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CBD Vape Oil Shot 1000mg

Full Spectrum CBD
92 customer reviews
(92 customer reviews)


  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher
Model: VS-EM-010

In stock

Canna Union CBD Shots are perfect for the avid Vaper and can easily enhance any of your favourite e-juices or flavours with CBD.  Manufactured in the UK, we use only the best quality Hemp CBD with a 100% purity rate.

Rest assured that CBD Vape Shots are completely free from pesticides, additives, and metallics. They are also safe and effective to use because there is 0% THC, which means no possibility of any psychoactive effects.

Our CBD Vape Shots are made from CBD, as well as Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol, so they can be safely enjoyed when added to your favorite vape juice.

Also available in 100mg and 250mg CBD concentrations.

Directions: Simply add a few drops to your favourite vape oil / juice to enhance with CBD.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

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92 reviews for CBD Vape Oil Shot 1000mg

  1. 92 customer reviews

    Cherry Tan

    I have just received it, everything was nicely packaged and arrived earlier than expected. Looking forward to using it

  2. 92 customer reviews


    First time purchasing with this company. Can say I’m very impressed. Great delivery and quality product. Would recommend

  3. 92 customer reviews


    I have been taking this vape oil less than a week and my tremors have basically stopped. I can’t recommend it enough, if you’re in doubt, go for it! The price doesn’t seem so much when it actually works with visible and fast results.

  4. 92 customer reviews


    Hervorragender Kundenservice gepaart mit hervorragenden Produkten werden mich immer wieder zurückkommen lassen. Vielen Dank. 5 Sterne für Canna Union !!

  5. 92 customer reviews


    Brilliant company to deal with! Excellent range of products and top class delivery service. 2 Thumbs up for Canna Union!

  6. 92 customer reviews


    Great customer service, always happy to take their time explaining the different products. Thank you for helping me with my order

  7. 92 customer reviews


    Eksepsjonell service. Stor hjemmeside med en tydelig beskrivelse av forskjellige produkter og deres virkning, og en super rask snuoperasjon du kan sende når du har bestilt.

  8. 92 customer reviews

    R Pietsch

    Great web site, very easy to use. Got some of the Cbd oil and it’s been awesome would recommend to anyone 👌

  9. 92 customer reviews


    As described good quality and delivered promptly thank you. Your product is totally brilliant!!

  10. 92 customer reviews


    Fantastic product and prompt delivery very happy..

  11. 92 customer reviews


    Vielen Dank. Ich freue mich sehr über meinen Kauf. Auf jeden Fall für die anderen empfehlen.

  12. 92 customer reviews

    Anja Marie

    Your vape oil works for me and helps me relieve from anxiety attacks

  13. 92 customer reviews

    Aimy Gene

    Excellente, excellente communication et livraison très rapide. Meilleure entreprise CBD sur le marché.

  14. 92 customer reviews


    Its effective! Really helpful for someone who has anxiety

  15. 92 customer reviews

    Harmon Z

    your product has the best quality i have ever had

  16. 92 customer reviews

    Ander H

    Nice and fast service! I appreciated your service and you have a quality product too! Impressive

  17. 92 customer reviews


    SPOT ON!!

  18. 92 customer reviews

    Anna B

    Great product lad

  19. 92 customer reviews


    Will order again lad

  20. 92 customer reviews


    I’m impressed as a first time user.

  21. 92 customer reviews

    Smith Jane

    Service is quick and good quality. Def recommend!

  22. 92 customer reviews


    Can’t you just love Canna Union? They’re the best!!

  23. 92 customer reviews

    M Achim

    ohhh i love it!!

  24. 92 customer reviews


    Their website is super easy to use. I will order again

  25. 92 customer reviews


    You got great stuff lad

  26. 92 customer reviews


    Canna Union is the best!!

  27. 92 customer reviews


    customer service was really second to none and the delivery was very quick. 2 days. Simple to use too. and effective. all round a great experience.

  28. 92 customer reviews


    quality CBD!! No more nausea or joint pain.

