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CBD Vape Oil 250mg Strawberry

100% Pure CBD
196 customer reviews
(196 customer reviews)

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  • No THC
  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • Contains 250mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

New to vaping? The CBD Vape Oil 250mg Strawberry is ideal if you’re just starting out and want to enjoy a delicious flavour, with all the benefits of CBD. CBD Oil has been known to relieve many ailments, including pain and inflammation, as well as relieving symptoms of anxiety, skin conditions, and more. You’ll enjoy relaxation with this 100% THC-free blend.

CBD Vape Oil 250mg Strawberry is organic and has no pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides present. This product is suitable for vegans and kosher, and provides all the benefits of the highest quality hemp on the market.

CBD Vape Oil is endorsed by many health professionals as a safer method of consumption than smoking. The effects are fast and the benefits are plenty.

Flavour: Our CBD Vape Oil Strawberry range provides a ripe, sun-sweetened, luscious berry taste.

Recommended Dosage: Take it slow to start with, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Strawberry is also available in 500mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Fruit flavouring.

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196 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 250mg Strawberry

  1. 196 customer reviews


    I always have a peace of mind with this vape! Canna Union doesn’t failing me 🙂

  2. 196 customer reviews


    I like this Vape from Canna Union. Strawberry has never been a failure when used as flavor for something:)

  3. 196 customer reviews


    Who would have thought this delicious taste is actually a relaxation promoter and stress-remover?! I’m so happy I got to know Canna Union:)

  4. 196 customer reviews


    I totally love the positive changes I have in my daily dose of this. I am so happy and thankful to you Canna Union!

  5. 196 customer reviews


    When it comes to relaxation and removing muscle and body pain, CBD Vape’s process isn’t tortured! Canna Union’s Awesome!

  6. 196 customer reviews


    Having a good feeling to start each activity is achiveable now because of CBD Vape from Canna Union. I prefer strawberry anyway 🙂

  7. 196 customer reviews


    ¡El dolor y la inflamación nunca me visitaron desde que usé el CBD Vape de Canna Union! ¡Comprará más!

  8. 196 customer reviews


    My anxiety never visits me since I used this. That’s so beneficial for me! Now I can face the day with enthusiasm 🙂

  9. 196 customer reviews


    ¡Vaping nunca ha sido tan divertido hasta que conocí a Canna Union! Quiero agarrar todos los gustos ahora.

  10. 196 customer reviews


    Fuerte sabor a fresa! ¡Y muy relajante a este efecto!

  11. 196 customer reviews


    This was my second choice of flavour! Still the effects of the product is still here.

  12. 196 customer reviews


    ¡Ideal para mí mucho! Me hace disfrutar mi tiempo en cualquier momento.

  13. 196 customer reviews


    Si eres nuevo en esto y buscas un sabor delicioso con un regusto delicioso, este es el mejor para empezar.

  14. 196 customer reviews


    Problemfri. Lett å bruke! Vil definitivt inkludere det i min daglige livsstil!

  15. 196 customer reviews


    I easily got pissed honestly. And smoking had been my outlet in all of these! Which is not really good for me and the people around me! But because of CBD Vape, I started being calm. And it helped maintain the good mood inside of me! AWESOME!

  16. 196 customer reviews


    It’s like a partner to me now. It’s like a new way of harmonious relationship! LOL! Thanks to this product.

  17. 196 customer reviews


    Sweet and tasty. Also relaxing!

  18. 196 customer reviews


    Sometimes you just have to be Curious to find whats best. And I just did. Thanks Canna Union!

  19. 196 customer reviews


    Berry-licious. A must have for a strawberry lover.

  20. 196 customer reviews


    Puedo ver una gran mejora. Empecé a usar esto no hace mucho tiempo.

  21. 196 customer reviews


    I ordered one last month and I should’ve gotten a bunch! This gives relief like no other!

  22. 196 customer reviews


    I’m more than happy I found this and saved me money! I no longer have to buy a ton of medicines!

  23. 196 customer reviews


    I’m feeling more relaxed and quiet. Really mellows my anxiety.

  24. 196 customer reviews

    Yuhan W

    I feel good about my self in the past few days. I’m definitely buying more.

  25. 196 customer reviews


    I had the greatest experience using CBD vape oil! All my pain went away!

  26. 196 customer reviews

    Mitch V

    J’ai l’impression d’avoir manqué beaucoup de choses dans la vie de mes enfants à cause de la dépression. Mais maintenant je me sens mieux et je suis vraiment reconnaissant de l’avoir.

