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CBD Vape Oil 500mg Mango Ice

100% Pure CBD
192 customer reviews
(192 customer reviews)


  • No THC
  • Flavour: Mango Ice
  • Contains 500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

Are you a mango-lover looking for a sweet flavoured CBD Oil, with all the benefits? Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil 500mg Mango Ice is delicious and effective. It has been known to assist with a wide range of ailments, including pain and inflammation relief. It could also assist with the symptoms of anxiety and skin conditions, among many other things. CBD Vape Oil 500mg Mango Ice is 100% THC free and ISO Certified. It’s ready to use.

CBD Vape Oil 500mg Mango Ice has no pesticides, molds, solvents, or herbicides in the mix. It’s completely organic and is suitable for vegans and kosher. The best part about this CBD Vape Oil is that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the highest quality hemp, along with all present cannabinoids.

Vaping CBD Oil is an effective method of consumption as it allows you to absorb more of the active ingredient – faster. Vaping has also been promoted by some health experts as being a far safer method than smoking.

Flavour: When vaping our mango flavoured CBD Vape Oil, you will taste a rich mixture of tropical and sweet ripe mangoes combined with a fresh, cool, minty taste.

Recommended Dosage: Take it slow to start with, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Mango Ice is also available in 250mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Fruit flavouring.


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192 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 500mg Mango Ice

  1. 192 customer reviews


    The service is excellent, and the packaging and quality of the product are far superior to other brands I’ve used.

  2. 192 customer reviews


    Outstanding customer service! Awesome product! Thank you, Charlie!

  3. 192 customer reviews


    Brilliant product despite the current situation right now. You guys were able to ship my package right away. Thank you so much though.

  4. 192 customer reviews


    I am pleased with your services and I love the mango ice flavor. It really helps my anxiety to lower it dond and kept me calm. Thank you Canna Union

  5. 192 customer reviews


    When I am vaping CBD Vape Oil Mango Ice, it feels like I am being massaged because it is so calming!

  6. 192 customer reviews


    Who would’ve thought that this tiny bottle can cure a lot of ailments! Especially pain that can’t be seen 🙂

  7. 192 customer reviews


    It feel like I am doing YOGA but I am just Vaping:) Imagine that? Canna Union’s The Best!

  8. 192 customer reviews


    Delicious, Effective, Pain-reliever. Well actually, it’s EVERYTHING you could ask for!

  9. 192 customer reviews


    I’m a mango-lover. I love its taste and the relaxing sensations it allows me to feel.

  10. 192 customer reviews


    Thanks to Canna Union for its awesome CBD Vape Mango Ice in assisting me with all the muscle pain and inflammation I have 😀

  11. 192 customer reviews


    I never suffer from my insomnia anymore. Thank you so much Canna Union for providing people trusted qualities!!!

  12. 192 customer reviews


    I thought this would just suit me with all the muscle pain particular the back pain, I never expected this to be so delicious! Amazing!

  13. 192 customer reviews


    Its mid-strength is so beneficial. It keeps me going! Thanks Canna Union.

  14. 192 customer reviews


    Este aceite de Vape es mi favorito. ¡Se lo recomendaré a mi mejor amiga Sally!

  15. 192 customer reviews


    I was about to ask my doctor on how I can stop from smoking cigar. Then a friend of mine introduce me this product. Very well pleased.

  16. 192 customer reviews


    I’m a Mango-lover. That’s why I never hesitate this, and it proves me more than I expected.

  17. 192 customer reviews


    Jeg visste aldri at jeg kunne oppnå avslapning med favorittfrukten min, Mango!

  18. 192 customer reviews


    Me encanta su sabor dulce a mentol, dulce con un poco de especias. Ayuda mucho para mi ansiedad.

  19. 192 customer reviews


    I am a super active person, reason for me not to rest well, I couldn’t sleep. It’s like everything I did in a long day isn’t enough for me to deserve rest even at night. Thanks to CBD product! Now I feel enough. I can sleep well, rest well, enough to do all the work, enough to deserve rest at night. GOOD JOB CANNA UNION!!!

  20. 192 customer reviews


    I am enjoying it and loving it so much! Knowing that I’m not just having a good time with this, but I also know it’s good for me and healthy than any other. That’s the best!

  21. 192 customer reviews


    The best is here and I’m happy I was able to try it as early as now.

  22. 192 customer reviews


    Not a Mango fan at all. But this one is exempted. It’s not just it smell like mango it also gives my back a back pain free! Thanks Canna Union.

