CBG Mango Kush 5g

(68 customer reviews)

27.95 or 22.36 / month

CBG Mango Kush 5g

  • Contains 5g per bag
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic
  • Up to 12% CBG see individual batch lab results below
  • Non-GMO
  • No pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers
  • Non-psychoactive (Less than .02% THC)
  • Laboratory tested to ensure safety and potency

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CBG Mango Kush has strong flavours and aromas and is reminiscent of the tropical fruit for which it is named, but it also carries a hint of banana.

Cannaunion’s CBG Mango Kush has a CBG count of up to 12%. For most users, this strain kicks in immediately, producing both strong body sedation and euphoria. Many also find that this strain makes them more open and talkative.

Mango Kush’s effects typically last for one to two hours. It is a classic ‘munchies’ strain, and many patients use it to calm nausea and induce appetite. This strain also causes drowsiness, usually starting halfway through the duration of its effects.

It is not recommended for daytime use but can work wonders on chronic aches and pains, especially joint pain. Mango Kush patients report it relieving insomnia and may also ease headache and migraines. Patients also use it to reduce inflammation and treat stress and anxiety.

Mango Kush’s exact history is mostly unknown, but it likely comes from a cross between Mango, by KC Brains, and the famed Hindu Kush. Almost never growing taller than five feet, this strain grows well both indoors and out. It finishes flowering in nine to eleven weeks and often delivers a high yield of over 400 grams per square meter.

Benefits of CBG Mango Kush Strain

Mango Kush offers numerous health benefits. Because these flowers are non-psychoactive, research has found that they may assist with an abundance of mental health-related ailments.

If you’re seeking a strain that can help brighten your mood and help you deal with any anxiety or stress this strain could be worth trying. It may also assist with the symptoms of pain, nausea and migraines.

With this strain of CBG flower, you’ll feel uplifted and calm, without feeling drowsy.

How To Use CBG Mango Kush Flowers

Mango Kush strain hemp flowers can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Many of our purchasers have reported that vaping and smoking are most beneficial, however, if you prefer not to inhale; you might add some flowers to a snack or cup of tea.

Regardless of how you consume this strain, you’re going to enjoy a range of benefits.

It is important to note that even though Mango Kush hemp flowers look like your typical cannabis plants that contain psychoactive elements these particular strains have been grown to make sure that they are legal across Europe and the UK. Order yours today!

Ingredients: 100% pure hemp cannabis

Research source:


68 reviews for CBG Mango Kush 5g

  1. Logan

    the mango kush did help me get to sleep in the night and no more anxiety attacks. Thank you Canna union!

  2. Lucy

    The mango kush is super good! I definitely admire this one strain. It helped me relaxed and calming..

  3. Hazel

    This mango kush is terrific! i definitely admire the best of this product!

  4. Isaac

    This mango kush buds is superb! I just use them for tea. It feels so good!

  5. Henry

    This mango kush superb! I can feel relax with this awesome. Definitely recommended with Canna Union!

  6. Madison

    This mango kush is so good! it has the earthy flavor that makes you want to use more and more

  7. Banks

    Your mango kush is so earthy and smells good! i definitely recommend you to all my friends

  8. Harold

    Your mango kush strain is super good! I love the good taste of it. I will definitely recommend this to my friends!

  9. Jacob

    Your Mango Kush is super effective when it comes to insomnia and anxiety. It definitely residue them

  10. Luna

    Awesome product! I love the scent of the mango kush earthy sweet and definitely relaxes.

  11. Ian

    The Mango Kush is super good! I love the flavor of the Mango Kush when it burnt from a pipe. This one is definitely recommended

  12. Harper

    This Mango Kush are really good! i really love the flavor of this strain. I definitely recommend it!

  13. Karl

    Your Mango kush are the best. I love the earthy like kinda of flavors comes out from the strain. This is definitley recommended

  14. Adah

    This mango kush are good! I mean, I felt so good after using it. I just use it as tea and the flavour is really good! I’m gonna buy some more of these!

  15. Mateo

    This Mango Kush is super good! No more anxiety and thanks as always Canna Union!

  16. Logan

    I love the strain. It helps me relax after a stressful day. It helps me reduces my anxiety and tension. Definitely recommended!

  17. Elijah

    Your Mango Kush is super good! I feel so relax and calm after smoking some strains. Definitely the best flavour I tasted!

  18. Jack

    I admire how the CBD Mango Kush gives benefit to me. Especially in needs of relaxation, it really fulfill its. I have not regret ordering it to your company. Definitely recommend it

  19. Addison

    Definitely taking me to the next level with your Mango Kush. I just love how the flavors kicks in. Will recommend it to my friends

  20. Weston

    I love your Mango Kush! The flavor is so good! I love the smell. It makes me relax and calm whole day.