  27. 196 customer reviews


    I feel content with the effects so far. I know it’s only gonna get better and better!

  28. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg er virkelig overrasket over hvor raskt resultatene er med cbd-produkter. Kan ikke takke deg nok!

  29. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg har klart å håndtere stresset mitt ganske enkelt. Fortalte vennene mine om Canna Union også!

  30. 196 customer reviews


    J’en ai essayé beaucoup d’autres et je dirais que c’est le meilleur. Et mes maux de tête ont disparu.

  31. 196 customer reviews


    ¡El horario de entrega es encomiable! ¡No puedo creer que esto haya llegado temprano!

  32. 196 customer reviews


    Toller Kundenservice! Ohne das kann ich überhaupt nicht leben. Meine Schlaflosigkeit hat erheblich abgenommen.

  33. 196 customer reviews


    Mi hermano ordenará por sí mismo después de probar el mío. Me alegro de tener esto!

  34. 196 customer reviews


    Sovepiller fikk meg til å føle meg utslitt. Men takket være denne vape oljen, føler jeg meg energi nå!

  35. 196 customer reviews


    Obtuve esto la semana pasada, no esperé tanto tiempo también. ¡Estoy muy impresionado con los efectos!

  36. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg har aldri vært så fornøyd med noe produkt. Du er bemerkelsesverdig for meg!

  37. 196 customer reviews


    I have been using it for a month more or less. Noticed that it lessens the painful muscles! Excellent job, Canna Union!

  38. 196 customer reviews


    I use this for my sporadic nausea. I’ve been using it for a week and the results have been great so far.

  39. 196 customer reviews


    This really improved my immune system! I used to have no vigor to do my stuff.

  40. 196 customer reviews


    My knees cannot bear long walks and so I tried this product and it really helped with my pain!

  41. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg har vært veldig rolig i det siste, og jeg kan føle at jeg kan kontrollere humørsvingningene mine. Godt produkt!

  42. 196 customer reviews


    J’ai acheté de l’huile de vape CBD pour essayer de remplacer mes analgésiques. Et la bonne chose à ce sujet est que je ne reviendrai jamais pour prendre des pilules

  43. 196 customer reviews


    Was really taken by surprise with how quick the outcome are! Would give 5 stars

  44. 196 customer reviews


    Seit Jahren unter Muskelschmerzen und schwerer Migräne gelitten. Aber jetzt lebe ich ein unglaubliches Leben wegen dieses Vape-Öls

  45. 196 customer reviews


    I’ve been an advocate of your products since my brother put you up to me. My throbbing joint has been really controllable and I like it very much

  46. 196 customer reviews


    I ordered one for my spouse and he adores it! Since he began using this, the aching muscles have lessened!

  47. 196 customer reviews


    I can absolutely say that CBD oil really rescued me from depression. And I look and feel healthy!

  48. 196 customer reviews


    Mon ami en est un partisan et maintenant je vois pourquoi! Rien ne vaut Canna Union!

  49. 196 customer reviews


    I’m quarantined at home and I’ve been stressed. Glad I got this marvelous product to ease of some of it

  50. 196 customer reviews


    Placed my order after browsing your website.! Got it a few weeks ago and have been taking it ever since! I feel a lot better!

  51. 196 customer reviews


    Je me sens stressé tout le temps et les pilules antidépressives ne sont pas non plus utiles. Ce produit m’a aidé à récupérer

  52. 196 customer reviews


    J’ai commencé à utiliser l’huile de Vape CBD à peine une semaine et mes migraines sévères et ma vision perturbée se sont améliorées

  53. 196 customer reviews


    Avec tout ce qui se passe dans le monde, je ne peux m’empêcher de m’inquiéter et ce produit a été ma solution au stress.

  54. 196 customer reviews


    Dies half bei meinen ernsthaften Stimmungsschwankungen! Ich hoffe nur, dass ich dieses CBD-Öl im College gefunden habe.

  55. 196 customer reviews

    Simon A

    Jeg har opplevd migrene siden college. Kompisen min oppfordret meg til å prøve dette, og det fungerer som magi!

  56. 196 customer reviews

    Jasmine T

    Mis dolores de cabeza recurrentes realmente han afectado mi vida cotidiana. ¡Estas cosas fueron enviadas la semana pasada y me complació el rápido alivio que me brinda!

  57. 196 customer reviews


    My sister told me that your products were great and CBD oil is one of the things I tried for my anxiousness and it has been great so far.

