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CBD Vape Oil 500mg Heisenberg

100% Pure CBD
155 customer reviews
(155 customer reviews)


  • No THC
  • Flavour: Heisenberg
  • Contains 500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

Mixing up the flavours of fruit and menthol, if you like a bit of spice – you’ll love CBD Vape Oil 500mg Heisenberg. The 500mg option is mid-strength in our range, and provides maximum benefits with no psychedelic effects, thanks to being 100% THC-free. CBD Vape Oil 500mg Heisenberg is ISO Certified and ready for vaping.

CBD Vape Oil 500mg Heisenberg has been known to help assist with a variety of ailments, relieving anxiety, pain, inflammation, and much more. It has also been known to promote relaxation and may help with skin conditions.

Our CBD products have no pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides . CBD Vape Oil 500mg Heisenberg is suitable for vegans and kosher. Vaping CBD Oil in general is an effective method of consumption, allowing you to absorb more of the active ingredient quicker. Vaping has also been endorsed by health experts as far safer than smoking.

Flavour: The Heinsenberg flavour is popular in the vaping world. The flavour is a mixture of a fruit and menthol, providing the perfect balance of a mint fresh with a sweet aftertaste.

Recommended Dosage: Take it slow to start with, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Heinsenberg is also available in 250mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Mixed Berry Aniseed Flavouring.


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155 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 500mg Heisenberg

  1. 155 customer reviews

    Fernando S

    El dolor en la articulación de mi cadera ha mejorado de inmediato. Compraré más seguro

  2. 155 customer reviews


    I have had migraines since I was a girl. My friend urged me to try this and it works awesome!

  3. 155 customer reviews


    This CBD vape oil is exquisite! Really helped alleviate my sore muscles.

  4. 155 customer reviews


    Ich konnte vorher nicht mit dem Rauchen aufhören, aber dieses CBD-Vape-Öl machte es möglich! Ich fühle mich gesünder

  5. 155 customer reviews


    Sabe muy bien y me ayudó con mi ansiedad. Definitivamente ordenar de nuevo!

  6. 155 customer reviews


    Virkelig den beste vape oljen som noensinne har eksistert! Flotte effekter!

  7. 155 customer reviews


    Ich hatte lange Zeit Schlaflosigkeit und Schlaftabletten ließen mich beim Aufwachen erschöpft fühlen. Aber dieses Produkt hat das alles verbessert. Ich fühle mich jetzt entspannt!

  8. 155 customer reviews


    Gracias a Canna Union, mis dolores musculares se han ido. De primera calidad!

  9. 155 customer reviews


    I would never exchange this to some other product. I’ve been really comfy with the outcome so far

  10. 155 customer reviews


    El sitio web es increíble y responde la mayoría de mis preguntas sin tener que contactar a ventas

  11. 155 customer reviews


    Really amazed with how swiftly my insomnia got better! Really awesome products!

  12. 155 customer reviews


    No other sort could contest the efficacy of Canna Union products! Without a doubt the best of all time!

  13. 155 customer reviews


    I’ve been a follower of your products for a few months and it just surpassed my expectations ! Wonderful company!

  14. 155 customer reviews


    This relieves my stress and helps me relax, and the pursuit for a product like this has been really hard since time immemorial. Thank you, Canna Union

  15. 155 customer reviews


    Had migraine all my life. Found this and my life changed a lot!

  16. 155 customer reviews


    Splendid customer service and quick delivery in the middle of the crisis! The best company ever!

  17. 155 customer reviews

    Jim R

    My depressive disorder has been out of control and my mood is through the roof! But it all improved after using this for 2 weeks

  18. 155 customer reviews

    Tara G

    Estaba muy deprimido después de perder mi trabajo, pero gracias a Canna Union pude continuar y ahora estoy mucho más feliz.

  19. 155 customer reviews


    No era fanático de cbd en el pasado y no creía que fuera efectivo en absoluto. ¡Pero cambié de opinión cuando comencé a usarlo para mis dolores en las articulaciones!

  20. 155 customer reviews


    Das wirkt wie Magie für meine Angst und ich werde nie aufhören, das Wort darüber zu verbreiten, wie großartig ihr seid!

  21. 155 customer reviews


    Ich benutze es seit fast einem Monat und es lindert Muskelkater und entzündete Gelenke! Großartige Arbeit, Canna Union!

