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CBD Vape Oil 250mg Mango Ice

100% Pure CBD
150 customer reviews
(150 customer reviews)


  • No THC
  • Flavour: Mango Ice
  • Contains 250mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

If you’re after a delicious flavour that leaves no bad after-taste, CBD Vape Oil 250mg Mango Ice could be the answer. Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil 250mg Mango Ice provides a mix of tropical, sweet, ripe mangoes, with a touch of fresh mint. It will tantalize your tastebuds – and provide all the health benefits that CBD is known for.

CBD Vape Oil 250mg Mango Ice is ISO Certified and ready for vaping. It has been found to assist some people with the relief of anxiety, pain, inflammation, and more. It is also known to promote relaxation and is 100% THC-free.

CBD Vape Oil 250mg Mango Ice hasno pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides present. It is suitable for vegans and kosher, and is derived from the highest quality hemp and present cannabinoids.

Vaping CBD Oil is said to be an extremely effective consumption because inhaling CBD Vapors provides greater bio-availability, allowing you to absorb more of the active ingredient quicker. Vaping CBD Oil has also been endorsed by health experts as far safer than smoking.

Flavour: When vaping our mango flavoured CBD Vape oil, you will enjoy a rich mixture of tropical and sweet ripe mangoes combined with a fresh, cool, minty taste.

Recommended Dosage: Take it slow to start with, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Mango Ice is also available in 500mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Fruit flavouring.

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150 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 250mg Mango Ice

  1. 150 customer reviews

    Mary Ann

    Es realmente increíble cómo este aceite de vaporizador me ha ayudado a superar mi ansiedad y últimamente ha estado bastante bajo control.

  2. 150 customer reviews


    Really the best flavor for me. This is the only product that did help me with dealing with migraines

  3. 150 customer reviews


    This stuff helped me get on top of my anxiety and I notice an surprising development on my temper

  4. 150 customer reviews


    Estos han aliviado mis náuseas, y estoy muy contenta de poder hacer mis tareas diarias sin tener que preocuparme.

  5. 150 customer reviews


    Notice a big difference and improved with my fatigue. Also admire the superb customer service!

  6. 150 customer reviews


    Der Versand für CBD Vape Oil kam letzte Woche und es hilft mir sicherlich, mich wohl zu fühlen und meine Angst zu verringern

  7. 150 customer reviews


    Mon tempérament s’est généralement amélioré et je suis rarement stressé! Merci beaucoup!

  8. 150 customer reviews


    Je vais sûrement le proposer à mes amis! Des résultats très prometteurs et n’utilisant ce truc que depuis quelques jours!

  9. 150 customer reviews


    The shipment was very speedy. I anticipated it to come a lot later because of Covid 19.

  10. 150 customer reviews


    Stivheten i knærne forsvant siden jeg begynte å ta cbd olje forrige uke! Jeg føler meg virkelig fantastisk

  11. 150 customer reviews


    C’est le seul médicament qui n’a pas de ramification compliquée pour ma santé et il aide à faire mal aux muscles. Merci, Canna Union!

  12. 150 customer reviews


    Pasé años buscando una cura orgánica para mi fatiga y estoy muy contento de haberla encontrado. ¡Seguramente lo recomendaré a otros!

  13. 150 customer reviews


    I was always an anxious person since I was young, and I can say that these really altered all that!

  14. 150 customer reviews


    I will keep on ordering Canna Union products! I use it for my muscle pains and stress

  15. 150 customer reviews


    Before I started using cbd vape oil, I had an awful sleep pattern and all of a sudden wake up in the middle of the night. But now I sleep much better.

  16. 150 customer reviews

    Craig C

    My anxiety has definitely lessened and have been pretty manageable all week! Appreciate it!

  17. 150 customer reviews

    Fiona Trace

    This helped me recover from my anxiety and I see an extraordinary progress in my my state of mind!

  18. 150 customer reviews


    I can’t believe how incredible it is! Just a few drops before bed and I sleep like a log

  19. 150 customer reviews


    ¡Estoy seguro de que esta será la solución a mi dolor! ¡Hasta ahora, los resultados han sido prometedores!

  20. 150 customer reviews


    Ich werde dies meiner Schwester empfehlen, die seit unserer Kindheit unter Angstzuständen leidet. Ich bin sicher, sie wird auch erstaunt sein!

  21. 150 customer reviews


    J’espère juste que j’ai retrouvé ce joyau lorsque mon anxiété sévère a commencé. Ce produit est génial!

