué que lorsque j’utilisais cela pendant quelques minutes seulement, cela augmentait ma vigilance et j’aurais l’énergie pour faire mes tâches quotidiennes.

  84. George

    I love being in control of my anxiety and I will definitely show my support by recommending this to my friends and family!

  85. Adam

    I figured that it’s best for me to look for an organic sustitute to my sythetic medications due to its very dangerous side effects. I found this and it’s really gave me the best results!

  86. Lewis

    The flavor is great without compromising the quality and the potency. Great work!

  87. Yaiza

    Dieses Zeug ist so cool! Ich habe meine Bestellung vor ein paar Wochen erhalten und bin bereits auf der Suche nach einer weiteren Bestellung!

  88. Samuel

    Mon cousin l’utilise depuis un certain temps et m’a suggéré de l’essayer aussi. J’ai reçu ma commande la semaine dernière et je l’utilise depuis. Je me sens plutôt bien!

  89. Erich

    Estoy viendo una mejora significativa en mi fatiga y me he sentido muy animado. Muy impresionante, Canna Union!

  90. Wilson

    I’ve been having real suicidal thoughts recently and my dad said I should try cbd vape oil. I’m feeling really relaxed now and happy.

  91. Abel

    Jeg håper jeg fant denne cbd vape oljen for mange år siden! Jeg har tålt mange år med depresjon, og dette er det eneste som fungerte for meg!

  92. Rex

    I’m extremely happy I found such an incredible product for my depression!

  93. Kruger

    Ich werde dies sicherlich meinen Freunden empfehlen!

  94. Donald

    Je suis ravi d’en acheter plus!

  95. Norah

    I was extemely pleased with the immediate result!

  96. Leo

    Dieses cbd Vape Öl ist zweifellos das beste!

  97. Jesse

    Ce produit était la meilleure chose sur laquelle j’ai jamais dépensé mon argent pour soulager mes maux de dos!

  98. Garcia

    Utmerket, flott kommunikasjon og veldig rask levering. Beste CBD-selskap på markedet.

  99. Josh

    La commande est arrivée rapidement, bien emballée et le produit lui-même est super. Très heureux.

  100. Thomas

    Se volverá a ordenar un servicio confiable y súper rápido, aceite de gran calidad y un sabor fantástico.

  101. Tobi

    Your product is brilliant! It really helped me with my anxiety. to reduces. It also helps me relax.

  102. Looney

    Product is the best and brilliant! I just love the flavor too. I would definitely recommend your product!

  103. Donna

    Above everything I did feel a bit more at ease when using this product. I didn’t notice very much long term effects such as pain relief but I wasn’t very good at staying consistent with it. I also have to say that the taste, which is clearly attempting to be masked with mint, starts to get harder to take after a while. Over all I’d say it did provide anxiety relief.

  104. Francis

    It’s helping both my neuropathy and sleep, it took a couple days to feel full affect it had on the pain in my feet, but I slept sound the first night. I would recommend your CD Vape!!

  105. HMagnus

    Flott produkt, anstendig pris, rask levering og trygt pakket.

  106. Finlay T

    Meine Bestellung kam pünktlich an und das Produkt hat einen Reiz. Würde empfehlen!

  107. Philippe Jeric

    La commande est arrivée rapidement, bien emballée et le produit lui-même est super. Très heureux.

  108. JixM

    Amazing customer service and excellent quality product, could not be more pleased!

  109. Angela

    Tolles Produkt zu einem wettbewerbsfähigen Preis. Sehr gut verpackt und schnell angekommen. Würde auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

  110. Maris

    Brilliant, struggle with anxiety and it’s really taken the edge off any situation that I would usually stew on for ages… wish I’d found it sooner!!

  111. Julio

    To be honest, I wasn’t sure that CBD would work for me, but it absolutely does and I am amazed. I feel calmer and after vaping for 3 days, I have slept through the night – something I haven’t managed for years!

  112. Krüger68

    No issue with you. Perfect package and awesome quality product! I like it so much!

  113. I.I

    Amazing customer service and excellent quality product, could not be more pleased! Top notch quality product!

