CBD Vape Oil Shot 1000mg

(191 customer reviews)

37.46 or 29.97 / month

CBD Vape Oil Shot 1000mg

  • Contains 1000mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher

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Canna Union CBD Shots are perfect for the avid Vaper and can easily enhance any of your favourite e-juices or flavours with CBD.  Manufactured in the UK, we use only the best quality Hemp CBD with a 100% purity rate.

Rest assured that CBD Vape Shots are completely free from pesticides, additives, and metallics. They are also safe and effective to use because there is 0% THC, which means no possibility of any psychoactive effects.

Our CBD Vape Shots are made from CBD, as well as Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol, so they can be safely enjoyed when added to your favorite vape juice.

Also available in 100mg and 250mg CBD concentrations.

Directions: Simply add a few drops to your favourite vape oil / juice to enhance with CBD.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

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Dimensions 2.11 × 2.11 × 7.3 cm

191 reviews for CBD Vape Oil Shot 1000mg

  1. Edgar

    Vaping CBD with canna union’s enhancer, is very much relaxing.. I appreciate the silence in the room, which sounds lonely before!

  2. Eric

    This gives me comfort and I’ve been sleeping so good! I also appreciate the fact that shipping this was so easy.

  3. Robert

    I’ve only just started using the 1000mg vape shot with the vape liquids, but I’m happy & I have no complaints so far.

  4. Ava Mia

    Never imagined CBD can help me with my stress-prone mind especially with vape and an enhancer like this!

  5. Patricia

    You can totally reap CBD’s benefits even more with a CBD vape oil shot!

  6. Gwenyth

    a small drop to your cbd oil can prolong relaxation. I always have CBD vape oil shot to enjoy vaping more!

  7. Birch

    The calming sensation I get when vaping the CBD oil with an enhancer like this is so special!

  8. Miles

    I always have with me and my vape, the CBD Vape Oil Shot. I really love how it gives me feel a peaceful ambiance.

  9. Julian

    For a long-time vaper like me, I can say that it’s makes vape oil extra especial and more relaxing to use.

  10. Acton

    I never thought it tastes safe! Haha! Thanks to my friend who made me try it! now, I am including this to my order whenever I purchase 🙂

  11. Jimmy

    Vape’s flavor always tastes real with CBD Vape oil shot in it!

  12. Aneta

    We all deserve to live in a stress free world. By having this in your pocket it may just happen. HAHA I’m serious!

  13. Jacob

    Vaping becomes tastier and better when take with CBD vape oil shot!

  14. Marlon

    Well I’ve been exploring any kind of CBD Vape Oil! And I think a found the one for me. Will buy more to ensure that were meant to be. 🙂

  15. Liam

    In general, I have been cheerful and lately I can control my mood swings. Good product!

  16. Maverick

    Excellent service, wonderful products and very helpful and informative staff

  17. Jason D.

    This arrived in the mail last week and has been in use ever since. The results so far are great.

  18. Ryan

    Excellent, very effective. Makes the world of difference for my dream

  19. Alvin

    Very reliable and trustworthy site. I like how its easy to order

  20. Jake

    The best CBD vape oil shot I have tried. I would definitely recommend it and will come back for more

  21. Carl

    CBD Vape Oil Shot is indeed small, but it can do big things to vaping!

  22. Jayson

    A good vape stimulator! An energy that doesn’t make me restless.

  23. Artyom

    For den beste avslapningsøkten, er denne den perfekte partneren med CBD Vape. Canna Union hele veien!

  24. Ava

    Elsker å legge vri i Vape? Dette er den perfekte partneren!

  25. Jean

    ¡Para aquellos que desean una sensación extraordinariamente relajada, este es el compañero perfecto para sus vapes!

  26. Olivia

    Soy vegano, y este es el mejor para mí. ¡Nunca experimenté algo horrible sobre esto como ningún otro!

  27. Bernabe

    Insípido y muy efectivo. Me alegro de haber elegido esto. Gracias Canna Union!

  28. Aramis

    Dette produktet tok alltid vare på muskelsmerter hver gang jeg opplever dem! Takk Canna Union

  29. Bartolo

    Como soy vegano, aproveché la oportunidad de probar este, y nunca he confiado en nada más que esto.

  30. Alex

    Quality and the purity is UNBELIEVEABLE! Worth the price!

  31. Oda

    Me encanta cómo se aplica este! ¡Tiene un efecto calmante que elimina todo el estrés!