  23. 192 customer reviews


    This stuff smells awesome, will surely continue to order!

  24. 192 customer reviews

    Hammy O

    I began using CBD oil a month ago. Everything is good and the customer service people are so friendly and nice.

  25. 192 customer reviews


    Because of this product, I’ve been able to focus on my art more. The comfort this gives me is immeasurable.

  26. 192 customer reviews


    Je peux contrôler mon anxiété avec ça. Les migraines ont également diminué.

  27. 192 customer reviews

    Yngrid Yen

    Years of depression changes a person. And I’m glad this worked great for me!

  28. 192 customer reviews


    I got my order yesterday and I am hopeful that the results will be great! Fingers crossed!

  29. 192 customer reviews

    Lena Young

    I’ve been able to sleep a lot better these days. And good sleep means a good mood!

  30. 192 customer reviews


    This brings peace to my mind after a long day at work. Really hope that you get to help more people!

  31. 192 customer reviews


    Je l’utilise pour mes articulations enflammées et les résultats sont exceptionnels. J’en ai acheté pour ma femme aussi.

  32. 192 customer reviews


    Lo he estado usando desde que llegó la semana pasada y los efectos son excelentes. Se registrará nuevamente en unos meses

  33. 192 customer reviews


    I’ve had fatigue for quite some time now. Saw a post about this so I tried buying one and I’m already impressed!

  34. 192 customer reviews


    Kundeservicen din er virkelig eksepsjonell! Pluss flotte produkter, og du får et utrolig selskap!

  35. 192 customer reviews


    I’m sure i’ll save big bucks on this rather than buying pain pills and other pain medication. I’m quite impressed!

  36. 192 customer reviews


    Cela a été une course assez incroyable! J’en prends un chaque soir pour m’aider à dormir.

  37. 192 customer reviews


    Utmattetheten minket når jeg bruker dette produktet! Egentlig ganske overrasket!

  38. 192 customer reviews


    Ich konnte meine Angst in letzter Zeit ziemlich gut bewältigen. Meine Schlaflosigkeit hat auch nachgelassen.

  39. 192 customer reviews


    Nettstedet svarer på de fleste av spørsmålene mine, så ikke trengte å kontakte salg, men når jeg gjør det, er de alltid veldig nyttige.

  40. 192 customer reviews


    Muscle spasms has been very ugly recently and I’m glad I have this to help me get through the day.

  41. 192 customer reviews


    Mon insomnie est la chose la plus difficile à gérer depuis longtemps. Mon collègue me l’a dit et j’ai pu mieux dormir.

  42. 192 customer reviews


    Thought I’d never find a cure for my fatigue until I found this vape oil. It immediately made me feel good! Thanks, Canna Union!

  43. 192 customer reviews

    Theodore D

    I started using this a few weeks ago. Really floored at how fast the results reveal!

  44. 192 customer reviews


    Bevor ich anfing, CBD-Vape-Öl zu verwenden, schlafe ich sehr leicht. Aber jetzt schlafe ich viel besser und bin sehr dankbar dafür

  45. 192 customer reviews


    Website is contains really great information and the customer service is admirable. Keep up!

  46. 192 customer reviews


    I don’t think there is a product that matches the power of this stuff! Been sleeping great because of this

  47. 192 customer reviews


    I love it and it helps me unwind. I’m elated with the results!

  48. 192 customer reviews


    I see a noticeable improvement on my mood and I’ve been feeling pretty relaxed lately

  49. 192 customer reviews


    Ils ont un goût incroyable et exactement ce dont j’ai besoin pour mes muscles endoloris. Des gens formidables derrière l’entreprise

  50. 192 customer reviews


    I have social anxiety disorder, and after my friend suggested this product to me, I became really confident, thanks

  51. 192 customer reviews


    Jeg er glad vennen min anbefalte det! Jeg har nettopp kjøpt en ny batch!

  52. 192 customer reviews


    Completely impressed with how rapidly my insomnia got better! Absolutely recommend!

  53. 192 customer reviews


    Jeg vurderer dette produktet positivt fordi det reduserer de smertefulle skuldrene mine! Jeg er så fornøyd!

  54. 192 customer reviews


    Ich habe letzten Monat zu diesem Produkt gewechselt. Ich benutze es, um Schlaf zu induzieren und es hilft mir wirklich dabei.

  55. 192 customer reviews


    The flavor is exemplary without weakening the quality and potency. Great job!

