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CBD Vape Oil 250mg Heisenberg

100% Pure CBD
153 customer reviews
(153 customer reviews)


  • No THC
  • Flavour: Heisenberg
  • Contains 250mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil 250mg Heisenberg provides a unique flavor that mixes a minty freshness, with a sweet fruity taste. It’s delicious, and effective. If you’re just starting out, the 250mg CBD Vape Oil is an ideal starting point as it has a lower strength CBD. CBD Vape Oil 250mg Heisenberg is ISO Certified and ready for use. It has been found to assist with symptoms of anxiety, and to relieve pain, inflammation and more.

CBD Vape Oil 250mg Heisenberg has been known to promote relaxation and is 100% THC-free. Vaping is an easy, and safe way to enjoy your CBD. Vaping CBD Oil is an effective method of consumption, providing greater bio-availability. This means you can absorb more of the active ingredient faster. Vaping has also been endorsed by health experts as far safer than smoking.

Our CBD products have no pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides. CBD Vape Oil 250mg Heisenberg is suitable for vegans and kosher. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of this superior quality hemp and its’ present cannabinoids.

Flavor: The Heinsenberg flavor is popular in the vaping world, providing a perfect balance of fresh, with a sweet aftertaste. The flavor is a combination of fruit and menthol.

Recommended Dosage: If you are just starting out with CBD, the 250mg option is idea. Start slow, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Heinsenberg is also available in 500mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Mixed Berry Aniseed Flavouring.

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153 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 250mg Heisenberg

  1. 153 customer reviews


    It is really bringing me comfort during this time of crisis! I can’t believe this is the remedy I was looking for!

  2. 153 customer reviews


    Je suis vraiment abasourdi de voir à quel point c’est bon pour mon anxiété! Ce truc sent bon, va certainement commander à nouveau!

  3. 153 customer reviews


    Ich habe verschiedene Produkte für meine Schlaflosigkeit ausprobiert und ich würde immer von den Ergebnissen enttäuscht sein! Aber ich mag diesen bisher.

  4. 153 customer reviews


    This product has the greatest quality amongst the ones I have ever tried! I highly recommend!

  5. 153 customer reviews


    Dette er den fineste vape oljen jeg noensinne har prøvd! Godt gjort, Canna Union!

  6. 153 customer reviews


    Durante estos tiempos muy frustrantes, este ha sido mi alivio del estrés. Lo aprecio

  7. 153 customer reviews


    My repeated headaches have really affected my day-to-day life. These were sent last week and I’m gratified with the swift comfort it brings me!

  8. 153 customer reviews


    This was totally the best alternative to taking painkillers! Thanks a lot

  9. 153 customer reviews


    Ich habe jahrzehntelang mit Angst gelebt und keine Pillen haben mir geholfen, besser zu werden. Ich habe es versucht und mein Leben hat sich verändert!

  10. 153 customer reviews


    Lessens my exhaustion and helps get me through my day to day life. Will buy more

  11. 153 customer reviews


    I have been using it for nearly a month and it lessens the pain in my muscles and swollen joints! Excellent job, Canna Union!

  12. 153 customer reviews


    Been worrying lately due to the widespread disease and took its toll on my company. Glad I have this product to brighten my mood

  13. 153 customer reviews


    Es mi sabor favorito, ¡pero pronto probaré los otros! Sigue siendo la mejor compañía de todas

  14. 153 customer reviews


    ¡Esto realmente vale cada centavo! Me ayudó a sobrellevar mi depresión.

  15. 153 customer reviews


    I’m always sick and have no energy to do my stuff, but this vape oil really beefed up my immune system!

  16. 153 customer reviews

    Mark N

    M’a aidé à me détendre et à dormir beaucoup mieux la nuit. J’adore cela et j’ai mis un bon mot pour cela.

  17. 153 customer reviews

    David F

    Je suis extrêmement heureux d’avoir trouvé un produit aussi incroyable pour ma dépression!

