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CBD Vape Oil Shot 250mg

Full Spectrum CBD
92 customer reviews
(92 customer reviews)


  • Contains 250mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
Model: VS-EM-005

In stock

Enhance your favorite e-juices or flavours with our CBD Vape Oil Shot 250mg. CBD Vape Oil Shots are ideal for vapers who want to add a little spice to their oil. Our CBD Vape Oil Shot 250mg is mid-strength in our range, and provides a range of health benefits, including stress relief and relaxation!

CBD Vape Oil Shot 250mg is manufactured in the UK and is produced using the best quality Hemp CBD. It has a 100% purity rating and is also free from pesticides, additives, mold and metallics. Our CBD Vape Shots are safe and effective. They have 0% THC, providing all the benefits, without any psychoactive effects.

Our CBD Vape Oil Shot 250mg are made from hemp-derived CBD, as well as Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. Mix them with your favourite vape juice and enjoy safely.

Also available in 100mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Directions: Simply add a few drops to your favorite vape oil / juice to enhance with CBD.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

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92 reviews for CBD Vape Oil Shot 250mg

  1. 92 customer reviews


    Utmerket service og flott produkt … bedre enn den jeg kjøpte fra USA som ble vurdert som en av de beste. Jeg foretrekker denne. Ingen grunn til å nøle eller bekymre deg for disse karene

  2. 92 customer reviews


    Sehr guter Service, schnelle Lieferung und die Qualität des Produkts ist besser als erwartet!

  3. 92 customer reviews


    Ihr Produkt ist unglaublich. Es hat mir in vielerlei Hinsicht geholfen, genauso wie meinem Mann. Aus persönlicher Erfahrung ist dieses Produkt das beste auf dem Markt, das ich je probiert habe.

  4. 92 customer reviews


    Vary easy to use. Great product and value for money. Packaging is really nice too. I will recommend your product to everyone I know!!

  5. 92 customer reviews


    First time purchasing with this company. Can say I’m very impressed. Great delivery and quality product. Would recommend

  6. 92 customer reviews


    ¡Perfecto! Servicio, calidad del producto, sitio web todo perfecto. Para obtener resultados, podré comentar en un par de meses.

  7. 92 customer reviews


    Best cbd i tried so far, only used one of your products

  8. 92 customer reviews

    Gus Lotbinière

    God service. Profesjonell og rask levering med god bonus for gjentatte bestillinger. CBD-olje ser ut til å fungere veldig bra for min partner.

  9. 92 customer reviews

    Susan Guerrero

    Excellent service, marvelous products and very helpful and informative staff

  10. 92 customer reviews

    Freya K

    Just what I wanted. well packed and arrived on time

  11. 92 customer reviews


    Servicio brillante, producto brillante. Volveremos y lo he recomendado a otros.

  12. 92 customer reviews


    So far so good. The quality of the product is brilliant!!

  13. 92 customer reviews

    Liam J

    Really happy with this product. Felt better in a short while. Will buy again.

  14. 92 customer reviews

    Jr Harrison

    This covid19 really freaks me out. So I vape a bit of your product, to my surprise i felt relax a bit. I hope Covid19 will end soon

  15. 92 customer reviews

    Monique E

    totally satisfied and happy with the product. I will order some more!!

  16. 92 customer reviews

    Murphy Joseph

    Satisfying and reduces muscle pain. I was having trouble before with muscle pain after I gym. So, when I use them. First thing in the morning, no more muscle pain!!

  17. 92 customer reviews


    Just what I needed the most. Thanks

  18. 92 customer reviews


    Great job Canna Union!

  19. 92 customer reviews


    Customer service is polite!

  20. 92 customer reviews


    This product is SPOT ON!!

  21. 92 customer reviews


    Excellent soulagement de la douleur.

  22. 92 customer reviews

    Y Gaarder

    Finally something that makes me relaxxx

  23. 92 customer reviews

    J Luna

    I did not regret buying your product!

  24. 92 customer reviews


    Canna Union is the best there is

  25. 92 customer reviews


    Un service super rapide, des trucs de qualité supérieure achèteraient certainement à nouveau

  26. 92 customer reviews

    Poe D

    quality CBD and fast delivery

  27. 92 customer reviews

    Denise S

    helps my moods and clears my thoughts

  28. 92 customer reviews

    Janice J

    100% purity rating and 0% THC. Exactly what i need for my IBS symptoms and my work needs because they do random drug tests. Canna Union is the best CBD company I’ve used.

  29. 92 customer reviews


    Love this CBD

  30. 92 customer reviews

    Hammed M

    There is so much detailed information on this website and staff were so helpful answering my questions. I bought this CBD vape shot because I suffer from Fibromyalgia, and while I’ve only been adding it to my vapes for 4 days, the results have been increasing getting better each day 10/5 stars will be buying the 1000mg shot next time

  31. 92 customer reviews


    website was easy to use and delivery was fast.