  56. 192 customer reviews


    Ich war in der Vergangenheit kein Fan von CBD-Produkten, bis mein Cousin dies empfahl. Ich habe mich seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr so gut gefühlt!

  57. 192 customer reviews


    J’ai demandé à mon frère d’essayer cela pour son insomnie. Il l’utilise depuis quelques jours et les effets sont remarquables.

  58. 192 customer reviews

    Janet R

    Rapide et très efficace pour les douleurs musculaires! Vous êtes géniaux les gars!

  59. 192 customer reviews

    Anika F

    I find the effects quick and convenient compared to taking pain relievers! Wonderful job, Canna Union!

  60. 192 customer reviews


    Since I started using CBD vape oil, I was able to sleep like a baby! Appreciate the quick delivery too

  61. 192 customer reviews


    I have insomnia for years and sleeping pills would be exhausted when I wake up. But this product changed all that. I feel rested now!

  62. 192 customer reviews


    I’ve tried a number of brands but nothing beats Canna Union. I’m not gonna lie, this is the best vape oil ever.

  63. 192 customer reviews


    I have suffered from anxiety since I was young. I started using this product on April and my symptoms improved!

  64. 192 customer reviews

    Willie J

    I get really anxious about the pandemic and this has helped me get through the day.

  65. 192 customer reviews


    Ich weiß, dass die Situation in letzter Zeit schwierig war, aber ich bin wirklich beeindruckt, dass das Produkt früher als geplant geliefert wurde.

  66. 192 customer reviews


    Overall, I’ve been happy and lately I can control my mood swings. Great quality!

  67. 192 customer reviews


    Je pensais vraiment que je ne trouverais jamais de remède à ma fatigue. Mais quand j’ai trouvé de l’huile de CBD, j’ai été instantanément guérie! Merci, Canna Union!

  68. 192 customer reviews


    This has really helped with my anxiety! Will recommend your products to my friends!

  69. 192 customer reviews


    These products have helped me deal with the nausea, and I’m so glad I found this!

  70. 192 customer reviews


    This cbd vape oil is hands down the best! Placing another order now!

  71. 192 customer reviews


    I was surprised at how good it is! This stuff smells awesome, will surely continue to order!

  72. 192 customer reviews


    I really changed my mind about alternative medications. My stress has improved! I’m a huge fan!

  73. 192 customer reviews


    I thank Canna Union for giving me a second chance to go back to running. Suffered joint pains for several years and now I’m healed!

  74. 192 customer reviews


    I guess this is the best flavor but I will try the other ones soon. Best quality products!

  75. 192 customer reviews


    I told my family about how awesome your products are. They’re also going to order soon!

  76. 192 customer reviews


    I’m not lying when I say that this is the best vape oil ever. I’ve tried a number of brands but nothing beats Canna Union.

  77. 192 customer reviews


    I noticed that when I use this for just a few minutes, it would boost my alertness and thus helping me get through the day!

  78. 192 customer reviews


    ¡Mi hermano es fanático de los productos de Canna Union! Me lo presentó y lo he estado usando durante casi un mes, ¡y todo va bien hasta ahora!

  79. 192 customer reviews


    I always feel dizzy even when I had a good sleep and diet. But since I tried this stuff, I’ve been feeling awesome!

  80. 192 customer reviews


    I’ve experienced severe trauma to the head from a car crash. I also can’t move half of my body. But since I started using this product, I’ve seen a signigicant improvement in my injuries.

  81. 192 customer reviews


    Während dieser sehr stressigen Zeiten ist dies ein Segen für mich.

  82. 192 customer reviews


    Jeg har sosial angstlidelse, og etter at kusinen min anbefalte dette produktet til meg, ble jeg virkelig trygg og ikke lenger redd for å snakke med folk!

  83. 192 customer reviews


    My friend recommended this to me and I now I can see why! Nothing beats Canna Union!

  84. 192 customer reviews


    Impressive and prompt delivery!

  85. 192 customer reviews


    C’est la saveur la plus succulente pour moi!

  86. 192 customer reviews


    Probé el sabor a fresa antes. Ahora estoy confundido cuál es el mejor!

  87. 192 customer reviews


    This stuff smells awesome, will surely continue to order!

  88. 192 customer reviews


    Been using for a week, very happy with the results! I had trouble sleeping but now my normal sleeping patterns are back and I feel a lot more rested and relaxed!

