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CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit

CBD Prefilled Vape Pen Kit
150 customer reviews
(150 customer reviews)


  • Contains 300mg of CBD per pen
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher

Our 300mg CBD Vape Pens are created with only the best quality CBD with a 98-99% purity rate, which are completely Vegan & Kosher. Canna Union CBD Vape Pens are very easy to both use and refill, using any E-Liquids on the market today.

Our CBD Vape Liquid has been refined using the highest quality hemp plants to create a finished product with 99% Pure CBD. It causes no psychoactive effects which means our CBD Vape Liquid is both safe and effective. We use only the best organic hemp plants so that they are free from pesticides, metallics & have an optimum level of purity.

Included: Slim style vape pen, with 3 heat settings, a battery with variable voltage, and a warming feature. It is important not to overheat the element or overcook the delicate CBD liquid.

Ingredients: 300mg Cartridge (Cannabidiol Isolate CBD, Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Flavouring).

150 reviews for CBD Vape Pen Starter Kit

  1. 150 customer reviews


    Ich hatte wegen Unruhe andauernde Muskelkrämpfe. Ich freue mich sehr, dass ich dieses Vape-Öl gefunden habe und meine Muskeln jetzt entspannter sind

  2. 150 customer reviews


    Ich habe das ohne zu zögern bestellt, weil ich gute Dinge darüber gehört habe. Unnötig zu erwähnen, dass ich sofort überzeugt war!

  3. 150 customer reviews


    Cela a considérablement amélioré mon bien-être total et je suis heureux qu’il soit biologique. Merci beaucoup

  4. 150 customer reviews


    Ages of anxiety and taking pills, but this is the only thing that healed me! Very potent

  5. 150 customer reviews


    Je ne pensais pas que ma dépression serait guérie avec de l’huile de CBD! Je suis très surpris!

  6. 150 customer reviews


    Skeptisk overfor cbd i fortiden og ikke stol på at det i det hele tatt er effektivt. Men jeg endret skjønn da jeg begynte å bruke den mot søvnløshet

  7. 150 customer reviews


    Meine Müdigkeit lässt nach einer Woche mit diesem Massageöl nach! Ihr seid die Besten!

  8. 150 customer reviews


    I really thought that the only answer to my depression is to take pills. Got this last month and I haven’t taken a pill since

  9. 150 customer reviews


    I feel assured knowing that I have this product and I am sure it will ease my painful sore limbs! First class!

  10. 150 customer reviews


    I want to say thanks to all the customer service personnel for responding to my questions right away!

  11. 150 customer reviews


    My fatigue has really gotten better and I’ve only been using this for a fews weeks. Really admirable!

  12. 150 customer reviews


    Jeg er ganske imponert over dette utrolige produktet. Hjalp til med å lindre angsten min.

  13. 150 customer reviews


    This is the first-class vape oil I’ve ever tried! Good job, Canna Union!

  14. 150 customer reviews


    I longed the feeling of being laid-back. I have depression and nothing has ever done what this CBD vape oil has done to my circumstances.

  15. 150 customer reviews


    A family friend told me that this would help with my anxiety attacks. So I purchased one and surely, it made me feel calm and relaxed.

  16. 150 customer reviews


    ¡Mi compañero de trabajo me sugirió esto y ahora entiendo por qué! ¡Nada supera a Canna Union!

  17. 150 customer reviews

    Laquan F

    Je vis avec anxiété depuis des années et aucune pilule n’a amélioré mes symptômes. J’ai essayé ça et ma vie a changé!

  18. 150 customer reviews

    Carole G

    Jeg har aldri vært så fornøyd med noe produkt. Dere er flotte!

  19. 150 customer reviews


    J’ai remarqué que lorsque j’utilisais cela pendant quelques minutes seulement, cela augmentait ma vigilance et j’aurais l’énergie pour faire mes tâches quotidiennes.

  20. 150 customer reviews


    Mis dolorosas rodillas y caderas realmente me impiden hacer las cosas que amo. ¡Comencé a usar esto el mes pasado y me ha ido muy bien!

  21. 150 customer reviews


    I switched to this product last month. I use it to induce sleep and it really helps me with that.

