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CBD Vape Oil Shot 100mg

Full Spectrum CBD
94 customer reviews
(94 customer reviews)


  • Contains 100mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency
  • 10ml bottle
  • THC Free
  • Vegan & Kosher
Model: VS-EM-002

In stock

Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil Shot 100mg is a great way to get your CBD fast, assisting with stress relief and relaxation. Our CBD Vape shots are ideal for vapers who want to enhance their favorite e-juices or flavors with CBD. Our CBD Vape Shots use only the best quality hemp CBD, and they are 100% pure. Our CBD Vape Shots are manufactured in the UK and they are free from pesticides, additives, and metals.

Canna Union’s CBD Vape Oil Shot 100mg is safe and effective to use. There is 0% THC, so this product has no possibility of any psychoactive effects.

Our CBD Vape Shots are made from CBD, as well as Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol. CBD Vape Oil Shot 100mg can be safely enjoyed when added to your favorite vape juice.

Also available in 250mg and 1000mg CBD concentrations.

Directions: Simply add a few drops to your favorite vape oil / juice to enhance with CBD.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Isolate, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

94 reviews for CBD Vape Oil Shot 100mg

  1. 94 customer reviews


    I am very happy with your product, I recommend for everyone of us to consume a CBD Vape oil shot !! It actually work!!

  2. 94 customer reviews

    Dexter F

    I am very happy with your product, I recommend for everyone of us to consume a CBD Vape oil shot !! It actually work!!

  3. 94 customer reviews


    Sehr schnelle Lieferung und sehr zufrieden mit dem Balsam, den ich bestellt habe, war offen, aber glücklich, meine Worte zu essen und zuzugeben, dass es tatsächlich funktioniert. Ich freue mich darauf, bald ein paar Vapes zu bestellen und erwarte gute Ergebnisse

  4. 94 customer reviews


    I love your product. My order arrived extremely quickly and well packaged. I have been using it for a few days and can feel the amazing benefits already, 5 stars to Canna Union!!!

  5. 94 customer reviews


    I just love your vape oil!! Best nights sleep ever! Arrived well packaged and quickly.

  6. 94 customer reviews


    Excellent product & very professional product support. I will 100% use again and have recommended to many friends & family already.

  7. 94 customer reviews


    Fant nettsted enkel å bruke. Ordren ble levert raskt og godt pakket. Brukte kremen i omtrent en uke til leddgikt og merket virkelig en forskjell i smerter og bevegelse i håndleddet og tommelen. Vil absolutt anbefale det.

  8. 94 customer reviews

    Kaplan H

    Excellent pour calmer les nerfs …. je suis capable de sortir de la maison sans avoir de crise de panique.

  9. 94 customer reviews


    I am so pleased with the vape oil shot! Its perfect! Its brilliant and satisfying! It really take off my stress away!!

  10. 94 customer reviews


    Produkt von ausgezeichneter Qualität und hervorragend

  11. 94 customer reviews


    Strålende selskap og produkter. Nettstedet er enkelt å bruke og leveringen lynret raskt. Jeg anbefaler dem 10/10.

  12. 94 customer reviews


    Very reliable and trustworthy site. Easy to access and pretty much impressive product!!

  13. 94 customer reviews

    Tyler Chase

    Excellent!! A++++++ Your product is brilliant! I’m super satisfied!!

  14. 94 customer reviews


    Its nice to try some of your product and lucky am I having your vape oil shot. It helps me to sleep at night!

  15. 94 customer reviews

    Jacqueline U

    5 stars for the vape oil!!

  16. 94 customer reviews


    I used to have anxiety for so long and when I tried your product. It actually worked! I love it !!your vape oil is relaxing

  17. 94 customer reviews


    This is pretty neat for vape!

  18. 94 customer reviews


    I just love your product

  19. 94 customer reviews


    Taste good!

  20. 94 customer reviews


    its relaxing! It really works!

  21. 94 customer reviews

    Don :D

    Not bad. it taste good!

  22. 94 customer reviews

    Edina M

    I did not regret when I try to other with their stuff! its worth it!

  23. 94 customer reviews

    Borja W

    This Canna Union is highly recommended!!!

  24. 94 customer reviews


    These are wonderful!!!

  25. 94 customer reviews

    Berthod K

    They’re great! Theyre amazing! I love their product!!

  26. 94 customer reviews

    Wiley E Cayote

    Got the order! They are quick as roadrunner!