  89. 192 customer reviews


    Great variety of trustworthy products; I never buy my CBD from anywhere else. Canna Union has been super excellent!!

  90. 192 customer reviews


    veldig hyggelig smak, og de hjelper mot angsten min. Produktene kom veldig raskt også takk!

  91. 192 customer reviews


    Gute Ratschläge und Informationen auf dieser Seite. Schnelle Lieferung sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt wird auf jeden Fall an Freunde weiterempfehlen

  92. 192 customer reviews


    Wow! Super fast delivery and the CBD vape oil is amazing! it gives me better sleep. I definitely recommend Canna Union! You guys are the best!

  93. 192 customer reviews


    I ordered vape oil for my anxiety and guess what? I’m no longer anxious. Cbd vape oil is super helpful!!

  94. 192 customer reviews


    I struggle with anxiety and have trouble going to sleep. Your vape oil has helped tremendously, it calmed me during a panic attack and helps me fall asleep fast and easy.

  95. 192 customer reviews


    Sehr guter Service, Kommunikation ausgezeichnet Lieferung schnell und nachverfolgt. Ich werde mich wieder mit diesem Unternehmen befassen und würde es empfehlen

  96. 192 customer reviews

    Betsy Jones

    Really good product. Bought to help with my anxiety and after two weeks it I feel a huge difference.

  97. 192 customer reviews

    Eloise M

    The product arrived in good condition very quickly. Taste is good, will know more about its effectiveness after a couple of weeks.

  98. 192 customer reviews


    Very satisfied with the product works very quickly delivered on time. Also smells wonderful.

  99. 192 customer reviews


    Great service, Fantastic product and quick delivery. I cannot say anything else then they are great and you can trust the quality

  100. 192 customer reviews


    Great service, Fantastic product and quick delivery. I cannot say anything else then they are great and you can trust the quality

  101. 192 customer reviews


    Quick delivery. Beautiful packaging. I’ve been using your vape oil and it realy help me with my insomnia. I can sleep at night since I use the CBD vape oil

  102. 192 customer reviews


    Web site was easy to use, smooth transaction and fast delivery. Great product too. Will definitely buy from here again.

  103. 192 customer reviews


    Mango Ice is something tasty from my taste bud. I love the flavor itself. Its relaxing and stress reliever. I would definitely add some more!!

  104. 192 customer reviews

    Joey R

    Jeg bruker vape-tilsetningsstoffet, og jeg tror jeg har sluttet å slipe tennene mine, for jeg har ikke brukt bruxismebeskyttelsen på en stund, og tennene mine har ingen følsomhet.

  105. 192 customer reviews


    Your customer service is really helpful and nice. She also provide me great service al through out my concern. Canna Union is highly recommended to everyone!

  106. 192 customer reviews


    Your mango ice is outstanding! Its such a relief to vape all your stress. FYI it works though. Worth recommended!

  107. 192 customer reviews


    Exzellentes Produkt und sehr professioneller Produktsupport. Ich werde 100% wieder verwenden und habe bereits vielen Freunden & Familie empfohlen.

  108. 192 customer reviews


    First time ever using it, was very sceptical at first but I guess the results speak for themselves. Great product, they have the mix between the oil and extract just right as well

  109. 192 customer reviews

    Emilia Jane

    fantastischer Service nur sehr gute Dinge zu sagen. Sehr gutes Produkt, extrem schneller Service und ich bin beeindruckt.

  110. 192 customer reviews


    Super quick delivery , lovely packaging and an effective quality Product . We have recommended to all friends and family and will be happy repeat customers . Thank you guys !

  111. 192 customer reviews


    Dieses Produkt wurde pünktlich geliefert, es hilft mir wirklich bei meinem Schlaf und Stress. Danke

  112. 192 customer reviews


    I can happily recommend Canna Union!!! It has reduced my nerve pain by 50% which is wonderful!!! Thank you Canna Union

  113. 192 customer reviews

    S Pfeiffer

    Habe ein paar verschiedene cbd-Produkte anderer Unternehmen ausprobiert und bisher ist Love cbd das beste …

  114. 192 customer reviews


    The amazing mango ice! This is my 4th time ordering and I get what I wanted the moment of “relax”

  115. 192 customer reviews

    Lilly V

    Mag es sehr, hilft meine Schmerzen zu lindern

  116. 192 customer reviews

    Gerry Mei

    I have bought CBD twice now and I’m so happy! It helps alot to my anxiety. A good remedy for me

  117. 192 customer reviews

    J Koester

    Cbd helps me to reduce anxiety. Your product is the best! I can feel a lot better than before

  118. 192 customer reviews

    Mr. King

    Brilliant service and brilliant product! Your product is definitely recommended!!

