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CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry

100% Pure CBD
92 customer reviews
(92 customer reviews)


  • No THC
  • Flavour: Strawberry
  • Contains 500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
Model: ELS-EM-005

In stock

With the delicious strawberry flavour, it’s no wonder Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry is one of the best-selling products we have available. This CBD vaping oil is not only delicious, but it also offers a huge range of health benefits. It is suitable for kosher and vegans, is pesticide-free, mold-free, solvent-free and herbicide-free.  CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry is 100% THC-free.

This CBD Vaping Oil has been known to promote relaxation. It may help to relieve pain, anxiety symptoms, inflammation and much more. CBD Vaping is an ideal method of consumption for CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry, and it has been deemed much safer by some health experts than smoking. Vaping CBD Oil also allows you to absorb the active ingredient much faster.

CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry is suitable for vegans and kosher, providing all users with the benefits of the highest quality hemp and present cannabinoids.

Flavour: When vaping our strawberry flavoured CBD Vape oil you will taste a ripe, sun-sweetened, luscious berry taste.

Recommended Dosage: Take it slow to start with, and increase your dosage and strength as required. Canna Union CBD Vape Oil Strawberry is also available in 250mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Fruit flavouring.

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92 reviews for CBD Vape Oil 500mg Strawberry

  1. 92 customer reviews

    Hank Aries

    Beste CBD-Flüssigkeit, die ich versucht habe. Ich würde es auf jeden Fall empfehlen und werde wiederkommen, um mehr zu erfahren

  2. 92 customer reviews


    Perfect service. Good to perfection quality product. Your website is an easy access. I will highly recommend your company!

  3. 92 customer reviews


    I adore Canna Union. I have been using it for over two months now and my auto immune symtoms have all but gone. This has helped me to implement lifestyle changes more easily.

  4. 92 customer reviews


    Great company! Highly recommend using this site. Fast delivery and well packaged products.

  5. 92 customer reviews


    5 Stars. Very pleased with delivery and product. Its a life changing product I must say. Thank you so much!

  6. 92 customer reviews


    Produktet mitt var her på kort tid. Til tross for da jeg bestilte det var det ingen husnummer på pakken som kureren skulle levere til, ringte de meg da de fant ut å løse situasjonen slik at leveringen min var i tide. Store tommelen opp gutta.

  7. 92 customer reviews


    I’ve tried other brands and returned to canna union as it really is the best I’ve found.

  8. 92 customer reviews

    Lianne Y

    Strawberry is good. its a good stuff. I love the flavor.. Its relaxing and the cbd really helped a lot. I definitely buy more of your stuff!

  9. 92 customer reviews


    Excellent delivery time and communication. Great product. I would definitely recommend you .

  10. 92 customer reviews

    Eva Llanos

    Je commande depuis un certain temps, un très bon service et d’excellents produits à de bons prix, la livraison est rapide et les produits sont bien emballés. Je recommanderais certainement cette entreprise

  11. 92 customer reviews


    Toller Service, gute Beratung, sehr angenehm, Kunde für dieses Unternehmen zu sein.

  12. 92 customer reviews

    Fraiser Dianne

    I was so wowed with your product! Pretty amazing and impressive. I should order some more!

  13. 92 customer reviews


    Your strawberry flavor taste really good! I love it so much. I should definitely have this introduce to my friends.

  14. 92 customer reviews

    Alvarez M

    Awesome product!

  15. 92 customer reviews


    Awesome product!

  16. 92 customer reviews

    Jake P

    J’ai trouvé le service client excellent. Mes questions ont reçu une réponse rapide et les marchandises sont arrivées lorsqu’elles ont dit qu’elles vous remercieraient pour votre bon service

  17. 92 customer reviews


    Satisfied and happy

  18. 92 customer reviews

    Daniel D

    Pretty impressive with the vape oil!!

  19. 92 customer reviews


    Your strawberry taste good!!

  20. 92 customer reviews


    it works! and its safe though

  21. 92 customer reviews


    Its brilliant!

  22. 92 customer reviews


    5 stars for this product! Thank you!