  32. 92 customer reviews

    Beatrice G

    Great service, excellent communication and the CBD works as expected. so happy

  33. 92 customer reviews

    Miguel Juan Carrillo

    Era escéptico sobre el CBD, pero resulta que realmente ayuda con mi problema nervioso. Además, duermo mejor y no tengo más náuseas. Muy recomendable.

  34. 92 customer reviews


    the pain in my hips has completely gone

  35. 92 customer reviews

    Patti C

    Since using the cbd vape oil shot I have been sleeping a lot better and my aches and pains have eased

  36. 92 customer reviews


    Great service. Prompt delivery. Exceeded all expectations

  37. 92 customer reviews

    J Avalos

    Didn’t realise this vape oil is supposed to be added to other vape oil. Now i have to order some of that from elsewhere.

  38. 92 customer reviews

    Louisa A

    First time buying and using CBD. this vape shot is the realy real deal.

  39. 92 customer reviews


    Easy ordering process, pretty quick delivery. Too soon to say if it has any effect.

  40. 92 customer reviews

    Sally CD

    I’ve tried a few different CBD companies, and after using a few of the other 250mg vapes from Canna Union , I reckon this is their best one. In fact, i reckon it’s the best one on the market today that i’ve ried. While the price is pretty average for CBD vapes, I still wish it was just a little cheaper. Maybe you could come up with a lyalty card system? like every 10th bottle is half price? lol

  41. 92 customer reviews

    Hazel H

    Delivery to the UK was fast. Highly recommend this website. In fact i’m on here right now to order some more.

  42. 92 customer reviews


    I’ve been taking the cbd shot for a few days and I can already feel the difference. I will def be ordering more.

  43. 92 customer reviews

    Chris J


  44. 92 customer reviews


    Slight issue with the postage. Otherwise all good!

  45. 92 customer reviews

    Mary P

    1st time buying CBD vape oil for my constant hand pain. it also helped me to relax and i have better sleep.

  46. 92 customer reviews


    This CBD vape shot helped immensely with my back pain and my anxiety levels. It truly is amazing.

  47. 92 customer reviews


    all round great vape oil and experience

  48. 92 customer reviews

    Jorna L

    I suffer from really bad symptoms of Fibromalygia. Adding this CBD shot in my vape pen has had a massive improvement in my life. I’m honestly just so happy with life now. I feel like i could accomplish anything just like when i was a kid. Great company, v trustworthy.

  49. 92 customer reviews

    Dell W

    100% authentic CBD, I would highly recommend

  50. 92 customer reviews

    Trent Barry


  51. 92 customer reviews

    Lizzy H

    I have been suffering with severe and chronic pain for for many years now due to an arthritis related condition. I’ve been using this CBD shot in my Vape multiple times a day for 2 weeks and there has been a drastic reduction of eye pain, as well as quickly eradicating pain when i wake up. Delivery was pretty quick and the website was easy to use.

  52. 92 customer reviews


    pleased with customer service and the quality of the CBD vape shot

  53. 92 customer reviews

    Mr Wood

    I haven’t felt so chill, relaxed, and calm in years. Loving this CBD vape shot so much. def recommend

  54. 92 customer reviews

    Annie Lamb

    First time user of CBD here. Like many, i was wary of jumping on the CBD bandwagon. I thought there’s gotta be a catch or it’s just snake oil with a placebo effect. But i was so wrong. I took the chance with this website because they seemed to know what they are talking about, and their customer service helped me make a choice on what to get. Decided on this 250mg vape shot because i already vape, so i can add to my favorite oils. Delivery was fast, and after only a few days, my joint pain and lower back pain was reduced so much that i was dancing around the house listening to Queen. We are the champions! Thanks for all your help! Highly recommended!

  55. 92 customer reviews


    CBD vape gave me a real sense of calmness.

  56. 92 customer reviews

    Anita D

    Pretty fast for international delivery. Works for my muscle spasms and shakes. I will definately be coming back to order more soon

  57. 92 customer reviews

    Beth F

    Quick delivery but I might need to try a higher strength.

  58. 92 customer reviews

    Ray G

    Thank you so very much for everything!

  59. 92 customer reviews


    Suitably impressed with how fast the CBD vape shot has effected my nause and sleep patterns. I will definitely be ordering the 1000mg bottle from now on. I am so pleased I found Canna Union and have do not hesitate to recommend them to friends, family, and to anyone reading this. Tak a chance. you won’t be disappointed. Thank you!!

  60. 92 customer reviews


    amazing CBD product! It really helps with my aches and pains, as well as my anxiety and sleep

  61. 92 customer reviews

    Jay McD

    trustworthy company, great CBD, but as will all CBD it seems a little expensive.

  62. 92 customer reviews


    a little pricey, but it works. so i will be ordering from these guys again.