  119. 192 customer reviews

    Tim Jake

    I was researching some products that can reduce anxiety and I saw your website and give it a try. Well, look at that I felt such relief and it felt good!!!

  120. 192 customer reviews


    Estaba muy bien impresionado por el aceite: resultó ser confiable, mejor que cualquier otro tipo de aceite de CBD que haya tenido en toda mi vida

  121. 192 customer reviews

    Jorge S

    ¡buen servicio!

  122. 192 customer reviews


    This CBD actually works. it really reduces my anxiety

  123. 192 customer reviews


    This is my new favourite!

  124. 192 customer reviews


    it really taste good with your vape oil

  125. 192 customer reviews


    Thank you!

  126. 192 customer reviews


    This product helps me sleep at night!

  127. 192 customer reviews


    Good service and good stuff and good effectiveness. it eases my back pain

  128. 192 customer reviews


    Love the product. Love the flavor.

  129. 192 customer reviews


    I love it!! They taste good and effective!!

  130. 192 customer reviews

    Gema S Delgado

    El único producto de CBD que uso.

  131. 192 customer reviews


    Brillant comme toujours

  132. 192 customer reviews


    This was my first time ordering or using CBD, but so far my entire experience with Canna Union has been overwhelmingly positive.

  133. 192 customer reviews


    quick delivery and well informed cust serv

  134. 192 customer reviews


    service was quick and well priced

  135. 192 customer reviews


    better than a CBD vape that I bought from USA.

  136. 192 customer reviews


    Take a chance. worked great for me

  137. 192 customer reviews

    D Gonzales

    Awesome customer service with speedy delivery, and the mango vape oil really ticks all the boxes for me. 5/5 stars

  138. 192 customer reviews


    Proper legit CBD vape oil. It was delivered the next day too. Works a treat.

  139. 192 customer reviews

    Miss Branson

    As long as you select the right strength CBD for whatever your particular problem may be, I can highly recommend purchasing from Canna Union. Top customer service, great products, and fast delivery for me.

  140. 192 customer reviews


    felt the benefits after only a few days of using cbd vape oil.

  141. 192 customer reviews


    Trustworthy. Great vape.

  142. 192 customer reviews


    Great product, fast delivery, effective

  143. 192 customer reviews


    Will be trying other flavors. Don’t like this taste. CBD works tho!

  144. 192 customer reviews

    Nate Ledger

    Mango Ice cbd vape oil relieved my anxiety while also boosting my moods. tastes great too.

  145. 192 customer reviews

    Kay D

    very impressed with this cbd vape

  146. 192 customer reviews


    definitely recommend

  147. 192 customer reviews


    quick delivery, good packaging, okay price. Works as expected

  148. 192 customer reviews

    Amanda C

    A little more expensive than I thought it would be. But ultimately it works so…

  149. 192 customer reviews

    Dieter Brimmer

    I bought some Mango Ice Vape oil on the recommendation of a friend and wow CBD really is somthing else, huh? This stuff effortlessly reduces my nausea and inflammation, while also helping me get a full nights sleep.

  150. 192 customer reviews


    While it is not a miracle, the CBD oil has definitely helps with my pains

  151. 192 customer reviews

    S McEvoy

    I’ve only been using this Mango Ice CBD vape liquid for half a week, but i’m already feeling some very positive effect. I have much lower levels of stress, zero anxiety, and i’ve even noticed my circulation has improved as well.

  152. 192 customer reviews



  153. 192 customer reviews

    Malik W

    definitely buying more from these guys. Very tasty and very effective

  154. 192 customer reviews

    Delta Goodenrum

    Delivery came on the day i was expecting it to. The mango vape oil is an excellent product which tastes great and works really well with my anxiety and insomnia. I would not hesitate recommending this to everyone.

  155. 192 customer reviews

    Mandy G

    Quality product and fast delivery

  156. 192 customer reviews

    Lynnie F

    Absolutely 1000% recommended this CBD vape

  157. 192 customer reviews

    Felicia Q

    I’ve ordered a few of these mango vape cbd oils over the past few months, and it always gets here fast.

  158. 192 customer reviews


    Used different CDB companies, and the quality of CU is the best I have found.