  22. 150 customer reviews


    From ordering, to delivery, the experience has truly been seamless. Great company and helpful customer service people!

  23. 150 customer reviews


    C’est incroyable comment un peu d’huile de vape comme celle-ci peut changer la vie de quelqu’un. J’ai pu gérer mes sautes d’humeur récemment!

  24. 150 customer reviews


    Mi bienestar emocional y físico ha mejorado significativamente con este producto.

  25. 150 customer reviews


    Hat einen großen Unterschied gemacht und meine Angst verbessert. Schätzen Sie auch den Kundenservice!

  26. 150 customer reviews


    My emotional and physical well-being has improved significantly with this product.

  27. 150 customer reviews


    Nunca he estado tan satisfecho con ningún producto. ¡Ustedes son geniales!

  28. 150 customer reviews


    Je ne pense pas qu’il existe un produit qui corresponde à la puissance de ce genre de choses!

  29. 150 customer reviews


    This stuff definitely helped my headache and anxiety. Great job, Canna Union!

  30. 150 customer reviews


    THE BEST PRODUCT! At first I had my doubts when trying this, but now I definitely can’t live without it!

  31. 150 customer reviews


    Top quality product and quick response from your kind customer service reps. Will def recommend!

  32. 150 customer reviews


    Ich danke dem gesamten Kundendienstpersonal für die schnelle Beantwortung meiner Fragen! Was für ein tolles Team und Unternehmen!

  33. 150 customer reviews


    It’s really incredible how this stuff helped me overcome my anxiety and it’s been pretty manageable lately.

  34. 150 customer reviews


    Me tomó años encontrar una cura natural para mi fatiga y estoy muy contento de haberlo encontrado. Seguramente lo recomendaré a otros!

  35. 150 customer reviews


    Das funktioniert wie Magie und ich werde nie aufhören, darüber zu sprechen, wie großartig ihr seid!

  36. 150 customer reviews


    No other brands could match the effectiveness of Canna Union’s products! Really the best ever!

  37. 150 customer reviews


    Received my order last weekend! I didn’t even wait that long! Didn’t expect it to arrive so soon!

  38. 150 customer reviews


    Jeg er offisielt din nummer 1 fan! Jeg kunne ikke tro effektene var så raske! Hodepine ble borte på bare noen få minutter!

  39. 150 customer reviews


    Esto es justo lo que necesito para mi estrés. También me ayudó con mi mareo!

  40. 150 customer reviews


    Commencé à utiliser l’huile de cdb de vape à peine une semaine et mes migraines sévères sont tous partis!

  41. 150 customer reviews


    Received this product 2 days ago and so far, the results are promising!

  42. 150 customer reviews


    Esto es justo lo que necesitaba. Soy un gran fan de sus productos, Canna Unión!

  43. 150 customer reviews


    I love it and it helps my relax. I’m happy with the results!

  44. 150 customer reviews


    C’est exactement ce dont j’avais besoin pour ma douleur musculaire chronique.

  45. 150 customer reviews


    Will definitely order again!

  46. 150 customer reviews


    Website is filled with very useful information plus the awesome customer service! You cannot go wrong with Canna Union!

  47. 150 customer reviews


    it helps me with my anxiety makes me relax and not worry much. Thanks CU great stuff!!

  48. 150 customer reviews


    Am sleeping better, will prob find it helps with pain after a few weeks. I will buy again though

  49. 150 customer reviews


    Danke. Ich freue mich sehr über meinen Kauf. Auf jeden Fall für die anderen empfehlen.

  50. 150 customer reviews


    I bought your vape pen to give it a try and I was so happy. Great taste and great value for money.

  51. 150 customer reviews


    good price, seems to be a high-quality oil though I don’t have much experience, and the delivery was prompt and painless. Recommend!

  52. 150 customer reviews


    Your vape pen is brilliant! I felt some improvement after using it. def recommend Canna union the best!

  53. 150 customer reviews

    Katja K

    Ich wollte es wegen meiner Angst und meiner Schlafstörungen versuchen. Ich schlafe jetzt besser und meine Angst ist viel besser.