  21. Cooper

    Perfect Kush! It helps me sleep at night just as I wanted! Definitely recommended

  22. Ivy

    Your mango Kush is so good! I like the flavor that comes out after smoking it! It gives me relaxation!

  23. Luke

    your mango kush is awesome! I feel so relax and calm. It helps me reduces my stress and insomnia

  24. Joe

    i love using your kush as a tea substitution because, it helps me reduces stress and remove all the chronic pain. I will buy some more of these soon!

  25. Addison

    This Kush is super good! I love the earthy sweet flavor comes out from the smoke. Definitely recommended

  26. Lily

    Thanks Canna Union! You’re the best!

  27. Marlon

    I just love the strain! I can use them for smoking, tea or mix to my cook! Definitely perfect!

  28. William

    Your mango Kush is super cool! I like the earthy flavor kicking in when I smoke. I feel so relaxed and calm.

  29. Joan

    Your Mango Kush are brilliant! I just love the flavor! Its the best of the best. Definitely will order again.

  30. Leo

    This strain is so perfect! I love the bitterness earthy sweet flavor. I get so relaxed and I had a good night sleep with no anxiety.

  31. Aldwin

    This strain is perfect! I love the flavor and the price is just right.

  32. Lois

    Your Mango Kush is simple the best strain I ever tried! I will recommend my friends to buy here!

  33. Santino

    Your Mango Kush is super good! I definitely recommend this to my friends!

  34. Yuna

    I sometimes use this strain as alternative of my tea. i love the mango kush flavor! I will buy some more again

  35. Johnson

    Your Mango Kush is super effective when it comes to insomnia and anxiety. It definitely residue them

  36. James

    Awesome product! I love the scent of the mango kush earthy sweet and definitely relaxes.

  37. Angelo

    Such relaxing effect after using this strain. Definitely recommend to my friends

  38. Leo

    Thanks Canna Union for selling this out! It definitely helped me relieve from insomnia, chronic pain and enhanced my appetite. Will buy some more soon!

  39. Dave

    I’m so happy using the Mango Kush as tea and as smoking. It definitely let me sleep at night, no more chronic pain and no more anxiety.

  40. Jules

    I just love the mango kush! I just love using it as smoke. /definitely recommend it

  41. Nick

    Your Mango Kush are amazing! I used it as tea. It truly is making me relax and calm and its also recommended for smoking too!

  42. Yoandri

    You guys have a lot of perks! I will definitely recommend it to my friends and will look forward for more promos with your site!

  43. Nicholas

    I always love to smoke and my favorite flavor is Mango. This one is the best ever strain I tasted

  44. Kevin

    This is amazing! I can use it in any ways! Definitely recommend it to other people

  45. James

    Your mango kush is super good! It smells great taste good!

  46. Harold

    I always smoke before bed. This one is the best I have ever tried! I love the flavor indeed! Earthy and sweet!

  47. Marlon

    I used this strain as tea as alternative in the morning! It really gives me more life and energy!

  48. Marcus

    Definitely the best mango kush I ever tasted! with that sweetness and earthy flavor comes out from the kush

  49. Fred

    This strain helps me to settle down my anxiety everyday, I can be able to sleep at night and finally I can also relax myself

  50. Josh

    I always smoke. but when I found your product! I’m like! wow! This one is the best!

  51. Sam

    Your mango Kush is definitely taking me to the next level! I love it!

  52. Leo

    I sometimes use this strain as my tea, definitely recommend

  53. Mila

    I love smoking mango kush it has that earthy sweetness flavor coming from the strain!

  54. Daniel

    I always use the strain to mix it on my brownies, sometimes smoke it or do as a tea. Definitely useful and helpful!

  55. Dave

    I just love to smoke with Mango Kush! It really helps me to relax

  56. Carl

    You Mango Kush smells good taste good! I feel so relax and calm.. Best recommended!

  57. Wily

    I love the Mango Kush flavor! It surely is good and relaxing!

  58. Bjorn

    I tried your strain to use as a tea and it was amazing! I surely will try again some more!

  59. Jason

    This is my first time using Mango Kush and I was super impressed! Definitely will buy some more!!

  60. Gray

    I love smoking with this Mango Kush Flavor! It always takes me to the next level!

  61. Jack

    The best Kush I’ve ever smoked! I always smoke at night so I can get a well sleep and yes it is!

  62. Dave

    Smoking Mango Kush just let my anxiety go away! Thank you so much Canna Union!

  63. Jean

    The best strain that I bought! It gives me relaxation and good appetite

  64. Mark

    Smoking with mango kush really is tasty ! Will order some of this!

  65. Marley

    Another alternative for me to use for tea! Its best for us to drink it in an empty stomach. Definitely gives you energy lively!

  66. Leo

    This strain is lit! I just love how the CBD kicked everytime I smoke.

  67. Hansel

    This Mango strain really takes me to the next level! I love it!

  68. Ricky

    Perfect Strain of mango I have ever have! WIll buy some more!

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