CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Mango Ice

(195 customer reviews)

37.46 or 29.97 / month

CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Mango Ice

  • No THC
  • Flavour: Mango Ice
  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

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Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil is as effective as it is delicious. The 1000mg Mango Ice flavour oil provides a mixture of flavours, combining mango and mint for a sweet, cool taste. Our CBD Vape Oil is ISO Certified and ready for vaping.

Vaping CBD is one of the most effective ways to consume CBD, providing immediate effects. CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Mango Ice has been found to assist with symptoms of anxiety, pain, inflammation, and more. It has been known to promote relaxation and is 100% THC-free.

At Canna Union, all our CBD products are pesticide-free. There are no molds, solvents, or herbicides present. Our products are suitable for vegans and kosher, and provide the benefits of the highest quality hemp and present cannabinoids.

Vaping CBD Oil is said to be one of the most effective methods of consumption, allowing you to absorb more active ingredients, faster. Vaping has also been endorsed by health experts as far safer than smoking.

Flavour: When vaping our mango ice flavoured CBD Vape oil you will enjoy a rich mixture of tropical and sweet ripe mangoes combined with a fresh, cool, minty taste.

Recommended Dosage: If you are new to CBD Vape Oil, we recommend you start with one of the lower dose options, increasing your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Mango Ice is also available in 250mg and 500mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Fruit flavouring.

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Dimensions 2.11 × 2.11 × 7.3 cm

195 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Mango Ice

  1. Grace88

    Having a panic attack has bever been easy to anyone. And I was really amazed when I felt the comfort for that by just vaping CBD!

  2. Hadley

    Body pain feels like going away on its own! Thanks to the amazing healing power of CBD!!!

  3. Alvaro

    No wonder CBD vape is popular right now! It’s Beneficial characteristic is incredible!

  4. Benjamin

    This product has been known to be very effective and has been known to reduce tension. I was urged to buy by a friend and I am impressed

  5. Joyce01

    Insomnia has never been a problem to me anymore. I wake up energetic in the morning, good to start a day.

  6. Stefanie25

    My body can cope up with body pain and tired mind… that’s when I started vaping CBD, I never really thought this is how effective it is.

  7. Lucas29

    CBD vape is like a therapy session to me to relax and get over things that won’t give me any good.

  8. Aubrey87

    Men! Mango ice is so tasty! It truly is brings calmness!

  9. Rex

    Stress is scary, it affects your loved ones as well, suicide is the common result that we face today. I am so happy that I can put my mind away from these thoughts just by vaping the relaxing CBD vape. Thanks cannaunion!

  10. Jack

    Conversation with friends are always a fulfilment when CBD vape oil mango ice is in the picture.

  11. Rico

    Thank you. I am very happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend for the others.

  12. Angelo

    My experience was very good. This product helps me with the feeling of stress and pain. I love what it has done for me.

  13. Ralph

    Great product at a competitive price. Very well packaged and arrived quickly. Would definitely buy again.

  14. Jay

    Absolutely amazing! I love Canna Union! Definitely recommend

  15. John

    The brilliant flavor of the Mango Ice is cloud 9! I just love the flavor. I will definitely order again

  16. Zoey

    Thanks to this Vape from Canna Union, it reached my stress level and took it all away! 😀

  17. Tom

    I love this vape so much! It made me stop smoking, and helped me with my insomnia problems. A powerful relaxation I must say.

  18. Anton

    Uten CBD Vape fra Canna Union vil jeg for alltid møte den forferdelige angsten jeg hadde. Så glad jeg fant det!

  19. Abella

    Having a sweet way to calm your nerves is such a blessing 🙂 I’m so thankful I got to know Canna Union’s Mango Ice Vape.

  20. Alex

    Vaping CBD Vape Mango Ice no solo es efectivo, ¡sino también súper delicioso! Gracias a Canna Union.

  21. Clare

    Mango is not just good for dessert, it has a good characteristics as well for Vape flavor. Yummy!

  22. Marlon

    After a long and tire day. I’ll just use this CBD vape oil with Mango of course. It blows away my problems!

  23. I’ve

    The thought of having my hobby plus having me taking care of my anxiety in one package is great. Thanks Canna Union.

  24. Marin

    ¡He estado tan enamorado de este Vape Flavor desde que lo probé!

  25. Arnold

    It’s effective and delicious! I like the mint and sweet combination.