  29. 92 customer reviews

    Luke g

    I was suffering from seizures and chronic pain. Not any more thanks to this additive vape shot

  30. 92 customer reviews

    Joel G

    Effective pain relief.

  31. 92 customer reviews


    would recommend and have many times

  32. 92 customer reviews


    Wonderful range of CBD products at pretty reasonable prices

  33. 92 customer reviews

    Dan Gailar

    Grey customer service. easy addition to my fave vape fluid

  34. 92 customer reviews


    i have not had any pain since using this cbd vape shot, and it has also has made my memory much clearer.

  35. 92 customer reviews


    tried a few different CBD vape oils and the shot is great because i just add it to my fave vapes.

  36. 92 customer reviews

    Gill j

    Great cbd vape shot and great service

  37. 92 customer reviews

    Jon L

    quick delivery and CBD is really effective for my nausea

  38. 92 customer reviews


    amazing results and i’m already on my third bottle

  39. 92 customer reviews

    Donovan Green

    Great customer service. no problems at all. stops my hands shaking.

  40. 92 customer reviews

    Andi R

    no more pain and no side effects

  41. 92 customer reviews


    This is the 1st CBD oil i have ever tried. Chose this shot because i was worried about the taste.

  42. 92 customer reviews

    Jim F

    really happy with this CBD vape shot.

  43. 92 customer reviews

    Sol D

    using this for fibromyaliga and so far it is working well.

  44. 92 customer reviews


    Very effective for my joint pain

  45. 92 customer reviews

    Kirsten E

    knowledgeable caring trustworthy experience

  46. 92 customer reviews


    it reduces my pain substantially. sleeping is also much easier.

  47. 92 customer reviews

    Francis M

    Good product! Really has helped with my skin.

  48. 92 customer reviews


    Friendly and helpful staff. Hope the CBD works

  49. 92 customer reviews

    Clem J

    I was def a sceptical first time CBD user… but wow man it really works! Delivery took a little longer than i was expecting though.

  50. 92 customer reviews


    website really easy to use, laid out well. CBD is awesome

  51. 92 customer reviews

    Eroll G

    good selection of CBD products. This vape shot works a treat.

  52. 92 customer reviews

    Simone S

    Delivery was fast with good communication. The vape shot works efficiently. Honestly just as simple as that.

  53. 92 customer reviews

    Sharon S

    my dad suffers from chronic nausea and this shot certainly makes a difference! Great product and company.

  54. 92 customer reviews

    Mr Parish

    website was very easy to navigate. CBD vape shot works as an additive to my vape oil. Sleep like a baby.

  55. 92 customer reviews


    Very happy with the company, the service, and the cbd vape shot

  56. 92 customer reviews

    JF Smith

    I no longer have to deal with anxiety and it also removed all the pain in my knees. Thanks so much!

  57. 92 customer reviews

    Sandy S

    Fabulous product;. Reliable service. Fast delivery.

  58. 92 customer reviews

    Not A Millionaire

    Top quality product that genuinely works wonder with my inflammation and IBS, but I reckon CBD is quite expensive so I’m taking off 2 stars. Hopefully the price will start going down soon.

  59. 92 customer reviews

    Laura P

    Excellent experience all round

  60. 92 customer reviews

    Benjamin B

    I just made an order for 3 more of these bottles after almost finishing my first. Wow this is so easy to use. Just add a couple of drops to any of your vape oils and you’re good to go. No more anxiety, stress levels reduced, ready to attack each day with a clear head. My wife really noticed the change in me too which is soooo important. Happy wife, happy life. And that means i’m happy too! Thanks so much Canna Union! You’ve got yourself a dedicated customer for life!

  61. 92 customer reviews

    Anneik H

    Been buying their products for ages. Easy purchase procedure and website, fast delivery, and it was packaged well . All in all this is a very a trustworthy and reliable company.

  62. 92 customer reviews


    S much better than i was expecting! I feel free!