  18. 153 customer reviews

    Chuck T

    I’ve been using cbd vape oil instead of pain pills and not only helped with my aches and pains, it has also lifted my mood.

  19. 153 customer reviews


    My hips cannot take frequent walks. But this product really helped me manage pain!

  20. 153 customer reviews


    Kinda skuffet over at jeg prøvde et annet merke først. Den var veldig kostbar og likte ikke effektene. Denne er den beste så langt!

  21. 153 customer reviews


    I find the effects quick and effective compared to taking painkillers! Wonderful work, Canna Union!

  22. 153 customer reviews


    These oil pills are the greatest cure for my anxiety. I’m not going to go back to taking anti-depressants

  23. 153 customer reviews


    I had my doubts, so I had to test it to see if this product was any better. And I would say that I will never go looking for another medicine for my joint pain.

  24. 153 customer reviews


    Not a day goes by that I am not grateful to have found Canna Union! What a great company!

  25. 153 customer reviews


    It was really convincing! I suffered from neck, back and hip pain for years and couldn’t believe it was the cure I was looking for!

  26. 153 customer reviews


    Depuis que j’ai atteint l’âge adulte, je souffre d’insomnie et depuis lors, je cherche un substitut aux pilules en raison de ses effets secondaires. Heureux d’avoir trouvé ce produit incroyable!

  27. 153 customer reviews


    J’ai été extrêmement satisfait du résultat immédiat! Aidé avec mon anxiété!

  28. 153 customer reviews


    Dette er den deiligste smaken for meg! Tusen takk for at du laget dette produktet!

  29. 153 customer reviews


    Helped me relax and sleep much better at night. I love this and have recommended this.

  30. 153 customer reviews


    Tried to buy to see if it would help my nerves and did! Will recommend 100%

  31. 153 customer reviews


    The delivery was really quick. I didn’t expect it to arrive so soon due to the pandemic.

  32. 153 customer reviews


    My symptoms have improved and I sleep a lot better now. All thanks to Canna Union.

  33. 153 customer reviews


    My mood has been really awesome lately and I will surely put in a good word! You guys are the best!

  34. 153 customer reviews


    I feel a lot better after switching to this product. It really improved my anxiety!

  35. 153 customer reviews


    Definitely the best product I’ve ever spent my money on. And I won’t stop buying!

  36. 153 customer reviews


    Ich habe meine Meinung zu alternativen Medikamenten wirklich geändert. Mein Stress hat sich verbessert! Ich bin ein großer Fan!

  37. 153 customer reviews


    Jeg tenkte å bytte fra å ta piller til noe annet på grunn av bivirkningene. Jeg er virkelig glad min kollega anbefalte dette til meg!

  38. 153 customer reviews


    J’avais l’habitude de vivre un style de vie très actif mais après un accident de moto, je me suis cassé les jambes et j’ai encore mal 2 ans après ma chirurgie. Je suis très étonné de voir comment ce produit m’a aidé!

  39. 153 customer reviews


    I’ve been stressed out in spending all this time at home. Glad I have this stuff to get through the day!

  40. 153 customer reviews


    I used to be very emotional and would have meltdowns. I’m really glad I found cbd vape oil and I’ve been able to manage my emotions now!

  41. 153 customer reviews


    250 mg de aceite de vape ha tenido un muy buen resultado para mí. ¡Probaré los 500 mg después!

  42. 153 customer reviews


    Disse produktene har hjulpet meg med å håndtere kvalmen, og jeg er så glad at jeg fant dette!

  43. 153 customer reviews


    J’étais un peu hésitant au début mais maintenant je suis complètement accro!

  44. 153 customer reviews


    Your products are second to none! Excellent!

  45. 153 customer reviews


    Aldri har et produkt vært så bra! Absolutt verdt å kjøpe! Aldri har et produkt vært så bra! Absolutt verdt å kjøpe!

  46. 153 customer reviews


    Slutt endelig å røyke på grunn av dette produktet! Vil definitivt men mer!