  22. 155 customer reviews

    Alfred U

    ¡Solía sentirme diferente con los productos de CBD hasta que probé uno! Ahora estoy enganchado! ¡Por favor continúa siendo increíble, Union Canna!

  23. 155 customer reviews


    I use this every night before I sleep and wake up and feel refreshed! Definitely recommend Canna Union to my friends and family!

  24. 155 customer reviews


    C’est la seule chose que je suis très reconnaissant de trouver! Merci, Canna Union!

  25. 155 customer reviews


    Dette er virkelig verdt hver krone! Det hjalp meg med å takle depresjonen min.

  26. 155 customer reviews


    Jeg har kjent panikkanfall hele livet og har mistet alt håp om at medisiner kunne kurere det før jeg fant denne perlen! Dere er fantastiske!

  27. 155 customer reviews


    Unbestreitbar das feinste Vape-Öl im Universum! Tolle Gesellschaft!

  28. 155 customer reviews


    I found it really hard to quit smoking cigarettes and I can’t believe this CBD vape oil made it so easy!

  29. 155 customer reviews


    ¡Este es el aceite de vaporizador de primera clase que he probado! ¡Buen trabajo, Canna Union!

  30. 155 customer reviews


    All the neck, hip and back pain disappeared after just a few days of using this! Thanks Canna Union!

  31. 155 customer reviews


    Jeg lyver ikke når jeg sier at dette er den beste vape oljen noensinne. Jeg har prøvd en rekke merker, men ingenting slår Canna Union.

  32. 155 customer reviews


    I didn’t believe it a first but now I thought that this is the best product I’ve ever used for my back pains!

  33. 155 customer reviews


    I was forced to quit my career in tennis due to an injury. I’ve been longing to play since. This product has had very promising results and I hope for more development!

  34. 155 customer reviews


    My painful knees and hips really stops me from doing the things I love. I started using this last month and it’s been going really great!

  35. 155 customer reviews


    I’ve been taking pain pills for my migraines and I wouldn’t even take effect. Tried this and it worked like magic!

  36. 155 customer reviews


    Ich habe häufige Migräne, seit ich erwachsen bin. Dies hilft wirklich, die Schmerzen zu lindern und wirkt sich sehr schnell aus!

  37. 155 customer reviews


    Nunca entendí la razón por la cual los productos de CBD han sido famosos últimamente hasta que traté de comprar uno y ¡ahora entiendo totalmente toda la confusión! ¡Esto funciona como magia!

  38. 155 customer reviews


    I am a huge advocate of Canna Union! Cbd vape oil has given me a second chance to be active again after undergoing knee surgery.

  39. 155 customer reviews


    I used to be very anxious and get easily stressed but since I started using cbd vape oil, my mood has been great!

  40. 155 customer reviews


    J’ai trouvé vraiment difficile d’arrêter de fumer des cigarettes et je ne peux pas croire que cette huile de vape CBD ait rendu les choses si faciles!

  41. 155 customer reviews


    I was always been a shy and anxious person and I can say this stuff really changed all that!

  42. 155 customer reviews


    I don’t think there is a product out there that matches the potency of this stuff!

  43. 155 customer reviews


    Hjalp meg med å slappe av og sove mye bedre om natten.

  44. 155 customer reviews


    Hjalp meg med å slappe av og sove mye bedre om natten.

  45. 155 customer reviews


    I am a huge fan of your products, Canna Union! Keep up!

  46. 155 customer reviews


    ¡EL MEJOR PRODUCTO! Al principio tenía mis dudas al intentar esto, ¡pero ahora, definitivamente no puedo vivir sin él!

  47. 155 customer reviews


    am amazed. I feel calmer and after vaping for 3 days, I have slept through the night – something I haven’t managed for years! Overall I’m really happy and will recommend to all my friends

  48. 155 customer reviews


    I am very happy with this product, I recommend for everyone of us to consume a CBD vape oil at the time like this. Useful for anxious ppl

  49. 155 customer reviews


    Das von mir bestellte CBD-Vape-Öl wirkt sich bereits sehr positiv auf meine Fibromyalgie aus. Es lindert die Schmerzsymptome und macht mich viel ruhiger und weniger ängstlich. Sehr empfehlenswert.