  22. 150 customer reviews

    Yuki M.

    Nach dem Wechsel zu diesem Produkt geht es mir viel besser. Es hat meine Angst wirklich verbessert!

  23. 150 customer reviews


    Jeg la merke til at når jeg brukte dette bare noen få minutter, økte det årvåkenheten min, og jeg ville ha energi til å utføre de daglige oppgavene mine.

  24. 150 customer reviews


    Ich fühle mich einfach gut zu wissen, dass ich ein Produkt habe, dem ich vertrauen kann!

  25. 150 customer reviews


    Jeg tenkte å bytte fra å ta piller til noe annet på grunn av bivirkningene. Jeg er virkelig glad min kollega anbefalte dette til meg!

  26. 150 customer reviews


    250mg of vape oil has had a very good result for me. I’ll try the 500mg later next week!

  27. 150 customer reviews


    I am so happy that my anxiety has decreased with this product! Will continue using!

  28. 150 customer reviews


    I want to buy more when mine runs out! I’ve stopped taking pills for my sore muscles because of this.

  29. 150 customer reviews


    Didn’t think my depression would be cured with cbd vape oil! I’m very surprised!

  30. 150 customer reviews


    I’ve been stressing lately due to the pandemic. I’m glad I tried your products!

  31. 150 customer reviews


    Har lett etter produkter for å lindre nervøsiteten og ekstreme ryggsmerter, og CBD Vape Oil gjorde det magiske! Jeg skulle ønske jeg fant dette før!

  32. 150 customer reviews


    Wurde in letzter Zeit aufgrund der Pandemie sehr gestresst und es wirkt sich wirklich auf mein Geschäft aus. Aber wenn ich das für ein paar Minuten benutze, ist meine Stimmung besser.

  33. 150 customer reviews


    I’ve been hesitant to try cbd products at first. Got mine last week and it’s been pretty great for my muscle pain.

  34. 150 customer reviews


    I will definitely buy more. Can’t get enough of your products!

  35. 150 customer reviews


    I feel a lot better after switching to this product. It really improved my anxiety!

  36. 150 customer reviews


    I’ve been experimenting on medicines for my frequent migraines. I found this product online and the reviews are awesome so I tried it. I’ve been using this for a week and the results are promising!

  37. 150 customer reviews


    ¡Me siento seguro al saber que obtuve este producto y confío en que alivie mis dolorosas llagas musculares!

  38. 150 customer reviews


    I’ve been in search for a product that would help me with my nausea. I’ve tried a few and it would always have a different effect to. Benn using this stuff for a month and it’s been great.

  39. 150 customer reviews


    I cannot express how lucky I feel in finding this gem! This really helped me with my migraine.

  40. 150 customer reviews


    Det er utrolig hvordan litt vapeolje som dette kan endre noens liv. Jeg har klart å håndtere humørsvingningene mine i det siste!

  41. 150 customer reviews


    Utilise ce genre de choses pendant quelques jours et les résultats montrent déjà. Jusqu’ici tout va bien!

  42. 150 customer reviews


    Very promising results and only been using this stuff for a few days!

  43. 150 customer reviews


    Meine Stimmung hat sich allgemein verbessert und ich werde selten gestresst!

  44. 150 customer reviews


    ¡Estoy muy feliz de que mi ansiedad haya disminuido con este producto!

  45. 150 customer reviews


    Ich kann mich nicht davon abhalten, noch mehr zu haben!

  46. 150 customer reviews


    You guys are the best! Awesome product plus awesome customer service!

  47. 150 customer reviews


    Versuchte zu kaufen, um zu sehen, ob es bei meinen Nerven helfen würde, und es tat! Wird 100% empfehlen

  48. 150 customer reviews


    La première fois depuis des mois que je dors bien et profondément. Je m’entraîne également beaucoup et cela aide à la récupération de mon corps.

  49. 150 customer reviews


    Richtige CBD-Vape-Oil-Artikel, die buchstäblich am nächsten Tag geliefert werden. Zufriedene Kunden machen weiter so

  50. 150 customer reviews


    Excellent produit mais ne dure pas longtemps, il sera donc coûteux de le prendre comme vous le devriez

  51. 150 customer reviews


    Excellent, very effective. Makes the world of difference to my sleep. will order again soon!

  52. 150 customer reviews


    Hervorragende Produktauswahl. Ich habe Esswaren bekommen, sie sind sehr sehr gut. Wirklich gute Erfahrung

  53. 150 customer reviews


    Brilliant service, brilliant product. Will return and have recommended to others.