  47. 153 customer reviews


    ¡Increíble, usé esto para ayudar con el estrés del examen y me alegro de haber gastado el dinero! Definitivamente va a comprar de nuevo.

  48. 153 customer reviews


    Il a constaté une nette amélioration de la réduction de l’enflure et de la douleur, nous pouvons donc recommander ce produit!

  49. 153 customer reviews


    Heisenberg flavor is cooling and relaxing. It helped me reduces my stress. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly and understanding

  50. 153 customer reviews


    Quality of the E-Liquid is great, packaging didn’t seem wasteful either. I love it. I definitely recommend it!

  51. 153 customer reviews


    Vape oil helps me a lot better. I feel so relaxed! Thank you. Heisenberg is best flavor I have purchased! Awesome Canna Union!

  52. 153 customer reviews


    I have difficulty sleeping so I have been trying cbd vape oil. Your product did work for me. Your product really promotes a reastful sleep.

  53. 153 customer reviews

    Pippa Jerica

    This product has changed my life. I bought it for my anxiety. For that it has been phenomenal. It is now nonexistent. I would buy again with canna union!

  54. 153 customer reviews

    Gaston Batton

    Very helpful and professional support and advice. Delivery was next day. I would definitely recommend your shop! Super awesome!

  55. 153 customer reviews


    Quick delivery, Clear information available online. Your customer service is super helpful!! Will definitely recommend to friends and buy again.

  56. 153 customer reviews

    Clàudia Rodriguez

    Sitio muy confiable y confiable, los productos que compré fueron increíbles, sentí los beneficios lo suficientemente cerca de inmediato y una entrega rápida increíble.

  57. 153 customer reviews


    I’ve tried the vape oil to begin with and feeling some relief, I plan to try the oil under the tongue to se how that performs, so far so good

  58. 153 customer reviews


    Sleeping so much better after starting to take CBD Vape oil. And the heisenberg is the best flavor I ever tasted. Its refreshing

  59. 153 customer reviews


    Som forventet alt som det skal være. Merch og sånt. Trustwhorty.

  60. 153 customer reviews

    Isla Rain

    Hervorragender Service. Vertrauenswürdiges Senden und gesichertes Paket. Sehr zu empfehlen Canna Union

  61. 153 customer reviews


    50 mg Vape Liquid, beide sind Produkte von sehr guter Qualität und würden jedem empfehlen, der interessiert war. Ich benutze sie für Angstzustände und sie helfen, das Aufwirbeln in meinem Magen und das Schwitzen zu lindern.

  62. 153 customer reviews


    Your product helped a lot of things, most especially my anxiety. def gonna share my experience to my friends and How Canna Union is the best!

  63. 153 customer reviews


    I can’t get enough with your Heisenberg. It’s refreshing and taste good. Highly recommend with your product!

  64. 153 customer reviews

    Luna T

    Excellent product excellent price & fast efficient delivery. Have tried other companies but this one has been the best service of them all

  65. 153 customer reviews


    Your vape oil is brilliant. Heisenberg is now my new favorit flavor. Its cooling from within and it really helps me reduces my anxiety

  66. 153 customer reviews


    Very informative and helpful over the telephone in helping me make a decision in which products to choose. I love Canna Union!!

  67. 153 customer reviews

    Martina H

    Excelente. Entrega rápida y muy buena calidad. Estará comprando de nuevo.

  68. 153 customer reviews


    Brilliant service excellent product

  69. 153 customer reviews


    Av noen få CBD-merker jeg har brukt, er dette tilfeldigvis det beste. Du kan faktisk føle at det fungerer. Flott for leddgikt, smerte og et naturlig søvnhjelpemiddel. Vil anbefale på det sterkeste.

  70. 153 customer reviews


    Best CBD I’ve used, couldn’t recommend more

  71. 153 customer reviews

    Otto O

    Excellente entreprise avec laquelle traiter .. les commandes arrivent rapidement .. J’ai commandé plusieurs fois et je n’ai jamais eu de problème .. continuez le bon travail les gars .. merci.