  58. 196 customer reviews


    I’ve been able to enjoy my day after finding this product. My anxiety has improved and I love it!

  59. 196 customer reviews


    You guys are the best out there! This is the only product that has helped me with my sore muscles.

  60. 196 customer reviews


    Been really stressed out lately due to the pandemic and it is really sinking my business. But using this for a few minutes improves my mood.

  61. 196 customer reviews

    Borres J

    I was using different kinds of pills for different illnesses but Canna Union products changed all that. This is all I need.

  62. 196 customer reviews


    It helped reduce my joint pains without having to take any pills! Im so happy I found this.

  63. 196 customer reviews


    I would recommend Canna Union to my friends and family! Really effective with my depression

  64. 196 customer reviews


    I don’t lie when I say this is the best vape oil ever. I’ve tried a number of brands, but nothing beats Canna Union.

  65. 196 customer reviews


    Before I started using these products, I had a terrible sleep pattern and would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and could not sleep again. But now I sleep much better and wake up feeling amazing!

  66. 196 customer reviews


    My father had joint pain and after trying this stuff it definitely improved! Placing another order tomorrow!

  67. 196 customer reviews


    ¡El mejor sabor de todos! ¡Definitivamente ordenaré de nuevo!

  68. 196 customer reviews


    Ich habe die meisten Produkte von Canna Union ausprobiert und ich sollte sagen, dass keine anderen Produkte Sie schlagen können!

  69. 196 customer reviews


    Finding this product is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I’m glad I no longer have to take painkillers.

  70. 196 customer reviews


    Been using this for a week. Early days but results have been really great!

  71. 196 customer reviews


    Ich habe mir beim Fußballspielen den Knöchel gebrochen und es hat kein Schmerzmittel oder Pillen gewirkt! Ich bin sehr gesegnet, Ihre Produkte gefunden zu haben! Ich werde es auf jeden Fall empfehlen!

  72. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg har vært tilhenger av produktene dine i et par måneder, og det blir bare bedre og bedre! Rått!

  73. 196 customer reviews


    C’est le seul remède qui n’a pas d’effets secondaires et il aide également mes muscles douloureux. Merci, Canna Union!

  74. 196 customer reviews


    No podía creer que esto fuera la solución para mi mareo. ¡También me ayuda con mis dolores de cabeza!

  75. 196 customer reviews


    Siempre he sido inseguro con mi personalidad y un miembro de mi familia me dijo que esto ayudaría. Así que ordené esto y me ha dado una sensación de calma y relajación.

  76. 196 customer reviews


    I’m so happy I bought this! Really eased my stress and anxiety! Huge thanks, Canna Union!

  77. 196 customer reviews


    Ich liebe diesen Geschmack und die Qualität war wirklich unvergleichlich! Vielen Dank, Canna Union!

  78. 196 customer reviews


    My brother has been a fan of Canna Union. He really put in a a good word for the products and now I’m hooked too!

  79. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg er i ærefrykt for disse produktene! GODT GJORT, CANNA UNION!

  80. 196 customer reviews


    Didn’t think that such a remarkable product exists! Great work, Canna Union!

  81. 196 customer reviews


    Mi ansiedad ha sido manejable y, en general, recomendaría Canna Union.

  82. 196 customer reviews


    Mein Vater litt unter Gelenkschmerzen und nachdem ich dieses Zeug ausprobiert hatte, verbesserte ich mich definitiv!

  83. 196 customer reviews


    I used to play in my university’s basketball team. But after a knee accident, I quit. After trying this stuff for a week, the pain is almost gone.

  84. 196 customer reviews


    Vraiment aidé avec mes sautes d’humeur extrêmes! J’espère juste que j’ai trouvé cette huile de vape plus tôt.

  85. 196 customer reviews


    Been looking for products to relieve my nervousness and extreme back pain, and CBD Vape Oil did the magic! I just wish I found this sooner!

  86. 196 customer reviews


    Perfect flavor with strawberry. I love the sour and bitter mixed all together. It really helped me with my insomnia that I’ve been dealing it for years!!! Recommending y’all

  87. 196 customer reviews


    I’m really happy with my vape oil, it helps with my aches and pains ❤️

  88. 196 customer reviews


    We are satisfied that the product is exactly as described and contains significant CBD. I love using it. I will order again!

  89. 196 customer reviews

    Jerick Wood

    Excellent, very effective. Makes the world of difference to my sleep. will order again soon!