  54. 150 customer reviews


    Site Web convivial facile à utiliser et la livraison a été rapide. Aucun problème. Je les utiliserai à nouveau

  55. 150 customer reviews


    The best cbd in the Canna Union, it helps me with my anxiety makes me relax and not worry much on my vape pen

  56. 150 customer reviews


    Thank you. I’m very happy for my purchase. Definitely recommend for the others. I love your Vape Pen! ♥

  57. 150 customer reviews


    Good fast delivery and very happy with the product Will be buying from here again

  58. 150 customer reviews

    Ortega T

    Produkt von guter Qualität, schneller Versand, rundum angenehme Erfahrung.

  59. 150 customer reviews


    Great on site experience, knowledgeable about what they sell. Very happy with this service especially being a more expensive purchase.

  60. 150 customer reviews

    Cédric P

    Le meilleur stylo CBD que j’ai essayé. Je le recommanderais certainement et reviendrai pour plus

  61. 150 customer reviews


    Excellent, very effective. Makes the world of difference to my sleep. I highly recommend Canna Union! You’re the best!!

  62. 150 customer reviews


    Ausgezeichnetes Produkt, ausgezeichneter Preis und schnelle, effiziente Lieferung. Habe andere Unternehmen ausprobiert, aber dieses war der beste Service von allen

  63. 150 customer reviews

    Paula C

    Acabo de recibirlo, todo estaba bien embalado y llegó antes de lo esperado. Deseando usarlo

  64. 150 customer reviews


    I bought your vape pen and it has great taste and great value for money. I will recommend Canna Union!! I love them for real!!

  65. 150 customer reviews


    CBD is definitely not the side-effect free “cure all” that it is often described as in the press. Thankfully the side effects disappeared completely by day three and I was left feeling fine again.

  66. 150 customer reviews


    Felt slight pain relief. I’ve been using this product for a couple of days and I see good results!! your product really works!!

  67. 150 customer reviews


    I am very pleased with my order it was fast and efficient. The CBD products are amazing. Thank you.

  68. 150 customer reviews


    I would recommend your company to anyone.

  69. 150 customer reviews


    Great Product, Great Service, Great Price! Using this vape pen stopped the pain in my hip after only 3 days.

  70. 150 customer reviews


    This is the only company I trust with CBD and I have recommended it to loads and loads of people

  71. 150 customer reviews


    Ich habe es gerade erhalten, alles war schön verpackt und kam früher als erwartet an. Ich freue mich darauf, es zu nutzen

  72. 150 customer reviews

    Bean Jean

    Your vape pen really helps me relax.

  73. 150 customer reviews

    Hanna I

    Veldig bra produkt velsmakende. Gode ​​nyttige ting. Pris akseptabelt. Jeg vil kjøpe igjen

  74. 150 customer reviews


    Smart. I like it. I should get some more of this pen

  75. 150 customer reviews


    Your vape pen is an awesome product I have ever bought!! Thanks a lot Canna Union

  76. 150 customer reviews


    Veldig fornøyd med service og produkt, vil definitivt kjøpe igjen.

  77. 150 customer reviews


    I just loooooove your product! truly!

  78. 150 customer reviews


    Well, as you know your pen is pretty impressive though

  79. 150 customer reviews


    This one is brilliant

  80. 150 customer reviews


    You guys are quick and reliable!

  81. 150 customer reviews


    This is lit! I like it.

  82. 150 customer reviews

    Didac W

    You gotta try one of Canna Union’s pen starter kit! its perfect!

  83. 150 customer reviews


    An excellent customer service with great quality product! A++++++

  84. 150 customer reviews


    The pen is so awesome!!

  85. 150 customer reviews


    This Vape Pen is brilliant!!

  86. 150 customer reviews


    just what I need!!!

  87. 150 customer reviews


    Customer Service is so Professional

  88. 150 customer reviews


    Great service and amazing product

  89. 150 customer reviews


    A little bit expensive for me personally but totally worth the money because I have so much less pain.

  90. 150 customer reviews


    This Vape Pen Starter Kit was very easy to use. Comes with a choice of liquids, and I chose the Berry flavor because i love strawberries. yum.

  91. 150 customer reviews


    quality CBD vape kit with yummy oil. fast shipping, and effective for my lower back pain.

