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CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Strawberry

100% Pure CBD
191 customer reviews
(191 customer reviews)


  • No THC
  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

Our CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Strawberry is ISO Certified and ready for use. At Canna Union, our CBD products have no pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides present – and they’re suitable for kosher and vegan lifestyles. There are many benefits to using CBD Vape Oil, including relaxation, pain, inflammation and anxiety relief, and much more.

Vaping CBD is one of the most effective and easiest ways to consume CBD Oil for immediate effects. CBD Vape Oil is known to promote relaxation and is 100% THC-free.

With CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Strawberry, you’ll enjoy the benefits of the highest quality hemp and present cannabinoids – with a delicious flavour to boot! Vaping CBD Oil is an effective method of consumption, and is endorsed by health experts as a far safer option compared to smoking.

Flavour: When vaping our strawberry flavoured CBD Vape Oil, you will taste a ripe, sun-sweetened, luscious berry taste.

Recommended Dosage: Take it slow to start with, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Strawberry is also available in 250mg and 500mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Fruit flavouring.

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191 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 1000mg Strawberry

  1. 191 customer reviews


    Strawberry Vape oil is the best flavor I have tried so far. I want to try the other flavor after using my strawberry.

  2. 191 customer reviews


    You have a great service and good stuff! I will definitely buy again

  3. 191 customer reviews


    I’ve never been so contented with my relaxation time, just these times! Thanks to Canna Union’s Best:)

  4. 191 customer reviews


    I love its smell and taste. Indeed relaxing 🙂 Now I am thinking of buying a lot! 😀

  5. 191 customer reviews


    Listo para usar y seguro. ¡Créanme chicos! ¡Vale la pena!

  6. 191 customer reviews


    Realmente adoro su efecto de relajación y muchos más beneficios a medida que lo uso. Probaré otros productos de CBD muy pronto.

  7. 191 customer reviews


    A good way to start my morning and my daily routine is with this CBD Vape Oil! Thanks Canna Union!

  8. 191 customer reviews


    Jeg elsker selve produktet. Dette er tredje gang jeg bytter fra forskjellige smaker. Takk Canna Union!

  9. 191 customer reviews


    Siden STRAWBERRY er kjent for sin søte bearbeidede smak, er det en god start med.

  10. 191 customer reviews


    Me siento tan segura mientras disfruto de mi relajación. Muchas gracias a esto!

  11. 191 customer reviews


    My calming time using CBD Strawberry, makes me keep going! This is awesome!

  12. 191 customer reviews


    Can’t get enough of you STRAWBERRY! I really adore this flavor and also the fact that it’s not just for enjoyment, but its highlight is the calming and relaxing effect I can’t even feel in any other anti-depressant. 🙂 I love this a lot!

  13. 191 customer reviews


    Strawberry has always been adorable to me, can’t believe I can take it in a different way too! This is great though!

  14. 191 customer reviews


    Being a woman sometimes is hard. Good thing they have this flavor. Keeps me with my womanhood inside also being stress free.

  15. 191 customer reviews


    Helps me relax with a special twist of berry-liciousness. Highly recommended.

  16. 191 customer reviews


    This flavor has always been reminding me of the beautiful things in life. Now I have it on hand in a different relaxing way!

  17. 191 customer reviews

    Micah T

    Remarquez des résultats très encourageants en quelques jours d’utilisation. Ça a été si bon jusqu’ici.

  18. 191 customer reviews


    My anxiety has been very easy to handle lately. Happy to have this!

  19. 191 customer reviews


    Die Website hat Antworten auf die meisten meiner Fragen, so dass Sie sich nicht an den Vertrieb wenden müssen, aber wenn ich das tue, ist es immer eine Freude!

  20. 191 customer reviews


    This is why CBD has been really greatly admired in the last couple of years! Canna Union is the best CBD company there is!

  21. 191 customer reviews

    Morgan F

    I’m calmer now compared to when I wasn’t using this. It made such a huge impact on my life!