  63. 92 customer reviews

    P Ettinghausen

    Really great product, extremely fast service. ‘m genuinely very impressed with everything.

  64. 92 customer reviews

    Mickey D

    amazing for my muscle pain as well as my anxiety.

  65. 92 customer reviews

    Ms Garnett

    Will definitely be buying more CBD vape shot. Helps with my painful swollen knees.

  66. 92 customer reviews

    Vape Life lol

    I have a high stress work environment which causes me to have a broken sleep pattern. Simply by adding this shot to my vape I am sleeping normally again.

  67. 92 customer reviews


    Will be ordering from this place again. I have already recommended this company and the benefits of CBD to my close friends

  68. 92 customer reviews


    Love it so much

  69. 92 customer reviews


    fantastic customer service fast delivery good product no pain highly recommend

  70. 92 customer reviews


    Quick shipping and reasonably priced. CBD vape shots have helped with my joint pain caused by arthritis. Very happy with this trustworthy company. I won’t buy anywhere else.

  71. 92 customer reviews


    LOVE IT!

  72. 92 customer reviews

    Unhappy and sore

    I thought i was buying oil that goes on the skin, so I’ve been rubbing it on my sore knees for a few weeks. I felt nothing and now the oil is all gone.

  73. 92 customer reviews


    This is my first cbd purchase and so far its amazing

  74. 92 customer reviews


    I cannot recommend this company highly enough!!

  75. 92 customer reviews

    Geigie P

    Easy company to deal with, good delivery times. Vape shot is odorless and tasteless, so works with all of my fave juices.

  76. 92 customer reviews


    website was easy to use, clearly explained how it works, heaps of information, and was very easy to order from.

  77. 92 customer reviews

    Greg Love

    no major issues except for delivery which was late by a few days.

  78. 92 customer reviews

    D Willy

    delivery times great and communication was second to none

  79. 92 customer reviews

    Aimee K

    I suffer with arthritis pain and since i’ve been adding this cbd to my vapes, I can move around with very little pain. Thank you so much. S x stars

  80. 92 customer reviews

    Alice H

    been using this CBD vape shot for 5 days and I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN

  81. 92 customer reviews

    [email protected]

    This is my first time buying CBD from anywhere and I found this website really easy to navigate and purchasing was a breeze. Arrived 2 days later, packaging was discreet, and it’s so easy just adding the CBD shot to my vape juices as required. Goodbye sleepless nights and hello to pain free days!

  82. 92 customer reviews


    This vape shot works! Like really! Wish I’d tried this years ago. Oh and the delivery was pretty good, with the attention to detail of the packaging.

  83. 92 customer reviews


    Absolutely fantastic

  84. 92 customer reviews


    Very efficient pain relief with the vape shot, and the cust serv was great!

  85. 92 customer reviews


    after struggling with low moods and random panic attacks for years, adding this shot to my vape makes me genuinely feel like I can deal with anything. My boyfriend really noticed the change too.

  86. 92 customer reviews

    H Baxter

    Reliable product and good service. Will buy more soon.

  87. 92 customer reviews


    Legit awesome!

  88. 92 customer reviews

    Donna T

    So easy to use. I simply add a few drops to my fave vape oils. Great customer service too. I had queries and they helped out immediately.

  89. 92 customer reviews

    Michael William Adams

    Unfortunately I bought the vape shot instead of normal vape oil. Wish they had a pop up that warned me before buying it. I don’t know what i’m doing with this stuff. We’re not all bill gates computer whizzes you know?

    • Canna Union

      Hi, if you ever have any problems with the wrong order, please just get in touch with our team. [email protected]


  90. 92 customer reviews

    N McGrath

    really relaxes my muscle spasms. Delivery was fast too

  91. 92 customer reviews

    Dave K

    I have been adding this shot to my vape oil for the last 5 nights in a row and every night I’ve consistently had amazing nights sleep!

  92. 92 customer reviews

    Hannah K

    fantastic customer service, staff are always happy to help. Love adding this shot to my vape oil. Delivery is always fast.

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