  32. Lucie

    Imagine relaxation without gaining weight?! I thought it was always opposite. You relax, but you gain weight, or you lose weight but you’re anxious. But it doesn’t happen with Canna Union. Must try guys!!!

  33. Tim

    This has been my favorite since I tried this. And I’m sure it would be best for me and worth it to try all of the available flavors!

  34. Marcus

    Humble yet very effective. This is my personal experience and my take on this product. I would like to get more samples

  35. Adrian

    I started using this earlier this year. And still it gives me the stress free world i needed for my everyday life.

  36. Lukas

    Veldig effektivt produkt, og det gir meg en riktig god natts søvn.

  37. Monica L

    My days used to suck a lot and sometimes I don’t even try to feel better anymore. If it weren’t for CBD, I wouldn’t even have the life I have now.

  38. Tom

    ¡Bastante orgulloso de los efectos instantáneos! Hizo un gran impacto en mi ansiedad!

  39. Alice

    Utholdenheten min har økt betydelig. Jeg føler meg avslappet selv etter å ha jobbet i hagen.

  40. Mason

    I was in a lot of pain because of my arthritis. CBD has saved me from inflammation, pain, and stiffness!

  41. Escobar R

    Mi estado de ánimo ha mejorado y ahora estoy más feliz. ¡No voy a cambiar a otra marca!

  42. Lea

    I love the effects CBD provides! Really comforts my sore muscles and I’m more active now!

  43. Craig77

    I have had a million episodes of emotional breakdown and panic attacks. This has really helped me a big deal!

  44. Ansley

    I am happy to be buying again! I can’t even imagine how I survived years of anxiety!

  45. Lea

    Die Schmerzen in meinem Hüftgelenk haben sich sofort gebessert. Ich werde mehr kaufen!

  46. Brent

    Le site Web contient d’excellents détails sur les produits. Vraiment facile à utiliser!

  47. Vanessa

    Angsten min har vært veldig tyngende. Mottatt denne siste uken, og det har vært litt lettere nå.

  48. Hankie

    I thought I had to live with insomnia my whole life! I didn’t know CBD could help!

  49. Marion

    I had trouble sleeping because of my messed up body clock. I use this before I go to bed and I would wake up feeling awesome.

  50. Lukas

    My constant migraines always stops me from enjoying anything! And it significantly lessened when I started using this.

  51. Paul

    La seule réponse à mon vertige. Cela m’aide aussi avec mon insomnie!

  52. Paula

    Cela a donné l’expérience la plus remarquable! Mon insomnie a été assez légère.

  53. Javier

    Had panic attacks for almost 5 years and I have tried almost all pain pills there is. But this is changed my life!

  54. Henry

    I used to have these sudden outbursts back when I didn’t have this vape oil. What an amazing product!

  55. Jayden

    I bought this product for my son and it really made him a lot calmer. Been looking for a product like this.

  56. Craig

    Es lo único que no tiene implicaciones para mi salud y ayuda a sanar los músculos con bastante rapidez. ¡Siempre la mejor Unión Canna!

  57. Elias

    Quería cambiar de píldoras a otra cosa debido a los efectos secundarios. ¡Estoy tan contento de haber descubierto esto!

  58. Rudolph

    I’m always satisfied with the results of Canna Union’s products for my illnesses!

  59. under_world

    Aucune pilule n’a fonctionné pour mon anxiété que j’ai depuis des années. J’ai essayé cela et ma vie s’est sûrement améliorée! Vraiment génial!

  60. Jones

    I used to be very reserved and have no self-confidence. But I have become outgoing and more relaxed since I began using this product.

  61. Jason

    I’ve been able to manage my stress. And I’ve been endorsing Canna Union to my friends

  62. Robert

    Siempre tengo una sensación de paz cada vez que uso esto, ¡y duermo mucho mejor por la noche!

  63. Miguel

    Cela a vraiment réduit mon anxiété! Bravo à Canna Union

  64. Pablo

    ¡Pude dormir como un bebé desde que comencé a usar el aceite de vape CBD! Agradecido por las respuestas rápidas a mis preguntas también

  65. Rico

    I’m really hooked with Canna Union’s products !! Thank you for this! No more sore muscles!

  66. Carol

    This stuff is so wonderful! Got my shipment a few weeks ago and I intend to place additional order!

  67. Julius

    This is the only product that has worked for me and I like the effects so far. Will recommend

  68. Ally

    Je souhaite avoir trouvé cette huile de vape cbd il y a des décennies! J’ai traversé de nombreuses années de dépression et c’est la seule chose qui a fonctionné pour moi!