  26. Kate

    This one’s sweet. I enjoy my relaxation everytime.

  27. Lea

    I’d never been so enjoyed in my relaxation until this! Thanks Canna Union

  28. Ara

    I am so obssesed to it’s fragrant! I mean I have been loving mango ever since so it’s cool that it’s not just a chilhood favorite, but a helpful relaxation now that I’m an adult too!

  29. Ryan

    I can say that this is one of the best CBD product I’ve tried so far. Thanks

  30. Kenne

    Smell like real Mango. This is the product I’m looking for.

  31. Anna

    I love this flavor so much! It feels like I have a real Mango with me! This is Surreal!!

  32. Tyler

    I sleep better and my anxiety has lessened. I’m so amazed at this product.

  33. Maria

    ¡Canna Union me ayudó a volver a la normalidad! La depresión fue tal B!

  34. Daniel

    Vous ne pouvez pas comparer cela à d’autres! J’ai essayé la plupart des marques et c’est le meilleur.

  35. Marina

    Les résultats sont plus rapides que la codéine! J’apprécie beaucoup cela!

  36. Laura V

    ¡Estoy tan emocionado con los efectos rápidos y me he beneficiado enormemente de esto!

  37. Rex

    Ich hatte Glück, als ich das fand! Meine Hüften haben mich in letzter Zeit nicht gestört!

  38. Sara U

    I’ve been really feeling down lately and anxiety has been bad. But it’s too good to have this.

  39. Agot

    I never thought such product existed! This stuff saved me from countless visits to a doctor’s office! Well done!

  40. Margaux

    This became my favorite and I’m never going back to my old brand. This is the best!

  41. George

    Cela a considérablement ravivé mon bien-être total! J’apprécie la qualité.

  42. Raymond

    Este aceite de vape ha sido muy beneficioso para mis dolores de cabeza. Contento con los resultados.

  43. Angie

    Von Hunderten von Produkten, die ich gegen meine Depression ausprobiert habe, ist dies das herausragendste, das es je gab!

  44. Ingrid

    Schnelle Antwort auf meine Anfragen. Tolle Gesellschaft!

  45. Damon

    This awesome vape oil solved my anxiety. Also noticed that my headaches have been lesser.

  46. Karl

    CBD vape oil instantly soothes my allergies. This is the best among the ones I’ve tried!

  47. Daniel

    Package came today. I thought there would be a huge delay due to Covid-19.

  48. Amelia

    I used to smoke all the time and I’m sure it made me look older. Got this last month and I hadn’t smoke one since.

  49. Sabra

    Grei leveringstid og hadde liten forsinkelse. Alt er bra!

  50. David

    I have serious reaction to some herbal products. But this has been greatly effective.

  51. Javier

    Zufrieden mit dem Fortschreiten der Beschwerden in meinen Gelenken. Ich war überrascht, dass mir das geholfen hat, besser zu werden.

  52. Evir

    Keine andere Sorte könnte die Wirksamkeit dieses Vape-Öls bestreiten! Wirklich das beste überhaupt!

  53. young_wild

    My migraine would last days even after taking pain killers. Started using this and I’ve been able to handle it since.

  54. Mario

    ¡Lo obtuve hace unas semanas y compraré más! ¡Es mi nuevo favorito!

  55. Victor

    Votre service client est incomparable et la livraison rapide pendant cette période est tout simplement incroyable! Grande compagnie!

  56. Mark

    J’ai été inquiet récemment à cause de la pandémie. Je suis content d’avoir essayé cette huile de vape CBD

  57. Meg

    Fue la decisión perfecta cambiar de medicamentos sintéticos a este aceite de vape para mis dolores musculares.

  58. Robin

    Cette huile de vape CBD soulève mon humeur et m’a aidé avec mes maux et mes douleurs. Utilisez-le à la place des analgésiques

  59. Daniel

    Tengo otra oportunidad de volver al deporte. Sufrió de dolor muscular durante varios años y ahora me siento mucho mejor después de encontrar el aceite de vape de cbd

  60. Lea

    I really feel a huge improvement on my stress. I am more happier now and feel confident

  61. Abelardo

    J’étais très déprimé après avoir perdu mon emploi, mais grâce à Canna Union, j’ai pu continuer et maintenant je suis beaucoup plus heureux.

