CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry

(180 customer reviews)

25.49 or 20.39 / month

CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry

  • No THC
  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • Contains 500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle

In stock

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With the delicious strawberry flavour, it’s no wonder Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry is one of the best-selling products we have available. This CBD vaping oil is not only delicious, but it also offers a huge range of health benefits. It is suitable for kosher and vegans, is pesticide-free, mold-free, solvent-free and herbicide-free.  CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry is 100% THC-free.

This CBD Vaping Oil has been known to promote relaxation. It may help to relieve pain, anxiety symptoms, inflammation and much more. CBD Vaping is an ideal method of consumption for CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry, and it has been deemed much safer by some health experts than smoking. Vaping CBD Oil also allows you to absorb the active ingredient much faster.

CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry is suitable for vegans and kosher, providing all users with the benefits of the highest quality hemp and present cannabinoids.

Flavour: When vaping our strawberry flavoured CBD Vape oil you will taste a ripe, sun-sweetened, luscious berry taste.

Recommended Dosage: Take it slow to start with, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Strawberry is also available in 250mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Fruit flavouring.

Additional information

Weight 0.018 kg
Dimensions 2.11 × 2.11 × 7.3 cm

180 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry

  1. Roger

    Relieves pain from anywhere in the body keeping the consumer relax much longer that any type of relaxation I tried.

  2. Marie

    CBD vape is admirable for me as an ex-smoker becasue it’s safer since it has fewer after-effects compared to cigarettes.

  3. Carter

    The relaxation from CBD is amazing since there’s definitely no need for you to get high to relax! :DDD

  4. Dylan

    5 stars for this product, it really does the job. No more sleepless nights!

  5. Kelly88

    When I am stress I feel very much slow. I found out CBD reduces stress symptoms, so I research and ended up at Canna Union, and it’s an excellent choice!

  6. Baron

    I order this a lot because it’s so delicious. Vaping seems like an ordinary vape!

  7. Catherine

    One of the most delicious vape I ever tasted! A great to jump start my day!!

  8. Hannah

    I like the flavor and the strength of cbd strawberry 500. Just enough for me to feel that I really get the benefits. Relaxing and sweet!

  9. Gugu

    What the calming feels when I soak in a warm water, is the same feeling when I vape CBD Strawberry! SOOO calming!

  10. Jayson

    Not just your regular CBD vape oil. But with a strawberry twist that comes with it. Helps you calm and taste the greatness of the product!

  11. John

    Having this vape in my life is very fulfilling! It gives me this eagerness to do my job. And a relaxation, enough to have a goodnight sleep.

  12. Arvin

    I used to vape CBD strawberry after meal, because I have a problem with digestion and this vape proves me that it can cure this irrittating stuff. I feel like my intestine’s always clean!

  13. Rocky

    I don’t normally smoke CBD products. I enjoy my regular strawberry flavor vape oil. But trying this product for once turns my mind 360. Glad I found this.

  14. Juan

    I was able to tend my garden all the time in isolation and the CBD oil relieves pain in my back and legs!

  15. Rex

    I was able to tend my garden all the time in isolation and the CBD oil relieves pain in my back and legs!

  16. Johnny

    I love the effects this stuff gives me. Really helps me with my mood swings.

  17. Peter

    Probably the best taste for me. This one just did it for me!

  18. Leo

    customer service solved it right away. The shipment went very fast. I would recommend Canna Union za všechny peníze!

  19. Earl

    Fantastic product and exceptional service! I am so impressed.

  20. Quinn

    I literally got a lot of health benefits from this. When something calms you down, good body condition follows. Thanks Canna Union!

  21. Paisley

    I am no longer suffering from a bad night. I can sleep well now. Thanks to Canna Union’s Vape for being my lullaby:)

  22. Queenie

    It’s not just delicious, it’s also the only thing that removes my back pain like literally completely! WOW to this!

  23. Emma

    It’s a wonderful feeling to make Canna Union your partner with life’s challenges 😀 everything’s easy to handle now.

  24. Leon

    Proven safe and effective by yours truly. Will try all the delicious flavor Canna Union offers!

  25. Donzel

    The lasting effect of CBD product and strawberry flavor combined is very relaxing for me!

  26. Nora

    I’m very happy with the thought that they have CBD Strawberry flavour.

  27. Obraya

    CBD Vape Oil improves my over-all health, at least that’s how I feel! I’m glad I found it.