  72. 153 customer reviews


    Ausgezeichnetes Premium-Produkt und Sicherheit, die THC-frei zertifiziert ist. Dies ist ideal für diejenigen, die an einem Leistungssport teilnehmen.

  73. 153 customer reviews


    CBD vape oil helped massively. it lessen my anxiousness because of covid 19. I get to sleep at night too

  74. 153 customer reviews


    I’m so lucky to have an excellent service with Canna Union! I’m so grateful!

  75. 153 customer reviews

    Wilhelm O

    Schneller Service, tolles CBD-Öl. Klare, leicht verständliche Dosierungsanweisungen auf dem Produkt.

  76. 153 customer reviews

    Adelberg J

    Ich habe jetzt zweimal bei CBD-Ölen gekauft und würde es wieder tun. Der Service war zuverlässig, und die kostenlose Verfolgung der königlichen Post war ein großes Plus. Die Qualität des Produkts ist gut, und ich finde die Website beruhigend (im Gegensatz zu einigen Unternehmen, die sich auf dem CBD-Markt niederlassen und springen).

  77. 153 customer reviews

    Thank you

    Thank you for keeping me calm despite the happenings right now’

  78. 153 customer reviews


    Vaping using this oil helps me getting out of my stress. It makes me calm

  79. 153 customer reviews


    Your Product is the best!!

  80. 153 customer reviews


    Great for reducing stress. I’ve been suffering this stress feeling ever since. I feel so tired everyday! When I tried this flavor. I feel so relaxed and I get to sleep at night!

  81. 153 customer reviews


    Great product! I love your Vape oil

  82. 153 customer reviews


    this product is 5 stars rate. Definitely recommend this

  83. 153 customer reviews


    It did relieved my stress. It works!!

  84. 153 customer reviews


    Finally! a worth to buy. I will def order again

  85. 153 customer reviews

    Li M

    The flavor was perfect! cool and relaxing. I better get another one

  86. 153 customer reviews


    I’m really impressed with your product. Well done

  87. 153 customer reviews


    this vape juice is really relaxing to me.

  88. 153 customer reviews


    Gutes Zeug

  89. 153 customer reviews


    Ich liebe dein Produkt!

  90. 153 customer reviews


    Große Auswahl und toller Service

  91. 153 customer reviews


    Thanks for the amazing CBD vape oil and customer service and fast delivery and the quality nights of sleep.

  92. 153 customer reviews

    Harvey W

    ordered one day and got delivery the next. Couldn’t have asked for better service

  93. 153 customer reviews


    THANKS YOU SO MUCH! I’m so happy with Strawberry CBD Vape Oil and i have no more anxiety either Thank again so much for all your assistance.

  94. 153 customer reviews

    Cherla M

    I suffer from chronic depression as well as PTSD, and I have found that after using this CBD vape oil over the past 2 months has been very effective at reducing the severity of symptoms.

  95. 153 customer reviews

    Andy S

    Love the Heisenberg flavor and effectiveness. Def recommended this company

  96. 153 customer reviews

    Jim Poulous

    Δεν συνειδητοποίησα όταν διέταξα αυτό το πετρέλαιο CBD ότι ήταν εκτός αποθέματος, οπότε θα πρέπει να περιμένετε μια επιπλέον εβδομάδα έως ότου αποσταλεί. Αν ήξερα, θα είχα μετατραπεί σε άλλο στέλεχος. Απλά ενοχλητικό υποθέτω. Διαφορετικά, όταν έφτασε τελικά, μου άρεσε η γεύση και αντιστάθμισα τα συναισθήματα ναυτίας μου.

  97. 153 customer reviews


    Strawberry CBD Vape Oil impressed me so much with ho quickly it started numbing my back pain.

  98. 153 customer reviews

    Jules H

    Decent price & fast delivery within 2 days. efficient CBD vape oil.