  62. Dustin

    My sister told me about his product and I thought I should try it for my insomnia and I’ve been sleeping a lot better

  63. Henry

    I’ve been losing control lately and I thought I was going out of my mind. And then I found this precious product and it’s been really exceptional ever since!

  64. Aron

    Dette hjalp med anfallene mine og ville alltid miste bevisstheten. Jeg har epilepsi, og dette er en livredder!

  65. Jericho

    Je sais que la situation a été difficile ces derniers temps, mais je suis vraiment impressionné que le produit ait été livré plus tôt que prévu.

  66. Bruno

    Ich war schon immer eine schüchterne und ängstliche Person, und ich kann sagen, dass diese Dinge das alles wirklich verändert haben!

  67. Lukas

    I really thought I would never find a cure for my weariness until I found CBD vape oil, I instantly felt better! Thank you, Canna Union!

  68. James B

    Ich war überrascht, wie gut es ist! Dieses Zeug riecht super, wird sicherlich weiter bestellen!

  69. Dawn U

    J’adore être en charge de ma tension et je montrerai sans aucun doute mon soutien en endossant cela à mes amis et à ma famille!

  70. Janet Y

    Your customer service is really out of this world! I hope more companies learn from you!

  71. Sandro

    Je n’ai jamais compris la raison pour laquelle les produits CBD étaient célèbres ces derniers temps jusqu’à ce que j’essaie d’en acheter un et maintenant je comprends totalement toute la confusion! Cela fonctionne comme par magie!

  72. Ismael

    J’utilise cela tous les soirs avant d’aller me coucher et je dors bien et je me réveille vraiment détendu!

  73. Tom

    Mi papá solía fumar mucho cigarrillos. Le recomendé esto y ha podido dejarlo de inmediato.

  74. Harvey

    My fatigue has really improved and I’ve only been using this for a fews weeks. Really impressive!

  75. Thomas

    I did not think that my tiredness would disappeared after using this massage oil for a week! You guys are the best!

  76. Abby

    This is my favorite so far. I’ll try the other stuff soon!

  77. Manuel

    I thank all of the customer service staff for answering my questions quickly! What a great team and company!

  78. lucas

    Venninnen min anbefalte dette til meg, og nå kan jeg se hvorfor! Ingenting slår Canna Union!

  79. Gerhard

    Will buy more soon! Your products are great!

  80. Luca

    Jeg spilte fotball, men etter en kneulykke ble jeg tvunget til å slutte. Etter å ha prøvd dette i en uke, er smertene nesten borte.

  81. Magie

    Tastes great and helped with my restlessness. Just awesome!

  82. Florence

    I never thought such product existed! This stuff saved me from countless visits to a doctor’s office! Well done!

  83. Lena

    I find the effects quick and convenient compared to taking pain relievers! Wonderful job, Canna Union!

  84. Ruby

    I used to be very upset with not being able to manage my migraines. It would come at the most random time! Glad I got this stuff now!

  85. Kai

    My dad has trouble sleeping recently and I gave him a bottle to try out. He’s been sleeping good and his mood is also better!

  86. Gabriel

    Reall helps me relax plus the flavor is great. Will order again soon!

  87. Lisa

    Jeg har vært forfatter i et par år, og dette produktet inspirerte meg virkelig til å skrive om cbd fordi jeg er et levende bevis på effektiviteten.

  88. Henry

    I will definitely put in a good work for your products. This is the only stuff that worked for my lightheadedness!

  89. Leo

    I used to feel very nauseous each time I try stuff for my depression but this product has been different! I would feel my mood improve after using it for a few minutes!

  90. Ibai

    Ich benutze dieses Zeug seit einer Woche und die Ergebnisse sind wirklich vielversprechend! Es hebt meine Stimmung und konnte in letzter Zeit meine Angst bewältigen!

  91. Johnson

    I just love how this stuff lessens my anxiety. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and it’s just amazing!

  92. Abbie

    This flavor is the best and the quality and effectiveness is incomparable! Keep up the good work!

  93. Iker

    Bastante impresionado con lo rápido que mejoró mi insomnio!

  94. Luis

    For meg er dette den beste smaken og effekten at det gir til mine nerver er ekstraordinært!

  95. Jason

    Promptness of delivery is really impressive!

  96. Kjetil

    Trodde ikke depresjonen min ville bli kurert med cbd vape olje!