  90. 196 customer reviews


    Virkelig fornøyd med dette produktet. Følte meg bedre på kort tid. Vil kjøpe igjen.

  91. 196 customer reviews


    Felt like it really mades a difference with my whiplash neck pain, within 30 mins of first use. I definitely recommend your Vape oil! Its brilliant!!

  92. 196 customer reviews


    Brilliant product! My mother and I both purchased this product to help with our anxiety and her inflammatory bowel disease. It’s helped us tremendously! Great product and very affordable! We have both experienced decreases in our anxiety levels as well

  93. 196 customer reviews

    Pedro Sanchez

    Muy buena selección de productos: mi pedido llegó rápidamente, bien embalado y funcionó bien, buena calidad y buenos precios

  94. 196 customer reviews


    Jeg har bestilt herfra en stund, veldig god service og gode produkter til gode priser, levering er rask og produktene er godt pakket. Jeg vil absolutt anbefale dette selskapet

  95. 196 customer reviews

    Mila Jane

    Like it very much, helps ease my aches and pains. I just love your vape oil so much! It definitely works!!

  96. 196 customer reviews


    Great customer service and the order arrived within a couple if days..I love your service.

  97. 196 customer reviews


    Had absolutely no issues, really appreciate how the product is packaged. Great company.

  98. 196 customer reviews


    Gran empresa y producto. Sitio web muy útil para elegir producto. Bien embalado y entregado puntualmente.

  99. 196 customer reviews


    I prefer 250mg because its not too strong and it really helped me relax. Highly recommend with first time user. Thank you, Canna Union for everything!

  100. 196 customer reviews


    Definitely helps my dad with his dementia, and me for my anxiety. Worth every penny. I love it so much!

  101. 196 customer reviews

    D’Arras IV

    First time using this, I suffer on and off from static pain that travels down my leg, I’ve tried the vape oil to begin with and feeling some relief. and its awesome!

  102. 196 customer reviews


    Gode ​​råd og info på dette nettstedet. Rask levering veldig fornøyd med produktet vil absolutt anbefale til venner

  103. 196 customer reviews

    V Bidard

    Great product ! I’m really impressed with how the effect after using it. I feel so relax and relief. Thank you Canna Union for helping me.

  104. 196 customer reviews


    Its perfect for my stress and anxiety. It helps a lot!! The strawberry taste good for me! I would recommend Canna Union to everyone

  105. 196 customer reviews


    I’m so pleased with your vape oil. its brilliant. It taste perfectly. I would highly recommend your product!

  106. 196 customer reviews

    Bartolomeo P

    Quality products with a fantastic customer service.. and a nice touch with the attention to detail of packaging. Dont you just loooooove Canna Union? Gosh! You guys are the best!!

  107. 196 customer reviews

    N Roberts

    Great strawberry flavour and really relaxes my muscle spasms. I highly recommend your product!

  108. 196 customer reviews


    Vielen Dank für diese großartige Medizin, die meiner Angst wirklich geholfen und bei der Schmerzlinderung geholfen hat

  109. 196 customer reviews


    Really good excellent delivery. CBD Vape oil is perfect for my competition prep my sleep has been better. My muscle are fully recovered and I am less stressed

  110. 196 customer reviews


    An amazing product. Have used numerous times.

  111. 196 customer reviews


    Just love all the products that Canna Union sell. Its brilliant! You guys are best to recommend ever!

  112. 196 customer reviews

    Kimmo T

    Your Strawberry Vape oil taste really good! I should order some more!!

  113. 196 customer reviews


    Everybody loves Strawberry! It taste good. it smells good and the price is good!

  114. 196 customer reviews


    This Covid 19 is driving me crazy and worried. So I find myself to relax and tried your vape oil and I was stunned that it actually works!!

  115. 196 customer reviews


    CBD Vape Oil hat mein Leben verändert, jede Nacht geschlafen und keine Schmerzen.

  116. 196 customer reviews


    I’m happy and satisfied with my purchase. I feel relax when I use it. It was awesome!!

  117. 196 customer reviews


    Your strawberry is good. It really reduces stress

  118. 196 customer reviews


    I really admire your services its fast, easy and worth the price. you got 5 stars from me!!

  119. 196 customer reviews

    Lina D

    Ausgezeichnete Gesellschaft zu behandeln

  120. 196 customer reviews


    This strawberries are tasty!