  114. Jane

    Couldn’t have been more pleased with the service, will be using you again with out a doubt. ,Thank you.

  115. Saul F

    i would give it a try as a last ditch attempt to help my anxiety, insomnia, joint and muscle pain – wow glad i did/ am sleeping well/ anxiety gone/muscle pain virtually gone and joint pain very much improved

  116. Trygve

    Brilliant customer service, fast delivery and can’t fault the quality of the vape additive, this is helping my anxiety so much.

  117. Bonneton

    Livraison vraiment rapide! Je n’ai pas encore essayé autant de produits, mais j’ai hâte de le faire 👌

  118. Hildegard

    Toller Service, wurde ich auf Schritt und Tritt beraten. Lieferung pünktlich, Produkt ist ausgezeichnet, würde ich allen empfehlen.

  119. Leif

    These products are awesome and customer service to match. I would definitely recommend Canna Union!

  120. Pietro

    I find their product to be of very high quality hardly matched by any other products I tried. Recommend.

  121. Paolo30

    Am sleeping better and generally feel much calmer since taking Canna union vape oil

  122. Corona254

    Covid-19 is all over the news and number of deaths have increased everyday. It really triggers my panic attack. So I tried vaping heisenberg flavor and it was sooo cool and my panic attack reduces well. Thank you, Canna Union!

  123. Elaine M

    Aide à gérer l’anxiété et les problèmes de sommeil

  124. Chirac

    Bons conseils et infos sur ce site. La livraison rapide très satisfaite du produit sera certainement recommandée à des amis

  125. Heisenberg007

    good price and high-quality product!

  126. Jiro M

    You guys have super fast service and easy access with the website

  127. Risto99

    Rask levering. Ødelagt pris. Fargerikt innhold. Vent og se på.

  128. Aller

    Super fast service,, with top quality products! It’s life changing. I would definitely recommend your product to anyone.

  129. Antistress

    Even with the pandemic covid19 and all the craziness your vape oil really helped me out to lessen the stress

  130. Ray C

    Canna Union has the first class customer service. She’s professional and polite. I love your product too. It gives you relaxation when vaping it. definitely recommend Canna Union.

  131. Halette

    Reçu ce produit aujourd’hui, grand prix, grande saveur

  132. Fel..

    Sehr gutes Produkt, sehr zufrieden

  133. JonasEllie

    Tbh, Canna Union is quick

  134. LRhyan

    Solo compro mis productos de CBD en Canna Union

  135. Alexa

    How I really admire Canna Union’s product. It’s the best

  136. Lia87

    M’aide à mieux dormir

  137. Fabian

    Erstaunlicher Service und schnelle Lieferung.

  138. Emery Vogt

    They have fast service! I love Canna Union!!!

  139. Antoinette

    Excellent service, bon produit et excellent prix.

  140. Deutsche2020

    Das Produkt ist immer toll!

  141. SBerta524

    The staff are professional! They know what they are doing to help me with my order

  142. Becky G

    Shipping was only 2 days and the vape is great

  143. Garry

    really excellent service and this vape oil is so good. relatively decent prices too.

  144. Jesse lol

    Gotta admit, the only reason I decided on the Heisenberg CBD 1000mg Vape Oil is because of Breaking Bad. There. I said it. In the end though, I’m glad i did because it really helps with my mood disorder. Highly recommend this for anyone else with similar issues.

  145. Freddie Lee

    I dont like this one. Might try a different flavour. Delivery was fast though.

  146. Marcus Fyfe

    Easy ordering process with reasonable delivery times. The CBD vape Oil itself seems to be working so far. We’ll see how it goes after a few more days.

  147. Not happy Jan

    I ordered the 1000mg Hiesenburg, but the one i got was the 500mg Mango Ice. They sent out the right one and let me keep the Mango, but I was going on holidays for a month so was no help really.

    • Canna Union

      Sorry to hear you had problems with the product that arrived. Glad we were able to assist.