  69. Steve

    Le conté a mi familia lo maravillosos que son sus productos. ¡También ordenarán pronto!

  70. Jun

    Couldn’t believe that years of searching for a cure for my migraines come to an end because I found Canna Union!

  71. Michael

    This is the most outstanding thing I have ever tried. Gives immediate relief for my anxiety

  72. Tim

    En general, he sido alegre y últimamente puedo controlar mis cambios de humor. ¡Buen producto!

  73. Lewis

    Ich bin so glücklich, dass wir in der heutigen Zeit leben, weil die Medikamente modernisiert wurden und CBD-Öl das Beste von allen ist.

  74. Desiree Z

    Dieser Geschmack ist der beste und die Qualität und Wirksamkeit ist unvergleichlich! Mach weiter so!

  75. Nova F

    This product was the best I have ever spent my money on to relieve my anxiety! Thank you very much!

  76. Jareb

    Je ne pouvais pas croire que ce truc est la solution à mes étourdissements. Cela m’aide aussi avec mes maux de tête!

  77. Roberto

    La sensation d’être à l’aise me manque vraiment. J’ai le SSPT et rien n’a jamais fait ce que cette huile de vape CBD a fait à mon état.

  78. Welbert

    A colleague told me to visit Canna Union’s website and after browsing for a few minutes, I placed my order. Got delivered last week and been using it since then! I feel a lot better!

  79. Sheila K

    This arrived last week and has been using it since then. The results have been really great so far!

  80. Francis

    Dies ist das erste, was ich von Canna Union ausprobiert habe und es läuft sehr gut. Ich werde es bald mit den anderen versuchen!

  81. Bryan

    He podido controlar mis dolores desde que comencé a usar este aceite de vape

  82. Chiara

    Jeg har alltid vært en sjenert og engstelig person, og jeg kan si at disse tingene virkelig forandret alt det!

  83. Alvin

    Dies hat bei meinen Anfällen geholfen. Ich habe Epilepsie und das ist ein Lebensretter!

  84. Steffen

    I’m glad my friend recommended it! I just purchased another batch!

  85. Angelo

    My mood has generally improved and I am rarely stressed! Thanks a lot!

  86. Elida

    Ich war sehr deprimiert, nachdem ich meinen Job verloren hatte, aber dank Canna Union konnte ich weitermachen und bin jetzt viel glücklicher.

  87. Fred

    Jeg kan ikke tro hvor utrolig det er! Bare noen få dråper før sengetid, og jeg skal til en veldig god natts søvn.

  88. Emil

    Ich war immer unsicher mit meiner Persönlichkeit und ein Mitglied meiner Familie sagte mir, dass dies helfen würde. Also habe ich das bestellt und es hat mir ein Gefühl der Ruhe und Entspannung gegeben.

  89. Lucy

    A close family friend told me that it works for people with heart problems and that she uses it herself. So I bought one last month and now I see relief and improvement in my symptoms!

  90. Jaye

    Dies ist letzte Woche per Post eingetroffen und wird seitdem verwendet. Die Ergebnisse sind bisher großartig.

  91. Lea

    Ich fühle mich jedes Mal wunderbar, wenn ich das benutze und es gibt mir ein Gefühl der Ruhe! Das Beste seiner Art!

  92. Max

    I’ve lived with anxiety for years and no pills worked. Tried this and my life changed! Really awesome!

  93. Arthur

    This has improved my anxiety and I noticed a significant development in my my mood!

  94. Rosa

    Jeg har brukt dette i nesten en måned, og det gir lettelse for såre muskler og betente ledd! Flott arbeid, Canna Union!

  95. Davis

    This miraculous oil has been my life-saver! I cannot believe how swift the effects are!

  96. Nils

    Ma migraine récurrente a vraiment affecté ma vie de tous les jours. Ce truc a été livré la semaine dernière et j’ai été satisfait du soulagement rapide qu’il me procure!

  97. Harold

    Dieses Produkt hat sich als sehr wirksam erwiesen und es ist mein Stress und Angst zu verringern. Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

  98. Bard

    Dieses Produkt hat sich als sehr wirksam erwiesen und es ist mein Stress und Angst zu verringern. Ich kann es nur empfehlen!

  99. Eugene

    Extremely surprise with how fast the effects are!

  100. Arthur

    Je ne pense pas qu’il existe un autre produit qui puisse égaler l’efficacité de ce genre de choses!