  92. 150 customer reviews

    Steve S

    Vape kit was the best way fro me to get started. And boy am i glad i did. No more insomnia or anxiety.

  93. 150 customer reviews

    Illaweena T

    As this was my first time getting CBD, the information on the website was so useful. I had a few questions too, so customer service was next level. I felt bad being so new to this lol. Thanks guys!

  94. 150 customer reviews

    Thommas F

    No problems with this kit at all

  95. 150 customer reviews


    First time newbie here. Bought the starter kit a week ago. Website was easy to use with heaps of info. Arrived the next day. CBD is worth all that hype too… like my nausea? Gone. Tremors? No more. Joint pain? Feels like it was never there.

  96. 150 customer reviews


    Easy order process, arrived in 2 days. Oh and this was the cheapest price i found for quality CBD with independent lab testing.

  97. 150 customer reviews


    exactly what I needed

  98. 150 customer reviews

    Jamal B

    Only started looking into CBD recently and I am very impressed that this company have their CBD tested independently which guarantees that the levels of CBD and THC are as expected. So i bought this starter kit, and now i’m sleeping like jesus in the manger every night. Thanks guys!

  99. 150 customer reviews


    Very good cbd vape kit. great customer service.

  100. 150 customer reviews

    Lindsey P

    Awesome vape kit with my choice of flavors. Although it’s only been 3 days, I am already noticing some positive benefits with this CBD. Less pain, no shakes.

  101. 150 customer reviews

    Neve B

    Never vaped so bought this bad boy recently. Not a miracle cure at all, but rather a safe and effective way of controlling my moods better, and other amazing benefits for a better quality of life.

  102. 150 customer reviews

    Michel Adea

    Will definitely be ordering more, even though it’s slightly pricey

  103. 150 customer reviews

    Kent A

    Really fast delivery. Quite pleased overall with my vape kit.

  104. 150 customer reviews

    Ashley B

    I guess i’m not the only newbie to CBD who needed help from customer support to decide? lol. So like others, i also got excellent advice before I purchased this starter kit. Plus i got prompt delivery. And the cbd works for me too. All this has made It so easy to recommend this company to all my friends without hesitation

  105. 150 customer reviews


    answered my emails in under 24hrs. Even though i have only been using the vape kit for a few days, but already feel amazing

  106. 150 customer reviews

    Sandrah D

    Excellent staff service, pretty quick delivery, and amazingly good effects using the vape kit CBD.

  107. 150 customer reviews


    helps me with my anxiety and nausea

  108. 150 customer reviews


    I have been in considerable pain for years, especially first thing in the morning. I was skeptical about CBD, however after only a few days i found i was waking up pain free. So glad i bought this vape starter kit. With my experience so far this is a good company.

  109. 150 customer reviews

    Marc H

    Very happy with service, website was easy to use with heaps of information on all the different products was really comprehensive.

  110. 150 customer reviews

    Marvin H

    I got this vape kit for my arthritis pain. While it isn’t a cure, it definitely helps me live my life without being in constant pain.

  111. 150 customer reviews

    Kent R

    Love it!

  112. 150 customer reviews

    Patrick Sawa

    I suffer from Parkinson’s and found the CBD oil that came with this vape pen kit helps me reduce my energy consuming tremors. 5/5 would recommend

  113. 150 customer reviews

    Riley Wild

    Delivery was only a few days. CBD vape kit was easy to set up and use. I am pain free now, so happy too. Will be returning her to buy again soon.

  114. 150 customer reviews


    Vape kit was so easy to use and the oil is effective

  115. 150 customer reviews

    Gavin Hobbs

    Easy order process and quick delivery of my new vape pen kit. I got the Heisenberg flavor only because of Breaking Bad, but thankfully it’s really tasty to vape. All in all great company to deal with so will be ordering more vape oil soon.

  116. 150 customer reviews


    Will order from CU again. Effective oil. Five stars!

  117. 150 customer reviews

    Langdon III

    Great customer service online, fast checkout and delivery, and really yummy berry flavor juice. It helps me sleep and balances my moods. Will be buying more fluid soon.