  50. 155 customer reviews


    The best cbd vape oil. it helps me with my anxiety makes me relax. I definitely recommend your vape oil

  51. 155 customer reviews


    Great for anxiety and for getting a great nights sleep. My stress are gone. I’m so happy! Definitely recommend your stuff!

  52. 155 customer reviews


    I felt so relax after using heisenberg . The right dosage for me the 500mg. I would definitely order again!

  53. 155 customer reviews

    Rowan F

    Wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve never been happier / slept better! Definitely recommend Canna Union! You’re the best!

  54. 155 customer reviews

    Esther Joie

    My first time using CBD Vape oil. It really helped me relax and it removed all my stress away! Pretty cool Product!

  55. 155 customer reviews

    Anne Penny

    Good deal, prompt despatch and good communication throughout the transaction. High quality product. I definitely recommend you guys to everyone!

  56. 155 customer reviews


    Just what I wanted. Well packed and arrived on time. Heisenberg is perfect for me. I love it!

  57. 155 customer reviews


    Gutes Produkt funktioniert bei mir, wo andere Medikamente nicht haben, wurde schnell versandt und kam erwartungsgemäß an, genial.

  58. 155 customer reviews

    Meget god service ankom når det burde ha gjort. Ingen problemer overhodet.

  59. 155 customer reviews


    Meget god service ankom når det burde ha gjort. Ingen problemer overhodet.

  60. 155 customer reviews


    Leveringen var veldig god og rask. Det er akkurat det jeg ønsket, strålende. Takk skal du ha.

  61. 155 customer reviews


    Ma commande est arrivée à temps et le produit a fait un charme fou. J’adore le paquet. C’est bien. Je le recommande!

  62. 155 customer reviews


    I like the Heisenberg flavor. Its really refresing and relax. Vaping it before sleeping. ITs awesome!!

  63. 155 customer reviews


    Trusted and quality product. Timely delivery. Very user-friendly website. It is super easy!!

  64. 155 customer reviews


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  65. 155 customer reviews

    W Borguet

    The best cbd vape oil in Canna Union is super great! it helps me with my anxiety makes me relax and not worry much

  66. 155 customer reviews


    Flott produkt, gode priser som det ble tilbudt. Ville brukt igjen hvis de holdt følge med tilbud.

  67. 155 customer reviews


    Toller Kundenservice, immer gerne Zeit, um die verschiedenen Produkte zu erklären

  68. 155 customer reviews


    What a fantastic quick service highly recommend others to use this company. First time using heisenberg and its refreshing!! I love to order again

  69. 155 customer reviews


    Siden dette var vår første gang, var vi litt bekymret. Det var imidlertid ingen problemer. Alt gikk greit og effektivt. Ubetinget anbefalt.

  70. 155 customer reviews


    absolutely worth the money , Helped to calm a very difficult situation, even managed to sleep. i love your Heisenberg flavor.

  71. 155 customer reviews


    Brilliant product for a variety of health problems. I’m really impressed with the delivery service too, arrived very quickly. Would definitely recommend to other people. I’m more than happy and satisified with you guys xoxo

  72. 155 customer reviews


    The truth is I have no complaints about canna union. Canna union is amazing!!

  73. 155 customer reviews


    You guys have the best customer service I talked to. She’s super nice and knowledgeable! perfect fit!!

  74. 155 customer reviews

    Jane Ali

    Excellent product excellent price & fast efficient delivery. Have tried other companies but this one has been the best service of them all

  75. 155 customer reviews


    Amazingly the best product I have!!

  76. 155 customer reviews


    Just exactly cbd that I’m looking and longing for. definitely order again and recommend you guys!

  77. 155 customer reviews


    I’m very impressed with the heisenberg flavor. It really is cooling. I love it!

  78. 155 customer reviews

    Mateo C

    Empresa brillante y productos. El sitio web es fácil de usar y la entrega fue muy rápida.

  79. 155 customer reviews


    The cooling flavor really makes me relax.

  80. 155 customer reviews

    Antonio Cub

    Excellent service and product as always

  81. 155 customer reviews


    You guys have an xcellent product! thank you. It works for me though.

  82. 155 customer reviews


    Cooling flavor of the heisenberg is terrific!!`

  83. 155 customer reviews


    You guys have great quality product!

  84. 155 customer reviews


    my fifth time and still I’m happy and satisfied. I will order again soon!

  85. 155 customer reviews


    The product has an amazing benefit!