  101. Jasper

    Undeniably the finest vape oil in the universe! I will buy more of your vape oil

  102. Jonas

    Sikkert den vanlige hodepinen min er borte i løpet av bare noen få dager.

  103. Liam

    Can’t believe I got my dad to use this product. And now, he will order for himself.

  104. Jay H

    Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ein solches Produkt existiert! Dieses Zeug hat mich vor unzähligen Besuchen in einer Arztpraxis bewahrt! Gut gemacht!

  105. Finn

    Great products and delivery process will use on a regular basis. 5 stars for CU

  106. Enzo

    Thus far I am pleased with my purchase,and the company delivered swiftly and the item was packaged securely,would use again.

  107. Albert

    Utmerket service, fantastiske produkter og veldig hjelpsomme og informative ansatte

  108. Hoffmann

    Best CBD e-liquid I’ve tried. Would definitely recommend it, and will be coming back for more

  109. dope_derp33

    They were also quick to respond to a query I had regarding this product. Overall a great product and service, and will be using again.

  110. Karen Kaye

    Brilliant product! It reduces my anxiety. No more stress for me. Thanks for your best product!

  111. sandra_58

    Meine Erfahrung war sehr gut. Dieses Produkt hilft mir bei Stress und Schmerzen. Ich liebe, was es für mich getan hat.

  112. tristan854

    This is helping me in so many ways but long way to go for myself. Thank you so kindly canna union. It really changed my life!

  113. Werner

    Web site was easy to use, smooth transaction and fast delivery. Great product too. Will definitely buy from here again.

  114. Bassot

    Great service , good advice very pleasent to be a customer for this company. I would definitely recommend Canna Union

  115. Luitpold

    Great product, lovely packaging, speedy delivery. Great on site experience, knowledgeable about what Canna Union sell.

  116. Dominguez

    amazing product. helps my aches and pains, anxiety and sleep! will be ordering again! I’m so pleased with your high quality product!

  117. Holmes

    amazing product. helps my aches and pains, anxiety and sleep! will be ordering again! I’m so pleased with your high quality product!

  118. Gunda

    Great customer service and the order arrived within a couple if days. I highly recommend Canna Union.

  119. Carie

    Quick delivery, easy access with your website and best customer service. I woud definitely recommend Canna Union to everyone

  120. Jacobsen

    Gutes Geschäft, schneller Versand und gute Kommunikation während der gesamten Transaktion. Hochwertiges Produkt.

  121. Reah

    Your Vape shot with 1000mg is the best dosage I have. Its right for me. It really gives me a good good night sleep. Definitely recommend to people who likes stronger dosage.

  122. David Beck

    Canna Union has a great CBD vape product. My anxiety reduces down. Thank you! Higly recommended

  123. Cherry Tan

    I have just received it, everything was nicely packaged and arrived earlier than expected. Looking forward to using it

  124. Lautaro

    First time purchasing with this company. Can say I’m very impressed. Great delivery and quality product. Would recommend

  125. Opsahl

    I have been taking this vape oil less than a week and my tremors have basically stopped. I can’t recommend it enough, if you’re in doubt, go for it! The price doesn’t seem so much when it actually works with visible and fast results.

  126. Yannic

    Hervorragender Kundenservice gepaart mit hervorragenden Produkten werden mich immer wieder zurückkommen lassen. Vielen Dank. 5 Sterne für Canna Union !!

  127. Matteo99

    Brilliant company to deal with! Excellent range of products and top class delivery service. 2 Thumbs up for Canna Union!

  128. Phillipe45

    Great customer service, always happy to take their time explaining the different products. Thank you for helping me with my order

  129. Jakob

    Eksepsjonell service. Stor hjemmeside med en tydelig beskrivelse av forskjellige produkter og deres virkning, og en super rask snuoperasjon du kan sende når du har bestilt.

  130. R Pietsch

    Great web site, very easy to use. Got some of the Cbd oil and it’s been awesome would recommend to anyone 👌

  131. Nielsen

    As described good quality and delivered promptly thank you. Your product is totally brilliant!!

  132. Vilde

    Fantastic product and prompt delivery very happy..

  133. Aramis

    Vielen Dank. Ich freue mich sehr über meinen Kauf. Auf jeden Fall für die anderen empfehlen.

  134. Anja Marie

    Your vape oil works for me and helps me relieve from anxiety attacks

  135. Aimy Gene

    Excellente, excellente communication et livraison très rapide. Meilleure entreprise CBD sur le marché.