  22. 191 customer reviews


    Jeg er helt stolt av dette produktet. Min stress og angst er ganske lett å håndtere i dag.

  23. 191 customer reviews


    Angsten min har nådd et nytt lavmål i det siste, så det er en ganske hatt uke. Dette hjelper mye, takk!

  24. 191 customer reviews


    Un service client impressionnant et une livraison rapide au milieu de la pandémie! La meilleure entreprise de tous les temps!

  25. 191 customer reviews


    Ce produit était le meilleur que j’aie jamais eu pour mon insomnie! Merci beaucoup!

  26. 191 customer reviews


    I will buy some more shortly! This works very well with my anxiety!

  27. 191 customer reviews


    I needed something for my frequent fatigue and I happened to find this online. Order came last week and I’ve been pretty amazed!

  28. 191 customer reviews


    Gives me quick relief from my anxiety and I feel more relaxed now. I’ve been loving my new life!

  29. 191 customer reviews


    Greatly improved my insomnia and I’m not a huge fan. I can’t believe companies like Canna Union still exists to this day!

  30. 191 customer reviews


    I have zero confidence in myself when my friend suggested this product to me. But now I’m more uninhibited!

  31. 191 customer reviews


    Esto me hizo la vida mucho mejor. Estoy más relajado ahora!

  32. 191 customer reviews


    Pretty satisfied with the immediate reaction! Gave major benefits to my anxiety!

  33. 191 customer reviews


    Dette har gått veldig bra, veldig bra med hodepine. Jeg liker det så langt.

  34. 191 customer reviews


    Vraiment stressé au cours des deux dernières semaines depuis la perte de mon emploi. Mais cela m’aide à me sentir mieux.

  35. 191 customer reviews


    I have Tourette’s. This helped with my tics and I’ve been able to sort of control them lately.

  36. 191 customer reviews


    Endlich habe ich mein hart verdientes Geld verwendet, um etwas Gutes für meinen Körper zu kaufen. Werde nächste Woche eine weitere kaufen.

  37. 191 customer reviews


    Proud with the progress on my insomnia. I believe that this will help a lot of people.

  38. 191 customer reviews


    My best friend said that this would be great for my anxiety. So I tried this and certainly made me feel relaxed.

  39. 191 customer reviews


    Ich benutze dies seit einem Monat für meine Gelenkschmerzen und die Ergebnisse waren fantastisch. Kaufte auch einige für meinen Partner.

  40. 191 customer reviews


    I feel really fortunate that an amazing product existed and reduced my panic attacks. Will never ever change brands

  41. 191 customer reviews


    Just amazed at how quickly this takes effect! Only been using for a month but couldn’t be more happy

  42. 191 customer reviews


    Just amazed at how quickly this takes effect! Only been using for a month but couldn’t be more happy

  43. 191 customer reviews


    This is the most delish flavor for me! Thank you so much for making this product!

  44. 191 customer reviews


    Canna Union is the best company in my opinion. Your products are great! Will buy more soon!

  45. 191 customer reviews


    I work nights and I use this before I go to sleep and I sleep well and I wake up really loosen up!

  46. 191 customer reviews


    Ingen flere forstuinger og trøbbel etter trening! Tusen takk for en godt utført jobb

  47. 191 customer reviews


    Ich litt an einer Vielzahl von Krankheiten und es half wirklich, einige der Symptome zu lindern! Sehr beeindruckend!

  48. 191 customer reviews


    Your products are incomparable! I have experienced back pain for years but a month’s use of this and it totally cleared!

  49. 191 customer reviews


    Jeg har hatt lyst til å spille sport igjen etter en ulykke. Dette produktet har hatt veldig lovende resultater og har gitt meg håp!

  50. 191 customer reviews


    Me preocupa mucho la situación actual de salud y esto me ha ayudado a pasar el día.

  51. 191 customer reviews


    Es fällt mir schwer zu glauben, dass die Lieferung aufgrund der Pandemie schnell ist. Aber meine Bestellung ist heute angekommen!