  97. Miles

    The tightness in my nape and shoulders went away since I started using cbd vape oil last week!

  98. Joaquin

    ¡El mejor sabor de todos!

  99. Piper

    Bought CBD Vape Oil Mango Ice flavor and not only did it reduce my anxiety, it also helped me relax.

  100. Rowan

    Your vape oil really taste good and excellent! I love using it when I’m stress. It helped me relax and reduces my anxiety! A+ to your company!

  101. Jack

    I’m really happy with your Mango Ice vape oil. It helped me relax and reduces my stress! Thank you Canna Union

  102. Alfie

    Excellent, quick and great product! I really appreciate how perfect your mango ice for me! Really recommend your product to my friends

  103. Michael Morris

    Couldn’t have asked for better service ordered one day got delivery so fast! Brilliant! I love it so much!

  104. Mona dale

    Order came quickly, well packaged and the product itself is great. Very happy. I love Canna Union. You guys are the best!

  105. Laida

    Min erfaring var veldig bra. Dette produktet hjelper meg med følelsen av stress og smerte. Jeg elsker det den har gjort for meg.

  106. Beca

    Je n’utilise le produit que depuis près d’une semaine et j’éprouve déjà un soulagement de la douleur et du stress! Je recommanderais ce produit à n’importe qui!

  107. ErinJade

    Excellent, great communication and very speedy delivery. Best CBD Company on the market. You guys have the best quality product!

  108. Catchpole

    Very good product tasty. Good helpful stuff. Price also acceptable. I would definitely recommend you to everyone!

  109. nikolai_56

    Takk skal du ha. Jeg er veldig glad for kjøpet mitt. Definitivt anbefale for de andre.

  110. Torres

    CBD vape is really best for me. It really makes me relax. It helps me reduces my anxiety

  111. ruben

    No hay problema fácil de ordenar y mantenerse informado sobre el estado del pedido. Informado todo el camino de entrega. Definitivamente voy a ordenar nuevamente ya que el producto es maravilloso. Realmente creo que esta compañía es genial y gracias.

  112. Guido

    amazing product. helps my aches and pains, anxiety and sleep! will be ordering again! Life changing product!

  113. Lutz

    I’ve been suffering anxiety for so long already. and a friend of mine let me tried his vape and he told me he use CBD vape oil. So I tried the bottle he gave me then use it. After using it, I felt so relaxed and I sleep better as well. I will definitely order your product as soon as I finished this bottle my friend gave it to me.

  114. Happy56

    Brilliant, struggle with anxiety and it’s really taken the edge off any situation that I would usually stew on for ages… wish I’d found it sooner!!

  115. Marlenn

    I cannot say anything else then they are great and you can trust the quality and the speed of their services. Two thumbs up fpr Canna Union!

  116. MangoGo!

    I love your product and your website. Its way too easy to acess. The quality of the product is perfection! Thank you so much!

  117. CU♥

    Great value cbd oil that is excellent quality and was delivered promptly. I love Canna Union.

  118. Ehrlich

    Best thing I ever done getting this , can’t fault it one bit!! Will be ordering again very soon .

  119. Elisabetta

    Trustworthy cbd source, and reliable delivery. Received my order within a few days. Recommended to friends and family. First rate!

  120. Grace09

    I do not hesitate to rate 5 stars excellent customer service.Would recommend this company to everyone

  121. Leon

    Ehrliches Branding und überlegene Produkte

  122. Abella

    It’s very easy to use the site and the product is excellent!!

  123. Mariana F

    I’m stunned with the result after using your vape product. I feel to unstressed!! The flavor is a bonus too!

  124. Blancha

    Freundliche Website einfach zu bedienen und Lieferung war schnell. Überhaupt keine Probleme. Ich werde sie wieder benutzen

  125. Gabriele

    Jeder sollte das ausprobieren !! Mit dem Ergebnis sicher sehr zufrieden!

  126. Remedy

    This Pandemic Covid 19 is stressing me out and worried a lot. When I use to vape your product I felt so relax that fast. Thanks a lot though

  127. Mason J

    Thank you Canna Union! I’m very happy with the product that I purchase from you!