  28. Matts

    The Best! It truly has a relaxing and calming effect. Will keep using it!

  29. Javier

    It promotes relaxation and my anxiety never visits me anymore! Thanks to this!

  30. Oliver

    I never had any panic attacks since I used this one! This is amazing. Will try the other types of CBD!

  31. Owen

    Being an adult, it’s quite normal to have a lot of errands to deal with. So we gotta find something that are trusted and effective! Good thing I found one. Thanks Canna Union!

  32. Jerry

    You guys are the best! Thanks

  33. Katie

    I tried switching from various flavors and yet the effects of the products is still the best not a drop of quality. Will get more!

  34. Raymond

    Effective for muscle pain and headaches. Two thumbs up!

  35. Tim

    Effective for muscle pain and headaches. Two thumbs up!

  36. Timothy Q

    Ich habe eins als Geschenk für meinen Freund bekommen und er liebt es! Mir ist aufgefallen, dass er jetzt entspannter ist.

  37. Jeffrey

    I feel renewed when I use this and it’s been helping me with depression since. I’ve been able to sleep longer now too!

  38. Camille

    Cigarettes made me look stressed. I’m so thrilled this helped me stop.

  39. Karin

    J’ai observé beaucoup de progrès dans mes douleurs à l’épaule. Je suis tellement content d’avoir changé de pilule!

  40. Anika

    Sometimes my anxiety would get the better of me. And this is what gets me through it.

  41. berrylou41

    Jeg fant det beste produktet for hodepine uten å ta noen piller! Jeg er så glad!

  42. Kevin

    This is the remedy I was looking for for years! Can’t help but think of the people who are needlessly suffering from aches!

  43. Magnus

    I rely to this product when I’m stressed out. Instantly uplifts my mood.

  44. Victoria

    I’ve been sleeping a lot better now and my insomnia has been out of the picture for a couple of nights now.

  45. Shane

    Estoy tan feliz de haber podido dejar de tomar analgésicos. ¡Esto es todo lo que necesito para mi insomnio!

  46. Ronald

    Jeg har hatt utålelig migrene allerede før jeg giftet meg. Men på grunn av denne vape oljen, klarte jeg å komme meg.

  47. Simon

    I’ve been able to sleep a lot better and it’s evident on my mood. Been feeling rather relaxed lately.

  48. Laura

    Jeg har tålt muskelsmerter i mange år. Nå føler jeg meg mye bedre på grunn av denne cbd vape oljen!

  49. Martin

    I’ve read somewhere that this effective is an anti-seizure medication. Been using it for almost two weeks and it’s been great.

  50. Roos

    I can now tend to my lawn with all the free time we got. And CBD vape oil heals pain in my back.

  51. Adair

    I thought I should try this product for my insomnia. I’ve been sleeping a lot better now.

  52. Kelly

    Been able to manage the painful discomfort in my shoulder since I began using this vape oil. I only started last month.

  53. Brix

    Cela réduit la douleur sur mes épaules! Je suis tellement ravi des effets rapides!

  54. Jose

    Felt really energized now since I’m getting a better sleep. Thanks so much.

  55. Sky

    Imponerende kundeservice og levering var ganske rask! Nettstedet er også fylt med flott info.

  56. Shawn

    Beste smak noensinne, men jeg skal prøve de andre snart! Jeg føler meg fantastisk!

  57. Joanna

    Nachdem ich einige andere ausprobiert habe, ist nichts mit Canna Union vergleichbar. Gut!

  58. Raphael

    Jeg er glad for at jeg har et produkt jeg kan stole på for depresjonen min! Ville ikke ha det på noen annen måte.

  59. Andre

    Courier sendte den forrige uke, og jeg begynner å bruke den siden da, og effektene er beundringsverdige, i håp om å se mer

  60. Trisha

    I appreciate the quick and seamless process of ordering. And the delivery was also quite efficient!

  61. Enchong

    Dette er den beste smaken for meg, og effekten som det gir nervene mine er bemerkelsesverdig!

  62. Johnny

    C’est la meilleure huile de vape de tous les temps et c’est la vérité. J’ai essayé plusieurs marques, mais rien n’est meilleur que Canna Union.

  63. Liam

    I’ve noticed that when I take this, it would enhance my alertness and helps my stress. thanks a lot

  64. Sam

    Det var den beste avgjørelsen å bytte fra syntetisk depresjonsmedisinering til dette produktet!