  23. 92 customer reviews

    TrustMe 🙂

    Canna Union is trustworthy

  24. 92 customer reviews


    I just love your customer service!! They are helpful and responsive

  25. 92 customer reviews

    Colette C~

    Juste de très haute qualité!

  26. 92 customer reviews

    Mario M

    Smells good and taste great!!

  27. 92 customer reviews

    Howard K

    been with these guys for a while now and I can say they are the best!!

  28. 92 customer reviews


    Been vaping the berry cbd for 2 days and have noticed a massive improvement in my symptoms already.

  29. 92 customer reviews


    I researched CBD companies and chose this one after reading reviews and they do independent lab tests.

  30. 92 customer reviews

    Charlie R

    Servicio brillante, así que recomiendo mucho por supesto

  31. 92 customer reviews


    good service and quick delivery. Staring to use the vape today.

  32. 92 customer reviews

    Jame T

    very good quality CBD. Sleep has improved so much! Thank you guys

  33. 92 customer reviews


    friendly service. fast delivery. this CBD vape is the B O M B yo

  34. 92 customer reviews

    Sara McEvay

    The Berry vape oil helped reduce my back pain while increasing my ability to relax. If you’re in pain, give this one a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  35. 92 customer reviews


    Love this berry vape the best! I have been using CBD Oils from this company for a few months now.

  36. 92 customer reviews


    exactly the positive effects i was looking for. Thanks guys!

  37. 92 customer reviews


    tried diff types of cbd and I reckon this one is the most effective for my pain and anxiety.

  38. 92 customer reviews

    Evan L

    suffer with some lower back pain and this cbd oil works well.

  39. 92 customer reviews


    Unfortunately I got scammed before so I was hesistant to order. Ordered this and thankfully these guys are legit def recommended

  40. 92 customer reviews


    Give it a go! It works for me.

  41. 92 customer reviews

    Verne J

    No more pain or anxiety, highly recommend

  42. 92 customer reviews

    William W

    great CBD vape oil. I would recommend

  43. 92 customer reviews


    I use for rheumatoid arthritis. It works

  44. 92 customer reviews

    Kerri-anne Tarrant

    No problems at all with any of it. Very happy camper.

  45. 92 customer reviews


    arrived within two days great product too

  46. 92 customer reviews

    Lesley F

    Great CBD vape oil and amazing service

  47. 92 customer reviews

    Wade g

    Really impressed with both the customer service and CBD vape oil.

  48. 92 customer reviews


    This fantastic vape oil with CBD has taken away my anxiety and my pain and really given me my life back! THANK YU SO MUCH

  49. 92 customer reviews


    Good website with a wide variety of CBD products. Highly recommend

  50. 92 customer reviews

    Kyle T

    Love the Berry flavour CBD. it’s really helping to keep the pain away so i am getting better night sleeps.

  51. 92 customer reviews

    Fred O

    I definitely felt an improvement with both my stress and anxiety. I generally seemed to be able to switch off at night for sleep easier and felt much calmer.

  52. 92 customer reviews

    Cooper A

    Berry flavor is amazing. Reliable delivery within a few days. Excellent customer service too.

  53. 92 customer reviews

    Roland D

    Arrived within 3 days. Effective pain relief

  54. 92 customer reviews

    Pauline Hanson

    thank you for the great service and fast dispatch

  55. 92 customer reviews

    D Kosch

    Really was a hassle-free experience from browsing to consumption.

  56. 92 customer reviews

    Nige Youthman

    There’s been so much buzz online and in the real world about CBD, how could I not at least get some to see if would help me with my chronic joint pain? So now, a month after i started using the berry vape, i’m kicking myself…. for not trying it years ago! Joint pain? not any more! Life on CBD is pain free and it tastes like berry flavored smoke.

  57. 92 customer reviews


    will def buy this again

  58. 92 customer reviews

    Carl W

    Within a few days of using the CBD vape I am almost pain free, plus I am also sleeping a lot better.

  59. 92 customer reviews

    Mr Montgomery

    Thanks for all your help CU!