  52. 191 customer reviews


    I endorsed Canna Union to my friends and family! Really beneficial with my depression

  53. 191 customer reviews


    It’s really unbelievable how this vape oil has helped me conquer my anxiety and it has been pretty malleable lately.

  54. 191 customer reviews


    Jeg var i tvil, så jeg prøvde ut om det var bedre. Lang historie kort, jeg bytter aldri til et annet produkt!

  55. 191 customer reviews

    Ryan S

    I was desperate to find a product that would lessen my panic attacks. I tried this product because it is celebrated and now I understand why. I’m glad I heed!

  56. 191 customer reviews

    Pierre G

    Je suis extrêmement heureux d’avoir trouvé un produit aussi incroyable pour ma dépression!

  57. 191 customer reviews


    Je ne peux pas croire que mon père ait utilisé ce produit. Et maintenant, il veut commander pour lui-même.

  58. 191 customer reviews


    J’ai la chance d’avoir trouvé ce produit spectaculaire! Après des années de souffrance, je peux dire en toute confiance que je n’ai plus d’insomnie!

  59. 191 customer reviews


    I’ve been a fan of your products since my brother recommended you to me. My joint pain has been really manageable and I’ve been loving it!

  60. 191 customer reviews


    Symptomene mine har blitt bedre, og jeg sover mye bedre nå. Takk til Canna Union.

  61. 191 customer reviews


    Ganske imponert over hvor raskt søvnløsheten min ble bedre! Definitivt anbefale!

  62. 191 customer reviews


    Igual de satisfecho con el desarrollo de mis dolorosos omóplatos. No pude mover mis brazos durante meses, y luego me sorprendió mucho que estas cosas me ayudaran a recuperarme.

  63. 191 customer reviews


    Ich war schon immer sehr krank und besuchte oft die Arztpraxis, aber dieses Zeug stärkt mein Immunsystem wirklich!

  64. 191 customer reviews


    ¡Soy un gran admirador de sus productos, Canna Union! ¡Mantenga! Esto es genial ¡Dinero bien gastado!

  65. 191 customer reviews


    For me, this is the best taste and effect that it gives to my nerves is extraordinary!

  66. 191 customer reviews


    No one can ever beat your products and awesome customer service! Really spectacular!

  67. 191 customer reviews


    I was a little hesitant at first but now I’m completely hooked! Will order the massage oil soon!

  68. 191 customer reviews


    I have had panic attacks for months and I just couldn’t believe that amazing stuff existed and healed me.

  69. 191 customer reviews


    Un service client impressionnant et une livraison rapide au milieu de la pandémie! La meilleure entreprise de tous les temps!

  70. 191 customer reviews


    Jeg kunne ikke tro at dette var løsningen på svimmelheten min. Det hjelper meg også med hodepinen!

  71. 191 customer reviews


    My dad used to smoke cigarettes a lot. I recommended this to him and he’s been able to quit right away.

  72. 191 customer reviews


    Danke, dass du mein Leben nach jedem Gebrauch besser gemacht hast und ich würde sicher mehr kaufen!

  73. 191 customer reviews


    Jeg vurderer dette produktet høyt fordi det hjalp med de smertefulle leddene mine! Jeg er så glad!

  74. 191 customer reviews


    Been really stressed lately due to the pandemic and it’s really affecting my business. But using this for a few minutes uplifts my mood.

  75. 191 customer reviews


    I will definitely put in a good work for your products. This is the only stuff that worked for my lightheadedness!

  76. 191 customer reviews


    Cela a été vraiment convaincant! J’ai souffert pendant des années de douleurs au cou, au dos et aux hanches et je ne pouvais pas croire que c’était le remède que je cherchais!

  77. 191 customer reviews


    Min bror har Parkinson, og vi bestemte oss for å kjøpe dette til ham. Han har følt seg avslappet i det siste.