  65. Catrina

    ¡Pude cuidar mi jardín todo el tiempo de forma aislada y el aceite de CBD alivia el dolor en mi espalda y piernas!

  66. Randolph

    Estaba usando diferentes tipos de píldoras para diferentes enfermedades, pero los productos de Canna Union cambiaron todo eso. Esto es todo lo que necesito.

  67. Leon

    My recurrent hemicrania has an effect on my career. This stuff was brought a few days ago and I am pleased with the immediate recovery.

  68. Patrick

    Really upset that I tried another brand first. It was very pricey and did not like the outcome. This one is the top one so far!

  69. Martin

    Jeg var usikker på tingene som venninnen min fortalte meg om Canna Union tidligere, så jeg prøvde det selv. Det er sant at dette produktet virkelig er nyttig for manglende evne til å sove!

  70. Santiago

    He estado viviendo con ansiedad durante años y ninguna píldora ha funcionado. ¡Lo intenté y mi vida cambió! ¡Realmente increíble!

  71. Marcel

    Absolutely decreased my anxiety and been jubilant since I started using cbd vape oil

  72. Jeremy

    I always feel a sense of peacefulness each time I take this. I’m fortunate to find this stuff!

  73. Dianne F

    I find the effects quick and convenient compared to taking pain relievers! Wonderful job, Canna Union!

  74. Ella

    Es hilft nicht nur bei meiner Müdigkeit, es ist auch das einzige Medikament, das ich für alles benutze!

  75. Jack

    This extraordinary oil has been my savior! I cannot believe how instant it relieves my pain

  76. Bernard

    I was not a fan of cbd products in the past until my cousin recommended this. I haven’t felt this good for ages!

  77. Zeus

    Al principio, he dudado en probar los productos cbd. Obtuve el mío la semana pasada y ha sido bastante bueno para mi dolor muscular.

  78. Rhea T

    He estado deseando practicar deportes nuevamente después de un accidente. ¡Este producto ha tenido resultados muy prometedores y me ha dado esperanzas!

  79. Erwin

    I am amazed that this was the solution to my dizziness. It also helps me with the migraines.

  80. Derrick

    Pretty impressed with how quickly my insomnia improved! Awesome company

  81. Bernard

    It took me years to find a natural cure for my fatigue and I am so glad I found it. I will surely recommend it to others!

  82. Anna

    I really thought that the only solution for my depression is to take a variety of pills. I have had this product for a couple of months and I feel great!

  83. Daryl

    I started using vape cbd oil barely a week and my severe migraines are all gone!

  84. Victoria

    Canna Union is the best company in my opinion. I am a huge fan!

  85. Max

    Fast and very effective for muscle pain! You guys are awesome!

  86. Fabian

    I have suffered from anxiety since I was a teenager. Started using this product last month and my symptoms improved!

  87. Esme

    I just hope I found this gem back when my severe anxiety started. This products is awesome!

  88. Stian

    I’m feeling ready down and my anti-depressant pills are no help too. This is the only stuff that has improved my symptoms.

  89. Ezra

    This helps me relax and using this while listening to The Beatles is the most wonderful experience!

  90. Tony

    J’adore les effets que ce truc me donne. M’aide vraiment avec mes sautes d’humeur.

  91. David

    Ich finde die Effekte schnell und bequem im Vergleich zur Einnahme von Schmerzmitteln! Wunderbare Arbeit, Canna Union!

  92. Gow

    I really thought that the only solution for my depression is taking a variety of pills. Got this product a couple of months back and I feel great!

  93. Miller

    I am very glad that this helped with my mood swings. I will surely order some more!

  94. Sander

    Bare så fornøyd med utviklingen i de smertefulle skulderbladene mine. Jeg kunne ikke bevege armene i flere måneder, og så ble jeg virkelig overrasket over at disse tingene har hjulpet meg til å komme meg.

  95. Jack

    As I read through the reviews, I kind of find it hard to believe that delivery is fast due to the pandemic and to my surprise, the product I order last weekend is here!

  96. Rocio

    C’est incroyable comme un petit truc comme ça peut faire des merveilles pour ma santé et améliorer mon sommeil!

  97. Stefan

    Cbd vape oil is one of the first product I have tried as a replacement for my pain pills and I will never go back to those pills!