  99. 153 customer reviews

    dANNY G


  100. 153 customer reviews

    Cristine P

    I have severe bone on bone osteoarthritis which causes some pretty intense and lingering hip pain. Since I’ve been vaping the Heisenberg CBD oil, I’ve found that these symptoms are heavily reduced almost to nil. Man i love going to bed now, knowing that i’m much more likely to sleep through the night. 5/5

  101. 153 customer reviews

    Ellen Ignatious

    tried other CBD companies / products, and honestly CU has the best service, the delivery was pretty quick (2 days), and this Heisenberg tastes delish. Effective rain reduction too.

  102. 153 customer reviews

    Pauly v

    Dude, this stuff is absolutely wonderful!

  103. 153 customer reviews

    Babs G

    I bought the Heisenberg 250 Vape to hopefully ease my seriously chronic pain. Unfortunately it has been pretty ineffective, only reducing it slightly.

  104. 153 customer reviews

    Davey McB

    Strawberry CBD Vape Oil makes my life so much easier. No more sleepless nights or throbbing joints

  105. 153 customer reviews

    Timmy F

    arrived the day after I ordered. Top quality E-Liquid too.

  106. 153 customer reviews

    Randy howard

    V. effective for pain relief. tastes ike strawberry.

  107. 153 customer reviews

    Carol J

    Good service and fast enough delivery. The Heisenberg CBD oil reduces the arthritis symptoms such as joint pain and inflammation. Would definately sugest this vape oil for anyone else with arthritis.

  108. 153 customer reviews

    Vicks T

    emailed customer service with a query and they were so helpful. Really great customer service experience

  109. 153 customer reviews

    V. Helondezar

    Je to velmi dobré. už žádná bolest … líbí se mi vkus.

  110. 153 customer reviews

    Stevie D

    Best thing for me, other than the how effective this vape oil is for my nausea, is the fact that CBD product is lab tested and 100% vegan! Finally!

  111. 153 customer reviews


    I don’t know what to say except CBD WORKS!!!

  112. 153 customer reviews

    Dean Sellers

    I’ve only been using the Heisenberg CBD vape oil for about a week, but so far it works as expected. I’ve noticed the arthritic pain in my hands has reduced significantly, which in turn has has increased my mobility. I’ll be buying more for sure.

  113. 153 customer reviews


    service was excellent. CBD is effective for my arthritis joint pain.

  114. 153 customer reviews


    Disfruto el sabor. es muy bueno. no más dolor

  115. 153 customer reviews

    Cyril M

    A M A Z I N G

  116. 153 customer reviews

    Heidi M

    No more inflammation and swelling. And I sleep all night.

  117. 153 customer reviews

    Carlos Gomez

    Muy bien

  118. 153 customer reviews

    Gerome – Germany

    I’ve been telling everyne I know about Canna Union!

  119. 153 customer reviews

    S Cowman

    Love the taste of this vape oil and it definitely reduces the symptoms of my spinal condition.

  120. 153 customer reviews


    I am feel like a teenager because I have no more pain. So satisfied with Strawberry Vape Oil wit CBD

  121. 153 customer reviews

    Michela Thompson

    amazing customer service, with fast delivery. I love the taste of this vape oil, and it really helps with my insomnia. I’m very happy with it all.

  122. 153 customer reviews

    Henny S

    Huge difference in my quality and duration of sleep

  123. 153 customer reviews

    Nicholas Di Morag

    My order arrived less than 48 hours after i ordered it. I love the taste of the Heisenberg CBD vape oil. Helps me sleep every night.

  124. 153 customer reviews

    Wayne B Chandler

    Trustworthy company, with easy check out and fast delivery. Will definitely be buying more from them.

  125. 153 customer reviews

    TK Gueiser

    easy purchase experience, fast delivery, superb quality, and very effective at relieving my muscle pains.