  136. Wyatt55

    Its effective! Really helpful for someone who has anxiety

  137. Harmon Z

    your product has the best quality i have ever had

  138. Ander H

    Nice and fast service! I appreciated your service and you have a quality product too! Impressive

  139. Verygood!!

    SPOT ON!!

  140. Anna B

    Great product lad

  141. Aleck

    Will order again lad

  142. Jbrown55

    I’m impressed as a first time user.

  143. Smith Jane

    Service is quick and good quality. Def recommend!

  144. G.Griffiths

    Can’t you just love Canna Union? They’re the best!!

  145. M Achim

    ohhh i love it!!

  146. Hope

    Their website is super easy to use. I will order again

  147. Dame

    You got great stuff lad

  148. Connor

    Canna Union is the best!!

  149. Rhonda

    customer service was really second to none and the delivery was very quick. 2 days. Simple to use too. and effective. all round a great experience.

  150. Clementine

    quality CBD!! No more nausea or joint pain.

  151. Luke g

    I was suffering from seizures and chronic pain. Not any more thanks to this additive vape shot

  152. Joel G

    Effective pain relief.

  153. Jessi

    would recommend and have many times

  154. Josephine

    Wonderful range of CBD products at pretty reasonable prices

  155. Dan Gailar

    Grey customer service. easy addition to my fave vape fluid

  156. Martin

    i have not had any pain since using this cbd vape shot, and it has also has made my memory much clearer.

  157. Dannie

    tried a few different CBD vape oils and the shot is great because i just add it to my fave vapes.

  158. Gill j

    Great cbd vape shot and great service

  159. Jon L

    quick delivery and CBD is really effective for my nausea

  160. Andrea

    amazing results and i’m already on my third bottle

  161. Donovan Green

    Great customer service. no problems at all. stops my hands shaking.

  162. Andi R

    no more pain and no side effects

  163. Jonah

    This is the 1st CBD oil i have ever tried. Chose this shot because i was worried about the taste.

  164. Jim F

    really happy with this CBD vape shot.

  165. Sol D

    using this for fibromyaliga and so far it is working well.

  166. Jeanine

    Very effective for my joint pain

  167. Kenneth

    it reduces my pain substantially. sleeping is also much easier.

  168. Francis M

    Good product! Really has helped with my skin.

  169. Maxine

    website really easy to use, laid out well. CBD is awesome

  170. Eroll G

    good selection of CBD products. This vape shot works a treat.

  171. Simone S

    Delivery was fast with good communication. The vape shot works efficiently. Honestly just as simple as that.

  172. Sharon S

    my dad suffers from chronic nausea and this shot certainly makes a difference! Great product and company.

  173. Mr Parish

    website was very easy to navigate. CBD vape shot works as an additive to my vape oil. Sleep like a baby.

  174. Deanus

    Very happy with the company, the service, and the cbd vape shot

  175. JF Smith

    I no longer have to deal with anxiety and it also removed all the pain in my knees. Thanks so much!

  176. Sandy S

    Fabulous product;. Reliable service. Fast delivery.

  177. Not A Millionaire

    Top quality product that genuinely works wonder with my inflammation and IBS, but I reckon CBD is quite expensive so I’m taking off 2 stars. Hopefully the price will start going down soon.

  178. Laura P

    Excellent experience all round

  179. Anneik H

    Been buying their products for ages. Easy purchase procedure and website, fast delivery, and it was packaged well . All in all this is a very a trustworthy and reliable company.

  180. Mickey D

    amazing for my muscle pain as well as my anxiety.

  181. Ms Garnett

    Will definitely be buying more CBD vape shot. Helps with my painful swollen knees.

  182. Chaz

    Love it so much

  183. Browny

    LOVE IT!

  184. Catarina

    I cannot recommend this company highly enough!!

  185. Geigie P

    Easy company to deal with, good delivery times. Vape shot is odorless and tasteless, so works with all of my fave juices.

  186. Alice H

    been using this CBD vape shot for 5 days and I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN

  187. Markus

    This vape shot works! Like really! Wish I’d tried this years ago. Oh and the delivery was pretty good, with the attention to detail of the packaging.

  188. H Baxter

    Reliable product and good service. Will buy more soon.

  189. Senna

    Legit awesome!

  190. Donna T

    So easy to use. I simply add a few drops to my fave vape oils. Great customer service too. I had queries and they helped out immediately.

  191. Dave K

    I have been adding this shot to my vape oil for the last 5 nights in a row and every night I’ve consistently had amazing nights sleep!

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