  60. 92 customer reviews

    Damian C

    Been using this CBD vape oil for a few months now and am 100% seizure free. I really can’t recommend this website enough

  61. 92 customer reviews


    I feel calmer, i am sleeping better and I am in much less pain all the time; I def recommend anyone to try it. M

  62. 92 customer reviews


    I feel much less discomfort in my muscles and the affected areas seemed more relaxed. Thanks Canna Union

  63. 92 customer reviews

    Becca Peakar

    Really happy with this berry vape CBD oil. I vape with each meal, and my chronic pain disappears.

  64. 92 customer reviews

    K Charlton

    After vaping this berry flavored CBD oil for only 1 week, I have already noticed the effect it has had on my sleep patterns. Now i can fall asleep easily, and stay asleep for a solid 8 hours.

  65. 92 customer reviews


    it works!!!

  66. 92 customer reviews

    Davey W

    The strength of this CBD vape oil is perfect for my nausea, and the berry flavor tastes amazing and vapes really smoothly. Everything about the transaction was smooth too!

  67. 92 customer reviews

    Dona Rosa

    This berry flavor CBD vape oil has been a godsend which dramatically reduced my fibromyalgia symptoms.

  68. 92 customer reviews


    quick delivery. very effective CBD vape

  69. 92 customer reviews


    The taste of this berry CBD vape is amazing, i have better moods and state of mind, with much less aches and pains.

  70. 92 customer reviews

    Dick F

    Next day delivery, and after vaping for a week i am pain free and happy!

  71. 92 customer reviews


    amazing stuff

  72. 92 customer reviews

    Prescot Davis

    I recommend the berry vape oil and the company itself.

  73. 92 customer reviews


    Great products and fast delivery and good service.

  74. 92 customer reviews


    no problems or bad side effects. And no more sleepless nights.

  75. 92 customer reviews


    bought this for my aching hip, and man do i feel good

  76. 92 customer reviews

    Bec Thorne

    This Strawberry CBD vape oil is really superb quality and tastes amazing, and it also removes all of my nausea and IBS. It’s a real game changer.

  77. 92 customer reviews

    N McGrath

    Good value products, experienced staff, as well as fast dispatch and home delivery.

  78. 92 customer reviews

    Dalton H

    Wide range of CBD products on offer, not over priced like some of the others avail online. Would def recommmend

  79. 92 customer reviews

    Al J Jones

    Great customer service, wide range, heaps of info, and it even arrived on their ETA. Vape oil is superb ( get strawberry) not harsh on the throat like other ones available elsewhere.

  80. 92 customer reviews


    definitely recommend this vape CBD!

  81. 92 customer reviews

    Ian G

    first time I’ve purchased this product and it’s early days yet, so not sure if it works for me. Even though it seems a little expensive to me, if it works I will def use you again.

  82. 92 customer reviews

    Em Anindale


  83. 92 customer reviews


    I really liked the berry flavour of this cbd vape.

  84. 92 customer reviews


    will definitely be ordering more of this yummy CBD

  85. 92 customer reviews

    Tea Keen

    Good service, excellent product, fast delivery.

  86. 92 customer reviews


    after a few days vaping and I feel very relaxed with no pain

  87. 92 customer reviews

    Lucas Manderson

    vaping this CBD oil has really helped reduce my spinal pain immensely

  88. 92 customer reviews

    Jess W

    Easy website to use with lots of information for newbie buyers. And it was delivered quickly.

  89. 92 customer reviews

    Mr Tom

    Had an issue checking out on my mobile? Anyway, i purchased via my PC, it arrived in 2 days, and that was a week ago. I’m no almost pain free

  90. 92 customer reviews

    Bernard Rose

    Very good service from staff who actually know what they’re talking about. Fast delivery, and really tasty berry flavored vape fluid which helps me with pain caused by arthritis. 5/5 gold stars

  91. 92 customer reviews


    This berry cbd vape oil is really top quality stuff!

  92. 92 customer reviews

    Syd Michaels

    Started vaping this strawberry oil about a week ago, and all of my arthritic symptoms are already noticeably improving. And i’m sleeping really well. Everything is coming up Milhouse!

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