  159. 192 customer reviews


    Quick delivery and amazingly effective CBD vape product.

  160. 192 customer reviews

    Cooper C

    been taking for a few days & i feel amazing

  161. 192 customer reviews


    Brilliant CBD oil! A little expensive, but service was A+

  162. 192 customer reviews


    Fantastic CBD vape with quick delivery that really helped with my aches and pains

  163. 192 customer reviews

    Elle M

    Honeslty amazed at how effective this cbd vape is with aches and pains

  164. 192 customer reviews

    Lisa Bundridgerson

    No complaints with the company or website or delivery, I just personally do not like the taste. Obviously i’m the odd one out, judging by all the reviews above, but i just do not enjoy it. Maybe i’ll try the sublingual drops?

  165. 192 customer reviews

    Carmel K

    Very happy with the abundance of information, the customer service, the ease of purchase, and the quick delivery. But most of all, i’m extremely happy with the CBD Mango Ice vape oil. It really helps with my chronic back pain, and tastes AMAZING!

  166. 192 customer reviews

    Sterling H

    After a week it is having an instant effect when relieving my pain.

  167. 192 customer reviews


    website easy to use. good range

  168. 192 customer reviews


    Thank you so much

  169. 192 customer reviews

    Rob J

    helps with my tremors.

  170. 192 customer reviews

    Ahn H

    Helps with my back problems

  171. 192 customer reviews


    Use this CBD for my abdominal pain caused by Crohns disease. So far it works better than the other treatment I was on.

  172. 192 customer reviews

    Kellie Van Der Kilk

    Došlo k problému s počáteční transakcí, která na konci ukázala chybu. Téměř okamžitě mě kontaktovali a problém vyřešili. Kromě toho všechno ostatní bylo hladké plachtění. Zacházejte s touto společností a jejími zaměstnanci dobře, protože skvělý zákaznický servis se dnes stává tak vzácným.

  173. 192 customer reviews

    Julie James

    seems to be working well so far, but could be better. I think I will try a higher strength next time

  174. 192 customer reviews

    Margaret K

    I’ve ordered the 500mg mango vape ordered three times and I’ve never had an issue.

  175. 192 customer reviews


    So effective for pain

  176. 192 customer reviews

    Benny H

    Helpful staff and quick delivery. CBD is amazing.

  177. 192 customer reviews

    Ariella S

    i have found that this mango cbd vape helps with my depression, while increasing energy levels, subtlety changing my mood, as well as increasing my appetite.

  178. 192 customer reviews



  179. 192 customer reviews

    M Seymore

    I’ would be so happy if someone took my recommendation for this product and this company. Seriously life-changing stuff.

  180. 192 customer reviews


    only been vaping CBD oil for a week and already aches and pains have started to ease.

  181. 192 customer reviews

    G Hitch

    I was honestly taken aback by the effectiveness of this mango vape. I used to struggle getting more than a couple of hours sleep each night, but a few puffs before bedtime and i’m off to dreamland for at least 7-8 hours. Unheard of before the cbd!

  182. 192 customer reviews

    Tina A

    So glad that I have finally found a company that sells CBD oil that’s completely organic, which means that it’s both vegan and kosher.

  183. 192 customer reviews


    I suffer from arthritis in my hands, which is very painful and swells quite badly. This cbd vape stops it all!

  184. 192 customer reviews

    G Delfs

    Quick delivery, with easy communication from beginning to end. I also reckon it’s pretty reasonably priced too, because it’s a 500ml bottle, so it’s going to last a while. My nausea is no more! thanx guys!

  185. 192 customer reviews


    after 3 days i have a big improvement in my life with reduced swelling and pain in my joints.

  186. 192 customer reviews

    Ken K

    Top customer service and good quality cbd vape oil at affordable prices. Delivery was also efficient.

  187. 192 customer reviews

    Joey W

    happy with my CBD vape oil. it helps with pain and my body aches.

  188. 192 customer reviews


    After a few days using this Mango ice cbd vape oil, I found that all of my pain had subsided almost completely

  189. 192 customer reviews


    Fast delivery and very effective product.

  190. 192 customer reviews


    definitely helps with nausea and bad sleep. would recommend thie vape oil. Will purchase more when it runs out.

  191. 192 customer reviews


    fast delivery over 2 days and I love the mango taste of this cbd vape.

  192. 192 customer reviews

    Andrew Mac

    I definitely recommend both the company and the Mango vape

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