  78. 191 customer reviews


    ¡Estoy realmente sorprendido con lo rápido que funciona esto! Estado usando durante un mes y no podía pedir más!

  79. 191 customer reviews


    Spent years trying to find a product that has little to no side effects, and I’m lucky to have found Canna Union!

  80. 191 customer reviews


    I just had this product delivered last week and I’m already impressed with the results!

  81. 191 customer reviews


    Jeg har følt en følelse av ro hver gang jeg bruker disse tingene.

  82. 191 customer reviews


    The best product there is!

  83. 191 customer reviews


    ¡Me alegra que Canna Union exista!

  84. 191 customer reviews


    Dieses Zeug half definitiv bei meinen Kopfschmerzen und meiner Angst. Großartige Arbeit, Canna Union!

  85. 191 customer reviews


    Awesome customer service and fast delivery amidst the pandemic! Defintely recommend

  86. 191 customer reviews


    Great product and really impressed with the speed of the order and delivery

  87. 191 customer reviews


    D’excellents produits et je recommanderais cette entreprise à quiconque à l’avenir

  88. 191 customer reviews


    Good deal, prompt despatch and good communication throughout the transaction. High quality product.

  89. 191 customer reviews


    Ausgezeichnetes Produkt, ausgezeichneter Preis und schnelle, effiziente Lieferung. Habe andere Unternehmen ausprobiert, aber dieses war der beste Service von allen

  90. 191 customer reviews


    The service was reliable, with free tracked royal mail post being a big plus. The quality of the product is good. I highly recommend Canna Union as the best company I have!

  91. 191 customer reviews


    I tried using different CBD vape and it really helped me relaxed. I enjoyed vaping it because it has great flavor too! I definitely will buy another one!

  92. 191 customer reviews


    Above everything I did feel a bit more at ease when using this product. I feel so relaxed and calm despite the pandemic. Thank you for keeping me calm, Canna Union!

  93. 191 customer reviews


    Find that it helps with relaxation to aid sleep if taken late at night and did help as muscle relaxant but wouldn’t use as replacement for muscle relaxants .

  94. 191 customer reviews


    Really happy with this product. Felt better in a short while. Will buy again. Good job Canna Union!

  95. 191 customer reviews

    Astle Lena

    I’m using it everyday will order more. You got the best quality of the product I purchase ever!

  96. 191 customer reviews


    Genial, kämpfe mit Angst und es hat wirklich jede Situation beseitigt, in der ich normalerweise ewig schmoren würde … wünschte, ich hätte es früher gefunden !!

  97. 191 customer reviews


    Very pleased with the fast delivery and quality of the product. I would definitely recommend Canna Union for giving a great experience

  98. 191 customer reviews


    First time using this, I suffer on and off from static pain that travels down my leg, I’ve tried the vape oil to begin with and feeling some relief, It’s perfect!

  99. 191 customer reviews


    Hervorragender Service. Vertrauenswürdiges Senden und gesichertes Paket. Sehr zu empfehlen Canna Union

  100. 191 customer reviews

    [email protected]

    Best quality product and worth the price. It help me relaxed because of CBD Vape oil!

  101. 191 customer reviews


    Strawberry really taste good. I get good night sleep after vaping. Def recommend you!

  102. 191 customer reviews

    Amelia G

    This is helping me in so many ways but long way to go for myself. Thanks for the product

  103. 191 customer reviews

    Clarissa L

    Great service, great products, great taste with the Strawberry flavor. I’ve got no complaints Canna Union never disappointed. I love it so much! Thank you!!

  104. 191 customer reviews


    It’s worth the price. I just love the Vape oil with Strawberry flavor! It really helps my anxiety. It actually works!

  105. 191 customer reviews


    Brilliant customer service!! I love the flavor. The strawberry and the effect is spot on! It really helped me a lot! No more stress for me!

  106. 191 customer reviews


    Excellent customer service. An error occurred with an online transaction and the company sorted this out within 15mins, with email support to confirm remedy. Very helpful staff.