  86. 155 customer reviews


    Produit fantastique

  87. 155 customer reviews


    I like the flavor. It taste good! I’ll order more soon!

  88. 155 customer reviews

    A Maria

    CBD que realmente funciona para mí

  89. 155 customer reviews

    J Matt

    Always have a good experience with them!

  90. 155 customer reviews

    J Brooke

    other company doesn’t taste good smh. but this one! Golly its brilliant!! it made me relax!!

  91. 155 customer reviews

    Ember Gil

    Vaping using Heisenberg is making me relax.

  92. 155 customer reviews


    Very impressed with the CBD products from CU. All good and will recommend

  93. 155 customer reviews


    10-10 will def buy again

  94. 155 customer reviews

    Allen Smith

    Ordering was easy, and delivered promptly. So far very happy with tis CBD vape Oil.

  95. 155 customer reviews

    T Hudson

    I’ve been using the Heisenberg CBD oil i bought from here for vaping over the past 3 weeks, and i’ve found that it really helps with my nerve damage and joint pain. No more restless nights!

  96. 155 customer reviews

    Deanna G

    excellent service and really great CBD product

  97. 155 customer reviews

    Jenny S

    Say his name. Heisenberg. You’re goddamned right.

    Seriously though, I have no complaints at all with this CBD vape oil.

  98. 155 customer reviews

    Olive H

    Great customer service with email queries answered very quickly. My product order arrived in two days as promised.

  99. 155 customer reviews


    Been using for the last week, so far I am very happy with the results

  100. 155 customer reviews


    efficient service and great CBD. I’ll use again for sure thanks

  101. 155 customer reviews


    I have been having trouble sleeping for the last few months, but now my sleeping patterns are back to normal. I feel heaps more rested and very relaxed!

  102. 155 customer reviews

    Dani M

    I spent a fair bit of time researching everything i could find about CBD before taking the plunge, and Canna Union are one of the newer breed of suppliers who only use the best quality products.

  103. 155 customer reviews

    West Ley


  104. 155 customer reviews


    Heisenberg vape FTW!

  105. 155 customer reviews


    Relief from AS pain and much improved sleep patterns.

  106. 155 customer reviews

    Oliver Thomas

    I am suitably pleased with the customer service, speed of delivery, and quality of products. I’ll be back for more.

  107. 155 customer reviews

    Aaron Paul

    Yeah science, Bitch! lol. Had to get the Heisenberg. It’sawesome.

  108. 155 customer reviews

    Sienna K

    Delivery took a little longer than i expected, but it was worth the extra wait for the combined taste of minty fresh menthol and sweet fruity aftertaste. Hopefully the next order comes ontime.

  109. 155 customer reviews

    Brooke K

    Thanks to this delish CBD vape oil, I’ve said goodbye to my joint pain and fibromyalgia symptoms. I highly recommend this and obviously I will be buying more.

  110. 155 customer reviews


    yes thank you my knee have also been a much better

  111. 155 customer reviews

    Sue H

    This CBD vape oil has been having a very positive effect on my fibromyalgia.

  112. 155 customer reviews


    easy to use website and there is a great selection of CBD. This one is minty and fruity

  113. 155 customer reviews

    B Hendersen

    Customer service that’s second to none, and the delivery was only a couple of days. And thanks to the Heisenberg mix, I am sleeping like a log every single night.

  114. 155 customer reviews


    Great quality plus the effects are amazing. seriously good CBD thank you

  115. 155 customer reviews

    Ramon F

    Tenía cero experiencia con el aceite de CBD hasta que llegué a este sitio web, que afortunadamente está lleno de recursos, bien distribuido y tienen servicio al cliente disponible para ayudar. Pedí el aceite de vape CBD Heisenberg 500mg porque parecía la opción más inteligente. No demasiado y no una pequeña cantidad.

  116. 155 customer reviews


    Heisenberg vape has been easing my symptoms of pain. Plus it makes me feel a lot calmer and way less anxious. Highly recommended by me.

  117. 155 customer reviews

    Suzy G

    Answered my queries promptly. Great service. fast delivery. Would recommend.

  118. 155 customer reviews


    Thanks so much. 2 day delivery. Excellent CBD vape.