  121. 196 customer reviews

    Val A

    Several times I bought from Canna Union without a problem

  122. 196 customer reviews

    Amia V

    I really admire their service its quick and efficient

  123. 196 customer reviews

    Johan V

    Highly recommended!

  124. 196 customer reviews


    This strawberry is perfect! I love it so much!

  125. 196 customer reviews


    I used to have anxiety. Well, not anymore because of Canna Union’s stuff!!

  126. 196 customer reviews


    life changing for me as having back pain. such a relief

  127. 196 customer reviews

    Mr. Alaric

    Sie sind die Spitzenklasse

  128. 196 customer reviews


    so far so good. Satisfied lad

  129. 196 customer reviews

    Jake R

    You guys have a great service!!

  130. 196 customer reviews

    Mr Parkes

    Speedy delivery., great stuff

  131. 196 customer reviews


    Berry vape? Berry good. lol

  132. 196 customer reviews

    Willis Calemont

    This Strawberry vape oil is hands down the best CBD product I’ve ever used.

  133. 196 customer reviews

    Bert P

    pleased with purchase, company was helpful, delivered in 2 days, and was packaged discretely. plus it works for my nausea, so I would use again.

  134. 196 customer reviews

    Brooke B

    I suffer with muscular n joint pain, as well as lack of sleep and depression. this CBD is amazing!

  135. 196 customer reviews

    Reggie H

    web site was easy to navigate and delivery was next day. Berry vape tastes great and is good for my wrist pain.

  136. 196 customer reviews

    Emma DeVeries

    Thanks to this CBD vape I get relief which enables me to live a normal life, so the cost is worth it.

  137. 196 customer reviews

    Ben J

    No problems so i Will use them again

  138. 196 customer reviews


    Ottimo prodotto CBD, buoni prezzi.

  139. 196 customer reviews

    Kelli Millar

    It is often a hassle finding a reliable CBD company, whic is why i’m so happy that i’ve found this one,! Very helpful with excellent service.

  140. 196 customer reviews


    I can’t fault the service. And the CBD is great

  141. 196 customer reviews

    J Tree

    Knowledgeable and helpful staff, service that’s second to none, fast delivery, and berry flavored CBD vape oil that works so well on my anxiety. My wife can even notice the difference.

  142. 196 customer reviews


    Love this berry CBD vape oil. It tastes amazing and it really helps with my anxiety.

  143. 196 customer reviews


    Best cbd avail on the market today

  144. 196 customer reviews

    Tanya T

    Great service and okay price

  145. 196 customer reviews

    Nicky Banner

    customer service – awesome
    delivery – fast
    anxiety – handled

    what more do you need to know?

  146. 196 customer reviews

    Lara v

    thanks a lot!

  147. 196 customer reviews


    much better than the other CBD company.

  148. 196 customer reviews

    Rosita D

    easy ordering procedure, delivey in 2 days, another 2 days vaping to feel the effects

  149. 196 customer reviews


    pricey, but the CBD is genuinely effective

  150. 196 customer reviews


    CBD is working well even after only a few days

  151. 196 customer reviews

    Dean Major

    This stuff is the real deal! Been vaping it multiple times a day for 2 weeks, and not only does it taste better than any other brands that I’ve tried, but it also noticeably reduce my inflammation and lower back pain. Try it for yourself!

  152. 196 customer reviews


    Great customer service. only been using berry vape for a couple of days and already have great sleep and slightly reduced pain.

  153. 196 customer reviews

    Ollie S

    The cbd vape product is yummy and effects my pain and the price was reasonable.

  154. 196 customer reviews

    Charles F

    Worth every penny. Love it.

  155. 196 customer reviews


    Vapeo este aceite de cbd para mis síntomas de SII recientemente diagnosticados.

  156. 196 customer reviews

    Julee Smythe

    Smooth and easy to use website with really commendable customer service. They really seem not only knowledgeable, but like they really enjoy helping people out. Delivery was a day late, but meh whatever. I’d been surviving without it so long, whats 1 more day, right?

  157. 196 customer reviews

    Patty A

    arrived in a couple of days. CBD working so would buy from CU again

  158. 196 customer reviews

    Ky W

    Excellent service, with very helpful staff.

  159. 196 customer reviews


    Been using this vape on a regular basis for months. very effective pain relief

  160. 196 customer reviews

    Earl Kennedy

    They sent me sublingual CBD instead of Vape oil. Lucky i noticed before trying to smoke it. They said i could keep it and are sending out the right one, but still not too happy about it.