  107. 191 customer reviews


    Well, Canna union are a good company, delivery is normally good and on time.

  108. 191 customer reviews


    After years of struggling with anxiety amongst other ailments I decided to try CBD. Best decision ever. Life changing!

  109. 191 customer reviews


    Excellent product and excellent communication

  110. 191 customer reviews

    Frank G

    My rate for your product is 5 out of 5. It works! You know, we get stressed and worried, anxious and sometiimes nausea because of covid 19. I hope covid ends same as what I felt after using your cbd vape oil.

  111. 191 customer reviews


    Clear website, easy ordering process and good communications and a perfect customer service!! It’s so perfect! Recommended company!

  112. 191 customer reviews


    Der Kaufprozess war großartig. Einfach zu wählen, da alle wichtigen Informationen auf der Website angegeben wurden. Der Versand war unglaublich schnell und sicher. Von diesem Aspekt aus kann ich mich überhaupt nicht beschweren.

  113. 191 customer reviews

    Anderson V

    The best remedy I have in my life!

  114. 191 customer reviews


    Brilliant Company with brilliant products! I really love your vape oil it really relieves stress

  115. 191 customer reviews

    Sofi A

    So far so good, great product, and well packaged. I love your product! Its totally brilliant!

  116. 191 customer reviews


    the Vape oil really helped me in times like this! #AnxietyAttack

  117. 191 customer reviews


    Order very easy. Paid it then sent to me in a fast easy way. I love Canna Union!!

  118. 191 customer reviews

    StrawberryFave 🍓

    My new favourite flavor of vape oil

  119. 191 customer reviews

    Uwe NN

    Guter Service

  120. 191 customer reviews


    Taste good! I will order again.

  121. 191 customer reviews

    Dara Mei

    you guys have the best customer service ever!!!!

  122. 191 customer reviews


    The strawberry flavor is perfect for this vape juice.

  123. 191 customer reviews


    I am satisfied and the packaging is lovely. it’s sealed

  124. 191 customer reviews


    Now I can sleep and great flavor!!

  125. 191 customer reviews


    I just received a good service and best quality product ever!!

  126. 191 customer reviews

    Tegan H

    Its so relaxing!!

  127. 191 customer reviews


    I just love the strawberry taste everytime I smoke using this product!

  128. 191 customer reviews

    Joshua D

    After struggling with anxiety for over 4 years, this CBD vape oil has noticeably improved my symptoms.

  129. 191 customer reviews

    Julia Pepper

    I wanted help with my neuropathic condition. I have been using for a week and so far I really feel a big improvement in levels of pain as well as lowering my anxiety.

  130. 191 customer reviews

    Adam S

    Woks with my insomnia. Delivery took longer than i was expecting

  131. 191 customer reviews

    Madge T

    I hope that with continual use, the slight pain I still feel after a week using this vape oil will decrease even further. I definately recommend these guys.

  132. 191 customer reviews

    Daimon D

    The Berry flavored smoke from this CBD vape oil is seriously delicious. And it helps me sleep each night, without me getting positive results for random drug tests at work. I just lose myself in the vape clouds, and my anxiety dissipates with the smoke. Great company

  133. 191 customer reviews

    Peta Betts

    Good company, but unfortunately the delivery wasn’t great. Finally showed up after 5 working days. Could have been a one off issue, i guess, and it might have been something to do with the courier service too. I don’t know, it only just arrived, but I guess if this berry vape oil turns out to be effective for my anxiety, maybe i’ll give them another chance.

  134. 191 customer reviews


    This Strawberry CBD Vape Oil tastes great, works well and the service was excellent

  135. 191 customer reviews

    Brittany G

    Fast delivery and excellent customer service. As for the product itself, the berry flavor is intense. I definitely recommend it for anyone else suffering with lower back pain.

  136. 191 customer reviews

    Becca M

    Reasonably priced with fast delivery. I’ve been using my vape everyday and am feeling so much better, with less joint pain. I have no hesitation in recommending Canna Union to anyone.