  128. Léo M

    j’avais lu des articles sur l’huile de CBD et pensais que j’essaierais comme une dernière tentative pour aider mon anxiété, mon insomnie, mes douleurs articulaires et musculaires – wow content d’avoir bien dormi / anxiété disparue / douleurs musculaires pratiquement disparues et articulaires douleur très améliorée

  129. MS Fleming

    Despite the pandemic covid 19, You guys were able to ship my order. Thank you so much!!

  130. Wilson

    Ever since I use this vape oil I can manage to sleep at night even get out of stress

  131. I ♥ Canna Union

    I love this flavor. It really gives me the relaxation that I always wanted. Thanks so much CU

  132. Erl

    The best CBD vape oil I ever have!

  133. Mia///

    Best Quality you can get/ Thank you Canna Union

  134. Annie J

    The product is well packaged and sealed! its beautiful

  135. Rodel W

    Impressive and quick. Def recommend Canna Union

  136. Caley

    Hochwertiges Produkt

  137. P Jensen

    They have the impressive product ever!

  138. Blanche

    I highly recommend this Mango Ice. I love this flavor!!

  139. Ada Borres

    all I can say is Canna Union is SUPERB!!!

  140. Kåre James

    This is my third purchase from Canna Union and they are brilliant!!

  141. 2HarperVape23

    This mango ice is nice!! I’ll order again

  142. Clive G

    High strength cbd ape oil and it tastes like mangoes! slightly pricey though

  143. Jase J

    good service and amazing product

  144. Lynda

    Great service, helpful advice, tasty vape oil. Have only been vaping the CBD for 4 days but it has helped with my pain so much already.

  145. Salme

    I feel the effects of this Vape Oil more and more each day, which makes my life pain free and so much easier.

  146. Arthur Morgan

    Fast delivery. Delicious.

  147. Doc P

    Great stuff, this CBD. I will definitely be ordering some from you again. I sleep so well!

  148. Samantha77

    I am sleeping all the way through every night with absolutely no pain at all. Honestly, this CBD vape oil has completely changed my life. Don’t over complicate or over think it, just choose something and get it delivered. With a few days, you’ll be feeling fantastic too!

  149. Daryl B

    Cool taste of mango and mint! It’s like i get my CBD for my pain AND I get fresh breath!

  150. Darcy B

    This CBD vape is LEGIT awesome

  151. Debbie H

    I was amazed at how effective this CBD Vape Oil is for Arthritis pain.

  152. Edwardo M

    Easy buying process thanks to so much info on the website, and faster shipping than i was anticipating.
    Unfortunately the Mango Ice vape oil just doesn’t seems to have the strong effect I was wanting. Might try a different delivery method such as sublingual as I’ve heard its faster acting, more intense, and lasts longer.

  153. Danielle

    Smooth and pleasant tasting vape oil. It’s so easy to take and fun too!

  154. Rtuth L

    Completely blown away with how effective this is for my Muscle spasms and my joint pain..

  155. Elijah Parker

    Probably should have started with something less strong, but if I have it in small doses it’s fine. I’m liking the flavour, but keen to try strawberry next.

  156. Darius

    Good communication, good delivery time, and the CBD vape works for my joints. Wish it was a little cheaper tho

  157. Peta P

    WOW. just… WOW

  158. Kristof Tyuu

    Kiváló gyors kiszolgálás. Minőségi termék.

  159. Charlie P

    When they say that this CBD oil tastes like a combination of sweet tropical mangoes and a cool minty taste, they were not lying at all. Love the taste of this vape and it works wonders with my inflammation.

  160. Rosanna

    I have already talked to mum know about this CBD, because she should be using it for her IBS

  161. Hector Garcia

    Excelente producto que me ayudó con mi dolor de artritis. Fácil de ordenar y el envío fue rápido.

  162. Alex P

    Excellent service. Amazing taste. Very effective for my Parkinson’s. Will definitely order again soon

  163. Arnie Avienda

    Best. Tasting. CBD. Vape. Ever!

  164. B Whitacker

    I get a great nights sleep and i have no anxiety. That what this CBD does for me.

  165. Emilia Constantine

    delivery is very quick, as long as the product is in stock. I made the mistake of buying some Heisenberg when they were out of stock and i didn’t notice. So just check stock levels, and you’ll be right!

    • Canna Union

      Hi Emilia, if you ever have any incorrect orders, please get in touch with our HELP team asap and we can assist. You can find our details here: cannaunion.com/contact

      Thanks, CU

  166. Beau Kingston

    I was getting this oil in a different brand from another company who kept somehow not sending my deliveries. Now that i’m with CU, i haven’t had an issue. Reliability is so important for me.