  161. 196 customer reviews


    Definitely recommend the berry 250 vape,. i sleep so well now. I will be coming back here for more soon.

  162. 196 customer reviews


    Fast delivery and this CBD product really works.

  163. 196 customer reviews

    Steven S


  164. 196 customer reviews


    Been using cbd for a year or so, and this is the best CBD vape I’ve ever had

  165. 196 customer reviews

    Rach G

    i have tried other CBT brands but these ones have a better quality, nicer taste, and are much more effective.

  166. 196 customer reviews

    Tommy Tallen

    I was quite skeptical about CBD at first, but within a few days of vaping this Berry flavored CBD oil, I’m fully mobile and entirely pain free. I will definitely be recommending this company to anyone who will listen.

  167. 196 customer reviews


    The only place I ever shop from all my CBD. I especially love this vape oil

  168. 196 customer reviews

    Jedadiah S

    The Berry Vape oil makes me feel really relaxed, while reducing all of my body aches and joint pain. The taste is amazing too.

  169. 196 customer reviews

    Jaquie W

    2 day international delivery. Works for my mood and nerves

  170. 196 customer reviews


    ordered twice off these guys now… customer service has always been excellent, and oild are next level.

  171. 196 customer reviews

    Deano Bengasi

    Berry CBD vape oil gives me quality night’s sleep. Reliable customer service. Highly recommended.

  172. 196 customer reviews

    David W

    delivery was faster than expected and great tasting cbd product. My mind has been eased and i am now sleeping so good

  173. 196 customer reviews

    Ken H

    quick delivery, easy to order, excellent site. Very happy with CBD vape so I will be ordering again.

  174. 196 customer reviews

    Jean Jestah

    Definitely worth the cost, with great customer service, fast delivery, and a wide selection of CBD products, I decided on the berry vape oil. Yummy and effective on joint pain.

  175. 196 customer reviews

    Clara S

    My brother suffers severe pain. most likely from polymyalgia rheumatica. Giving this a try.

  176. 196 customer reviews


    Loved this berry vape! It works so well. I’m more relaxed and I have more patience. And i sleeps better. wish it was a little cheaper

  177. 196 customer reviews


    premium CBD product and it’s certified THC free, which is great for me because i get tested randomly at work.

  178. 196 customer reviews

    Berry Nice


  179. 196 customer reviews

    Max Folson

    I bought this 250ml a few weeks ago as a kind of taste and effect tester, but it’s almost gone already! I’m going to order the same yummy berry flavor in the 1000mg bottle today.

  180. 196 customer reviews


    symptoms are improving after a few days vaping

  181. 196 customer reviews

    Clark Q

    Love my berry vape. i have so much less pain.

  182. 196 customer reviews

    Lucy T

    I’m very happy.

  183. 196 customer reviews

    T Burlinsen

    Really Great service and product

  184. 196 customer reviews

    Kev H

    recommended for pancreatic cancer so will see how it goes…

  185. 196 customer reviews


    This is my first order so fingers crossed the CBD can help with my condition.

  186. 196 customer reviews


    It may not work for all, but so far this CBD vape really works for me.

  187. 196 customer reviews

    Mrs Hodgkiss

    I normally suffer from a combination of low moods with quite severe panic attacks. Berry Vape takes all that away so i can feel and function like a normal person. 5 out of 5 definitely recommend.

  188. 196 customer reviews


    tastes lovely… and i feel much more centred

  189. 196 customer reviews

    John G

    Good service. !st tome using CBD. watch this space

  190. 196 customer reviews

    William Shores

    xcellent service, great products. The berry flavor is superb!

  191. 196 customer reviews

    anna K

    Happy customer

  192. 196 customer reviews

    Mister D

    I have purchased CBD vape oil online from elsewhere before and this berry vape tastes better, is cheaper, and more effective! i’m on a winner!

  193. 196 customer reviews

    Anna Flannagan

    THC content is the most important thing for me, as i must pass daily drug tests for my job. The strawberry CBD vape oil 100% THC-free AND it tastes exactly like fresh strawberries! Yum!

  194. 196 customer reviews


    friendly and helpful customer service. Berry flavor vape is amazing.

  195. 196 customer reviews

    Gary Pearce

    professional service, efficient delivery, and the vape oil takes away all my bad vibes.

  196. 196 customer reviews

    Mike Hawkins

    Website was really full of information and was easy to use, and the ordering process was a cinch. The best thing is, somehow my order arrived the next day. Berry flavor is berryful.

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