  27. 94 customer reviews


    A new life awaits with this CBD shot

  28. 94 customer reviews


    Sleeping much better and have no more pain after vaping this CBD shot.

  29. 94 customer reviews

    Jay D

    Easy to use just add a shot to my fave vape oil!

  30. 94 customer reviews


    customer service was surprisingly good. And excellent quality CBD vape shot

  31. 94 customer reviews

    Jan W

    early signs using this cbd shot have been encouraging. I am much more relaxed with so much less stress than usual.

  32. 94 customer reviews


    no issues at all. Great company. trustworthy. effective product too

  33. 94 customer reviews

    Sonny Hyde

    My mum suffers from arthritis and she took up vaping a few years ago to quit smoking. So getting her some of this CBD vape shot was a no brainer. I just added a few drops to her vape juice and she swears by it. Sh keeps on saying “Sonny I feel so good!” lol. It has helped relieve her symptoms of pain and inflammation. She said she feels much less discomfort all day buy especially when she gets out of bed every morning. Thanks so much Canna Union!

  34. 94 customer reviews


    This vape shot of CD oil is working really well for me.

  35. 94 customer reviews

    Judi B

    Great service and great CBD

  36. 94 customer reviews


    Dios mío. Realmente muy útil con mi dolor

  37. 94 customer reviews

    Pat S

    Just add to my vape juice and i am pain free

  38. 94 customer reviews


    Easy order process. arrived quickly. works great for my arthritis

  39. 94 customer reviews


    This CBD is really effective for pain relief and so simple to use.

  40. 94 customer reviews


    First time using CBD to help with pain caused by Fibromyalgia, and after a week I can say that it has definitely helped. Vape shot is so easy to use too

  41. 94 customer reviews

    Veronica c

    great sleep at night and less pain in the day

  42. 94 customer reviews


    This CBD vape shot helps reduce my fibromyalgia pain.

  43. 94 customer reviews

    Janet Shen

    Took my body a week to get used to and now it keeps me pain free.

  44. 94 customer reviews

    Balwant Singh

    very good customer service. Amazing effects

  45. 94 customer reviews


    Great service and product. Packaging is good but would rather have much less if it meant cheaper overall cost.

  46. 94 customer reviews

    Mary Jane Patella

    Fast delivery, well packaged, and adding this vape shot to my existing oil is so easy! Highly recommend this website.

  47. 94 customer reviews


    great results after using this CBD vape shot with my usual oil and I would recommend for anyone else with joint pain.

  48. 94 customer reviews

    B Goober

    I’ve used 2 other CBD oil companies so far and have found this one to be the most reliable and their CBD is the best quality with the best results so far. I use it to help with my low moods and high anxiety.

  49. 94 customer reviews

    Joan L

    I trust the quality after I felt the effects

  50. 94 customer reviews


    experience with the website, the staff, and the delivery were all first class.

  51. 94 customer reviews


    I guess the price is average for CBD, but I still wish it was cheaper. This is a big spend for me financially, but i love the pain releif it supplies me.

  52. 94 customer reviews

    Jimmy R

    High quality, kinda pricey

  53. 94 customer reviews

    C Wainhouse

    Only been a few days but so far my nausea is gone with slight reduction in hip pain. And i sleep all nite.

  54. 94 customer reviews

    Jo Anne

    First time using this company and CBD, and I found it to be amazing

  55. 94 customer reviews

    Paulene C

    Vape shot is so easy and effective for my arthritis

  56. 94 customer reviews

    Carol M

    Great customer service. Delivered 2 days after ordering. So far I have been using for a few days and already I am sleeping so much better and my joint pain is slightly reduced. I guess it will take longer to feel the benefits properly. So yeah, i will definitely be using this website to buy more CBD vape shots.

  57. 94 customer reviews


    Great for anxiety and for a restful night of sleep.

  58. 94 customer reviews

    Xanthe H

    I was definitely very skeptical as this was my first time ever using it for my pain. And I take back everthing I ever said. CBD is not just a placebo. It works and it works well! Thanks CU!

  59. 94 customer reviews

    Paul F

    This vape shot is second to none

  60. 94 customer reviews

    Arnold S

    Superb product and customer service. I’ll be back.

  61. 94 customer reviews

    Jay Peters

    Highly recommended good customer service very happy

  62. 94 customer reviews


    My only issue is the price of CBD generally, not just with CU. otherwise its amazing.