  118. 150 customer reviews


    Great service, very effective CBD

  119. 150 customer reviews


    This vape kit oil tastes amazing and relieves my anxiety and back pain.

  120. 150 customer reviews

    Emma J

    great product and i am beginning to see the results already after only 2 days.

  121. 150 customer reviews


    Using cbd for the first time so bought the kit. just arrived. will update when i know how it is.

  122. 150 customer reviews

    Bryan S

    I actually ordered this for me mum. She gets the shakes in her hands. No idea what it is, but this vape seems to help. Only been a week, so we’ll see.

  123. 150 customer reviews


    I have seen an improvement in my pain levels after a few days.

  124. 150 customer reviews


    awesome cbd kit vape and oil and such good customer service

  125. 150 customer reviews

    Sandy Deepak

    arthritis pain is almost gone completely after a week using the vape kit. i feel great

  126. 150 customer reviews

    Gail W

    Good quality pen. fast delivery. oil is effective

  127. 150 customer reviews


    Fantastic service, effective CBD oil, will def use again

  128. 150 customer reviews

    Ramsey James

    Saw the reviews, never used CBD, so took a chance on this kit for my insomnia. So glad i did cause i sleep so well now after only using it a few days. highly recommend for anyone else who can’t sleep

  129. 150 customer reviews


    Said i’d come back and report… WOW… this stuff really works for my fibro! and i sleep so well now too! Get on this now guys! FIVE STARS!

  130. 150 customer reviews


    I’d never tried CBD or vaping, but one of them doesn’t agree with me. No idea if it works, couldn’t use it at all. Just my luck.

  131. 150 customer reviews

    Angel G

    Perfecto! Muy bien!

  132. 150 customer reviews

    Barry H

    Thank you so much for your great service, fast delivery, and efficient results of no more pain or nausea.

  133. 150 customer reviews

    Walt S

    will be buying from here from now on. Thank you

  134. 150 customer reviews

    Val Donaldson

    After using my new CBD vape starter kit for 2 weeks I have found that it help with my MS fatigue, my leg spasms, and I feel more balanced mentally. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a go! It works for me!

  135. 150 customer reviews

    Jenny T

    Goddamn this stuff is amazing!

  136. 150 customer reviews


    First time with CBD. Bought kit. Fast delivery. Works wonders for my pain. definitely will be buying more vape oils.

  137. 150 customer reviews


    brilliant and effective

  138. 150 customer reviews


    This kit was easy to use and it helps a lot with everything… pain, sleep, nausea

  139. 150 customer reviews


    product arrived on the 2nd day and was exactly as advertised. So effective for relief of my back pain

  140. 150 customer reviews

    Mary Sue

    My dad has Parkinson’s so I bought this vape kit for him. He has been vaping CBD a few times a day for the last 2 weeks, especially at night to help reduce tremors for a much better sleep. Highly recommend

  141. 150 customer reviews

    Amy S

    Will buy more CBD oil from here. Really top product.

  142. 150 customer reviews


    good company and I really can’t fault service or product

  143. 150 customer reviews

    Tamara Gleason

    Only been using my new vape pen for a few days, but so far it’s already reducing my pain. Hopefully it removes it completely.

  144. 150 customer reviews


    Best CBD company I have found online

  145. 150 customer reviews

    Nigela H

    This vape pen kit has helped me reduce stress levels as well as my body aches and joint pains. Very impressed with the CBD and this company.

  146. 150 customer reviews

    Gregory T

    Started feeling better in only a few days. Will def buy from this company again.

  147. 150 customer reviews


    I have had chronic back pain ever since I had a car accident about 20 years ago and this vape pen and oil works so well reducing the pain. Def recommend. Thank you!

  148. 150 customer reviews


    This CBD oil and vape kit has changed my whole life. I am sleeping every single night all night long and no longer feel any pain.

  149. 150 customer reviews

    Jose Fina

    This vape kit has helped me reduce my feelings of depression as well as my anxiety and panic attacks. I’m calmer, happier, and more in control than i have been in years. Wonderful Berry taste too. Thanks so much Canna Union!

  150. 150 customer reviews


    Great for my constant anxiety and to help getting to sleep at night

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