  119. 155 customer reviews

    K Kovacs

    nagyon elégedett vagyok ezzel a termékkel, azt javaslom

  120. 155 customer reviews


    Only issue is that it is expensive

  121. 155 customer reviews


    I have osteoarthritis and I also get stressed and anxious. This CBD vape is kickass

  122. 155 customer reviews

    Tom D

    Excellent customer service, high quality CBD product, and above average delivery time. I have been so impressed with this delicious and effective vape oil that I have already recommended to 3 of my friends.

  123. 155 customer reviews


    To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I admit it though. I was so wrong!

  124. 155 customer reviews


    Fast delivery and good service. CBD tastes great vaping it.

  125. 155 customer reviews

    Lidia Garcia

    I’ve been using heisenberg CBD vape oil from this company since a couple of day after they opened, and i’ve never had an issue. Products are always the highest quality, and staff are always available if i have any questions.

  126. 155 customer reviews


    Brilliant service and the CBD oil arrived in under 48 hours.

  127. 155 customer reviews


    Take it for my chronic pain, fatigue & insomnia. Felt a huge difference in a few days. Highly recommended.

  128. 155 customer reviews


    After vaping for 3 days, I already feel calmer and I am sleeping through the night.

  129. 155 customer reviews


    customer service is excellent

  130. 155 customer reviews


    Great taste and much less pain!

  131. 155 customer reviews

    S Meade

    After vaping Heisenberg CBD oil for almost 2 weeks, the arthritis has been significantly reduced to almost nil in my hands. excellent service and shipping was fast.

  132. 155 customer reviews


    I like it!

  133. 155 customer reviews

    Mikeala St James

    brilliant product, which i have found works almost immediately for my pain. can’t recommend this company enough.

  134. 155 customer reviews


    good CBD vape oil and excellent service

  135. 155 customer reviews


    I have fibromyalgia and this vape oil helps me relax and the pain is much less intense

  136. 155 customer reviews


    This CBD vape helps my moods and I get so much pain relief. Worth the xxy price IMHO

  137. 155 customer reviews

    Ema D

    I def recommend this company and this CBD vape oil. I will be placing regular orders from now on.

  138. 155 customer reviews

    Mike Thorn

    This website has so much information and genuinely easy to use. I use this vape oil for my arthritis and would definitely recommend it.

  139. 155 customer reviews

    Donald C

    I suffer with nerve pain in my upper arms after a stroke a few years back. Started using this CBD vape a week ago and wow… I can honestly say that the pain has eased so such. I reckon I feel almost 100%better.

  140. 155 customer reviews

    Dee Hookah

    Hisenberg CBD Vape Oil reduces my anxiety as well as dulls my aches and pains. Almost finished this 500mg botte, so will move up to the 1000mg next.

  141. 155 customer reviews


    this cbd vape oil heisenberg oil is marvelous for pain relief

  142. 155 customer reviews


    Yummy fruity menthol!

  143. 155 customer reviews

    Joanne B

    This cbd vape is highly recommend by me. I hope that everyone will find pleasant relief from their constant pain like me.

  144. 155 customer reviews


    This Vape oil has really helped with my pain relief.

  145. 155 customer reviews


    excellent for pain relief

  146. 155 customer reviews


    After having this CBD vape for a week, and for the first time in a few months that i have sleep very well

  147. 155 customer reviews

    Marvin F

    great cust service fast delivery

  148. 155 customer reviews

    Paul Neeskins

    Only difficulty I had was choosing what i wanted from the seriously wide range of CBD products. Customer service was amazing, with swift delivery, and this vape juice is so damn tasty. Oh, and the most important thing is that my anxiety levels are down to zero. Definitely recommend.

  149. 155 customer reviews


    Delivery average but CBD is amazing

  150. 155 customer reviews

    Maggie T

    I suffer from chronic pain, but thankfully this Heisenberg CBD vape oil numbs pain, help me relax, and seriously tastes amazing!

  151. 155 customer reviews


    Great CBD vape and good customer service

  152. 155 customer reviews


    CBD is starting to ease my body aches and pains after a few days

  153. 155 customer reviews

    Troy Couwlch

    everything was great. service, delivery, and the Heisenberg CBD vape oil. I just thought it seemed a bit expensive? But this is my first time buying it so…

  154. 155 customer reviews

    Jean Lou Art

    fast delivery service great CBD thank u

  155. 155 customer reviews

    Jacob Turner

    website, shipping, vape oil are all excellent, I just thought the shipping seemed a little exensive…

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