  63. 92 customer reviews

    Yamanto J

    friendly , knowledgeable, and helpful service. CBD shot works a treat on my IBS.

  64. 92 customer reviews

    Evil Kinevel

    I had an accident while riding a motorbike 2 years ago where I injured my spine. Ever since then I have had almost constant muscle spasms. After using this vape shot CBD oil for a week, I’m no longer having spasms at all. what a relief! Will definitely be buying more.

  65. 92 customer reviews

    Mr James

    Great customer service and quality CBD

  66. 92 customer reviews


    Great product which really helps

  67. 92 customer reviews

    Lizzie A

    First time using CBD but it works to remove my static pain

  68. 92 customer reviews


    I have spinal pain caused by a medical condition. I bout this vape shot CBD because traditional painkillers don’t work for me. Afteer a week, I am already in less pain than normal. Hopefully it will keep improving because I am very happy so far. Definitely worth getting the 250mg to at least see if CBD works for you, at least that’s my advice.

  69. 92 customer reviews


    Love this CBD vape oil shot because i am feeling so much relief from pain.

  70. 92 customer reviews

    Ms Flowers

    Been using Canna Union for a while now and I highly recommend them to people who use CBD frequently, but especially anyone new to the cbd scene as they are so helpful.

  71. 92 customer reviews

    Casey t

    This is the real deal. Works so well

  72. 92 customer reviews


    good service and good CBD product

  73. 92 customer reviews


    Really had helped with my nausea and sleeping

  74. 92 customer reviews


    Believe all of the hype. This CBD vape shot is incredible

  75. 92 customer reviews

    Fran Jan

    After 1 week using the vape shot CBD, gradually all my pains and aches have subsided. I absolutely love how i feel

  76. 92 customer reviews


    Amazing stuff this CBD vape shot. After only 3 days, my eczema has almost completely cleared up. Plus i’m a lot more relaxed and sleeping like a baby.

  77. 92 customer reviews


    The wrong product arrived. I’ll use it, but still… wasn’t what i wanted. Hopefully this was a one off because i didn’t see anyone else mention it in their reviews.

  78. 92 customer reviews

    Alistare O

    Rapid international delivery, great communication, and the CBD quality is amazing.

  79. 92 customer reviews


    I suffer from MS and I got this CBD for my pain. it works so great, i just wish that I had got some years ago

  80. 92 customer reviews


    Competitively priced CBD range. fast and discrete delivery service. After 4 days vaping I have no nausea

  81. 92 customer reviews

    Davina F


  82. 92 customer reviews

    Bryson B

    Staff were quite helpful, answered all my annoying questions. And the delivery was fast to the UK.. While it is a little expensive i thought, the CBD sure does the trick with my mental health. Really levels me out.

  83. 92 customer reviews

    Katy W

    CBD sure aint no snake oil, i’ll tell you that much!

  84. 92 customer reviews

    Slava Cehovskih

    I started using this cbd vape shot a few weeks ago and i am happy to say that it works! The hype is real! It absolutely helps me with my high levels of anxiety, and as an added bonus i’m always sleeping well. 5/5

  85. 92 customer reviews

    Mezza B

    been taking this vape shot for a week and my tremors have pretty much stopped completely. I can’t recommend it enough. With fast and visible results, the price doesn’t seem so expensive. Give it a try!

  86. 92 customer reviews

    Johnny Reeves

    happy with this CBD vape and will def recommend

  87. 92 customer reviews

    Ash Janae

    Since i started adding this CBD to my vape oil, it has vastly improved my Parkinson’s symptoms. Wish it was cheaper though.

  88. 92 customer reviews

    Alicia H

    helpful sales staff. fast delivery. CBD vape works so well.

  89. 92 customer reviews

    Glenis J

    As I have gotten older, i’ve found that my hands always seem to shake, even more when i’m trying to do something like knitting. Once I’d sucessfully weaned myself off cigarettes by vaping, i decided to give this CBD shot a go. I’m no medical expert, but this is a miracle drug. I swear. Not only is my shaking completely gone, but I knitted my grandson a sweater in record time! Life is so much better with what my grandson calls my “Shakey Smoke”! Hahaha

  90. 92 customer reviews

    Eric Higgs

    Easy to order, fast to arrive, and well packaged. Now I have been using it for a week and can feel some amazing benefits already, or rather, I can’t feel them lol. I no longer feel nauseous and my leg muscles are no longer painful. If you want to feel less like i did, this vape shot works a treat! I’m only on here today so that i can order some of the 1000mg ready for whenever this 250mg one eventually runs out!

  91. 92 customer reviews

    Jess P

    I chose this CBD vape shot to add to my existing juice to hopefully assist with my osteo arthritis and my back pain. I have only just received it so fingers crossed.

  92. 92 customer reviews


    good customer service and great genuine CBD product. It actually bloody works! I have no pain anymore!

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