  98. Nils

    Dank Canna Union sind meine Muskelschmerzen verschwunden.

  99. Vincent

    I was very depressed after losing my job but all thanks to Canna Union, I was able to move on and am a lot happier now.

  100. Elena

    Wahrscheinlich der beste Geschmack für mich. Dieser hat es nur für mich getan!

  101. Léo

    Jeg ble overrasket over hvor bra det er!

  102. Felix

    I have just received it, everything was nicely packaged and arrived earlier than expected. The flavor is so great ! I love it

  103. Emilia

    Tydelig nettsted, enkel bestillingsprosess og god kommunikasjon

  104. Jude

    My favorite fruit is strawberry. When I saw your product I was super excited to order one. when it arrived I tried it and I”m super happy and satisfied!! I would definitely order again!!

  105. Nathan

    Great product, good prices as it was on offer. Would use again and again.

  106. Olivia

    Veldig pålitelig og pålitelig nettsted, produkter jeg kjøpte var fantastiske, føl fordelene nær nok med en gang og utrolig rask levering.

  107. Denissa

    Vape oil really makes me less stress and keeps me calm as always. I love the flavor! Strawberry are best! Definitely recommend your product!

  108. Tony Diaz

    I enjoy your product. The taste takes a bit of getting used to, but now that I link the product to decreased anxiety and stress levels, I look forward to ingesting it.

  109. Yngrid

    The service is excellent and the packaging and quality of the product is far excellent that the old company I usually order. I love Canna Union.

  110. viktor012

    kundeservice løste det med en gang. Forsendelsen gikk veldig raskt. Jeg vil anbefale Canna Union for å være en pålitelig butikk!

  111. Ingeborg

    Kunne ikke vært mer fornøyd med tjenesten, vil bruke deg igjen uten tvil. ,Takk skal du ha.

  112. Michael M

    Wirklich gute Informationen zum Produkt und hilfreiche Ratschläge für einen informierten Erstkauf.

  113. Ali

    Great service, easy to use website and fast delivery. Highly recommend Company!

  114. Agathe

    Great service, easy to use website and fast delivery. Highly recommend Company!

  115. JHolmes

    Utmerket service, rask levering og god emballasje. Jeg bestilte jordbæren, og jeg elsker den. Vil bestille igjen. Fem stjerner!

  116. MAria

    Cela m’aide à bien des égards, mais c’est un long chemin à parcourir pour moi-même. Merci pour le produit

  117. Strawberry101

    Strawberry taste is so tempting that I love to vape it all the time. Aside from the flavor that satisfies me, it is also helping me to relax. Reduces anxiety attack to zero. It’s super helpful!

  118. Karl-Heinz

    Excellent produit, prix décent, livraison rapide et emballé en toute sécurité.

  119. Hank Aries

    Beste CBD-Flüssigkeit, die ich versucht habe. Ich würde es auf jeden Fall empfehlen und werde wiederkommen, um mehr zu erfahren

  120. Zora

    Perfect service. Good to perfection quality product. Your website is an easy access. I will highly recommend your company!

  121. RakelT

    I adore Canna Union. I have been using it for over two months now and my auto immune symtoms have all but gone. This has helped me to implement lifestyle changes more easily.

  122. Bertillon

    Great company! Highly recommend using this site. Fast delivery and well packaged products.

  123. Eric

    5 Stars. Very pleased with delivery and product. Its a life changing product I must say. Thank you so much!

  124. Erik

    Produktet mitt var her på kort tid. Til tross for da jeg bestilte det var det ingen husnummer på pakken som kureren skulle levere til, ringte de meg da de fant ut å løse situasjonen slik at leveringen min var i tide. Store tommelen opp gutta.

  125. Isabella144

    I’ve tried other brands and returned to canna union as it really is the best I’ve found.

  126. Lianne Y

    Strawberry is good. its a good stuff. I love the flavor.. Its relaxing and the cbd really helped a lot. I definitely buy more of your stuff!

  127. Schröder

    Excellent delivery time and communication. Great product. I would definitely recommend you .

  128. Eva Llanos

    Je commande depuis un certain temps, un très bon service et d’excellents produits à de bons prix, la livraison est rapide et les produits sont bien emballés. Je recommanderais certainement cette entreprise

  129. Harlem

    Toller Service, gute Beratung, sehr angenehm, Kunde für dieses Unternehmen zu sein.