  54. 150 customer reviews

    Nala K

    Nachdem ich es ein paar Wochen gegeben habe, habe ich beschlossen, dass es für mich großartig funktioniert. Im Vergleich zu den Medikamenten, die ich zuvor ausprobiert habe, mag ich dieses Produkt viel besser, da meine Angst nicht so schlimm war. Nicht schlecht für ein Vape Oil! Funktioniert perfekt!

  55. 150 customer reviews


    I was very skeptical when I bought this to try. I was very happy with the outcome though!.It also helped my chronic migraines, but I have noticed a HUGE difference when it comes to my stress/anxiety levels . Most definitely going to continue ordering!

  56. 150 customer reviews

    Damien York

    Le processus d’achat a été formidable. Facile à choisir car toutes les informations importantes ont été données sur le site. L’expédition était aussi incroyablement rapide et sûre. Donc, de cet aspect, je ne peux pas me plaindre du tout.

  57. 150 customer reviews


    Order arrived promptly, only started using today so unable to give opinion on it working yet. Thank you

  58. 150 customer reviews


    bon prix, semble être une huile de haute qualité même si je n’ai pas beaucoup d’expérience, et la livraison a été rapide et indolore. Recommander!

  59. 150 customer reviews


    Trusted and quality product. Timely delivery. Very user-friendly website.

  60. 150 customer reviews


    Increíble servicio al cliente y producto de excelente calidad, ¡no podría estar más satisfecho!

  61. 150 customer reviews


    Excellent product! I get the chance to have the free shipping for a first time order. Your website is easy to access. It was a great experience!

  62. 150 customer reviews


    Jeg elsker Canna Union !! Produktet mitt ankom i hurtig tid veldig godt pakket, så det var ingen sjanse for at det ville bli skadet

  63. 150 customer reviews


    amazing product. helps my aches and pains, anxiety and sleep! will be ordering again! def recommend Canna Union

  64. 150 customer reviews


    Strålende, sliter med angst, og det har virkelig tatt kanten av enhver situasjon som jeg vanligvis vil lure på i evigheter … skulle ønske jeg hadde funnet det før !!

  65. 150 customer reviews

    Sara H

    Great Vape oil and taste great. The price is worth the quality of the product.

  66. 150 customer reviews

    Godfrey W

    Gode ​​råd og info på dette nettstedet. Rask levering veldig fornøyd med produktet vil absolutt anbefale til venner

  67. 150 customer reviews


    This product was delivered on time, it is really helping me with my sleep and stress levels. thank you

  68. 150 customer reviews


    Wirklich geholfen mit meiner Stimmung; Ich hatte große Angst und das Selbstvertrauen war gering und jetzt habe ich wirklich das Gefühl, mit allem umgehen zu können

  69. 150 customer reviews


    Superb quality CBD products with professional service. I love the mango ice flavor. I feel relief when vaping it. Its brilliant!!

  70. 150 customer reviews


    Everytime I vape using mango ice juice, I feel so peacfule. cloud 9 and relaxed! Just what I wanted to happen! def your product works!!

  71. 150 customer reviews


    Your product is fantastic! I would definitely recommend your product to anyone!

  72. 150 customer reviews


    Ausgezeichnetes Produkt, das von Menschen mit einer echten Leidenschaft für das, was sie tun, effizient geliefert wird.

  73. 150 customer reviews

    J Brooks25

    Just the right amount for me. not too strong. Its mild and it really feels relaxing. I recommend this to people who only need mild cbd

  74. 150 customer reviews

    Gabriella V

    Excellent products and would recommended this company to anyone in future

  75. 150 customer reviews


    Mango Ice has a great flavor. I just love the flavor and it keeps me relax when I vape it

  76. 150 customer reviews


    All I can say, so far so good!

  77. 150 customer reviews

    Lanie White

    Very good product and taste good! It helped me to sleep better at night!

  78. 150 customer reviews


    Great service and its a pleasant to be a customer to Canna Union. I did not regret a bit.

  79. 150 customer reviews

    Robert M

    Gran servicio. Este producto funciona mejor que cualquier otra cosa que he tratado de conciliar el sueño rápidamente. También me siento genial por la mañana, sin efectos secundarios de aturdimiento.

  80. 150 customer reviews


    Canna Union has a great service!

  81. 150 customer reviews


    Very helpful! doing great!

  82. 150 customer reviews


    Muy buen servicio y producto.

  83. 150 customer reviews


    You provide best customer service!!