  126. 153 customer reviews


    no regrets here! Thanks to CU and their CBD Vape Oil, I’m not sleeping all night and happy all day

  127. 153 customer reviews

    Jonathan Lauchlan

    Easy to use website, with a lot of info on the whole range of products. I decided on Heisenberg because the name sounded familiar and I don’t like mango or strawberry. Fast delivery and the vape oil is so yummy

  128. 153 customer reviews

    Richard S

    The Heisenburg vape oil I bought from Canna Union was my first experience with CBD. So far I’m very impressed and I highly recommend this company and CBD in general.

  129. 153 customer reviews

    Mark H

    Thank you so much for this Vape Oil. Plus I also wanted to say thank you to Janice and the rest of your staff.

  130. 153 customer reviews

    Mrs Brotear

    Legitimately amazing stuff! I never realized just how helpful Heisenberg CBD vape oil really could be for my inflammation issues. I’ve been recommending this company to all of my friends.

  131. 153 customer reviews

    Luca Daly


  132. 153 customer reviews


    Quick delivery of only 2 days and this CBD vape oil is as tasty as it is effective. No mor shaking hands!

  133. 153 customer reviews

    Mr Carter

    This great tasting vape oil works wonders with my anxiety and my IBS. So far, the results have been truly amazing.

  134. 153 customer reviews

    Haime Mc

    Really great customer service, an the Heisenberg Vape Oil was delivered quickly. Only had a taste of the vape, so not sure about the effects on my anxiety yet, but I love the combination of fruit and mint flavors. 5 stars would recommend

  135. 153 customer reviews

    Julia G

    I’ve decided to try using this CBD vape oil about 5 weeks ago to see if it would reduce my fibromyalgia symptoms, and i found that it works much better than expected. Heisenburg is also really tasty to vape.

  136. 153 customer reviews


    If you need pain relief, this is the vape oil to try 1000mg is so good

  137. 153 customer reviews


    my pain is gone!

  138. 153 customer reviews

    Cieran J

    I had absolutely no previous experience with any type of cbd, I was happy to purchase through this company as they were very helpful in explaining how it all works. Now that I’ve been vaping this Heisenberg oil for the last 3 months, I can honestly say that I experience almost no anxiety at all. Highly recommend this oil and company.

  139. 153 customer reviews

    Andy R

    Life is so painless and pleasant with this Vape oil.

  140. 153 customer reviews

    Dianne C

    Great quality cbd vape oil that reduces so much of my pain.

  141. 153 customer reviews

    Gordy W

    really impressed with CBD in general, but especially with Canna Union and their Heisenberg Vape!

  142. 153 customer reviews

    Raylene L

    reliable customer service, excellent CBD vape oil. I would recommend for anyone and plan to use them again myself.

  143. 153 customer reviews

    Paul G

    love this Strawberry CBD Vape Oil

  144. 153 customer reviews

    Garth Rogers

    This CBD vape oil is a godsend for my chronic pain and fatigue,

  145. 153 customer reviews


    After vaping the Heisenberg for only a couple of days, I have already noticed an improvement in the pain in my lower back and shoulders. Definitely highly recommend

  146. 153 customer reviews

    Kevin Green

    Didn’t really know what to expect, but after vaping this tasty Heisenberg oil over the past month, I hardly ever feel nausea anymore. I would not hesitate to recommend this for anyone who needed it.

  147. 153 customer reviews


    Strawberry smoke tastes delish. VAPE LIFE YO!

  148. 153 customer reviews

    Harold B

    This vape really helps with my nausea and my Arthritic pain.

  149. 153 customer reviews

    Toma F

    Best cbd available for delivery to the UK! I swear!

  150. 153 customer reviews

    Banna T

    helps so much with my anxiety! Thought it was kinda pricey though?

  151. 153 customer reviews

    Bishop Q

    Nice flavour vape. Really me relax and worry less.

  152. 153 customer reviews


    Yum. Tasty vape. And effective too.

  153. 153 customer reviews

    Naughty By Nature

    You down wit CBD? YEAH YOU KNOW ME!

    Hahaha… this stuff really is amazeballs.

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