  130. Fraiser Dianne

    I was so wowed with your product! Pretty amazing and impressive. I should order some more!

  131. Callum

    Your strawberry flavor taste really good! I love it so much. I should definitely have this introduce to my friends.

  132. Alvarez M

    Awesome product!

  133. Happy

    Awesome product!

  134. Jake P

    J’ai trouvé le service client excellent. Mes questions ont reçu une réponse rapide et les marchandises sont arrivées lorsqu’elles ont dit qu’elles vous remercieraient pour votre bon service

  135. Aileana

    Satisfied and happy

  136. Daniel D

    Pretty impressive with the vape oil!!

  137. 🍓

    Your strawberry taste good!!

  138. Jostein

    it works! and its safe though

  139. Jena

    Its brilliant!

  140. 5/5

    5 stars for this product! Thank you!

  141. TrustMe 🙂

    Canna Union is trustworthy

  142. HappyCustomer

    I just love your customer service!! They are helpful and responsive

  143. Colette C~

    Juste de très haute qualité!

  144. Mario M

    Smells good and taste great!!

  145. Howard K

    been with these guys for a while now and I can say they are the best!!

  146. Nichole

    Been vaping the berry cbd for 2 days and have noticed a massive improvement in my symptoms already.

  147. Cindy

    I researched CBD companies and chose this one after reading reviews and they do independent lab tests.

  148. Charlie R

    Servicio brillante, así que recomiendo mucho por supesto

  149. Bindy

    good service and quick delivery. Staring to use the vape today.

  150. Jame T

    very good quality CBD. Sleep has improved so much! Thank you guys

  151. Marky

    friendly service. fast delivery. this CBD vape is the B O M B yo

  152. Sara McEvay

    The Berry vape oil helped reduce my back pain while increasing my ability to relax. If you’re in pain, give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  153. Kevy

    Love this berry vape the best! I have been using CBD Oils from this company for a few months now.

  154. Sidney

    exactly the positive effects i was looking for. Thanks guys!

  155. Joyce

    tried diff types of cbd and I reckon this one is the most effective for my pain and anxiety.

  156. Evan L

    suffer with some lower back pain and this cbd oil works well.

  157. Spike

    Unfortunately I got scammed before so I was hesistant to order. Ordered this and thankfully these guys are legit def recommended

  158. Matty

    Give it a go! It works for me.

  159. Verne J

    No more pain or anxiety, highly recommend

  160. William W

    great CBD vape oil. I would recommend

  161. Kerri-anne Tarrant

    No problems at all with any of it. Very happy camper.

  162. Louis

    arrived within two days great product too

  163. Lesley F

    Great CBD vape oil and amazing service

  164. Wade g

    Really impressed with both the customer service and CBD vape oil.

  165. Holly

    This fantastic vape oil with CBD has taken away my anxiety and my pain and really given me my life back! THANK YU SO MUCH

  166. Matt

    Good website with a wide variety of CBD products. Highly recommend

  167. Kyle T

    Love the Berry flavour CBD. it’s really helping to keep the pain away so i am getting better night sleeps.

  168. Fred O

    I definitely felt an improvement with both my stress and anxiety. I generally seemed to be able to switch off at night for sleep easier and felt much calmer.

  169. Cooper A

    Berry flavor is amazing. Reliable delivery within a few days. Excellent customer service too.

  170. Roland D

    Arrived within 3 days. Effective pain relief

  171. Pauline Hanson

    thank you for the great service and fast dispatch

  172. D Kosch

    Really was a hassle-free experience from browsing to consumption.

  173. Nige Youthman

    There’s been so much buzz online and in the real world about CBD, how could I not at least get some to see if would help me with my chronic joint pain? So now, a month after i started using the berry vape, i’m kicking myself…. for not trying it years ago! Joint pain? not any more! Life on CBD is pain free and it tastes like berry flavored smoke.

  174. Doreeen

    will def buy this again

  175. Carl W

    Within a few days of using the CBD vape I am almost pain free, plus I am also sleeping a lot better.

  176. Mr Montgomery

    Thanks for all your help CU!

  177. Rosalita

    The taste of this berry CBD vape is amazing, i have better moods and state of mind, with much less aches and pains.

  178. Em Anindale


  179. Tea Keen

    Good service, excellent product, fast delivery.

  180. Lucas Manderson

    vaping this CBD oil has really helped reduce my spinal pain immensely

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