  137. 191 customer reviews

    Mickey G

    Berry flavor is so damn tasty!!!

  138. 191 customer reviews

    Dan M

    Much better than the last company I was ordering from. Canna has amazing customer service, and their berry flavored vape oil tastes like heaven in the clouds. Good product, discreet packaging, fast turnaround.

  139. 191 customer reviews

    Pia Mirador

    I’ve been ordering the Berry flavor CBD vaping oil for the last 3 months, and i am honestly feeling better and noticing the difference each and every day.

  140. 191 customer reviews

    Theo Watson

    If you are going to try ONE CBD vape oil, this has to be it. Delicious!

  141. 191 customer reviews

    Dicky K

    CBD Vape Oil has got the healing power of the gods. I have no more muscle pain and no more anxiety. Exactly what I need. It’s incredible.

  142. 191 customer reviews

    Jake Ackermantis

    I’ve been using the sublingual oil for a while now for my arthritic pain, and I saw someone’s review above about quitting tobacco products, so thought i’d give vaping a try. After 1 week, this berry flavored vape oil is really helping me smoke less, as well as reducing the severity of my cravings. I feel confident that in a few weeks i’ll be completely smoke free for the first time in like a decade! Thanks so much to the reviewer above!

  143. 191 customer reviews

    Cooper A

    Wide selection, easy check out, and great product. I placed my order during my morning tea break on the Tuesday, and the parcel had already been delivered by the time i got home from work on Wednesday. Berry flavor rocks sooo hard.

  144. 191 customer reviews

    Paulina H

    This CBD oil works so great for my IBS and my anxiety.

  145. 191 customer reviews

    Val H

    Can’t tell you how happy I am with this Strawberry 1000 CBD Vape Oil. Feels so good to be painfree.

  146. 191 customer reviews

    H McGuire

    CBD Vape Oil is exactly what I needed. It does exactly what everyone says.

  147. 191 customer reviews

    Gareth A

    Really reduced my pain

  148. 191 customer reviews


    Great stuff, I will be ordering more today

  149. 191 customer reviews

    June F

    I suffer with nerve pain. since vaping this mango oil i’ve definately seen a massive improvement

  150. 191 customer reviews

    Nath Y

    Just wanted to thank you personally for this CBD vape oil. It’s incredible.

  151. 191 customer reviews

    Jane J

    service was excellent

  152. 191 customer reviews

    D Goodrehiem

    Fantastic customer service, plus my parcel arrived fast, and in perfect condition. Berry vape oil is so tasty and just works. it seriously just works. for my nausea, my anxiety, as well as my body aches and pains. 5/5 would buy again.

  153. 191 customer reviews

    Coleen F

    quality of this CBD vape is more effective than other brands i have used, so definitely worth the price.

  154. 191 customer reviews

    Tahnoo Streeter

    I am a very happy and pain-free customer! Thank you so much!

  155. 191 customer reviews

    Annie Sengstock

    Full of ripe berry flavor, this cbd vape oil is has fixed my gut issues with certain foods, inflammation, and my mood swings… it really chilled me out. Highly recommend this vape oil.

  156. 191 customer reviews

    Aimee Shrike

    Easy navigation on the website, ordering was a snap, delivery took less than 48 hours, and the berry flavor is the bomb! Seriously great quality CBD vape oil.

  157. 191 customer reviews


    Looking for pain relief or a good night’s sleep, the CU has got you covered. And this Strawberry Vape Oil with CBD tastes awesome.

  158. 191 customer reviews

    Polina F

    No issues! The Mango Ice CBD vape tastes great and works for my anxiety!

  159. 191 customer reviews

    Ads K

    I use CBD Vape Oil often. Simply amazing. Thanks guys.

  160. 191 customer reviews

    Aaron M

    Good product. fast delivery.

  161. 191 customer reviews

    Alistair C

    Before I first started using this Berry CBD vape oil for my anxiety, I never realized just how much my condition was holding me back in every day life. Now after having some of this CBD multiple times a day as needed, I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life. The berry flavor is just the icing on the cake. I’d recommend this company to anyone.