  148. Phil Green

    First time purchasing and using CBD, so maybe i’m doing something wrong, but this vape oil only reduced around half of my chronic pain. There was an improvement, but not as much as i was expecting. Otherwise, delivery was fast and the website was relatively easy.

  149. Murray fielding

    Really helpful staff and the CBD vape H-Berg works for my joint pain, thank you so much.

  150. Jane Williams

    Quick delivery and only been using for a week, but this vape is legit. works for my IBS

  151. Eddy Mckay

    Vape lyfe! Can’t believe it took me this long to get on board the CBD train! No only does this oil work wonders for my chronic pain, but I’ve also given up smoking! Wasn’t even trying to! Man, do i feel healthier now or what? I feel like I could run a marathon, or at the very least around the block. Give Heisenberg a try if you have pain in your life like me… the effects are amazing.

  152. Leigh

    Love love love the fruity menthol flavor and the sweet aftertaste! Shipping was quick and packaging was nondescript. Already ordered some 1000mg Strawberry for when i feel like a different taste. Top company and highly recommend them and their vape oils.

  153. Kristian M

    My first time vaping CBD and so far its working as expected. Fast delivery and easy checkout.

  154. Linds Howard

    Awesome service and delivery was fast for international. Love the taste of this vape

  155. Connor Firth

    This oil is famous for a reason, you know? Works wonders for my joint pain, with a minty fresh and sweet taste. I ordered mine on my phone browser too. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

  156. Mr Bradley

    I used to use the Strawberry vape oil, but my friend turned me onto the Heisenberg stuff. Personally, i enjoy the taste more. Put some of this in your pipe and smoke it…

  157. George Taylor

    Arrived today! Thanks. Loving the vape flavor already.

  158. Kahlia Van Der Kolk

    If like me you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, get yourself some of this Heisenberg CBD vape oil. Did the job for me. 5 star service too

  159. Conrad Seaforth

    website was informative and easy to navigate, even for me at 55 with no experience with CBD. Once I picked the Heisenberg Oil, the checkout and payment was smooth and the delivery arrived on time.

  160. Shell

    good quality vape oil and the price was good

  161. Roger W

    2 thumbs all the way up there! Heisenberg vape oil is the bomb! No more sleepless nights and holy crap it tastes amazing!

  162. Ricky

    arrived fast, parcel was in good condition, the taste is great, and it frikken WORKS! All bases covered for me. In fact, I’ve already ordered some of the Mango Ice for a little diversity in my vaping! Haha!

  163. Bailey Baker

    Now THIS i how you do customer service! I had no clue what i was doing, way out of my depth, so i reached out for help. I was able to talk with directly with Charlie via email who talked me through options, delivery methods, and the whole shebang! I’m now a pro when it comes to CBD, even helping my friends choose some too! Thanks again Charlie ! You’re a lifesaver!

  164. A Heale

    excellent for relieving my chronic pain. vaping is so fun too. feel like one of the cool kids.

  165. Flavor-Flav

    I don’t get the hype with the Heisenberg. I’ve been vaping CBD for a few years now, and i couldn’t stand the minty taste at all. It was like trying to vape my toothpaste. Plus it was just too sweet. What am I, 12 years old at the candy shop?

  166. Anita Morecomb

    Very pleased with the heisenberg vape. I sleep all night and no more pain. Thank you

  167. John Ferdinand

    No issues at all with the company, delivery, or the vape oil. Check these guys out

  168. Oliver Jones

    this packs a punch. great strength and i can really feel it working. pretty stoked with the flavour as well.

  169. D Montgomery

    The infamous Heisenberg is a great CBD vape oil, that works well with my skin irritations. Will definitely be buying more from these guys again. Quick delivery too!

  170. Lou Carpenter

    good service and good products and good prices and good delivery. honestly cannot complain at all.

  171. Lucinda Worrel

    Canna Union and their CBD Heisenberg Vape Oil impressed me so much on multiple levels – service, price, as well as effect on my nausea and insomnia.

  172. Rebecca R

    Fantastic CBD vape oil. I’m totally blown away by using Heisenberg to reduce my IBS. A litle pricey but so worth it

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