  167. Mellonie

    Thank you so much Canna Union for all your help. This CBD Vape Oil tastes a good as you said, and t does exactly what you said it would. Legends!

  168. Bev F

    reasonable price because it actually works. I’d be pissed off if it didn’t at that price! lol

  169. Kingy

    I’ve seen some amazing results already after only a few days

  170. D Gosselin

    Canna Union is a reliable and trustworthy CBD website, which is easy to navigate. The Mango Ice vape tastes amazing, and I feel the effects within minutes. Oh and the delivery was only 2 days too!

  171. Ossie

    This CBD Vape Oil is totally the real deal Dude…

  172. Cristie Daniels

    After struggling over the past few months with quite severe back pain after a car accident, I decided to give CBD a go. What can i say except believe the hype. I’m moving normally ah=gain with no pain, and sleeping the whole night through. Plus this mango ice flavor is intensely yummy!

  173. Kristel Ackermanis

    Ik heb last van MS en spastasticiteit en ik had nog nooit eerder CBD gebruikt.
    Levering is na 2 dagen aangekomen. Deze vape-olie helpt me om ‘s nachts te ontspannen zodat ik kan slapen en werkt ook als spierverslapper. Absoluut een CBD-convert nu.

  174. Mr Steedey

    Good gear and arrived really quickly. I’ll be using these guys again.

  175. Rosa P

    Mi primera vez usando CBD. espero que funcione. creo que fue un poco caro

  176. Marianna

    I feel incredible

  177. Richard G

    Arrived quickly. Tastes good. Hope it works.

  178. Ben Armand

    Online ordering process was really easy and efficient. I ended up needing support from their team, so thank you so much all. Love the taste of mango x mint too.

  179. Hamish A

    Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil is great. Really just so yummy and effective getting me to sleep.

  180. Claudia C

    good quality CBD vape, tasty, and works well for me!

  181. Adriana Boskie

    Really great tasting and fast acting cbd vape oil. Shipping was only 2 days too.

  182. Stav Dingleson

    Everything from their end was easy to do, and i love the product. But unfortunately I am unable to give them 5 stars because he delivery was delayed by almost a week due to some kind of error on my order. I will give them 1 more try though. Could have been an issue with the delivery driver.

    • Canna Union

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Please remember to chase us up if it happens again. You can email us – [email protected] – or use the Chat option on our website to send us a message.


  183. Milo

    Thank You!

  184. Vivien

    You guys are so helpful! Plus I am really so happy that your CBD is so effective with my nausea.

  185. John Whitlam

    Simply adore the Mango Ice flavor of this CBD vape oil. Works wonders with my anxiety. Easy to navigate website, fast delivery, great customer service, and as i said a seriously great product.

  186. Crag Zwetloot

    My employer drug tests all employees randomly. This CBD vape oil is 100% THC-free, which means i can take it safely every day without failing the tests. Yeeowww

  187. Phillip Jameson

    good communication when i had queries, and the product was exactly what my tired body needed to get some quality sleep at last.

  188. S Kruger

    delivery was fast and i love the taste of this cbd vape oil. Definitely recommending this company and oil to family, friends, and anyone who’ll listen.

  189. Michelle S

    The Mango Ice CBD vape oil was recommended for me and this website seemed like the best to buy through. Heaps of information on the product, delivery only took 24 hours instead of multiple days. So far I’ve been really pleased with the taste and the effects of this vape oil. Recommended for anyone with anxiety issues.

  190. Anne L

    excellent for relieving my pains

  191. Raymondo Towler

    Heaps of information for first timers on the website, making it very easy to use. Plus they have good customer service, and fast turn around from order to delivery. Prices were pretty good too considering how well this vape oil works with my inflammation. So happy

  192. Prinnie

    Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil is simply awesome

  193. Bridget K

    Bought this CBD vape Mango flavor to help with my anxiety. after only a week it I already feel a huge difference.

  194. Therine

    I use Heisenberg CBD Vape Oil twce a day and i was amazed at hoe quickly i felt the effects.

  195. Marcus Graham

    More expensive than some of the other CBD companies online, but I reckon you get what you pay for. This stuff is lab tested, so….

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