  63. 94 customer reviews


    Good service and a good product

  64. 94 customer reviews

    Daniel D

    Can’t fault this company in any way

  65. 94 customer reviews

    Artie Liang

    recommend to anyone. I use this cbd vape shot for anxiety, upset stomach, and body sweats.

  66. 94 customer reviews

    Yanny H

    Delivery was 2 days as expected. I recommend both the company and the vape shot. Both are top quality and exceptional.

  67. 94 customer reviews


    CU was so helpful. I will definitely be reordering from them again

  68. 94 customer reviews


    Excellent advice, great vape shot CBD, but s with every other CBD company, it is a little pricey

  69. 94 customer reviews


    So far the cbd vape shot has reduced my stress levels that usually lead to seizures.

  70. 94 customer reviews

    Nunya Bizness

    absolutely amazing stuff! Surprised that Big Pharma allowed CBD to be sold legally. Must be a reason they chose not to, because it works so well on my nausea almost immediately. This company are quite knowledgeable and delivery was fast.

  71. 94 customer reviews


    Pleasantly surprised

  72. 94 customer reviews

    [email protected]

    No issues with product, but taking 2 stars off because delivery took a week. Hopefully my next order will be faster plese?

  73. 94 customer reviews


    after suffering with depression for many years, my mood has been lifted so much!

  74. 94 customer reviews

    John L

    very impressed

  75. 94 customer reviews

    Freddie J

    All prescription painkillers have all had zero to little effect on my pain. This CBD shot added to my vape oil keeps me pain free all day and night. Fast delivery to the UK. Relatively low priced. Both product and company are VERY highly recommended by me.

  76. 94 customer reviews


    Easy to order and so quick to deliver. V effective pain relief

  77. 94 customer reviews


    Solid advice and fast delivery. My stress levels are so low that I’m not even close to having a panic attack. Magical.

  78. 94 customer reviews

    Juan L

    I’ve noticed a huge decrease in pain and i am sleeping so much better

  79. 94 customer reviews

    Ellie M

    This CBD Vape Shot works for my muscle and joint pain. Fast and efficient old fashioned customer service.

  80. 94 customer reviews

    Josh T

    heaps of information on this website which is great for first time buyers like me.

  81. 94 customer reviews


    Good service. Love this CBD vape shot.

  82. 94 customer reviews

    Riley R

    Seeing is believing. This vape shot works. it just works. No more IBS symtoms. No more sleepless nights.

  83. 94 customer reviews


    VBD vape shot is so easy to use and helps me sleep.

  84. 94 customer reviews


    Great CBD, good service, and average delivery speed

  85. 94 customer reviews

    Sophronia Fridlin

    As a vaper, I have my fave flavours that I keep going back to. I wanted to try adding some CBD to the mix because I suffer from anxiety, but I didn’t want to ruin the experience with a flavour i didn’t like. The vape oil shot is great for this. I can just add a drop to my favourites and still get all the benefits, without compromising on the taste. It arrived fast and I’ll definitely buy it again.

  86. 94 customer reviews

    John Sayre

    Excellent customer service

  87. 94 customer reviews


    Really impressed with service delivery product and results so far. Will definitely be using this website again.

  88. 94 customer reviews

    Anony Mouse

    Placed my order and paid it was delivered the very next day! So far its reduced my back pain immensely.

  89. 94 customer reviews

    Isabella T

    I’m such a doofus. I have poor internet connection at home (shut up that’s my excuse) so I accidentally ordered this vape shot twice. So I emailed them immediately and I customer support replied within minutes. Thankfully they confirmed cancellation of the second order and the money was refunded. I received my two days later and have been using it every day for the past week. My nausea is completely gone and i’m sleeping all night. Seriously excellent service and an amazing product.

  90. 94 customer reviews

    Scott Monsoon

    Excellent product and great customer service. thank you so much. would recommend and buy again.

  91. 94 customer reviews


    Fast delivery, great quality. It really helps me sleep. Will buy from here again.

  92. 94 customer reviews


    After using this vape shot for over 2 months, my symptoms have receeded completely allowing me to implement some real changes to my lifestyle more easily.

  93. 94 customer reviews


    great customer service! Hope it arrives soon! Thank you!

  94. 94 customer reviews

    Frida G

    I found the price to be quite competitive, and the delivery was fast. Vaping is good, but vape shots are life!

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