  84. 150 customer reviews


    I just cant get enough of this vape oil. I should order some more!!

  85. 150 customer reviews

    What’s your flavor?🙃

    I love the flavor. Go for Mango Ice!!

  86. 150 customer reviews


    I’m using it when I get stressed and when I do, I get relaxed. It works,basically

  87. 150 customer reviews


    I can finally rest and no more pain. All thanks to your product!!

  88. 150 customer reviews


    Relaxing.. its just right for me. Thanks 🤙🏻

  89. 150 customer reviews


    Mango ice is lit lad

  90. 150 customer reviews


    Happy daze 🤘

  91. 150 customer reviews

    Snow W x

    Mangoes!!! Like this CBD vape tastes sooo nice, and i sleep so well i almost need a prince’s kiss to wake me up in the mornings!

  92. 150 customer reviews


    Thanks CU, love my Mango CBD Vape Oil

  93. 150 customer reviews

    Uncle Dave

    Mango CBD Vape Oil is simply amazing. No more aching joins and i sleep like the dead

  94. 150 customer reviews

    Jecob Y

    Mango CBD Oil in my vape is legit

  95. 150 customer reviews

    Drea T

    So far, so good… it’s only been 2 days.

  96. 150 customer reviews


    Mango (yumm! Mango!) CBD Vape Oil has got everything I need. Really good for my back pain.

  97. 150 customer reviews

    Gordon La’fluer

    Excellent customer service with this company. Very helpful. Plus the delivery was fast and the Mango Ice Vape Oil oil worked as advertised. Check this website out if you need some CBD in your life.

  98. 150 customer reviews

    Ricky D

    Mango vape works well reducing the severity of my muscle cramps. Def recommend

  99. 150 customer reviews

    Angela C

    Awesome cust serv, excellent advice and info, and quality CBD that really works. 5 stars. 10/10. A +++

  100. 150 customer reviews

    Ellis DeWalt

    it’s because of this CBD Vape Oil that I can live a normal life. Every human needs sleep.

  101. 150 customer reviews

    Aida E

    Fast delivery 2 days international. Pretty well pleased with the Mango Ice Vape CBD Oil. will definitely be recommending to all.

  102. 150 customer reviews

    Jo Garfield

    I have been taking this Mango Ice vape oil for my arthritis with no painkillers at all. I don’t understand how, all i care about is that it really does work. Order was shipped fast too, showing up the next day.

  103. 150 customer reviews

    Marnie Q

    Love it!

  104. 150 customer reviews

    Loren S

    Woah… what great service. And I love the mango taste.

  105. 150 customer reviews

    Damon E

    Service, Information, Price, Delivery, Effective… every box ticked.

  106. 150 customer reviews


    This CBD vape oil is simply awesome.

  107. 150 customer reviews



  108. 150 customer reviews

    Phillipa Maxwell

    With Mango Ice, I’m getting pain free and peaceful sleep each and every night.

  109. 150 customer reviews


    Wish they had Canna Union T-Shirts wso I could buy one and wear it and show it off to everyone. Thanks so much for everything.

  110. 150 customer reviews

    Judy S

    Quality product and fast delivery, so absolutely no complaints from me.

  111. 150 customer reviews

    Susan S

    Good service overall. Delivered really fast.

  112. 150 customer reviews

    Billy Welsh

    CBD Vape Mango Ice Oil is the real deal.

  113. 150 customer reviews

    M Bloome

    Delivery was quick and Mango vape oil was exactly as described above. Seriously very effective for my nausea. I do recommend this one.

  114. 150 customer reviews


    Highly recommended

  115. 150 customer reviews

    Roger Pedersen

    excellent service from browsing, to selecting which CBD, to purchase, and finally delivery. Tropical Mango Ice vape oil tastes exactly like clouds of sweet and ripened mangoes, and really helps me to relax after stressful days at work.

  116. 150 customer reviews


    CBD Vape Oil is awesome. Mango Ice is my fave flavor

  117. 150 customer reviews


    The selection and ordering process was easy enough, and the delivery time was good too.

  118. 150 customer reviews


    Before Mango Ice CBD Vape Oil in my life, I was always in so much pain.

  119. 150 customer reviews

    Julio Y

    Ottimo prodotto con consegna molto rapida.

  120. 150 customer reviews

    Irene G

    After a week, Mango Ice CBD Vape Oil is getting more and more effective on my pain each day which makes my life a lot easier. It’s so yummy too. Good customer service.