  162. 191 customer reviews

    Lisa W

    Thanks so much! This Strawberry CBD Vape Oil is so effecting at taking away my pain.

  163. 191 customer reviews

    Thomas G

    Speedy delivery s well as an amazing product

  164. 191 customer reviews

    Eddy Saliba

    Best product. CBD is amazing.

  165. 191 customer reviews

    Rob C

    I could probably get a sales job for you guys. My friends are surely sick of me talking about it!

  166. 191 customer reviews

    Ryan S

    After vaping mango for a week, I have noticed a significant change moods and my enthusiasm is high. I sleep all night too

  167. 191 customer reviews

    Bart G

    I suffer with anxiety but this vape CBD oil completely adjusts my moods.

  168. 191 customer reviews

    Grant G

    If you want real CBD that works, from a company that cares, this is your non stop shop.

  169. 191 customer reviews


    Works for my IBS. Took longer to arrive though.

  170. 191 customer reviews


    highly recommend this vape after it helped with my arthritis movement and pain.

  171. 191 customer reviews

    Stephen M

    Excellent service and a quality product.

  172. 191 customer reviews

    Anony M

    I’d be lost without the effects of this yummy CBD Vape Oil. It’s really so effective and the very best i’ve found available.

  173. 191 customer reviews


    Strawberry Vape Oil works great. Love the CBD

  174. 191 customer reviews

    Tobias Dunbar

    I have been using the Mango Ice strain for my joint pain and inflammation for a few months, and just felt like i needed a flavor change. Their helpful customer service suggested I try a 1000mg vial of Strawberry vape oil. Man i’m so glad i took their advice!

  175. 191 customer reviews

    Sebastian Greneau

    I have chronic back pain and am unable to consume the necessary high strength pain killers. So I decided to try this berry CBD oil and see if that makes a difference. Early days as it’s only just arrived, but it tastes amazing!

  176. 191 customer reviews

    Syn Penne

    product as advertised and worked as expected. Seriously can’t fault this company.

  177. 191 customer reviews

    Nathaniel T Michaels

    Great customer service., pretty good pricing, quick delivery, and well packaged. I use the berry strain to help with my anxiety issues, and as a bonus it also helps me sleep, Berry berry berry good stuff! 🙂

  178. 191 customer reviews

    Freda M

    After using both Scandinavian Snus tobacco and cigarettes for my entire adult life, I decided to utilize this berry strain of CBD vape oil to help me quit my addictions. 3 months later and i honestly feel like a brand new woman. Thanks to the Canna Uninion team for their helpful advice! Legends!

  179. 191 customer reviews



  180. 191 customer reviews

    Carrie V

    easy to use, tastes great, no more sleepless nights.

  181. 191 customer reviews

    Ed M

    blown away by how effective CBD is. If you haven’t tried it get, you are crazy!

  182. 191 customer reviews

    Gerry J

    Will definitely buy from Canna Union again when this mango vape runs out

  183. 191 customer reviews

    AB Origana

    I am so happy all the pain relief from this product with CBD

  184. 191 customer reviews

    Arthur K


  185. 191 customer reviews

    Ivan W

    service was great, the CBD vape works, and it tastes great. I’ve got no complaints

  186. 191 customer reviews

    Asan Y

    Yummy taste and effective for my spasms and pains.

  187. 191 customer reviews

    Chiara Horvat

    I’m very happy with this oil. It arrived on time and is very easy to use. The flavor is nice and this strength is good for me.

  188. 191 customer reviews

    B Teals

    Strawberry Vapes Forever!

  189. 191 customer reviews

    Chris Smith

    Mango CBD vape. It’s been helping me in so many ways for the last 3 months.

  190. 191 customer reviews


    Strawberry CBD Vape Oil is just so damn great! Wish it was slightly cheaper though.

  191. 191 customer reviews

    Elizabeth E


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