  121. 150 customer reviews


    Fast delivery, really great CBD vape. It just works!

  122. 150 customer reviews


    Finally a solution for my nausea and insomnia. I don’t care how much it costs because the CBD makes life so much better

  123. 150 customer reviews


    Pretty fast shipping and the CBD is so worth it!

  124. 150 customer reviews

    Julie D

    My sleep pattern is sooo much better now that my back pain has been reduced. Might see if there’s further improvement with a stronger vape oil.

  125. 150 customer reviews

    Dee winters

    Very pleased with CBD from CU. Will def be buying more from these guys

  126. 150 customer reviews

    Sarah Dodd

    This website is really clear with good information and advice on both the usage and application of mango vape cbd oil. Package also arrived pretty fast.

  127. 150 customer reviews

    DJ Thompson

    I bought the CBD Mango Ice vape oil in the 250ml bottle and it arrived in 2 days. That was a month ago, in which time it’s really taken the edge off my joint pain. So I’ve gone ahead and ordered a 1000ml bottle of the Mango, as well as a 250ml of the strawberry flavor. These days i am all about that vape life. 5 starz

  128. 150 customer reviews

    Debra P

    Price seems reasonable. Delivery took 4 days though? Otherwise my nausea is gone, so worth the wait i guess.

  129. 150 customer reviews


    I suffer from high stress, and anxiety, and sleepless nights. CBD works wonders.

  130. 150 customer reviews

    Lisa Beth

    taste of Mango Ice is so great. No more shaking hands too.

  131. 150 customer reviews


    Customer service is great, reasonable shipping time

  132. 150 customer reviews

    Ray Kelly

    This is some seriously good quality CBD vape oil. I’ve tried others, and this stuff is much more effective on my joint pain than the cheaper alternatives. I guess you get what you pay for? And this is lab tested too, which i reckon is so important.

  133. 150 customer reviews


    Can’t get enough of this tasty vape!

  134. 150 customer reviews


    Top Quality E-Liquid, great service, and super fast delivery.

  135. 150 customer reviews


    This that quality gear. Hit it 2 times man.

  136. 150 customer reviews


    Total reduction in the amount of seizures since taking this CBD vape which is fantastic.

  137. 150 customer reviews

    T Rosewood

    This CBD relieves my muscle cramping and my stiffness. Highly Recommend it

  138. 150 customer reviews

    D Montgomery

    Will definitely continue buying all of my CBD products from this company, because I honestly can’t fault them at all. Service, selection, price, delivery, and the product itself all either met or exceeded my expectations.

  139. 150 customer reviews


    I was expecting delivered in around 2 to 3 days, but my package didn’t arrive until day 5.

  140. 150 customer reviews

    Stu F

    good quality CBD, tastes amazing! And was delivered in 2 days.

  141. 150 customer reviews

    Rayne F

    Mango Ice Vape. Really helps me with my anxiety, my concentration, and balances out my moods. Very highly recommend this company!

  142. 150 customer reviews


    The rash on my hands looks better every day and are not itchy anymore.

  143. 150 customer reviews

    Jessiker slackson

    The Mango Ice CBD vape juice i bought really does taste like mangoes which really helps me to fall asleep each night and stay that way till the sun comes up. Delivery good, service good, packaging discreet, happy customer.

  144. 150 customer reviews

    Danny Enderson

    After using the Mango Ice CBD vape oil for a few weeks now, there really is a noticeable difference in the reduction of my body’s aches and pains.

  145. 150 customer reviews

    Stevie Windsor

    This mango CBD Oil works really well for me. I haven’t even gone to the chiropractor for the usual decompression i used to need which reduced my back pain.

  146. 150 customer reviews

    Pete Hervey

    Really basic ordering process, with good communication, and pretty fast postage. 5/5 from me.

  147. 150 customer reviews

    Nella S

    Love my Mango Ice CBD Vape!!!

  148. 150 customer reviews

    Kristina C

    I only suffer from very mild anxiety, so this CBD vape oil really knocks those symptoms right out of the park. And it tastes like a mango dream.

  149. 150 customer reviews

    J Parker

    The Canna Union website is just so simple to use, and their customer service department was very helpful when i had a query about which CBD application i should get. Ended up getting the 250mg Mango Ice vape oil as like a taste test, which turned out to be not necessary because it tastes like ripe mangoes.

  150. 150 customer reviews

    Brenda S

    Massive selection of good quality CBD products. In fact it took me hours to decide on the Mango Vape. Delivery was speedy. Yep I recommend this company.

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